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Keith Weinberger

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Located in the Northlake which lies in the Northwest Avenue of the United States, the chief founders of Empire Todayis named after Seymund Cohen and their classic style and integrated management from all over. The key people and managers of this company have been subjected to Keith Weinberger and their only managerial service.

They are business management which helps you with the flooring and the ceiling activities like window and other treatments and individual facilities for homeowners from all around the United States. This organization has acquired over thousands of clients over the next few periods in the best of way.

The key management of Empire Today lies with the naming brand images formed between Paul W Carter and Paul Connolly, who are the chief information officer of the system management of this organization. 

Market share of Empire Today has been subjected Empire Today to an increase in the current market for home development.

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  • Pam says:

    We had over 14k worth of work done both hardwood and carpet. Long story short, they cut the carpet way too short and had to put a an ugly transition strip on. Had MULTIPLE installers out to try and fix the issue as well as MULTIPLE CANCELLATIONS AS WELL. Started dealing with customer service for MONTHS literally like talking to a wall…We finally asked for 1,000 refund to hire a contractor to try and fix what they messed up and also couldn’t fix but they were like no we’re not giving you that. They kept trying to send people out for jobs they just couldn’t fix and then cancel last minute too! The entire experience was a complete nightmare and their customer service and especially management is a complete joke…For such a large company, they really need to take better care of their customers. I mean after all, THE CUSTOMER IS WHAT KEEPS THEM IN BUSINESS…

  • Jamie says:

    I had an appointment with a man who came in, did not introduce his self, did not leave a card and left without giving me a written estimate. I have been approved through Wells Fargo but, he did not setup a time for installation nor did he give me any documents so that I can submit them through my Mortgage loan so that I can get equity to pay for these floors. He left upset and I cannot get any one to cancel the Wells Fargo card through Empire. I thought that a free estimate was going to be emailed or handed to me. I have nothing in writing from this man. He was upset because I did not sign right away and secure the loan. What good is it if you cannot get an estimate in writing? This seems to be a scam and I am not happy. DO NOT USE Empire Today for your flooring needs. They don’t care about the customer

  • Matthew W Wills says:

    I had nothing but problems with this company from the start. Multiple reschedules on there end with no notice. When the work was don’t on the hardwood floors i had to have the installers out twice to fix and finish the job. Well I was doing deep clean on my house and moved the couch. And long behold the installer placed my couch over a section of the floor where they did not measure and connect it correctly. So I have a an 1/2 in gap in the flooring. I need someone to contact me to make things right, If not I will be in contact with my lawyer to recover the funds that i have already paid for a shotty job. I paid almost 7000 for this work which is well above what I should have and this has just been a nightmare discovering this.

  • Vincent Sugameli says:

    I had laminate flooring put in that I picked out it’s called Arbor. After it was installed I think it looks terrible, it doesn’t match anything and it looks fake. I thought Empire was a satisfaction guarantee company. I’m so upset and spent a lot of money to live with flooring that I hate. Trying to get in touch with anyone it nearly impossible. I would like to be satisfied with my flooring. I also feel that I was overcharged. Is there anything I can do or am I S.O.L.

  • Monica McCorkle says:

    I advised needed floors repaired over a month ago because I was closing on my house August 9th. Do you think they were concerned about me as a customer!! No they were not! schedule an appointment for August 16th to repair floors. So this was an inconvenience for me and the new owner.
    They canceled and rescheduled again for August 17th.
    Tired of doing this song and dance routine with them! This should have been this taken care over a month ago before I sold my house. Again inconvenienced for me as well as the new owner.
    Have to reach out to the new owner of the property that they’re coming on August 17th to repair floors that I have been trying to get them to repair for over a month.
    Never again will I do business with them and wouldn’t advise anyone else not even my worst enemy! they had nerve to send a text and wanted reply within 45 minutes before they headed to the new owners home. once again had to call to leave message. calling every 20 minutes for someone to finally answer the phone so they could go to new owner home and repair floors.

  • D. says:

    Obvious that this is no longer a trusted company. Growing up in Chicago had used
    Empire my whole life and recommended to hundreds-Done!! Will not handle minor issue!!! So upset after yrs of buying!

  • Patrice says:

    So disappointing, I was sold a cheap floor and now the company acts as if I ask them to put this cheap crap in my home. I’m stuck with this mess they put in my home. Disgusting

  • Michelle Houston says:

    I have tried numerous times to contact Empire on my flooring I had put in back in 2017, all of the carpet has started to roll up a year ago and I have put in at least 3 claims and never once have they contacted me back. When they first did the installment, they sent out two people who have never did flooring and glued the tack boards down then cracked my wall all the way up to the window. I was so upset and called the manager several times no response then the men asked if they could stay the night at my house because they wanted to complete the job and didn’t want to drive home, very unprofessional and scary. The next day finally getting through to someone in management they sent out two more people to finish the job and only gave me 200.00 off my purchase of carpet and kitchen flooring and never once offered more money off for damages of my floor and wall. I would not recommend them at all they will send anyone to your home, and you can never get quality work or good customer service and now 2022 and I still have rolled carpet and kitchen floor pieces rising up that I will have to replace because they can’t stand by their warranty!!!

  • Beatrice Ramirez r says:

    I am highly disappointed in this company! I have paid eleven thousand dollars for a botched job that even other installers who have come to inspect the carpet have mentioned themselves. I have called the company numerous of times! And have clearly gotten nowhere. This is a huge inconvenience! At this point I don’t even want the job fixed- I just want my money back!

  • Dennis says:

    Has anyone out there contacted an attorney about their problems with Empire? I paid over 12000.00 and am having similar problems.

