Where is El Pollo Loco Corporate office Headquarters

El Pollo Loco Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3535 Harbor Blvd #100, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 714-599-5000

  • Fax Number: 714-599-5650

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  1447

  • Established: December 8, 1980

  • Founder: Juan Francisco Ochoa

  • Key People: Bernard Acoca

El Pollo Loco Headquarters Location & Directions

El Pollo Loco Headquarters Executive Team



Bernard Acoca

CEO & President

Laurance Roberts

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Kay L. Bogeajis

Chief Operating Officer

About El Pollo Loco, History and Headquarters Information

El Pollo Loco, pronounced “L Po-yo Lo-co” and Spanish for “The Crazy Chicken”, specialises in Mexican styled citrus and herb marinated, fire-grilled chicken. It offers different Mexican and American dishes like burritos, tacos, quesadillas, tostadas, tortillas etc.

Founded by Juan Francisco Ochoa in Mexico in 1974, the first El Pollo Loco in US was opened in 1980 on Alvarado Street in Los Angeles and continued to expand due to its popularity. Ochoa sold the US restaurants in 1983 and since then both El Pollo Loco has been doing business in non-overlapping global territories.

The US-based El Pollo Loco is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California with annual revenue over $439 million. It operates approximately 480 company-owned and franchised restaurants in Arizona, California, Utah, Louisiana, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, Illinois, Georgia, and Connecticut. El Pollo Loco, Inc. (US) is a wholly owned subsidiary of EPL Intermediate. The chain is likely to expand into one or two new markets by 2020 with simplified menu and streamlined operations.

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  • Thomas A Diamon says:

    We need an el pollo loco near queen creek or San tan valley. Very fast growing community.

  • Lodema Hatch says:

    We are vegan and for years your
    Restaurants have been our go to travel stops because we could get a bowl of pinto beans and a bowl of broccoli! Our stop in Lake Havasu, AZ, last week we were shocked to learn the the broccoli had been discontinued. In this day and age of the of options for us healthy eating folks expanding, WHY would your organization go backwards???

  • Shayla says:

    I am very disappointed in El Pollo Loco management at the San Antonio Texas franchise on San Pedro Ave. I ordered an online order of the $16 piece chicken meal mixed. I also ordered the new shredded beef Quesadilla. When it was delivered I noticed I did not receive the quesadilla and non of the sauces I had requested which makes the entire meal so much tastier in my opinion. I called several times before anyone answered. I understood that it could be busy so I was very patient. A male answered the phone and I politely explained that I orded online and my order was missing some items. Before I could even finish my sentence he just handed over the phone to which I believe was the manager, a woman with a Hispanic accent. The tone in her voice was not very pleasant. I started off with giving her my name and I recently ordered an online order. She cut me off saying oh yea well I made your order and what are you saying your missing again because I’m sure I out everything you ordered in the bag. Her tone was very offensive. I said I am missing the shredded beef quesadilla and all of the sauces. She replies “well the sauces are free soooo that’s that and I dont see a shredded beef quesadilla on your receipt, oh well Yea I do see it now. Then I asked if it can be re delivered ( I’m not knowing they don’t handle the deliveries on that end). She gets very rude and tells me “No I dont know nothing about any deliveries we don’t do deliveries so I dont know what to tell you at this point.” I then asked if she could offer me a promotion code. She gets even more rude by cutting me off saying PROMOTION? WHAT’S THAT? I’M NOT GIVING YOU A PROMOTION. I then said it’s a credit that I can use online for the app that I use through you guys. And she says NO with a silent pause. I asked what time they closed and she said 11 and I stated that if I give her my husband’s name could he then pick it up? And I also asked for her name. That’s when she went off and says WELL I WAS GONNA SUGGEST THAT AT THE BEGINNING BUT YOU STARTED ASIING FOR A CODE WHICH I CAN’T GIVE YOU and hangs up the phone in my face. I call back and she answers and I tell her that she is now being recorded. She tells me that she is not ignorant and doesn’t care that in recording her and that she doesn’t care that she will be reported to corporate and that she’s back en doing her job for a long time now and she hangs up on my face again. I tried calling back twice and no answer. I really hope someone reaches out to me about this matter as I do have the second phone call recording and would like to be reimbursed and this matter properly handled.

