Where is Etsy Corporate office Headquarters

Etsy Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 117 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-328-5933

  • Fax Number: (718) 855-7956

  • Email: support@etsy.com

  • Number of Employees: 744

  • Established: 2005

  • Founder: Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik and Jared Tarbell

  • Key People: Joshua G. Silverman

Etsy Headquarters Location & Directions

Etsy Headquarters Executive Team



Joshua G. Silverman

President, CEO & Director

Rachel C. Glaser

Chief Financial Officer

Linda Findley Kozlowski

Chief Operating Officer

About Etsy, History and Headquarters Information


Etsy was founded in the year 2005. The company has been operational for almost 14 years now. The founders of the company were Jared Tarbell, Robert Kalin, Haim Schoppik and Chris Maguire. In the first year of the company, it had attracted attention for frequently adding new tools and functionality to the site to help sellers gain more exposure and traffic, including Adobe Flash-based visualizations and taxonomy of various types categories with tags. Etsy had passed almost $1.7 million in sales in May 2007. The same year, Etsy had its one-millionth sale and anticipated its two-millionth sale would occur by mid of December 2007. In the year 2007, buyers spent $4.3 million purchasing 300,000 items for sale on Etsy, which was an increase of almost 43 per cent from October 2007. In the year 2007, it was expected to be profitable by the fall, but by the end of the year 2007, it was not a profitable company. In the year 2008, Etsy had received an additional $27 million in funding from Union Square Ventures, Hubert Burda Media, and Jim Breyer as well.

In the year 2008, due to trouble at eBay, including a strike by some dissatisfied sellers, brought speculation that Etsy could be an increasing competitor instead. At the same time, however, some Etsy sellers expressed discontentment with how Etsy was handling complaints about stores as well too. Then in the year 2009, users organized an ‘etsy day’ promotion on Twitter that had brought extra attention to the site as well. As of the year 2009, the company had approximately 60 employees and sales of $10 to 13 million per month were happening, which was possibly boosted by consumer interest in cheaper and more personalized goods due to the United States recession as well. In the year 2011, Etsy had introduced a Facebook-style social networking system called People Search in order to help buyers and sellers connect with each other easily and become friends as well. By the end of 2010, Etsy reported that it had almost seven million registered users and that it would still continue to focus on a personal community feel as it grows larger and larger, as that is part of what distinguishes it from eBay as well. In the year 2015, the company had filed for its first IPO or Initial Public Offer, which helped the company to raise almost $100 million. In the year 2014, Etsy had purchased A Little Market – which was a French e-commerce website for handmade goods, foods, and wine, for a mix of cash and stock valued at an amount, less than $100 million. In the year 2016, the company had taken over Blackbird Technologies. The following year, the company had shed almost 8 per cent of its workforce. The headquarters of the company is based in 55 Washington Street Suite 512. The name of the place is Brooklyn, while the name of the state is New York, United States. The pin code of the area is 11201.


Etsy is an American company that focuses on providing the online platform for buyers and sellers, to buy or sell various kinds of handmade as well as vintage items quickly. The current CEO of the company is Chad Dickerson. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $603.7 million. The current Amazon Alexa rank of the company’s website, as of the year 2018, is at 177 places. The company has more than 870 employees working, as of the year 2018. The company also has more than 60 million products on offer, as of the year 2018, with more than 39 million buyers and more than 2 million sellers.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have an online platform to buy or sell handmade, as well as custom, made items, along with vintage items too, including jewellery, crafts, materials, decorative items for the home, etcetera. The company also sells unique and commercially made pieces that are not available anywhere else. It also sells furniture toys, clothing, bags, craft supplies and tools, etcetera.

Etsy Headquarters Photos

  • Patricia Kay Nehs says:

    Why can’t I get alive person to help with an Etsy purchase problem. Your company has made it very difficult for people without computer skills to get help. I’m not buying from you again.

  • Priya says:

    I have ordered a wooden planter on 13th June through etsy. On 26th June I cancelled the order by sending message to the seller. He acknowledged the cancellation. But still took my money and though the seller made the order status dispatched no other details of carrier is available there. I have not git an item yet. But took 177 pounds from ne. There is no one to contact, order says its rejected to reach me by 25th July. No email intimation ir anything happened thereafter though I sent many messages.
    Kindly do not cheat on our gard earned money like this way.
    The comapay when I searched online it says that the shop appears to he closed.
    We really work hard and our money has only sweat sneezing. Kindly stop cheating and if you are really care your customers kindly get a solution to my problem.
    Thank you

  • lulu says:

    Has anyone ever actually found a real phone number or a human being who can help with issues at Etsy? If so, please share!

