Where Is Family Dollar Corporate Office Headquarters

Family Dollar Headquarters Address and Contact

Family Dollar logo
  • Address: 10301 Monroe Rd #5448, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-547-0359

  • Number of Employees: 60,000

  • Established: 1959

  • Founder: Leon Levine

  • Key People: Gary M. Philbin, Bob Sasser

Family Dollar Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Family Dollar Corporate Office

A chain of variety stores, Family Dollar is a go-to for countless customers in America for their daily needs. Family Dollar aims to be the best small-format convenience store available in local neighborhoods of America. People visit the Family Dollar stores for convenience and fast shopping and for avoiding the hassles of large-scale variety stores. The stores offer products in grocery, home décor, cleaning, and clothing departments. The store is also cheaper as compared to other convenience chain stores.

With a widespread network of stores, Family Dollar has a huge customer base. Thus, customers feel the need to contact the headquarters or head office for different reasons. These reasons can be:

  • Enquiry about refunds and returns
  • Enquiry about selling through Family Dollar
  • Enquiry about online orders
  • Enquiry and complaints about using coupons and the coupon policy
  • Placement of tax-exempt orders
  • Enquiry about community services

Besides, being a retail chain store, Family Dollar is exposed to several instances where people need to contact their headquarters. So, let’s have a look at the different ways you can contact them and get your queries answered:

Ways to Contact Family Dollar


For any queries related to business operations, environmental safety, community services, jobs and career, product quality, and delivery services, you can pay a visit to their headquarters. You can also write to them and mail your queries to the address given below:

10301 Monroe Rd #5448, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Phone Number

Though you can contact the concerned Family Dollar store at your nearest location through phone, the phone number to their headquarters is given below:

+1 800-547-0359

Family Dollar Headquarters Info & Photos

The headquarters of Family Dollar Store is located in Chesapeake, Va, and is known as the Store Support because all the customer-support-related queries and complaints are resolved here. The support center of more than 15000 Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Stores, the headquarters campus is infused with all the latest technology and tools required by the support teams. The campus has a 12-storied building with an on-site cafeteria and many meeting areas.

The headquarter employees work in a contemporary collaborative environment helping in-store and distribution operations. You can commute to the place easily and meet the concerned people by scheduling a meeting beforehand.

Family Dollar Headquarters Photo
Family Dollar Corporate Office Photo

Family Dollar Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

10301 Monroe Rd #5448, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Family Dollar Headquarters Executive Team

Leon Levine


An American businessman and philanthropist, Leon Levine is the founder of Family Dollar. He opened the first Family Dollar store in 1959 at the age of 22 in Charlotte. He retired from Family Dollar in 2003 to start The Leon Levine Foundation for philanthropy.

Gary M. Philbin

President and Chief Executive Officer

After a 30-year-long career in retail grocery, Gary M. Philbin joined Dollar Tree (the parent company of Family Dollar). He is currently the President and CEO of the company and has served as the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of the company. His career is also associated with companies like Grand Union and Kroger.

Bob Sasser

Executive Chairman

Working as the director of the company since 2004, Bob Sasser is now the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dollar Tree. Previously, he has also served as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chief Operating Officer of the company



Kevin S. Wampler

Chief Financial Officer

Michael A. Witynski

President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree

Duncan Mac Naughton

President, Family Dollar

Neil A. Curran

President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree Canada

Betty Click

Chief Human Resources Officer

David A. Jacobs

Chief Strategy Officer

Joshua R. Jewett

Chief Information Officer

Gary Maxwell

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Thomas R. O’Boyle, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer, Family Dollar

William A. Old, Jr.

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

About Family Dollar


Founded in 1959 by Leon Levine, the Family Dollar started its operations through its first store in Charlotte, North Carolina. Other stores opened in South Carolina (1961), Georgia (1962), and Virginia (1965) shortly after. By the year 1969, the Family Store had about 50 stores in the Charlotte region alone.

The stock of Family Dollar started trading in 1979 at the New York Stock Exchange. In 2003, when Leon Levine retired from the business, the business was succeeded by Leon’s son Howard R. Levine. The pace of growth increased manifolds during the 2000s.

In 2015, Family Dollar was acquired by Dollar Tree.


Family Dollar is a chain of small-format convenience stores. The organization operates under and in collaboration with its parent company, Dollar Tree, Inc. There are more than 15,000 Family Dollar Stores spread across the 48 states of America and 5 provinces of Canada, all managed from a common head office. Family Dollar has come under the Fortune 200 Companies and has been operating for more than 60 years now!

The USP of Family Dollar stores is that most items in these stores are priced at $1 or less and each item is below $10. The company operates with a very small footprint and has opened stores in all kinds of the neighborhood, even in rural areas for the convenience of customers. The Family Store has a strong team operating behind their store, support center, and distribution chains.


  • After four decades of operation, Family Dollar made it to the Fortune 500 Companies 
  • In 2019, about 400 Family Dollar stores were closed under a decision by Dollar Tree
  • The company has two community funds: FamilyHope and Dollar Tree Associate Disaster Relief Fund
  • The company is also the national charity partner for BGCA (Boys & Girls Clubs of America)
  • The employees of Family Dollar stores follow a dress code of red polo shirts or jackets. Some employees also wear light pink jackets.

  • Celina says:

    Need to know who I can talk to about getting employment with dollar tree but family dollars says I can’t be hired Tucson az

  • Mary young says:

    Why are they the doors locked to your store on 501 3rd street
    Alexandria Louisiana

  • Pinkney says:

    I’ve Called and Text Corp Office A Week ago to Complaints About A Assault, From A FD Store on 13xx S.Tunnel Rd. Asheville NC. In The Manger Anger Not Only Snatched my Money But Hit My Hand and Threw my Change on the Counter and Threw And My Personal Items In The Parking Lot Over A Policy Unknown To Me( Carrying a Book Bag in Store), That I Were Going To For a Year Now.

  • Tammy Martin says:

    Family Dollar 942 Broad River Rd Columbia SC 28201
    How do you check out three customers when your system is down???
    This happens all the time at THIS STORE! Me and another customer was turned away and having been in retail ith the limited corp for a decade I am perplexed with how you use a system that is “down”? I am certain the employees of Family Dollar would not lie to me twice.
    Honestly this is a waste of my time to come to this store and the 5 people I just spoke to agree. It seems many have had the door locked in their faces. I will call MD in the AM and ask about your amazing system that works when it is down and I look forward to it.

    • Monica says:

      I asked to work in morning so I can go to church at night time and she denied me and that’s not right discrimination

  • Donna Williams says:

    I’m sitting at the Family Dollar in Newport News, Va at the Hidenwood store. It’s not open and it’s supposed to open at either 8or 9am, but it’s not open. I’ve watched at least 10 people try the door and it’s locked. They are never open on time as this is not the first time it’s happened. Oops there’s another customer. Please see if you can do something.

  • Sharon Fisher says:

    I have shopped at Family Dollar/Dollar Tree stores all over for a number of years. I have never had a problem or unsatisfactory dealing with any of them until today. I was treated rudely and told in so many words that company policies don’t matter, she was the boss. Ms. Meg, supposedly the manager, refused to exchange an item I had just purchased a couple of days prior to today. I only needed to get a different size. The original one I bought was on a mislabeled hanger and I didn’t verify the size on the garment before I purchased it. When I arrived home and removed it from the hanger I realized it was 3x too large. I immediately put it back in the sack, but could not locate the current receipt. When I explained this to Ms. Meg she was very rude and refused to let me exchange it for the proper size because I did not have the receipt. I left, called your customer service to verify your policy on these situations. When I went back in the store and explained to Ms. Meg that I had made sure I could exchange it for the same item without the receipt, she told me I could not because she said so. I repeated it was company policy she said she didn’t care and was not going to argue with me. I told her I didn’t want to argue just exchange my purchase. She again , rudely, informed me she wasn’t going to do it and that was her final decision. I asked her what I was supposed to do with clothing that was 3x too big. She sarcasticly said she didn’t know , they wouldn’t fit her. This is not the first time I have observed her rude abrupt manner with a customer. I don’t believe this is proper or necessary treatment for any customer, regardless of the situation. If she is that unhappy and dissatisfied with her job then I think she should move on. Please address this matter and return my $15.00 plus tax so I can go elsewhere to make my future purchases. I will be happy to return your merchandise as it is of no use to me.
    Thank you and I appreciate your dealing with this matter for the future of any new customers that should happen to cross her register.

    Sharon Fisher

    Store involved:
    924 Elm St.
    Hampton Plaza
    Hampton,South Carolina 29924

  • Ebony says:

    I was profiled by the assistant manager named James at the Roanoke ,Virginia Williamson rd store #22 coming into my local family dollar that I shop there just about every other day , I’m still in shock he didn’t even apologize for his accusations even though he knew he was wrong I will be contacting my lawyer and I have witnesses and other employees that are backing me , He needs to be fired and that type of treatment shouldn’t be allowed. My lawyer will handling this issue!

  • Christine Mendez says:

    I was charged twice for my purchase, I’ve been given at least 5 phone #numbers to call and not one person answered or their mail box is full! I went to see manager at store # 05178 who gave me a number to call, it kept hanging up on me! I need my $33.48 returned to me, I am not happy about this, it’s not my fault your system charged me twice for a purchase I expected to be only charged once! How am I supposed to get my money now when no one answers or your number just hangs up- it’s not a customer complaint— it’s a customer that expected to have $33.48 plus whatever my balance was instead your sue charged me twice!!!! (210)-500-3313 Christine Mendez

  • Joanne says:

    Hello I just left family Dollar in Wadesboro NC and the cashier Mary O’Neal Crowder Gaddy was very disrespectful. She has no business working in Customer Service. She is ruining your business. Someone needs to contact me ASAP.

  • Sandra Johnson says:

    Can you tell me why the Family Dollar is closed in Dacono Colorado Is it ever to open up again

  • Donna says:

    Harrington De store.
    I’m upset that the young woman who was on duty this evening was rude. She made me feel as though I was wasting her time. She said she was the manager but didn’t have a name tag on. I was asking about store clearance and how they handled the sales because they had no signage. I told her I had driven from a MD store to purchase chairs and cushions. The MD store was out of stock and De store has them. But she said that she “will not mark them down if it’s not in the computer “. I asked why do the other stores do it. She said because they have different Dist. Managers. Is this true? I find it hard to believe this! The stores are not even 20 miles apart! She said, “ I’m not losing my job!”
    I was a retail manager for over 25 years, and if I wanted to clear my aisles to make room for the stacks of incoming freight! I would make a call to accommodate the customer! Sooooo I kept my $60 in my pocket and walked out!

  • Lester says:

    Pulled into your Patrick Springs store and your two associates are right in front of the entrance door smoking their cigarettes. One even has her folding chair set up right in front sitting there in the way.

  • Moran Gladney says:

    Rude team member on Monday night at 7:59 PM. Store # 01799 Roger City.
    More details you may call me at 810/624/1485

  • Mahogany Gittens says:

    Yes, I am requesting a chain of command for the Fort Walton Beach Stores. I also need the human resources Phone number and address. I you like to speak to a representative about the lack of proper management of this store.

  • Wendy Jane Kaufman says:

    Hello my name is Wendy I reside In Montgomery, Al. I am here to report store #12428 at 3030 McGee rd. Based on google this store DOES NOT close until 10pm HOWEVER, the last few weeks I’ve arrive at around 9:20pm to find the store already locked and closed and employees still inside. Now I do know and understand there has been short staff on jobs post Covid but if that is the case then the time needs to change back to 9pm for closing!!! This is not right

  • Sherri says:

    Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The store is constantly closed and the employees are disgruntled. They are called in on their days off. I am told there is no proper training or communication. They are afraid of being fired.

  • Sherri says:

    Yes, I am requesting a chain of command for the Fort Walton Beach Stores. I also need the human resources Phone number and address. I you like to speak to a representative about the lack of proper management of this store. 786-498-2040

  • Melanie Menasian says:

    On went into the Family Dollar located on Veterans parkway this afternoon. I broke my foot a little over a week ago and it’s not hard to miss the cast on my leg. I went inside the store, as it was the nearest place I was at, and politely asked to use the restroom. I’ve worked in retail for years and I understand sometimes not wanting to let someone use the restroom out of fear that they will make an absolute mess. It was pretty painful to just walk in. I literally was holding on to the counter, stood there for a few minutes, waiting for one of the employees to do an inventory check on the merchandise that came out the truck. Not wanting to disturb her because she clearly was busy, I stood there when a lady behind the counter stoop up and I asked her if she would allow me to use the restroom. With a I don’t care attitude, looked me dead in my eyes and said….”we don’t have a bathroom!” It was clear she was having a bad day or just hates her job. I again asked her, looking dead in her eyes, ma’am may I please your restroom, at this point I felt degraded having to politely beg to use the restroom and she still refused. So painfully, I walked back to the car. Now, because I was in a lot of pain and just needed to use the bathroom, I politely left. Any other day, I would call her out on her lie, faster than she can breath. 1-she applied for that job. (I’m sure you didn’t go knocking down her door and beg her to work for you.) 2- She gets paid to do her job, unless of course you are holding her against her will and forcing her to work for free, in that case, I understand why she seems to hate her job. 3- It is US, the customers shopping in there, that guarantees your paycheck. So treating others the way you would like to be treated goes a long way. If you can’t even fake a smile to the customers, then this is NOT the job for you! 4- Don’t bold face lie to ANY customer and say…… WE DON’T HAVE A BATHROOM! Of course you have a bathroom, unless FAMILY Dollar has their employees closing up shop going down the street to use someone else’s bathroom. I shop at family dollar a lot and I have yet to see a sign on the door stating,…. we’ll be back momentarily to go use the restroom. I’ve been in many Family Dollars and I will say, it’s 50/50 chance they will allow you to use the restroom. Personally Family Dollar, you get a lot of customers in your spending their money with you. Bathroom’s need to be made available for ALL customers. I know from experience that when an employee says, our bathroom is out of order, 90% of the time it is not. The employee just doesn’t want to go the extra mile in having to clean it before their shift is up. That, Family Dollar, is inexcusable. All this to say, you hired an employee that needs training on how to lie. You DONT tell customers, we don’t have a bathroom! Of course you do! Next time try to LIE a little better and just say it’s out of order. I would love to speak with someone in the corporate office, but unfortunately it’s pass 6. So I’m leaving this review here, but I will be in touch with corporate tomorrow. Thanks and have a wonderful evening.

  • Ella Mainor says:

    Prices at Family Dollar in Harrells are lower on the shelves and higher at the register. Item prices 3.85 on shelf rang up 4.35 and item 5.75 on shelf rang up 6.55. This is an ongoing problems at that store. Manager seems unconcerned about the problem. Even with the receipt I was told by the manager that I had to bring her the item before she could refund the differences. I returned the item and told her to keep it.

  • Lurene Lucious says:

    Over charge

  • Scotty says:

    My name is Scotty tagert . I work at the family dollar store here in Lumberton , Mississippi 39455 store number 661 . I got my money Friday and it is short . Can y’all find out who has garnished my check $97 , please ???

  • Major Stroupe says:

    On 11/28/2022 I ordered online at the local Family Dollar Store in Archer, FL, a Box Fan, Order # 22528192101 to be shipped to the Family Dollar Store in Archer, FL 32618. I have received two emails that my order was ready for pick up. I have made two visits to the store and they have not received the item. There is no Customer Service number listed on the order or your website. The manager tells me they do not get internet orders but would look out for my item if it got delivered. Once again I repeat, THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER, LINK OR EMAIL TO GET IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE TO SOLVE THESE TYPES OF ISSUES. Please assist. Thank you.

  • Monica bidel says:

    The Dollar general store in Bastrop Texas it’s very bad service I would like to explain what happened to me and to my grandson it really is done me the way you treat people I was trying to shop for my grand for my daughter’s birthday I would like to say more but my number is 512-955-4008 I like to hear from you to explain myself what happened to me and my grandson…..

  • Monica says:

    The store in Bastrop Texas the family Dollar store is very bad service I live there all my life in this story is the over the top the lady that worked there she has a very foul mouth and I will tell the people that I know what happened please call me at 512-955-4008

  • Sharon says:

    I just made my 2nd trip in 2 days to family dollar in Barnesville Ohio. Employees will not honor the prices in your flier and state they cannot help what the computer (cash register) does therefore, they can not give me the coke which is 3 for $13.00 as advertised for digital coupon holders and it will not accept my phone number to prove how much the stated price is even though I showed them snapshot from my phone. They make it so difficult to make a purchase at your store-not just today almost always. How do you compensate your customers for this?

  • Denise says:

    The family dollar in Mount Vernon East Lincoln is a disgrace to our community. There is always garbage stacked up outside and inside there are crates with supplies all throughout the store. The cashiers(some) are rude and have no customer service training. Why bring this store into the community without a matured manager. It seems to run itself with all the young people in there.

