Where is Esurance Corporate office Headquarters

Esurance Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 650 Davis St, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 415-875-4500

  • Fax Number: 415-875-4501

  • Email: customerservice@csr.esurance.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1999

  • Founder: Jean-Bernard Duler, Jeffrey L. Goodman, Huyen Bui, David Griffin and Charles Wallace

  • Key People: Jonathan David Adkisson

Esurance Headquarters Location & Directions

Esurance Headquarters Executive Team



Jonathan David Adkisson


David Matthew Biewer

VP, Treasurer & CFO

Eric Brandt

Managing Director and Chief Claims Officer

Mark D. Pitchford

Managing Director of Sales and Service

About Esurance, History and Headquarters Information

Founded in 1999 by Jean-Bernard Duler, Esurance is an American insurance company. It is a subsidiary of Allstate, with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. This was one of the first companies that sell insurance online, directly to the customers.

Various services of the company include auto, home, motorcycle, and renters insurance. While the company has always received tough competition from other American insurance companies, Esurance has made its presence based on its hassle-free and efficient services. The interactive tools, use of the latest technology, and a mobile presence with the help of apps also add up to customer satisfaction. Services of the company are available across 43 states in the U.S.

Services like DriveSense, Pay Per Mile and CoverageMyWay, are unique to the company and focus on customer-oriented services.

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  • Esurance Horrible says:

    Ms Jackson lost her only form of transportation on March 29 and three months later she is still waiting for her check.

    We are being given the run around by Aaron Thomas and contacting his supervisor was also a waste of time as she also didn’t bother to follow up. Be clear, we will be reaching out every day until this is resolved to our satisfaction.

    This headache started moths ago and today Aaron Thomas sent this email letter demanding it be notarized and it clearly doesn’t require that at all. Also pay attention to the dates and see that it took a month for him to draw up the document. He’s since denied receiving it via email which I can prove. He claimed he mailed two forms that were never sent. The run around game is over.

    I have documented all interactions and will gladly add an attorney to this mix if required. The may not be happy with me settling for this amount. I know I don’t feel like the amount is fair considering the headaches I endure from the wreck and dealing with this adjuster.

    We have completed the forms as required, but we will not seek a notary as made up by Ms Thomas.

    Shared to Ngic corp and the bbb.

  • Takeyea Bloomfield says:

    Fucking Horrible! I been calling all week just to get a rental car. This Company is trash! Message after Message…nothing! 🤦🏾‍♀️The other Reps keep apologizing. Have left msgs with Tatiana Romez’s supervisor and her manager…nothing! This is the kicker, I even called Corporate and did not talk to anyone. I was transferred to my adjustors vmail! 🤮 Seems like a fucking scam to me. I’m gonna contact the news.

  • Lucas says:

    I think we need to file a class action law suit

  • Jasmine M. says:

    HORRIBLE Customer Service!
    My vehicle was hit from behind while at a red light almost 2 months ago filed a claim same day, haven’t heard from ANYONE since. All calls and messages have not been returned.

    • Takeyea Bloomfield says:

      My experience with them is horrible as well. I’m getting scam vibes! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Craig Litow says:

      Me too Jasmine. 11/22
      The worst. Can’t believe its an Allstate company. Do NOT purchase Esurance for any reason

  • Darren says:

    They have the worst customer service ever. Filed a claim since September 2nd, and the vehicle wasn’t picked up until after September 26th then they loss the key to my vehicle. I filed a complaint with the BBB and the department of insurance. I will be filing a complaint with the department of consumers affairs. Keep not responding, its your business rating that will drop.

  • Ron Marroquin says:

    Very horrible service by the claims adjuster. My car was hit while parked on 8/3/22 and it’s like pulling teeth with these people. I’ve left numerous emails because I gave up on leaving phone messages, they wouldn’t return any phone calls. I emailed her on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and today Friday. I’m still waiting on an answer on when they are going to pay. And she the claims adjuster said she would get back to me this week. What a surprise, I haven’t heard from the claims adjuster. Really and truly unprofessional. You should learn from Root Insurance. They are true Professionals.