  • Barbara Steinman says:

    I was appalled to find your ads are sponsoring Steve Bannon’s show War Room on Real America’s Voice. I can’t in good conscience allow any part of my money, no matter how small, to be spent on the misinformation that is destroying my country. I’ll miss you, but will be no more Etsy orders from me as long as this situation continues.

  • Samantha Buxton says:

    I am hoping this gets to Etsy’s US HR Department or a live chat Manager or some one hire up. I just had the most amazing customer service I have ever experienced in my life. Meli was understanding kind and provided me with the perfect solution to my problem very promptly. I have never had such kind, genuine, caring, supportive, understanding, and eager to help service. If anyone has any pull give Meli a raise and a bonus!! Definitely deserving of a reward. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ainnaya Nurfauziah says:

    Dear Etsy Finance

    Following up with my previous notification letter, I asked for help so that Etsy’s finance department could double check
    some of remittances to my problemmatic account

    ==== The date are follows ==== :
    1. Remittances on 04 Feb 2022 *(Etsy has not returned to the deposit balance ) of Idr. 6.111.401
    2. Remittances on 07 Feb 2022 *(Etsy has not returned to the deposit balance ) of Idr. 57.507.720
    3. Remittances on 08 Feb 2022 *(Etsy has returned 25 Feb 2022 to the deposit balance ) of Idr. 117.800.555
    4. Remittances on 09 Feb 2022 *(Etsy has returned 25 Feb 2022 to the deposit balance ) of Idr.12.983.932
    5. Remittances on 10 Feb 2022 *(Etsy has returned 25 Feb 2022 to the deposit balance ) of Idr. 9.887.239
    6. Remittances on 11 Feb 2022 *(Etsy has returned 01 March 2022 to the deposit balance ) of Idr. 12.776.599
    7. Remittances on 14 Feb 2022 *(Etsy has returned 01 March 2022 to the deposit balance ) of Idr. 34.203.262

    So the conclusion is the total amount of money that has not been returned by Etsy to my deposit balance is IDR. 63.619.121
    (Dates : 04,07 feb. not returned to deposit)

    So about this case , I hope that Etsy Payment Finance can immediately re-check this data below and immediately return the money
    to my store deposit balance, so that i asone of the small trades on Etsy can continue to exist and always provide the best
    service to Etsy shoppers.
    Please kindly respond immediately and follow up because this is the 4th time i have sent and email.
    Thank you for time and attention and good cooperation from Etsy.

    Yours faithfully,
    Ainnaya Nurfauziah

  • Cheryl says:

    I was just denied a claim in made on a quilt I received from Russia that was wrong fabric and sized pictured in the listing. After I filed the claim, the seller immediately shut down their Etsy store. Then in comments about the case the seller called me a “fu**ing nigger” multiple times. Etsy ruled in THEIR FAVOR. Don’t believe me? Think I’m exaggerating. Look at my order number and see for yourself. #2379741572. I want my refund! How dare Etsy not refund me directly. Please reply back.

    • Former Etsy Shopper Never Again! says:

      Cheryl, what a terrible experience you’ve had. You are not alone. I have found ETSY staff to be extremely unfair making ad hoc decisions that are left to the discretion of the agent dealing with a particular case. Most of these agents are driven by personal bias than any sense of what’s appropriate, or even rules-based! They often allow the most dishonest and unethical behaviour from fraudulent sellers who behave very badly. This has happened to me more than once when buying on ETSY. I have been sent some absolutely shocking merchandise by sellers on this site, and again ETSY ruled in the Seller’s favour! The lack of proper oversight and fairness of the decisions made by ETSY is mind-boggling. I simply don’t trust the site any more. I have made many purchases over the years. Online purchasing can be hit and miss, but the highest percentage of misdescribed, wrongly measured, poor quality items I’ve received are from ETSY. Poor regulation, lack of accountability, very bad decision-making from the boffins who works for this company who behave as if they are above buyers on this site. One look at their premises in Brooklyn explains why! Self-indulged workers who have completely lost touch with the community that keeps them employed – buyers! I no longer purchase from ETSY for all these reasons. If you have a purchase that is not what was described, poor quality, incorrectly measured I suggest opening a PayPal claim. It’s the only way to receive justice from ETSY. Don’t count on staff doing the right thing by the buyer when sellers lie and use misleading or deceptive information to sell an item.

