Where is Dunhams Sports Corporate office Headquarters

Dunhams Sports Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5607 New King Dr #125
    Troy, MI 48098
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 248-530-6700
  • Fax Number: 248-674-4980
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1937
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Jeffrey G. Lynn

Dunhams Sports Headquarters Location & Directions

Dunhams Sports Headquarters Executive Team



Jeffrey G. Lynn

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Tom Lemere

Managing Director of Advertising Dunham’S Sports

About Dunhams Sports, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Kellie Flannery says:

    Would like to order a trampoline as soon as possible. Please contact me when you resume sales

  • David Nowakowski says:

    Hello. My name is Dav6id Nowakowski. I visited your Burlington, WI store recently. My experience was wonderful. Sarah, Alex, and Ben were helping me with my new gun purchase.
    They were very kind and really knew what they were doing.
    I am disabled and they treated me with total respect. They made my buying experience a real pleasure. I will definitely visit and purchase from them again. Thank you and kudos to them for all they did.

  • Emily Elkins says:

    Just an FYI folks, I bought my kayak yesterday at Dunham’s in muskogee, OK. They charged me twice for it taking a total of $519.44, when I should’ve only been charged $259.72. I called the store this morning and spoke to the General Manager, Angie Bull. She told me it happens all the time and never looked up my transaction, she never got any info from me and checked the system, and I will get my money back in 7 days, and then proceeded to tell me that she had someone else on the other line, basically that was more important than my call. So I asked if I return my kayak today, will I get all my money refunded she replied I’d still have to wait the 7 days and that they aren’t open today for me to come up there. So I guess I just paid double for my one kayak and hopefully I will eventually get my $259.72 back. Moral of the story, if Dunham’s in muskogee tells you that the machine didnt read your card and you have to rerun it, check your account first cause they’ve got some kind of B.S. scamming going on up there 🤷‍♀️

  • Mama Bear says:

    In case you actually care, your store in Statesboro, GA, is NOT concerned about the health of their employees or customers, during the CoronaVirus outbreak. They are not equipped with disinfectant, or any type of cleaning supplies to combat COVID-19. The managers are not policing the customers to ensure they are all 6 feet apart. Managers have not enhanced touch point cleaning at all, but how could they, with no cleaning supplies. You better pray that none of your employees become infected.

  • Concerned Family says:

    As you try to find your loop hole of not shutting down during the Coronavirus outbreak, your employees continue to pay the price of the putting their health and safety at risk as well as there families. You have now created a health risk & are rapidly growing fear. Why are you not following the Governor of Michigan’s “Stay home, Stay Safe” Executive Order? Michigan is now ranked 5th in the Nation with Positive COVID-19 cases!

  • Phil says:

    I just wanted to let you know that your chesterfield twp., store is not taking this covid19 too serious especially not having hand sanitizer, barely any hand soap, no face mask in place for staff that wants or needs it, maybe our governor needs to walk in there and see the seriousness we are talking about!!! This is very serious especially that their is no cure do you care more for your employees or making a dollar? Hmm I guess I can answer that myself!

  • A concerned family member says:

    You are NOT a necessity. You are putting your employees and their families at risk. And going against Michigan’s Governor.

  • Marianne Albaugh says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am astonished at the way your company is handling the risk the Coronavirus is imposing to your employees. You have no concern or value to their health.
    You are well aware of the risk you are putting your employees in. You have sent out a corporate email outlining your plan if employees get sick at one store to continue to put additional employees at risk.
    This is disturbing to say the least and hope you reconsider your approach in the next few days to help do your part in the spread of the virus.
    Greatly Concerned American Citizen,
    Marianne Albaugh

    • A concerned family member says:

      It’s actually ridiculous that the president of the company has classified their company as a necessity all on his own during the mandatory 3 week shutdown in Michigan.

  • Steve Danton says:

    My wife and I are 73 years old. My wife is a lung transplant patient and her
    rehab recently closed because of the virus. We are
    doing self quarantine but my
    wife needed 3 lb. weights to continue her therapy. I called
    Dunham’s and spoke to Adam and he arranged so I
    Could just pull up in front
    Of the store and he would take care of the transaction
    And he even wiped down
    The dumbbells with disinfectant.The whole transaction took place in the back of our SUV. I posted this to Lake Orion Chat room and got over 1,000
    Positive responses. He is truly a great guy and a tremendous asset to your company.

