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Travis Boersma

Chief Executive Officer

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Dutch Bros Coffee was incorporated by Dane and Travis Boersma in 1992. It is headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon. It started selling coffee using pushcarts in the town. In 2017, the company was featured the Forbes Small Giants: America’s Best Small Companies list. By 2018, it flourished and had over 300 coffee stands in 7 different Western states.

Dutch Bros Coffee is the largest coffee chain in the United States. The coffee chain serves a wide range of coffees, caffeinated beverages, and other drinks including, lemonade soda, energy drinks, hot cocoa, smoothies, and tea. Their shops are mostly drive-thrus and a few walk-ins. They have more than 9000 employees who focus on quality, speed, and service.

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  • Frank says:

    Dutchbros misses again by 3cents and guides short of next Quarter Guidence.
    The current share price values each Dutchbros at about 10 million, this includes about 300 early stores that are literally considered Shack & Outhouses, the size of a one car garage. Dutchbros is only Cannibalizing their older stores, by saturation and hurting their Franchisees.

    Wait till they dare enter, the northeast and Eastcoast, they will be flattened by the more charming and nicer Compeditors. Which also offer mire than a Donut on their menu.. This Concept store might do good at first, but will become old and boring very soon.

  • Rueben Pacheco says:

    I was just at the new Roseville store on Fairway. This was my first time at Dutch bros. It was raining and hailing; your employee was out outside taking orders in the pouring rain. She told me to pay at the window because it was raining too much and rain was coming inside the car.
    Dutch bros can’t even build a rain cover for their employees? cheap.
    She did manage to tell me the coffee was $6.25, you’re worse than a one arm bandit.
    To top it all off, I ordered a vanilla latte and got a banana latte. Insult on top of injury.
    Does anybody at Dutch bros. care about your employees or customers? Also I wanted to call instead of type this, but the number listed online was not valid. Horrible experience. Told the girl at the window how horrible my experience was and that I was never coming back; she commented “sorry sir”.

  • Garry Pohrman says:

    Why won’t your apt allow me to use my points ?? Saying I exceeded the use that’s crazy only use points on weekend. I buy two a day Mon – Fri

  • Cari Wellington says:

    I have been w/DB for several years. For some reason I have been kicked off my app! Somebody PLEASE HELP ME! Thak you! 😢

  • Darrell Wilson says:

    today is 09/29 a week ago tomorrow I went to my local Dutch Brothers location in Battle Ground Washington tried to open the Dutch Brothers app and was prompted to create a new account. have had an account since 20216 the employee used my phone number 040-4229483 and located my account. I paid for my drinks using my debit card and went home. I contacted customer support told them about my problem. received an email indicating that Dutch Bros was working on finding a solution. As of today my account is still not on my phone. I had a little over 500m points and now I have nothing, When will this be fixed? Or do I have to create a new account? What will happen to my points that have disappeared?

  • Heather says:

    We could really use a 2nd Dutch bros in Moses Lake. Please build one on the south side of town, it’ll definitely be busy all the time.

  • Christina says:

    So I was at your location in Saginaw Texas this morning. I order my drink. I was paying with cash. As I was in line the girl that took my order and the car behind me orders. The girl goes back in side. Then here come another person in the other lane. Decide to get in front of me she has not order her drink yet. She gives me fo to hell look. So my drink is already made. If yall are goingbto have someone outside to take orders they need to stay outside. Don’t go inside at all. I am now running late to pick up my nephew for work. I have never had theis happen to me at all.

  • AG says:

    Your southwest regional managers in Las Vegas,NV are very unprofessional. There is no leadership to them. They are not good examples of leaders at all. Find better people for those positions. People who actually care about their employees. And your Human Resources area is horrible as well. FINE BETTER PEOPLE!

  • Dea says:

    I have a request I have been meaning to do this for quite some time would you please be able to offer herbal tea like peppermint for example that would be really wonderful and I would go there more often thank you

  • Tracy says:

    Today while I went to your Woodland WA location at 4:30pm The only blonde girl on shift was very rude and I ordered 2 of the same drinks as usual. Well they didn’t even look or tast good. She was not nice very rude infant. I a regular customer never have I experienced this at this location.

  • Mike meagher says:

    I was considering an investment, but i have been unable to get relevant info. When is the next annual meeting scheduled?

  • ghjm says:

    can I get a tour

  • Arthur yuyama says:

    Need to talk to someone about your coffee.Call 10 days ago didn’t get response or email.thanks

  • Rob B says:

    As a stockholder I am appalled by the wait at the Yuma store on 4th Ave – 45 minutes, if I wasn’t trapped by other waiting cars I would have crossed the street to Starbuck. OK….got my drinks and asked why the wait, something to do with heads on BOTH machines failing. I do hope this isn’t common? BTW, Starbucks comps drink when something like this happens, keep customers loyal. That’s my feedback, hope I have a better experience on next visit – trying to convert my wife, but having tough go, cheers

  • Ute Rivoli says:

    I live in Southern California and we have a new Dutch Brothers in Eastvale. I have waited in line for over 3 hrs. to get my coffee( got hooked on it in Oregon) have to travel at least 60 Miles roundtrip for Picture Perfect. Could you please get a new Dutch Brothers in Rancho Cucamonga or Ontario ( Ontario Airport) would be nice. Here I am hankering for a cup of coffee. Lots of Gas $$$$ to enjoy you guys. Thank you for considering maybe a new location.