  • Kathy Reed says:

    Hey World, do you want to know what is really disturbing and just plain fraudulent? Etsy has no phone number on the planet that works. None. Even this corporate office phone number is a fraud. DISCONNECTED PHONE NUMBER. Here’s my number Kathy Reed (505) 240-5787. I need someone from the Etsy corporate office (if there is one) to contact me right now- today- immediately!

  • Kathy Reed says:

    Somebody please find someone in the Etsy corporate offices to contact me immediately. This system, Etsy’s system is broken and that may be the way it stays. I will fight for my what is right and to be made whole for the damages I have incurred within this company. Help Kathy Reed (505) 240-5787 or kathyreed6563@gmail.com

  • Kathy Reed says:

    I am literally more frustrated, upset, and disturbed with the lack of ability to communicate with any Etsy employees when there are situations that are unable (and sellers don’t care and are unwilling) to assist US. Those of US who keep this company in business. I am completely disgusted with the process, lack of assistance other that the seller who causes many problems in the first place, and the inability to ge through to ANYBODY within the management or supervisory positions in the billion dollar company. I will not go into any further detail. I will tell you that following the circles and ridiculousness in the steps to fix SELLERS mistakes are, in many cases, impossible. I am an FBI agent out of Albuquerque New Mexico and I have spend to the last several days going round and round with an issue that cannot ever happen again, to me anyway, and must resolved by SOMEONE IN YOUR CORPORATE OFFICES “”IMMEDIATELY””. I am publicly putting my contact information here, in print, for whomever might find it in their best interest to contact me before I forward all the emails and contact information I have received from one of your sellers that will forever be remembered by millions of potential customers. I hope somebody hears me loud and clear. If not, I will bring in the big guns (the proper authorities and my lawyers) so that they might find me the relief and compensation I have been unable to receive by my own accord. Kathy Reed (505) 240-5787. Thank you

  • Linda Godfrey says:

    Your company has to go back to taking phone calls to resolve important issues. This email system is not working. I have worked in customer service for 14 years and for the biggest cell phone company. Your people are not trained well at all. I’m sitting here for two two days after requesting help for a international issue and a very angry customer. Is this how you resolve issues?

  • K T says:

    Your racist commercial regarding the white Santa’s and the disgust of the black man is appalling. You should be ashamed for spreading hate. I will no longer buy from Etsy

  • SC says:

    I took hours setting up a seller account and listing products from my company. I made two sells and I also paid for marketing ads. Out of nowhere, my account was SUSPENDED. I contacted support via email and phone support. I was told that it will take 7days for Etsy to contact me. It’s been 2wks now and i still DIDNT receive any emails from anyone and after waiting 1 hour for support to answer the phone they just hung up. The worst part of all of this is that the money I earned from my sells are stuck on Etsy and I cannot cash it out nor had it been directly deposited into my bank account I have on file. Also, I was was still charged for those ads for 2 days AFTER my account was suspended and Etsy made sure they took their fees out right away. I did a little digging and I see that their corporate office is In Brooklyn NYC so I will be paying them a visit come Monday!!!!

  • MMC says:

    I am SO FRUSTRATED with this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My personal account was charged over $1,000 2 months ago and NO ONE FROM ETSY reached out to me. I sent many e-mails and all phone numbers listed were disconnected!!! My Bank took care of me after a week of being without my money. I was required to get a new debit card and change many accounts. Today ETSY has charged my account again for seller fee’s with my new debit card that I have only had for barely 2 months!!! I have only bought from this company one time last Sept. and I have NEVER sold anything!!! Again, no one is available to help me!!!!!! I Need a REAL HUMAN to contact me and explain to me why my account keeps being compromised!!!!! ETSY is NOT A SAFE COMPANY TO BUY FROM!!!!!!!!!

  • M. Shaw says:

    I shop on Etsy frequently. Opening a gift section looking for an owl mug gift I found several offensive items that I think are inappropriate for your website. I’m definitely not a prude, but I don’t think a mug with “fuck you” or similar should not be shown on this website!

