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The initial Facebook headquarters were situated at Palo Alto in California. After the advancement of the Facebook family, it got shifted to Menlo Park, California. There are many different ways by which you can contact Facebook headquarters.

Facebook Headquarter Address – You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a physical mail to them.

1 Hacker

W Menlo Park

CA 94025,USA

Facebook Board of Directors Address – For mailing a parcel to the board of directors of Facebook, you can use the below-mentioned address.

Facebook Corporate Secretary

1601, Willow Road,

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone Number – You can reach out to the headquarters of Facebook on the number +1 650-853-1300.

Email If you require any information or if you want to file a complaint, then you can mail them at info@facebookmail.com.

Website – You can visit their official website for any more information related to Facebook. Social media users and investors can use this official website.

Facebook Headquarters Info & Photos

Facebook started in 2004 at Palo Alto in California. Once the company touched the sky, it shifted to its current address –

1 Hacker Way,

Menlo Park,

CA 94025, United States. 

Famous architect Frank Gehry designed the office space of Facebook. The campus of Facebook measures more than 400,000 square feet. Frank Gehry completed this task with the help of fifteen local artists.

Technology companies are following a trend of association among employees, this trend was kept in mind when the office campus of Facebook was designed.

Facebook has evolved from just one office in a dorm room at Harvard University to numerous offices situated all across the world. Including Mark Zuckerburg, there are 39,651 employees of Facebook. Mark’s vision and mission behind his enormous campus were a collaboration of all his employees.,

Facebook Headquarters Photo

Facebook Headquarters List

S. No.





1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States



1000 Marietta St NW Atlanta, GA United States



1180 Discovery Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, United States



661 University Ave #1201, Toronto, ON M5G 1M1, Canada


United Kingdom

1 Rathbone Square, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1FB, United Kingdom



1 Kemperpl Berlin, Germany



Jollemanhof 15, 1019 GW Amsterdam, Netherlands



720 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia



Portan, Co. Meath, Ireland


New Zealand

461 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand



38 Beach Rd, Level 22 South Beach Tower, Singapore 189767

Facebook Headquarters Executive Team

Mark Zuckerberg

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Mark Zuckerburg is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook. He is one of the world’s youngest billionaires. The social-networking site Facebook was co-founded by Mark in a dorm room at Harvard University.

Sheryl Sandberg

Board Member

Sheryl Kara Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. She was recruited by Mark in the year 2008 to take care of the daily hustle-tussle at Facebook. She successfully created the advertising strategy at Facebook that allowed the company to bask in the glory.

Javier Olivan

Javier Olivan

Chief Operating Officer

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Name Title
Nick Clegg President Global Affairs
Susan Li Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Bosworth Chief Technology Officer
Chris Cox Chief Product Officer
Jennifer Newstead Chief Legal Officer
Peggy Alford Board Member
Marc L. Andreessen Board Member
Andrew W. Houston Board Member
Nancy Killefer Board Member
Robert M. Kimmitt Board Member
Tracey T. Travis Board Member
Tony Xu Board Member

About Facebook


The journey of Facebook began with Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Saverin. They were both students at Harvard University. It began for school friends, but over the years, it was open to businesses for social media marketing.

Facebook was first launched by the name of Facemash in the year 2003. In 2004, Mark registered it by the new public domain name Facebook. Facebook was officially founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

Once the platform became famous in Harvard, it spread like wildfire to other college campuses as well like Yale, Columbia and Stanford. By 2008, the success of Facebook had surpassed Myspace. It became one of the most-visited social media websites.


Facebook allows you to be in touch with long-lost friends. You can share pictures with your friends.

Features of Facebook include news feed, messenger, group and public interactions, sharing of event information and video and photo sharing.

Facebook is also available as Facebook Lite. This version is for Android users. It uses a less amount of data.

Facebook is a vast medium for product branding and advertising. It even allows you to chat with your friends and family.

Facebook gives you access to share live videos and post links to interesting stories.


  • The interface of Facebook has been built in such a way that it is easier to use even for the least tech-minded people.
  • There are more than 350 million people active on Facebook daily. Over 2.5 billion pictures are shared on Facebook every month.
  • Facebook became so popular after it was opened to the public that it made Mark famous be the age of 23.
  • There have been more than 30 mergers and acquisitions at the headquarters of Facebook. There are many companies which no longer continue to exist as independent companies even after the merger with Facebook.
  • The vision behind Mark’s idea to merge these companies with Facebook is to gain access to talent and innovative thinking.
  • The reason behind choosing a blue-colored interface for Facebook was the color blindness of Mark Zuckerberg towards red and green.

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  • Jackie says:

    Are there any real people who help with Facebook issues or is it all AI?

    • Christopher Eiler says:

      Hi. My Facebook account was disabled through some Bitcoin hackers that hacked it. CYBERHELP.1 Helped me by getting it recovered 2days ago, he did a great job. He is PERFECT. You can Contact him on instagram.

  • Wale Ajewole says:

    Good morning Sir/Ma, my Facebook account has been hacked. My photo/picture is changed. Please help my out. Thanks.

  • Thomas Alimonos says:

    Hi,my Facebook account was hacked and deleted. It’s like it never existed. When I tried the Help Center,It wouldn’t let me upload my ID,so I couldn’t submit the application. Please help me.
    Thank you.

  • Nitty says:

    Hello, I need help! my Facebook page has been hacked by scammers. they have my email address and changed my password. and they are using my profile picture to terrorize my family and friends. please so confused and don’t know what to do. Please help! i tried to upload my picture ID multiple times. they keep telling me my picture is blurry.

  • Katie Bryant says:

    Hello there, I got a email at last night saying my Facebook email had been deleted and a new one had been added. I was logged out of Facebook and then couldn’t log back in. Said my email wasn’t tied to an account or my phone number. Password had been changed. I clicked the “this wasn’t me” in the email o received and then uploaded my photo ID to recover the account. It worked and I was able to log in with the code I received through email as the password. I immediately deleted them email the hacker added, added my phone number back, changed the password, and log out of all devices. I was in the processes of adding my email back and I trying to confirm email and it kicked me out again. Like they had already kicked me out again. But this time I didn’t get an email since I wasn’t able to confirm my email before they hacked me again. I am at a loss on how to recover my account. I’ve had this fb account since 2010 and have so many photos and contacts on there and attached to a business page. I NEED to recover this account.

    Facebook has no helpline, chat, email, customer support nothing to help in this situation. Essentially I did all the security checks and was still hacked. I get it that happens but y’all simply do not care to help your users. It basically identity theft try and do better.
    Please help me.

    Katie Bryant

  • Bobby Riegert says:

    Facebook/Meta is protecting the scammers and hackers especially the ones from Nigeria. It’s obvious Mark Zuckerberg is making billions of dollars from one of the biggest scams this world has ever seen. Hiding behind section 230. Facebook has hacked over a 100 email’s of mine. Our legal system is letting this happen and the news media will not do a story again FB.
    There is no one above the law but Mark Zuckerberg. He thinks he owns the world wide web. He has to be shown he is not above the law.

  • Vicki says:

    I am going to make a comment, I wasn’t but as I read further, several I read had the same problems I had with my Facebook account back in Aug of 22. I was hacked ,BAD. I jumped through the hoops to establish i am the account owner. Nothing was fixed. Someone still has control of it.
    Now, here is the latest you’ve done to me. For what reason, I still haven’t gotten.
    June 25th of this year I was banned on all buy, sell and trade sites. When I got restricted I personally had 2 listing on marketplace. An old truck I’m parting out and a neon beer sign. There were a few more, but I took them down, they weren’t selling. I have requested a review 4 times now. I don’t get a reference number nor a reason for the restriction. In commerce manager I have no violations or alerts. It’s ridiculous I’m a law abiding citizen with up standing ties in the community. I have done nothing wrong to warrant a now over 30 day restriction. The team won’t even send a ref # so I can appeal to the oversight board.
    I haven’t violated any policies to be banned like this. Absolutely absurd.

  • Hugh says:

    My emails are never answered regarding review, which was set to me last march 10th 2023.

  • Becky Ginn says:

    You sometimes put in my old Facebook account and then you remove it, I want my old Facebook account back it has all my friends and family

  • H. Morton says:

    As I have seen below in MANY comments, my page was hacked and now I can’t log in, see other pages that friends send me, and I am now unable to use Messenger. How Facebook stays in business is a wonder. Their “security team” allowed my page to be hacked but they offer NO HELP to me or anybody else that has had this same problem. As I also have read on this website, “customer support” from Facebook is almost non-existent, or maybe I should say “GOOD customer support” is almost non-existent!!!!!!

    • Dave says:

      Hi. My Facebook account was disabled through some Bitcoin hackers that hacked it. CYBERHELP.1 Helped me by getting it recovered 2days ago, he did a great job. He is PERFECT. You can Contact him on instagram.

  • Mary Cunningham says:

    There are too many scammers being allowed to
    Post false ads about missing autistic children ( they aren’t ) but the admins and the community staff have ignored all reports. These same reports for two Austin children is the same pic being loaded and posted on group pages under what I think k are bogus profiles. Each profile is new , they do not allow comments and they post that they have contacted police. The Englewood Oh yard sale group is especially plagued with these false ads. I even have the same person ( using her same photo but a different profile name.
    This has been going on too long and Facebook needs to address it. What if these were real ? Would you be concerned then ?
    You really need yo clean up these scammers or assign admins to these group that actually fo their job.