  • Torri Mills says:

    I was very upset when I ordered my dinner through door dash. My order on the receipt was correct but the restaurant did not package it correctly. I haven’t had El pollo loco in years and was so excited to be near one. Now I paid way to much for dinner through an app and won’t even eat it. The restaurant can’t really do anything to make it better because I don’t live here but I am very upset when you can’t package an order

  • Nicole Grosso says:

    I went to the drive thru at the Pollo Loco at 12930 Foothill Blvd, San Fernando CA 91342.
    I ordered (2) chicken nacho combos, (1) pollo bowl combo and (1) tacos de carbon combo.
    When I got home to eat I noticed that I was missing the pollo bowl combo so I went to look for my receipt to see if I was charged for it and noticed that I never got a receipt or my debit card back at the drive thru so I called the Pollo Loco to let them know and they said that they had my debit card and the pollo bowl and to go back to pick it. I was hungry so before I left the house I ate my chicken nachos combo and they were already soggy so I took the other order of chicken nachos with me to Pollo Loco to pick up my debit card and the pollo bowl and to ask them to exchange them because by the time I got back with the pollo bowl they were going to be even more soggy and they were for my daughter and her boyfriend and they wanted to eat together. So when I got to Pollo Loco I explained to the cashier that I had already called about my debit card and the pollo bowl and the manager heard and told the casher ….. I will handle this so I asked her can you please exchange these chicken nachos too because they are already soggy since I had to come back to pick up my debit card and the pollo bowl and she said NO I can only give you the pollo bowl that we forgot to give you but I can not give you new chicken nachos and she asked what was wrong with them and I told her they are soggy and I think it is only good customer service since I had to come back because the drive thru forgot to give me my debit card and my pollo bowl and also they didnt give me any straws or napkins or tortillas and chips that come with the combo. I told her I should of checked my order before I left but I didn’t so at least you can exchange the chicken nachos because I am not feeding my daughter soggy nachos and she said NO I can not exchange them but you can buy another chicken nachos if you want and OMG I was so upset and I said okay I will buy another chicken nachos because it’s not fair and I can’t believe that she was so RUDE and had the worst customer service ever for a manager …. I can imagine that all the crew is the same as the leader because nobody else said anything and to me she was wrong because she should of made a loyal customer happy .. I will never go to that Pollo Loco again even if it is the closest one to my house I rather drive further than to go there and get upset. I am still so upset with what happened and I am not a person to complain but you should train your managers to give service with a smile because the customer is always right even if they are wrong and I don’t think I was taking advantage or asking for something crazy but she made me feel like I was a bad person and I would like to see her eat the soggy nachos or feed them to her kid and see if that is fair after all I paid for the food it’s not like it was free. I didn’t get her name but she had dyed blonde hair.

  • Guest says:

    I been to several Pollo Loco’s and the chicken lacks of flavor. You need to improved the flavor in the Chicken if not you going to loose customers. NoTaste to be a well known restaurant.

  • Anthony says:

    Hello, l recently ate at your Costa Mesa store and was disappointed with my food which was both undercooked and barely warm. I tried contacting the store directly via email but there seems to be an “error” with the website.

    Would appreciate a refund. Amount is minimal.

    Regards, Anthony

  • M.E. Tamayo says:

    I sent a message on 02/14/2022 to your corporate office because a local restaurant here in Houston TX currently has their phone is out of service. There is no way to speak with the manager regarding a refund unless you visit them directly. I do not know what kind of company you operate, but your lack of response is a low level of customer service. This probably explains why the manager at the Siber Road location in HoustonTX is not experienced or trained to do his job effectively. I would appreciate it if you would call me so I can explain in full detail what happened. Thank you for your time.

  • George Bebedjian says:

    When a customer buys 2 x 8pc = 16pc total chicken is not going to eat them all by himself, we need plates forks, please salsa, and all that to make our lunch enjoyable. But your restaurant is like street food oh sorry street food lunch trucks they do have plates and forks.
    I had the same problem with getting salsa, and no one contacts me so I know no will you the MANAGER of this location you going to run the same way because that is how many expenses you have.
    Thank you
    Oh I will do everything to find the owner or your corporate office for this restaurant.

