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About EA Sports, History and Headquarters Information


EA Sports was founded in the year 1991. The company has been operational for 28 years now. The former name of the company was Electronic Arts Sports Network, which was changed to the current name in the year 1993. The company has been producing various types of sports video games, the most popular ones being Madden NFL and FIFA.

The company signed an exclusive deal with the NFL association, in the year 2004. The contract extended for five years, which was again renewed in 2008. The company also signed a deal with the AFL as well, which lasted for four years. The NCAA provided EA Sports with a six years license to create college football games too. However, in 2005, the company lost the MLB franchise license to 2K Sports. ESPN also signed a 12 year deal with the company, for usage of their brand name while broadcasting the respective sports, like Madden NFL, AFL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, etcetera, and also in the individual games designed by the company as well.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 209 Redwood Shores Parkway. The name of the place is Redwood City, while the name of the state is California, United States. The pin code of the area is  94065.


EA Sports is a company based in America that focuses on the designing, production and distribution of various types of sports and racing games. The current COO and Vice President of the company are Daryl Holt. The company is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. The company is currently a limited private entity. The main competitors of the company are 2K Sports and Konami.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to experience the best, real-life sports video games, designed and created by the developers at the company. The company is famous for developing the popular FIFA and Madden NFL game series, on games consoles and PC as well. The company currently uses the Frostbite 3 game engine for producing the Madden NFL and FIFA video games.

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  • Mark says:

    With all the that wrong with Madden NFL 23 and the way the players ( commy) is and has been treated I want a refund of all I’ve wasted in the game this year $$330.95. From EA action none of you care about the buyers of this game just the Money you make Over 90 percent of the users are not satisfied with your product Please do something to Help

  • Joey Merritt says:

    I don’t really understand a Company and their workers who knowingly defraud the American people and destroy so many lives. All you have to do is go online and see the thousands of people who you have unjustly banned and stole their money. There are so many corrupt and terrorist politicians and companies that are destroying our country something must be done.. I look forward to us visiting you, your families, all the employees and owners of EA to discuss these issues in person since all we ever get from EA is some generic message saying you broke some list of rules but never gives us specifics or any proof. Obviously this mission is too big for one person but with the help from good patriot organizations and good patriot people we can start a movement to visit you at work, your home and schools that your kids attend to peaceful protest to bring attention to the crimes you are committing. Maybe then the NFL will pull their contract from your corrupt company or a Patriot politician will begin a campaign to fight against your corruption and bring you before their committee and expose your criminality. We will be contacting all ea employees, board members and ceos of ea to express our outrage and our plans to expose EA. Everyone at EA should be held accountable for their actions whether you are an employee or owner. We will begin a social media campaign, an online EA Directory and an online petition to expose all your crimes. We look forward to visiting you in person to get our questions answered. All Patriot Americans soon we’ll start our media campaign to bring EA down and we look forward to your help and support. Thank You

    Gamertag Xbox – THeSTR8 PLAYERS EA origin PLAYSIM64

  • Erik says:

    Thanks madden for screwing the cowboys with your bullshit ratings

  • Mike mf brown says:

    I wanna say y’all need to stop copying and pasting madden its literally the same game as last year year before that and etc yall not doing nothing to franchise too make it better at all y’all just keep the same change the background thats it y’all said this madden madden 23 was gone be skilled base naw yall most def falsed fucking advertised again like always just so people can buy y’all same shitty ass game I been playing since I was a kid man I’m tired of it losing bc of some bs y’all choose not too fix at all literally bs I’m tired of it man and I’m not the only one I be on madden every day these convos happen every day and every madden y’all drop imma organize something so y’all sales can drop we deserve better and are money worths y’all game is not worthy for that price at all y’all deserve to be fired on y’all day off fr like dawg like what are y’all doing rushing it literally same shit do y’all not have good ideas do y’all not have a vision do y’all not listen to the people who waste their money on this shitty ass game every year y’all wonder why mfs say Every year I’m not buying this again or I’m buying it when its half off bc its not worthy of full price its not at all y’all cheating the madden community yall cheating John madden fasho y’all could of made it something much more y’all chose not too instead gave us the same copied and pasted as game y’all cheating y’all selves bc y’all can do better than this ik y’all can I seen it before long time ago but still I’m not losing too people who got “skill” I’m losing bc y’all game be bs shit y’all say gone fix don’t fix and cost me games fix y’all sorry ass game pls

  • Damien Trujillo says:

    When are you guys going to update the draft champions in Madden 22. Its the reason i play ultimate team. Ive been waiting months now and nothing has happened. Madden 21 did it faster than 22 what is that

  • Mr RJ Bovington says:

    Why are Russians still able to play on SimCityBuildIt

  • Philip neri says:

    I have a 5 star state of the art video game proposal I’m sending you that will make every star wars fan want it

  • Alex says:

    Madden sucks y’all completely messed it up with all the extra y’all put in the game the team hype is some bs u get down there’s no coming back the screen shaking shit is stupid no body wanna be down and deal with a bunch of bs trash game waste of money been playing all my life and I will nit buy no more.

