Where is Equifax Corporate office Headquarters

Equifax Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 1550 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 888-202-4025
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 12,000
  • Established: 1899
  • Founder: Cator Woolford & Guy Woolford
  • Key People: Mark L. Feidler (chairman)

Equifax Headquarters Location & Directions

Equifax Headquarters Executive Team



Mark W. Begor

CEO & Director

John W. Gamble Jr.

Corporate VP & CFO

Andy S. Bodea

Chief Global Operations Officer

About Equifax, History and Headquarters Information

Equifax was incorporated by Cator and Guy Woolford in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1899. It started as a Retail Credit Company. It was renamed to Equifax in 1975. This company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. This company later widened its focus and expanded into commercial credit reports on companies in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Equifax Inc. is consumer credit reporting agencies. It serves buyers and sellers together through its wide variety of businesses such as customer relationship management, direct marketing, transaction processing, and information management businesses. The Company serves the healthcare industries and government, utilities, credit card, telecommunications, information technology, financial services, transportation, and retail. Equifax analyses and gathers information on more than 800 million customers along with 88 million businesses across the globe. Equifax distributes all the fraud-prevention and credit monitoring services directly to its customers. It owns and operates in 24 different countries in the USA, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. It employs over 10,000 employees around the globe. It trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol EFX. It is a part of Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 Index. This company has to offer one free credit report every year to its consumers.

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  • Enxhi says:

    Feb 14th 2022 between hours 4pm to 5:30 pm Calgary (Canada) times I ve called US number which I thought was Canada’s number I was calling..the person (lady) Indian accent answered phone it hoyt asking me first was I calling from US or Canada’s…she collect all my personal info then she said oh your calling from Canada. She has my personal information and this can lead me into identity theft from her collection my personal informations. This is very wrong and unprofessional. I am very upset and not happy with her what she did to me. I have left my survey regarding her and hope she don’t steal more personal informations from others peoples. She should be fired.

  • michael dickerson says:


  • JAKE says:


  • Kayleigh w. says:

    I have been dealing with a already paid in full collection account for over 6 months. Equifax is still showing not paid. However the original company and the collection company show it was paid in full and removed from collection status. The collection company sent the information to equifax 6 months ago twice. I personally sent in my bank statement showing I paid in full amount. Equifax keeps saying it has never been received dispite my multiple disputes. I even gave them reference # for the multiple attempts from the collection company sending information to equifax stating it was paid in full 6months ago. I ask for supervisors and then get micky moused around. I ask for corporate and was given wrong phone numbers. And the other bureaus had no problem receiving and certifying the information provided from collection agent within 30 days of it being sent And quickly updated that the balance is now zero. If this can’t be fixed ASAP I will be filling a lawsuit.

  • Lawrence D. says:

    That’s Strange I posted a Comment about a month ago and they removed my comment. Let’s me know they are aware of what they are doing. So I will be filing a lawsuit through the proper channels. You may not care about what people are saying but you will do right by the consumer. Since what you put on credit reports determines what we can do. I will not sit back and let double charges be put on my account. I served my country and was granted certain privileges Equifax will not infringe on those. I have read the other comments and I encourage them to do the same. Consumers have right to receive ethical and fair treatment. The customer service department is terrible I have been in customer service over 15 years and trained many reps. What I have experienced makes my blood boil this is a people service and you don’t treat people like that. They lie about being supervisors and they don’t transfer you over nor do they go into the account and make the changes. I could do a better job running this company. Just because you have C.E.O. , VP, or Executive in front of your name doesn’t mean you know what you are doing. I understand you get paid a nice income so you don’t have to worry about much. Just think if you woke up and your accounts were frozen and you had to call and get assistance and the rep was incompetent; how would you feel? Remember the Golden rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you. My Score has suffered during this process and even though I have filed disputes there has be a lack of concern shown. Your company is violating FCRA and I will be reaching out to the Attorney General in my state. There are laws for a reason and once proven that you are violating you must fix them or deal with the repercussions of your negligence. This post is just being used for proof. I have printed the other comments for use as I build my evidence for the case. Stay Tuned.

