Where Is Family Dollar Corporate Office Headquarters

Family Dollar Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 10301 Monroe Rd #5448, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800-547-0359
  • Number of Employees: 60,000
  • Established: 1959
  • Founder: Leon Levine
  • Key People: Gary M. Philbin, Bob Sasser

Family Dollar Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Family Dollar Corporate Office

A chain of variety stores, Family Dollar is a go-to for countless customers in America for their daily needs. Family Dollar aims to be the best small-format convenience store available in local neighborhoods of America. People visit the Family Dollar stores for convenience and fast shopping and for avoiding the hassles of large-scale variety stores. The stores offer products in grocery, home décor, cleaning, and clothing departments. The store is also cheaper as compared to other convenience chain stores.

With a widespread network of stores, Family Dollar has a huge customer base. Thus, customers feel the need to contact the headquarters or head office for different reasons. These reasons can be:

  • Enquiry about refunds and returns
  • Enquiry about selling through Family Dollar
  • Enquiry about online orders
  • Enquiry and complaints about using coupons and the coupon policy
  • Placement of tax-exempt orders
  • Enquiry about community services

Besides, being a retail chain store, Family Dollar is exposed to several instances where people need to contact their headquarters. So, let’s have a look at the different ways you can contact them and get your queries answered:

Ways to Contact Family Dollar


For any queries related to business operations, environmental safety, community services, jobs and career, product quality, and delivery services, you can pay a visit to their headquarters. You can also write to them and mail your queries to the address given below:

10301 Monroe Rd #5448, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Phone Number

Though you can contact the concerned Family Dollar store at your nearest location through phone, the phone number to their headquarters is given below:

+1 800-547-0359

Family Dollar Headquarters Info & Photos

The headquarters of Family Dollar Store is located in Chesapeake, Va, and is known as the Store Support because all the customer-support-related queries and complaints are resolved here. The support center of more than 15000 Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Stores, the headquarters campus is infused with all the latest technology and tools required by the support teams. The campus has a 12-storied building with an on-site cafeteria and many meeting areas.

The headquarter employees work in a contemporary collaborative environment helping in-store and distribution operations. You can commute to the place easily and meet the concerned people by scheduling a meeting beforehand.

Family Dollar Headquarters Photo
Family Dollar Corporate Office Photo

Family Dollar Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

10301 Monroe Rd #5448, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Family Dollar Headquarters Executive Team

Leon Levine


An American businessman and philanthropist, Leon Levine is the founder of Family Dollar. He opened the first Family Dollar store in 1959 at the age of 22 in Charlotte. He retired from Family Dollar in 2003 to start The Leon Levine Foundation for philanthropy.

Gary M. Philbin

President and Chief Executive Officer

After a 30-year-long career in retail grocery, Gary M. Philbin joined Dollar Tree (the parent company of Family Dollar). He is currently the President and CEO of the company and has served as the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of the company. His career is also associated with companies like Grand Union and Kroger.

Bob Sasser

Executive Chairman

Working as the director of the company since 2004, Bob Sasser is now the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dollar Tree. Previously, he has also served as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chief Operating Officer of the company



Kevin S. Wampler

Chief Financial Officer

Michael A. Witynski

President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree

Duncan Mac Naughton

President, Family Dollar

Neil A. Curran

President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree Canada

Betty Click

Chief Human Resources Officer

David A. Jacobs

Chief Strategy Officer

Joshua R. Jewett

Chief Information Officer

Gary Maxwell

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Thomas R. O’Boyle, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer, Family Dollar

William A. Old, Jr.

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

About Family Dollar


Founded in 1959 by Leon Levine, the Family Dollar started its operations through its first store in Charlotte, North Carolina. Other stores opened in South Carolina (1961), Georgia (1962), and Virginia (1965) shortly after. By the year 1969, the Family Store had about 50 stores in the Charlotte region alone.

The stock of Family Dollar started trading in 1979 at the New York Stock Exchange. In 2003, when Leon Levine retired from the business, the business was succeeded by Leon’s son Howard R. Levine. The pace of growth increased manifolds during the 2000s.

In 2015, Family Dollar was acquired by Dollar Tree.


Family Dollar is a chain of small-format convenience stores. The organization operates under and in collaboration with its parent company, Dollar Tree, Inc. There are more than 15,000 Family Dollar Stores spread across the 48 states of America and 5 provinces of Canada, all managed from a common head office. Family Dollar has come under the Fortune 200 Companies and has been operating for more than 60 years now!

The USP of Family Dollar stores is that most items in these stores are priced at $1 or less and each item is below $10. The company operates with a very small footprint and has opened stores in all kinds of the neighborhood, even in rural areas for the convenience of customers. The Family Store has a strong team operating behind their store, support center, and distribution chains.