  • Wetonya Neeley says:

    I am going to contact the headquarters or corporate office. I went to the one in Tulsa, Oklahoma and they have a badly handwritten sign that says you “No large bags, backpacks. or purses allowed inside at anytime!” I had a small clutch and my mom had her purse not large at all and it is still not allowed. Look I understand that the store probably loses money due to theft but if you have gone to great lengths to put a security guard at the front of the store telling you not to bring purses, etc. in, then make him get off his cellphone and ass and walk around the store. I think I am more upset that we are being treated like a criminal. I am 52 years old and my mom is 74 years old. WE DO NOT STEAL! But are expected to leave our purses in the car and take the chance of someone breaking into my car because they know people aren’t allowed to bring them in the store. If this is a company policy then it needs to be on an official company sign. I am going to contact my local news station and see if they can go and check out how you are treated like a criminal just trying to go into a store to pick up a few things. I am also blasting the picture that I took of the sign showing this is what they are doing. This is the dumbest thing that I have ever seen. I can and did take my business elsewhere. But people need to know that this is just wrong. So now in this day and time are labeling everyone that enters this Family Dollar store a thief? What makes it so bad is that it is in a community that is full of African Americans, so I guess you are telling me that because I am of color it is assumed that I steal! Maybe I should contact an attorney and see if this is discrimination! I am almost positive this is not right!

  • Kathy says:

    I purchased an $8.00 pair of sweat pants at the Westwego, LA store a week ago. When I got home and tried them on they did not fit good. I live in Marrero so there is a Family Dollar really close by. Family Dollar on Leo Kerner, Marrero, LA. I was told they would not take this as a return. Because I did not purchase them there. I spent well over $100.00 when I purchased the pants. The only problem I had was the pants. I asked to speak to the manager and was once again told I had to take them back to the store I bought them at. I asked where on the receipt does it state this policy? I am not a happy customer. I told them to keep their pants. I left without the pants or the receipt. There are as many Dollar Generals and Walmarts around here. You have just lost a customer over $8.00. I will caution everyone I know of this unknown policy.

  • Beverly tabb says:

    What is the pay roll email I reall need

  • Robin Rodes says:

    The Spearfish Sd store won’t even unlock the doors do to no employees . The lights are on and the hours are 11to 7. But doors still locked. What is being said is corporate treats them terribly. Corporate needs to get out of their high classed offices and find out what is happening. No one deserves the treatment that these employees are getting. I’m sick and tired of the way these people think they can hire people that will stand for this treatment. Starting with corporate, you need to understand that your employees need to be able to enjoy their jobs without having you put so much pressure on them that makes them start hating their jobs. You have no idea what you are doing to these good people and now that this is happening you probably don’t care either. Sitting behind a desk with your high classed suits doesn’t seem to be working for you maybe you should come off you high horse and become one of the working class people in one of your stores. Then you will know what your stores are having to put up with certain people in corporate. I think it’s time to take out the trash and get the right kind of people back in corporate that cares about the employees and not how big their bonus will be this year. Thankyou for reading my complaint

  • Unique Lettice McCadney says:

    I was discriminated against a local family dollar where I done spent thousands hundreds of dollars and I want to file complaint and talk to owner

  • Megan says:

    I just had a cashier at one of your stores grab my things I had purchased and throw them behind the counter. As I was trying to leave he cornered me telling me, “Imma fucking kill you bitch.” Multiple times. The store manager had to hold him back so I could leave. I’m done with this store. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I want someone to contact me. I will not let this fly as I have sooo many other things! Now we’re talking about my safely as I live next door to the store and he knows that.

  • Tina Smith says:

    We have been the landscape contractor in Louisiana for Family Dollars for several years. Our current contractor, CBRE, informed us they have lost the contract with Family Dollars effective October 31,2022. We would love to continue to service our many sites here in Louisiana but do not know who to contact. We’ve left several voicemails and send emails but no response. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  • Donna Frentz says:

    I am absolutely appalled at the fact that you would be opened on Thanksgiving in Christmas. You call yourself Family Dollar but yet that is so far from the truth it’s not funny. You’re anything but family. You take People away from their families on holidays that matter when they should be close sitting down to dinner and sharing the day you open up your store because you’re so greedy. One thing you know for sure the The people at the top the vice president president CEO send in C o’s and all that other stuff they’re sitting down with their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas. You have no heart no soul. I for one will never shop at family dollars again

  • Cindy Millwood says:

    I tried going into the Family Dollar/Dollar Tree in Crossville Al and at 5pm in the evening they said they were closing because there was only 2 workers. The hours on the door said they stay open until 10pm. This was a very inconvenience for me. I think if your gonna change the hours at least put it on the door and have a legit reason.

  • Debbie says:

    Your customer service reps at your headquarters are the most rudest and ignorant people I have spoken to .. I have been a CSR in a Fortune 500 company bigger than yours and I am astonished at the rudeness. Shame on you all .. I was calling to check on the closure of family dollar in coal grove Ohio and to get a update as to why and the if it going to reopen..

  • Elizabeth says:

    I have been trying to report Bonnie Mapes at the Stockton Illinois store 10598 for just over a year now along with many other people in our town. She runs off every employee she has. I worked there for just under two years and it was the worst experience of my life. I have reported this to Stavn Yoder many times and nothing happens. I have sent him videos of a neighborhood man (Dave) unloading the truck for Bonnie and she pays him $20. I have sent him pictures of Dave on ladders in the store. Dave unlocks the back door in the stock room. Stavn has been told about this many times and he still refuses to acknowledge any of the dangerous and illegal things that continue to happen in that store. I have personally witness Bonnie Mapes smoking her marijuana pen in the office. Bonnie Mapes has sold marijuana flower in the parking lot out of her car. Bonnie Mapes picks and chooses what rules out of the handbook she wants to have her employees follow while she follows none. She has her asms do a lot of what is supposed to be her work. She does not divide the work load evenly. Whoever she is mad at at that time gets the crappy end of the stick and the heaviest jobs as punishment for months. She cannot keep employees in that store because of her abusive ways and how she speaks horrible about employees to other employees. We went through 14 cahiers in the year and a half I was there and each cashier would always say the same things to me, unprompted. Bonnie always told them I was a thief, not to listen to me just do your job and go home, once I find someone to replace her she is gone. She would even tell cashiers if and when she was going to write me up. I was written up for a cashiers drawer being $20 short and that cashier was not. That said cashier had told me that Bonnie had asked her if she saw me go into her drawer or if she thinks I took the money. I am not a thief. Bonnie used the star sheet as a form of public humiliation. I have picture upon picture of this said public humiliation if you would like them. Bonnie also takes home pennied items and out of date products. She issued bag checks but no one had to check her large beach bag that came in empty and often times would leave looking full. I do strongly believe Bonnie Mapes steals from that store. When i first started working there I had only had two days of training and as soon as I got the key she suddenly was so sick she couldn’t show up for three days leaving me to open the store on my own with ZERO opening training. She continues to do this with every new asm as soon as they get their key. I know this because, unfortunately, my mother in law still works there but is too scared to leave as she’s scared of Bonnie. We live in a small town and this is about the only store we have like this out here. No one in this town will work there. Everyone knows she’s a horrible person. She even speaks to the customers terribly. There are a lot of people that will not come in if they see her car out front of the store. Bonnie also has a cinder block that she uses to prop the front door open where she’s proceeds to sit on and smoke or stands at the doors and smokes and opens the door for people coming in while smoking. Shell say she does this to hear the bell. She shouldn’t be going outside if customers are in the store also she does it when she has a cashier in there and she NEVER works alone. In the time I was there she ran everyone off. I only stayed because I was hoping at some point she would get caught and we would get a new manager because I liked my job but she was horribly abusive and toxic even recently she has contacted me personally on Facebook leaving me threats and cursing at me because of a post my husband had made on fb about how Bonnie isn’t at work and has his mother, a cahier with severe arthritis, training the new ASM. That caused her to then harass and threaten me via Facebook messenger. I sent the screen shots to Stavn and again nothing happened. There were so many times that I was fearful of going into work that I had to voice record myself going in because of the abuse I had to endure daily just walking in. In March of 2021 the safe was short exactly $100. I tried contacting Bonnie multiple times to no avail ( when she’s not at work she refuses to answer the phone). I sent her text messages telling her what was happening. It was finally 11pm and I decided that I could no longer stay after counting everything over and over trying to find the mistake. I received a text message back from her saying “its not big deal I’ll take care of it in the morning” the next morning a cashier told me that she replaced the money from her wallet. Bonnie as a bad slot machine addiction and I strongly believe she stole the money to play the slots at the bar that night and that’s why she got back to me so late because was using the money she stole from the store. In May of 2021 and ASM had quit and Bonnie decided to close the store at 1pm. I was working at my second job and she had tried contacting me many times but I was unable to access my phone. Bonnie and her cashier left he store. I came in around 3pm to reopen the store. Bonnie told me not to even go in. Our town needs the store to be open. When I got in there the alarm was not set, the safe was open, the tills were still in the drawers, the truck they were putting away was sitting right where they had left them. The cigarettes were not locked. Bonnie had left passwords and IDs for the registers in each till. I had to do major damage control all because Bonnie didn’t want to deal with yet another ASM walking out on her. June 3 2021 (Thursday) the truck arrived at 5:30pm and Bonnie made him wait until 6:30 am Friday to have his truck unloaded. Bonnie chose not to unload the truck or contact anyone to let them know that they could unload the truck that night. Dave (not a family dollar employee) met me the next morning to unload the truck where he unlocked the back door and took out boxes and garbage because Bonnie wouldn’t do it the night before. Dave has always unloaded the truck while I worked there and he still unloads the truck until this day because I see him often and he tells me. Bonnie hired her best friend Karla who came to work super late on a regular basis and often smelled of marijuana and drunk. Karla one days ended up freaking out on me because I was trying to keep her on task. Karla was cussing a screaming out me. Leaning over the counter (I was at a register cashing out children) putting her finger in my face and frightening the children and customers in the store. I told her to leave and she refused to leave. I called Bonnie and she did absolutely nothing about it, she said ” I’m not at work right now I really don’t want to deal with this drama”. The following work day I expressed that I no longer wanted to be scheduled with Karla because I felt it was a major conflict of interest which she proceeded to continue to schedule us together. During Covid I had a fever of 102 degrees. I sent her a text telling her I was sick and showed her my thermometer with a reading of 102 degrees and she still made me come in and told me to get a chair from the office and sit all because she didn’t want to have to come in. I covered for her countless times, worked doubles so she could have weekends off or I would have to pay through labor, which didn’t matter because I still had to do 3 times the amount of work that she did. Often times she wouldn’t finish the boats she chose leaving me to have to finish them on Sunday after I had already unloaded the truck with Dave, I would put away, Chemical, Laundry, Motor, Cat and dog food pallet, water pallet, charcoal, winter salt, and then I would do home and paper boats. She would do holiday. There are so many other instances that should have never happened that are still actively happening in that store and someone needs to escalate this to the next level.

  • Karen Freeman says:

    I don’t know what ‘s going on at our Family Dollar location in Everman, Texas but besides not being able to get my groceries because there are no shopping carts, the 2 people working cannot stock the shelves because they have to stay at the front. The dairy case was 99% empty and the cleaning supplies were very limited.
    Can you offer higher pay to get people to work here? This is the closest place for me to shop, but I can’t get what I need if there are no carts. By the way, there was no bottled water available and the parking lot is always nasty!

  • Andrea says:

    Hello my name is Andrea I live in Michigan. I went to a family dollar on East 7 mile Road in Detroit Michigan and I can honestly say the service was pathetic. The store manager and an employee were arguing over a drawer being short $1.50. As I purchase my items from another store employee one employee in the store apparently lied to the manager as they were counting her drawer which was short and said that I left the store without paying. Both employees ran out the store to asked me if I cashed out I couldn’t believe that they use this much energy for something I purchased that cost $2.50 with the receipt I had plus a bag from their store. I did not have to show them but I chose to show them the items as well as my receipt, this store need to have better trained managers and employees . Apparently they are stealing out the store and they think everybody is like them much less I would like a formal apology from family dollar head quarters for the embarrassment and the anguish I suffered as being a faithful customer.

  • Shane Kinlicheeney says:

    My nephew and I are victims of a sexual assault in Tooele Utah on August 5, 2022. We are Native American looking for employment and other activities to stay out of trouble. Your employee knows I do have a alcohol problem and my nephew is leaning how to control his temper. We spoke to a attorney and he said we did exactly what a judge would expect in anybody who is depressed and angry. I don’t know how to go about this but if you could contact me ASAP. My ph#(505) 709-3727

  • Danielle Jackson says:

    Yes, I have tried multiple times to call the corporate office and, naturally, no answer.
    I worked for Family Dollar in Paragould, AR. I was fired because, even though I told my pothead store manager and the meth head assistant manager that I kept a container of MY PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS IN IT JUST IN CASE I NEEDED TO TAKE THEM, I was fired bc the case fell out of my pocket and someone in the store returned it without even looking inside of it. I realize what happened was not good at all. However, having a store manager smoking out of a “Dabs Pen” while at work and having an assistant manager who I have personal seen shoot up meth, I disagree with my termination especially since the 2 of them knew I had a container of medicine and they both knew that I had prescriptions for the medicine. That store is ran 9 kinds of awful, Dee (the manager does not know anything, especially how to be a store manager), Kristy is so jacked up on drugs that she doesn’t do anything except verbally abuse everyone in the store – I even had a customer complain about how absolutely rude she was and the customer ALSO said that, “Kristy shot meth and is always messed up on it.”
    That is not the only reason I am typing this today, I was supposed to get paid on my debit card today and I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID. It’s supposed to be on my card 2 days early, we get paid on Friday the 23rd (the store manager told me the day), I have tried to call Human Resources as well as the Operator, just really trying to get a hold of anyone who can help me. However, it seems that just like the Paragould, Ar Family Dollar, NO ONE SEEMS TO BE WORKING!

    (870) 212-1438

    I want my money that I worked for. I have already contacted a lawyer about this whole ordeal and he is more than ready to make your company pay for all kinds of things. I personally just want paid, or at least have 1 person do their job instead of doing drugs

  • Angela Wolfolk-Ferebee says:

    I’m trying to get in touch with human resources and can not get through. I’m a former employee that was fired after being treated like a slave. This company is the worst I have ever worked for in my life. I never went on breaks, no holiday pay. the store is hot all summer and extra cold in the winter. Nobody cares about you. Family dollar corporate only cares about money the money coming in and what the employees go through. Now I’m fired trying to get it touch with HR to get my termination paperwork and I’m getting no answer from any of the numbers. What in the hell is going on. I need my termination paperwork. Please someone answer the phone. I can’t stand the place.

  • Mary says:

    We have a family dollar store in woburn center. Woburn mass. While i like the store,its prices, and the location the store itself presents a blight on the look of our downtown area. The store has display windows from floor to ceiling and to cover the soda machines and fridge which are backed yip to the windows Famiuly dollar has covered the window in cheap bright orange dots from floor to ceiling. Woburn is not a bombed out area that one would be afraid to walk in. But that is just how the appearance of this store looks in the area. If i were not from woburn mass and i had business to do in the downtown area seeing their display windows covered in cheap orange dot paper would lead me to believe that the area is not safe. And its ugly besides i have been to other family dollar stores that have cute windows and are clean and orderly this store is dirty inside also I hope that someone who can affect change looks into this

  • rod mccown says:

    complaints are the same at all stores, this is a managerial problem from top to bottom. nobody listens or cares. my suggestion is to file compaintsl to the bbb and any federal agency for their area. Maybe the company will listen. Personally seeing dozens of state and federal violations I will file after experiencing the behavior of cashiers at the cascade, id store. get some training! I can see why good employees only last a week or two.

  • Kimberly DeBraux says:

    I am having a hard time trying to find someone in corporate to speak to concerning my complaint, first my 9 year old daughter slipped on some sort of liquid in your store and when i let employee know they they had a substance on the floor the guy ignored me and walked off while i was trying to tell him what happened to my daughter, also i went to purchase an item yesterday and the price was higher than the price listed on shelf, i informed the same guy i spoke to previously and he literally told me its not his problem either i buy it or not and walked from behind counter went outside and lit a cigarette while i was still at register . I am super disappointed in this particular family dollar , there is always trash and boxes everywhere and the staff especially the guy are very very very rude and disrespectful. This store is located in columbia SC 2505 Broad river rd. My daughter was injured in your store because of the mess an laziness of workers . i really need someone to contact me ASAP regarding this matter.