  • Linda says:

    8473 SH-6 N
    Houston, TX 77095

    The Pollo Loco at this location would be better off closed. I swear they have the worst service ever! For one, they always claim their system is ALWAYS down. Then they will tell you to get off to order but when you get off they tell you they can’t take your order. Why the hell would you tell me to get off then?!! They can never just take my order without being rude in some sort of way and 90% of the time they get my order wrong. If I ask for all dark it’s a problem, if I ask for more than 2 green sauces it’s a problem. They fill the small sauce cups less than half way and argue with you when you ask for more. I opened one the other day and it literally only had enough green sauce to cover the bottom of the small container. I asked for the manager and explained my frustration about the sauce to her. She claimed that she would talk to the staff and of course NOTHING HAS CHANGED! I go to this location all the time. I am paying for chicken and I WANT ENOUGH HOT SAUCE FOR THE AMOUNT OF DAMN CHICKEN I AM PURCHASING!!! I will be posting pics on their social media accounts next time. Let’s see who else is having the same problem as me. Smdh

  • A pitman says:

    The store in San Antonio on babcock Rd on nov-12 -21 manerger of polo loco. -a heavy 300 pds hispanic lady working there she did not had no name tag so I’m going by how she looks to describe her .well the main story here is that she …very rude …I ask her why they ran out of hot sauce….. cause I purchase chips and salsa….. and I didn’t get any salsa ….she said well we ran out…..and I responded…oh ok..then I told her…. I been waiting about 10 mins ….they could tell me that before then just waiting….. . no cars were behind me…. and only to people in side eating ….so what was the wait for…….she look at me and slam her window…… from drive thru .. .and went back whatever she was doing….. I’m assuming.. nothing….this the problem..she Want to become manerger not managing enough to stock food what she needs for the store plus if she dont want to here a complaint from the customers then..she should of had stuck enough food and train her employes . To let us know before paying.. then just makeing us customer wait. I’m she has others complaints… But thats not my complaint.i cant speak for them.i hope you look into this and handle this matter. in that store with whatever her name is she a dark fat lady african american..with people like her managing yur store is going to make you go out of business in that location..I’m sure I’m not only one..that made complaints.about this store locations..

    • Mary-Noel R. says:

      Hello A Pitman,

      I’ve just looked up El POLLO’S Corporate # when I decided to read the comments before I make the call. Boy, the ones I have read are displeasing for I too, am not very happy with el Pollo Loco.

      I have a question for you l: Did you receive a reply for this post of yours? Just curious. I attempted to send a completed survey but there was a transmission error and I lost the message;and, I spent quite some time to explain me and my families concerns, and there are many, about our local el Pollo.

      This post has been up for quite some time, yet, I hope you, consumers or Corporate will see this and possibly, start to research the high level of dissatisfied customers. The man who founded this company, Juan Francisco Ochoa, I think would not be happy knowing what concerns the consumers are experiencing at their locations.

      Well, I’m going to continue with my statement to contact the Corporation.

      Thank you for your comment. I do hope others will contact the Corporation by telephone to express their concerns.

      Mary-Noel R.
      A concerned guest

  • Marcia says:

    To whom it may concern ,
    I just wanted to make a comment on the commercial with the naked man,
    I think it is disgusting that a naked hairy man is promoting nachos , who in there right mind would allow a naked person into there kitchen while they are cooking? No one!
    I have been a loyal customer for years but now associate pubic hair with your food, gross!

  • Kay says:

    Your commercial of old naked people are ridiculous,. Believe me, they do not make hungry for food. They make me sick! Stupid advertising on your part. Really! You could not do better.

  • Joseph A Daily says:

    I have a real problem with one of your locations. I was refused my “father’s day” gift meal. The owner/manager of the Indio Store claimed he had no record of my order. I showed him the app that said my order was to be ready at the Indio location. He told me “Call”. no idea who to call. I left a comment on the site and after two weeks with no reply I wrote to the Corporate Headquarters.


