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  • Address: 538 SW Corporate Dr, Lake City, FL 32055, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 386-466-1014
  • Fax Number: N/A
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  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1987
  • Founder: N/A
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David Rodriguez

Executive Vice President & Global Chief

Bruce Hoffmeister

Global Chief Information Officer

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If you are on a hunt to get hotels that are low in cost and are spread all over the state, then you are required to be aware of Fairfield Inn. The firm is a pocket-friendly chain of hotels that are a part of the Marriott group. The concept of the place is that the people who check-in the place are only requiring a place to sleep and hence require only little amenities. Hence the prices for the stay are way cheaper than the other hotels.

Not all the amenities are being compromised a person is likely to get a hot breakfast when he is staying at the place, the places where cost reduction is exercised are, bedding, unavailability of a full-service restaurant, and building architecture. The concept of the place was first seen around the 1980s when Marriott International was trying to compete with other pocket-friendly hotels.

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  • Kaylee says:

    Absolutely would not recommend anyone book the Fairfield Inn I-240 & Perkins, Memphis TN. You will be greeted with rude employees and your reservation will not be honored.
    Several emails to Nita Carney who is the person in charge of the bookings and no response.

  • Bob Prosser says:

    My wife and I got stuck in the storm of 2022 in Batavia, NY. We could not travel as there was a travel ban on and all roads were closed. We stopped at the Fairfield Inn in Batavia and was told that there was only one room left, but the cost was $240.00 for the night. We had checked the on-line site and the printed price at the Fairfield site was $109.00. Single digit temperatures outside, blizzard conditions, other hotels were full, we were stuck. We agreed to pay and then the clerk said she could discount the room by $20.00. The room provided was was far from clean. The tiles in the bathroom had open seams and had mold in the cracks, the mirror and shower doors were water stained, and there was food crumbs in the carpet between the beds. We took pictures as we thought we were being taken advantage of due to the storm. We had traveled all day and were hungry. The snack freezers in the lobby were empty and this was understandable as many others were also stranded. There was a power company crew staying there and one of the crew members said that the Tully’s restaurant just up the road was still open. This was Christmas eve, and it was still only 5pm. Despite the travel ban, we went and got a meal and returned to the hotel after eating. When my wife and I were coming back thru the lobby, it appeared to us that the clerk had just checked in another woman who was walking away from the counter. While back at the room we attempted to view local news on the TV to check weather and road conditions. The only programming available was network stations with national news only. Really? No local stations? At the “hot breakfast” in the morning the eggs were gone and a couple of pieces of sausage were in the serving tray. Bagels and toast were available, but the butter was frozen hard and the apple juice came out as just water. We spoke with another couple from Toronto and they stated that they were also told that there was only one room left last night and the cost was $240.00 too. They also stated they had to clean their own room prior to using it. They were leaving headed home that morning. Prior to seeking a legal remedy for being price gouged and overcharged for a room that was advertised and still is listed between $98.00 and $119.00 on a daily basis, I would like to be compensated for the difference in the advertised pricing and the amount we paid. I may be contacted by the email address I provided (that is to remain confidential and not shared publicly) if additional contact information is desired.

  • Sudhir Hulloli says:

    Need to complaint again Belgaum karnataka India branch

  • Sudhir Hulloli says:

    Need to talk with customer care person in India 7204121577

  • Kathy Shearouse says:

    The woman there was rude no smile on their faces. The bedroom shows plaster on the ceiling , elevator was crack and really nasty. I was very upset with Fairfield in. Location in Swanee Ga

  • Jamie A. says:

    The Fairfield Inn in Frederick,
    MD has been absolutely wonderful to my daughter who has been staying there. The hotel is clean and the manager Kim has been so helpful and went above and beyond to help my daughter. I appreciate it and will make sure we stay at a Marriott hotel on future trips!

  • Greg Leach says:

    Recently I had the opportunity to stay at a Fairfield Inn and Suites located in Scranton, PA (Montage Mountain). The room was fine. The concerige was rude to the point of making me feel that I was not worth her time and effort. She was never at the front desk. I asked for dinning information and she pointed at the front door and said there is a mall across the street. In addition I noticed an additional $20 charge on my credit card that I did not authorize. Due to these issues I would not stay with this chain again or recommend it to any friends or family.