  • Guest says:

    Manager at store #12261 in Lorado WV is buying and selling drugs

  • Demarco says:

    Store 06509 565 on Joseph E Lowery Blvd Atlanta Ga has the most disgusting disrespectful ignorant unprofessional uneducated manager on duty Necy or Macy she has red dreds locks hair face an lip ring avoid this person avoid this store she needs to be removed from the store an family dollar brand ASAP for customers sake she is rude and un helpful an disrespectful whoever made her a manager is sick please remove her today the worst customer service ever my entire family will never spend another dollar with FD As long as she has a job there harassing the public the way She is doing either no regard for the FD brand an integrity what so ever today please remove this person that was mgr on duty the mgr with red Dre’ds hair please

  • Gerardo Gonzalez says:

    Who do I contact about family working together

  • Linda Hankins says:

    I did an online order and had it delivered to store #651. I received and email August 24th that my order was ready to be picked up. Got to the store the young lady checked and stated it wasn’t there yet. Told me to come back next week.I went in today August 31 to pickup my order and was told I am busy. That I would have to come back in 20 minutes because she was the only one on the floor. I have been a retail manager for over 20 +yrs. and that was unacceptable. Now I have to go back again, a 3rd time. This is not customer service at all. I need help please!!!!!

  • AFigueroa says:

    8:12 PM
    You sent
    I purchased an item that was defective and took it directly back to the store with in minutes. They told me I could not exchange or return it. Because I opened it. I did not know the item defective until I try to use it. They were rude and disgusting and said it didn’t have a barcode or it was torn so it was not valid. I have the item and the packaging. The young girl started literally dancing and ignoring m sta. I am sure its on camera.and the other workers there became aggressive and threatening gathering around calling security and she was the one getting antagonist and loud and aggressive saying hahaha I asked her where is the no return or exchange policy… when I complained that as a consumer I have a right to exchange or return a defective item the store # 06555 in East Orange Nj store number 973 766 9750 I have my receipt the item is a doublepack Homeline Hawaiian Bloom automatic spray cannister the nozzle are not spraying at all I would appreciate an timely response I will also be making a complain to comsumer affair FTC this is appalling.

  • Robert Smith says:

    One of the worst stores to get . Trash piled up around in. Stock sitting in the floor and can’t see what is on shelves. Outside of store is fifty trash piled up around dumpsters store location is at hwy98 and Miami Blvd

  • .... says:

    So, let me start by saying I’ve been an employee for family dollar for over a year and a half now. I enjoy my job dearly, but over the last year I have dealt with several store managers who have been rude, downgrading, and down right inconsiderate. The one I have now is fantastic and recently took a vacation. Another store manager comes in to “help” and help was given. But, along with he help he was downgrading to myself about myself and my coworkers. So rude in fact I ended up quitting because I won’t be bullied around by anyone especially when he comes in talking about people being worthless. I ended up being rehired due to the fact I was needed which is fine. I like my job. But, as an ASM, I need keys to open and close well said manager decided he was gonna take keys to the store I work at and for 4 days now I’ve had to use others keys to do my job. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this happening by this person. I’ve had several people mention stories about misbehaviour. Family dollar has high expectations of employees yet let things like that slide. Which then causes good hard workers who enjoy their job to quit due to poor management.

  • Joyce Deaton says:

    Good afternoon my name is Joyce Deaton a new store opened here in Dekalb Ms workers were needed and I was hired by the manger here Ms. Cindy. I worked stocking till opening. I was never paid anything. That is why I quit. Ms. Cindy has been giving me the run around every since. I want to know why I haven’t been paid ? I think I have been more than considerate and patient. My number is (601) 678-8379 and my email address is joycedeaton2@gmail.com please contact me on this matter. Thank You Ms Joyce Deaton

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello and good afternoon I would like to be kept anonymous for my safety reason. I have a serious complaint that needs to be brought to your attention IMMEDIATELY. I am a new employer of family dollar. Let me start from the beginning. I have been employed with family dollar for just about 2 weeks. Location is 4725 E Southern Ave Phoenix AZ 85042. From my very first day of work has been very INCONSIDERATE. The store manage ANNA was not helpful at all. Instead of training me on the basic principles of the company functions, she gave me attitude, down talked me, and verbal warnings about things I didn’t have any knowledge of because I have not been trained yet! All she did was YELL and CURSE at the employees and customers. She constantly kept talking down about the company. Stating how she couldn’t wait to quit her job. Carrying on, I noticed the my cash draw would always come up short when I was on the clock with the store manager ANNA. Now I always count my cash draw PRIOR to starting my shift and at the END of my shift. My draw would be short EVERY SINGLE TIME I work with ANNA. But this does not happen when I work with the assistant managers. One day ANNA proceeded to tell me “ oh well, atleast it won’t be counted towards my numbers”. I replied “ yea it won’t be counted towards your numbers but it will be counted towards mines insinuating it as if I’m taking from the draw. REMIND YOU, I always double count customers change prior to giving it too them! For accuracy! NOW FAST FOWARD . To AUGUST 14th 2022. My cash draw is about $30 short! While I’m on shift with the store manager ANNA. she proceeded to blame another store employee named ROSMARIE for taking money from the draw without confronting her. She then gives me a verbal warning saying “ I’m new to this and things like this happens all the time” Now this is a SERIOUS ALLEGATION and I do not want this to backfire on me. SO THATS WHY IM BRINGING THIS TO YOUR ATTENTION. This may have been going on for a very long time! I have witness this happen consistently when I’m on the shift with the store manager ANNA. So at the point I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. I calmly confronted her about the short comings and I also confronted her about her unprofessional attire and bad attitude towards her employees. SHE IMMEDIATELY AND UNLAWFULLY FIRED ME WITHOUT ANY ACCUSATIONS. Anna does not know how to manage a store. She does not have any basic knowledge about the store! She is very incompetent. I had to ask assistant managers for assisting me on the things the store manager should have basic knowledge of! Every single time I ask her of something she complained and threw tantrums. Moving on to VALERIE THE DISTRICT STORE MANAGER. She belittle her employees and this is why I was not able to bring this to her attention be she wasn’t of any help! Valerie and Anna brings a very bad atmosphere to the company. They both are very disrespectful and naive. And that’s why this store cannot keep hard working and respectful employees because they are RUNNING THEM OFF . Keeping ANNA and VALERIE in their positions will put your store right out of business because their behavior is driving employees and customers away! And does she not know FIRING ME UNLAWFULLY without any accusations I can further my case to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Office? I will do everything in my power to make sure ANNA is held accountable for her actions. So instead of her evaluating the problem , I have no choice but to step up and take this matter seriously!

  • No name says:

    I just want to thank family dollar for 19 years with this company I’m being push out of this company after all I done i even work a whole month by myself due to no help i sacrifice my home life just so I can open and closed every day with no day off for 4 weeks I had no time at home i sacrifice my life just to put in 100 hour each week gave company back 200 free hours do to no staff just me working by myself just to keep a new store open I never got appreciated or anything form no one for keeping a store open I try asking for help and didn’t get any because I was being ignore so I just like to say think you for 19 years with this company now I fell like I’m being force out by my manager after all I did for this company my last day will be this week

  • Erwin Bukin says:

    I am trying to find the pick up tools or clinchers that I have bought previously at Dollar Tree. Is there any way to find out which DT or FD in the Milwaukee area has this item on hand? None of the few stores that have answered my calls have any and they do not know if or when they may get more.

    Thank you
    Erwin Bukin

  • D says:

    Store#12158 This is one of the Worst Stores Ever. The young lady that is on staff today is very unprofessional, rude and disrespectful. I had to go outside and ask the young lady to check me out. There was another worker that sat behind the register while I was waiting on someone. The prices were incorrect. I provided the young lady the prices and she started getting smart, loud and rude. I asked the young lady if you would like to go back with me to verify the prices she stated no I’m not going back there I know our prices are messed up but this is what I’m charging you. I proceeded to go back and verify the price which was lesser and she did check me out with that price but she was so loud and rude through the entire transaction. Never again!

  • Parker says:

    Just contacted manager at 400 E Main Union SC 8/5/2022 A worker that answered my call said the manager’s name was Jenny or Jenny or Jesse? Anyway I asked her when gallon water would be in as none has been on the shelf for two days, she said she didn’t know when gallon water would be in, if no water is on the truck there won’t be any on the shelf, I asked her if any water was on the truck? And when would water be back on the shelf? She just kept saying “MAM I don’t know… I asked her to put her manager on the phone and she said “Stephanie was out sick & she didn’t know when Stephanie would be back”. I asked her what her name was & she would not give me her name and she hung up on me. I hope water is on the shelf tomorrow & I hope this rude manager is gone ASAP.

  • Avi. says:

    I was Friday and you store in Queens New York and I got that service over there and the lady she told me outside from the store she say if you don’t like the service you can leave the store I spent $25,000 here in the store for my home in my business and this lady she was working for me she was a fire 1123 so I need somebody to call me right away is 347-484-7227 thank you

  • Corey Harless says:

    Electronics return policies are ridiculous. Won’t give refundson a pair of headphones back bc we’re opened even though had receipt. Said they could exchange for same item that didn’t work on first pair I bought. How are you going to know if they don’t work unless you open package. Less than 10 days old. If you won’t stand behind what you sell them don’t offer the item. Why would anyone get same headphones that didn’t work when u bought first set? If one of these executives bought something that didn’t work I bet they wouldn’t buy same thing again just hoping the next item was superior to the first one purchased. What’s that called when you do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. INSANITY!!! Enough said.

    • alice says:

      To Corey, The same thing happen to me. I live in Dallas, Tx. and I was planning on buying a little portable food chopper, and accident pick up a portable blender. which was on the same shelf and both was same package cover. I brought it on Friday and I didn’t realize that it was a blender until I open it, and it wasn’t the food chopper. I put it back in the box and took it back with the receipt. the manager told me she couldn’t take it back because it was electronic. I asked could I get a store credit and she said no. she gave me the number to complaint #. Then that was o.k. so what I did I called my bank and told them the story, and the the bank force return my money and also all the other items that I had brought that day from them. They are dirty. Never heard that when you have receipt. They was acing like it was a car part or something.

  • Jesse Washington says:

    JW restoration service LLC

  • Jesse Washington says:

    This is a pressure washing company looking to expand our business feel free to contact me anytime by email or call 4045529533

  • Anthony Halliburton says:

    Well my name is Anthony halliburton and I use to work for family dollar two months ago and I’m trying to go to Dollar tree to work but for some reason I’m still in family dollar system so I was wondering who can I talk to to get my name out family dollar system are transfer me to Dollar tree store number is 0412 I can be reached at 404 707 7753

  • Toya says:

    Dear Family Dollar,
    I have been shopping at 27th street Family Dollar in Newport News for a while and as of this year have notice that prices of items have been labeled one price and rung up as another. Now at first I was not going to say anything as I was told that the labels hadn’t come in yet but it has not changed in months. This is false advertising and fraud and I will be filing a complaint with The Better Business Bureau. This is sad to see from a business that I and so many have come to love and rely on.

  • brad popoe says:

    store is closed more than open ,dirty

  • Carla Moon says:

    I’d like to speak to the person who is in charge of the practices of their manager as well as their employees. The Orofino Idaho family dollar. I need someone to contact me to file a complaint. I have not been successful reaching them by phone. I’d like to resolve this in stead of going on social media and local newspaper. My phone is 208-827-1648

  • Leigha Briggs says:

    Hello, it is Leigha Briggs from #12978 again. I just wanted to let you know I am still yet to get my bonus. I was also told not to email you anymore, because I got Tabitha, the regional manager, in trouble. Jen, the store manager, showed me the text message and told me not to email you anymore. That’s the last I heard about my bonus, and coincidentally enough is when everything started to happen. There has been quite a bit of suspicious activity at the store since the store has opened. Jen, the store manager, has let employees that she knows has taken home ,unpurchased, product continue to work at the store. Jen knows there is suspicion that one of the ASM’s, the same one who took the product home, has been store using product for themselves with the hand held. I know that money procedures have not been followed properly, the store manager herself is notorious for leaving the safe cracked open for hours during the day. She made it seem like it wasn’t an issue so all the managers began doing it. None of the managers have really had proper computer training. I did a iLearn last night that I should have done before I even sold tobacco, which I have been doing for over a couple of months now. When I told her that I did the I learn like she wanted me to she then told me that it was unnecessary for me to do any more videos if I’m going to be looking for another job. I don’t know how many, or if anyone else has even done that video or other mandatory videos. I requested a transfer to the Stillwater store This last Tuesday. The store manager not only denied my transfer but took it upon herself to take it as my two weeks notice without asking. Since then a lot has happened over text message, that I will gladly forward to you if I need to. Jen has been what I feel to be hostile and aggressive. She took me off the schedule for the remainder of the week, so I gave my key to the closing manager tonight and I let the store manager, Jen, know. She took that upon herself to take it as me quitting, and when I didn’t message her back because I was driving, she insisted that I’m quitting and that’s what me giving the closing manager tonight my key meant. When I told her I wasn’t quitting, she then informed me that she is demoting me due to poor leadership skills! This store is supposed to be a training store, so I am told. This store is not by any means ready to be a training story. The store manager herself is yet to know how to fully run a store. She has, numerous times, let her husband, who is not on our payroll, come and work truck because the 3 other employees plus herself was not enough people to do just over a 300 piece truck. I am unsure if I still have a job there or not, because she also told me before telling me that I was demoted that I will have three write-ups and that she is done. Please, get back to me as soon as you can, thank you!

    -Leigha Briggs

    • Justin L Martin says:

      I will open and run the dollar store in thayne wy u gotta pay me 100k plus all employees get a quarterly bonus and minimum wage of 18. Get with the program u Don g make money with stocked stores sitting vacant cause ur a moron dam b I and members

    • Melanie says:

      Wow smh

      • Will I AM says:

        TO EVERYONE WHO CAN DISTINGUISH RIGHT FROM WRONG!!!!!!! smh as well. wait for the grand finale. Everyone in the store im referring to with the exception of a few, like 3 people. These 3 ppl are collateral damage and will be getting blamed for whats really going on. Why is Family Dollar Corporate pot belly pigs, not doing ANYTHING about this. All of these issues going on in one store all the way across the globe, are happening here in this small town. ANSWER: ITS the people on the top of the totem poles FAULT> There blinded by self entitlment and think the situation will take care of it self. I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN CHARGE OF THAT DEPARTMENT. HIRE ME.. I can ONLY be BETTER than the Person You alrready have. And can prove my self worth. Wanna clean house, Call me Big Boss I will show you how to do this and will do it for you. Call me and if the price is right, I will render my services to u. But it starts with you ceo’s managers, leads, presidents, etc… obviously the faces of this Company have no BALLS to take all these complaints that are similiar in style and do someting about it. Hire me Pay me what u get and watch how I make where ever i go SHINE… and u can just continue sitting down and do nothing and u can have the recognition for the succces i can bring you. Family Dollar will be going down slowly but surely. If the bosses dont see that and stevie wonder can. Maybe its time for early retirement. Cause YOU people SUCK!!! like most of the products you sell, cheap low quality and made in China. This was suppose to be a question for a comment i was doing but turned into this. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.. I will n ot stop until something is done and i want to know the NAME of the person who evaluated and hired such trailor park trash. WHO IS THIS PERSON.?????? please send me your point of contact. I would like my issues dealt with without the attention of the media and so called public. why?????? well aint it bad for bizness? Im not worried about my fate, Praise GOD. Its the fate of your company thats being questioned and i vote for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in your desicion makers. again YOU SUCK.. Im calling u out and like any good person or entity will continue to expose your name and brand until you fix every issue on your corporate page. i see alot of PROBLEMS>>>>>>>>> I see no resolutiuon……Again you people SUCK!!! FIRE all and rehire not one of you.
        your pathetic store is at is either out of bizness or pack up and get the hell out of dodge. Or HOW ABOUT THIS DO YOUR FUCKING JOB FOR ONCE> YOU PEOPLE DONT DESERVE TO BE A BOSS U SUCK DONKEY PENIS> Call me or i would love to meet someone with a sense of intelligence and a care to want to know the truth. And the truth will come to the light. Your Manager at this store and her side kick will go down. And if i dont get any help from you people sitting in your cubicle. You will be getting a healthy dose of reality when this paper trail couldve been resolved by you. AND you I dont even know who u are but you do. Lets meet and talk BIZNESS probably would be the best desicion youve made since being with FAMILY DOLLAR. Please forgive me with my words, Its very disturbing when innocent people are targeted because they are being targeted by the scum management and evil like tactics they impose on the staff. Please intervene before intervention is past due and now we have a crime scene. All because NOBODY investigates. AND u keep hiring JUNK. Its not just one bad hireree its many bad hiress. WHEN CAN WE MEET IN PERSON? AND you will have to come to me because i dont want to spend a nickel on taking a trip to where ur at. Ive spent enough money on merchandise from your store. BTW i will never shop there again and i have a broad fan base who will follow my lead. im here to evaporate the filth you people have brought to this town. This will not be over until the Fat lady sings. And In this town i dont see no Fat Lady. Because there all What your manager is JUNKIE!!! Have a Blessed Amazing Properous weekend and i hope to hear from ANYONE ASAP to hear me investigate the alleged issue/crime and resolve so normal people can continue working honestly with integrity and the trash u people hired , when u go back to ur home, plz bring the trash with you.