    • Kevin Hughes says:

      In the process

    • Connie says:

      I have talk to a Consultant, but no help. Empire sent an Agent out to my home to replace my carpet floor to Laminate floor. The Agent ran my application and told me I was approved to be financed through Wellsfargo, I signed the paper, they came out replaced the carpet with laminate. A few days later Empire calls me saying I needed to sign again so they can get me financed. I said, What! I was told by your agent I was already approved. So they emailed me some paper and I signed it. A few days later they started they have to send another agent out. Because the email they sent me wasn’t enough to get me financed. So I called Wellsfargo and asked them what’s going on and they said they never received and application for Empire asking to Finance me. I’m truly in a state of shock right now. And I don’t know how this happened. I called Empire and let them know what Wellsfargo said, and all they said is they have to send another agent out to run another application or I will have to pay the full amount. So another agent came out and ran an application and Wellsfargo denied the application. Now Empire is harassing me and telling me either I pay in full or this go to debt collector and on my credit because they don’t financed. Do anyone has any advice?

    • Engram says:

      Can we do a class action lawsuit?

  • Zebben Brown says:

    If you are looking for the worst customer service ever you found the right place. I get 1 day off a week and we are on the second week and still no one has shown up.

  • Jessie Heller-Work says:

    Had an installation scheduled for today. Installers called and asked for address ( said it wasn’t correct on his paperwork) so I texted my address to his number 7044605937. He came within the hour and 15 minutes as agreed. We planted grass/sod yesterday and we blocked the yard off with our cars. When he got here, they pulled around the cars and drove on the yard. I asked them to move the van into the driveway and not on the grass cuz we just put in down yesterday. He moved right away to the driveway but said “ why can’t I park there, I did the last time.” I repeated my issue about parking on the grass and tried to tell them that they would be working in the front rooms of the house. He told the worker that they were leaving, said “ fuck that bitch, let her wait “ and they drove away. Field office, salesperson and corporate were called right away but no one seems to know what to do. They offered to come out tomorrow but we have to wait the entire day and we had taken today off from work to get it done. Maybe we need to cancel before we loose anything more.

  • Sernora says:

    I had my flooring installed and it’s a year and the panels are receding. I’ve been calling and speaking to someone for 3 months now and each time they state that someone will contact me and they did through email. I sent pictures as asked and I’m still waiting. In my contract it doesn’t state that it’s a $90.00 fee to come out and look at the flooring but that’s the email I received. I’m so disappointed with this well known company. I’m still waiting for service repairs. I have a reference number but what does that mean?

  • Nicky Stewart says:

    Same issue for me salesman came out Tuesday and said they could install Saturday, I get a call Saturday morning at 7 am stating the installer had a family emergency. And they needed to reschedule. I believe they hook and bait customers with a fast installation date so that customers are stuck in the contact. It’s very bad business.

  • Cindi sommers says:

    Stay far away from this company I have been ripped off

  • Nemat Sharif says:

    Empire Today is in disarray. If you need flooring help, stay away from empire. I have tried 3 times to get them to do some carpeting for me. The have come out twice, took measurements and showed me samples and a verbal quote. I asked the first rep, and she told me that their policy is that they do not proved written estimates unless I sign a contract on the spot. The second time they came out, a guy and a lady who was presented as a trainee. When he had trouble answering questions, the lady responding by saying that actually she is just learning the tablet they were using. Then, when I asked about the previous estimate, she said that actually she is an assistant manager and she was following the trainee, and she will follow up on the issue. At this point I had serious doubts. I refused the contract even when she dropped the price by $300.00. A couple weeks later, a manager called and said that he was from the corporate HQ, and he enticed me to drop the price another $250.00 and set an appointment for the for today (6/3/22), a guy called me and said that he wants $65.00 because he is coming out for the second time otherwise the appointment is cancelled, and that he wants to take measurement again as he could not locate the previous measurements. I think this is fraud (making money behind manager back, and cancelling my appointment.)

  • Jodi Marshall says:

    What a nightmare. Customer service says there isn’t a supervisor or manager. We have an issue with installation and can’t get to the bottom of it. Customer service dances around every problem we told them about and no resolution. This is a joke. Never ever again!!!!

    • Sernora says:

      I’m having the same problem with them coming out after calling then since June and now it’s almost September. Each person I speak to at customer service always say I’ll have someone to contact you. I have a reference number but still no responses. I’m so done with this company.

  • Donna Bradford says:

    They did my floors didn’t pull up the old floor Charging alot of money for the cheap carpet Put down the wrong floors And they were cheap And they put down the wrong floor play too many games

  • Brandi Vicari says:

    Our scratch proof flooring that you can “drag a screwdriver across” is extremely scratched up…. The woman assigned to handle my complaint said it’s not their fault and there’s nothing that they can do… she was absolutely rude. The last time we used them for a different program one of the guys went through drawers and stole my engagement ring. The ONLY reason we used them again is because the new house was vacant and we needed it done quickly. They are thieves all the way up the ladder

  • Mary L Pullen says:

    I would not recommend Empire to anyone after the aggravation I have been going through since Monday. They take your money as they walk into your house but customer service is not easy to get through to. I believe they don’t care about their customers who have already paid. I have not received a call back even from a CS Rep named Brian.
    Take your money to someone who cares.

    • Dale Cantrell says:

      Same thing here samuelgomez@empire-today.com will not return my calls 12 in all ,said that his workers would be here today June 29th 2022 no call no answer the 3 times I have called today, there is something very wrong with this company that has a very strong smell! Pay good money and get bad service, what is this County coming to,been trying to get something done about this project for almost a year now I think they are trying to wait for the warranty to run out,so if you ask if I would recommend them to anyone, I think NOT. VERY DISAPPOINTED

  • ronald g kifer says:

    ronald kifer,had empire install new floor in house due to storm damage,nov 2020.i paid off within 1st year,which wasjanuary 2022. in feb 2022 noticed floor had shifted,and now have 5 spots in kitchen,that are loose. icalled the tampa florida division,and their reply was installation warranty was out by 2 weeks,then she says it would be 125.00 for them to come out and look at the floor,and that amount would be towards the repair needed.keep in mind just spent 10,000.00for this to be done.iwas ecommened to you ,now have foor problems,but it like the account is paid and everyone wants money to fix what was supposed to done in the first plan,iguess that we are seniors you just do not care.iknow floor can be fixed without major tear out.wifer and i are handicapped. i hope you can respond to me