  • After four decades of operation, Family Dollar made it to the Fortune 500 Companies 
  • In 2019, about 400 Family Dollar stores were closed under a decision by Dollar Tree
  • The company has two community funds: FamilyHope and Dollar Tree Associate Disaster Relief Fund
  • The company is also the national charity partner for BGCA (Boys & Girls Clubs of America)
  • The employees of Family Dollar stores follow a dress code of red polo shirts or jackets. Some employees also wear light pink jackets.
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  • Lauren Plamertree says:

    Eupora MS has a new Family Dollar/ Dollar tree here. I love the store however; the management staff are hateful, rude and òbnoctious. One of them balled out an employee in a store full of customers for being late. She then proceeded to a register where she talked about who had set with who the night before. A line FULL of folks. I left my cart in the line and went right on back to Dollar General. That was a disgusting display and a horrible abuse of power for a manager. Great store lay out but, not for me.

  • Billy says:

    To whom it may concern,

    The Family Dollar Store located at 5615 Houston Rd in Macon Georgia (31216) has by far the most unprofessional, unruly, rude, disrespectful , staff members I have encountered at any business at any time anywhere. I have reached out to the store manager at this location, and also the District Manager and voiced my concerns, only to experience the staff members retaliating by being even more disrespectful, rude, etc. On my last visit to this particular location on 9/23/21, I informed one of the staff members the District Manager said I would received a refund for being over charged the posted price on some items I had purchased on one of my prior visits. At this point the employee became agitated and demanded I leave the store, and before calling someone else on her cell phone who I just assumed could have been the store manager. The staff member loudly demanded I leave the store while other customers and myself was standing in line, the member grabbed another phone located in the front of the store to do what I assumed would be to call law enforcement, I mentioned I would wait outside for law enforcement to arrive, but After leavening this particular Family Dollar I actually went to a different location and purchased the same items I had while standing in line at the 5615 Houston RD location.

  • L. Perez says:

    I went to Family Dollar #13003 at 7 Main Street Yonkers New York on Friday 9/24/21. I proceed to check out my items at 8:50 am the cashier refused to take my $100 dollar bill and called an African manager offer
    who rudely told me I do not have any change and walked away. I had to put some off my items that I need.
    The Managers and Cashiers need retraining on how to treat customers. Often times I go to this particular store and has soon as you walk in the store the cashier announced “we do not have any bags “.
    I give this store 0 stars for terrible customer service.

  • Michael Lippolis says:

    Ive been a long time customer of family dollar. Ive always felt my local store located on the corner of Tejon st and Pacos st in federal hieghts Co., was my go to store. That no longer is the case, the store has gone down hill in the last year. The new managment is horable. The close the doors between 4:30 and 600 everyday, can never find any help. I know my $100.00 a week is not all that much but another store will get my money for now on. Very disapointed.

    Michael A. Lippolks Jr.

  • Cathi Baggett says:

    I absolutely cannot get the Dallas, Ga to answer their phone. Ive called several times thru out the day. Poor poor business practices. I do realize they could be busy but please. All 4 times?

  • Ty says:

    Yesterday September 15th 2021at about 3:41pm at your Saint Matthews SC location. I witnessed one of you employees make passes and inappropriate advances towards two very young under aged girls. The employee was not wearing a name tag and avoided me once he understood that I was approving of his behavior. He was a young African American man in his mid 20’s and these young ladies were obviously between 14 and 16. They were visibly uncomfortable and expressed their displeasure to me about him when I asked them about it. The young ladies were wearing burgundy and black soccer uniforms. Their hair was in individual braids pulled back in long ponytails. The man was a black male about 5’9, brown skin with his hair in twist that stood up out of the opening of his cap. I’m sure some of your video surveillance caught some of his degenerate, pedophilic behavior.
    Please contact me as soon as possible. I would like to speak to someone about removing this man from your store.

  • Leslie says:

    Yesterday my husband and I stopped by family dollar on 40 hwy in Independece, Missouri. There are signs outside requiring masks inside. While standing in line an older lady (I am 57) asked the checker why he wasn’t wearing a mask, he replied “cause I don’t have to”. I asked for cigaretes and he saud “hold on I can’t sell those” and went out to a group of 4 other employees smoking outside. The manager came in to ring me up without a mask. When the lady behind me asked her (the manager) why nobody who works there is wearing a mask she said because Independece says they don’t have to. Again, store policy is for all who enter to be masked. I said yes, but the sign says masks are mandate posted here. The manager then told me that I should stop talking because she was on her smoke break and had to come inside to ring me up. I asked if this wasn’t her job? Again, 4 employees outside smoking. Typically what you always see coming into this store there are always  employees smoking in front of entrance. When I was coming out my husband noticed the manager following me outside when she said next time she would’nt put her smoke out to ring me up if I had such a problem with them not wearing masks. Again, the woman behind me was asking. I was wondering. My 72 year old husband asked her why she wasn’t wearing a mask because it is clearly posted on the door. When this happened she got into his face yellimg she didn’t fucking have to. He told her she best back up from him. At that point, a male employee said to him he better not hit her??? I told him he is not a pos and would never hit a woman and the male employee (24 to 25) to my husband as he was getting into the car he would beat his old ass into the ground. My husband had 5x heart bypass two months ago but he is a man and got out and said, well? The employee came at him when the manager grabbed him. As I was getting in my car again a female smoking employee said she would beat my Karen ass down too! My husband was still outside the car and I was dialing the police, meanwhile the original lady was so upset with these violent threats against us was crying. The male employee charged toward my husband and I got out to protect him in case, when the female employee charged toward me. I put my purse into my car and stood there, she made a theatrical pretence that she was trying to break free from the instagating manager who was semi holding her back. Of course when the manager stopped pretending to hold them back they werent brave enough to physically follow through with their violent threats. The police refuse to take our complant of violence against us as noone hit us!!? We immediatly called corporate and was given a case number and asured the district manager would call us soon. No call. Please send people with hidden cameras because it must happen more than when it happened to us. Leslie