    • Becky Ginn says:

      I really need my old Facebook profile picture and all the info I put in it I don’t know why all the sudden it was just taken away.

    • Becky Ginn. ( Rebecca) says:

      You keep ripping out my Facebook accounts I’m sick to my stomach You also removed my photos!

    • Bobby Riegert says:

      We all need to stand together and show Mark Zuckerberg he is not above the law.

  • Anar says:

    Hi my name is anar dhanji I was blocked from fb because I said hoe but sometimes I read worse then that comment I am confused

  • Clifton R Bowers says:

    Class action suit for defamation

  • Clifton R Bowers says:

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  • Matthew says:

    Where do I get help? I am a small business owner and my account has been blocked from advertising for almost 6 months. I sell sports clothing and the ads are very plain. I have contacted facebook for help so many times and connected with over a dozen people who say, “they can see it in the queue, the review is almost completed and it should be back online very soon”. Months go by and all I want to know is what I need to do…..

    I raise a new ticket, it gets closed and my problem still exists. I would like to use the platform. I now see that my shopify account is blocked from selling.

    How does one get real help! All I want is for someone to give me clear advice.

  • Charles SWIFT says:

    Yes when are you going to answer me or what is your address please and I will send you a lawsuit instead

  • Charles SWIFT says:

    Yes I was contacted by Carnahan Tracy and was told I won a lottery through Facebook and then told me I have to pay for it $750 and I have two hours to terminate the winnings her user name is Cristi Carlisle but she also was rude when I told her I don’t have $750 and I have never paid for a lottery and was this a scam if not why are you going to tell someone that they won a lot of money and then tell them if they don’t pay the $750 they have to terminate the winnings so if this is the case I will be suiting Facebook for false advertising and get more money than what I actually won

  • Catrina Rodriguez Serrano says:

    I would like to cancel all Facebook accounts to start a new one.

  • Almar khan says:

    Greetings dear Team Facebook
    this is almar khan from afghanistan and my father lives in kuwait
    he is not educated that much to operate his facebook account properly and recently his account has been hacked by someone, and now they are sharing stories from his personal messages please help us get this ID back or deactivate it
    they are asking for money too which i will share
    thank you

    my fathers FB Id : https://www.facebook.com/rahmat.gul.9250

  • Donald Kinsela says:

    You have crossed a line. Tonight I was teasing a friend that posted a picture of him on a motorcycle. I commented in his post that if he had bought a motorcycle I was goi g to kick his butt in the morning. Playful and a friend. You shut my Facebook down for 24 hours. I’m not your normal person that is going to sit here while you decide intent. I am going to start my prosecution of the violation of my rights. Don’t have as much money as you yet. However I do have a few million. Enough is enough.

  • kevin says:

    you owe me over 2,000 in back payouts sad that a company of your size takes money from small business
    nothing but run around with the help desk. nothing but a bunch of thieves

  • afroza sultana sheally says:

    i love facebook entertainment

  • Drukramer says:

    You people need to mind your own business. There is so much explicit crap on this site. You can’t keep up and ban people for things that other people say and don’t ban them. Wake up. Get the annul monitors off the site.

  • afroza sultana sheally says:

    my facebook id is ………afroza sultana sheally my email is …..rajkonnany@yahoo.com

  • Dr, Magdalena (Maggie)Samucin says:

    People can steal your identity either and Hawk your Facebook and kick your friends and no help from Facebook

  • Brandi bryan says:

    I have been trying since the 22 to have a account that had been hacked taking care of with no luck and the person that hacked my account is now messaging and trying to to pick up of underage childeren.. and your company tells me he has not violated community standards so they will no do anything what a joke.. the law is involved and maybe i will get something done

  • Al Robinson says:

    I was hacked the other day on my Al Robinson name I live in Leesburg Florida I’m trying to find somebody that can help me retrieve my account and back through Facebook the hacker is from Africa I talk to him another account he’s asking my family and friends for money he wanted me to give him $200 to get my password and login information back can you please stop my account unlock it or put it in jail my email is kornaaa@gmail.com phone number is 352 613 7232 I had people calling me saying they work for Facebook but they want me to get to Apple iTunes card but the first guy told me he would never charged me nothing he didn’t ask me for that the next Conor he want an apple iTunes card I just need my account back I had it for 14 years I really appreciate it if someone could get back to me I’m getting my account back

  • Dana Tucker says:

    My Facebook has been completely hacked and changed and Facebook refuses to help in anyway. Multiple times I’ve had friends and family report and their ROBOT says nothing is wrong. OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING IS DUMBASSES!!! DEACTIVATE THAT ACCOUNT NOW!!!!!! He changed my name to Eric Thorgan with a pink rose as a picture.

  • Elisa Dekuiper says:

    OK you guys have a locked my account locked my messenger and will not unlock it I’ve done the steps to unlock it I’ve tried everything that you guys are fucking told me and you still will not unlock it so yeah you guys suck and I’m reporting you have a nice day

  • Gary Revel says:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Gary Revel Ministries [mailto:ministry@garyrevel.com]
    To: , ,
    Sent: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 13:20:09 -0500
    Subject: Why …. RE: 📷 xxxxxxxxxx recently posted a new photo

    Why do you send me these types of email then refuse to allow me to sign in to manage my Jongleur Pictures account.

    This has been going on for months. You are allowing someone to keep my account, associated with this email address, ministry@garyrevel.com, held as a hostage to whatever they want to do with it. This looks bad on my, my Jongleur Pictures company and Facebook.

    Please fix this.

    Thank you,

    Gary Revel
    254 338-2011

    President: Jongleur Pictures LLC
    Founder: Mother Nature Festival Live Inc.

  • Sharon Rosel Kline Adams or Sharon Adams (Facebook names) says:

    I had two names on face book. One (the main one) would not allow me to use..but, I could search the name and go to the page, but could not post. Tried to fix the situation unsuccessfully. Noticed on my other page where I could post, that I had only 14 friends. Tried to follow facebooks instructions and then found I Am now barred from Facebook and anything to do with Facebook. On either page!

  • Amanda says:

    Why is my account always beeing put in Facebook jail back to back and there’s no way to get a hold of Facebook about this issue that they causeing .

  • Rasim says:

    The Facebook supervisory board in Turkey, completely pro-government, is punishing us. They froze my account many times, even though I didn’t deserve it. We protest this biased attitude of Turkish Facebook employees. If this goes on, we’ll cancel our Facebook accounts in a collective way…..

  • EFE says:

    Turkish facebook workers just a rubbish..Please check your workers in Turkey.. Employees Completely Unjustly Intervention and Remove our Shares. . Check the pro-government fascist board. . Or we’ll shut down Facebook in a bunch of…

  • Christy says:

    I need to know why someone can put folks down but it oh k for him to doing avcode can yours f and b words I dint care if he have money he put me yours them words

  • BJR says:

    I have tried everything to recover my FB account. A hacker changed my email and phone number. I have since gotten my log in changed, however due to the hacker turning on the two factor identification, the code is being sent to the changed number 917855807618, thus not allowing me to obtain the 2 factor code. Every time I try to provide you with my ID’s, your site says that it isn’t working. This has gone on for over a week. Seems like your platform is all about protecting the hackers instead of its law abiding users.

  • Albert blue says:

    Why is it no matter what I say on Facebook it is wrong if someone send me something and I like it and send it on I’m wrong what’s up with that

  • Robert Crane says:

    I am An English citizen, Resident in Spain. I joined Facebook on the 25th August 2022. Within 24 hours i was informed my account was disabled. I have absolutely no idea why and nobody will tell me. I have contacted a solicitor and they have advised me of my rights.

    I wish to know what I could have in a 24 hour period to allow you to disable my account.
    I downloaded my account information…..which nothing at all of any criminal nature, I use the word criminal because thats exactly how I feel. Even criminals gets to know what they have done wrong, but you have just shut the door in my face. Please sort this out as a matter of urgency. Thank you.

  • Peggiegregory says:

    This lady on Facebook last name was Harrison said that I had won the million dollars my name is Bill Gregory can you check and see if this is true I’m so confused

  • Gagan says:

    Assholes, let us compromise on our personal data. Fuck facebook and it’s team. Scumbags.

  • Thomas Bongers says:

    Hi F/B – please help as my account has been hacked (Thomas Bongers 182) is not me. Cannot successfully receive text messages or e-mails with verifications to reset. Thank you…

    Thomas J Bongers

  • Paul Stokey says:

    How do I get help?

    • Dana Tucker says:

      Hi Paul, they won’t help you. I’ve been fighting and trying to send emails to FB and threatening them and nothing. My whole account was taken over and I’ve been fighting for MONTHS. They refuse to do their job.

    • Al Robinson says:

      I need help from Facebook ASAP my Facebook been hacked

    • Dr, Magdalena (Maggie)Samucin says:

      They have six account was my name, my photos, my families photos and took my friends and you going to close it. What is wrong with that?

    • Frustrated Admin says:

      Ha ha ha ha… you don’t really.

  • Missy Rickman says:

    Facebook has stolen 600 dollars from me and has not sent it back I would like some help with this

  • Hany Anis says:

    I need my account back, please .
    Breaking news
    The death of the priest of the Munira Church in Imbaba as a result of a massive fire and the death of dozens of suffocation.

  • Edna J says:

    Okay, what in the world is going on with FB. I can see the first page, when I try to play a game, it is totally blank. My goodness, this is getting pretty sad.