  • Karen Atwood says:

    In September 16 we stayed at the dania beach, Florida Fairfield inn and suites – the contracted shuttle left half our party at the airport and refused to go back to pick them up. While staying at the hotel there was a leak in the lobby ceiling near the breakfast food, exposed wires in the room and the lobby was dirty.

  • Valerie says:

    How do I get a hold of the corporate for the motels in Missouri when I was rest on the job and still being harassed

  • How do I get a hold of corporate for the motels in Missouri says:

    How do I get a hold of corporate for the motels in Missouri

  • Lauren Hunt says:

    Stayed at the Fairfield inn by Marriott in Topeka Kansas and it was absolutely disgusting. The bathroom was gross with hair all over it and our bathtub floor was black. The drain was broken off as well. The comforter has pen and other questionable stains. I asked for pillows for the pullout sofa and was told they don’t have any pillows. We would have left and went to another hotel if we could find one that was able to accommodate my large family. My family has used Marriott for years and has never had a bad stay until now. Definitely not up to their standards. We will not be returning to this hotel ever.

  • NoiZe says:

    We booked a week at the Fairfield by Marriott. We were there probably 14 hours before they asked us to leave saying my girlfriend flooded the ice machine area when you can clearly observe the attendee making the decisions and placing herself in the same space my girlfriend stops at. They are so rude. I stopped at the front desk before we left and the atendee was serving other guests our information. I shit you not. I cannot tell a lie . SMS NoiZe

  • Robert Sauer says:

    We had booked one night 2 rooms thru the corporate ASSE STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM at fairfield Detroit by the airport. When we got there Victoria informed me there was no credit card on file for this room. I said are you sure? She looked thru one book and said nope. So I put my card on the room and was told the manager would be in Monday to fix the problem. I have been emailing the manager back and forth for a week trying to get this settled. ASSE STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM has been in contact with Heather also. This is absolutely ridiculous to wait this long for a refund on to my credit card. I cannot believe that thru all the emails back and forth between the three ( fairfield inn detroit)(ASSE International Student Exchange Program) and (myself) this has not been taken care of. It seems that the manager keeps getting days off and unable to finish this problem. No resolution has been made. I fail to believe that a reservation taken has no credit card on file. I would appreciate a contact back from you with some help in this matter. I am waiting on a refund for $275+ to my credit card.

  • Nancy White says:

    Fairfield in Louisville KY advertised as no pets allowed;however, they share a lobby and elevator with Spring Hill Suites which allows pets. That should be noted somewhere!

    Last night a guest in lobby sitting with dog. Today, same guest brought dog to breakfast and not on a leash. The dog walked around dining area while guest getting their breakfast and of course over to me.

    All guest said was she won’t hurt anyone. When I said I was allergic, response was it was hypoallergenic. No such thing for me.

    Marriott makes accommodations in almost all hotels for animals. Why can’t there be accommodations and certain rooms in each hotel that are pet free, feather free?!

  • April Franklin says:

    Let me start by saying I would never recommend anyone staying at the Fairfield in Corpus Christi Texas on Blanche Dr. My husband and I booked our reservation with Booking.com at least two weeks in advance. The the day that we were scheduled to leave on our way to Corpus, we called to confirm and they told us we had no reservation. The assistant manager Samoa was very rude and not understanding at all. I called Booking and they let me know that they had already confirmed our reservation 8 days ago and offered to call Fairfield to clear up the situation, which they did. Then we get there and the room smells, the sheets were dirty, room was muggy, the tv kept cutting off. The breakfast wasn’t nothing like advertised. I paid $320 and it really wasn’t worth it at all. Alot of us came down from San Antonio for a birthday party and none of us had a good experience. My cousin had to move room three times. Another family member used the microwave and it blew out the power. All we were offered was $40 off of our room but I feel that really doesn’t compensate for the horrible experience that we had.

  • Richard Moore says:

    We booked 2 nights at Fairfield Inn in Springdale Ar. The toilet leaked all night and the bathroom door would not close. The a/c fan squeaked all night. We requested maintenance for these issues and we’re promised immediate attention. When we returned the following evening nothing had been repaired. Never stay at Fairfield again. What a restless 2 nights.

