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Can you imagine what we would have done if there was no ESPN? How would you have spent your time watching sports? ESPN inc. is one of the largest sports cable networks in the US. ESPN has a journey of more than 35 years and the channel has provided a phenomenal experience to its fans. It is a brand whose net worth is more than $12billion. ESPN team offers extensive customer support services through their mail and phone.

ESPN Headquarter Address – You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

935 Middle St,

Bristol, CT 06010,

United States

Phone Number – Not Mentioned

Email – Not Available

Website – There is no official website for any more information related to ESPN. Social media users and investors can use this official website https://www.espn.in/.

ESPN Headquarters Info & Photos

ESPN Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

545 Middle St Bristol (HQ), CT


United States

500 S Buena Vista St Burbank, CA

ESPN Headquarters Executive Team

Steve Ackels

Steve Ackels

Vice President, Production & Producer


Katina Arnold

Vice President, Communications

Katina Arnold joined the team at ESPN in January 2002. She started at the position of director of affiliate & corporate communications and got promoted to the post of Vice President in the year 2005. She oversees communication for ESPN’s business initiatives like sales & marketing.

Chara-Lynn Aguiar

Chara-Lynn Aguiar

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Office of the Chairman


Name Title
Jason Aidoo Vice President Content Business Strategy and Operations Andscape
Heather Anderson Vice President Programming and Acquistions
Katina Arnold Vice President Communications
Ilan Ben-Hanan Senior Vice President Programming & Acquisitions
Bill Bonnell Coordinating Producer
Dwayne Bray Vice President Production & Senior Writer Andscape
Danielle Brazil Executive Director Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
Carrie Brzezinski-Hsu Vice President ESPN Creative Studio
Chris Buckle Vice President Investigative Journalism
Tim Bunnell Senior Vice President Programming
Brian Burke Senior Analytics Specialist
Scott Clark Senior Coordinating Producer – Sports Betting & Fantasy Sports
Sonia Coleman Senior Vice President Human Resources Disney General Entertainment Content and ESPN
David Coletti Vice President Media Intelligence ESPN
Marsha Cooke Vice President & Executive Producer ESPN Films and 30 for 30
Tim Corrigan Vice President Production
Cecile Cross-Plummer Vice President Corporate Communications
Nick Dawson Vice President Programming & Acquisitions
Phil Dean Producer
Eleanor “Nell” DeVane Chief Counsel
Stephanie Druley Executive Vice President Event & Studio Production
James Dunn Coordinating Producer
Rosalyn Durant Executive Vice President Programming & Acquisitions
Rosetta Ellis-Pilie Vice President Talent Development and Negotiations
Lee Fitting Senior Vice President Production
David Fletcher Executive Director Texas Bowl & Texas Kickoff
Mike Foss Vice President Digital Production
Jim Gaiero Producer II
Drew Gallagher Coordinating Producer
Daryl Garvin Executive Director EasyPost Hawai’i Bowl & Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic
Amanda Gifford Vice President Content Strategy & Audio
Scott Glaser Executive Director Gasparilla Bowl
John T. Grant – Jr. Executive Director MEAC/SWAC Challenge Kickoff and Celebration Bowl
Mark Gross Senior Vice President Production and Remote Events
Thomas Hennessy Senior Vice President Finance
Kate Jackson Vice President Production
Glenn Jacobs Vice President MMA Production
Aaron Katzman Coordinating Producer – ACC Network
Raina Kelley Vice President and Editor-in-Chief Andscape
Matt Kenny Vice President Programming and Acquisitions
David Kraft Vice President News
Josh Krulewitz Vice President Communications
Chris LaPlaca Senior Vice President Corporate Communications
John Lasker Vice President ESPN Programming and Acquisitions Digital Media
Craig Lazarus Vice President and Executive Producer of Original Content & Features
Lori LeBas Senior Vice President Affiliate Partnership Development & Operations Disney Media Distribution
Antoine Lewis Vice President Production
Brian Lockhart Senior Vice President ESPN+ Original Content and ESPN Films
Kevin Lopes Vice President Sports Business Development & Innovation
Patricia Lowry ESPN Vice President Production
Burke Magnus President Content
Dan Margulis Senior Director Programming and Acquisitions
Seth Markman Vice President Production
Kevin Martinez Vice President Corporate Citizenship
Rodolfo Martinez Vice President Production ESPN International and Deportes
Tom McCollum Senior Coordinating Producer ESPN
Julie McGlone Vice President Creative Content Production
Mark Meadows Executive Director Birmingham Bowl
Amar Melwani Commercial Director ESPN – Europe Middle East and Africa
José Morales Vice President Production – ESPN Features
Mike Morrison Vice President Sports Betting & Fantasy
Diane Morse Chief Counsel
Doug Mosley Executive Director RoofClaim.com Boca Raton Bowl
Shawn Murphy Senior Coordinating Producer
Thomas W. Murphy Senior Vice President Affiliate International and New Media Finance and Planning ESPN International
Nicole Noren Director – Producer – Journalist
Jack Obringer Vice President Production
Clint Overby Vice President ESPN Events
Steve Palese Coordinating Producer Soccer
Nicole Pelaez-Dandrea Vice President Audience Engagement
Susie Piotrkowski Vice President espnW
James Pitaro Chairman ESPN
Ed Placey Vice President Production
Jimmy Platt Director
Renata Policicio Vice President International Fan and Media Intelligence Global Markets
Patrick Polking Senior Director Distribution & Business Strategy ESPN Audio
Nate Ravitz Senior Vice President Digital Content
Tim Reed Vice President Programming and Acquisitions
Lauren Reynolds Vice President Executive Editor
Jamie Reynolds Vice President Production
Brant Ringler Executive Director Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl & SERVPRO First Responder Bowl
David Roberts Head of NBA & Studio Production
Freddy Rolón Senior Vice President Programming and Planning
Erik Rydholm Executive Producer Around The Horn PTI and Highly Questionable
John Saccenti Executive Director Las Vegas Bowl
Chuck Salituro Senior News Editor
Amory B. Schwartz Chief Executive NASN Limited Dublin
Michael Shiffman Senior Vice President Production
Kristen Shilton NHL Writer
Jeff Siembieda Executive Director New Mexico Bowl
Maria Soares Senior Vice President Production and Content Strategy
Julie Sobieski Senior Vice President Programming and Acquisitions
Mike Soltys Vice President Corporate Communications
Michael Thompson Jr. Vice President Programming & Acquisitions
Tina Thornton Head of Content Operations and Creative Surround
Chin Wang Vice President Visual Storytelling
Johnny Williams Executive Director Raycom Media Camellia Bowl
Norby Williamson Executive Editor & Head of Event & Studio Production
Russell Wolff Executive Vice President and General Manager ESPN+
Dean Zirolli Vice President Controller

