Where is Empire Today Corporate office Headquarters

Empire Today Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 333 Northwest Avenue
    Northlake, IL 60164
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800-588-2300
  • Fax Number: 708-202-6134
  • Email: customersupport@empiretoday.com
  • Number of Employees: 000
  • Established: 1959
  • Founder: Seymour Cohen
  • Key People: Keith Weinberger

Empire Today Headquarters Location & Directions

Empire Today Headquarters Executive Team



Keith Weinberger

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Knapp

Chief Financial Officer

Paul W. Carter

Executive VP & Chief Purchasing Officer

Hillary Victor

Senior VP, General Counsel & Secretary

Paul Connolly

Chief Information Officer

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  • No Name says:

    Disappointed- I was scheduled for Monday from 1100-1:00, by 1:00 on one had arrived, so I called. The response provided was I am sorry, but the technician is unable to come today, but we can schedule you for tomorrow. Tomorrow arrived and I called to ensure a tech. was coming out (Tuesday), this time the reasoning for another no-show was due to scheduling me on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Now it is Tuesday, three days have passed from my initial phone call and there has been no one to come measure the home for carpet installation. Now I am scheduled for Wednesday (9:00 – 11:00) and fingers crossed. There seems to be a lot of “I am sorry, I cannot change the schedule or fit you in same day, either because corporate controls the schedule or corporate did not answer their phone (corporate did not answer the reps phone call today and the rep said I cannot reach them, there’s nothing I can do)”. Again, the rep says, sorry I cannot help you, I can only schedule keep your slot for Wednesday.

    Very disappointing for such a large company to have so many excuses. Empire you have put me in a bind. I guess the reviews posted before me were true.

    I suppose the company has so much money pouring in that quality is not at the top of their list.

  • paula says:

    In may we purchased all new flooring for my home and within a month we complained and now they are stating that even with a warranty we are being held responsible for the damages and the will not honor said warranty I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB. I will never recommend them to anyone.

  • Kenneth Douglas says:

    My Empire installed Vinyl flooring with a year turned oily black and I believe it to be toxic and dangerously unhealthy for my family. We believe it’s the un compatible type of adhesion failure that caused it. The installers conducted no moisture test before installation , etc. If there was no moisture check ten I should have been advised and the installation of this Vinyl would never have happened, etc. This oily black vinyl can cause respiratory heath problems, etc. All due to a improperly selected adhesive, which it’s self was black, etc. Empire is saying moisture, but many sections of the flooring has no stains, etc. I have contacted them seeking a detailed letter statin why they should not assist me with this problem after all this vinyl is just over a year old and looks horrible. And has become hazardous. Empire uses contractors to do their installations, etc. Whether they are using te right products that are compatible with each other remains to be seen. I want them to test my floor by pulling up a section, not guess what the problem is.

  • Ahmed says:

    Empire have very nicely dressed salesmen with nice vehicles, very eloquent and nice display of samples. Nonetheless, when it is time to do the actual work, they sent me guys with archaic tools to install a new carped in my stairs. When the installers told me that they were done with their work, I started inspecting the carpet and I have noticed a tear and brought it to the guys attention. They told me that they put glue and it is now fine. I told the guys that it is the same way, and one of them said it is not a big deal. The tear is about one inch long and over time, and with people walking on it, the tear will get bigger and eventually the whole piece covering that step will come apart. I asked for professionals to come fix this problem please, and I am still waiting…

  • Unhappy in FL says:

    Never purchase through Empire. They force you to sign their contract without reading through it and I found out too late that in FL they can put a lien on my house if I stop payment in response to work not getting done. The first installer was late, didn’t finish the carpet installation, said he would come back tomorrow morning with more carpet because there wasn’t enough. After he left I found feces covered toilet paper he left on the floor of a bathroom! I filed a complaint and demanded another installer finish the job that week. The manager and sales rep turned around and blamed for what happened! No apologies. I stood firm and they scheduled a second installer to come four days later. The second guy didn’t know that half the job was still left to be done, made excuses about not having enough carpet to do it, and left! I was on the phone demanding they finish the installation or give me a refund. They were planning on sending the first installer back to my house! I said no, send someone new and finish the job within 3 days or I want a refund. Finally, the third installer came and he was the best Empire employee I met. He finished the work (3 hours) and left. He said he just got the order to finish my installation in between other assigned jobs for the day.

  • Kathy Parmenter says:

    I have had 3 different installers come out to lay vinyl flooring in my home. The first 2 did not do the installation correctly and the 3rd installer took out all of the vinyl and refused to install the new flooring stating we had bad subfloors. This is a bold faced LIE. We believe that Empire just wants to weasel out of refunding our $6,500.00. NO ONE from Empire will contact us. Empire has all of our money and left us with NO FLOORING

  • Mary Anne Gallant says:

    Watch out! Their installers are thieves. They stole all of my late mother’s jewelry. I will never trust them again. These were the only people inside our home.

  • Andrea Wright says:

    Good morning I need help getting resolution from two installers coming to my home…after installing my carpet and moving furniture back the guys hit one of my legs on my sofa broke lose one of the legs. As of today the matter hasn’t been resolved. I have left three messages to a tiara @ 877-588-5218 no return call. Please may someone please help resolve this matter as soon as possible. I am a recurring customer and I have never been treated this way. Our names Artist & Andrea Wright contact number 313-477-3795. Thank you

  • Rosie says:

    I haven’t had my issues with Empire Flooring. They do not keep there promises on doing follow-up to the customers when they have issues with work that has been done by their installers. They tell you that they will have someone to come in and take care of your issue but nothing gets done weeks months go by. Enough said, they better get themselves down here and fix the issues then I am having. I kept my end of the bargain they need to keep theirs. 😠

  • Randy Puetz says:

    Empire Today is the biggest RIP OFF there is Run away from them as fast as you can. It will save you a lot of money and problems