  • Christie Ricks says:

    I had laminate put down in my house except for the bedrooms. It was very expensive to have it done and they totally screwed up the job altogether. They did not have enough supplies when they came so they should not have came at all. They put laminate down in both the bathrooms and they did not hook the toilets back up correctly and now the floors are warping and when you walk across the floor water squishes out underneath your feet. My whole house smells musty. We have only lived in this house for a year and a half. I am totally disappointed in this company altogether. We were supposed to have an inspector come out today to access the problems in the flooring. He never showed up at all. When you call customer service they put you at top priority but you never hear from anyone. I will never recommend this company to anyone. I have already been invoiced thru Wells Fargo and the job is no where near complete. I definitely need to be compensated for what I am having to go through with this horrible company. I guess my next step is to hire an attorney if nothing is ever completed to my satisfaction.

  • MW says:

    If anyone ever needs or wants new flooring in your house — avoid Empire Today like the plague.
    We had an appointment for today for sheet vinyl installation in our kitchen. At 8:00 this morning, I found out they changed the installation date to April 11th without telling me. Then when I canceled the installation, they refused to give me the deposit back.

    So, I paid them nearly $400 that they’re refusing to refund and another $240 to have my stove disconnected for nothing.

    You better believe I”m doing what I can to get my money back. And while I’m doing that I’m warning everyone about the shady business practices of Empire Today.

  • Lindel R Creed says:

    So sad that your company is so terrible and does not stand behind its products.
    I have a warranty issue that the Charlotte NC division is just giving me the run around on.
    Says that they want to charge me 100 to come and look at….Why should I have to pay 100 for you to come look at a warranty issue?
    Sad you do not give your customers the respect they deserve and hire professionals that know how to speak with clients

    • Sernora says:

      I have a warranty also and they want to charge me $90.00 to come out and look at my flooring that is chipped and it’s just a year that I had it installed. I wish I would have saw these reviews before allowing them to do a job. I went by the the company being around for years. Shaking my head in shame. They have not gotten back to me yet.

  • Kerri says:

    Has anyone ever thought of filing a class action suit against Empire. There are literally thousands of customers that they have done wrong. There has to be something we can do. As a person over the age of 50, I don’t have that kind of money to give away and have them leave my home looking as bad as it does. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Kc says:

      I have ideas

      • Katie says:

        I am currently having multiple issues with empire and would love a class action lawsuit against them. I haven’t been able to live in my house for weeks thanks to them, and now when I try to talk to them I get attitude and rude replies or none at all. I would love to sue

  • Cheronda Farrish says:

    little over a year ago, My husband and I paid 10,000 to have carpet put into our home, in June of 2020. We also recommended two of our friends who paid substantial amounts of money to have carpet The carpet has started buckling all over the house, in a little over a year, so we have Lumps everywhere.

    We called Empire, to have this fixed. They gave a ticket number and price of a couple of hundred dollars to have this fix. We are flabbergasted because this was not our fault, and its been 14 months. This should have been done properly for the amount of money we paid. The feedback was that the carpet needed to be stretched.

    Its been a month, and no one has shown ip to fix our carpet. We have multiple tickets and no response.

    This is disheartening and upsetting. My husband and I would like to schedule a phone meeting with corporate office. We should not be forced to pay for botched work and someone needs to show up.

  • Cheryl says:

    Absolutely horrible service. The installer discovered that Empire did not measure correctly and there was not enough carpet to finish our job. After trying to talk to anyone at Empire for 2 hours, the best I could get was “ someone will contact you in 24 hours”. Eventually had someone scheduled to come back 2 days later to complete the job. No one showed up, and of course, no one answers any phone calks

  • Thompson says:

    Paid for carpet installation and they have rescheduled me 4 times and not shown up three times and the customer service line is the worst. It’s been two weeks and my carpet still isn’t installed. I WILL NEVER USE EMPIRE AGAIN

  • Debbie says:

    OMG! I wish I would have read these comments before going with Empire. Getting the run around too. Per Cust Service (their excuse) they have two Systems; one shows install on Saturday and the other on a Monday. No show on Saturday and on Monday installers show up with wrong materials. Trying to get them to install Hardwood has been a nightmare. Installation says materials coming from either California or Texas. Communication is horrible; no call backs or updates; we have to keep initiating the calls to get any info.

    • Sernora says:

      Me too they take your money and don’t honor the service contract. They want to charge $90.00 to come out and see the cheap products they put down that’s cracking in less than a year. They even charged extra money after they ripped up the old carpet and said the floor needs to be covered with ply wood before they can put the vinyl flooring down. At that point what can you say if your house is already in disarray. Empire Carpet wrong choice.

  • Kerri says:

    I have been trying for years now to reach out to someone other than the lousy customer service department to let them know that they really screwed me and took our money. We are two retired senior citizens and our budget is low to nothing. All we wanted was to remove the carpet from our floor to help relieve the kids allergies. We were hoping that Empire was legitimate and that they stood by their work. We were completely wrong. Not only did they do a horrific job, after the flooring started to come apart which was about two weeks after they put it down, they told us that it was water damage that cause the problem and that they were not at fault. Plain and simple, two retired senior citizens got screwed by Empire Flooring.

  • Sylvia says:

    Your company is atrocious. After 3 years I still can not contact anyone in this company to resolve an ongoing issue/problem with our flooring, since the installation in 2019! WOW!

    • Kerri Jones says:

      I feel your pain. We had our entire first floor done over three years ago and we have had problems from the very beginning. My floors look like they belong in an abandoned house. What’s even worse, we had excellent flooring in my foyer area that was glued down. They had to chip up that flooring bit by bit, which took them days to do, and they put down crap. I wish that I would have kept what I had.

  • Julie Barberi says:

    This was the most disappointing experience we have ever had with a company. Zero communication and horrible work. Two months to finish and the work is very bad. Floor coming up and glue all over the place. They never call you back when you have issues. Never use them.