  • Megan says:

    Purchased battlefield 2042 and there are WAY TO MANY BUGS. Can’t even see the entire screen!!!!

  • DA says:

    I’ve had my account hacked and players sold, tried to get help from EAs help email but they won’t do anything, customer service is very very poor.

  • Quintin Scholtz says:

    Hi, I would like to know if you are working or will be working on a new rugby? Rugby 2008 game play format as this was and still is the best in the world. Also I would like to get involved as a company if thats the case as a sponsor or something

  • Tee says:

    Locked out of my account that I’ve spent 1000s of dollars on. Had the account for years with no issue until last week where I was locked out.

    Been going back and forth with customer support with no solution.

    Please I need someone that can help!

  • Loren says:

    Call to get help and couldn’t talk to no one because I couldn’t call that # from where I am from

  • Gareth Phillips says:

    Your help line has been no help at all. All I want to do is change my email address the account is 10 years old and I can’t remember some of the information that you need to do it I blow my brains out here.I don’t know why are you making it so hard. all I wanted was charging him a my email address. Because of this I can’t access from Simpsons tapped out which I’ve spent 10 years in if you don’t sort this out I’ll spend the next 10 years posting shitty comments on any platform I can find you on tried six times of your customer service team or whatever you: its a fucking joke
    I’ve already posted some shitty comments on your Facebook account I expect a full apology from your CEO or I will not be buying any of your games ever again I’ve spent thousands of pounds over the years on your games I find this disgusting how I’ve been treated if you wanna fight you’ve got one

  • Nathan R Atkinson says:

    You forgot to add the part where you let your customers spend thousands of dollars on a game and suspend them for “cheating” with no explanation or merit. The terms of service clearly states a suspension will only take place after a warning is not adhered to, yet people are getting permanent suspensions daily, who have no idea why. That is fraud and people are reporting it to the FTC as such. You should probably reconsider your employees in this department as they are giving bans with no warnings consistently and fraud is criminal. My advice to anyone reading this is to not buy products from this company as they will just take your money and all DLC away from you if they see fit and don’t care about their customers. An attempt to find an explanation to their actions will lead to dead ends and disappointment. Save yourself some time and money and buy your games and content from somewhere else.

    • David Lyons says:

      This happened to me, I’m a yearly member of EA Play, and I spend thousands of dollars on their packs and bundles so I can buy the players I want to put together the best team I can. Well, a few days ago, after a game I got kicked off and thought it was just another EA Server issue, but I was getting errors I’ve never seen, then I noticed an email from EA regarding my account, I open it and it says my account was banned for cheating. I’ve never cheated and wouldn’t even know how. I have now made 4 calls, 3 chats, and about 5 emails to EA Help and under the email, it says it could take 30 days, the chat and phone calls have both said they escalated it as important and forwarded my chat transcripts and said I should get an email from EA soon. I don’t believe that so I wanted to escalate it myself to the corporate office hoping they could help sooner but I’m just redirected to EA Help. Any advice on what my next step should be as I want to get back to playing ASAP. Thank you for any advice you can give me. How long did it end up taking to get your ban lifted and which department finally took action?

      David Lyons

  • Giacomo Guardavaccaro says:

    I am a customer and like to speak to someone from corporate. My son’s accct was hacked on a day he wasn’t on. His players disappeared and were traded for lesser guys. My child spent his birthday and Christmas money on madden. I put in a case and spoke with people. I asked for players or coins he used to be returned to him. He was devastated and rightly so. He saved and worked hard. They weren’t able to tell us who traded them. Why would my 12 year old trade his favorite players in the 90s for 60s. It is like someone gives you 90 dollars and you trade it for 60 dollars. Instead the people whom work for EA sports just closed the case. I think an explanation needs to happen on why this case was closed. Why we weren’t told whom traded his players and who went on his account to do this. It wasn’t from my home or my child doing this. We secure his acct and need to know why he was robbed. One EA associate said it happened 45-50 minutes away from us. Please respond back that we are good customers and deserve answers and help on how this can be amended. Thanks. Giacomo

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