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  • Address: 5830 Granite Pkwy 3rd floor, Plano, TX 75024, United States
  • Phone Number: (954) 455-8008
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 7,000
  • Established: 2004
  • Key People: Ron Whidby

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European Wax Center Headquarters Executive Team



Ron Whidby

Chief Executive Officer

Joel Larkin

Regional VP, Franchise Development & Operation

Michelle Devore

Vice President, Customer Experience

Bob Lautenbach

Senior VP, Technology

Pamela Zerber

Regional VP, Operations & Development

Peter Levine

Deputy General Counsel

European Wax Center, History and Headquarters Information

In 2004 siblings, Dave and Josh Coba started the European Wax company. The Corporation provides waxing services and products in more than 700 locations in the United States. The Company is in the city of Miami in the United States. The corporate headquarters is at P.O. BOX 802208, Miami, FL, United States, 33280. The company phone number is 954 455 8000, and the website is The Company has a workforce of about 7000 employees in all its locations. Ron Whidby is the chief executive officer, Joel Larkin the regional (VP, Franchise development and operation), Michael Devore (vice president, customer experience), and Bob Lautenbach (senior V.P., Technology).

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  • Janis Nixon says:

    I need Corporate Headquarters Customer Service to contact me. Where do I find this contact on the website?

  • BeBe Kelly-Serrato says:

    I have been trying without any success to get a resolution with a European Wax Center in Houston, Tx. Location is on Eldridge. They charged me for the wrong wax pass. When I tried to get it corrected the manager accused me of yelling which never happened. When she became defensive I left the store. I felt unwelcome. I cancelled my appointment t because I felt unwelcome. I received a call and was requested to call them back about the wax pass. When I did I was informed that they had canceled the wax pass. I was told that I couldn’t get a refund and a credit was issued. I went to a different location and I was informed that while they could see the credit it could not be accessed. The manager at Royal Oaks didn’t see that the credit was entered in a way that was accessible in any way at all. I have contacted the Eldridge store and they will not talk to me or help me. I can’t get anyone to call me or tell me how I’m going to be able to get over access to the money I paid in for the WAX pass and the charges which have been unused returned to me. I will have no choice and will need to report them to the which is available to protect us from this kind of horrible behavior. I had to pay an additional cost to the second location for waxing because the credit which is on my account is inaccessible to me by any other European Wax center be a use since Eldridge canceled my wax pass. Can someone please look into this and help me resolve this matter.

  • Cheryl Annen says:

    Dear EWC headquarters,
    I had a negative experience at your Lee’s Summit MO location, treated poorly enough and with false allegations that I want the franchisor or business owner to know about it. Contact me to discuss.

  • Abir says:

    I’m regular and as of today, the waxer told me for only full Bikini and full legs it took her 30 minutes and I was charged $131. The point is they don’t have survey and I don’t think the corporate care as long as they are getting their money. The service and price should depend on the time the customer spent, how many sticks the waxer use. No more EWX.

  • Kathy Carver says:

    The Incident happened yesterday while I was using the facility at Arlington highlands Blvd. once finished I asked how many visits I still have in my passes thé manger step in and in a very rude bullying and very discriminatory behavior she started give me différents numbers she first said 10 visits, then 9 then 8 then 7 when I tried to explain to her please can you get me the correct number and be sure she asked me to leave her facility or she will call the police I get surprised what s going on I did not even raise my voices and the problem I just purchase another pass to take advantage of the deal they are having so I said since it s so confusing just go ahead and cancel the passes I just purchased, the manger then getting so angry called the police on me accusing me of trespassing which is not true since I have an appointment and just come to do my services. The police come and notice that her behavior was illegal and unethical, no ticket was issued and the police did encouraged me to file a complaint against her at your office to help me with this illegal and inappropriate behaviors from this manager at this facility. I am looking to get a refund to my $383 as my newly purchased pass that they charged me since they have my credit card on file while I am telling them that I am no longer interested on getting it. Also looking for an official apology from this rude manager for her behavior
    Dr. Carver

  • Former Employee says:

    I literally got fired from European Wax Center in Latham just because they wanted to. I have one write up for being late and i hd an emergency one day where i asked the lead on shift, Olivia, to extend my break 10 minutes, which she told me was fine. The manager, Nicole, called me and fired me. When i asked for reasoning The Director, Jessie, Told me “we are an ‘at-will’ agency, we can fire who we want.” The turn out rate is ridiculous for them just to fire who they want. Also they under pay the waxers who do all the work, to put unbelievably high expectations. They fill your book up with guest and give you 15 min to complete a wax, im talking full bushes, only 15 minutes, a full leg, 15 minutes to use up all your wax just to have no breathing room because you have back to back clients. They want you at work 30 minutes to an hour early to set up pots and again no breathing room between for guest. This company is horrible and the waxers get no credit nor appreciation for their work. The people who are in charged arent even waxers and they have all the authority and say of what goes on. And you have to kiss Nicole’s ass in order to keep your job. Shes fired many people because they were there before her and she wanted to be able to control everyone in the store. An Ex manager told me that she sets the goals so high for her personal needs. Her goal this month, may 2022, is to get a new car so she is putting all the pressure on the waxers. The Waxers deserve better.

  • Kathy says:

    boynton beach location keeps hanging up the phone without answering. the location is poorly run. app stinks, does not have a phone number to call to cancel nor does the app allow you to cancel on line which is why I tried 5 times this morning to call and they keep hanging up! wTF?

  • Tomi Wilson says:

    I went to the Allen location on April 15th and was charged 3 times for my service. When I called to inform them, the associate told me that she would let her manager know. A short while later I received one refund so I called back to remind her I had been charged 3 times and again, she said she would let the manager know. After a few hours I called again and the girl said that her manager was still working on it. The next day having not received the second refund or a phone call, I called and left a very frustrated message letting them know I was leaving the country but I expected this to be resolved when I got back. Well I’m back and since I still haven’t received a phone call or refund I called the location and ASKED to speak to a manager. The young lady I spoke with said she was the manager and that according to their records, I was only charged once and they refunded that. I asked her repeatedly who I needed to speak to to get this resolved and she just kept telling me to calm down…(heavy sigh). Can I get an actual adult to call me so this can be resolved? And shame on y’all for giving these “managers “ so little training and resources that they can’t figure out something that should be both easily investigated and resolved. They didn’t even have the decency to call me and I suspect the problem is that each computer runs different reports and they too simple to check both reports. I’m going to call back at noon to speak to another manager (?), and if after all that, I still don’t get this resolved, I’ll reach out to my bank and let them investigate these fraudulent charges. Ridiculous.

  • Amy K says:

    Who can you actually contact at the corporate office. The EWC that I have gone to says they did not receive my payment for a wax pass for my daughter. I have had the bank print the statements since they came out of my account. It shows payment was made and they are insisting corporate can’t find it. I would like to talk and send my bank statement payments to someone they keep referring to at corporate. I just want it refunded. I tried to get them to give me the wax pass that was paid for so my daughter could use. I have gone elsewhere and just want it refunded. They are the worst run store.

  • Keisha says:

    I am very disappointed in the services I have been receiving at European wax on broad street. The manager along with employees who I have names off who are very unprofessional and goes by nick names are very rude and laughed when I said I’ll be calling cooperate. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can reach out to me about these ongoing issues. It would also be helpful if you guys can have a telephone number for customers to call and speak to live agent about ongoing issues.

  • James says:

    How can I contact someone regarding one of your franchisees? I don’t want to say who/where due to retaliation.

  • Janice says:

    To Michelle Devore
    Re: Free wax emails.

    Ms Devore,
    In the past couple of years I have received several emails for either free or discounted wax services. Each time they denied me to use them at my location in Brandon even though no location is listed on the offer. Why send these if I’m unable to use them at the location that I use which is less than 10 minutes from me? Unacceptable Customer Service when offer is not honored even though there are no locations listed for exclusions.

  • Not Satisfied says:

    Same experience. I called ahead to notify the wax center I was 10 minutes away (driving 45 minutes to this location: East Lake, Pkwy, Chula Vista, CA) Before I could explain this I was put on hold. By the time the receptionist resumed the call 10 minutes passed and i was in the parking lot. When i explained this as im getting out of my car she tells me “well you’re already pass 9 minutes so you have to reschedule for a different day.” I told her I was in the parking lot literally getting out of my car and drove 45 minutes during rush hour to get there and she just said “sorry, you want a different day?” This is poor customer service for a paid membership. What can be done to accommodate?

  • Erin McGlynn says:

    Hello, i worked at ewc linden nj location from june 2020 to may 2021. It is feb 26 2022 and i have yet to receive my w2. I have no access on adp. I can login but there is nothing on there anymore. Ive called the location multiple times. Someone told me id have to come in and pick it up, went in and was told no they were already mailed out. Still havent received it. I called again and the manager claimed to have mailed them but that there was an issue with the post office. She offered to print a physical copy for me. The day she wanted me to come in i wasnt able to (sat feb 19 2022) so i went in on Tuesday feb 22 and for some reason she didnt have the physical copies and couldnt print another because there was a power outtage. I dont have the time to keep going back to the location in person only to not have my w2. I dont know what to do at this point, i just need my w2 and at this point it just feels like its being held hostage.