  • Diamond Garza says:

    I have been trying to get ahold on Facebook head quarters for quite some time my identity has been stolen on Facebook and they have locked me out of my own Facebook account 4 times yes I have had 4 Facebook accounts and they all have been hacked and stolen and Facebook is doing nothing to help me get these pages deleted



    • Dr, Magdalena (Maggie)Samucin says:

      How can I delete it says six account I can’t understand how Facebook like that happened I should be protected but no one care, and I get people to ask me for money to do it I wanna pay to get fraud moor???

    • Mai Le says:

      Same here. All my Instagram business accounts that were linked to Facebook were all suspended after i got attacked with a massive hack on Facebook Meta Ads. Facebook needs to help business owners

  • Lisa M says:

    Every time I try to logout that is broken! Fix all ready!

  • William Jackson says:

    Yall let nude pictures on Facebook cuss words fucking pictures. But Yall want to restrict me because I said she have pretty camera toes I would kiss them. This is just not right.

  • Rivera Janet says:

    On June 23,2022, i notice that my Facebook send a warning, saying some of your previous post or comments don’t follow our community standers. And that i had 30 days to disagree with the decision. Fallowed all the rules and disagree with decision. Did every step but there was no way i could get in to all the forms Facebook provides. Then the next morning i started receiving emails from Meta for Business about Ads one ad was approved from meta, then they notice something then rejected the ad, which came from another country. That’s when i noticed and started making searches and on the meta business said Your Ad account wasn’t accepted for running Ads that don’t comply with our Advertising Policies. The Ad account number is 164467693620890. I tried everything to contact Facebook or Meta Business to report this matter. Every day for the past 33 days to summit my review. Or to just ask for help. Because my credit card is on Facebook. Ever since June 7, when a malware got into my computer, and put a malware in my PC. I been getting notice from all my credit cards saying they compromised. Like Home Depot called me, best Buy send me a letter, Even PayPal, and so on. Saying that my accounts was compromised, and unusual activity was showing in their system. I had to invest in a new virus software and malware. To try to take this malware out my PC. Then came the hackers inside my emails. Putting my emails and passwords online in a Spotify page. where every people with a Spotify account had their emails and password exposed in the internet. I noticed all of this when i started doing research, and looking where else my information has gone. My Government Outlook work email is now compromised also. With a hacker that connects everyday at 3 am. I assure you that in this 33 day as of today i didn’t feel so desperate as i feel now, as of loosing my account because of a hacker. Facebook never send me a notice, i never received and email, not when on the 30-day review, or as of today on the 33 days left of review which i could never send out or connect to anything to proof that it wasn’t me if anything was violated because as of today don’t even know what community standers i violated. I have screenshots of everything upon request. If anyone of factbook reaches out to this email. And reviews it. I just want my life back of many years. I connected on Facebook with a lost friend of 25 years. Here in Facebook. I have family and friends that assume something happened to me because i was everyday connected with them. Been with Facebook since it opened and now its like i lost everything.

    Hope someone reads this and just ask me for proof and will be glad to send it out upon request.

    • Terry Fore says:

      This is my story and no one helps

    • Charles SWIFT says:

      I. Was taken off Facebook and got told I was not following the community rules and I asked what rules I broke and no response so it might be better just to suit on them

    • Mai Le says:

      My 8 year of work on Facebook was gone. It was a huge mistake to connect Facebook with Instagram because all 4 of my IG accounts were also wiped out. I experienced exactly the same thing you went through with Meta Ads. Please give us our accounts back!!!

  • BradleyAmanda Fretz says:

    I need immediate help I have a hobby/business page and a personal page my friend and I were just joking around and you were machine thought it was something it wasn’t and blocked all of my accounts it is incredibly impossible to get a hold of anybody everybody is saying that I am a scam because I can’t answer them you are causing defamation of character against me for a simple joke between my friend and I on my own personal page if you want to block me they’re fine but not my business page and even that’s not fair I’ve seen way way way worse on Facebook than that little joke between us we were making each other feel better and you’re punishing me for it please fix my accounts immediately

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Mallory Chandler says:

    I am having trouble logging in my old Facebook account I will give you my information so you can tell me what to do One other thing somebody Else have old cell phone number and so I cannot re-log into my Facebook account here is my old email address Mal1009@yahoo.com and my old password NEPatriots 92 and I will include my old cell phone number (412)304-6787

  • Dana Tucker says:

    How can you have over “30k” employees and not talk to one person? What are yall doing? Playing with eachothers hair? Someone better reach out to me or I will keep haressing yall till you deactivate my account.

  • Jim Swenson says:

    My page jim.swenson.7, that is now 13 years old, was blocked at the beginning of the pandemic and I was requested to prove that I was 13 years old. I sent in about 50 copies of my drivers and several hundred messages that were ignored. I am still trying to figure out why the requested documentation that they knew they would never read. Regardless, since the page was opened 13 years ago, unless I opened it before I was born I have to be over 13 years old , but they still refuse to unblock/restore it.

  • Dana Tucker says:

    IVE BEEN HACKED. SOMEONE FROM FB BETTER REACH OUT TO ME TO RESOLVE THIS OR WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ISSUES!!! Yahoo won’t let me BACK INTO MY OWN PERSONAL ACCOUNT cause HOMEBOY got ahold of it and I need my FB DEACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY!!! I want NOTHING to do with FB anymore. Yall are IMPOSSIBLE to reach out to or even speak to someone!!!

  • RoyalJones says:

    I joined Facebook back when myspace was popular. I’ve been hacked ,deleted and now I’ve been disabled. I’m 66 years old I can’t imagine what I did to require me to be banished. the effort I put into my pages and groups etc. saddens me because it’s been since February 16th 2022. I managed to get my page back from the hackers months prior but months later my whole identity has been disabled and deleted no trace of me to be found and I scratch my head because I never knowingly broke any rules
    sincerely yours
    Mark Reilly

    • General says:

      I can not feel but they help hackers as I have a friend that had hers stolen Beverly Davis Pogue and now its been used to run some pretty good scams such as Government grants and you pay 1k dollars and get 50k delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours … looks good this scam and she has reported it stolen but nothing was done like always … seems the good guys are the bad guys and so says the bible as well all that is good will be bad and that of bad is good

    • Terry Fore says:

      this is exactly what happened to me. In this day of technology and the millions of phones, unable to find a live person to help me

  • bonnie says:

    funny how you can glue beans on animals and its not abuse but i say i like to crazy glue them on the people committing abuse on animals i get my account put on hold explain that one its okay posting these animal abusers videos but not okay because i wanna do to them what they are doing to these poor animals

    • Tracy Rector says:

      I have been reporting those videos and received a warning from FB.
      Mary Dandruff and her videos are nothing but animal abuse. She has to sedate these poor cats and kittens, glues all kinds of stuff on them and then plucks them off. I do not understand how FB cannot see the cruelty behind those videos.

  • facebook london says:

    facebook phone number uk +44 20 8133-2080 is the best contact number to reach facebook support & its headquarter in london.

  • Anwar Hussain says:

    I tried several times to make Facebook aware of a fake account which has had huge impact on my health this account is trying to be me and has slander language towards me it’s got 2 off my address on it’s used to blackmail me and it’s been reported over 100 people it’s fake but Facebook don’t seem to want to take it down https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100080616056036

  • Rhonda Sue Irvin says:

    Hello I am a 65 yo grandmother. A retired nurse
    And a big fan of Facebook
    That is the only way that I can stay in contact with my extended family which they are scattered all over the USA
    My friend was taking a Vacation with her family along with her two grandbabies ages 3 yr and 10 mos old in Florida
    She had ask me if I could make her grandbabies matching shirts because they have hired a photographer to take family pictures while they were on the beach
    I made tee shirts using a cricut
    I am telling u this so u will understand my situation
    My friend had the pictures put on Facebook of her family and grandbabies
    I saw them and saw that they were wearing the shirts I made them
    I commented on Facebook how darling they looked
    And that they are more fun to dress up than dolls
    ( something in that manner )
    My friend is always dressing them up and showing the girls off because they look so cute

    After I made that comment. Facebook sent me a message that my Facebook account had been locked because of children exploration And a investigation will have to determine if my account will be reopened
    This is bazaar to me
    I have tried to go into the help support they have shut everything off even my iMessage
    I feel like that I have been slapped for no reason
    I know there are perverts out there.
    But making sometimes vulgar or dirty out of something that I commented on is crazy
    Anyway I have been Waiting for days to get my account back and running
    They are taking their sweet time because nothing is being done
    I know when they investigate they will find nothing
    Unless someone hack me
    I even tried to open another account with another email. And they still keep my account locked
    Could u please help me in this situation
    It seems they are being so cruel especially when I did nothing

    Rhonda Canter Irvin

    • General says:

      getting help with any problem has gone to the dogs it used to be you can get phone help with a problem by phone but due to the skills of these Facebook support people they don’t want to talk to you to help you, and neither does anyone else such as phone companies and electric companies banks or maybe a simple internet order .your always being push around the corner to talk to an AI that cant understand you and hangs up on you, whatever became of the good old days when you could actually talk to a person and resolve a problem in quest

    • Terry Fore says:

      At least they sent you a message…..I was disabled and because of legality they can not tell me. How do you fix a problem if you don’t your mistake

  • lupe says:

    mmmm I am full unhappy of Facebook make hackers or scammer lost all program and I can’t into Facebook also yahoo email I want together back normal that person live on los angle California he is hacker s you get check alll words Facebook hacker or scam thank you samn it you not get answer phone two are different sh.t thank you

  • MING-CHIEH, LI says:

    Hi team,
    Thanks for providing such a good service, here I met the problem was my instagram account has been disable since 2022/05/18 cause hacked by someone, almost over 50 days. My instagram and this fanspage are both have my bio and memory. Will be appreciate if you could help me recover my account. Here is related information

    👉 IG ID : michie_li
    👉 Username : MING-CHIEH,LI
    👉 E-mail : mingxyzz@gmail.com

    If you need more certificates to check my ID,Data please tell me.