    • Kerri Jones says:

      I have been trying for years now to reach someone other than the pitiful customer service rep that only tells us lies and refuses to fix what they messed up. If someone gets a REAL address or email, please post it.

  • Earrick McDaniel says:

    Yes this company is not a good company they not professional at all I hate the day I reach out for business all i got from them was bs I would never recommend any to them

  • Melanie says:

    Horrible!! Worst decision ever to get my floors done thru Empire. No communication and almost impossible to get a call back. They lie about everything. Floors lifting thru out house. They were put in February. March they fixed some of the problems. October finally had someone come out and say they need to be replaced. November we set it up to be installed today 12/3. They show up. And say they can’t finish the job and leave. I had to pay someone to move things out of the house. And disconnect my stove. And nobody can answer or call me back. I can’t believe it. Sacramento Empire!!! What is going on? Such a disappointment.

  • Rori says:

    Not even worth 1 star. Our install was in Feb, the contractors rushed to get what should have taken a week to do, in 2 days. There were countless issues & they failed to complete the job. We filed multiple complaints with you all with no response. We filed a formal complaint with the BBB, then we got a call back. Now, 9 months later, we are looking at possible water damage due to the installers rush & incompetence. We filed a complaint again only to be told we’ll get a call “eventually”. This is the worst company we’ve ever dealt with for anything & getting a lawyer seems like our next step. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

  • Barbara Curlin says:

    I am Livid right now and wish Is seen all of these Bad reviews before freaking with this company! I have been rescheduled 4 times!! this week with no communication from their office. Basically just waiting for installers for 4 days that never came….The installer supervisor Jason is a LIAR! We’ve moved our furniture and paid to have a 125 Gallon aquarium moved for nothing. The Atlanta location SUCKS. Please take heed…although it was all very time consuming and unprofessional..I Truly believe God saved me from a Disaster!

  • Luis says:

    Paid empire flooring and received a bill from empire flooring because their personnel have no idea what happened, so they want me to pay them twice

  • Amanda Phipps says:

    Had an install scheduled today and Empire called and canceled due to carpet not in stock. This on the day. Did no one not see that until the morn of? Ask for accommodations and what else can be done with what’s in stock. Still have no resolution. I am totally inconvenienced as we can’t move in til this is complete. I’m very disappointed and dissatisfied. Expected more. No one will call me back and the salesperson redirected me to call the install supervisor. I’ve sent emails and left messages. I feel as though the customer should be a higher priority.

  • Sandra Westbrook says:

    I have been extremely patient and nice regarding someone…anyone to do a reinstall of my carpet due to Iproblems with my initial one. (Does not pay to be nice) I’ve had sales to tell me that someone will be coming out to install. Meanwhile after 2 months, missed doctors appts, funiture sitting on side of room because i cant put in due to replacement, Still no one as of date -10/22/21:-( This is crazy!!! I just have to let Keith Weinberger-CEO whom i’m trying to contact of Empire & how upset I am and how I can get a refund so that I can get my room carpeted before the holidays. I’m just beside myself right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Bobby and Lisa Anderson says:

    My husband and I entered into a contract with Empire Today (1-5519378074) with our sales associate Alex Morgan on Friday, September 3rd. After that meeting we had set up our installation of carpet with our sales associate for Monday and Tuesday October 4th and 5th.

    On Tuesday, September 28th I received a call from a representative from your company to confirm that our installation date was scheduled for Friday, October 1st and Monday, October 4th. I made them aware that these dates conflicted with what we had set up with our sales associate, but that would be fine. We would get everything in order. If we did not accept these dates we would have to wait until October 19th.

    On Friday, October 1st I’m working from home and at 9:30 AM there is no crew at my house and I have not heard anything from Empire. I called and spoke to a customer service representative that confirmed I was scheduled for installation that day and that the crew would be at my home anywhere from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. I had a funeral to attend that afternoon so my husband took a 1/2 vacation day to come sit at the house and wait for a call from the installation crew.

    At 4:00 Friday afternoon, still no crew and no phone calls. My husband once again called customer service. He spoke with a Marissa who gave him a Ref #15609966343 and stated that she would leave a message for the installation manager and that my husband could anticipate a call back.

    I get home from the funeral at 5:30 PM no calls to date. I then call the customer service # again and I speak to Debbie. She then put me through to the installation supervisor’s number, but I receive a voice mail. No name so I left a message. On Friday we never received a call back from anyone. In fact, we never received any calls from our company on that day.

    Saturday morning at 11:00 AM I called customer service again and spoke with Linda. I stated that I wanted to speak to her supervisor and I was put through to Jonathan (his number is 866-588-2331). He read through my notes and escalated me to the complaint department. He stated if I did not hear back from someone within 2 hours to call him back. Jonathan stated that we were missed by the installation crew.

    At approximately noon on Saturday, I received a call from Casey (866-588-2312 X3335). Casey denied that we were missed by the installation crew and stated that they were under the impression that the crew had made it to my house. She stated she would give me a $50.00 credit for a missed call, but that is all that she could do. She stated that she would get in touch with the installation manager at 8:00 Monday, October 4th and would call me back. At 10:00 Monday morning I still had not received a call from Casey as she had stated so I called her and left her a voice mail message. I also called Jonathan and left him a message. The customer service representative Joe stated that he sent Jonathan an escalation email. I finally heard back from Casey around noon and she stated she was hesitant to contact me back. I told her that I had thought I would have heard back from her by 8:30 in the morning and was anticipating a crew here first thing on Monday since we had discussed on Saturday that I should be a top priority at this point. She stated that the installation manager was able to get a crew to our house on Friday, October 8th. I explained to her that my house was upside down and that this was not acceptable. She put me on hold and stated that the installation crew would be at my house on Tuesday, October 5th. She also stated that she would contact me Tuesday morning after she verified that the carpet was on the truck.

    Guess what? No call from Casey on Tuesday morning. Crickets! I did hear from the installation crew and they did come to my house on Tuesday and installed the carpet.