        Sincerly, Time is of the essence,
        dont hesitate, INVESTIGATE…
        this is 1 of many to come… plz do ur fucking job. Before
        it gets done for u. When staff there worry about lookin over
        there shoulder because of management. I wont stop till
        your management is exposed.,

  • Patricia Ribaric says:

    There’s no customer service for on line purchase: I ordered on June 22. I received an email on June 27, 2022 that my order is at the store. I go to the store on the 27th to pick up my order. I am crippled, had to get help to get to the store. I had to stand on my painful bad leg for over a half hour just to be told it is not there. They ask for my phone number – said they would call me when it arrives. July 2nd I get an email telling me it’s last call to pick it up. I tried to contact you through customer service. Asking folks to do a survey is NOT customer service. Please refund my money. I will never order on line from you ever again.

  • ricky wietzema says:

    hey is it ok for employees in wahpeton nd store to call family or boyfriend to premeditate attack on a disabled adult after the store was being sued for demonstration this was a form of intimidation to silence me from taken action against the store this happen on june 6 and manger let boyfriend in store afterword this happen

  • Donna says:

    At 1:25-1:30pm at the Medford New York(Long Island) the 112 family dollar. I came up to the register asking for a price check. Just a price check for one item. I had only 3 items. She scanned all items. I said ok well i needed a price check for this item. I decided i didnt want the item. I guess it was put in the wrong soot. She looked at me So confused and lost. She proceeds to speak in spanish to another worker with her behind the counter. There going back and forth in spanish. I don’t know what there saying. Than i noticed another item i guess was in the wrong spot so i asked to remove it. Again the two women are going back and forth talking to each other. Than i thought maybe she was. In training .( but where is the woman that is training her. She should be beside her.)so after getting frustrated cause she was confused i just bought the item. Point of my complaint if customer service was put into my experience. She would clearing hear i wanted a price check for one instead of chit chatting with another co worker. Spanish language ok but rude to a customer maybe hire a bilingual employee. She would maybe understand me. Everything could if been avoided with better communication.

  • Abigail Rowland says:

    forgot to mention the location where store is always so hot and closed at times during day hours is on 7600 Jensen in Houston Texas….. just too darn hot. i like to shop in comfort

  • Abigail Rowland says:

    Store#7042 Why is the store closed so much in the day hours when its shows should be open? Few times recently i’ve gone to shop and store is closed. They need to get their hours straightened . I’m 66yrs old and I have to shop before dark. Also its ALWAYS so hot in there?? it’s crazy how ac is never working. I feel sorry for the employees

  • Michelle Thormann says:

    I live in Blooming Grove Texas. Our store is great for our little town. The employees are like family they always go above and beyond their duties. However for the past weeks they have been working in outrageous conditions. Did I mention I live in Texas. Well it is cooler outside than it is in our store. Candy is melting. I am surprised the soda cans have not started blowing up. Someone needs to fix the air conditioner and when that is fixed the controls need to be in the store not in another location.

  • Gary says:

    50 N 900th W Salt Lake City UT 84116. Report on family dollar.
    I am deaf typed. Please watch on the video at the door outdoor and indoor what happen 8:50 am to 9 am until about 30 minutes
    I was in the family dollar (west downtown salt lake city) people homeless around many reason cause to employees feeling awful. June 12 2022 8:50 am to 9:00 door open service first he and I were going in. He stood up and keep staying near me with my packback and bag on the floor nearest the cashier. I decide to take in the cart shopping from packback and bag protection He did touch and hold my cart. I said point other the cart. I hold my stuffs in the cart. Someone caught my cart to go and employee say out of the store I angry and innocent and have right protection my stuffs. I felt bad and temper because I have $80 gift card family dollar. I can tell employees alike bad on the children’s abuse called strict behavior. I love children’s from mother bad behaviors I believe she is cashier manager lawsuit or charge on family children or children outside case past.
    I suggest employee cashier and employee security laugh when I felt bad. The family dollar must closed from people homeless around cause employees devil and developed picture discrimination. I can feel she is a devil her boss regional or city county keep her job devil or good link to fraud secret both away your business fight and budget up from bankruptcy process. Employees should not worry from donation food if steal anything and just donation reduce. Other store doesn’t need to worry people homeless success.

  • Lewis says:

    I’m being harassed by my store manager by text first and now on social media, she created a fake account and posted on our local county Facebook page as she pretend to be someone else and used fake photo and name and said tons of horrible things about me called me cuss word names and alot of other dishonest and disrespectful stuff. I have been dealing with her unacceptable work behavior sense I started a month ago, it’s only getting worse. She has done this to several others in the past to the point they couldn’t handle it and quit or has ended up terminated by her. She’s very unprofessional and is causing a hostile work environment. I can’t take much more of her doing this to me. This is unacceptable and I notified my DM with proof of text and she spoke with her and we thought the issue was solved and now today it started back up and now everyone on social media can her what she has posted and said about me.

  • Fed up says:

    I have tried every way to get a complaint made on Store #3844 located at 3201 S. Adams st. Marion,Indiana 46953. The manager named Dave does not care about the employees,customers, or Integrity of your company. Which according to this corporate website are very important to the company. Dave is rude,inconsiderate, and has by far the worst customer service skills i have ever seen. Our store has a sign on the door that says open from 9am to 10pm but this store opens late and closes early every single day. Reason being is because the Manager dont care. When he hires people they are either rude,have poor hygiene, spend more time on their phones and chit chatting then actually restocking shelves and engaging in customer service. I can no longer take my kids into this location because there are always stacked up boxes in the middle of the floor,clothes or other items spread through out the store on the floor. The manager when he hires new people he provides very limited training and does not teach them how to do their job. He schedules them 1st thing in the morning and expects them to open by themselves because he is 2 hrs away. The few and in between good employees he hires gets used,abused and taken for granted. I use to love visiting family dollar now im ashamed to say this family dollar is literally in my back yard. Please someone contact me so these issues can be resolved my next step is the local news

  • K says:

    Your store on Taylor Boulevard and Louisville Kentucky is the worst I’ve ever been to bunch of empty shelves you need to fire the manager you need a new manager you need to do something to store I go down there for one thing they don’t have it how do you spell taco stuff and you don’t sell cheese how do you have soft drinks and you don’t sell big red

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello I have a complaint on a family dollar worker out in beaumont California marina Castillo she’s a racist lady using family dollars parking lot to sell tacos from her personal business she thinks all black men look alike she kicked out my friend out earlier while he was shoping

  • Monica Santor says:

    The other day two days ago actually and today is the 4th of April 2022 I entered one of your places of business the one on Charleston I can get the address later but two employees and a security guard told me that I had to leave I had a friend with me who is separated in the store because we were looking for different things we were accused of stealing my friend had no bag and two items of clothes on there was no way that he could steal I had my bag the cameras can show that I stole nothing we were judged ,we were harassed, we were embarrassed we were made fun of and accused falsely accused of stealing and I can back mine up for myself I did not steal anything or attempt to my husband and I pulled over $200,000 a year between gambling and work I have no reason to steal from this cheap store I come here to shop because of the cheap and reasonable prices I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in this store because of its convenience I don’t come in the store and spend less than $50 every time I come I have the receipts to prove it and yet we were accused and harassed and threatened to call the police on us I am slapping a lawsuit against the store I’m stopping the lawsuit against the individuals who insulted me. Thanks too my full camera coverage I can prove what I’m saying to be accurate.

  • Barbara Cole says:

    Family dollar at hillsville Virginia. What is going on? It closes during the day. The manger Reba is being very rude to customers. Alot of foul language going on

  • Mr. Johnson says:

    I have been trying to contact HR or Employee relations about the verbal and mental abuse I have been receiving from District Manager Allison from the Pontiac Michigan Family Dollar. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with someone about this situation before it becomes a legal issue.

  • One hundred customers lost says:

    The Family dollar store located at 18th Niccolet in south minneapolis, MN is a great lication but unfortunately for the past 2+ years there is over 20 drug dealers and addicts in the parking lot no exaggeration although the store is located in a building shared with 2-3 other businesses but family dollar recieves most of the customers they make the biggest profit why wont they hire a police officer to be present in the parking lot a large segment of customers have stop shopping because some of family dollar staff have turned blind eye and befrinded many of the drug dealers

    Most of the people in the community shop their for the food but for the past 3 months the food section and coolers have absolutely empty

    They are obviously short on staff the store use to stay open until 10PM now the hours fluctuate from 4PM or 7PM closing time there is a extremly large profit being lost because family dollar no longer has a officer who use to be in the parking lot peridodically four times a day between 2-3 hours a day no security or ap in the store no clothing no food no toiletries no household products none of the nice electronics items Please get the store in order

  • EX worker/old shopper says:

    Family Dollar in Clarksville the manager is rude a b**** towards other people not at all trying to help one always putting people down thinking she’s better than everyone else

  • Rochelle says:

    Please have your Corporate office contact me in Ref to a accident in your family dollar parking lot. You parking lot in East Orange, NJ has a uncovered large yellow brick. This brick is a blind spot when cars are parked in the last parking space and you have a delivery truck parked in a L shape. Why is this brick there? Causing many cars to be damaged including mine?
    Some one please direct me to the person in charge of handling this.
    This need to be addressed ASAP.

  • Unhappy Guest says:

    I visited your store #7746 on Friday, May 13th at approximately 8:10PM. I selected an item for which the price rang up incorrectly. The associate named Monica could not locate anywhere the price it rang up anywhere in the vicinity of the items (there were multiple on the rack). Instead of correcting the item price on the spot, she called her “manager” at home who then told me to “come see her in morning”. I told the associate and manager that it an inconvenience to come back on that particular side of town because I was just passing through the area. Monica became irate and extremely rude and disrespectful. I hope you can coach both these employees on proper customer service and hope this is not the type of behavior that Family Dollar accepts or teaches as a company. I won’t be patronizing your stores any more and I believe if the behavior continues at this location, neither will other customers. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my feedback.

  • Lauren Walker says:

    The location on 9425 S. Main in Houston should be shut down permanently. The store is always being robbed, and every employee is rude and ghetto as hell, including the manager Lisa Green. I asked if a coupon from Clorox would be honored, she said she had never seen a coupon like it, however she knew exactly how much the coupon was for. She extremely rude and didn’t want to speak with me and the employee who walked me to the back acted like he was afraid to ask her to speak to me. She never came out the back, just ride ghetto trash and she should be fired.

  • Former employee says:

    Need to check manager and assistant manager at 5799 store taking money from petty cash and doing drugs in bathroom

  • RANDY MERIT says:

    I went to the Family Dollar on Wilson Rd in Kansas City MO. At Wilson and indepdence ave. Second time I went to by Rave hair spray and the sticker on the shelf said $2.15 and also got la looks styling gel and the shelf said $2.65 I go to pay and the hair spray rang up at $3.15 and the gel was $3.65 the manager on duty said he went back and checked the prices and he gave me a refund but he didn’t give me all the refund that should have came to me So you need to check out the store and do something about it it’s not the first time it’s happened at the store and it probably won’t be the fat last So every time I go in I have to check the prices on the shelf and confirm it with the management but they get mad

  • Erika says:

    I forgot to leave something out this is Erica once again miss Skyler has her mom coming out on a daily who is also rude to people and she’s also yelling at people and doing drugs in the parking lot while she’s waiting for her daughter to get off work which is Skyler and Skyler’s a manager and she allows her mother to bee rude to people do drugs in the parking lot be in the office go to the bathroom and do her drugs it’s a messed up family Dollar and a lot of people in the past 2 months have quit because of Miss Michelle Skyler and her mother I can’t tell you how many people have quit a security guard has almost been beat up because of Michelle I need you to contact me as soon as possible or I will give you guys a call first thing in the morning when you guys open

  • Erika says:

    Hi my name is Erica I need someone to contact me about the family Dollar on West broad Street and Wayne avenue that’s located in Columbus Ohio the employees there are very very highly rude the manager is also disrespectful actually all managers there are very very disrespectful one of them does drugs constantly in the bathroom or she’s disrespectful to everyone that comes in there and I shop there I don’t steal from there I don’t talk to nobody I get what I need I buy it and I leave and all they do is sit there and talk about people they don’t do their job they don’t stop they keep aisles closed off if there was a fire nobody could get out because they don’t know how to stop themselves the way they should I quit do to the managers all they do is talk about people and are very rude to people they threaten people they accuse people of stealing when they’re not stealing and they’re talking about I can’t come in there because I made a comment about how I quit because of one of the managers and I did and she still threatens me every time I come in there and I’m not okay with it and Miss Skyler allows it

  • Rainn says:

    The family dollar store in 85040. Phoenix.az. is dirty. An. Horrible. The workers are really just having fun. Smoking in the store. Shut it down

  • Elease Bryant says:

    There were displays of GBC skin care products listed for $1. Before checking out I inquired about products that could possibly be paid for bye United Health Care OTC card. The manager responded to me as thought I was STUPID. She then proceeded to be short with me as if I was getting on her nerves. The remaining assistant manager, said let me check her out before she cry. I felt very insulted and mistreated. I refuse to shop In anymore of Family Dollar Stores. We spend to much money in your stores to deserve the treatment we received.

  • Bri says:

    Hello ,
    My manager Tiara at store 6030, On Donald Lee Hollowell she is unprofessional, rude , not customer friendly, and a bully. She has hired me spot on April 20. And I started on April 25 2022. She has changed from the first day of meeting her. She is not nice to anyone customers nor staff. She walks in late the entire week that I started . The District manager Mr. Leonard came in at 8:45 am to open the door for me. I was at work at 8 am. EVERYDAY SHE WAS LATE AND RUDE. she doesn’t greet nobody and also feel as though she is entitled. Many customers and employees have said to me verbatimally , You still yet holding on with her ? I didn’t understand ,but her actions showed more. She demanded that I should know my register I. D Number by heart and said it aggressively. My 4th day at work ,she have been unpatient and unkind . No customers like her, they choose to check out with someone besides Tiara. She also threatened me and said ,What would you do if I was to rob you. I did not find that funny. I find it disturbing and disgusting. I was not aware her mom workd for Family Dollar and she was rude to me as well. Stared me down all day on Wednesday 27 of April 2022 and She bought an item and I said have a nice a day. Not customer friendly.
    My very first day at work I was excited to be working with a black woman but that changed when I called and said I’m here at 7:50 am..this was Monday april 25 2022, she directly said to me… WE DONT OPEN UNTIL 8AM. I was NOT aware of my i.d number , not sticking, cashier or nothing. She really disturbed my spirit I don’t want her to manage me at all. The employees as stated to me that every time she walks in the energy changes and nobody talks to her. I will not work in those conditions . This location should be shut down or she need to be fired. I was not pleased with my job opportunity.

  • Elizabeth Connor says:

    I’m the landlord for store # 808. We have an urgent matter of filth and poor management of this store. The district manager is not returning calls, the store manager is MIA. I’ve been trying to locate a contact number for your corporate office but thus far, I’ve had zero success. If I cannot get this issue resolved TODAY I will be contacting my cooperate office to begin the next phase.

  • Clark says:

    Please remind your drivers not to park on streets that are clearly marked no trucks. Every day on ElCapitan Street in Las Vegas there is a huge Family Dollar truck parked behind my house. It is not what I want to see from my back yard. This is a neighborhood not a truck stop.

    • EX worker/old shopper says:

      Clarksville Ohio is the worst store of family Dollar business ever known to man as of today 2022 the manager is rude nasty towards other customers needs to be put in her place.

    • K says:

      If you don’t like it move

  • Martian Boyd says:

    I just read the comments and all your stores seem to be pieces of crap..
    How the hell are you still in business

    • EX worker/old shopper says:

      Just a manager is a buddy buddy to the manager in Clarksville Ohio lies to your face and on the phone when you’re speaking to Miss Kim all she wants to do is find out how you got her number so that she can reprimand the person that give it to you I feel that family Dollar is not a business to make things happen it’s a business to screw normal people over.

    • De says:

      Yes most are a piece of crap nasty store appearance and nasty attitudes for as customer service in Spencer,Ok I just need to know where to send these pics

    • K says:

      All the stores in every state are a bunch of crap because they don’t have any managers that care because they don’t pay them anything bunch of empty shelves this whole company needs to be dissolved

    • Will I AM says:

      And a Fortune 500 company L.M.A.O. Family Dollar deserves to be thrown in the pit. The World will be a better place without such Trailor Park Trash. Just Saying. Wait till i post whats going on on my side of the globe. I will get resolvement. These corporate thugs seem not to resolve anything. Ti,me to Ante up the Wager. How much do u the family dollar entity need to loose before u do something about the customers concern. Lets see…

  • Martian Boyd says:

    THR WORKERS HAVE BEEN SEEN SMOKING POT, METH ANS HEROIN ON STORE GROUNDS.. THEY ACCUSE ANY PATRONS THEY DONT LIKE ARE TO HAVE STOLEN OR CAUSED DAMAGE WHEN THEY ARE THE REASON THE INVENTORY IS SHORT… you need to look into this problem or your business will continue to decline… You also have zero white people working at the store they will not hire white people and they fact is I’m not white I’m native… I would like to say this is the same as not hiring minorities. I will not shop a family dollar any longer and I hope you fix this problem cuz your stores are great deals and great for us low income people… thank you

  • Samantha says:

    I’ve been trying to get ahold of corporate or HR about being harassed verbally and physically by an assistant manager.. as well as the very unprofessional conduct that is going on in the store at the new store here in superior Nebraska can someone from corporate or HR please contact me

    • De says:

      Me too same here let me know wat u find out, cuz it’s like a lockout, but they got our private info

  • Gloria says:

    How is it funny that when you call to any of the stores in San Antonio Texas NO ONE answers, but you walk into these stores and employees are on there personal phones

  • Camela Jackson says:

    I tried reaching out to the complaint department justanswer.com comes up and ask you how could they help basically they want to know the situation and wants you to put your card information on there saying that she will be refunded the dollar that it takes out as I am entering my information my Chime cart flashes on my phone stating that $28 is being debited from my card when they only said it was 1 dollar so now I have another situation on top of the complaint I had at family Dollar today I am so irritated at this point!

