Where is Eharmony Corporate office Headquarters

Eharmony Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 10900 Wilshire Blvd #17, Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 844-544-3175

  • Fax Number: +1 844-544-3170

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 251

  • Established: August 22, 2000

  • Founder: Dr. Neil Clark Warren & Greg Forgatch

  • Key People: Grant Langston

Eharmony Headquarters Location & Directions

Eharmony Headquarters Executive Team



Grant Langston

Chief Executive Officer

Neil Clark Warren Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

A. J. Minnetian

Vice President of Finance

Gian Gonzaga

Senior Director of Research & Development and Head of Observational Research Laboratory

John F. Powers

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Ron Sarian

Vice President and General Counsel

Ken Walker

Chief Product Officer

About Eharmony, History and Headquarters Information

The introduction of science into the dating world is a brand-new concept that has flooded different dating apps and television shows related to dating. But this idea was started back in the year 2000 by a company called Eharmony. This is the app or website that helped people find their ideal match depending on factors like putting up a personality test to see whether the profiles match or not and then a match is made depending on the number of similarities present in your detection system. this is a highly popular technique these days and people consider it as one of the most ideal ways to look for a partner. The agency has its headquarters in Los Angeles at the moment and has a total employee strength of about 251 employees who makes these matches possible. The founder of the agency was Dr Neil Clark Warren & Greg Forgatch and at the moment the company is controlled by Grant Forgatch.

Eharmony Headquarters Photos

  • Shari Pollard says:

    I am Very FRUSTRATED with your company and have tried to resolve my concerns regarding my pictures for my profile with the customer service. I used the list of reasons provided and none of the reasons applied to mine. To be fair, I understand the policy of no pets, BUT none of the other pictures had pets, nudity, etc. Therefore, I will NEVER use Eharmony AGAIN. I will NEVER recommend Eharmony to any of my single friends or family. I am not certain if it’s DISCRIMINATION or Bias on the person that reviews the photos or even a MARKETING GIMMICK! I TRULY HOPE SOMEONE READS THIS AND TAKES MY COMPLAINT SERIOUSLY!! I’m contacting my bank to stop any future payments. I believe my subscription is over in October. It is very safe to say that I will NEVER EVER RENEW!!

  • Is John Taylor says:

    My name is John I authorize you guys for a one month prescription of $14 for membership last night I got a call from my bank Ask me did I authorize $343.81 I did not authorize that I would like to council that I only prescribed for one month $14 please cancel the 343.81 thank you

  • D. Myers says:

    I was lured in with an offer of 60% off. But it never happened. Then im being charged after i cancelled. Bait and switch. Im starting a class action lawsuit. This is totally wrong! Xoxox

  • David Rootovich says:

    Please refund my money. I no longer want to be part of eharmony. My name is David Rootovich from Nashua NH. I will look for my refund by the end of thevday. I am now on a fixed income and cannot afford this service. Sorry.

  • Cancel says:

    Has anyone found an attorney to sue for your money back and to cancel the subscription?

  • Laird says:

    I have filed lawsuits in Chicago against Eharmony. They are a dispicable heartless and ruthless company. I have tried to find the CEO Dr. Clark. He has many firewalls between him and us. He should be jailed and at least aware of the harm he causes people. Laird

  • Sally Harris says:

    eHarmony is a scamming company…preys on seniors. Uses roborolling on credit cards that have been cancelled due to their fraudulent charges. Shame on all of u assholes!!!!?

  • Laird Mintz says:

    I am so incredibly angry hard to express in words. Trying to reverse your auto renewal charge $550 while my mother is dying is beyond words. Who is accountable? Customer service Account specialist not returning my pleas for help while you take my money for an auto refund I was not aware. Is this all you are concerned about. Taking my money? File so many complaints and still not response from you . Are you the devil in disguise. Please contact me. Please acknowledge my written objection sent to you days ago. Please do the right thing and contact me. You are beyond reproach. Laird Mintz 312 834 1485

  • Laird says:

    I have filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General the Better Business Bureau and small claims court in Chicago after having such a difficult time getting a $550 refund charged to my account for an auto-renewal I was not not aware of. I am now going to go to the Chicago television stations and see if they would like to air my complaint against eHarmony as so many have done on their website add multiple lawsuits in California

  • Laird Mintz says:

    I have been struggling to get $550 refund for an autorenewal I knew nothing about. But more to the point I called EH immediately after my bank posted the charge telling EH I am not using the service and to cancel. They are not refunding. EH has paid the state of California millions for similar lawsuits and others. The Web is filled with lawsuits against EH. How can they be so cruel and advertise compassion. IT doesnt even make sense from a business perspective when they could keep customers loyal for future business but instead stick it to them just in order to get this final payment. I have called the Illinois Attorney General and other legal teams trying to bring a lawsuit against EH. Someone reach out and advise me 312 834 1485

    • Linda D Green says:

      PISSED OFF CONSUMERS – I found the corporate care number online..IT is 424-258-1199. I am sure they will take this down…So, write it down quickly. I received partial (1 out of 4) payment. They would not reimburse me the 1st payment ($146.63) because it is already pending in my account. Agent refused to provide the Corporate #, as I wanted to escalate. File complaint with your Attorney General Office and Federal Trade Commission.

  • Laird Mintz says:

    I objected to being auto renewed after contacting Eharmony minutes after it posted on my bank account. Dealing with my mother in hospice and insisting to Eharmony that I am not using nor intend to use the service any longer and they object to a refund. This is excessively punitive and unethical and doesnt foster future customer loyalty. I will try to sue if I can find a lawyer.

    • PA consumer says:

      I hope u succeed in court. I have a similar experience despite turning auto renew off. Absolutely crazy!

      • Linda D Green says:

        PISSED OFF CONSUMERS – I found the corporate care number online..IT is 424-258-1199. I am sure they will take this down…So, write it down quickly. I received partial (1 out of 4) payment. They would not reimburse me the 1st payment ($146.63) because it is already pending in my account. Agent refused to provide the Corporate #, as I wanted to escalate. File complaint with your Attorney General Office and Federal Trade Commission.

    • D. Myers says:

      Lets all start a Class Action Lawsuit. Seems they are breaking the law.

  • Veronica Carreiro says:

    I have been trying for months to get a refund . E harmony does not do background checks . I’ve had a lot of obscenities and recently lisa my father. I begged for some kind of resolution. I even told them I’m willling to pay next months payment but under the circumstances I’m unable to continue payment . No empathy what so ever . I’m going to let everyone know what eharmony has done on social media . It’s such a scam !

  • Robin says:

    Objective: refund my fees immediately!!
    I was scammed by eHarmony this past weekend (Feb 25-27, 2022) for the same reasons as stated… (The eHarmony Lawsuit Continues… FEB 13, 2022)… I have called your customer service numbers only to be rejected by a female representative reading by a script with a heavy to not understand accent. I called back again with another female with a similar accent then she disconnected at her end with me.

    It appears I am not the only one scammed by eHarmony, these are very recent litigations against eHarmony, including the State of Texas.

    “The lawsuit alleges that eHarmony duped users”.

    The company won a $2.2 million settlement in a California class-action suit where a user won the right to cancel his account within three days. Other users claim that they did not receive refunds when their accounts were auto-renewed, which they say was illegal. eHarmony also denies refunds unless they are legally required to do so. In addition to the settlement, there are thousands of complaints filed online and on consumer rating sites.

    Despite the recent settlement, eHarmony is still facing several legal challenges.
    The eHarmony lawsuit was filed after the online dating website refused to refund users who had canceled their subscriptions.
    The plaintiffs claimed that the company misrepresented the terms of their memberships. This led to confusion and broke state laws. The plaintiffs sought the court’s intervention in the case, which was filed in November. A class-action lawsuit filed against eHarmony has been settled in Texas and surrounding states. The case centered on a lawsuit against eHarmony for auto-renewal fees and other alleged damages.

    Refund my fees immediately and confirm back via email on or before March 1, 2022 by 5:00pm PST…

    • Laurel A Forrar says:

      how do I get involved with this scamming lawsuit? I have the same issue with trying to cancel my account within 3 days to no avail!!!!

  • Denise says:

    Also I forgot to add that not only is eharmony a total sham, who needs to be reported to the attorney generals office they do NOT have a phone number in order to contact them. How can a company legally take all your money but when you have an issue they don’t allow phone calls?!

    • J Paul says:

      Yes! They do!
      I thought I was signing up for the $19.95 3 month trial and they charged me $420.00.
      I immediately called my bank and EHarmony. EHarmony said they could not make a refund.

  • Denise says:

    This company is a sham. They quote one price but then significantly increase the quoted price once you provide cc info.

  • Roberta says:

    Please call me 215 4800853 about my payment

  • Roberta says:

    Can put my pay my in

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