  • Heather says:

    I don not have Esurance, however my car was parked at the grocery store, while someone (that was “high”) hit it and proceeded to run! The entire incident was caught on video, so the police found the guy and got his insurance info for me to proceed with a claim. I thought all might be semi-ok, even though my brand new car would now showup as WRECKED, thus I would get less on trades or selling it, at least i thought it would be fixed back. My claim has been in the system for 2 weeks and i have not heard the FIRST word from my “adjuster Ryan Cassidy!” I have contacted him 6 different days with no response. From what i can tell this is a highly unprofessional business! Take your business elsewhere, i sure would, and i was even going to check on insurance rates through Esurance! No thank you!

  • M. Finn says:

    This company is Absolutely worthless! Accident reported on 7/21. Communications are minimal and non existent. Multiple complaints have been reported and nothing has progressed by their hands. I have been doing all the foot work and phone calls to get information. I have been told for months that it would be taken care of. Not my agent(Rheina Silva-Cadet) or supervisor (Ashley Leigh) has answered emails to me or the collision center. I need my car, I have a family and job to try to keep as it requires travel so I need my vehicle. I’m already out $6000 in replacement vehicle costs. This is ridiculous that I have to fight to get the company I pay to get my vehicle fixed. JUST PAY THE COLLISION COMPANY AND COMMUNICATION IA ALL IT TAKES. This is beyond unprofessional from a company in customer service.

  • Amanda Soto says:

    Was involved in an accident August 10, 2022 and I’m still waiting for an estimate to be done correctly and approved so work can even get started on my vehicle. I have been waiting 37 days so far for an estimate. I’ve been doing live chats with claims appraiser, the Esurance claims adjuster and the shop that has my car. They did the initial estimate but it wasn’t correct, so they had to go back and redo it, but that wasn’t right according to the shop. The shop said they shorted the total by $2,000 so they sent them an email with the correct numbers and I’m still waiting for something to be done. The claims people tell me something, the claims adjuster tells me something else and the shop another. I’m be told so many different things by different people I don’t even know what is going on anymore. I am so angry! I was told by the people doing the appraisal that they gave my case to someone else because the person who was working on the estimate couldn’t finish it, but today I was told that the same person has been working on it since the beginning. I don’t even know who or what to believe anymore. I feel like I’m the one that’s been doing all the work trying to get things done for my car. Only 8 days left with the rental and they won’t extended past the 45 day mark which is crazy since I’m still waiting on an estimate to be completed. I could have maybe understood if they had already started work on my car and it was still in the shop, but waiting on an estimate this entire time. I mean c’mon get it together and get things done correctly and as quickly as possible for you customers. Oh and apparently according to someone I did a live chat with at Esurance there is no one you can speak with about your complaints other than the claims adjuster or their supervisor. They probably don’t have one because that’s all they’d do is deal with complaints. Fix these issues for your customers, this has been ridiculous!! I wish I could post all the pictures of the screenshots and emails that I have for this mess! Get that estimate corrected, approved and FIX MY CAR!!

  • Julius Camp says:

    This has to be the worst insurance company ever I hate them with a passion I have beem trying to get my car repaired for 2 months because they can’t get their heads out of their asses just the biggest joke of an insurance company if you value you shit find another company to represent you not these bums.

  • Leslie Scotti says:

    This is unacceptable! July 20 accident. No replies to my calls to adjuster, her supervisor, regional manager. Nobody has reached out to me despite being told at least 20 times that someone would return my call!

    I need my car repaired NOW! I need a rental NOW!

    Tried to call corporate office and was sent to automated system. This is causing me so much stress. My livelihood depends on my car being fixed!!!!

    • Daphne Riley says:

      I am dealing with the same thing, accident in August 2, 2022 no call back, no email. Have they finally reached out to you?