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  • Tracy says:

    You need to look in too bardstown ky family dollar the store is dirtie and and they are stealing.and drugs

  • Rebecca says:

    My niece and I went to Greensburg Kentucky family dollar. I’m on disability due to depression and anxiety. I checked my food stamp card before I went into family dollar. I was told by cashiers that it had 0 dollars on it. There was people behind my niece and I was made fun of due to being on disability , food stamps and judged by looks. I will not be back at Greensburg Kentucky family dollar. The works and a customer done this isn’t right. I have been told by others that they have went there and had been made fun of too.

  • Joleen Thompson says:

    I want to be contacted asap regarding a threat from a employee at your California Hemet store please at 7027439046 my name is Joleen Thompson please and ty

  • Dee Lawrence says:

    Shame on you Family Dollar! Family Dollar Corporation has completely let me down! During a heat wave, the store in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, which is on an Indian reservation, does not have a working cooling system. Temperatures are approaching 100 degrees, and the workers are working in appalling conditions. When I inquired about the air conditioning, I was told that corporate headquarters is in charge of the heating and cooling, and that the heat was turned on and remains on. Why is this happening, given the size of your company? I’m sure calling someone to fix the problem costs pennies in comparison to your profits! You can do better than that, believe me! You can’t even get people to work, and this is how you treat them.

  • concern person says:

    I live in Thornville,Ohio 43076 just a few blocks from your store, The Employees are great but the problem is the parking lot is a mess a huge hole in the concrete the parking lot area is littered with trash, cig.butts, cans and so is the area around the store. Champs Pizza & Rival Motorsports in the same block keeps their area clean it’s really sad that a store like yours does not take more pride in keeping the parking area and around the building in better shape & clean.

  • Sandy Waskow says:

    I’m a customer and I was in Family Dollar on Sunday April 18, 2021 in Manitowoc, WI. That store is filthy, has garbage all over the floor, they haven’t swept in probably a year!! Very unorganized!! I have never went to a store that looks like that one does! It’s disgusting to even walk into there. I like family dollar and am a regular shopper but from now on I will travel to Two Rivers to go into that store, it’s organized and very clean!

  • Amanda Johnson Pender says:

    I’m mad as hell and if cooperate don’t contact me immediately I will go viral. I purchased extra strength Acetaminophen 250 caplets 500 mg last Saturday and I’ve been taking this product for 4 days. My stomach started hurting not knowing why so I go over everything that I consumed last week and my mind said check the product you brought from family Dollar in Jonesboro Ga Tara Blvd 3023y. Guess what I discovered the expiration on the box is 04 2019. Now I don’t know who I should contact yet ? So do anyone know what steps I should contact ? This has interacted with my every day medications and I feel nauseated no appetite and I just want it to go away

  • Trish says:

    Family dollar on the South Side of Des Moines is letting customers in without masks. Even though sign says you are required to wear a mask

  • Dawn says:

    Hi my name is Dawn and I work at family dollar in Huntsville, Tx and we are constantly being asked if we sell corn meal, tarter sauce, and cranberry sauce. Was wondering if you can add these items in the reset for grocery, as they will sell really well.

  • Cheyanna Henry says:

    Very, very disappointed…I visit my local Family Dollar Store in my Keenan Terrace neighborhood since the remodel location #04333 3414 Main Street Columbia, South Carolina 29203 (803) 733-5497

    Unfortunately I was highly disturbed by the new night manager named Ms. TJ. comment 19:34 pm on 09-04-2020. A woman with short blond dyed hair! She loudly in informated a nearby cashier that she needed to watch my children closely on the kids toy alse in the fear that they may be stealing. To my dismay I was standing directly in front of her and the children in question were my children. I was very outrageous at her rudely jester in front me and other customers in the store! I commented that they were my children and “she said that she didn’t care who children they are! Without an apology she said that we can leave & she doesn’t have to apologize!” We were frequent shoppers at this location, spending hundreds of dollars in this store a week. The manager Mr. James & his staff were always so helpful and nice this was why I frequent this location weekly. My children always have a weekly spend budget of $50 a week out of their chore money & stock investment cash that they receive weekly. They have no earthly reason or need to steal out of any store! I would like this incident to be handled very promptly because no one should feel alienated in any of your general distribution stores. I am just in shock because the alses with the toys on them were moved closer to the registers after the remodel and were in plain sight of the registers. So it wasn’t a need for her to rudely walk off from her register and help customers to spy on my children shopping.

  • SUE says:


  • Joni says:

    I need someone to contact me regarding my 401K account. I just quite the company and I need to know how to access my money.

  • >