About ESPN


ESPN is an American-based worldwide cable & satellite television channel which stands for “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network”.

The journey of ESPN was begun by Bill Rasmussen and his son Scott with Ed Eagan, who is an Aetna Insurance Agent in the late 1970s.

After being dismissed from the New England Whalers hockey team, Bill was adamant to develop a cable TV network to cover all sports events, this network was called ESP network.

The official launch of ESPN happened in September 1979 after getting investments from Getty Oil Company and Anheuser Burch.

ESPN gained rights from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to rebroadcast college events.

In 1984, ABC inc. was incorporated with 80% share of ESPN and a 20% share of Nabisco. Nabisco sold their shares to Hearst Corporation in the year 1990.

NFL games were broadcasted on the ESPN network from the year 1987.

The early struggles of ESPN paid off after it started displaying High-Definition viewing experience for their viewers as ESPN HD.


ESPN International provides cable channels, sports radio network and a related website.

It is the first and only 24-hour operative sports cable channel that serves millions of US households.

ESPN became part of the audio sector with the launch of the ESPN radio network. They were a part of 3 major markets and podcasts.

ESPN Plus is a segment of the ESPN mobile app. This digital sports platform had an interface which provides a rich experience to several millions of fans every month.

ESPN also deals and sells consumer products including clothing and sports equipment.

ESPN serves successfully to 7 global regions with its 8 sister channels – ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, Longhorn Network, SEC Network.


  • ESPN’s first broadcast happened on 7th September 1979 giving it more than 30,000 views.
  • Today, ESPN has an average of approximately 115 million views every month.
  • ESP network was amongst the first US TV distribution channel to employ satellite communication.
  • In the year 1996, Disney took over ESPN as part of its merging with ABC, which became a brilliant move for both parties. 
  • M. N. Johnson says:

    ESPN’s sideline commentators during the University of Alabama vs University of Texas broadcast 9/9/23 were a distracting, irritating nuisance, even Matthew McConaughney. Their talking heads took up one-third of my TV screen with their prattle. Did one of the corporate officers of ESPN, Inc have some unemployed relatives who needed jobs? Please don’t do it again. Thank you.
    M. N. Johnson

  • Jimmy says:

    When are you going to apologize to coach Sean Miller from UofA…you have that prick Dicky V out there yapping still…put that prick to sleep with a couple drops of anti-freeze…you also need to put on your big boy underwear and realize he’s going to cost you millions with the Defamation Law Suit he’s preparing…And also tell that crooked eyed pirate to leave Arizona alone…Hopefully their is someone who can tell the difference between right and wrong…unless their is another way you can handle this…better decide soon before it’s too late…and don’t ever put that other POS JAY BILAS ON THIS CAMPUS AGAIN!!!!