    Throughout this process the only individuals that did their job was the sales associate and the installation crew. All sub-contractors. When it came to Empire Today – nothing. I was more than cordial on the calls (please play them back as I know they are recorded).

    I did speak to Jonathan on Monday at approximately 12:15. I told him that something needed to be done for us due to the total lack of communication by your company’s representatives and he stated that we already had a credit on our account. I explained to him that that was correct – the credit was concessions made on behalf of my husband and myself – only $50.00 of that constituted anything by your company.

    I have never had such a lack of customer service by any company that I have dealt with in the past. All communications were initiated on our end. Your company moved our installation date up from the initial agreement and then could not meet that deadline.

    It appears that there is a total lack of policy and procedures. At the least we should have received a call from Empire sometime on Friday stating that your installers were not going to be able to make it and have a date already established for installation.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Lisa Anderson

    I cannot believe that a company your size does not have some type of procedures in place to verify that work has been completed and there is accountability on your end. It was only through communications and escalations by my husband and myself.

  • Tommy Jackson says:

    I I’m totally disappointed in the service that I received from your company. I have been waiting four weeks since I entered into a contract and I still don’t have any tile or when it’s going to be installed. I really expected more from company of your size.I have since canceled the contract because we still don’t have a date for installation. Totally disappointed

  • E says:

    Agreed!!!! Horrible product!!!!

  • Jim says:

    we have just spend a big chunk of change, did not sign off on the work and my account was billed. The job was so unprofessionally completed that we did not want to say that this was up to our standards or Empire’s standards. We had flooring installed a couple of years ago from empire and we were quite pleased with the job that was done. we have called and left messages for the installing manager and have not received a response, we have scheduled the installers to return and try to make the floor look better but they have not returned. Customer service has not returned our call yet. Very poor service follow up.

  • P. Raymond says:

    Empire is one of the worst flooring companies I have ever seen. The cancel and reschedule 3 times. Very bad customer service.

  • Janice Ann Gurzo says:

    Worst experience I have ever had. Do not purchase anything from Empire Today. Took advantage of me especially that a man was not present and I am a senior. They put up a window treatment and totally ignored that I did not want it installed as the entire order was completely wrong. Can’t even obtain a phone number to the Office of the CEO/President Keith Weinberger. Waiting days for them to correct this horrid matter. I am now at the point of registering a formal complaint with the Attorney General, Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau, 7 on your Side, Facebook and legal action through my attorney for starters. Hope someone in authority at Empire is seeing this or they probably don’t care. Except for my sales representative, everyone else has treated me badly. I am sorry I did not phone the Police and have the installer removed from my home.

  • Oscar Ramasar says:

    My name Oscar Ramasar , Administrator
    Crest Home for the Elderly
    4460 Crestview Drive, Norco.
    California 92860.
    I have a contract to replace flooring = 2158 sq. Feet. Work not started . Trying to get back my deposit of $4500 + but no one
    Is communicating with me to proceed with work. All I need is
    A refund so that my elderly people are not being unhappy
    With furniture moved out of the way.
    Mr Keith Weinberger ,CEO
    I / We the Elderly population need
    Your help, your sales rep. Melodie
    Voorhes took advantage of me
    & my elderly population, no work
    Started. Your sales rep is crooked & your contracted installers don’t know their jobs. See u in court if I don’t get my refund $4500.

  • Oaughtise says:

    I have had flooring done and needed repair done no one call or show the customer service sucks you have to about 30 minutes for someone to finally answer the phone it 2 to 3 days for someone to get back with you I wish I never call this company to do my floors they service cross the board sucks If you is thinking about letting them do your floors don’t do it you will regret it like I did

  • Valerie Welch says:

    Do not use this company. They do not follow up on anything. Just trying to get a small issue resolved has turned into a big issue.

  • Anne p says:

    This past month, August of 2021, I waited several weeks to get Empire Today to my home to carpet ONE room and a staircase. After sitting down with a rep and picking out which I liked- we set a date and I was so excited. Empire today cape, they installed one bedroom and had a million excuses regarding not finishing the stairs. They tried to fool me by bringing carpet that looked like the one I chose, but was more expensive. Then suddenly, they don’t have installers who bind carpets now that’s the problem. It has been THREE weeks and I have half a finished stair case and they are still not able to finish? I have an 11 month old baby and this carpet is crucial to her safety. I have Carpets Direct coming tomorrow because this company could not finish the job they started!

  • Tia Brown says:

    I need help made several calls and sent emails no return calls or response back from emails!! Tia Brown 404 992 5948 !! Very Disappointed in service request !! Called CEO phone not Even call back from Keith Weinberger!!

  • Mary Ann Senatore says:

    defective floor installed in my disabled daughter’s room. claim denied. if she falls as a result of the defect, Empire will have a big problem. i suggest someone call me back.

  • Janet O says:

    Life time Warranty my … Can’t even get a call back to come and check the product!

  • Sherry says:

    Save yourself a headache and run away from this company!! After setting my initial appointment I got a confirmation email stating to move furniture so sales person can measure and give an estimate, of course they were a No Call/No Show, Empire said I cancelled the appointment, so they will LIE to save their butts. No one will call me back after repeated calls to them…. Empire is a very shady and unreliable company!!

    • Martha says:

      This is standard practice it seems for this company. I have has 2 appointments were they were no call/no show. This company has declined considerably over the years.

  • Arnie Blitstein says:

    This company is the worst. First my sales rep Rod Stallworth told me he would call me the Monday after we place our order to see if we could get the install before the furniture came. He never called. Second i called the LA office no less than 7 times and have never received a call back. In addition, i called the main number and was on hold for 1 hour and then put my number in to be called back. I am still waiting for the call back 2 weeks later. Third, Empire called to confirm the install for July 30th. On July 30th i received another call telling me they had to cancel the install because they didn’t have enough installers. They then proceeded to tell me it would be 2 more weeks before i could get my carpet installed. I told them it was unacceptable, they didn’t care. I told them i want to speak to Rod Stallworth, he didn’t call. Instead he sent me an e-mail telling me he was working on the problem. I have e-mailed him back 3 times and no answer. I even gave him my work number to call me at as he said he was having a problem calling me on my cell.

