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  • Address: 1602 10th Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 205 345 3446
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1970
  • Key People: Michael Nicklous

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Michael Nicklous

Chief Executive Officer

Lifford Luthringer

Vice President

Steve Brundage

Division Vice President and Midwest Division

Brian Trout

Vice President, Operations

Chris Giacobone

Chief Operating Officer

Eyal Nuchamovitz

Executive Vice President

E-Z Mart, History and Headquarters Information

E-Z Mart Stores company owns and operates gasoline filling stations. It retails diesel fuel, gasoline, and petroleum products. The company is in Chelsea, MA, united states, as part of the grocery stores industry. The corporation generates annual revenue of $200000 in sales. The company headquarters address is 405 Pond St Texarkana, TX, United States, 13208-2716. The company phone number is 903-832-6502 and the website www.gpminvestments.com. It started in 2011 and has three employees across all locations. The key people in the company are Ayaz Akhtar (owner), Ehab Morsy (business development manager), and Fahad Akhtar (director of operations).

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  • Stephanie says:

    I called 2 years ago and left message about the manager at ez mart here in Vivian- about how she was stealing from the safe and claiming employees were short at a termination amount. IT took yall up to 2 years to catch on? Meanwhile, the new manager is looking to hire. Come to find out, the old manager put me on the DO not rehire list because of her fraudulent activity. An employee doesn’t do well from the get go and all the sudden in one week, is short 3 times totally 80 something bucks. Without knowledge whatsoever. She almost had me fooled until another ex- employee said the same thing happened to her.
    It’s a shame you are relying on a crooked ex managers input.
    I have owned my own company and I did it all including payroll, deposits and taxes and not once was I ever wrong. I am an asset, not a liability. Infact, my employment after will even say I was never short on my drawer. Yall should reconsider any ex employee who was accused wrongfully by Erica and placed on the do not rehire list by her. Infact she even told me to come back in 6 months because she specifically told me I was put on the rehire list.
    I was late one time by minutes, never called in and even began work with a very bad sprung ankle. Did more than what was asked- had I not caught it first.
    Again, REALLY should reconsider my employment with yall as well as several others who Erica canned over her theft from the safe. She even almost let me put in that 80 something bucks too but got to paranoid.

  • Terri says:

    10/15/22 6:28 am I went to the Boyne Falls EZ-Mart Gas station to fill up my 14 gal tank which had a little better than a half a tank of gas. I was heading home, a 180 mile trip which I do not like to have to pull off for gas and not have to worry about it. It was rainy and cold so once I started pumping the gas and it was taking for ever, I decided to sit in just inside my car. I kept looking at the pump and it was pumping slower than I have ever seen. After about 5 minutes and the amount being more than a full tank normally cost me, plus I only needed a half a tank of gas, I went over to pull the nozzle out, gas was coming out of the tank, down the side of my car. At least $20.00 all over the ground when the pump failed to communicate and failed to shut off when it was full.
    I was afraid to even start the car it smelled so bad of gas. I went into the store and told the clerk that something is not right the gas is pumping way to slow, the pump did not shut off and there is gas all over the ground outside. She said she would call her manager while I wait and did so with no good answer only that it was my fault. I stayed calm it was not the girls fault and she had many customers waiting for her, she was all alone. She said she seen me outside for ever and said she did not know why the pump would not shut off.
    When pumps run slow like that it is due to the filters being dirty. And the pump not shutting off, well something was not working right or broken.
    It looks like this company does not care about what kind of service they provide for the merchants and they are all about making money.

  • Elizabeth Walker says:

    Yall honestly need to consider some managers yall have and not only that yalls gas prices are beyond stupid since gas is $4.08 in town where I live. Yall are crappy people and just need to hire people who care. I use to work at the one in Chidester,AR and the damn manager put me on straight damn nights AFTER she knew the only time I’d see my husband was meeting him at the door going opposite directions. My husband and I JUST got married too. I’d still be there if I worked days, but nope that bitch made me work straight nights and got mad when I quit. Then she wonders why she cant keep people there. Yall need to change how yall treat people

  • Latasha Gladney says:

    My mother and myself was humiliated at your store located off of highway 59 in Queen City Tx, she (my mother) went inside and paid for the gas($60), she actually had to go in a second time to no avail to which triggered me having to go in the third time to speak with the attendant. We was humiliated because your employee had me giving options as to how I could receive my gas or get a refund of my monies..!! I frequent the local Ez-Mart often, for gas and more, what happened on the evening in question is beyond me, I have never in my all my years had to deal with a person so upset and rude at a customer, regarding a mistake made on their on recognizance. Being that this young lady is one of your hired representatives that also represents your small town local store,. Well her behavior was unjust and bias regarding the company that I believed to be just and fair, so if this young lady continues on without discipline,,..!! Then my question is,, where is my local EZ-Mart diversity on, religion, race, and sexuality, because, I myself being of African American descent, didn’t see it that day..!!! So to whom it may concern, with the attitude that was seen and felt towards my mother and myself from your employee,. We took it as personal towards us and also the other young lady too, yet we stayed calm throughout this crazy ordeal..! I
    believe new training is due..!! I do thank you so much for reading my statement, and/or for who is reading this and understands it. Thank you so much..!!! Again my number is 9036500737, my name is Latasha Gladney, I reside in Queen City Texas, 75572. Please give me a call back..!

  • Laura Patton says:

    I just want to say that this company is a piece of crap! You treat your people terrible and you should be ashamed of yourselves . How could you have a worker who just lost her grandmother work before and after. Then you demon spawns fired some workers after they got robbed because they closed the store afterwards. No wonder no one wants to work for you cruel people. DO BETTER!!!! And I’m taking this further than this.

    • Elizabeth Walker says:

      I agree with u about how crappy they are. Use to work for one. Plus, they dont like putting gas prices the way the need to be. They keep them sky high. It’s unfair.

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