  • Disabled Veteran says:

    So the reps and “So Called Supervisors” at Equifax are subpar in customer service and issue resolution. I have been attempting to get them to fix my Report which had a account that was paid off by the government because I am 100% Total and Permanent Disabled Veteran. It was a student loan that was removed January 8th 2021 then a few days later the Loan was placed back on my Report and cause my score to Drop after going up. Not to mention they put the Charges on my account Twice. This made it look like I took out student loans again. They are trying to tell me that the Loan Servicer reported that I owe money. I called them and they told me they reported to all 3 Credit Agencies the same day that my account was cleared. TransUnion and Experian fixed it in Jan. Since then there is a charge still on my report that was the Third one for the same debt it should’ve been removed at the same time. The agent’s are trying to tell me that they don’t see double charges but on My Equifax I can see every move made. I attempted to communicate that with them and they were just reading scripts. I am very disappointed that you can’t get in contact with the Corporate Office to discuss this with the Operation Executive. This looks bad on Equifax but they don’t seem to care they make their money and have the life they want. They don’t care about those of us who are attempting to build something for our families. If the shoe was on the other foot they would be moving earth to get the issue resolved. This has prevented me from starting my house buying process because my Credit Score is inaccurate and there are fradulent charges on my account. I will be filing a Law Suit and holding the Company accountable. This affects my Son and it has cause mental stress to me. I suffer with Depression and PTSD. Now I must get results.

  • Pissed Off says:

    I have been going back and forth with so many uneducated people, it is shocking. I’m trying to place a freeze on my elderly uncle’s credit. They’re acting like I want his information. Hello, I already have it dumb dumbs. I’m not sending a copy of his social security card, ID & current address via the mail. Are you kidding me? Send a link for me to upload the info. Freaking A$$ backwards company.

  • Gail Edwards says:

    I have been calling since early this morning. The recording is merely a repeat. I have entered my information three times and the recording is saying my information dont match.

  • Guest says:

    Equifax is a difficult company to reach and/or to resolve anything. They are difficult to understand, with a foreign accent, when I ask to speak to a USA agent or someone with better english, their standard response is “We are a global company”. I was on hold for over 2+ hours, and no further ahead before hanging up. To go through the verification process and still not get anywhere. Other reporting agencies are far easier to work with.

  • Bob says:

    I have been trying to get my credit report fixed for 5 months and keep getting hung up on or given poor excuses why Equifax has differing statements regarding my accounts. No one in Corporate will answer the phone This is extremely frustrating and has cost me a substantial amount of money. Is there anyone at this organization who can help

  • gregg washington says:

    when you call you can’t speak with a live person everything is done through prompts on the phone (Automation) EQUIFAX your company can do better than this.

  • gregg washington says:

    I called EQUIFAX to get my credit report and score, I reached a representative who spoke with a heavy accent, I told him that I wanted to get a copy of my credit report and credit score. After giving him the information he requested, he then tells me that I can only receive the information online. I then told him that I wanted a hard copy because I couldn’t print from my computer. he never told me that this was online only service. He gave me his first name but wouldn’t give me his last name, and he refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor. EQUIFAX needs to change the way they do business.

  • Michele says:

    courtesy comment only. We wish to cancel our Equifax Complete Advantage Plan. We are not racists; however we expect people who are responsible for tracking our information to speak English and French properly. We each had to pass through at least 4 people yesterday to resolve issues. Not one of those people spoke our language nor understood the nuances of our language. We resent having to repeat ourselves or asking the other person to repeat him or herself. Yes you may think you are saving money by farming this out to other countries but you are losing us as customers . . . not a smart move on your part.

  • joe Butta says:

    how do I get someone in Equifax supervisor level to fix a problem getting my credit hold temporary released. Equifax keeps telling me and my bank keeps saying no not released.

  • Latisha Lee says:

    I have called several times to have my consumer statements removed and it hasn’t that statement is affecting me I have no choice but to take further action

  • Lisa A Howell-Casey says:

    I’m contacting you because I had three credit cards paid off and so far it looks like they have not showed up as being taken off of my credit report and it’s affecting me

  • Bobby M. Moss phone #615-547-4036 says:

    I am a retiree from Equifax Services.
    Please call me

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