    The sales rep get the sales and then forget about the customers. The customer rep don’t give a damn about the customers and you can’t get ahold of anybody at the corporate office. It’s like get the deposit and forget to provide the service.

    Somebody in management should really care about what the customers are saying about their product and service.

    • Martha says:

      This company has declined considerably over the years. Their sale force is unreliable- failing to call or show up for appointments- and the installers do less than bare minimum, and cut corners even on jobs they were paid to complete. I have been using this company since 2006, but have been horribly disappointed over the past 2 years.

  • Marie says:

    In AZ we purchased glue down flooring that should lay flat, even and smooth. Installed in January. Ever since install we have been calling to have boards fixed due to repetitive boards coming back up. We are told the installers are not installing properly. The installers says this is just what we will have with this floor. We paid a lot of money to have this ongoing issue. Customer service is horrible. They hang up on you. Managers do not call you back, no follow up. Rarely pick up their phone and make false promises of correction and excuses for the issue. Installers do not show up in professional attire like they advertise. They do not speak English so it’s hard to communicate with them. 7 months and still not resolution. I tried to make others aware on their Facebook and they blocked me from posting and removed my comment. Wishing we read the reviews prior to purchasing. The installer do not know how to install this type of flooring, the salesmen are pushing how great it is and the managers just don’t seem to care.

  • Elizabeth Feldman says:

    Should have looked at this first…Failure of epic proportions, second time out and still can’t get it right..can’t get anyone in management to contact me. Will be posting on all social media outlets. Their ineptitude has now displaced my my mother-in-law who is on home hospice care TWICE

  • Dr. Dena Varela says:

    Unbelievable, this company is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. They literally stole 4600 and after a month I have yet had my money refunded nor am I able to get a number or an email address for anyone in corporate management which in itself tells me upper management wants zero interaction with their customers.

  • Jaclyn Newman says:

    BUYER BEWARE. My install was scheduled for 2 days ago, cancelled as the product in not in production. Chose alternate product that is in stock. I am waiting for the installation team to arrive NOW and get a call that this product is not available…until the end of the month. Empire reached out to me to do this install, promised it would be fast, took my money, and the products are out of stock and delayed over and over. My refund is taking 7-10 days!

  • Tamara C Denig says:

    This company should not be in business anymore. It shocks me that they haven’t been shut down. I to have had a very long , horrible, trying experience with them, with not 1 ounce of resolve. I have used up all options, and will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General. Please everyone file complaints with the Attorney General, not the BBB. No company cares what the better business bureau says. I come from a long line of Attorney’s, and you will get no where reporting them to the BBB. If we all file complaints with the Attorney General something would have to be done.

    • Angela says:

      What name and email should I use to file a complaint? Thanks for any info!

      • Steven P Grant says:

        Good luck, they don’t answer their phones. They ate the worst company I have ever felt with.

    • Dr. Dena Varela says:

      Do you happen to have a corporate phone number?

      • Harry D says:

        try 847-583-3000 when promped you have to type in one of the officers name, Good Lock

      • THOMAS DAVIS says:


  • Katherine L Blair says:

    I am trying to reach someone who can help me. I had a floor installed last year. Before even 12months have past, the floor planks began to separate. I reached out and and paid someone from your company to fix it and all they did was kick the boards back in place. The next day they separated again. The planks were cut too short. Their needs to be shims added to prevent all that movement. I’ve reached out and made an appt a few weeks ago. No one called, no one showed up. I reached out again for a week. Finally got in touch with someone and rescheduled. Yesterday they were supposed to come and fix it. Same thing. No call no show. I’ve reached out number times via email to the manager at the Detroit office. She has stopped replying to my messages.
    I am highly upset with this treatment. I paid 3 grand for this floor that didn’t last a year and now left with it falling apart. Please please please help me or forward my message to someone who can.

    -Katherine Blair.

    • Steven P Grant says:

      1-888-588-2315 ex 4195

    • Martha says:

      Horrible that this happened to you. This company has turned into a disaster: No call/No show for appointments, and the workmanship is deplorable. I have been using this company since 2006 and am shocked by the decline over the last 2 years. Your story is very typical now….

  • Very Disappointed Client says:

    This is the Worst of the Worst of companies. Please!! Please!! read these reviews and take them seriously. I wish we had research and read the reviews and saved ourselves $1556.00. Basically do not schedule an appointment for a quote…I should have known when my first and second appointment and was cancelled by Empire, and the samples that were brought out, appeared to be a very good quality, but how deceiving…and that is what sucked me in. Well, they were all “FAKE”. I cancelled the order the day of the installed after seeing the real product, and how about Empire refusing to refund my deposit. If Keith Weinberger (CEO) and Hillary Victor (Senior VP, General Counsel & Sec) really had an interest in their company they would read these reviews and see why there are so many negative reviews. This company is truly a rip off from the top to the bottom and….”False advertisement of Goods and Services” is and if not should be a Felony.

    • Dr. Dena Varela says:

      I absolutely agree with you!

    • Martha says:

      Oh my God…. It is horrible what has happened with this company over the last few years; very poor or lacking customer service, long phone waits, no call/no show appointments, and incompetent workmanship. As a customer since 2006 I am horrified by these reviews and my own personal experience which validates the accusations. HORRIBLE!

