Where is eBay Corporate Office Headquarters

eBay Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2025 Hamilton Ave, San Jose, CA 95125, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 408-376-7400
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: insellerverification@ebay.com
  • Number of Employees: 14100
  • Established: September 3, 1995
  • Founder: Pierre Omidyar
  • Key People: Thomas J. Tierney, Devin Wenig (CEO)

eBay Headquarters Location & Directions

eBay Headquarters Executive Team



Devin N. Wenig

CEO, President & Director

Pierre M. Omidyar

Founder & Independent Director

David Doctorow

Head of Global Growth

Stephen Fisher

Senior Vice President of Payments

Damien Hooper-Campbell

First Chief Diversity Officer

Kris Miller

Senior VP & Chief Strategy Officer

Kristin Yetto

Senior VP & Chief People Officer

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  • Igors Gorlovs says:

    You stole US $24.46 from me. Would You please return it to me (fenix258)

  • Anthony L. Francis says:

    Hi Mr. Kris Miller,

    Would you or someone from your staff contact me via email? I am inquiring for a location in Michigan, which can receive overages and or waste from Ebay. We will be a vehicle to collect, disperse and re-purpose distribution and transit waste from major distributors. I look forward to speaking with you or your team about this important opportunity.

    -Anthony L. Francis

  • Guy Vanderman says:

    You are collecting sales and use tax on precious metal sales in the State of Alabama in violation of Alabama Senate Bill 156, signed into law by our Governor and effective June 1, 2019. Why? I have contacted your company twice and even sent a copy of the Bill/Law. I know your collection of sales and use taxes is recent for Alabama but you should surely be aware and have programmed your software for exemptions. Also please send me the address of your corporate legal department as I am submitting a formal query to the State Revenue Commission and want to send you a copy of what I am sending them. I noticed it is not listed on your HQ Website.

  • Lisa Besek says:

    I am being accused of having a previous account that was suspended because I did business with someone that may have been. Customer service refuses to show me their proof so that I can defend myself. I can get documentation to prove that they are wrong. I bring a lot of money into your company and can’t believe I am being treated the way I am. I feel like I am being treated unfairly and no one will help.

    • Some Guy says:

      Yeah, similar situation here sorta. But I don’t think they’re likely to read the comments here much, since this is not Ebay’s website, nor is this site affiliated with Ebay that I know of. This seems to just be a website that lists the office addresses and such of many different businesses. Try sending them a letter, which is what I plan to do

  • sandra says:

    I need some real help with my account that I have done nothing wrong. I get generic emails and emails that say no one can help me because my account is closed and no one can tell me what the problem exactly is. I have been an eBay customer since 1997 with 100% positive feed back of almost 3000. I had a listing issue this year of something I received for Christmas a decided I did not want it so I listed it. There were some issues with the listing that I had to guess at, which I did and adjusted the listing but it got taken off a few times. I called and found out I needed to have the company approve the listing. Which they did. Ebay opened up my Account. I never even listed it anyway. I did not want anymore problems. I sell mostly 99% Christmas ornaments.
    The second problem happened after my account was opened I tried to resist my Christmas ornaments and then my PayPal account wasn’t working. I looked at my account and they had limited it. I’m sure when my Ebay account was restricted while I got the listing problem cleared up PayPal saw that and restricted my account not even knowing why. The problem is when Ebay opened my account PayPal does not see that. It too me weeks to finally get a hold of a real PayPal person in Nebraska, not India, who opened bake up my PayPal account and said they were sorry for the confusion. In the mean time while I was trying to get my PayPal account back open one of the calls I made was to Ebay to see if they could tell PayPal that my Ebay account was open. They said they cannot do anything because Ebay and PayPal don’t work together anymore. (Except when opening and closing accounts in an untimely manner) He told me if my PayPal account was not working I could use any PayPal account. I said “really?” He said “yes” and said said”OK”. I used my friends PayPal account to sell a bobble head we got at a Dodger game. Well I think that info I got from Ebay must have been bad information. A week or two after that sale and positive feedback was given to me PayPal closed my friends account and Ebay closed my account. Since PayPal had finally contacted me from Nebraska they opened up both accounts and said they were sorry for any inconvenience they caused. Now no one at Ebay will really look closely at my account and see that I am not a criminal and not trying to do anything illegal. My account may have been closed because of bad information from eBay customer service. I cannot believe that 23 years of being a great Ebay customer that no one will help me. There are a lot of useless and time consuming emails going back and forth on my account. And NO violations that I did. I’m guessing what the problem is since no one will discuss the whole situation.

  • Kevin Stokes says:

    Purchased product on March 19, goods never supplied after many emails then asked for credit, took more emails, credit for 25% of original purchase price received. Have asked for the difference to be credited, no response. This is not good enough, will pursue further. Case: 5199594560, Seller: watch2U

  • Timothy Forsyth says:

    my e bay account has been HACKED. Need you to contact me ASP. Thank you

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