  • Christy Towles says:

    My mom and I went shopping in your Maysville Ky store today. We went in to purchase a 22 rifle that was listed in your black friday sales ad. This was going to be a gift to my nephew for Christmas. My mom stated to the salesman that she was buying this for my nephew as a Christmas gift and the salesman immediately told her “Well if you are not going to be the one to use this gun i cannot sale it to you.” She ask him why and he stated that the law states if you are not going to be the one using it then they are responsible for what happens after you purchase it and he will lose his job!!! Are you serious? My nephew hunts as a sport which is fully supported by our entire family! So please tell me how a 16 year old is going to be able to do this if he is unable to purchase this himself …. I am not schooled on Kentucky or even federal gun laws and completely agree with all of the paper work and background checks involved in purchasing a gun but I do not agree with a salesman telling her that he cannot sell it to her if she’s not going to be the one using it… that he is responsible for her!! Is a car salesman responsible for someone he sold a care to if they are drinking and driving that car and fatally injures someone while behind the wheel of it?!! NO!!! I think she deserves an apology from your company and that maybe you should have the NRA come in and update your employees on gun laws and also have someone come in and give them some training on customer service!!!! I am also going to get in touch with our local news station who does investigative reporting and involve them in this situation. Thank You. #previouscustomer #2ndamendment

    • Chip says:

      Dunhams makes their own rules and laws! I’m done with Dunhams I hope every store shuts down

      • Nick G says:

        Chip, you should read the FFL law for purchasing firearms. Dunham’s is just following the law. If you want to complain about a store making their own rules and laws, you should go to Dicks and try and buy a gun.

    • Nick G says:

      The FFL paperwork asks if you are purchasing the firearm for yourself of someone else. The employee could have gone ahead with the sale but the ATF would have denied your mom purchasing the firearm. Kudos for the employee being straight forward with you. It is not a Dunham’s rule/policy. It is a federal law.

  • Archie Mclaughlin says:

    Went into your store in Rockingham, N.C. this afternoon after receiving your
    sales coupons on line. Wanted to buy a couple buckets of .22 and 9 mm ammo
    but could not find anyone to wait on me. This happens quite often. Complained
    to the cashier and was informed to take my complaint to corporate as they
    were the only ones that could do anything about shortage of staff. Hence, this
    is my complaint.

  • Donald Simmons says:

    I was accosted by one of your employees in your Alpena store today. I have PTSD and was yelled at and chased after all because the employee didn’t understand her job. I attempted to call your corporate number but was brushed off to a voicemail. All I wanted to do was receive the difference between my purchase and the current sale price ending today. If you do not want to honor your companies policy fine just do not raise your hands at me and yell at me when I try to show you the sale ad Dunhams sent me this am on my phone and yell at me you know how to do your job. also when someone tells you they have PTSD that doesn’t mean chase after me continuing to yelling at me. Now you have my receipt and no chance of ever getting me or my friends and family to spend a dime at your stores and we are a hunting fishing outdoors kind of people up here. I have spent more than I care to admit with you for many years but you have had the last cent I will ever spend with you. I will gladly order online from your competitor in the future

    • Guillermo Cruz jr says:

      I came in your store in Bay City mi.
      To buy some hunting boots.
      About 5 Days ago..
      The boots I bought hurt my feet.. I came and exchange d them for a new pair.. I had money coming back from the other boots. A total of $61.48,
      When I ask about
      My money they said
      I can only get my money back on a gift card.. After I spent cash.
      I have called the main office nothing.
      I’m just recently
      Homeless in the street of Bay City mi. I bought a lot more then boots..
      Now you motherfuckers won’t call me back,and give me my money back.
      I’m home less..
      On disability,I spent most of my disability money buying close to stay warm at your store..
      I needed my$ 61.48.. for food..
      I can’t read or spell
      And your associate at the bay City store
      Said in front of the other customers he didn’t believe me, and forced me to except the gift card . I needed that money for food.
      I’m home less..
      I hope you fuckers go hungry some day.. I forgot you have my money, so you are probably eating something good right now.. f****** thieves.. f****** thieves..

  • Mike says:

    Went into Dunham’s yesterday to purchase my son shoes for basketball and ask if they matched dicks prices and was informed no so I went home and ordered them online. So I thought prices where matched. Save $22.00

  • Dixie Wagner says:

    We were so EXCITED to get one of your stores in Dickinson ND. But there is NEVER people to wait on you! We just walked out without over $450.00 worth of product because nobody came to open the bullet cabinet. This is NOT the 1st time this has happened to us & many other people have complained about the same problem!



  • Terry says:

    Purchased a $60 game camera Friday come to find out somebody returned three months earlier and forgot to take there pictures off the card.. it was also damaged thought it was illegal to sell something for new when it’s been used. Going to call them in the morning if not we’ll be getting hold of the lawyer

  • Terry says:

    Do they sell returned stuff as new.

  • Ron Starr says:

    Black Friday. I saw a item I want to purchase. Went early the store and they said they only received 2 of the item I wanted and would not special order it. It took 30 minutes for them to figure this out. And I asked about a gun case and the Dunham’s clerk told me that he doesn’t know anything about them. Not good for Dunham’s reputation!

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