  • Mona Arnold says:

    ETSY has put our company on Vacation Pause for proof of Tax & Legal Documents, We have uploaded them and it had now been going on 5 days without them unlocking our Vacation Pause, We normally do about 60 orders a week and especially now during our holiday selling season, we’re locked out without any help from the email to support. We are a 8 year partner with ETSY and and now this, This is hurting our company financially and we will not recover from this situation that ETSY has no reason except that they are too busy to help. First we were told 24 hours and now when you go to Support it says 2-4 days..We are on day #5.

  • sharonda milburn says:

    Well it seems like I’m not the only one with a problem with ESTY.Ig don’t want the consumers to call then why have a phone number for one . $2 how you don’t have your seller’s number as well I personally hate speaking through email or texting I like talking to ppls. I placed my last order with these ppls. The young man was doing his job I’m not mad at him but he gave me so many links it was RIDICULOUS. I explained to him that I was disabled and that wasn’t going to help me ,and I tried but the screen kept jumping back. I’ve never received my shipment was supposed to get it between the 16th and 17th of Nov. Haven’t got it yet, I’ve order b4 had problem not this bad, but bad enough this is the last time I will.be calling my cousin the lawyer and might see if the fax number work
    This co.is sorry won’t recommend to anyone

  • Janelle Barber/Jackson Barber says:

    We are a Seller on Etsy. We have a Candle company – Season’s Aroma Candle Co. We have a 5 STAR rating and in good standing. On 9-23 shortly after we launched our new fall line of candles, Etsy threw us into vacation mode. Etsy sent us an email stating we had too many outstanding orders. Not true and certainly not more than we can handle. We had a great response to our new fall candles. We have a 3-5 day processing time and have NEVER shipped anything out late. So cannot imagine how Etsy would know our capacity to judge what is “too many” with a 3-5 day processing time. This is very frustrating and unnerving to shut down a seller that has no history of poor order fulfillment. As of 3 weeks we have no orders in the queue but you continue to keep us in vacation mode??

    We have invested a lot of money into our fall line of molds and scents and cannot get Etsy to respond to us. We are losing money every day and this line will go unused this year if we cannot get our shop out of Etsy forced vacation mode. Then the oils will need to be thrown away as they do not last a year. Every time we call Etsy, they say they are escalating our case but Etsy does not respond. Spent 45 minutes on hold today and just gave up. Why are you doing this to us? If the shop ever opens up it is possible you have negatively impacted our business for the next 1-2 months. Why do you do this to your sellers?

    Please respond

    Thank you

    Janelle Barber/Jackson Barber

  • C Cooley says:

    Etsy Support – No help after nearly two weeks of being locked out of two of my shops. I keep being told my request will be prioritized, but seriously? I have emailed, chatted online and called 15 times – no one can help me. Verizon.net used to be my email exchange, but they sold out to Frontier.com. Frontier assured me that my emails (main and two sister emails) would remain verizon.net – but they changed the two sister accounts associated with these two shops to frontier.com without my knowledge and now I can’t get access because Etsy has a pop-up message on both shops stating I need to update my password and they sent a link to the verizon.net emails – which no longer exist. My day job is with a major university with 10s of thousands of staff and students – never in my 22 year career have I had an issue updating my email or password. Why is this so hard for Etsy? I don’t understand. I have sales sitting there and now probably pissed of customers. Losing revenue for myself and Esty every day.

    Tue, Oct 5, 8:56 AM (1 day ago)
    ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Thanks for contacting Etsy! Your request “Still locked out of two of my shops due to invalid email and password r
    Christine Cooley

    8:35 AM (52 minutes ago)

    to Etsy
    It will be 2 WEEKS tomorrow that I have not been able to access two of my shops. Please go in an update the email addresses. Please help me get back to work.

    HELP! please change my emails – they are no longer valid because of Verizon- not me. I keep getting these messages when I try to log in to my shops

    Reset your password
    For your security, we’ve sent an email to ccooley1962@verizon.net that includes a link to reset your password. ( NO LONGER VALID EMAIL)
    Once you’ve reset to a new and unique password, you can return here and login with your updated password.

    Reset your password
    For your security, we’ve sent an email to bettybalestri@verizon.net that includes a link to reset your password. ( NO LONGER VALID EMAIL)
    Once you’ve reset to a new and unique password, you can return here and login with your updated password.