  • Stephanie Wright says:

    Alan skiles is rude and he discriminates against employees who have disabilities

  • Wayne county Kentucky says:

    We have family dollar in our town Monticello Kentucky we also have one city near us Somerset. It’s unreal the difference in these stores. In MONTICELLO it’s nasty, 2 guys working that act like they are on drugs going around sniffing nose all the time. Very unprofessional, they look nasty as well. Nothing in this store is professional. This store looks like it belongs in Chicago in siccoro Ave. I’m surprised it don’t have bars on the doors. Many times I’ve seen things going on there that shouldn’t. One day I saw a lady come out of the store grabbed a whole arm full of clothes on sidewalk sale took off running with them and the employees didn’t even know about it. 2 employees was there at the time. I’ll be honest this store is nothing but negative image on all other stores. They haven’t had anyone that’s cleaned this store or took care of it right in years now. I’d close the doors before I’d let my store look like this with people that looks drugged up. I saw 1 guy come out screaming one day at the men. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s no good

  • Earth Angle says:

    Store #9014
    12461 Blue Star Hwy,
    Stony Creek, VA 23882
    The above Family Dollar staff has been closing the store hours before closing time for weeks. This is very unprofessional and reflects extremely poorly upon Family Dollar’s reputation and continued welcome in communities. I live in a rural area that has no other store for 20+ miles! What an inconvenience! Please find corrective measures for this small town Family Dollar, that has a BIG impact on the community.
    Thank you

  • Kimberly Lucas says:

    Tired of my local Family Dollar store letting trash fly all over my yard and the entire neighborhood 😒

  • Pamela says:

    Experience at Family Dollar on Bow St. in Tyler, Tx. is not a very good store. I have the app but it’s useless when there’s no internet. One day I had to go outside to clip my coupons. So now I have to go elsewhere.

  • Carolyn duvall says:

    Store 109781336 manager tami wells and staff need to be invested for cruel and unusual behavior

  • Caroline says:

    Store #04708 in Carnegie PA is beyond disgusting anymore. I’ve shopped there for years. Within the last year or so it’s always filthy dirty, boxes of stuff everywhere in the isles. Employees just standing around talking and swearing to each other. Someone’s going to trip and fall over one of those boxes and sue. I know the local magistrate would love to hear about this. They site the dollar general in Crafton 3 miles away all the time for the same reasons. Better clean it up.

  • Tonya Turner says:

    I was accused if stealing by the manager at the Family Dollar even though my item was in a bag with my receipt in a tied up bag. Then she got in my face and told me she was going to beat my ass! I reported it and haven’t heard back from anyone!

  • Naman Jasso says:

    I worked at the Family Dollar off of West Ledbetter in Dallas, Tx. In 2021. Family Dollars has yet to send me my W-2 so I can do my taxes. I have asked an called corporate, sent email, to try to get it! Now I’m to the point of contacting the IRS, telling them that I haven’t received it and I’m not getting any help.

  • Nicole collier says:

    I can’t get ahold of corporate at all I’m an employee who just had her disability violated by the manager. Wrongfully let go for needing assistance. Assistant managers selling weed and smoking weed in the store amongst more
    Manager is now harassing me. Please contact me!!!!

  • Crystal Carbino says:

    File a complaint for the west Columbia SC family dollar store

  • Linda fearstack says:

    The ravenel store in south carolina.you all should look in to the people that work for you.i whent there and one of your works outside beging for money
    Do you not pay them.i find this very unbusiness like.and something needs to be done.

  • Linda fearstack says:

    I don’t think that people should be begging for money in the parking lot.if the person works in the store.what is this world coming to

  • Liz says:

    Point Marion PA, prices have gone up, that’s fine, inflation is sending up prices everywhere. But they don’t mark the price increases on the items. Some people have limited resources and would like to know what they are paying for a product or don’t look at the receipt to know they are paying more than the listed price.
    The associates claim that they haven’t received the new labels yet but its been weeks. You don’t have the labels yet then don’t raise the price until you do. My guess is that family dollar doesn’t care and hope that most people do not even notice or notice when they get home and its to late. There is only one male associate working there and he has been rude and jumped all over me every time I try and address this issue. I am not rich and can’t afford to find out at the register that the item is a dollar more and the next item is 50 cents more, it all adds up. Change you price tags before raising the price and something needs to be done about that associate, no customer should be treated that way.

  • Craig Butts says:

    This is a concern from my husband. “I am an upset and disappointed customer because this Family Dollar store has been selling pictures of black women in all of their different styles. All done by “Interiors By Design”. We live in the Savannah Ga area. Yet not one picture of black men have I seen. Isn’t it bad enough that many black children mostly see, in the media, negative images of black men? And when it comes to the images in their own home, nothing positive may be hanging on their walls. I for one, as a black man who grew up with no dad in my home…though I went on to be a dad to a son, say, you must do better. I would like to have a conversation about how you can take the higher road and with fairness and equality start placing positive images of black men in your store. I look forward to help you make this happen soon. A concerned customer of your stores and my community. Cbutts”

    • I'm a white and still proud to be says:

      Every time I walk into the fds the prices are significantly more than a week prior. $ 1 can of starkist tuna went up .60 in a month thatsca 60% increase for those of you that suck at math. Chestnut hill Coffee creamer during covid was $3.85, it’s $4.75 now . Maxwell house $ 6.55 least week, $ 7.85 this week. New labels aren’t even updated,its always a major surprise at the reg. The staff is nasty,overworked,and the business claims a national change shortage? Only business in over a year that still claims this:/ clearly the new price profit are going into the fatcats pockets,not the disgruntled employees! The family dollar chain is a scam to exploit ppl pockets,just because they can.

      I’m boycotting the Family dollar store chain entirely. If im gonna pay top dollar,I’ll go to Walmart or a chain supermarket for everything now. FDS quality is awful,deceptive,unhealthy, and they love to fabricate supply issues on popular products. The fatcats are just playing the inflation/greed game like they always do to get rich off the poor.
      Please boycott the FDS chains, they aren’t helping the inflation issues,they’ve created it !
      Though this is only my opinion lol

  • I know says:

    Fuck these people a customer attack me for no reason and I fight back and they fired me . After I boss my ass for this company as a store manager stayed in a store several closing nights when employee call out day or night or due to them not giving store sufficient pay role imagine dislocating 4 disc in my spine. But one day you all will pay and the money you all don’t want to compensate me to some one else. You all just care about money and not the damn safety of employees life

  • Craig Butts says:

    I am an upset and disappointed customer because this Family Dollar store has been selling pictures of black women in all of their different styles. All done by “Interiors By Design”. We live in the Savannah Ga area. Yet not one picture of black men have I seen. Isn’t it bad enough that many black children only see, in the media, the negative images of black men? And when it comes to the images in their own home, nothing positive is hanging on their walls. I for one, as a black man who grew up with no dad in my home…though I went on to be a dad to a son, say, you must do better. I would like to have a conversation about how you can take the higher road and with fairness and equality start placing positive images of black men in your store. I look forward to help you make this happen soon.

    A concerned customer of your stores and my community.

  • Crystal says:

    I purchased a pack of Newport Shorts, and there is some kind of bubble wrapped transmitter inside instead of Newports! I’m very confused 🤔 I would really appreciate some kind of explanation!

  • Fort Myers Florida I want that taken care of now I won’t even go to that store anymore says:

    Hello I shop at Family dollar often and I am very disappointed with the service there’s an incident that took place I wanted to buy a iTunes card to add to my phone and I’ve been buying these cars for a while I use my debit card for time and we need to use my same debit card and they wouldn’t sell me the item card they said I have to pay cash I was on my bicycle so I had to ride my bicycle all the way to Publix to purchase that item I went back to that Family dollar and I told the cashier look I purchased this item card at Publix with no problem and I told her you guys are turning away revenue and that’s not right I also called a couple of Family dollar stores in the area and they told me that they do sell those item cards by using your debit card there is a manager at the store she’s very unpleasant the address is 2222 Market St. Fort Myers Florida I want that taken care of now I won’t even go to that store anymore

  • Deanna moss says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Shopping in the family dollar in jasper Florida is like finding a needle in a haystack. The truck is always on the floor in boxes. You have to squeeze down the isle to get by. The lack of cleanliness is the worst I’ve ever seen. I do Have pictures of the store if you would like to see.

  • Shardon says:

    Why is the Family Dollar by me always closed? When they are open we don’t know for how long. They may open for a few hours to then close or just don’t open. Really irritating when I need to shop and don’t have a vehicle.

    • De says:

      I use to work for Family Dollar in Spencer,Ok and they are doing this everywhere to everyone like that at all these stores. Store stays closed cuz of store and shift managers keep leaving or not opening, food expiring spoiled no good they still selling it. And they stay stilling the products. But when they came for me I already got pics proof before hand so yeah a boycott and tik tok coming babeeyyy

  • Mary Allen says:

    Who do I contact about how much I have in my retirement fund at family dollar. I am an employee.

  • Pamela DeCosta says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I shopped at the Family Dollar located on the corner of Gooding Ave and Hope Street in Bristol, RI. on Sunday, February 27th, 2022. Someone needs to go there and fix the heating system. It was absolutely freezing in the store. Other customers were complaining and the poor employees that had to work for hours in that enviroment….That’s terrible! The Heating system hasn’t been working for weeks! Letting Corporate know because it seems like nothing is being done.

  • Lisa says:

    Store #12210 In Cleveland Tx has been so disgusting on the inside there is trash and dirt just all over the floors their merchandise on the shelves is tossed everywhere the shelves are not ever neat . Not to mention the outside of the store has trash all over on the sidewalks up by the building on the side of the building it’s just disgusting I’ve never seen a Family Dollar look like this ever there is one other store here in Cleveland and it is always neat and tidy but this particular store it’s just disgusting the employees seem to be lazy An don’t care about how their store is presented

  • Misti Johnson says:

    11th street Portsmouth Ohio location has so much trash in the parking lot and going into the store that I was in total shock! Not only is it disgusting but a health hazard. I’ve honestly never seen a business look that disgusting and trashy in my life. I wanted to get out and clean it myself it was so bad! Please look into this location, the inside is just about as dirty as the outside also.

  • Daniel Cole says:

    rat problem
    look what we do on YouTube
    Dan Twin Home experts

  • Maryann Hannigan says:

    I’m a former assistant manager who has not moved and I need my W2 please. Maryann Hannigan in Tularosa NM.

  • Customer in Brooklyn says:

    I just left Family Dollar in Brooklyn, NY. I went to purchase laundry cleaning products to do laundry. The store flyer stated Tide 69 ounce for $8.95 and if you use the smart coupon it is $6.95. I picked up a bottle of tide and wanted gain however they did not have the 14 count of gain on sale, so I proceeded to purchase the tide. Upon scanning at the register the price was now $11.95 so I asked the cashier why. The sign stated that the tide was $9.75 with a date on the bottom of the tag stating good until 4/17/2022. I asked the cashier about the error and he stated well everything went up …. I then showed him the store ad reflecting the $8.95 price along with the sign which stated $9.75. The cashier said there is nothing that he can do about that and everything went up. I said to both cashiers that I spend thousands in Family Dollar and my issue is the false advertising on the flyer as well as in the store. I also attempted to call the corporate office to notify them of this matter and I have been on hold twice for over one hour. At this time I will email them but if I receive no response I will make this viral. Customers have the right to know that they are being overcharged at the register and that the advertised prices are not true nor correct. In this day and age especially with inflation customers are counting their dollars and to have an additional $3.00 for each item if not paying attention they are continually being overcharged for items falsely advertised. This needs to go viral so that customers are aware.

  • Lydia Quintana says:

    To Whom it all may concern:
    In regards to this new raise in pay for the new employees working for Family Dollar seems unfair to those who have dedicated their time to work for the company to not be recognized in the pay raise as well. For many who have been there especially management not only to train but to also learn the ins and outs of managing a store properly and to be left out when not only have they earned the knowledge and experience for working and keeping the store operating at all times seems very unfair. You would think that the company would rather keep dedicated and experienced employees employed instead of them looking for other high paying jobs else where, but instead the focus is on the CSR’s and newly appointed management which many have no experience nor knowledge in retail what so ever. Never mind the ones that are holding the store together and actually making some progress and profit for the company. It is pretty sad to see the hard work that these employees have done regardless and the company just ignores their efforts. With all this in mind don’t be surprised that the company will loose well knowledge hard working employees due to not looking in their own back yard for the recognition that is well deserved.

  • Jeffrey Morgan says:

    Went into the Family Dollar located at 16605 Miles Road in Bedford today to get done orange juice. The price according to the spot that the orange juice is located reads $1.00. The price as it rang up was $1.25. The manager refused to give me the advertised price. You realize that advertising one price and charging another is illegal I hope because he doesn’t. Didn’t get it because I refuse to pay more that what the advertised price is and he refused to change the price.

    • I'm a white and still proud to be says:

      Look at their priced items that are on the product itself,$4.50 for 6 paper towel.it’s over $5 at the reg. Fwiw fds, If you don’t put on the new labels,you can’t charge more. The prices go up weekly ,if not daily, how can the employees possibly keep up with the price scam that increase daily? They always seem to have an abundance of dollar store clothing though lol. Just no cleaning supplies nor food.
      Here’s a daring test of fds quality
      Get a bag of fds frozen veggies,open it and tell me what you smell?
      Cross between dirt,and some sort of petroleum product after smell? Perhaps the bag breaking down,or dirty veggies grown in China? Something is way way off with that smell,definitely not like the major brands. Now they sell ground beef frozen? Um yeah, I’m curious to really know what that meat is? I’ll pass

  • Iesha c says:

    So family dollar store at 10437 page ave, St. Louis Missouri 63114 is not making money for 2 hours bc employees have to unload the truck. It’s bad enough there is not a closer one around and I come here bc I would rather not deal with a corporation like Walmart, but this is ridiculous and very unprofessional. As I have been waiting 20 minutes I’ve seen 11 cars pull up to go in and purchase items only to find out this store is closed and forced to go to a different establishment and spend there money. After calling the corporate hotline and seeing that the voicemail is full and all these comments , only leads me to believe that family dollar does not care about it’s consumer and is here to just take our money. The store said it would be back open at 630 and myself and 4 other people are waiting for it to open back up. After years of shopping at family dollar I think I will take my money elsewhere. There’s no help wanted sign up so it only looks as though family does not care about consumers and their hard earned money

  • Concern Mom says:

    I truly regret that I allowed my son to work for a company who steals from there employees. I don’t know if all Family Dollars are like this but this is a shame. You can’t get in contact with anyone and the GM is useless for answers. If you’re thinking about working for Family Dollar I highly suggest you think twice. You don’t anyone a lie, just do what you say you’re going to do.

  • James Anders sr says:

    This stupid shit is pointless when they dont get in touch with u all this company does is lie about how there here to help but yet I still had to pay a second time for something that was left be hind because cashier didn’t spend my bag around so I figured I had every thing I even ask if this is all of it and she responded yes that all get home missing 2 bags so I called she said some one must had took it but its my problem she said then said what u can’t afford another one I then knew I was getting played by some bitch that don’t know how to do her fucking job its sick how they rob the low income around here in Springfield Illinois on Cook in the hood like come on u don’t see no fucking family dollar store in the high income area we got to stop letting them do this to us it pathetic as fuck what there doing get rich off the poor fucking scum I till u

  • Candice says:

    Good afternoon, I work at one of your Family dollar stores in Maryland 11775 Address is 6105 harford Rd Baltimore md 21214. I am a asm Patrice white has been taking a 30 min break from my shift almost the whole time I have been working there and I didnt find this out till another employee informed me I have actually only ever taken maybe 1 or 2 meal breaks ever and I have worked there since September this is fraud and I will be reporting to the US department of labor wage and hour division. Patrice always gets made if an employee want to take a break I even saved all of the group chat messages she sent telling us there is no reason we need to take a meal break in a 5 hour shift but yet she is taking our money from us and I’m not the only employee she is doing this to. This is money taking from hard working employees and it’s not right. I want that what is owed to me or for it to not happen to anyone else. She is telling us employees that the computer does it but when I went in and looked which I have pictures of her signing on and her other asm taking my time from me.