  • Sue says:

    The College Game Day briadcast has become downgraded to a cartoon like production. Reece Davis is your only hope to give a glimmer of class. There is a problem in marketing to the masses. As a lifetime viewer of college football it’s within ESPNs Corporate responsibility and direction to right the ship. Screaming almost violent looking fans, announced talking over each other constantly, little value in the commentary, a visual circus, Bears Board completely worthless and adds to the dizzying effect of College Game Day. Lee Corso and Kirk Heirbstreet need to go, worn out and biased opinions especially KH. Brady Quinn on Fox is an example of who could easily replace these two. Some Saturdays I actually turn the show off after 15 minutes it’s not an engaging, enriching fun viewing experience. It’s become a circus merry go round for anyone to jump on. Marketing to the masses, watered down into junk.

  • Barry dischinger says:

    I watch on espn not much highlights most sport miss. Like college or wnba or etc no good miss news on tv

  • BC says:

    When is ESPN going to call itself “Black ESPN” for all of its commentator shows? Every show has a majority of blacks and female annalists. You have lost me and most of us who care about sports, and NOT racial issues. You, as a company, have moved so far left and WOKE that the ones who are now on the various shows do not realize that they are being used as tokens.

  • John says:

    You can’t rate. You can’t email. Terrible service

  • Woody says:

    We watch all your sports broadcasts and really enjoy them. But since Covid and the return of stadiums full of fans, the crowd noise overwhelms the commentators. It would really help the television viewers if the background noise was filtered down a little. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Proud Chicano says:

    Can’t ESPN find one Hispanic female to report on the sidelines or do they have to be black or white and blonde I’m sick of you racist mothefuckers

  • Jason says:

    U might want to tell your jackass announcers that there mic was still on when they talked about being piss that TN won yesterday. Everyone in TN hates ESPN cause of all the bullshit ur network has said about us. Just wanted to let u know that it announcers sucked yesterday and so does your piece of shit network 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Matt brown says:

    Why is Beau Biden using my name matt Brown to do commentary on VSIN network. First off, he faked his death, secondly, he is stealing my winnings on fantasy sports, for I’m used as a player, an MVP matt b brown(stone), third someone please get story out that pres Bidens son beau is still alive and committing fraud.

  • Donna Lebel says:


  • R J Snyder says:

    Your coverage of the LLWS is HORRIBLE- Put the damn game on one channel, instead of playing musical chairs-
    You have multiple channels & you have your programming all over the map, & you people want to know why you continue to lose subscribers-AGAIN, the viewer/payer gets the short end of the stick-
    I can see why the BIGTEN jumped ship-

    Unhappy customer

  • Woman viewer. says:

    Women on your in-studio programming need better dressers. They look like they’re on real housewives of boondock town. Very off putting.

  • Earl dickerson says:

    Why did you remove the packer and durhan show on the acc network? We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mark and Wes. But come clean and tell us why you removed a great talk show on acc sports.

  • John blum says:

    Tired of the all black summer league team. Will cancel my DIRECTV!

  • Ross Fechter says:

    Any body on ESPN that thinks what happened at the white house ,is a black issue should be band from espn.

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    Why doesn’t ESPN cover professional road cycling? I’ve seen curling, cornhole, spikeball, and tag but never professional road cycling.

  • mike cioffi says:

    waited to watch golf not joe buck and talking heads from football now wonder u lose money, here’s some advice golfers want to watch golf

  • Robert says:

    get rid of stephen smith and you’ll have many more viewers.

  • Rick Quinn says:

    On the espn2 broadcast of the Braves and Reds Apr 7. A discussion ensued about players traveling to Toronto and the vax requirement in Canada. One of the commentators said, “we will find out who is vaxxed and who is not.” I find that remark inflammatory, accusatory and totally unnecessary. I understand the reason for the conversation…it seemed that commentator was demeaning any player who is not vaccinated. It is not his, espn or anyone else’s business who is or is not vaccinated.

  • Is Mike says:

    It’s unbelievable to me that we are going to miss half of the masters which which includes Tigers 1st round. Get your act together. We should see every shot of every round. Biggest tournament of the year

  • Cary Arrington says:

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    I want ESPN plus to stop stealing $4.99 from a person that does not use their service so I want a Refund Immediately from ESPN PLUS for robbing me of hard earned money.

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  • Harrisonfunmaker6@gmail.com says:

    Please reply Funmaker vs butterbean

  • Mike Radesi says:

    Reese Davis should to censored for his comments in the Ole Miss Louisville game. Targeting is a serious issue and he made fun of it at least three times in the game. I have been a loyal ESPN College Football fan but I may have stop watch games where he is the announcer.
    I hope someone takes this seriously.

  • Dinah says:

    Just wondering if ESPN hires idiots that don’t like the team that they dislike Commentary really rude toward teams that they do not like So I’m guess they are there for a pay check just as well Joe
    F😡CK is ESPN So call Commentary are rude who in the hell ask a pro ball player if he use vinaigrette salad dressing in their hair and if he eats pop tarts in the locker room
    A freaking pissed off fan that mutes the freaking TV so I don’t have to listen to the idiots that you hired.

  • >