    I am very want this account be unblocked.

    Thank you

  • Kendall N says:

    I have been trying to contact Facebook & Instagram about my account being disabled out of nowhere never violated a community standards terms ever I had 110k followers on my business page and made aleast $65k a month off my sales. No one helped I have no choice but to sue Facebook & Instagram it’s sad that no one reaches out the appeal forms never work I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone honestly

    • Rhonda says:

      I am having the same problem

    • Deborah Ann Rogers says:

      I have exactly the same problem! Someone tried to scam me and when that didn’t work, he disabled my Facebook and I cannot get it back! When something like this happened to my email account, Yahoo stepped right up and repaired the issue!

  • Wilmont Raymond Kinney says:

    My info was hacked and stolen by oluwaayomi57@gmail.com , Now they have stolen my account , impersonating me, I reported them for fraud and identity theft , and I have no choice but to sue Facebook with an attorney because the process you guys have in place is not helping and there is no support for us. I’ve submitted emails to support and went through the process of reporting my account was hacked and I don’t have any way to get this resolved. I’ve submitted my ID and nothing has happened to regain access to my account. The hacker changed the primary email on my account again to another Gmail account and I cant do anything about it. how can you run a business and not have a support number for people that spend money on your business

  • Russell Thaw says:

    How may I find out who a certain person is on Facbook ?

  • Russell Thaw says:

    how can I ask who is a certain person on facebook ? My name is russell thaw mrmthiker@yahoo.com
    2616 Cold Creek Trail, south lake tahoe, c. 96150, 530-541-6024

  • M. Mehrvarz says:

    M daughter has ADS disability. Someone opened an Instagram account for her without her knowledge. The same person (She or He) opens a Gmail account under HIS OR HER phone number. She found out when she was trying to open an account in Instagram and surprisingly, He or She had a picture of her. So, Dilemma is that to access to account was made in Instagram is impossible since we have no information on password, phone number, email address and its password. I Communicated with this email address instagram++aazqn6uteauyev@support.facebook.com, I am keep getting that they are busy and then they asked sending her picture holding her passport, and she did, now they are saying that what they received is not acceptable. This is a matter of life and death since ADS people fixated to one issue and they keep talking about it until the issue goes away. Please contact us, let us know what else we need to do before this goes to the court.

  • Carolyn Smith says:

    Mr common the artist has several impersonations of him and these people are asking his fans for money and he stated that he has spoken to y’all several times this is an inconvenience can you please take care of this situation once again this is concerning Mr common and people impersonating him asking fans for funds stating that he needs it for his daughter and his artwork people are losing money to false advertisement and impersonations my name is Carolyn Smith I’m running for district leader of the 81st district I brought this to the attention of the politicians who are running they feel the same way too take more responsibility for false advertisement and hate thank you and have a great day stay safe

  • Marietta says:

    My account was hacked and disabled. I tried to reopen it – to no avail even before the 30 days period. Can you please HELP me to unlock my account.
    My partner had passed away on May 23 and I have all our correspondence in messenger that’s so dear and important to me!!!
    Please HELP!!!

  • Papi says:

    My info was hacked and stolen by FB users Marti Cole and Cory Nicholson , Now they have created fake accounts , impersating me , slandering me ,stalking me and have others video recording me and taking pics of me in public , telling lies about me and cyberbullying me and they put a hit out on me on FB to have others hurt me assault me and shoot me and put in the hospital because i reported them for fraud and idenity theft , I have no choice but to sue facebbok with a attorney

  • lana t. says:

    I am not sure this will be seen by whom it would mean anything to or to someone who would care to take action in helping me to get my facebook account back. I was hacked several months ago and I have tried every option facebook allows us to do to get back accounts that have been hacked. I have not been able to do this whatsoever and all I want is my facebook account back. I am the rightful owner of it and I cannot for the life of me get it back I have tried so many times hoping to get new results to only find I am doing the same thing repeatedly not ever getting absolutely no where, this is just the truth. So why does facebook not help their customers more then they do when hacked? Does anyone out there have any suggestions on what more there is I can do to retrieve my fb account back to me? I am trying so hard to not stop fighting to get back what is rightfully mine and I truly just wish that facebook would take more actions by giving us more options to do just this. Please if anyone knows a way to for sure get an fb account back will you please send me an email at lanatt88@gmal.com I would greatly appreciate any and all help ! Thank you so much! Lana T.

  • Petey flores says:

    Someone has hacked my Facebook account and Facebook is not doing anything about it !!

  • Tammy Murphy says:

    I have tried to reach out to customer service to get help on a hacked account. Each time I am redirected to resetting my password or the help desk, which DOES NOT help at all. A person has hacked my account and is using my phone number, which is preventing me from accessing my account because it is now blocked.

    I am asking for somebody to resolve this issue that has been ongoing for almost a month.

  • Danita says:

    My Instagram has been hacked and my recovery of it was too. I want my Account back. Please email me a contact who I can speak with to get this fixed. So disgusted!

  • Kim Barkov says:

    Someone from India created ads using my login and phone number.
    Facebook suspended my account without reviewing the issue.
    Facebook has no tools that enable me to dispute or appeal.
    But there are lots of Hackers out there willing to charge a fee with false pretenses!


  • Kimberly Humphreys says:

    You put me in Facebook jail for 29 days and I filled a appeal i suggest u look at the other remarks that the other people said just not me. I have a demeanor that you don’t want to mess with I filed different naked programs on Facebook before did you do anything with them probably not u always pick on me I need my Facebook I work with the DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS PAST COMMANDER
    AND YOU BLOCKED ME FOR 29 days which is ridiculous I never heard
    I know you been sued before and you lost
    I suggest you give me my FACEBOOK BACK

    Also what in my profile is my business no yours stay OUT!!!
    Delete your cookies!!!!!’

  • Craig G says:

    Account hacked and suspended. FB billing over a $1000 for ads not placed in one week; still no response. Pretty incredible what the do to business partners.

  • Rick Brown says:

    My Facebook was hacked, the hacker changed my email, my password, my recovery and I have tried to fix it and cannot figured it out. I have sent letters and email but no repsonse? My email is below. I have tried over the past 9 months to either get my account back or remove the account. I do a lot of business through my facebook account for my business but just need to help fixing my personal account? Please help.

  • Michael Saucedo says:

    Hello again Metamates . . .
    I am exhausting every avenue available to me in order to have my facebook account unlocked , and truly hope that one of you is able to address this issue in order to restore my page .
    you have verified my identity multiple times , it appears that the link you send to me is faulty , in that is is not an underlined link and when entered , just takes me to the page of your account is locked . .

    Follows is the attempts and methods i have pursued , sent via e-mail as well as in leaving phone message a couple of times .

    Please take the time to read the following , and note that in reading this it would be best to read from the last one first , as that would put it all in the proper perspective – chronologically .

    I pray that one of you can place this in front of the proper personnel , in order to effect a resolution of this ongoing issue , For myself , as well as for the numerous others that I am certain are plagued by this same glitch .

    In addition , Please keep in your Thoughts all those affected by the recent tragedy in Uvalde , Tx. , and the peoples of Ukraine .

    Thank you
    Michael Saucedo
    To: Facebookmail Support ,Facebook ,login@facebookmail.com,login@facebookmail.com
    Cc: disabled@facebookmail.com,disabled@facebookmail.com,appeals@facebookmail.com,appeals@facebookmail.com,privacy@facebookmail.commore…
    Bcc: administrator@facebookmail.com
    ok , this morning i yet submitted my photo i.d. , recieved confirmation , temporary login code , and was at least able to change my password . Then it all fell back into the same old loop of “You are locked out ” , identity confirmation , etc . . .
    LOOK , I have thus far sent you several e-mails regarding this issue , and am certain I am not the only pony having this issue ( BTW , did YOU see that phenomenal Kentucky Derby ? ) IDK whether it is internal politics , working from home , the transition over to Meta , or what . . .
    I have sent by my count – 8 Photo I.D. submittals
    7 Password resets
    I have received 7 e-mail confirmation codes
    3 account recovery codes
    2 login codes

    On Monday 8 may 2022 At 1200 CST , I will call fb at ph- 650-543-4800 as well as 650-308-7300 , selecting option #9 , waiting for the narrator to finish speaking , and will leave a message .