  • Linda Croaker says:

    We purchased new carpet and new vinyl plank flooring. The carpet installation was great no headaches but the vinyl plank flooring has been nothing but a headache. The previous kitchen vinyl plank was much thicker that we had down. Because the new flooring underlayment was so thin every inch of my kitchen has loud squeaks. This is something that should have been discussed at point of sale. I would have payed more for the underlayment to be thicker. The threshold between were the carpet and floor met we had to buy from Home Depot to match the floor because Empire only had silver or gold. This was not discussed at point of sale. The stair cover in the foyer we purchased through Carpet One to match the floor .The bottom trim quarter round that they installed does not match our cabinets or our new floor. It looks horrible. We carried the Vinyl plank down to our foyer. The original sale was to remove the old ceramic tile and put down the vinyl plank. The installer said he could take the tile out because it would leave to much of a gap. The installer kept telling us that the Ceramic Tile was fine and dont replace it. So now since he put in the vinyl plank over the Ceramic Tile at the step that goes down stairs the stair cap is pushing the final plank up that is in from of the cap. They sent 2 installers out to review and it both of them said it could not fixed. You cant get a hold of anyone and I mean anyone. Customer Service, Installation, hitting 0 on the phone and it states there is no one to answer the phone. I will never ever use Empire again. Servicing there Customer with quality work is not on their vocabulary.

  • Brandie Lea Szymanski says:

    360 Sq ft for 4000$. They came and did 1/4 of 1 room out of 4 rooms and then just left. My house is a wreck. Unacceptable! I can not get a hold of anyone.

  • Randhir Chauhan says:

    Very very bad experience with Empire , From Cleveland , Ohio -I have been asked for photographs of my daughter injury along with others work related pictures but no response , customer dealing was worse .

  • Randhir Chauhan says:

    There should be pre installation testing before the actual installation date. In preparation for the installation date lot of things were moved around and removed from place . We were taken a back when the company charged $ 887charged for one small room of carpet installation. If there was a problem with kitchen flooring – small area then they could have at least done the 2 bathroom floorings. We are unhappy with the way things went about . With the vent being open and left the way it was, my daughter’s leg got stuck in the vent which led to major injury and is still in the process of recovering . We were harassed / feel like ripped off /
    My daughter is a dancer and she now has to deal with a permanent scar and can no longer train till it is healed fully. My humble request when you see pictures and video , think about your own kids and the whole situation . Before we move to the next level we need a valid explanation and what you call this.

  • Sandra says:

    Will agree this is a rip-off company and would certainly recommend it to my worst enemy rather than wait for karma. They do not show up when promised and to add insult to injury their products are crap. Have been dealing with a manufacturing defect on a supposedly 10 year warranty carpet which did not even last 6 months. Now I’m about ready to go to settlement (and trying to get a credit for the buyers) is not being resolved. Will try speaking to someone at corporate headquarters next and hope someone there has a brain.

  • Kristen says:

    Three level house and empire did the flooring on every level. It was a nightmare from day one. Had some water damage and needed just a small section of the floor replaced (ONLY reason we used them again, they could match) and once again it’s been a nightmare. Wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy! Clearly the company is way too big, sales and installation clearly don’t talk, the lack of communication and knowledge between all the departments is absurd and shows. Once again beyond disappointed.

  • Wilma Veres says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with Empire Today/Pittsburgh. I purchased carpet/vinyl on 2/19/20 and the morning to be installed a woman called an said the wrong colors came it. They had to re-order both.
    I had the house rented on April 1, 2020. I canceled with her and she said my deposit of $525.00 would be refunded in 7-10 days. I am 83 years and on a fixed income so I need the refund..Each time I call it is 7-10 days. They are keeping my deposit now because I I did not cancel. They are the ones who ordered the wrong color.
    Please if you purchase from this company use a credit card so you can get your money back.

  • Cynthia Jamison0-Spanos says:

    You sure got that correct Mr. Lark. This company, is, by far, the absolute worst hack job, rip off, bunch of drunks I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The lie, cheat and steal right to your face. They would steal the money out of your grandmothers purse if she left it on the kitchen counter. They suck you in with some quality product and nearly right before your eyes, pull a lousy bait and switch and by the time you realize what they have done, they are…….gone. And all future phone calls and messages are routed through their “Call Center” which consists of a bunch of operators that do not even work directly for Empire but for a switchboard operation. You cannot ask questions about any situation you may have with them because the operators know nothing about nothing. They rigged up a partnership with Synchrony Bank for a while wherein they financed your flooring needs through Synchrony Bank so Empire gets paid their money quickly while you are still trying to figure out what just happened. Once you do, you are given the BIG SHUT OUT and good luck getting anything at all wrong fixed. On top of that, you are basically in a situation of civil extortion because if you don’t pay for the crap flooring you just had installed they tank your credit rating until you are financially ruined!!! Synchrony Bank swears that they conduct an investigation into the matter but you won’t ever be consulted about your side of the mess because think about it…..Why in the world would Synchrony Bank side with YOU? They have just partnered up with Empire and besides, if they side with you, nobody gets paid. They are never going to side with you no matter how wrong Empire is. Their investigation consists of a phone call to Empire to get their recommendation on who they should believe and BINGO…….you are stuck paying, in my case, $5000, for a crapload of the worst quality laminate flooring you have ever laid eyes on after about 2 weeks on your floor. Don’t bother with the formalities like having the flooring brought into your house to acclimate to the climate at least 14 days prior to installation. Don’t waste their time with the required moisture testing when being installed over concrete floor. Heck, why bother? They are not going to bother with you once they leave your house. Oh, wait. I forgot about the part where they do finally give you a call about a year later and tell you they are willing to fix that mess of a floor for you – at a greater cost to you. Are we all rolling around on the floor laughing yet? Go ahead and report them to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau because neither one of these entities will do a damn thing to help you. NOTHING!! NADA!! ZILCH!! FORGET IT!! You are on your own right along with about 2000+ other people this has happened to. Check it. Do your homework before you buy people. Because I didn’t – like a dummy and now I am sucking pond water over this mess. Good Luck.