  • Chris Hannaford says:

    I need to speak with a human being, please and thank you. My phone number is 781-308-0221. I will appreciate a call concerning customer service.

  • Ash says:

    Hello, I hope this finds you well..I spoke to a manager at the Southpoint location on late October, 28th she states in her notes but I called many times before then. So on that date we spoke, she said she didn’t make note of it, but im sure if i pull my phone records from that day it will reflect that we spoke. On that call I told her that I was no longer gonna receive wax services and would like to have the wax passes I purchases refunded. She then placed me on hold because she said she had to calculate my passes..She came back and told me that only 300 would be put back on my card. I didn’t agree with that amount because i know i spent more but I was ok with her saying it would be put back on my card. Well here we are in December and I seen no transaction of that action. Received a call from her this morning and she states that I only can get a gift card from you guys. I don’t plan on returning to any European Wax for personal reasons so I will never use my money. How can this be resolved. I was more than nice about the whole situation and the only answer she can give me is gift card. I plan on filing a case with BBB and 5 on your side because this is ridiculous. Im hard working and just want what’s due to me. Ive been going for years, that little change wouldn’t hurt your franchise. I need answers.

  • Karina Inchauregui says:

    a franchisee is refusing to pay me.

  • A.D. says:

    attention Ron W. the whitemarsh maryland location has no heat it’s extremely cold in there all year long, management is aware and their not doing anything about the situation. employees eating lunch outside because it’s too cold inside and they have no brwak room . I think this is inconsiderate and management don’t care the manager is able to sit in her office with heat how ever she’s getting it .

  • Travis L Hardy says:

    I was sold a $600.00 plan without my knowledge. I asked for refund and was declined. I only spend $400-$500 annually for your service (Noblesville,IN) … I asked why they signed my up for the $600.00 plan? Never received a valid answer. You “hood-winked” me for $400 … but never again.

    You already received a 1star with a scathing comment on yelp! I will follow-up with a 1star Google Review… then a comment to the local BBB.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Scott McMillan says:

    To: Joel Larkin or Franchise care support
    I just wanted to tell you about how poorly Your company is being represented at your Cattelman Dr Sarasota Fl location! Employees make or break your business by how the employees represent your company! They are being lied to about hours promised, cut short on selling wax package commissions and spoken of very badly outside your company which directly effects your reputation! There’s a million wax facilities in the area and the way that Kristy the owner/ manager of that facility is creating a very negative image I’m sure your not wanting to have about your name & Franchise. Not to mention people don’t want to deal with backstabbing, negative owners(The face of your company). You run your franchises as you see fit, but this one you need to look into because the owner is the opposite of what you want I’m sure! There are multiple reviews of this location/ Company coming and they certainly are not good!
    Scott Mcmillan

  • Laura Lewis says:

    I have been in contact with EWC in Clovis, CA. I have remaining nose and bikini wax passes and i have moved and the closest store is 50 miles away. I can’t drive that far!! I would like a refund or products to cover the money I have spent on those passes!! No one has helped me!!! Not happy!!!

  • Eneida Moline says:

    Attention: Ron W., CEO — On 9/21/21, I scheduled an appt at EWC, Murfreesboro, TN. We had very inclement weather today, as a result, I called the facility to let them know I am running late. Your service attendant reminded me of the (9) minute late policy, which I acknowledged. I arrived at your facility at 1:53 pm CST, my appointment was at 1:45pm. To remedy the situation, I asked the front desk attendant to reduce my services from (3) to only (1). To my surprise, my proposal was declined, even though I met the late policy/9-minute deadline policy. I negotiated with your team, and they were unbending. I then opted to cancel all of my appointments. Drove two minutes to Brazilian Wax where I was well accommodated. Saved money a blessing for me, a loss for you. Thank you, Mrs. Moline

    • J Champ says:

      Same type of experience. Called and said late due to accident in roadway. Courtney (greenvale NY location) answered the phone with a condescending passive aggressive attitude and was extremely unhelpful. Good thing I have a good relationship with the person that actually does the wax service – she was understanding and accommodating. I really wanted to just cancel my package and never go back. Only reason I stayed was waxing person. Sounds like welcoming or unwelcoming front door staff needs better training.

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