    This is pretty damn ridiculous , and i think you would agree .

    again , I may be reached at e-mail : oidsci@yahoo.com
    or ph. #: 443-410-6673

    If need be , I can travel to Austin ( an hour away ) to your campus , in order to resolve this . . .
    Your patience and co-operation is appreciated .
    Michael Saucedo
    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Michael Saucedo
    To: “security@facebookmail.com” ; “support@facebookmail.com” ; “appeals@facebookmail.com”
    Cc: “login@facebookmail.com” ; “privacy@facebookmail.com” ; “disabled@facebookmail.com”
    Sent: Thursday, May 5, 2022, 09:10:14 PM CDT
    Subject: Fw: Facebook account locked – oidsci@yahoo.com checkpoint and code failed

    Hey Y’all . . .
    I really am at wits end , I as well have attempted the checkpoint link and pass codes , as well as the 6 digit passcode , and all that occurs is it goes into the viscous loop , and now my password wont go either , as the gentleman who was assisting me is frustrated and professional enough that he threw away the password that he used on his last attempt to sign in , Is there ANY way that someone could PLEASE get in touch with me in a last ditch attempt to regain my fb page ?
    I understand the issues going on at your organization ( Meta / Facebook ) and i really appreciate the response this has been given the past week and a half or so , but I have been locked out since the beginning of the Ukraine situation , and I do have quite a network of people who are inquiring of each other if anyone knows what is going on and where ‘d i go ?
    I may be reached at again ,
    e-mail – oidsci@yahoo.com
    or phone # – 443-410-6673

    if need be , I am about an hour south of Austin , and could travel to Your campus’ there if need be .
    Kinda desperate , and am being persistent as I am trying to avoid having to start a new page , along with a new e-mail , and have quite a bit on my current page , as well as quite a few friends , who have humbled me by their concern .

    Thank You . Michael Saucedo


    I tried this again this morning. I used the new password. It still says locked and that I need to go through the steps again to unlock, Please help

    On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 10:15:02 PM EDT, Michael Saucedo wrote


    I’m an IT professional helping this person. I’ve done exactly as you asked multiple times and still get this response (attached) This poor guy has been trying to get back on Facebook for weeks! WTF??? is going on? I’m doing this from “”MY”” machine, I’ve reset all of his passwords. Why can’t he get back on. MAJOR issue here with your system!

    Danny & Mike
    On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 09:28:11 PM EDT, Facebook wrote

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for helping us confirm your authentic access to this account. To finish the account recovery process and regain access to your Facebook account, please click here:

    You can also regain access to your account by logging into Facebook (https://www.facebook.com) and using the following code as your password:

    For security reasons, the unlock link and code will both expire on: 2022-05-17 at 18:28:10.

    Once you’re logged in, we recommend changing your password. You can learn how to do this in the Help Center:

    You can add another layer of security to your account by enabling two-factor authentication. This additional security feature helps protect both your Facebook account and your password. Learn how to enable it from the Help Center:

    If you’ve created another Facebook account since losing access to this one, please keep in mind that it’s not possible for us to help you merge accounts and that you can’t maintain multiple accounts on Facebook. You can however download a copy of the information on one account before deleting it and keeping your other one:

    Facebook Security
    This message was sent to oidsci@yahoo.com at your request. Meta Platforms, Inc., Attention: Community Support, 1 Facebook Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Michael Saucedo
    To: Facebook ; “support@facebookmail.com” ; “appeals@facebookmail.com”
    Cc: “login@facebookmail.com” ; “disabled@facebookmail.com” ; “privacy@facebookmail.com”
    Sent: Monday, May 2, 2022, 08:18:00 AM CDT
    Subject: Fw: Facebook account locked – oidsci@yahoo.com checkpoint and code failed

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Michael Saucedo
    To: Facebookmail Support
    Sent: Sunday, May 1, 2022, 06:21:55 PM CDT
    Subject: Fw: Facebook account locked – oidsci@yahoo.com checkpoint and code failed

    WOW – that was rather quick , Thank You – HOWEVER I was sent a link to the checkpoint as well as a temporary passcode . the link took me to sign in , but when i put the passcode in it was not recognised , and then asked me for my password , which i entered . . . only to be right back at square one of Michael , you account has been locked . . . This is really frustrating , extremely frustrating , and as the link expires in two weeks i really really would appreciate a lil help here ! Thanks again – Michael
    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Michael Saucedo
    To: Facebookmail Support
    Sent: Sunday, May 1, 2022, 06:09:43 PM CDT
    Subject: Fw: Facebook account locked – oidsci@yahoo.com

    Hello again ,
    I have been locked out of my account since the 28th of feb. I had sent the requested information of a copy of my drivers license , and verified my email as well as changing my password .
    No results , I found out that my friends and acquaintances were really inquiring as to what had happened . As well I was Hospitalized for a week in march and having no access to facebook really didn’t help /
    Either way , a friend of mine , who presides over a computer consulting firm , got ahold of me and took remote access of my computer , and changed my browser to google , crossed all the I’s and dotted all of the T’s , He had me load my I.D. , and then he sized it to the parameters that were requested regarding pixels .
    It has now been 3 days since that point in time , and ” usually you all review and respond within 24 hours ”
    Your assistance in restoring me to my page would be greatly appreciated !
    I may be reached at this email address – oidsci@yahoo.com
    or at this phone # – 443-410-6673

    Thanks – Michael
    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Michael Saucedo
    To: “support@facebookmail.com”
    Sent: Friday, March 11, 2022, 10:03:02 AM CST
    Subject: Fw: Facebook account locked – oidsci@yahoo.com

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Michael Saucedo
    To: Facebook
    Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2022, 01:32:26 PM CST
    Subject: Facebook account locked – oidsci@yahoo.com

    To those concerned ,

    This e-mail is in regard to the locking of my facebook account .
    ( Michael Saucedo / oidsci@yahoo.com ) .
    I have been on facebook for about 11 years , fairly much continuously . During that time , there have been various alterations of Facebook , and as well corrections to some of the alterations . I have generally been fairly satisfied , and have yet to sign on to any of the other sites ( tiktok , instagram , twitter , etc . . . ) I have used your site to maintain communication and acquaintance with people from my Youth through college and onward to professional associations as well as new found friends , 99% of whom I know personally , and not through a random friend request . I appreciate your platform .
    There have only been several times that I have found it necessary to contact You all via the help portion of your site , or to report a problem , and normally ,
    The issue has been resolved fairly quickly .
    Recently ,-28 feb 2022 almost exactly coincidental with the Ukraine Situation , I received and was notified that my Browser / Server was not in alignment with Facebook, Which I found strange , as over the past 8 years at least , i had utilized the same browser , setup / server . . . , I attributed this to my setup as well being Chinese ( in Part ) in origin . . But , Yet , and However , I have NEVER had an issue with this , and am circumspect in my allowance of people intruding on my page and parts . .
    I utilize Maxthon browser , along with IObit security suite , as well as keeping up religiously with security updates , I use adblocker pro , and idk whether i use chrome or edge , but i have not altered my suite , other than renewing annually . . and again , there has never been an issue with what i run and facebook . .
    on or about 28 feb 2022 , i received a notification that my browser was ” unsupported ” and two days later , I was notified that my account had been locked , due to several untoward issues . . I have never experienced this , and followed your dictums , in that i forwarded to you my e – mail address , I ( which for the only and first time) sent a photo of my drivers liscence for ( which i received an acknowledgement of your reciept , and as well that you would address this issue within 24 hour. . that was twelve days ago . . ok due to the Ukraine situation , and upon further research i found that this issue affected facebook multiply , as well as tik tok and twitter . . all good . . command and control , as well as attempts at tcb . . . HOWEVER , this has affected me beyond acceptability , as well as having my friends and family questioning what the hell is ging on . . .

    I utilize an hewlett packard laptop, as well as a hewlett packard pc , along with the security suite of iobit , and a browser of either Maxthon 5 or chrome or edge , and again religiously , keep it clean . .
    I have sent you and have been acknowledged of your receipt of my photo license and should you care to investigate , you will witness that intelligently , my posts and information , if consistent and unchanged . . please unlock my account . .
    I will go and tend toward two factor identification , subsequent to this , and as well , I have attempted to change my password twice , I hope that i do not encounter issue with that , after you address these issues . . . .
    Any and each thing you might do to assist me would be appreciated . . . I am sending this to multiple entities of the facebook team , in the hopes that you can congregate and address this , and effect a solution . . Please Support the Ukrainians . .
    Thank You , and Respectfully , Michael Saucedo .

    p.s. I have recently been diagnosed with an apparently rare disease ( polyarteritis nodosa ) and have been hospitalized twice since november of last year , for a week at each instance , and would truly appreciate any help you can offer in the restoration of my page , so that I might effect two factor identification to avoid this issue occurring again , as well as adding my daughter a legacy contact so that my three – so far grandchildren and my friends farflung might be made aware of things once again . Thank you .

  • Leonardo castagna says:

    They cancel my facebook for no apparent reason, please somebody help me
    My name is: Laeonardo Castagna castagnaleonardo@yahoo.com (914)502-8308 USA

  • Brandon Kane says:

    Hi someone hacked my account and changed my password and email where to the point where I can’t even receive an email to get my password please if you can help me I have very important pictures on there of my wife and me and our family I will leave my name and number but please is there any way that you guys could help me out

  • Natalie Cruz says:

    Requested to reset my password and got the email to do so and they send me a 6digit code to use. I had tried using the code on my phone and actual computer and it said not the right code. when I request for a code to get resent it ends up being the same 6 digit code from before that does not work. I cant speak to anyone on the phone or open up a chat to message support to help me so this is my next option to see if I can actually get the proper help. It should not be this hard to retrieve your old passwords or to even reset them from email or cell number.