    Shop Names are:

    The emails currently on those shops are no longer valid as Verizon.net is now Frontier.com and Frontier changed the email exchange without notifying us. They only let us keep this one email for Verizon.net because it was the original email tied to our verizon internet account years ago. Please help me get back on my shops. It’s been 13 days and I have numerous sales pending.

  • Bob says:

    One of your sellers is showing a product with an incorrect price why is this. Seller Geake Yoder Trend

  • Jack Mahaney says:

    I’m a photographer and decided to try opening an Etsy shop, went through 3 hours of filling info, creating a shop, creating a listing, all financial info and when I went back in to log in and check everything found my account was SUSPENDED! No notice, no email, just suspended. The phone agent said “They’ll send you an email in 7 days telling you what the problem is.” How’s that for a new member welcome? I’m still on phone hold, waiting for a supervisor. Long wait… Yes, I’ll be removing my account. Unbelieveable….

  • Caveat Emptor GOOuGLE it says:

    1. Write: ATTN: Josh Silverman, *PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL, Address: 117 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, and . . .
    2. Contact YOUR State’s Attorney General’s Office for Complaint Procedures and/or Forms, and
    3. Contact YOUR Local Better Business Bureau, and
    4. Contact YOUR Local Chamber of Commerce. ** UNITED WE STAND ~ DIVIDED WE FALL **

  • Dusty Doright says:

    I am amazed that there is no one at Etsy responding to these complaints or at least saying I’m sorry I’ll look into that.

  • Lisa Grace says:

    I will no longer purchase anything from the Esty website due to their unconstitutional ban on the sell of gun accessories. I am tried of these big corporate companies pushing their unconstitutional values on to Americans!

  • Voreece Serrano Soto says:

    Is it where any way possible I can get my patterns that I pay for I’ve been on this website for a while so I have a lot of pattern

  • Kathie Flaherty says:

    Just curious,are you going to advertise white shop owners, Asian, Mexican etc shop owners. What about single mom stores or veterans….i am not a racist however feel advertising black owned shops is a bit racist.

  • Wendy Dove says:

    You have recently sent me messages about how much you support black creators black women Etsy so does this mean that you didn’t support black women before does this mean that you’re stating this now because you’re scared of not saying it ? I am Appalled by your behavior Shame on you you should’ve always supported black people and by just making announcements right now doesn’t correct your bad behavior shame on you all by the way I don’t think Your support anyone of color I think you only see green how about that I think that you only support women when you see dollar signs Shame shame shame shame

  • Nan Davis says:

    I had an Etsy store for years. I got hacked through Paypal. I just tried to start back up and spent nearly 2 hours of my workday attempting to even locate my shop. Etsy was NO HELP. I was now asked to provide my checking account routing number and account number!!!!!!!
    Now I am being bombed with Esty sales crap. They can’t help me don’t want me but they now want me to BUY?????
    I will never ever get another Etsy shop, so I suggest to anyone who is interested in trying Etsy, give them all your $ information, and high roll.
    ETSY stop sending me your junk mail. If I have to retain legal I will.
    Nan Davis
    prior owner of Kismet Center on ETSY

    • Bill says:

      I feel your frustrations Nan. I run a 32 year old manufacturing company whereas we make hand made adirondack chairs & accessories (weathercraftfurn.com). In June 2019 we decided to experiment and completed a shop on Etsy. After many hours of site work, learning the system, and design it has done very well and we have been pleased with the commission rate with Etsy.

      In May 2020 we exceeded the $10,000. sales mark. Etsy then mandatorily enrolled us into new and different commission program that when reaching an annual 10K, they then place you into an off site ad campaign and charge ANOTHER 12% in selling fees in addition to the already in place commission fees. No choice… required.

      After contacting support I finally received a response…twice. Since I have responded and responded back… I’ve heard nothing, zero. As result, we have suspended all of our products from Etsy b/c of poor seller support and lack of communications. I will not do business with anyone… no where whereas you have no contact support.

  • carol eichhorn says:

    I placed an order for 2 Angel bookmarks with Carla Pickering weeks ago. I had not as yet received them so Carla said she re-sent them, not sure as to the date of their arrival. I am very disappointed in the delivery of these. I will certainly hesitate before ordering another item from Esty.

