Where is Enterprise Corporate office Headquarters

Enterprise Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 600 Corporate Park Dr, St. Louis, MO 63105, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-598-0414

  • Fax Number:

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  32770

  • Established: 1960

  • Founder: Jack Taylor

  • Key People: Andrew C. Taylor

Enterprise Headquarters Location & Directions

Enterprise Headquarters Executive Team



Andrew C. Taylor

Chairman & CEO

Pamela M. Nicholson

President & COO

Lee R. Kaplan


Craig Kennedy

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President

Randal Narike

Senior Vice President of Canadian Operations

About Enterprise, History and Headquarters Information

Cars are surely one of the most needed commodities that you would need in your life. The problem that these four-wheeled machines are quite costly doesn’t let everyone get them. This is where the concept of renting them has come up. Enterprise rent-a-car is a company that has emerged out to be one of the market leaders in the car rental sector.

The company dates as back as to 1957 when it was established by the Jack C. Taylor in the state of Missouri. Initially, the company was known as Executive Leasing Company, but its name was changed to what it is called today in the year 1969 by Taylor, named by the USA’s aircraft carrier from the World War II. The name for the particular aircraft carrier was because he served on it when the war was on and hence provided as sentimental value to the name of the company.

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  • Debra Baker says:

    I need to talk to corporate. I was told I had a car reserved for the date of. August 3, 2023 when I arrived at the office I was told there was no cars available and when I tried to reach out to customer service, I was told that I would be called back and never received a call back. I was out in the sun waiting for two hours. I am a 62-year-old woman and I am disabled and there was never anything done to help me. The people were very rude and refused to do anything to help me I had to end up getting an Uber back to where I came from which ended up costing me $40 for this day I want to be reimbursed for the Uber drives and I believe I should get my rental tomorrow which is August 4 free of charge, and an extra day added to it for all my trouble, and I definitely want a 60 dollar refund because I will have to get an Uber to take me back tomorrow. I missed appointments today and I am not a happy camper. Somebody needs to get in touch with me as soon as possible. My phone number is 830. 305-4824. My name is Debra Baker. I am beyond pissed off. Somebody needs to get in touch with me soon and like I said. I will expect. A $60 refund for the Ubers I’ve had to pay for and there better be a car waiting for me tomorrow

  • Catherine Calix says:

    Hi I would like to file a formal complaint! I had to rent a car due to a car accident which the insurance covered I have to wait 3+ hours at their Yuba city office just to get a car and that was with an appointment while I was there all employees were outside and there was 4 other customers in the office waiting the phones were just ringing none stop. When I finally get a car and go to go through the paperwork and get asked to get the insurance and get told that it’s only $20 today and it covers the car if something were to happen I initially said not I already have my own insurance and the guy keeps being aggressive about it so then I ask ok it’s just $20 and he says yes when I go to initial on the tablet the tablet just shows the initial box so initial and he says I’ll be back and comes back from the office with paperwork and say I’m good to go. Now I’m being charged $264.68. I was not told it was $20 per day and they have the wrong return date so I was charged extra days as well. I need this resolved now and I need corporate to contact me because I can’t contact corporate for some reason call me (530)382-2830

  • Albert Griffith says:

    This is the worst service I ever had with Enterprise I called every day of the experience that I had with the car to try to have it replaced my name is Albert Griffin phone number 443-867-9144

  • Wendy Lee says:

    I would like to send an email to Chrissy Taylor.
    I have some issues, as a 40+ years user, of Enterprise Rentals.
    I have no problem with starting with the “the top”., and deserve a response.
    DO NOT want to talk to Customer Srvc.

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