  • Grady S. Mobley says:

    Hello. I am trying to see does Facebook currently have a lottery going on at this time in which random members are selected for a $1 million cash prize and a new Ford pickup truck? I’m being solicited by someone who says she works for Facebook. She is telling me that I am in line for the gift. Can you please verify if this is true?

    • Charles SWIFT says:

      Grady it is a scammer she will tell you all kinds of stuff and then when you agreed to it. They will tell you to send Facebook $750 or you terminate the winnings and she will also give you a number to call 9172836582 and his name is GH DOZIER supposably a FBI AGENT

  • Afridi says:

    I forgot my password.How we will know password

  • Afridi says:

    I want to know about password

  • Michael nelson says:

    Fb ripped me off $126 will not respond to any attempts to resolve. Ignored totally I’ll never use marketplace again. After I get my money for a rare sword I sold paid to ship and funds never released to me community standards my ass. Bunch of worthless scammers. Where’s my money??

  • TU says:


    My wife and I have been trying to reach support for several weeks with no success in contacting a live person. We have attached the last two meta invoices we received that were monetized and never received because we believe our account in fb reels had been hacked or the bank information has changed. It maybe a little amount but our concerns is the security and tax info that can be charged to us. Second in now a days funds can be important to us and we were relying on it due to financial hardship. The account information is on the two invoices and hopefully we can recover the account or at least disable it for further use by the person who might have hacked our account.
    We sent the email to info@facebookmail.com with additional information. HOPEFULLY SOMEONE WILL REACH OUT TO US IF YOU TRULY VALUE customer service.

  • Scott says:

    Your security sucks name and password on my account got changed by a hacker how do I get it back

  • Anthony Young says:

    My pg has been locked

  • Anthony Young says:

    I was locked out my fb page & I’m trying to retrieve it, how do I go about retrieving my pg

  • Isang E Umoren says:

    This is concern i am having when i try to log in please reset account to ease log in
    Approve Login
    To continue, please approve this login on a phone or computer you’ve used before.
    Login was not approved
    • mobileFacebook for Android (April 25 at 3:07 AM)
    • laptopChrome (Today at 6:19 PM)
    • laptopFacebook Messenger for Android (Today at 12:32 AM)
    • laptopChrome (May 1 at 11:34 PM)
    • laptopChrome (April 25 at 10:36 PM)
    • laptopChrome (April 24 at 12:54 PM)

    Approve Login
    To continue, please approve this login on a phone or computer you’ve used before.
    • mobileFacebook for Android (April 25 at 3:07 AM)
    • laptopChrome (Today at 6:19 PM)
    • laptopFacebook Messenger for Android (Today at 12:32 AM)
    • laptopChrome (May 1 at 11:34 PM)
    • laptopChrome (April 25 at 10:36 PM)
    • laptopChrome (April 24 at 12:54 PM)

    Choose an option
    How do you want to confirm this account is yours? You can try any of these options more than once. Learn more
    Approve your login on another phone or computer
    Ask your Facebook friends for help

    Isang, Login approval needed
    It looks like you’re trying to make a change to your account from a browser, device or location you don’t usually use. We need to confirm it was you before you can get back on Facebook. Learn more

    Isang UmorenFacebook
    Choose how to confirm this is your account
    Complete a few steps to confirm this is your account
    Check the login and tell us whether it was you

  • Linda says:

    My Facebook page was hack and Facebook support has done nothing to help me this person is sending my ID and home address to others . I’m getting afraid for the safety of my family and myself. They are using my ID to gain access to others ..

  • Penny Larrett says:

    I am disgusted with the Ads on Facebook increasing each day and horrible, disruptive, and many make me feel ill—————–how to I stop this!!!! NOW?????

  • john maher 111 says:

    you have 4 days my facebook account better be deleted do not use or keep anything from my personal account not for your use ..my lawyer will be calling facebook management this afternoon..

  • john maher 111 says:

    your a rico criminal case ..delete my account now..you will not be waiting a month..before john durham kicks your door in.. my lawyer will.

  • john maher 111 says:

    delete my facebook account right now. your a criminal.its illegal for you to keep my personal information and your illegaly useing it all 7 of us will be sending you a lawsuit..

  • Brenda says:

    If you don’t like a person Comments on Facebook than don’t let the people who are hurting animals or other people put there comments on because we’re going to respond.Facebook is getting to be a joke anyway as you block me and other people for little comments

  • Brad says:

    Was hacked and now can’t even get in my own account. Fuck’n bullshit from a multi billion dollar outfit. Losers!!!!

  • Eric Finney says:

    I have a question for Facebook do you have a contest in face ? I have some one that says he is mark Zuckerberg .they have his info just checking its not a scam or not. Let me know thank you Eric Finney at finneye79@gmail.com

  • Yvette Spicer-Jackson says:

    My Facebook was hacked, the hacker changed my email, my password, my recovery and of course the URL changed so I can’t delete my Facebook account my email is newyorkspice32@yahoo.com and the hackers changed it to yvette30jack@gmail and they are resending friend request to my friends.
    They also scammed me through a friend who I found out was hacked they used her identity to get to me. Please delete that Facebook account.

  • Richard M. says:

    Facebook pay. My bank account was used fraudulently by someone using Facebook pay. I’m not a Facebook member. The bank denied my claim. Any idea what to do?

  • Ayo Toyin says:

    It almost a week now have been trying to login on my face book but locked, please I need someone to help me out on that

  • Tomas Colon Rivera says:

    I have a eargent request had I known to cancel my mobile phone face book info by calling you I would of done it sooner it is highly important to me please contact me att.857-251-8764 My name an identity has been use an need them all to be canceled.
    Thank you So Much ….

  • Debbie says:

    there game site is down and they aren’t taking care of fixing it.

  • Dennis says:

    I need to know exactly how to start my own group.

  • Shahnawaz Bhutto says:

    I am a political activist of Sindhi nationalist political orginization Jeay Sindh muttahida Mahaz(JSMM),. JSMM wants freedom of our mother land sind(Sindhudesh) from pakistan
    . We are raising our voice to present the political case of independence to the international community, so we are very grateful to Facebook and hope that Facebook will support our political voice and our struggle against the facisam of Pakistan. The Sindhi nation will always be grateful to the Facebook Authority

  • Donnie L Sloan says:

    Facebook is discriminating against me from a lie that was published behind criminal back ground search by the Texas parole Board and I sued The Texas parole Board for publishing the lie that they admitted to know was a lie and I won my freedom from prison. The parole board has yet to recant the lie. But as soon as I can get anyone to supply the date that the lie was read by them , then I will be able to reopen the court case and they will have no choice to recant the lie and quit slandering my name and allowing companies like face book to refuse refuse me to be a member. I am being denied an appeal wit Facebook. That is discrimination. My name is Donnie L. Sloan. My gmail address is donnie.sloan0406@gmail.com. my phone number is 214-455-0874. I would so appreciate the opportunity to clear this fact up and once again become a member of face book and Google.

  • Liane Bodene says:

    My Facebook page has been hacked. One my email address doesn’t work when I enter. 2. My phone number doesn’t work when I enter it. When I click on my picture it shows an old email address that I put in oh about 2016, its no longer used due to hackers. My new email address is: bodeneliane626@gmail.com. Google has blocked me out of Facebook. Why isn’t your phone # or email address work?

  • Karen Gantley says:

    Close my account please it was stolen and he is now asking for money and my name is Karen gantley close my account please

  • barbara ann Wright says:

    I am locked out of my Face Book account and need to get in. The activation code isn’ twroking.

  • Concerned Guest says:

    My Facebook account is constantly being hacked . This time it says its because of false allegations. If you look at my Facebook you can clearly see I never rarely post anything on social media at all . I have it to keep up with my grands . But it’s oddly strange that my ex husband has cursed political figures and I mean like F ;()( president B $&!&! To be exact. Were his words and nothing. He has commented on a post that he would pour gasoline on me if I were on fire-nothing. Just last week I was called a whore and my niece 24 and myself were called Tik Tok Bi )$$?. – nothing . So the standards of the FB policy’s I’m in awe . Because for what could I have possibly lost my page for if and when I ever post anything it’s not ever been anything in a demeanor of any sort . But this past year my account has been hacked at least 4-5 times.

  • Gia Nguyen says:

    Dear Facebook Management team,

    I am writing this email to you to seek for the support or anyway that I can contact to resolve the wrongful and violation of my speech from Facebook. It has been not just the first time, but this is the third time that Facebook has blocked and restricted my account for my own voice while allow other thugs to attack me publicly on Facebook and other social media. I have been trying to contact Facebook Management team, and even the Oversight board with the hope to get back my voice against the group of gangster from communist Vietnam to attack and shut up all the Vietnamese American in America. I believe that I am living in a Free country with Freedom of Speech and right, however, my rights has been violated by a Facebook decision without enough information. Facebook restrict my account against my voice and joining the team of fake accounts and devils bullying an innocent and business person.

    I would like to ask for the discussion and consideration of my case. I think it would be unfair with the policy of Facebook by allowing a group of thugs to gang together to bully and attack a person. I would like to ask Facebook management to have someone to respond to my case by emailing me back or contact me at (714) 624-2780.

    I am also seeking the support from legal team and government officials regarding this violation of Freedom of Speech and my Rights in the Freedom Country. I believe in a fair discussion with all people, but not by allowing a group of thugs to beat up a person, and Facebook is part of that thug.

    Again, thank you for your time regarding this matter.