  • Shannon says:

    I don’t recommend Esurance I have had a rental since June 12 2022 my policy max was reached on July 27,2022 but my car is still in the shop the person handling my claim assured me that he would be about to extend the rental out. While I get a call from the rental company telling me that National Insurance Company is saying that they don’t know why it’s being extended out when I have reached my maxed. I communicated that with my adjuster and again he assured me that he would handle it that was Wednesday I contacted him Thursday and Friday no response. The rental company calls me Friday afternoon and tell me I still have a balance I called the adjuster several times no answer. Called customers to get transferred to his manager left messages for him as well no call back. This is the worst service I have ever received and to make matter worse my adjuster is on vacation from August 13 until August 22. And no one can help me because it is the weekend but I called all yesterday evening for help. I will not be held liable for a balance when I was told that it would be handled by Esurance.

    • Mireya says:

      I am in the same situation.

    • robert waldrep says:

      I’m having the same issue with them I was in an accident 12/15/2022 they got me a rental now on the 12/30/2022 they said they would extend my rental well enterprise rental called me saying the vehicle must be returned on the 1st of January. I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone with no to answer or talk too . I have not received any emails or call backs I’m so pissed at this pos insurance company especially what I’m paying I’m actually thinking of finding a lawyer an talking to them about filling something against Esurance an there fraudulent ways of treating there customers

  • Beynour says:

    This Esurance I’m not recommending too anyone . Very unprofessional customer service.they don’t care about their customers at all . I’m still waiting on my claim from July 13/2022 . They give me estimate and that’s all Cristal contacted me that I have $1000 deductible. And they will cover $355 only till today I call them several times no one taking my call. I call White J. Her supervisor he never take my call I emailed him he returned my email with same . Care less for customers. I’m willing too file a complaint agains Esurance. Today is 20 days with no response. Well u guys made me mad I can’t fix my car . But one think I’m promising you guys too file complaints at BBB. And file other complaint to the general manager of the company. Shame on you guys .

  • Krystal says:

    Awful company. My daughter was in an accident on Father’s day, the car was “totaled out” on the 24th of June, then June 30 is when the check was submitted. It didn’t clear until July 8. So you’re staying that from the 24th she would have 48 hours to find a vehicle. THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE, UNLESS YOU’RE MADE OF MONEY!!! SO AGAIN ITS NOT REALISTIC..I HATE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY!!!!. NOT TO MENTION THE AGENTS HANDLING IT ARE PRETTY MUCH NON EXISTENT

  • David Baum says:

    Looks like I’m having the same problem as everyone else. It’s been a month and I can’t reach anyone to even look at my car. Anyone interested in joining a class action? I am beyond losing my patience.

    • Sophia says:

      I am with you can’t get anyone to take calls or respond to emails our accident was in April and still don’t know how to fill out the paperwork for total loss of 2020 mustang.

    • Antwanon Fed says:

      Yes! I’m in: I filed a claim over 90 days ago and I can’t reach anyone to even look at my car.

    • Darren says:

      I definitely would be interested in filling a class action lawsuits and going to the media about them.

  • Jamie Price says:

    Awful car insurance I got into an accident on July 2 and it’s been three weeks and they haven’t called me about my car.

  • Ashley Jones says:

    This has been the most unpleasant experience with Esurance. My car was vandalized on June 21, 2022 I filed my claim the day it happened and I haven’t heard back from anyone since that day ( and that was the generic automated email they send saying you’ll be contacted in 48 hours) I have left SEVERAL messages to not only my claims agent assigned to my case but also his supervisor. I have sent emails after emails and phone call after phone call and NOTHING. I can’t get any update and my car is still not fixed, but they made it a point to take me money and to call me about my bill being due. I have never had any problems before with this company but this time I’m really disappointed in the service. I have spoken with other agents and all I keep getting is I have to talk to the agent assigned to the case. Everytime I dial his personal line it says he is “at home” for 2 weeks Christian and his supervisor Rochae have been at home. I just want my car fixed. What is the point in having insurance if no one at the insurance company is helping you and all they’re doing is taking your money 🤔

  • Cheryl Searcy-Lester says:

    I had an accident 4/13.. reported it, and have been trying to get an adjuster to come out to no avail. I’ve spoken to numerous customer service reps, and recently tried locating someone via Facebook. Everyone says someone will contact me, but no one ever does. Do I have to start legal proceedings to get my car fixed?.. extremely frustrated!