  • Donnie Lark says:

    Set up a time for a consultant to come out to our rental house between 1 and 3, No one showed up or called. One week later I called to have a representative come to my house for a quote. Again, no one showed up. I called Empire that night and I was told a voicemail was left for the representative that was scheduled to be at our house. Again no call back. I called the next day to find out why I was being ignored and was told there was no narrative added by any consultant as to why no one showed up at either house. I was told an “emergency ticket” was put in and a manager would call me within 24 hours. Well, 28 hours later I called back and was told representatives did show up and no one was home. BOLD FACE LIE. I demanded to talk to a supervisor. I was forwarded finally to a manager and was told no where does it say a rep showed up and we were not home. Again, I was told an email and another voicemail was sent to the corporate office and I will receive a call back within 24 hours. Guess what!, you got it. NOTHING. Customer service is AWFUL, the call takers lie, when it comes to professional business there is nothing worse than no call, no shows. They did it to me twice. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. There will NOT be a third time. I will go out of my way to say nothing but bad things about Empire and what ever I can to discourage anyone from calling empire. Save yourself a huge headache and time. Call your local carpet professionals. These people are a joke.

  • No Name says:

    Disappointed- I was scheduled for Monday from 1100-1:00, by 1:00 on one had arrived, so I called. The response provided was I am sorry, but the technician is unable to come today, but we can schedule you for tomorrow. Tomorrow arrived and I called to ensure a tech. was coming out (Tuesday), this time the reasoning for another no-show was due to scheduling me on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Now it is Tuesday, three days have passed from my initial phone call and there has been no one to come measure the home for carpet installation. Now I am scheduled for Wednesday (9:00 – 11:00) and fingers crossed. There seems to be a lot of “I am sorry, I cannot change the schedule or fit you in same day, either because corporate controls the schedule or corporate did not answer their phone (corporate did not answer the reps phone call today and the rep said I cannot reach them, there’s nothing I can do)”. Again, the rep says, sorry I cannot help you, I can only schedule keep your slot for Wednesday.

    Very disappointing for such a large company to have so many excuses. Empire you have put me in a bind. I guess the reviews posted before me were true.

    I suppose the company has so much money pouring in that quality is not at the top of their list.

  • paula says:

    In may we purchased all new flooring for my home and within a month we complained and now they are stating that even with a warranty we are being held responsible for the damages and the will not honor said warranty I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB. I will never recommend them to anyone.

  • Kenneth Douglas says:

    My Empire installed Vinyl flooring with a year turned oily black and I believe it to be toxic and dangerously unhealthy for my family. We believe it’s the un compatible type of adhesion failure that caused it. The installers conducted no moisture test before installation , etc. If there was no moisture check ten I should have been advised and the installation of this Vinyl would never have happened, etc. This oily black vinyl can cause respiratory heath problems, etc. All due to a improperly selected adhesive, which it’s self was black, etc. Empire is saying moisture, but many sections of the flooring has no stains, etc. I have contacted them seeking a detailed letter statin why they should not assist me with this problem after all this vinyl is just over a year old and looks horrible. And has become hazardous. Empire uses contractors to do their installations, etc. Whether they are using te right products that are compatible with each other remains to be seen. I want them to test my floor by pulling up a section, not guess what the problem is.

  • Ahmed says:

    Empire have very nicely dressed salesmen with nice vehicles, very eloquent and nice display of samples. Nonetheless, when it is time to do the actual work, they sent me guys with archaic tools to install a new carped in my stairs. When the installers told me that they were done with their work, I started inspecting the carpet and I have noticed a tear and brought it to the guys attention. They told me that they put glue and it is now fine. I told the guys that it is the same way, and one of them said it is not a big deal. The tear is about one inch long and over time, and with people walking on it, the tear will get bigger and eventually the whole piece covering that step will come apart. I asked for professionals to come fix this problem please, and I am still waiting…

  • Unhappy in FL says:

    Never purchase through Empire. They force you to sign their contract without reading through it and I found out too late that in FL they can put a lien on my house if I stop payment in response to work not getting done. The first installer was late, didn’t finish the carpet installation, said he would come back tomorrow morning with more carpet because there wasn’t enough. After he left I found feces covered toilet paper he left on the floor of a bathroom! I filed a complaint and demanded another installer finish the job that week. The manager and sales rep turned around and blamed for what happened! No apologies. I stood firm and they scheduled a second installer to come four days later. The second guy didn’t know that half the job was still left to be done, made excuses about not having enough carpet to do it, and left! I was on the phone demanding they finish the installation or give me a refund. They were planning on sending the first installer back to my house! I said no, send someone new and finish the job within 3 days or I want a refund. Finally, the third installer came and he was the best Empire employee I met. He finished the work (3 hours) and left. He said he just got the order to finish my installation in between other assigned jobs for the day.

  • Kathy Parmenter says:

    I have had 3 different installers come out to lay vinyl flooring in my home. The first 2 did not do the installation correctly and the 3rd installer took out all of the vinyl and refused to install the new flooring stating we had bad subfloors. This is a bold faced LIE. We believe that Empire just wants to weasel out of refunding our $6,500.00. NO ONE from Empire will contact us. Empire has all of our money and left us with NO FLOORING

  • Mary Anne Gallant says:

    Watch out! Their installers are thieves. They stole all of my late mother’s jewelry. I will never trust them again. These were the only people inside our home.

  • Andrea Wright says:

    Good morning I need help getting resolution from two installers coming to my home…after installing my carpet and moving furniture back the guys hit one of my legs on my sofa broke lose one of the legs. As of today the matter hasn’t been resolved. I have left three messages to a tiara @ 877-588-5218 no return call. Please may someone please help resolve this matter as soon as possible. I am a recurring customer and I have never been treated this way. Our names Artist & Andrea Wright contact number 313-477-3795. Thank you

  • Rosie says:

    I haven’t had my issues with Empire Flooring. They do not keep there promises on doing follow-up to the customers when they have issues with work that has been done by their installers. They tell you that they will have someone to come in and take care of your issue but nothing gets done weeks months go by. Enough said, they better get themselves down here and fix the issues then I am having. I kept my end of the bargain they need to keep theirs. ?

  • Randy Puetz says:

    Empire Today is the biggest RIP OFF there is Run away from them as fast as you can. It will save you a lot of money and problems

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