  • Fareena says:

    It have been over 2 weeks I kept trying to login my Facebook and I not receiving my two factor authentication code or it’s login approval code. I know my email and password, i enter it but without login approval I can’t get access to my Facebook and I not receive no code to my number. I really need your help please I don’t know what to do or if to wait for a weeks or month to pass then try to login back and see if code will come to my number because almost everyday I trying and I not getting no code and facebook saying ” You Can’t Get Another Security Code Right Now
    We limit the number of times you can request security
    codes in a given amount of time. We have this limit to
    protect your security. For help accessing your account,
    learn more, or try again later.
    Is like Facebook felt i hacking my own number but I not!!

  • Nigel Baby T Daniels says:

    I Need You Guy’s to Help Me Out, By Getting Back 🔙, into My Facebook Account, Nigel Baby T Daniels Birthday-05/03/1975 From New Orleans, Live’s in St. Louis, and I am also a Big Truck Driver. And My Cellphone Number are-(812)-456-0680, and Could You Guy’s Help Me Change it On My Account Pretty Please? And God Bless You Guy’s as Well. Amen….. In Sweet Jesus Name….. My Email address are nigeldaniels43@gmail.com, and also nigelbabytgoldmouthdaniels@gmail.com. And Thank You Guy’s So Much. Take Care. Or Just Give Me a Call On My Cellphone Number at-(812)-456-0680. And Thanks again

  • Fender Barber says:

    No I’m not paying a dollar to connect with an expert just close my account please

  • Alec Petooloosie, But I use Alec Pete for my Facebook account says:

    Locked out from my own Facebook account



  • HWD says:

    You should have a phone number to get a hold of security , their is scammers on market place trying to sell cars and truck at this time , I myself got scammed about 6mth ago for the amount of 1600.00 dollars at that time I call all everyone I had no luck , feds , ebay, and so forth .

  • bob says:

    facebook locks out every one accounts even as soon as they make them and i am the boss and they just keep locking out all the orton accounts and my enployess need that for work

  • Fun says:

    400 to 500 million people have died from the vaccine why is this bieng hidden news show lies and 20 million american live in Russia I love all people white people all races are people but we have got aliens ruling us in America Europe and Britain why and they dictate our lives I love white people Corona virus regardibg it I saw a film that it will start in america on Sunday 21 june 2015 america used to act movies about it with britain I met a british army personal who said that he got a message from American Army person that they created corona virus guided by hillary and Billy gate Trump was involved as well little bit but Obama two of them with Russia will cause world war 13 thousands of many thousands years but Russia will fight world war 3 please why facebook you are now a dictactor so countries in America europe are doing forced vaccination and you block people from saying thier opinion and vaccine is killing people in millions worldwide satan God voice spoke to me that god will punish the world because of the vaccine idiots bustards

  • Fun says:

    silly idiots bustard facebook stupids mental disturbed stop dictactorship go to hell you idiots dictactor biden boris macron are aliens dictactors not democratic go to hell you demon rats democrats fuck obama

  • Fun says:

    stop your dictactorship facebook I want my account back why do you block me when I m communicating with my friends on facebook you facebook idiots mad puppets of stupid biden who is an idiot fuck biden who forces people to vaccinate who hate unvaccinated God is using me I release world war 3 and 4 to world war uncounted to start now why are you stressing us you dictactor fuck you biden idiots bustard fuck you biden I dont fear you aliens Fuck you Europe dictactors worse than Putin this men is my hero Well done Putin you are genius he is a hero go to hell boris Johnson bob the builder mental crazy fuck you witch Hillary Clinton who will be a Queen of America federation no longer USA Queen Elizabeth is dead she died on Monday 22 November 2021 America suffered casualities of 1 million in world war 2 in Iraq you lost 20000 and on Sunday 23 March America lost 1200 soliders in iraq corona virus has killed 8 million people in America ana world wide it has killed 200 million news midea is lying Donald trump is Ghost but he was better than Biden he was going to negotiate with putin go away biden America in world war 2 lost 100000 inside mainland america Hitler killed 20000 inside America in world war 2 in World war 3 170 millions America will die Ha ha BBC CNN Euro news Israel Christian News that worship jesus of German are all propaganda britain lost 10000 at the battle of Isondlwana in south Africa in world war 1 Britain lost 2 million and 1 million in world war 2 America lost 400000 in Veitnam and China 100000 in vietnam America Im angry Close your dirty filthy website Facebook Twitter fuck you idiots bustards dictactors Kim Jung is better than Facebook I will vote kim Jung not you listen fools facebook I will rost you Im going to invite people to this website idiots bustard fuck billy gates idiots fuck Sweden fuck Canada Belgium all this countries will be gonne fuck you bustard close your facebook idiots bustard mental disturbed

  • Fun says:

    fuck of facebook you are now a dictactor stupid idiot worse than bitchute run by racists of america living in russia vaccine have killed 400 to 500 million you blocked 3 of my accounts fuck of bustards facebook idoits white racists china india banned you fuck you america aliens america will have a bad 2022 mainland it will burn fuck you idiot bustards stop blocking us from communicating with our friends God will burn pentagon MI5 MI6 CIA FBI America european British army bustards

  • Maria Threadgill says:

    Where to get help if you are being scam by a seller in the Facebook market site with out getting charge of $$$$$? I am already victimized by a scammer, please don’t double charge me for asking help.

  • Shelley Kling says:

    MY ACCOUNT WAS COMPLETELY TAKEN OVER!!!!!!! LOST MY FB, 13 years, gone in a matter of minutes , they changed my email, name and password, they also got my messenger, instagram and tik tok account. I tried to recover it but they did 3 password changes and 4 email changes. How is it that fb let them keep on in 13 yrs my name and email stayed the same and in 15 minutes last it changed 4 times, NO RED FLAGS. I live in Va. all changes took place from New York on an IPhone. I have Android. Please tell me why this did not signal something. What I’m pissed most for is they have access to all my photos. And can’t get no help from facebook!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cw heath says:

    Need to be free to voice my opinion when i want where i want!!!

  • Omar says:

    Dear Facebook,We have tried different options to recover a Facebook Account that was stolen from the original owner, Peruvian Mayra Solari Hurtado in November of 2021.The original name on the account was Mayra Solari Hurtado (Under “Public Figure”). Recently, another person, whose name is Alejandra Quiroz, from Ecuador, has stolen the account, placed her pictures and videos, keeping the name as “Mayra” only. If this hacked account is reviewed in detail, it will be simple to see that the original owner and the current one are two different persons.This is the link to the hacked account…

    On this page, clicking MENTIONS, you can see Mayra Solari wearing a white dress and it is on the left of the picture.
    On the main page, if you click on PHOTOS, you will see that the upper left 2 pictures are from Alejandra Quiroz, NO MAYRA SOLARI. The rest of the pictures belong to the real Mayra Solari.

    You can also check the Facebook account of Alejandra Quiroz here…


    Please, help.

  • Kelly D Kolnes says:

    Why are you people at Facebook letting scammers copy profiles and comment on my page that I won a prize . Are you to incompetent to do your job . I’ll say whatever I want to them ,and you tell me I can’t say anything to them. You people are pathetic

  • Kelly D Kolnes says:

    Why aren’t the people at Facebook catching all the scammers pretending to be Celebrities saying you won a prize. They get so easily offended if you have free speech but yet let scammers flood through and try to steal your information. Are you people really that stupid. I said hate speech to a scammer and they ban me for 30 days . You people are pathetic and stupid

  • Larry Ealy says:

    Another thing Ladonte Ealy used one of the killers phone to log in to his Facebook account this happened on September 3rd 2021 at 12:03 am we need the persons phone number and his information thank you very much

    Larry Ealy

  • Larry Ealy says:

    My son Ladonte D Ealy was murdered by several Effingham Illinois police on September 3rd 2021 in order to cover up the murder Tim Brown one of the Effingham state police involved in the cover up was sending out fake messages from Facebook pretending to be my son we need the location and IP address where they sent the messages from this is an ongoing investigation

  • Michelle says:

    Why can I not access Facebook on my new Google Chrome. Can someone walk me through the steps on how to get it?

  • Philip says:

    the one star ratings are just jealous cunts…

  • Justin-Ames Gamache says:

    My account was disabled under false presences. I didn’t click anything that agreed or disagreed, and I certainly didn’t post any comments that violated community standards. I gave my ID to verify my identity but makes even more awkward because I have no relation to what was going on. All of a sudden, I was hit and now I can’t connect or ask Facebook for help.

  • Mike says:

    Calling another user a “Hipster” and/or “Chinese Troll” is hardly a bullying tactic. I’m aware that Chris Martin reported me however, do you have any evidence that his account is valid. Unfortunately for you, I worked in the intelligence community and I can spot the hallmarks of a fake account/misinformation.

    Secondly, there exists on your platform, an array of misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines. I can guarantee that you do not have any medical professionals, scientists or virologists on your staff. Also, there are two side to every story/incident. You platform is dangerously close to becoming an authoritarian organization – I’m an attorney and know the Constitution and Corporate Law well. Yes, you may be a privately held company, therefor you can choose to silence users however, with all of the filth and foul language and inappropriate material on your site, I’m amazed that “Hipster” and “Chinese Troll” are offensive.

    The number of uneducated rot on your platform(s) is astounding. Nevertheless, it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is the Draconian application of gag tactics your company uses to silence people. That is alarming. I hasten to bet that none of you have ever worked in law enforcement or in the intelligence community. However, I have and I see the same tactics being used at Face Book used by the Taliban in Afghanistan (three tours), in Iraq by the AII and in other tin-pot dictatorships around the globe.