  • Sonya Davis says:

    I paid full coverage insurance on two cars with this company (Esurance) and they want you to pay your car insurance on time, But when my daughter had an car accident on April 30 2022. It took them almost 2 weeks to get in contact with me from there team who suppose to be working on my claim. When this lady finally call me back from there team she had a nasty attitude if she was paying for my car insurance like I was getting on her nerves, and yes I’m going to get on y’all nerves because I been calling this person that’s working on my claim for days leaving messages and also leaving messages with her supervisor and also leaving messages manager. Nobody hasn’t return my phone calls or email back to let me know what’s going on with my claim. And on top of that they gave my daughter a rental car for 6 days, what in the hell we paying for rental on our car insurance for 6 days come on now people get this stuff together. I still haven’t heard from anybody from the claim department. I didn’t know that Esurance do they customers like this. I see if you don’t have any problems with your car or have an car accident, they want you to pay your car insurance on time with no problem but when it comes down to the policy holder’s we have a problem. I know 1 thing somebody from the claims department better call me ASAP IF I DONT HEAR FROM ANYBODY IM GOING TO THE NEWS CHANNELS AND EVEN CNN NEWS TO TELL THEM HOW ESURANCE IS TREATING THEY CUSTOMERS LIKE SHIT WHEN MY POLICY IS UP WITH THEM IM AM NOT RENEWING MY CAR INSURANCE POLICY @ ALL I DIDN’T KNOW THEY TREAT THEY CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS. SOMEBODY FROM THE CLAIM DEPARTMENT NEED TO CONTACT ME @ DVSSNY198102@GMAIL.COM ASAP THANK YOU!

  • Regina McWilliams says:

    I’m passed! I had an accident on Mar. 3 2022. Claim stilled settled Apr. 25 2022. Enterprise is bugging me about returning the rental. EchoPark Dealership, has been holding a car for me to purchase. I put $2500.00, deposit down payment. They have held the car for me. Now they can’t continue to hold the car. I need Esurance to put at least $4500.00 to EchoPark to purchase this car for me. I need immediate attention to this matter TODAY! UTOPIA GIZ? has been my agent, she is the WORST! I need so.e one to handle this claim. 205-213’3155. Please help me. mcwilliamsregina@bellsouth.net

  • Anna G says:

    This has been the worst experience of my life. My accident was in 12/4/21. My adjuster Lashaundria Bryant has been nonexistent as well as her supervisor Cicely James. I have not received any updates regarding my total loss settlement for months now. I have made several complaints with emails and phone calls and not a single response from this company. I am owed 45+k for my vehicle that was not my fault. This is the worst company ever. I am still waiting for a callback!!

  • Dennis Jensen says:

    I have an auto claim with esurance – an ALLSTATE company.
    It is due to a rodent infestation.
    My car is a 2019 nissan rouge, i still owe 20k on it.
    I took it to a Nissan dealer and they could not come to a agreement with esurance on repair price.
    Dealer estimate =5,400
    esurance max payout= 2000
    my deductible = 1000
    both parties suggested I pay the difference -3,400 out of pocket
    I told them absolutely not i am not paying a penny over my high deductible.

    The dealership also told me this happens all the time, leading me to believe there will be a compromise eventually.
    25 days later neither of them budge on price.
    Dealership says esurance will not return calls.

    Through all of this back and forth, i was informed by the insurance company that they sent a check to the dealer for the payout amount.
    This lead me to believe that they may have reached an agreement and the repair would start. But no one could confirm this. It was all still very vague. Turns out they did not.

