Where is Duane Reade Corporate office Headquarters

Duane Reade Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 212-742-8454

  • Fax Number: 212-244-6525

  • Email: info@walgreens.com

  • Number of Employees: 1893

  • Established: 1960

  • Founder: Abraham Cohen, Eli Cohen & Jack Cohen

  • Key People: Anthony Cuti

Duane Reade Headquarters Location & Directions

Duane Reade Headquarters Executive Team



Anthony Cuti


John K. Henry

CFO, Principal Accounting Officer, Senior VP, and Assistant Secretary

Charles R. Newsom

Senior Vice President of Store Operations

About Duane Reade, History and Headquarters Information

Duane Reade is a chain of pharmacy and drug store that was founded in 1960. The first store was started in Broadway between Duane Street and Reade street which attributed to the name. Today, this pharmacy chain is one of the largest, most recognized one in New York. After a lot of changes in ownership, the chain of drug stores is now owned by Walgreens family of companies. The products sold not only consists of generic medicines and drugs, but also nutritional products, vitamin supplements, cosmetics and much more.

The companies headquarters was changed to Wall Street, the location of its latest flagship store in 2012 and has remained there since then. With drug and convenience stores located in over 250 locations, this retail chain has gained a lot of popularity and fame in its years of operation. The store also has an online application for iOS where customers can directly buy by scanning the old medicine bottle.

Duane Reade Headquarters Photos

  • Cindy Gutterman says:

    They are the worst to fill prescriptions! My doctor submitted a very crucial prescription a week and a half ago. Broadway and 111th street gas not filled it and said they don’t have the medicine and don’t know when they will get it!!! It is very controlled medication for my colon removal. I cannot get it called in again due to the nature of the med! This is not the first time. They are not caring and horrible!

  • Nicole says:

    Trying to get a hold on anyone regarding the death of an employee is pointless. HR ignores you and will not call you back. My aunt passed away and we are trying to figure out her death benefits from out of state….

  • Kim says:

    145TH ST Harlem NY Fed Ex has been shutdown for 4 days. Fed Ex told me only the store IT department can fix the problem.
    I wish they hurry up before my package get sent back

  • Dr.Fermin Gonzalez says:

    I am a physician of 33 experience and I now have pharmacist asking me patients history in order to honor an electronic prescription.When I was called to my office to confirm that I had sent the electronic transmission I did confirm but was asked to give a history of the diagnostic entity before dispensing the mediation.That would be violating patient confidentiality laws.the supervising pharmacist name whom I spoke to is:Kristine Hui at the Duane Read on Roosevelt Island. You can obtain all my credential including my:N.P.I.:1952339582;New York State Licence # 205495;D.E.A.:BG2567136; you May verify that all my credentials are active and there have the legal right to order the medication and that I sent the Dx:Lumbar-Sacral Radiculopathy;and that the medication electronically prescribed is F.D.A.approved for this diagnosis!!!!

  • Alvin Olivera says:

    Duane Reade at Roosevelt ave and 60th street is scaming customers by not allowing them to use their rewards points without giving a e-mail address this is a terrible location and they are corrupt. Just letting you know. Disgraceful that they are doing this to senior citizens 😢

  • Jailenne Samola says:

    155 E 34TH ST
    New York, NY 10016

    Not sure what store number but there is a worker on the overnight shift who repeatedly stands outside and smokes and says very inappropriate things to passing customer I think his name is Anthony. I’m very disgusted. One night he even attempted to invite me into the store offering free items.

  • Ms. Long says:

    Your location on the corner of 42nd Street and 8th ave really needs to be looked into the store is supposed to be open 24 hours a day but it is closed based upon the feelings of the night managers without any notice or updates to website giving customers notice. The store is already closing and moving to another location you could at least have it open when it is supposed to be open

  • Sofia says:

    Terrible & nasty people & the service, who works on Ocean Parkway & Brighton Beach Avenue Brooklyn NY 11235. It is not only myself, it is all people are talking about them! SHAME ON THEM! Especially how they treat senior citizens, who does not speak good English! They all have to be fired right away! THEY ALL ARE VERY LAZY ALSO! I HAD TO GIVE A BOX FOR FEDEX! THEY TOLD ME, THAT THEIR PRINTER IS NOT WORKING! THEY TOLD ME TO GO TO WALLGREENS ABOUT 8 LONG BLOCKS FROM THEM! I HAD TO WALK SO MANY BLOCKS WITH THE BOX FOR FEDEX! AT WALLGREENS THE SUPERVISOR BY THE NAME KEVIN, WAS VERY HELPFULL & HE DID EVERYTHING FOR ME! GOD BLESS HIM! 9/26/21

  • Jeff Cooper says:

    Your store located at times square is the most nastiest vile place on 42nd street. The store needs new management and perhaps a new staff as well. No as a matter of fact the whole store needs to be revamped from top to bottom. Just take a surprise to visit up in that place and judge for yourself.

  • Daisy says:

    The Duane Reade on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing NY is selling recalled hand sanitizer. They are not accepting returns on these banned items. These recalled items have been deemed a danger to public health by governmental agencies. Store management is of no help in exchanging these items. Extremely disappointed in my experience with Duane Reade!

  • Virginia R Dayan says:

    I have been a DR customer for years & years. You have a power crazed Mexican manager named Maya at your Steinway St store. I understand distancing but this Saturday elderly people including myself waited 40 minutes in rain outside store. I saw ONE CUSTOMER (in pharmacy) when entering. I approached manager Maya & said it was wrong to do this to elderly customers or anybody during a pandemic. She began screaming & yelling uncontrollably said she would throw me out of the store. I am educated well dressed. She is cruel to help saw over a dozen boys doing stock one said “Miss if u think she’s difficult u dont know what she does to us.” And people do disappear quickly. As a former manager in law firms plus dept store with 3 degrees in psychology I believe this woman is on a power trip is cruel fires everyone & is a tyrant who disrespects everyone. She is terrible & thinks she owns everyone. Crazy. She is not DR nice as rest of staff including pharmacists & personnel. Good will & manners not threats r the basis of good business. You have had 2 bad mgrs including this one who bullies help & insults people. Not good for business & many people have quit shopping here. I will too if no action is taken. There has to b a better person. You r losing customers. Maya’s insults & screaming r indicative of an absolute lack of professional
    demeanor. The last staff totally disappeared many nice girls. I advise you to rid yourself of this bizarre woman before you alienate more customers. I believe she is capable of lying she is obviously not manager material just power mad tyrannical & shrewd. & cruel & crazy. DO SOMETHING BEFORE YOU LOSE ANOTHER STORE THIS MAYA IS POISON FOR DR’s success. You r losing customers in droves as this psycho connives to impress higher ups with her “professionalism” with her displays of being hardworking as abuses both help and customers. We need the store. Not the horrible attitude. There has to be another professional manager PLEASE.

  • Mr Smith says:

    Your customer survey of the service and the experience to shop there is nuts because people do not have the time or the inclination to spend the time to answer all the questions that you submit! Your best bet is to ask no more then five questions that are most important to you. You guys, and gals are in that castle and not close enough to your customers to know what works and what doesn’t.
    Very surprising that such a large outfit doesn’t know that by now

  • William J. Schneider says:

    I receive the Shingles vaccines on two different dates at two stores
    Neither fIled a claim with Medicare so payment was denied.
    The total mount out of my pockey was $341.90.
    A FRIEND GOT HIS VACCINES COVERED by MEDICARE and then AARP because the provider filed the claims properly.

  • JEFF says:


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