  • Amy says:

    Downloaded their “smart coupons” and just tried using for $1 off Kibbles N’ Bits and it doesn’t expire until 2/26. No it’s not a lot but that adds up when you think you’re going to get that amount or more off. Not the first time this has happened.

  • Timothy stewart says:

    I need a refund I was charged to much and was told who cares

  • Timothy stewart says:

    I need help with a refund I was disrespected in the store and told there was no manger

  • Brandi Robinson says:

    I have been trying to retrieve my W2 and have not been able to do so. I’ve tried calling and no answer please contact me

  • Claudia Mendoza says:

    The Orlando Street location 832-652-2320 Houston, TX 77093 If I could give this location 0 stars I would, this is the most terrible experience we have ever had. When I asked to speak to the manager to complain about the cashier being rude to my elderly mother, I was told they could not give the manager’s name. When I called again it turns out it was Marcus who was the manager as I was talking to him, I asked for the general manager name and again was told he could not provide it and got aggravated at the fact I was asking for it. He then said for me to call corporate and I asked for the number and he said no, google it yourself. Then he started yelling because I told him, you can give me that number and started saying “baby I ain’t givin’ you no number, and hung up. Then I called back and said you cannot be talking to me like this and said he ain’t got no time for this and continued yelling. Then I hung up while he was yelling and he has the audacity to call me, a customer back to start cursing at me and saying f**k you and saying he don’t give a sh**t so i told him I was going to speak to him personally to discuss this. I am not trying to be physical with this person, I am a professional and am a manager myself. He proceeded to say “you can come I dare you, Imma call the popo (law enforcement I am assuming) on you just trying it don’t f**k with me. I hope they track this call that happened at 3:00 pm (1 min), 3:02 pm (44 secs) and when he called me at 3:03 pm (where he started threatening and cursing at me) 18 seconds. Keep in mind that just because your customers live in a low income area does not mean they don’t have others to speak for them and should not be treated disrespectfully, revenue is revenue. It is a sad place when you have ghetto employees in your stores!

  • Carol Smith says:

    My name is Carol Smith and I worked at the Family Dollar store for about a month and a half last year and it was the one on 11th street in Beaumont Texas and I was living in a motel at that time and now I’m wondering how I can get my W2 from from the Family Dollar store

  • Michael Yepko says:

    I have tried numerous attempts to Contact the Family Dollar by phone at 702-330-7558 since February 3-2022 and no one will answer the phone. I spent $157.57 at this store. I was charged for 2 Progresso TradtNewEngland Clam Chowder rang up $18.50 each🤭please call 702-931-6141 Mike

  • KC says:

    I would like to know why the family dollar on Dumont ave In Brooklyn NY does not clean up in front of there store Manger told me it’s not his job! Really

  • Trishina Owens says:

    I went in to my local family dollar on Addison in twin falls idaho I purchased few bags of chips and a bag of paydays snack size….. Well I get home open one up and bit into literally my favorite snacks,ever!!! to literally bite into nothing but a rock solid candy so I started pulling a few out wondering what the hell was going on well whole bag ALL of THEM were rock solid turns out I was sold a nag that EXPIRED 04-2020!!!! Ive had nothing but mouth pain since I’m beyond pissed off. Honestly I love the people at my locations but wow I’m just flabbergasted at the lack of attention to your food ITEMS! Hopefully something will be rectified I have pics of the bag so no one can say its bs I know the manger at that location wouldn’t lie due to cameras on when it was purchased

  • Dasia says:

    I placed an online order to be picked up at store #12613. I received a confirmation/ receipt via email stating that the estimated delivery date was 1/21/22. I had no further updates on delivery following that email. So i proceeded to call and speak to store manager ANNA regarding the matter. She informed me that two cases of the items that i ordered were delivered, but my hammers were not. She asked me to call back after Thursday to see if the hammers came in. I gave it some time and called on 2/3/22. The hammers still had not arrived and I had not received any update via email. I called ANNA again who stated that the hammers still had not arrived, but I could come in to pick up my order and if she was in store she would give me the hammers that were in stock and also give me my order of hammers when it arrived. I went to the store on 2/5/22 to pick up my order. An associate brought my order from the back WITH MY NAME ON IT, asked to see my receipt, which I provided WITH MY NAME, and proceeded to call ANNA because she could not process my order without a barcode. Anna stated that she told me to pick up a partial order because she THOUGHT I had a barcode on my receipt and that she couldn’t give me my items. I told her that I drove over 60 miles to pick up my order and she told me oh well. I should have ordered from a closer store. Extremely UNPROFESSIONAL. I asked to speak to a manager in charge or for the district managers name and contact. Anna told the associate not to provide me with that information and proceeded to give me an 800 number to speak to a representative for this information. I called the number which prompted me to submit an online survey. A customer service agent was not available. After almost an hour of time wasted, I left with my items that were boxed WITH MY NAME and the associate proceeded to follow me out of the store screaming robbery and taking pictures of my car. My mother who was present asked if she wanted to call the police about MY ITEMS and ANNA, who was on speaker on the associates cell phone told her not to. I am very disappointed in the lack of professionalism and leadership displayed by ANNA as a store manager. She knowingly gave false information, withheld information regarding her district manager, and instructed another employee to do the same. I would like to be contacted immediately regarding this matter.

  • Dominic Dellveneri says:

    What I saw in family dollar in West Rutland Vermont was very disturbing. There’s an employee by the name of Sue P. She has a guy come down to the store every night between the hours of 5pm to 7pm they hang around the front of the store, when it’s not busy they go out back for 20 mins and come out fixing there clothes this is very unprofessional and very disturbing this company is letting this woman have sexual relations with a man while she’s working. She has a wedding ring on, but my guess it it’s not her husband she’s messing around with. I don’t know how this employee is still working there and keeping her job for what she’s doing on the job. The camera should prove what she’s going I saw this how many more people have, or kids this is really sick, this Sue shouldn’t even be around after this, wow and they still keep her as an employee, this is really bad for business, if this was my business she would of been gone along time ago.

  • Maurisa says:

    Davonte Store Manager took over my transaction and was charged twice on clippers and did not receive all my items after I was cussed out by his brother Darrius. My initial transaction was with Darrius I had 2 different transactions. One for cleaning supplies and another with hair clippers. Darrius had gotten frustrated with me after I was taken some items back… I asked for another cashier. .Darrius proceeded to call me bitches, told me to suck his dick, talked about my clothes, told me I was broke, talked about my mother, real disrespectful. I stood my ground defending myself as he proceed towards me getting into my face with offensive remarks.. I asked for his name Davante Manager did not give me his name. I didn’t learn about their names till I had unpacked all my things and found items missing. I called back to the store to ask for Manager . There was not one available. I was told to contact Shawn Monday Morning. I was charged 90.00 that is not accounted for missing items included 3 Comets with bleach, 2 items of kid toys a girl spiderman car and something else I can’t remember.. and was charged again for the hair clippers that I had paid with another card. I am asking for cameras to be rolled back between the hours of 12pm-1 pm I need someone to call me back regarding this matter.

  • Jobless Employee says:

    Their distribution centers(Morehead KY)is and are a joke!! They hire you train you and then fire you. Yeah it’s good pay if you want the job held over your head and then still lose it, because everyone there is JUST a number! You don’t make the numbers you’re gone. Simple as that. They don’t want honest dependable hard working people. They want you to work in unreasonable temperature and unsafe condition! And it’s absolutely filthy. Lines are usually always done so you can’t get the numbers they want. They fix numbers for some to keep their job cause they have long term family members there and the others are out out jobless! Corporate is a joke you can never get anything from them.

  • Heather Westdorp says:

    Does anybody know the best way to file a formal complaint about an incident with a transaction involving the store manager?

  • Althea A.Dwyer says:

    Hi my name is ALTHEA A. DWYER I’m a previous employee at the family dollar store in Peekskill NY the on Main Street I did not get my W2 yet it’s the 2/3/22 and I asked that it was to be mailed out to me and I did not get it yet

  • Austin Advantages says:

    How do I put a bid in for lawn care in the Texarkana TX/AR stores

  • shanicia says:

    Shanicia Washington the store# 20650 please and do something with that store there is a lot of stuff going on in there email address: shaniciacollins2010@gmail.com

  • shanicia says:

    Hi this is shanicia Washington I like to report a manager because of her i quit she would leave me in the store bye self. She would just work me without any breaks or anything. On the day I quit she took a $100 out of my drawer forcing me to call my mom to put the money back in the drawer. Everything was reported to the main boss but he didn’t do anything let alone run the video for that day or come in.

  • laura armstrong says:

    I need my w2 form sent to my email address Larmstrong62416@gmail.com. I work for the family dollar in eastman ga. My name is Laura Armstrong

  • Gerald K says:

    You need to have an actual human being answering calls, your store most of them in Arizona anyways are run like crap, since when does any store allow for people to step completely out of the line at the cash register, and then come back into the line & think it ok just because I’m white & your employees did nothing about it, I also tried to call to speak to a manager & your crew just made up crap & kept me on hold, then hung up on me, I tried to call back the woman who answered the phone said her manager was on her break, I said go get her, she said alright waited five minutes then hung up on me, called back again they hung up, called back the third time an older woman answered the phone, she said there wouldn’t be a manager in until the morning, I said then why was I told that she was there on her break, her response should of been sir I’m very sorry it seems one of our employees likes to play on the phone, can I get your name and number I’ll be happy to have her call you in the morning to see if we can’ make it right somehow.
    Instead this was her response hell I don’t know, so I said really that’s your reply, she said yeah, I then said I think I’m just going to tell the general public not to shop family dollar anymore, she said sounds good, then hung up?

    Seriously, you hire idiots like these?!?

    And you have no real way to for a customer to get direct contact with a real human being to fix these kind of situations?

  • Ryan says:

    The family dollar in pine mountain ga is disgusting and just horrible. I took pictures and trying to send them to you guys but it’s hard to get ahold of you. Im about to just flood FB with all of it. Pine mountain is a great town and vacation destination and it’s just a shame it looks like that. Please contact me and I’ll give you the pics.

  • Loretta Rodriguez says:

    Your store in Tucson Arizona 06302-5530 South 12th Avenue needs to get security they have been robbed all week long.The Employees have to lock the door to let people in and out of the store they have been robbed so many times this past. If I’m in the store and they get robbed and somebody uses a weapon and they hurt me or my grandchild or my children I will sue Family Dollar.Please get the employees help

  • Tammy says:

    I need to know where is my w/2 From your site and your cuustomer service line is so bad

  • K Clark says:

    I live in Burley idaho and your stores are in desperate need of employees,but when you give them a 5 cent raise how do you expect them to stay,pay them better,and you would have employees

  • Bonnie says:

    I’m disgusted with the family dollar!!!! The store that is at 2112 floyed rd Columbus ga #333. The manager is Demarcus Grier he is always smelling like weed every time I go in there he is so disgusting towards the females that walk in that store and he doesn’t care about the nasty things that come out of his nasty mouth. He is constantly saying very vulgar things to the females and when he is asked to stop he does this stupid laugh and continues. He doesn’t just do it and stop he is sexually harassing me every time I go in and the other lady’s have said he does the same thing and refuses to stop so now me and every person I know will never shop there again. Family Dollar should be ashamed of themselves for letting people like him work in their stores!!! This is the most disgusting store

  • Gypsy says:

    Store #2224 S. Dixie Hwy, Monroe MI. WORST Employees around! At any time in the day you can walk in this store and there is No Employee to be found! Ring the bell for service, No Response. Anyone could walk out of this store with whatever they want and you would never know! I have walked the store calling out for assistance and No One tries. This is the most unprofessional retail store I have ever encountered.

  • Diana Nordlander says:

    My son worked at #5887 in Waco, TX last year and needs to have his address updated so he can receive his W-2 form to file his taxes. His name is Leewood J. Broussard III. His phone number is 1-254-350-3798, and his email address is leewoodbroussard69@gmail.com. This is his Mother and my email is calypso2-.dn@gmail.com . His current address is 414 Ranier Road Gatesville,TX 76528. You can reach him at his phone number or email to confirm his current address. He is having trouble getting through by phone. Please respond so he will be able to file his taxes? Please and thank you.

    • Angelo says:

      I’m having the same problem I can’t get in touch with the office or anyone to talk to, how did you Rectify your problem

    • Kim says:

      That was unprofessional for one and for two it wasn’t your place to send an email for your son to his employee.. Everything you just text should have been your son replying… Your way out of line. And then you put all his personal information so everyone will know… MOM think before exposing your son for W-2’s . Was it worth it ,not classy at all. YOUR A MOM STAY IN A MOM’s Place.

  • T.jones says:

    I am appalled by your manager in the bentleyville Pa store.She treats the employees like trash and is very disrespectful .I live in the town of bentleyville pa and I have seen her numerous times talking crap about the employees to other employees or worst yet customers .she’s outside smoking more than in the store working .Deb is an embarrassment to your company .

  • Blanda D. Casby says:

    Store Manager Assaulted Customer.
    On January 10, 2022 between the time of 1300 – 1500 hours an incident occurred at your Family Dollar Store number 04280 – West South Blvd, Montgomery, Alabama. 36108. Manager Mrs. Sheles Woodard assaulted a paying customer Ms. Casby. She filed about an erroneous report with the police department theft of items in the store when she was the individual who cash her out at the count. She was well aware of the item being legally purchased by Ms. Casby. She was also the aggressor and agitator in this incident.
    Ms. Casby, is a disabled person who suffered from a stoke – limiting her speech and physical motions with her hands and fingers. She has various limitation that require her to take her time doing certain things. Ms. Casby, also have a heart condition. Mrs. Woodard, know Ms. Casby I believe this was intentional harassment. You can talk to and observe Ms. Casby and see she has some type of disability and/or issue. Instead of assaulting her the manager should have been assisting her.

  • Valued Customer says:

    Just to let anyone know that is reading these comments, they are not a real representation of what people think. A moderator reads through them and decides which ones are allowed to be posted. Yes it is as bad as you think it is, no you’re not the only one that thinks so. Family Dollar is a very poorly managed company that has no interest in making anyone happy. They just want to sell their garbage and give minimal pay. They don’t care about us or their employees, just citizens hard earned cash in their pockets

  • Valued Customer says:

    I would like to comment on the fact that Family Dollar corporate shows no regard for their employees safety. The store located at 2485 Warwick avenue in Warwick Rhode Island, 02889 asks for no proof of vaccination, does not require customers to wear masks, and encourages or rather “pushes” employees to go back to work with COVID-19 symptoms. All you scumbags care about is the money you make and its beyond disgusting. Spend some of it on more help and better working conditions so you don’t have to force COVID-19 positive employees that are still showing symptoms to come into work. I hear nothing but bad things about you people and I sincerely hope that what goes around comes around, and when it does I want a front row seat.

    • I'm a white and still proud to be says:

      I too am from this area.

      Horrible dirty stores /nothing on the shelves, manhater blue haired kids disrespecting men and elders in general. Go to S&S & Aldi. Better off all around,price and quality.

  • Eddie says:

    Had the worst experience today at Family Dollar was accused of being a thief while shopping with my family. Then put out when I voice my opinion about the situation. No apology for being wrongfully accused
    Just put out cause I voice my concerns about being accused of shoplifting.

  • Renee Becker says:

    Could you please get the heat on over at the Belleville, WI. STORE. I believe the # is 06644. It’s freezing in there. As customers it’s very unpleasant to shop and the employees are all bundled up and still freezing. Please do something about this. Thank you

  • Gwendolyn says:

    I am trying to report an accident date 01/09/2022 @ 6:25 PM at a Tallahassee store off south Monroe St I was given the # 866/377-6420 which was closed I was told by the cashier she didn’t know how to do that, she asked other cashier to assist he gave me a hand written note with his name the number for Corporate and store #525 & ask me the time of accident. I asked for the cashier’s name to be included I also have a witness who have me her name and phone number the piece of equipment at the door was removed before I could go to my car and back after realizing I should file a report

  • Kate says:

    How is it that when you go to Family Dollar on Nova Rd there is only one register open and all of the stock is setting in the middle of the walk way while the biggest part of the employees are outside joking. And there is a line of customer waiting in line

  • Steve johns says:

    Please can you get the heat on greybull wyoming store. Its so cold in their. We have had 19 to -19 below weather . You employees are so cold in their. I can’t believe you would make would make them work like that. Would you like that.

  • Dawn Heffelfinger says:

    My daughter went into store 12384 and the young guy’s working in that store started following here around taking pictures of her butt as she is shopping and making inappropriate remarks behind her. I don’t think this is appropriate behavior for your store employees. This is an invasion of her privacy. I would appreciate it if you would address this matter with the manager of that store or I will take my business to the dollar general up the road

  • Diane says:

    I just wanted to write about your 4805 Richmond, Virginia 23223 store on Nine Mile Rd. You have great workers in there. They really bust their butts in there to make the store presentable and the customers happy at all cost. But.. They need help. They only have 1 register that fully work and 1 that only take cards. Then 1 that don’t work at all. They need some more employees to work the floor. Even if is at night to get the store up to the standards they are trying to get it to be. The supervisor Simone may be young but she does a excellent job and stocking and get the store in order to the best of her abilities. The customers even see the change since Simone has been the supervisor of the store.The assistant manager is no help at all. She complains but put forth no effort to help the store. As a concern customer myself that loves this location please let her hire some extra help to get your location the way she know and the way you all want the store to be.