    The car has been at the dealers for 27
    days now.
    At this point, I am starting to worry about using up my car rental allowance.
    So, I decided to pick my car up and try to take it to an “approved” esurance shop(hopefully where I will not pay more than my 1000 deductible.)

    I asked esurance for a list of shops
    that supposedly is going to make the repair go much smoother. They finally gave me a list of BODY shops after asking for them.( who would take their car with internal rodent damage to a body shop? O.K, maybe they would?)
    the first place I call is 30 days out from new repairs.
    So I keep trying …it’s the weekend.

    unbenownced to me, the dealer, since they are not doing the repairs, informs me they have to charge me 100 dollars a day storage fee Starting from the day I dropped the car off for the estimate. $2700+

    Esurance then informs me they will not pay the storage fees. They told me its my fault for taking the car to a unauthorized repair facility?
    Its a Nissan Dealer??
    They are most qualified to do the repair on my 2019 Nissan Rogue

    Now i know why the dealership was so vague about any finalization
    ( My hunch is-
    they new to purposely take their time with the back and forth in order to rack up storage fees ( or, RANSOM) without alerting me. I had no idea. Then they can hit me with a 100 dollar a day x 27+ days($2700+) to have the privilege of picking up my STILL UNFIXED CAR. TickTock, clocks running out…

    The Insurance adjuster couldn’t care less


    I firmly believe that both parties, the dealership and the insurance adjuster Knew full well what they were doing in order to get their way.
    Did they collude together purposely?
    Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know.
    The truth is, they don’t have to collude together.
    This could very well have been an unspoken deceptive practice symbiotic in nature for both to profit naturally born out of years of dealing with each other.

    In the end :
    Esurance was able to pay out as little as possible and avoid the estimate that was too high by their standards by a shop most qualified to do the repairs and then forcing me to go out of pocket for the difference. I say “Forced ” because I have the choice of either paying a $2700+ RANSOM to pick up my unfixed car or pay the $3400+ (I put a plus here because it could be more once they open up the air system which is buried under the dash board and it’s a ten hour job according to the manufacturer.

    The Dealer wins because it seems they are well practiced in the art of vehicle kidnapping. They get their original repair fee without having to compromise. All they have to do is hold my car hostage for an amount close enough to their original estimate.

    Me, Lets just say $3,400+ becomes my new deductible. Just like that.

    P.S. This has literally caused me to be physically sick to my stomach with anger and outrage. I have not been able to sleep due to anxiety of what the final outcome will be.

  • Nepheteri Yvette Johnson says:

    My 2018 F 150 has been in the shop since Oct 2021. They continue to reassign adjuster who then go MIA and don’t return calls. Once I get someone on the phone l ask to speak with a supervisor no one is available. I was told that a supervisor would call me back with no call. I have sent several emails to rapidrepsonse@essurance.com and customerservice@csr.essurance.com. No response. So okay they have turned a respectable tax paying citizen into a mad person. So okay cool lets play ball. I have filed a complaint with Hissing Kitty and the BBB. Will file one with the DA and I am also sending letters to their corporate office to Jonathon, David, Eric and Mark. I am willing to create a petition and file a civil suit if needed against this company.

  • Ginger Prince says:

    I have been dealing with a auto accident claim for over two years now And currently do not have a vehicle to drive. My car Was given back to me not repaired and unsafe to drive. After purchasing 5 sets of tires and 2 blowouts I find out my car was never aligned, front suspension is damaged,cracked driveshaft, have gotten no post scans that I have requested several times. I’m not sure of what other damages the car has it currently sits at a collision center not safe to drive and I wait to hear a response. This entire process has been dishonest.

    • Nepheteri Yvette Johnson says:

      Same here I am now writing letters to all in cooperate office. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and Hissing Kitty. Please do the same and maybe we can get better results or put them out of business.