  • Kimber Bishop says:

    Attempted to speak with an owner or someone willing to fix the traffic hazard in my town that in there driveline but i received An email letting me know the employees were trained well. Thats not what i emailed about. Dutch has loat the magic it once had because of all the inconsistencies in thiere employees.

  • Ben scott says:

    I live in Portland Oregon and my car got stolen last night and it was run through a highway divider and into the parking lot of Dutch Brothers on Foster and 70th in Portland Oregon when I found out my car was here I came to the scene and assess the damage the first thing I did was stop at the window and talk to the young girl that was working there and I said gee my car got stolen that’s horrible she says will you call me a taxi please and she says oh we don’t have a we don’t have a company phone here can you call me on your call me a text on your cell phone oh well I guess what the hell that’s the kind of empathy I get from these cracked out coffee drinkers coffee pushers so I’m waiting I’m waiting and pretty soon it’s obvious that she hasn’t called so I go up to the window again and she’s out can you talk to my manager on at the other end window so I go around and I talk to the manager of this coffee shop it takes four employees and one kid juvenile on the floor I don’t know what the hell he was doing to run this coffee shop and you know all the manager said was can you have your car moved it’s kind of blocking the driveway and I said lady this thing this driveway at this parking lot is huge right it’s huge it’s fast they can go around right I just got my car stolen and they ran it through a divider on the highway and it’s totaled and I asked for you to call me a cab and I don’t see any cab here oh we didn’t call you a cab yeah because you couldn’t move your car if you would have moved your car then we would have called you cab what the hell kind of answer is that what if I was hurt what if I had been in the car when it was a car jack from me and what if I was hurt what if I was run over oh you can’t get up and move out of the road well I’m sorry but I can’t call you an ambulance cuz you can’t get your ass up and move out of the road yeah you guys sure have some nerve you know hiring idiots like that they should be at at a special ed school 7 days a week just trying to catch up with the normal ilk of this town and you know what I’m never going to drink another one you f***** up coffees again b****

  • Stacey says:

    What are you doing that is making the bottom drop out of your stock price? I invested in a great idea and store I go to all the time and I’m losing a bunch of money because of it. This needs to be figured out and turned around.

    • Ben scott says:

      Third bunch of f****** God damn idiots down there that’s why the bottom is dropping out of the stock because they’re f****** bunch of God damn idiots yeah that’s why now you know

  • Tat says:

    Sweethome Oregon Sunday 10/24/21 @4:17 said they lost power but lights were light up on the out side of the building and the building around the Establishment were on. The two young lady’s were rude and slammed the Sliding window in our faces. With the out side lights on it appeared to be they were using the power flicker that happened two hours Prior to just go home early as the building clearly had power there to light the Signage..

  • Cindy says:

    I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone about a cap for one of your Dutch Flow Insulated Bottle Evergreen one. I went into the Dutch Bros store in Redmond, OR and asked them how to get a new cap for the bottle and they told me that I need to email or call management to get it replaced. It has been broken to the point that we can’t use it. I’ve sent you an email and I haven’t heard from anyone….

  • David says:

    We have been trying to contact anyone from the company in order to get some info regarding opening an store in our property which is located off of a very busy freeway
    No one has ever answered us
    What’s up with you guys????

  • Carol Anglin says:

    Sick of you not excepting cash. Bc of the virus! Oh and its pointless to hand me my drink in a drink carrier after you have touched it allover while making the coffee.

  • George shagen says:

    I have a complaint. I have been going to your store on eastern ave and elcamino in sac. Calif.since they opened. I have been at 4 nights a week.
    They were slow when they first opened approx. 3 mounths And they are getting slower. I was in line for 1/2 hour tonight RIDICULIOUS.
    I hope they get faster or I will start going to Starbucks. I am sure many more people feel this way.

    George shagen

    Thank you

  • Mercedes says:

    They are forging signatures on the tablets because they don’t want people touching them.

    • Ben scott says:

      You know what Mercedes I totally believe that I totally believe that they’re forging names on those tablets I say we get them all busted let’s do that lock them all up

  • Customer says:

    Staff has no health safety gear, no gloves much less masks. Not a great idea for staff or customers at this time.

    • Ben scott says:

      No s*** good observation right no PPE no protective equipment right yet they f****** are slowing down because of the covid they are f****** not doing this and not doing that because of the code because they don’t want to infect anyone right but they’ll sit there and they’ll pick their nose and f****** make their coffee and pick their nose and pick their ass and the f****** dip their finger in your coffee and say oh it’s not too hot it’s just right

  • Greg Bryant says:

    Dear Dutch Brothers. I just would like to say thanks to you for the investment you have made in the Eastern and El Camino Avenue area of Sacramento. The shop and the grounds look fantastic adding character to the community and the surrounding intersection. thanks again Sincerely Greg Bryant.

  • Iain Whitaker says:

    Does your company have representation in the United Kingdom. I live in Northern England looking for business opportunity. I am retired 62 year old looking for a new challenge. I have lived in Texas during my career and believe American Franchise companies are well directed with first class product.

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