  • Chanelle says:

    Iam complaining about the family dollar at 1139 west market st in Warren Ohio my boyfriend went thier to purchase some items today remind you it gets frigid in Ohio today it was frigid he had on his work uniform and his hoodie and his hat he works outside so he gets off from work to stop at that family dollar to purchase some items they tell him he has to take off his hoodie cuss people coming in stealing that’s our new policy like wtw why are we stereotyping people so now all Blackman that wear hoodies are thieves don’t label people in that negative way he is a hard honest working man then they threatened to call the cops if he didn’t so now ya want to get people killed it’s enough with that with some of these cops killing black people so I need corporate to get in touch with me ASAP they think they slick wanna have you on hold them saying they have a high volume of calls and leave a message no I don’t want to talk to a machine I want to talk to a human that’s all I need is to leave a message and they never get back no I’m to smart to fall for that they have alot of calls cuss people tired of the nonsense with these family dollars employees of it’s not boxes in the way where you can barley shop you have workers trying to short you in your change these family dollars stores are a hotmess express need to do better your going to lose alot of customers

  • Deb says:

    Store 1040 Family Dollar in Akron Ohio. Management does not care about covid 19 and informing employees to get tested when explosed by another 2 showing positive test. Mallory I think is her name. Never saw them wipe and clean anything in store. Plus Mallory is rude and brushes off questions and does not show how to do ones job.

  • Taylor Hammons says:

    Coming from a small town there’s not very many job opportunities here. I was very grateful when I had the opportunity at family dollar but then covid hit in the area bad and I left, I’m wanting to get hired back on with my local store but with the policy y’all have its very retarded. You should take into consideration this is a pandemic and people still need work. I was looking out for my family at the time so they wouldn’t get sick and now it’s not a big issue anymore and the local store could use the help.

  • Jackie Wilbourn says:

    I do not want to complain because I am so glad that your store came to Dadeville, Alabama and has given this area an opportunity for additional employment.
    Tonight, January 2, my husband and I went in the store about 4:30 pm and it was already dark. There was one other person in the store; an employee. I asked where her help was and she said they called in and did not show up for work.
    If you have ever been to our store, the store parking area is poorly lighted, no other stores close enough to be aware of what is going on, and it is actually beyond dangerous for anyone, much less a female employee, to be left alone at any time, especially until 10:00 pm. She can’t even go to the restroom without leaving the store wide open for any thing that could occur, and it probably would not be good!
    Two males entered the store as we were checking out and we even offered to stay with her until they left but she said “you can’t stay until 10.”
    May I ask, would you want your spouse or friend to be left alone under these conditions. Of course the answer is NO! What are y’all thinking, or should I say who are you thinking about? If you don’t have the employees, don’t risk safety of those who will work, close the doors!
    What happened to management filling positions when the situation dictated that they fill in, where is dedication?
    I enjoy shopping at your store but I cannot support an organization who do not treat their employees with respect. Locking the door is better than a robbery or perhaps death of a dedicated employee.
    Check it out! Reward dedication! Don’t risk it!

  • Concerned customer says:

    I am at one of you Stores in Fort Wayne Indiana. East State Blvd. It is New Year’s Eve and there’s only one person working. The store is packed. Customers are abusing the clerk verbally. How can you put your workers through such a Toxic and violent time at work. This is not the fist time I have witnessed such disrespect of this and other workers, even from management. These people are are working very hard to please us. Someone should really look into how the store is being Maneged. The Manager is very rude. She has several family members working at the store

  • Jhon says:

    Like to report a complaint at one of the dollar stores one of your employees who forcefully pulled a toy from my kids hand causing her to fall and I want to her to be fired

  • Deborah Boger says:

    I hope this message gets taken seriously. You Family Dollar in Phoenix Az on 27th Ave really needs representatives from corporate to come and look at the location. The loss of products is very hight do to the location. It’s a high transient and prostitute area.

    The manager allows a homeless man who lives out if his truck stay in the parking lot, ie live. He has a huge aggressive bull dog that is a serious danger to employees and shoppers. The parking lot is littered with trash its aweful.

    Non of the staff where face masks and the store is not vacuumed or sanitized like it’s suppose to be.The employees have quit because the pay is below minimum wage. Minimum wage in Phoenix Az is 15.00 hr. They are making 12.50hr.

    So they have no desire to care about the store at all.Please don’t blow this off. I feel like this Family Dollar should have security, good security maybe armedit will definitely degress the theft and also take care if the homeless living in the parking lot.

    This could be a really nice store if corporate office took this very seriously.

  • Yvette says:

    I’d like to complain about store #749 located in Baker, Louisiana. Every time I go in there It’s a mess. They just recently began to revamp the store and I thought well finally they are going to clean the place up, but I was wrong. There is always pallets of merchandise blocking the aisle and what you need is on them. If you do find what you need and are ready to check out, you have to stand there and listen to the cashier ( a young man) who is on their cell phone while checking patrons out. To make matters worse he appears to be a manager. He is on the phone a lot when I come in there and sometimes uses inappropriate language while on his call. He will sometimes leave and go outside to attend other business while patrons are in line waiting to be checked out. Something needs to be done about how this store is run. Or just shut it down.
    Unhappy paying customer!

  • Wayne says:

    Was shopping at store#07889 where your were rude and not helpful at all .Every one of the four that I spoke were terrible to me and my wife. If there is a way I can file a formal complaint would definitely do it
    This particular store sucks BAD

  • Nicole smith says:

    There a store here I. Alliance Nebraska that there a manager that only fav to girl that work at night and there alot of bad attitude one working there and but there only three girl that work the morning they are very nice that store need a looking in too

  • Net says:

    Friday I was at the family dollar on Detroit and Monroe in Toledo. I went to return 3 $20 heaters that I had the receipt for. The employee behind the counter just started going off on how she never heard of them blowing out. She then called “somebody” on the phone talking about me and the return very rudely. Then she got off the phone and told me “you don’t have to get frustrated and she didn’t have to return the heaters!” Then another customer commented on her nasty attitude and she started cussing him out talking about “because I didn’t wanna take your nasty ass change!” Then she finished my return and was about to throw my money down until I snatched it. She got the going off talking about she’ll beat my ass and she makes a band a week. I informed this trash that I’m a nurse with covid crisis pay. She proceeded to then come ACROSS the counter until I told her “if she puts her hands on me that’s going to be the last thing she remembers!” She then attempted to spit in my direction…all while my children are right there. How can I get ahold of management or corporate because this needs to be reported. I tried to call the store since then and nobody ever picks up. I can hear looking for numbers and answers but to no avail.

  • Gene Sours says:

    Just left A family dollar store in Knoxville on East Magnolia, tried to do a exchange with a receipt, the lady refused to do it, said it had to go back to the district I bought it at. I told her I never heard of such bullshish. Yes bullshish, I have minors at home and I do not swear She started yelling at me in front of other customers called me some real vulger, disrespectfull and hurtful names. As I asked her why she would talk to me like that she forced me out of the store. Never ever again will I put 1penny or recommend anything from any Family Dollar store again..Never in my life have I had anyone snap and treat me like that.

  • Skelley says:

    Why do you allow your employee to take his smoke break Right at the front door ? Customers do not want to walk past the stinking cigarette smell to shop at your store. The store in question is in Barnesville Ga

  • Patricia says:

    I shop at this store somewhat regularly but plan on not wasting my time anymore! Since Family Dollar didn’t feel the need to keep the one excellent staff member (she left) within the past two months this store is filthy and the young people could give a shit less about actually working, stocking or attending to customer needs. The people that are there are unpleasant, have bad attitudes and leave a long line of customers waiting while they are outside smoking with registers unattended, if this is the culture of Family Dollar I don’t need to shop there.
    902 Commonwealth Ave, Duluth, MN 55808

  • Lupe Resendez says:

    Avenal Ca! Unorganized, dirty, understaffed, rude managers, staff on phone, long lines, understocked, and has danger high stacked boxes in store lanes that they don’t have time to stock! One of these days someone will get hurt! Also box cutters left out!! Kids can find them and get hurt! Training a must!!

  • gayla says:

    i visited your store at 773 genesee st, rochester, ny today. i just feel the need to tell you about this location. this is not the first time i have witnessed this type of behavior at this store. it was 3pm. the cashier was on her cell phone as she waited on customers and hollered out to another employee, “hey did you lock the door yet. i’m out of this bitch at 3:30. i don’t give a fuck about these customers.” i couldn’t believe what i was hearing.

  • Timothy Lee Kent says:

    They never answer the phone

  • Mia says:

    I went to family dollar on Longview in grandview mo and got some alka seltzer cold plus and it expire February 2021 and it’s missing all of the night time and only have 6 days time when it’s supposed to have 12 daytime and 6 nighttime the box was taped up and damaged….

  • John says:

    Today is 12/21/21. Me and my wife went into the family dollar at 1230 forest avenue. The manager there was extremely rude when my wife decided to return an item after realizing it was not on sale. Not only did they label the item wrong but they the manager called my wife obscene names in front of employees and customers. She complained that we were holding up the line while there was only 2 other people on the line. When my wife asked her what she was saying the manager made a gesture as if she was going to fight my wife.I will absolutely file a formal complaint over the phone on this matter because this was absolutely unacceptable.

  • Ricky Rutan says:

    Today is Dec 21 2021 ,time is 8:30 pm eastern , my wife and I was at our local Family Dollar store here in Brewster Ohio 44613, I am really surprised that this store’s parking lot is always in the dark ,not even the FD sign is lite up.it has been this way for over a year now, its a robbers paradise, or a muggers treat as customer have to walk out of store into the parking lot in complete darkness, it’s so dark you Caint even see to put your keys in door to unlock the car, lord forbid if they would have there lot paved as that’s a law suit waiting to happen if someone falls into one of the pot holes.i am sorry but COVID has nothing to do with the facts that this place has no lighting in the dark parking lot, I also feel sorry for the old red haired lady working tonight as she is the only one in store trying to clean stock shelves and run the register at the same time and hoping that no one walks in on this dark place and robs her, shame on you F D for this store looking this way and this old lady having to work in the dark like this.please please do something about your parking lot being so dark .and stop being so greedy and have two workers working in this store at night.Or does that cut into your profits to much to care about customer and employee safety.Really how much does the stock holders and CEO have to make before they put a $50 light bulb in this stores parking lot,

  • Brittany says:

    I went into your family dollar located on 2157 Carson Rd, Birmingham, Alabama 35215, I was inquiring about the propane tank. When I asked the cashier about the price she was very professional, I let her know it showed a sale price of $50. She let me know Mr. Johnny (manager)will be out front to assist shortly, his immediate approach was rude stating “the sign I had up there fell off” I let him know that is not the customer issue or something we would automatically know. He stated “don’t get smart, you going to get it or not”….I replied with “let’s remain professional and to have a good day”! Customers aren’t always right but at some point your staff has to be accountable for their approach, especially in a leadership role. If the new price was not visible then he could have easily sold the product for the price shown.

  • Ms. Nita says:

    I have been racial profiles at by the worker Shay at least 3x and something needs to be done about this at 900 SE 15th St Del City,Ok. I have reached out to corporate the general, regional and area manager and nothing has been done.

  • Ashton says:

    The employees at the Seymour location are rude. They take way too many smoke breaks and refuse to offer service. The store is a mess. The manager doesn’t seem to know what she is doing.

  • Lionel Guillot says:

    No white grandson Christmas cards. The only two cards were black person cards. I have two white grandsons and couldn’t find one at the Family Dollar in Chalmette, La.

  • Leona Oetting says:

    Muscatine iowa store is a train wreck! Uboats in every aisle, lack of employees& any concern for the ones you have& expecting them to work until 10pm on xmas eve! Bullshit!

  • Diane Salatino says:

    Dear Sir, Please where can I find your brand powdered creamer you dis continued Carmel -vanilla it was my only favorite happy great day for my cup of coffee that started my day off great ex specially when I got ask what’s in your cup! My Store in Liverpool NY said they don’t carry it I use to buy 4 at a time. please bring it back our where I can find it. Thank you. Diane Salatino 315-622-8359 101 Ontario place Liverpool NY 13088

  • Fredrick Gooch lll says:

    I’m looking for employment with your store #10485 at 156 N. Parker Church rd. Raeford NC… my name is Fredrick Gooch lll, home ph # (910)248-6047… Adress 7059 Fayetteville rd(right across the street from the Family Dollar… I can start IM… I’ve gone to the website but , it directs me to different jobs/companies… please contact me ASAP… thank you

    • Will I AM says:

      DUDE DONT WORK THERE. Biggest mistake u will have been made in ur life THEY SUCK FOREVER. every store is similar in corruption and evil. stay away and sell lemonade u will make more and have less kiniving people in ur life that place is a breading ground for depression and FAILURE. best thing can happen take family dollar and all that come with it and make it dissapear. simple…..

  • Kevin Monroe says:

    Fire Marshal Kevin Monroe would request a phone call regarding the store fire at 5607 N. Dixie Dr. Dayton, Ohio.



  • Victoria L Goforth says:

    When does it give this company the right to take an individual their rights away. Seeing as it is my legal right to have cameras reviewed. It is also illegal for you a corporate office to deny that right.

  • Andrea Wilson says:

    I had brought a eBay gift and no money was put on it

  • Arlene Atkinson says:

    Hello my name is arlene Atkinson I got hired at dollar tree but store is to far to get to because I lost my house so I’m living with my sister so family dollar by my sister wants to hire me store 5781 so how can I do this today was supposed start for seasonal and at family dollar is part time please let me know what can I do because the manager at dollar tree is giving me a hard time

  • Misty says:

    Robin the Asst Manager is VERY unprofessional

  • Linda Joy Harris says:

    Why is the Family Dollar in Wilmington, Delaware on Newport Gap always open late and close early. Today it is not open at all.

  • Marla says:

    As I was waiting for family dollar to open in Frankfort Indiana, this rude black man pulls up behind lays on his horn with his rap music blaring and I ignore him until he parks right up on my car when I roll the window down to tell him he’s in my parking spot he says I’m in his as if that parking space had his name on it and he bragged about parking there so many years And that he was an employee there (being snotty and arrogant as if he owned the place!) I said well if you work here You’re not getting my business and I will never be back there again! I’ll be sure to tell all my friends and other people in other towns as well about how rude I was treated by that man! And I won’t forget his face either! I hope somebody else turns him in so he gets fired because he deserves it for the way he treated somebody that was going to be a customer and I mean was going to be I will never be a customer of yours again thanks to that one employee!

  • Alice says:

    I am an assistant manager at the Steubenville Ohio store, store number 2063. The new store manager is an absolute disaster. Trying to push out a few of us because we don’t care for her attitude and drama. I’m currently looking for another job because I was not offered the store manager position when the old store manager left. I don’t deal with drama queens and she is 100% just that

  • Tonya Newell says:

    Why is your company refusing to pay me for hours worked from 11/03/2021 to 11/08/2021. What did I do that your keeping my pay check. I worked at the forest park store 4018 jonesboro Rd

  • Teri Sutton says:

    This is a crime. Your store located at Northside Dr in Macon, Ga is closed and no one has a clue as to where your manager or assistant Manager or is.

  • Judy james says:

    I went into the Family Dollar in the Publix Shopping center on Cortez in Bradenton Florida 11-12-21 literally walked in the door and heard 2 employees cussing. Now when I say cussing I mean GD this F that and the one employee saw me stop and look at them she tried (I’ll give her that) to just the other but to no avail
    It continued I just shock my head the one knew I was ticked I walked around the store which was literally trashed and the one employee took off to the back so much I could not see her
    My thoughts are instead of doing nothing besides cussing how about cleaning up the store.
    So I walked to the front which by now have decided I am not buying it be the in this filthy store
    I walked up to the one employee ask d her name which she did not want to tell me but finally said it which who knows it may have been a lie I asked who the other one was that was cussing and this me said she’s had a bad day
    I asked again and she said drop it somewhere in n the area had gotten robbed and there was a wreck across the street
    I said and what does that have to do with the language
    All she would say was drop it
    Well now I can’t drop it don’t tell me to drop something because you know you are in the wrong
    Because you pretty much can bet I will report you then
    And now no on will answer my phone call
    Not very good on the customer service either in the store or through corporate
    But don’t think I will give up I won’t

  • Kay Parham says:

    The store at 1140 US Highway 1 North, Youngsville, NC is the nastiest store I have ever seen. The clerk is a slovenly black man & his clothes were nasty! I asked him why the store was so nasty and his reply was “oh I don’t know “! I then asked him why he didn’t clean up the store and he says it was not his job! That is why I am contacting you because the store is Ramsack nothing on the shelves and the stuff that is on the shelves is in disarray!I don’t know if you have inspectors or if you even care what a store looks like but I am disgusted and will never go in there again! I only went to buy a greeting card which by the way there were hardly any greeting cards available!