  • Rachel Cooper says:

    This company sucks! They delete coverages from your policy when it suits them and then lie about it and refuse to assist you when you need it. They allow their employees to be rude, disrespectful and patronizing when you confront them. I have already filed a complaint with the Florida Insurance Commission as well as the BBB. I am also speaking with an attorney about filing a lawsuit. All they had to do to avoid this was to simply provide me with a rental car and not blame me for an accident that was not my fault! If I have to sue them, which it looks like I will, they will go bankrupt because I will go after them for damages!

  • Kevan Hoyt says:

    My 18-year-old stepdaughter was in an accident with an insurance policy holder 3 1/2 weeks ago. The vehicle was totaled. Your client was found at fault. So while we were getting the payoff for the vehicle Kayla again who is 18 needed a vehicle to get back-and-forth to her two jobs. Here in the state of Florida you have to be 21 to rent a vehicle. Shakira in the Tampa claims office contacted by myself and asked if me or her mom rented a vehicle if it would be reimbursed. She said as long as it was a comparable vehicle to what she originally had. Unfortunately the vehicle had to be rented during spring break. Costs were through the roof. This was not something we could avoid or had any control over. The total cost for the vehicle for 10 days what is $1300 for a small compact vehicle. I received an email today stating that the reimbursement would only be $289. That’s $1000 out of our pocket that we have to pay because inflation on the rental vehicle during spring break. I have reached out to Shakira’s supervisor Mary Beth volden several times and have yet to receive a phone call back. I tried calling the corporate claims office only to be redirected back to Shakira which is no help. The route nature of Shakira and the unresponsive Ness of Mary Beth is intolerable at this point. I would like to speak to a corporate claims manager so that I can figure this out in a timely fashion.

    • Krystal says:

      My daughter and myself are dealing with the same type of thing. The accident was on Father’s day, the car was “totaled out” until the 24th of June, then June 30 is when the check was submitted. It didn’t clear until July 8. So you’re saying that from the 24th she would have 48 hours to find a vehicle. And my daughter works 2 jobs and when I put them on the spot and ask them how what would they do they can never give me a response the email I always get back is that they are out of the office. Ridiculous I have complained to the BBB and I’m contacting an attorney as well because now they don’t want to pay for the rental charges for the car that my daughter had.

  • Mark says:

    You need to think real hard about retaining your adjuster Erica Drew in Sacramento CA. She’s been rude, unresponsive and going to get you in trouble with the CA department of insurance.

  • Paula Stribling says:

    Error :problems running since accident. I made error typing it was running perfect before accident

  • Paula Stribling says:

    I would like to speak to someone in the corporate office> I am very unhappy as policy owner when dealing with Tiffany Justus.I had vehicle in accident and it was running perfectly fine and had no problems since accident. than agent sent us to this shop that was less than satisfactory. And did not repair all items And had my vehicle for three weeks and I complained multiple times that shop was not handling things and she said I need to go to other shop. The hood would not open they did not fix light and a light was on dash board after accident and shop. She gave me information for another shop and my truck started to have problem with power steering so we took in to new shop and she is saying that it will not be repaired because it is thirteen years old. normal wear. I do not believe this because everything was fine. So just to put it simply. The hood would not close ,light was night work next to head light, light came on in dash and power steering would not work after being hit in front end . Here is real topper you did not even go after the others guy insurance because he was excluded from parents car. So they said the won’t cover. So you let law breakers go and penalize law abiding citizens. By the way the cop said he did not have drivers license that was up to date and a Meth head.

  • allen lohman says:

    I hit a deer on oct 26. today is dec 31. my car is still 2 to 3 weeks from being repaired and im being told my rental is done at the close of business on jan 2. (1) it should never have taken this long to repair my vehicle. possibly, when done, this will have taken over 3 months. 3 months!!! (2) after my call to esurance on oct 26, the car sat in my drive for almost a week. 2 weeks after finally being picked up they still hadn’t determined if they were going to fix or totat my car. now, im going to be without a rental for the remainder of the time it takes to repair my vehicle because Esurance dragged their feet. the right thing to do, because this is entirely on Esurance shoulders and lack of initial activity would be to cover their CUSTOMER until the car comes back…… we will see.

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