  • Charlotte Ellison says:

    I recently stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Richmond Hill, GA. It was a very clean and comfortable place to stay. However, I have a HUGE issue with the Housekeeping Staff. I understand that housekeeping has a tight turn around in cleaning rooms but their process of turning the deadbolt lock and letting the door slam against the deadbolt EACH AND EVERY TIME they enter and exit the room during the cleaning process is UNACCEPTABLE! Even if I wasn’t trying to take a nap during the afternoon while they were cleaning, the noise of the door constantly slamming against the deadbolt was VERY NOISY and disturbing! When I asked the Housekeeping worker to stop making all this noise I was told that “This is the way we do it.” which surprised me. Come on Fairfield Inn, please change this practice and purchase some rubber door stoppers to keep the doors open during cleaning to stop this noise. If this is happening at one location chances are it’s happening at more locations.

  • Martin B Greenberg says:

    I booked a rm for the 29th of January 2022 at the Fair Field inn in Delray Bch, Fl. And paid for it at the same time i booked it. I called up a week before i was supposed to check in to cancel the reservation. I was told by the person who was working the front desk that i would and i should have a full refund with in 10 business days from the time i canceled. It is now approaching 18 business days and I still haven’t received my refund $258. I called the hotel in Delray and ask them where my refund was and I was told they didn’t know what I was talking about I call back later same answer I’m very frustrated very upset and it really would be nice somebody from the Marriott Corporation would call me or refund me my money please

  • Jesus Ramos says:

    So I just stayed at your 29 palms Fairfield inn and suites and the first room I was given was not cleaned with beds in made. I went back to receptionist and he gave me another room and it had a stale smell to room. Upon opening the closet door I found two dirty towels and hand towels hanging. I proceeded to take those to front desk where I left them there with receptionist.
    Then I found out my credit card was charged $900.00 for my stay and my total cost or this stay was only $659.26. I asked the receptionist for a receipt and they said they could e mail it to me. 8 hours later no receipt. I called back again and I was finally able to get a copy of my receipt for my stay. Now I travel a lot for my job and we always stay at best western and we get great service very clean rooms that actually smell clean, and comfortable beds. I was very dissatisfied and disappointed with your hotel !! Never in my 9 years of traveling have I ever been assigned a room that was not cleaned or has dirty towels hanging in the closet. I was not the only one in my group that experienced this feeling in their room. I would like an explanation as to why I was charged $900.00 when my room cost was $659..00. I think we were all in agreements that we will recommend to our travel agent to never book a room at Fairfield Suites and inn.

  • Tonya says:

    The Fairfield Inn Airport in Greensboro NC has some of the worst customer service, hostess, and housekeeping there is! The clerks lie on you, slander your name, discriminate against you because your black and they need to be replaced with professional and courteous people. There is one I will give honor to and that Ms. Judy. She goes out of her way to accommodate and to make you feel at home. Those other ones are a disgrace. The rooms are disgusting. The beds have sheets that have blood on them and they are being washed andput back on the bed like its nothing. Some rooms have phones and others don’t. All or majority of the rooms have roaches and or bed bugs, you’re treated as some second class person. There’s people who has been there for months or years get special treatment but if someone is down on their luck and got no where to go, and they’re paying money on time, but they are being pushed out of the hotel. I’m in the process of looking for legal counsel in this matter.

    • Rebecca Jane Caldwell says:

      My daughter and her friend just stayed here. They got there at 4 and the police were there by 410 to escort them out for a noise complaint. My daughter and her friend are both biracial and they were rude qith them from the beginning g. I have every intention of getting legal cpu sel for her.

  • Lottie Evans says:

    The manager Jennifer has no control over this place and has no answer to any questions you have for her. She just wants to be friend and have no conflict. She has everyone else there doing her job! She needs to be gone! She love that she has her family working there to cover her so she looks good! Corporate needs to look closer and do something about this!

    • LaTanya says:

      Did you get any results to your complaints from corporate? I’m wondering if they are going to be better than the people who are representing their brand’s name.

  • Lottie Evans says:

    This Fairfield Inn in Oxford Alabama is the worst place to stay or work! They don’t know what they are doing and they never have towels or anything else you need. The people who work there do not care about the people who pay to stay there at all. This place is a joke! Please reconsider ever staying there.I would give it 1star! If even that!

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