  • Irene Pearson says:

    To Whom this may concern
    For some reason or another I seem to be always stepping on some ones Feet.
    Before I listed , my Playboys – Swank – Hustler – Club – and other Magazines on Etsy , I researched , and Checked to see if these where out there for Sell, and sure enough hey are , plenty are on ETSY , Ebay and other vintage replacement back issues are out there.
    I felt OK with listing them on ETSY , since there are plenty other Sellers who do so too,
    and I won’t be the only one,
    For some reason , my Shop has been closed until I remove all pretty Girls SEXY Magazines,
    I have over 2000 listings on Etsy , about 80 where Sexy Magazines,
    I have no use for them , I never read them or looked at them,
    they however belonged to my Deceased Husband, and I am pretty sure, that my Husband is not the only one who likes to look at these Pictures.
    Anyways , my Etsy Shop has been suspended , until I delete these Magazines,
    all have been removed from my Shop , but I have over 1900 other listings , that I pay for.
    So I would appreciate it very much for my Shop to be activated again.
    Thank you very much
    sincerely Irene
    Woman and Men
    do buy these , as you can see
    on my Sold items.
    For some reason , some one that
    follows me , must be very uptight .

  • Patsy Ladner says:

    I purchased some articles from Etsy, checked out, charged to my credit card, never received the articles, still in the cart, now what has happened? some of the things ordered has been sold, some of the things were pendants for my daughter’s cremains, I am really hurt about them, I have a funeral home that was going to put the cremains in the pendant for me, I want to know what happened, please let me know what happened, I would appreciate an answer, I still want the earrings and the pendants, I have ordered from you and never had any trouble with an order, in fact, it comes fast and I love you site and love ordering from you. Patsy E. Ladner, please let me hear from you, as I still want my order.

  • Irene Pearson says:

    To whom this may concerns
    My Name is Irene Pearson , I have been selling on Etsy for about 5 years , I have messaged you before , here is what had happen yesterday . A guest purchased my vintage Jerry Gas Can Nozzle , I had it marked for $ 26.00 plus shipping . Well the guest purchased it and it was marked FREE SHIPPING , REALLY , before I list my items , I do the research , my price was good and reasonable , like I said before , that you have a Jokester working for you , that went in my shop and marked FREE SHIPPING , I refunded , the Customer fully back the amount . because I don’t feel like that I should be out $ 15.00, well this morning , all my money was not available to me to be deposit in my bank account , I contacted the support center- dozens of times , questioning why my Funds are being withheld by Etsy. The only thing here is wrong , that an Employee working for Etsy, makes adjustment in my shop.
    And I refund the Customer the amount back ,but someone at Etsy is holding on to my moneys , and I cannot Deposit it today.
    Thank you

  • Irene Pearson says:

    To whom this may concern
    My name is Irene Pearson
    and I have been selling on Etsy for 5 years
    due to a fraud claim that a customer did
    my Etsy shop was closed
    I would very much appreciate if you open my shop back up
    GARDRUNNER77 at Etsy

  • Irene Pearson says:

    To Whom this May concern
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart – for giving me the opportunity – to reopen my Etsy shop – and not let all 2300 listings Expire .
    I am a Widow and once a month -I receive a Check – for $ 1.321 –
    when my next check arrives -(( March 1st )) I will pay the outstanding balance – and reopen my shop.
    Thank you again – for your kindness
    Irene Pearson

  • Irene Pearson --- GARDRUNNER77 says:

    To Whom this may concerns
    My name is Irene Pearson – I have been selling on Etsy for 5 years – I also have been cheated and scammed by Customers and Etsy Employees ,
    I thought by putting a house rule in my etsy shop that would protect me from Scammers – not so true , because the Customer and Etsy always wins , I am out of my merchandise – and my shop is closed .
    One day I was listing new items in my Etsy shop – when I saw the light come on – where someone had made a purchase ,I switched over to see what it was – 2 Western shirts – one was Free Shipping – the other was not ,$ 34.00 and some change – customer paid – when I finished -with my listings – I switched back over – to get the info – on the Sale – and then I saw $ 28.00 in my account -someone had made the adjustment on the second shirt – for Free Shipping – without my knowledge , I have noticed this a couple other times – on my listings – where the item I had $ 9.00 in the listing was less than $ 4.00 now .
    Also I have had one item listed – and every so often -I go true all my listings – and realize that are 2 or 3 of the same item listed , you must be having some jockers working for you , very unprofessional – very upsetting for Sellers like me ,
    My shop is closed – due to a Scamming situation – that had occurred – Etsy shut it down – 2300 items – cost me $ 460.00 to list .
    What a shame

  • >