  • Arturo Diaz says:

    Ordered 12-pc for $20 family style dinner on 7/25/21 at the Cerritos Store, Cypress (Store #3471) by Mobile Phone order (at 7:12 PM). This was supposed to be an advertised price, but the order (with coupon # 6772) did not credit my order and instead charged my Credit Card $29.93. The Store Manager said they can not accept any credit on the order or handle the difference in price, I had to call Headquarters…..ON another issue, my Rebate Card which has a balance of +/- $43.00, could not be used anymore. Why? Are these all part of Consumer deception?

  • Bee says:

    I ordered 2 churos and they were coated in salt not just one but both they were in the wrong thats food poisoning for someone with bad health conditions my husband blood pressure went high due to taking 2 bites of the churos and im diabetic they knew what they were doing thats not even funny. Someone needs to take action before Someone gets food poisoning like that, thats alot of sodium their not thinking.

  • Linda says:

    Chicken is great sides are terrible. Ordered mash potatoes and gravy, gravy was watered way down. Asked for small green chili peppers and did not get any with order.

  • Roy Camp says:

    Told person that no one should be eating while fixing food.

  • Roy Camp says:

    Very concerned about a store in Tucson. The person fixing my food had on gloves and was eating and sticking the food in her mouth, she then proceeded to fix my tacos with those same gloves. I said to the other person I will not take those tacos she is preparing. She then told her to wash her hands.She put on new gloves.With covid 19 people should not do that let alone while preparing food.I will never eat at that restaurant again. It wasn’t that clean anyway. I was really grossed out. Felt like canceling entire order.

    store 3839 web order 773207437 pick up 8-17-2020 3:20 pm

  • Mayte Gomez says:

    I am currently an employee at one of your stores and haven’t gotten paid for my leave due to COVID-19.I’ve been out for 4 weeks, I’m currently waiting on 2nd results and still not gotten paid my 2 weeks.

  • Teresa Rodriguez says:

    I eat at El Pollo Loco at least 2 times per week, I am in the Club and recieve many rewards.
    The Store nearest to me is Store #5842- 1519 W. Chapman Orange Ca, 92868. Today I had a Tostada Combo order thru the Drive thru. The service was UNUALLY FAST. I was very hungry and looking foward to my tostada.
    The lettace seemed to be old and the salad did not have as much color as normal. I was already home and settle. When I finished by salad, minutes later I got violently ill and lost all of my lunch. THE FOOD MADE ME VERY SICK. I was working at the time and had to stop work for the rest of the day.
    Check 1668-July 30, 2020 12:10 PM. I guess they served old food to provide fast service.
    Early this month, I ordered Chips and salsa , whan I got home they were not there.
    I have completely enjoyed El Pollo Loco since they opened many years ago here in California.
    Today I am completly disgusted. Store #5848 is terrible.

    • Marie says:

      I wasn’t going to comlain But I go to pollo loco alot But this is the second time I’ve had problems & it’s the same manager first time went to drive Thur it was after 10:30 I went to window because no one answered the girl at window had a attitude with me wasn’t ready I even told her I was sorry what I wanted she she not ready I parked she said have ready in 5 minutes it took 25 min.
      Today same girl found out the manager not good the door locked excuse said couldn’t find key such a lair because one of the employees had unlock door to tell me she would come get me,this employee very nice every time I come she should be the manger.
      This one located 1900 central Dr, Bedford tx.e
      That manger didn’t even apologize the employee did serval times.
      Id seen 3 customers leave not good for business
      need new Manger!!!!!
      Hardly no chicken on grill sure you loose more customers
      Pleas look into this!! Or I will stop going there & tell Not to go there!

  • Very unhappy customer. says:

    “””This is a complaint”””. Today Jan 12, 2020, at your location 11624 E Washington Blvd, Whittier, CA 90606, try to use a coupon for 20 pieces (legs and thighs) and since they run out those pieces the manager did not want to honor the coupon, instead he offer to mix and match at higher price, is he for reals, this is nothing but false advertising and is not for sure customer satisfaction. I will never go back to this establishment again. I am expecting a response to this unsatisfactory event.

  • Arline says:

    Dear El Pollo Loco Customer Service, What does it take to get to get an answer from your gift card department? I have emailed, called twice and went online to check the balance on a card I have not used yet. The card number is not coming up in your system. I have been told someone will contact me and it has been weeks. Thank you.

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