    Finally, you seem to want to preserve a certain political ideology rather than free speech. However, your factcheckers have admitted in court that FB positions on any subject are opinions not facts. You can’t have it both ways, i.e. push one agenda and then find weak ways to distill information that you don’t like. To that, I would like you to prove to me, by contacting Mr. Martin, that his account is real, he is not a Hipster or a Chinese operative trolling you platform. Facts matter.

    Thank you

  • Mike says:

    A Facebook user reported me for calling him a Chinese Troll and Hipster. With all the filth and foul on the site I get censored for THAT! Facebook needs to be torn to pieces. Since when did these little liberal pansies take over the freedom of speech and the rights of association. It’s time to bring Zuckerberg and all of the liberal/leftist/NWO type down – route their company and bankrupt these Nazis.

  • Derek gloe says:

    I’m being scammed for money for winnings from Mark Zuckerberg you might want to have a heads up about that

  • mike says:

    Socialist asshats. Shame on you for your censorship of the truth.

  • Tami says:

    I had a lady name Linda Madison Guti get a hold of me and ask my info saying she worked for FB and I was one of 50 profiles pick to win a large sum of money

  • Brittaney May says:

    My acct was hacked January 15 and I have tried everything possible an even sending in documents about 10 times and they still have yet to unlock my account I have reset my password over and over just to be told my account is still locked. There is no one to contact or anything, I work from my page on top of that I have photos of family members who has passed away on there and I could never get my photos back. Facebook needs to unlock my acct or I will be meeting up with a lawyer for falsely locking my account and not resolving the issue per their advertisement. This is not fair and the security team doesn’t even help. Please email me back with a resolution

  • Walter Justice says:

    My little sister is deceased & her name is Marian Justice & I tried to get her Facebooks deleted because if this situation I also reported this also would you please delete them & thank you

  • sonny says:

    SONNY BILOKRYLI. Got a message yesterday that my facebook account had been hacked..and that they facebook have shut me down,and that they have sent me a message as to how to change my password and get access to my account.not very fair i get shut down on account of some low-life scumbag that has nothing better to do than hack peoples accounts while they continue to do whatever they desire to you and your friends..i tried 3 times to follow their instructions and sign back in to facebook but to no evail..Who knows it could be the hacker of my account prying and trying to steal more information off of me..anyway if this complaint does by any chance reach a legite person from facebook,just please erase my account and forget that i have ever been a member of facebook.I am so done with this
    malarky enough is enough..

  • shima osman says:

    I am shima osman someone hack my account in USA and I live in USA i had report police and FBI report also I want help me get back my account because had important staff on there and secure my account my phone 8625915807

  • Frank Baxter says:

    Is Frederick Smith operational headquarters is he associated with Facebook as operation just curious

  • Amy L Sokol says:

    Be very careful sending Facebook your personal identification which they ask for when wrongly locking out your account. I only authorized my identification to be used solely to unlock my account associated with the request for Identity, and instead Facebook used my identity to link an account NOT associated to my Identification personal information. They will not answer any help,or report’s, legal emails,or security emails.They do not use your personal identification to unlock your account.40,k employees at Facebook, yet noone is available to help creators/ users on this platform. Be very careful. And expect no personal interaction for help.Legal misuse of user identification is at stake on Facebook. Believe

    • Harry Waterbury says:

      can you tell me why i can’t use market place any more?

    • Nigel Baby T Daniels says:

      Could You Please Give Me a Call at-(812)-456-0680, So You Could Help Me to Unlock My Facebook Account Pretty Please? And Thanks So Much. Amen….. In Sweet Jesus Name…..

  • Amy L Sokol says:

    Facebook didn’t recognize my new phone device and l9cked me out of my primary account.They confirmed my identity 9 times driver’s license and birth certificate, but still haven’t unlocked my account. This account is 16 years old and is the Administrator account to my SBA Business, since my lockout Dec 2021 I have not been able to make sales or communicate with my customers. What are you doing with my identity if you are not using to unlock a Facebook page you locked because of failure to recognize a new phone device login?

  • Bethaney Choate says:

    My account was falsely disabled and since there’s low staff to look at my plea on the damn help center I have less then 28 days before 10 years of connections gets deleted! I have not violated anything cause I’m an antisocial hermit who use’s Facebook to contact my family when I need help!

  • Ty says:

    zucherberg clearly working with DARPA and Project Life Log ….they scrapped their project when Zucherberg launched facebook. Now liberal twats are opinion checkers and forcing their fruit loop agenda.

  • Tim Calcavecchia says:

    I find it very sad when my messenger account was used with my name to solicit nude photos and videos pretending he is a agent for a publisher in Singapore who pays money for photos using my name … and I have absolutely no help from Facebook except online instructions that are so repeating without results.
    Can someone in Facebook reach me happymetac@gmail.com
    Tim Calcavecchia

  • Wake-up America says:



    clean it up fb!

  • WHYYou already have says:


  • Maria Proodian says:

    Mr Zuckerberg
    I am sick and tired of you and your people banning what people want to search. There is such a thing as freedom of speech- and you don’t control that. As soon as new social media site opens – people will be flocking to leave Facebook. I joined to stay in touch with my family and friends but I also believe I should be able to search subjects that I want to know what is going on. You should not be blocking information.
    Your company obviously is on the Democratic side – company’s should not be allowed to push their ideology on other people. Companies should never get involved with politics- just do what you started.

  • Robert troop says:

    I need help please

  • Robert troop says:

    I need help please with my Facebook account and I need you to call me at 6785492334

  • Sharon says:

    On November 13th I received an email stating my account was locked because I MAY have been hacked. I followed EVERY prompt in an attempt to regain my account. I get to the part where they want to send a security code to my phone. I’m still waiting for that code.
    My account was NOT disabled due to policy infractions. I have found absolutely NO credible support. I even paid a tech service affiliated with Facebook, THEY couldn’t unlock my account.
    I have researched extensively trying to find a solution. I even sent a photocopy of my ID per one site.
    HELP, somebody please help!!

  • Musonda Kakungu says:

    Help me I have forgotten the password please

  • Kenn says:

    I have an account with facebook and instagram I am going to sue facebook for lawfully NOT protecting our rights and privacy as people with accounts and letting people hack there way into accounts. I am disturbed by how big the company is and no one cares!!!! NO ONE WILL SEE THIS MESSAGE AND IT SUCKS BECAUSE NO ONE CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you expect people to get on these social media platforms when all of their data is at risk!!!!! My Instagram was hacked 3 hours ago and I have NO IDEA HOW TO GET HELP!!!!! NOTHING IS HELPING AND NOTHING WORKS !!!!!

    • WHYYou already have says:


  • Dennis says:

    Could you please consider placing a “Thank you” response link beside the “Like”, “Comment” and “Share” links on each page. Sometimes we just want to click “Thank You” to a Post instead of or in addition to the “Like” option. Thank you for the consideration

  • Maija Anderson says:

    Please enable my deceased sister’s account. She’s been dead for three years and recently her account was disabled. I tried following the guidance for memorializing her page but it requires the FB link to her page to submit the request. Please enable it.

  • Discrimination should be illegal says:

    After seeing the creators of Facebook..I see why my page keeps getting unnecessarily blocked . These folks don’t even look like they like African Americans . (Discrimination at its finest) right smh

  • Jerome Johnson says:

    Hi my name is Jerome Johnson I don’t understand the reason why I was kick off Facebook I never post or reveal none of my body parts

  • Griselda Tovar says:

    Facebook should get sued.
    My IG account got hacked. They are still using in to fraud accounts using bitcoin.
    They are taking over our IG account and going after our friends.
    There is no number or email to communicate with FB
    They are still using my account to target my friends. This is horrible.
    Im out 2k and one of my friends is out 2500

    These hackers changed my email, password, phone number and they put a 6 digit pin on my 01miss.g account

    I don’t understand why a Billion dollar company don’t have reps to talk to when there is major fraud using this platform.

    The hacker targeting is on IG as @rich_jenni__fx_
    She need to be stopped and FB is responsible for this because they know that is mission impossible to get in contact with anyone.
    Your Help Center sucks

  • Jennifer Rice says:

    Hey please bring Facebook back up

  • John Yeamans says:

    Dear Facebook,
    I can’t get into my account. I forgot my password and now whenever I try to get a new password, Facebook ask me for a code generator. I don’t know how to get a code generaor. Is there a way you can get me back into my account? I need it to keep in touch with the United States Power Squadrons, America’s Boating Club. I have had this account for at least 10 years or more and really would appreciate your help.

  • Mohammad Hossain says:

    Sir I am Mohammad Hossain, my user ID is my mail or dignitydignity22@gmail.com
    My Personal Facebook Account Was Disabled Without Any Reason,
    Sir I Don’t Post Any Illegal activities on My Personal Facebook Account,
    Sir I Follow Facebook Community Guidelines, Sir I Used My Real Name , pics ,
    phone number, This is My Personal Facebook Account,
    Sir Someone Reported My Facebook Account Without Any Reason,
    Sir I Stored My Personal Data in My Personal Facebook Account,
    Sir I Can’t Login into My Facebook Account,
    Sir I Request To U Please Recover My Personal Account please

  • Newsfacts says:

    I bet Suckerberg’s parents bought his way into Harvard

  • >