  • Mia says:

    Donna Brown in abilene kansas is rude and slanders other businesses online.

  • Kathy K Clark says:

    Was in store 02858 in deland florida today and items I bought cost more than the price displayed. This store has horrible customer service. One employee in store running register and talking on his ear pods and never acknowledging me or saying thank you. I have been in this store several times and it’s always the same way. Not a good report for business. Will not be back.

  • Sarette T Dymkowski says:

    I have to laugh I guess I’m not the only one here who thinks this company should restaff all of its retail locations. It sounds like this company has a very poor reputation with complaints going unresolved. I myself had a pretty terrible experience at a store in CT.It was store #12316 at 685 Farmington Ave in New Britain CT. I felt like a minority when I walked in with all the staff and customers speaking in Spanish. I had a price discrepancy over some bags of Holloween iced cookies. There were signs surrounding them marked $1. There was no other indication of any other price. They rang up at $2.85 a bag. I told the cashier there were only signs saying $1 around them. She then spoke in Spanish to her colleague I guess asking for a price check. I wouldn’t know what was said being I don’t speak Spanish. The other worker comes over and says the price is $2.85 and the Dollar signs were for another product. Instead of taking responsibility for their unclear price signs and giving me the product for $1 like any other reputable retail establishment she just removed them from my bill and as it is we had to wait for the other worker to come and void them out. I felt very annoyed by the situation and I felt like I was shopping in Mexico. First of all to speak in another language in front of your customer so they can’t understand what’s being said about their issue is rude and disrepectful. Secondly not to give the customer any satisfaction by giving me the item based on their poor signage for the mistaken confusing price signs is poor customer service. It would have cost them $1.85 on each bag of cookies and there were only 2. Other businesses do what they can to keep their customers coming back. Not Family Dollar. For a family run company I think it’s pretty terribly run especially from the other complaints I read that don’t seem to get resolved.

  • Becca says:

    Abilene, Kansas has a new store and one of the new employees
    Donna Brown are harassing and slandering her previous job that is right next door. This employee reflects on your store and as long as she is there my family will not go in to be disrespected by her. She looks at others pay and then she will get mad if someone makes more than her. She needs to focus on your store and not ours. Good luck with the new recruitment. You will lose your cutomers. I have tried to call and speak with someone and the Assistant manager said sorry this comment will be going to yelp and other review sites. .

  • Concerned Parent says:

    I just want the administrator’s of Family Dollar to Know some of y’all Areas Managers is on BS!!!!!! My daughter witnessed something in one of y’all stores that changed her life…. She worked for 12 years with you all, and the way your Areas Managers are treating her is ridiculous…I pray that nothing ever happen to my child on you all clock… Because I know them area managers don’t give one fuck about y,all employees…

    • Will I AM says:

      They all suck. all of them. gotta take out the board members only way this will work. shit rolls down hill and the big wigs who represent this Joke and hire such people are knee deep in the stench getem out of your community and put a hot dog stand in place. that hot dog stand quality will trump Family dollars and there partners 10 fold. btw Im withnu on this as well are many others. Yup FUCK a Family Dollar. and fuck u idiot employees who work there. YOUR Failures. and are representing expensive garbage made in China.

  • Catherine Hunnicutt-McDonald says:

    I am trying to find out if I can transfer from Dollar Tree to Family Dollar

    • Will I AM says:

      why would u ever want to do that. Get awy from this filth. trust me. if u want nothing but to be let down, lied to, threatened, etc… than yes stay within that filth. God Bless America

  • Debbie says:

    I was at the Family Dollar store in Benzonia Michigan tonight. Do you have any idea how dirty that store is. I’m 65 years old, I have never been in any store that filthy. This store should be condemned. Health Department needs to be called on this store. And your employees sitting around complaining about their job. My gosh just nasty!!!!

  • Daryl J Morgan says:

    White oak location Cincinnati ohio 45247 northbend road is terrible employees are rude and use foul language while your shopping

  • Peter Joseph says:

    I left your Family Dollar store on the 2700 block of West Camelback Rd. in Phoenix Arizona less than an hour ago today Tuesday 10 12 about 11 36 a m here! The black female and white female cashiers clerks WERE NOT WEARING A MASK at any time! That right there is cause for termination! Both were DISRESPECTFUL INCONSIDERATE AND RUDE! That right there is cause for termination! The white female cashier threw out my receipt and refused to give me a cash refund for the all Family Dollar products I wanted to return just minutes after I had paid cash for all those Family Dollar products! I had called a cab and I was waiting inside the store for my cab to come when the black female cashier clerk told me to leave the store immediately just minutes after spending $ 10 to $ 15 in your Family Dollar store! As I was leaving your Family Dollar store your black
    female said don’t come back you nasty ass cracker! I know greed money and profit is more important to you than me a paying customer who will never go to any Family Dollar store ever again! But you could and should suspend both the black female and white female Family Dollar store employees immediately without pay until further notice for an undetermined amount of time! And I am not going to be returning the Family Dollar store products I bought earlier today but I do want you to send me a check for $ 15! What a disgrace! So foul to treat any potential customer the way I was treated and you should know that two or three other customers said to me as I was waiting outside your Family Dollar store that I was mistreated!

  • Jessica says:

    I’d rather not leave a comment but get an email address to where I can send my concern/question to.

  • Heather Mays says:

    I need someone from cooperate to call me or contact me for my employer not turning in legal documents

  • Keely wheeler says:

    I was/am a current employee yet to get a real schedule haven’t heard from the manager as I try to reach out to see when I work.
    The manager and assistant manager is never there and customers come to me asking why we are not open or why I am not there I’d be more than glad to take the store over and be management and make our customers happy again and the othe employees gone since they don’t so their job . Thanks keely wheeler store galesburg il61401

  • Lauren Plamertree says:

    Eupora MS has a new Family Dollar/ Dollar tree here. I love the store however; the management staff are hateful, rude and òbnoctious. One of them balled out an employee in a store full of customers for being late. She then proceeded to a register where she talked about who had set with who the night before. A line FULL of folks. I left my cart in the line and went right on back to Dollar General. That was a disgusting display and a horrible abuse of power for a manager. Great store lay out but, not for me.

  • Billy says:

    To whom it may concern,

    The Family Dollar Store located at 5615 Houston Rd in Macon Georgia (31216) has by far the most unprofessional, unruly, rude, disrespectful , staff members I have encountered at any business at any time anywhere. I have reached out to the store manager at this location, and also the District Manager and voiced my concerns, only to experience the staff members retaliating by being even more disrespectful, rude, etc. On my last visit to this particular location on 9/23/21, I informed one of the staff members the District Manager said I would received a refund for being over charged the posted price on some items I had purchased on one of my prior visits. At this point the employee became agitated and demanded I leave the store, and before calling someone else on her cell phone who I just assumed could have been the store manager. The staff member loudly demanded I leave the store while other customers and myself was standing in line, the member grabbed another phone located in the front of the store to do what I assumed would be to call law enforcement, I mentioned I would wait outside for law enforcement to arrive, but After leavening this particular Family Dollar I actually went to a different location and purchased the same items I had while standing in line at the 5615 Houston RD location.

  • L. Perez says:

    I went to Family Dollar #13003 at 7 Main Street Yonkers New York on Friday 9/24/21. I proceed to check out my items at 8:50 am the cashier refused to take my $100 dollar bill and called an African manager offer
    who rudely told me I do not have any change and walked away. I had to put some off my items that I need.
    The Managers and Cashiers need retraining on how to treat customers. Often times I go to this particular store and has soon as you walk in the store the cashier announced “we do not have any bags “.
    I give this store 0 stars for terrible customer service.

    • Lucy says:

      Ok, first of all, the store is just opening and you haven’t given enough time as far as business to pick up. The manager has the right to refuse service to you. Go to another store. Plain and simple.

  • Michael Lippolis says:

    Ive been a long time customer of family dollar. Ive always felt my local store located on the corner of Tejon st and Pacos st in federal hieghts Co., was my go to store. That no longer is the case, the store has gone down hill in the last year. The new managment is horable. The close the doors between 4:30 and 600 everyday, can never find any help. I know my $100.00 a week is not all that much but another store will get my money for now on. Very disapointed.

    Michael A. Lippolks Jr.

  • Cathi Baggett says:

    I absolutely cannot get the Dallas, Ga to answer their phone. Ive called several times thru out the day. Poor poor business practices. I do realize they could be busy but please. All 4 times?

  • Ty says:

    Yesterday September 15th 2021at about 3:41pm at your Saint Matthews SC location. I witnessed one of you employees make passes and inappropriate advances towards two very young under aged girls. The employee was not wearing a name tag and avoided me once he understood that I was approving of his behavior. He was a young African American man in his mid 20’s and these young ladies were obviously between 14 and 16. They were visibly uncomfortable and expressed their displeasure to me about him when I asked them about it. The young ladies were wearing burgundy and black soccer uniforms. Their hair was in individual braids pulled back in long ponytails. The man was a black male about 5’9, brown skin with his hair in twist that stood up out of the opening of his cap. I’m sure some of your video surveillance caught some of his degenerate, pedophilic behavior.
    Please contact me as soon as possible. I would like to speak to someone about removing this man from your store.

  • Leslie says:

    Yesterday my husband and I stopped by family dollar on 40 hwy in Independece, Missouri. There are signs outside requiring masks inside. While standing in line an older lady (I am 57) asked the checker why he wasn’t wearing a mask, he replied “cause I don’t have to”. I asked for cigaretes and he saud “hold on I can’t sell those” and went out to a group of 4 other employees smoking outside. The manager came in to ring me up without a mask. When the lady behind me asked her (the manager) why nobody who works there is wearing a mask she said because Independece says they don’t have to. Again, store policy is for all who enter to be masked. I said yes, but the sign says masks are mandate posted here. The manager then told me that I should stop talking because she was on her smoke break and had to come inside to ring me up. I asked if this wasn’t her job? Again, 4 employees outside smoking. Typically what you always see coming into this store there are always  employees smoking in front of entrance. When I was coming out my husband noticed the manager following me outside when she said next time she would’nt put her smoke out to ring me up if I had such a problem with them not wearing masks. Again, the woman behind me was asking. I was wondering. My 72 year old husband asked her why she wasn’t wearing a mask because it is clearly posted on the door. When this happened she got into his face yellimg she didn’t fucking have to. He told her she best back up from him. At that point, a male employee said to him he better not hit her??? I told him he is not a pos and would never hit a woman and the male employee (24 to 25) to my husband as he was getting into the car he would beat his old ass into the ground. My husband had 5x heart bypass two months ago but he is a man and got out and said, well? The employee came at him when the manager grabbed him. As I was getting in my car again a female smoking employee said she would beat my Karen ass down too! My husband was still outside the car and I was dialing the police, meanwhile the original lady was so upset with these violent threats against us was crying. The male employee charged toward my husband and I got out to protect him in case, when the female employee charged toward me. I put my purse into my car and stood there, she made a theatrical pretence that she was trying to break free from the instagating manager who was semi holding her back. Of course when the manager stopped pretending to hold them back they werent brave enough to physically follow through with their violent threats. The police refuse to take our complant of violence against us as noone hit us!!? We immediatly called corporate and was given a case number and asured the district manager would call us soon. No call. Please send people with hidden cameras because it must happen more than when it happened to us. Leslie

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  • Vicky Murphy says:

    I was hurt by there enployer left plastic totes in middle of aisle and I fell into them got hurt and sent quincy jones the lady representing this business still nothing 2 yrs later this was in Evansville indiana

  • Tracy says:

    You need to look in too bardstown ky family dollar the store is dirtie and and they are stealing.and drugs

  • Rebecca says:

    My niece and I went to Greensburg Kentucky family dollar. I’m on disability due to depression and anxiety. I checked my food stamp card before I went into family dollar. I was told by cashiers that it had 0 dollars on it. There was people behind my niece and I was made fun of due to being on disability , food stamps and judged by looks. I will not be back at Greensburg Kentucky family dollar. The works and a customer done this isn’t right. I have been told by others that they have went there and had been made fun of too.

  • Joleen Thompson says:

    I want to be contacted asap regarding a threat from a employee at your California Hemet store please at 7027439046 my name is Joleen Thompson please and ty

  • Dee Lawrence says:

    Shame on you Family Dollar! Family Dollar Corporation has completely let me down! During a heat wave, the store in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, which is on an Indian reservation, does not have a working cooling system. Temperatures are approaching 100 degrees, and the workers are working in appalling conditions. When I inquired about the air conditioning, I was told that corporate headquarters is in charge of the heating and cooling, and that the heat was turned on and remains on. Why is this happening, given the size of your company? I’m sure calling someone to fix the problem costs pennies in comparison to your profits! You can do better than that, believe me! You can’t even get people to work, and this is how you treat them.

  • Robert Scott Adcock says:

    Store at 413 Oak street in Louisville, Kentucky is closed at 9:37am currently (Friday June 25, 2021) during clearly stated open hours from 8am -9pm. No indication of any issues requiring a unexpected closure. There is however a sign saying Need Ones, No Cashback’ on the door. This is a reoccurring issue with this store and at the very least, someone with the organization needs to be aware.

  • concern person says:

    I live in Thornville,Ohio 43076 just a few blocks from your store, The Employees are great but the problem is the parking lot is a mess a huge hole in the concrete the parking lot area is littered with trash, cig.butts, cans and so is the area around the store. Champs Pizza & Rival Motorsports in the same block keeps their area clean it’s really sad that a store like yours does not take more pride in keeping the parking area and around the building in better shape & clean.

  • Sandy Waskow says:

    I’m a customer and I was in Family Dollar on Sunday April 18, 2021 in Manitowoc, WI. That store is filthy, has garbage all over the floor, they haven’t swept in probably a year!! Very unorganized!! I have never went to a store that looks like that one does! It’s disgusting to even walk into there. I like family dollar and am a regular shopper but from now on I will travel to Two Rivers to go into that store, it’s organized and very clean!

  • Amanda Johnson Pender says:

    I’m mad as hell and if cooperate don’t contact me immediately I will go viral. I purchased extra strength Acetaminophen 250 caplets 500 mg last Saturday and I’ve been taking this product for 4 days. My stomach started hurting not knowing why so I go over everything that I consumed last week and my mind said check the product you brought from family Dollar in Jonesboro Ga Tara Blvd 3023y. Guess what I discovered the expiration on the box is 04 2019. Now I don’t know who I should contact yet ? So do anyone know what steps I should contact ? This has interacted with my every day medications and I feel nauseated no appetite and I just want it to go away

    • Ricky Rutan says:

      I doubt very much they had acetaminophen being 3 years old was on that store shelves, I would more than likely say it was other drugs or food you might have taken, or you already had that in your house and your just looking for a way to get money,

  • Trish says:

    Family dollar on the South Side of Des Moines is letting customers in without masks. Even though sign says you are required to wear a mask

  • Dawn says:

    Hi my name is Dawn and I work at family dollar in Huntsville, Tx and we are constantly being asked if we sell corn meal, tarter sauce, and cranberry sauce. Was wondering if you can add these items in the reset for grocery, as they will sell really well.

  • Cheyanna Henry says:

    Very, very disappointed…I visit my local Family Dollar Store in my Keenan Terrace neighborhood since the remodel location #04333 3414 Main Street Columbia, South Carolina 29203 (803) 733-5497

    Unfortunately I was highly disturbed by the new night manager named Ms. TJ. comment 19:34 pm on 09-04-2020. A woman with short blond dyed hair! She loudly in informated a nearby cashier that she needed to watch my children closely on the kids toy alse in the fear that they may be stealing. To my dismay I was standing directly in front of her and the children in question were my children. I was very outrageous at her rudely jester in front me and other customers in the store! I commented that they were my children and “she said that she didn’t care who children they are! Without an apology she said that we can leave & she doesn’t have to apologize!” We were frequent shoppers at this location, spending hundreds of dollars in this store a week. The manager Mr. James & his staff were always so helpful and nice this was why I frequent this location weekly. My children always have a weekly spend budget of $50 a week out of their chore money & stock investment cash that they receive weekly. They have no earthly reason or need to steal out of any store! I would like this incident to be handled very promptly because no one should feel alienated in any of your general distribution stores. I am just in shock because the alses with the toys on them were moved closer to the registers after the remodel and were in plain sight of the registers. So it wasn’t a need for her to rudely walk off from her register and help customers to spy on my children shopping.

    • Ricky Rutan says:

      Remember we are dealing with people if it wasn’t for COVID they would have these new managers jobs that they are not qualified for. Plus we now live in a world of how much can you pay me for as less work as possible from me.

  • SUE says:


  • Joni says:

    I need someone to contact me regarding my 401K account. I just quite the company and I need to know how to access my money.

  • >