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DTE Energy is a consulting firm located in the United States. The company aims to provide energy-related services to all sectors. For getting updates on business deals or any other queries, it is important to know about the headquarter location and other promising ways to contact the corporate office.

Down below are some of the most favourable ways to get in touch with the head office of DTE Energy.

Address: If you have any specific concerns regarding your business with the firm, feel free to reach out to the front desk of DTE Energy at the following address.

1, Energy Plaza

Detroit, MI 48226

United States

Phone Number: If you are looking for an immediate query, reach out to the DTE toll-free number +1 800-477-4747

Email: You can also reach out by email. The ID is investorelations@DTEENERGY.com

Social Media: DTE Energy pages are available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Number of Employees: DTE Energy at present has 10600 employees. If you want to join the company, check out the careers sections of the official website.

Website: The website for the company is www.dteenergy.com

DTE Energy Headquarters Info & Photos

The DTE Energy Corporate Office is headquartered in Detroit, United States. Established in the year 1996 in January, the business started from scratch and is now one of the country’s best energy-saving businesses. The company aims to deliver proficient services in energy and investments, thereby bringing about a change in your common energy needs.

The office of DTE Energy has spread across a land area of 10000 sq. ft. With various office locations in different parts of the United States, its gross amount now stands at 200 million dollars. Over the years, the company is said to raise many other investments, too, due to the rise of green energy resources.

The office is brightly illuminated, with a cafeteria present in the main building and other floors. The office space is fully modern, with the architecture paying attention to energy details and energy-saving.

The main building also consists of other fascinating artworks inspired by the company’s energy-saving design.

DTE Energy Headquarters

DTE Energy Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

DTE Energy Headquarters, 1 Energy Plaza Detroit (HQ), MI


United States

425 S Main St #201 Ann Arbor, MI


United States

1000 Noble Energy Dr 5th Floor Canonsburg, PA


United States

1100 Frederick Lane Morgantown, WV


United States

1429 Oliver Rd New Milford, PA

DTE Energy Headquarters Executive Team

Jerry Norcia

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer of DTE ENERGY is Jerry Norcia. His talent and significant innovation with regards to the company have helped him to become the CEO. His experience in various businesses speaks a lot about his corporate skills. Today, the company is in a favourable position, all thanks to the efforts of Mr Jerry.

Joi Harris

Joi Harris

President & Chief Operating Officer

Diane Antishin

Diane Antishin

Vice President, Human Resources & Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer ,

Name Title
JoAnn Chávez Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer – DTE Energy
Trevor F. Lauer Vice Chairman & Group President – DTE Energy
Lisa A. Muschong Vice President Corporate Secretary & Chief of Staff – DTE Energy
Matthew Paul President & Chief Operating Officer – DTE Electric
Robert A. Richard President & Chief Operating Officer – DTE Gas
David Ruud Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer – DTE Energy
Paula Silver Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Public Affairs – DTE Energy
Mark Stiers President – DTE Vantage and Energy Trading

About DTE Energy


The company has a vast history, dating back to the time of its establishment in the year 1996. Over 25 years now, the company has achieved tremendous progress and established itself as a source of green energy. Supporting a cleaner initiative for the future, the company aims to introduce a better lifestyle for the next generation.

The CEO and President of the company, Mr Jerry, have contributed towards making the company a huge success. His outstanding efforts and brilliant mode of administering the company’s procedures highlight the importance of efficiency and power. His experience in working has also brought about a big change in the internal affairs of the company.


DTE Energy offers a wide range of services, starting from inclusive energy solutions to transforming old energy to green energy. In other words, it helps all businesses switch to a safer mode of energy so that it can save up on additional energy costs. It calls for restoration and extra saving as a way of saving the planet.

Switching to a greener and safer mode of energy, the company aims to transform individuals’ basic lifestyle. In other words, adapting to a new and conventional mode of energy is a great way to accept a new form of lifestyle. By supplying better energy within a budget, the company draws maximum profits and satisfies its customers.

If you are looking forward to joining the company, check out the official website’s available positions. The services will interest you in forming a business relationship, as well as invest in the company!


Here are some of the facts that you need to know about DTE Energy:

  • DTE Energy is one of the fastest-growing companies in recent years. With investments from foreign companies, it can increase its wealth to around 200 million dollars.
  • DTE Energy is very strict when it comes to fake news. A recent news channel was strictly banned from spreading false information about the company. DTE Energy also advised its customers to stop picking up any kind of phone calls from fake investors.
  • DTE Energy aims to look up to the future. Its goal, ‘’Charging forward’’ looks at a greener and peaceful future, where energy isn’t misused.
  • DTE Energy suffered in its initial years of business. However, it was able to pull back and rise like a phoenix, attracting investors from all over the globe.

Today, DTE Energy has several other offices too in various states of the United States. It aims to expand its business to other countries as well.

  • Marc says:

    I guess theirs a glitch in your system. I haven’t lived in Michigan in 15 years and, your system has called me twice so far to tell me I have a disconnect notice. I called customer service to inform them that I don’t live in Michigan, and, everyone I talked to hangs up before I can explain. If you’re able to hear a recording of my call, you’ll hear…. I’m not rude! I don’t want to put my phone number on this email because, I’m able to read other comments. Hopefully DTE will address the problem!

  • Anthony Jones says:

    Why don’t the CEO and or the CFO put into the original service contract or every billing statement or payment coupon that according to UCC laws the customers bill is prepaid by the United States treasury and the customer is not to send in any other forms of payment other than the payment coupon that DTE Energy mail the customer with their trust account name on it that pays all current and future bills or invoices and or contacts with DTE energy. It’s time DTE energy stop getting paid two times from the United States treasury from the customers treasury trust account and directly unlawfully from the customer wallet with federal Reserve notes which is not LAWFUL MONEY.

  • Michael kimball says:

    I belong to dte advisory board today I received a email stating I won the quarterly sweepstakes for being on the advisory board a 500 dollar egift card
    A few hrs later I get another email saying it was a mistake and that they have to redraw a different winner that’s fair to everyone????
    Really you draw my name announce me as the winner then withdraw and now your gonna give it to someone else? Fraud! That’s what I believe is going on here I also just read of another person who had the same thing happen to them exactly the same!!!
    Do the top brass at dte know what’s going on with this advisory board? I’ve emailed them and got no response about this
    I give my time on this board
    They announce I’ve won and then take it away!!!!!

  • Tina says:

    I have become frustrated with the lack of respect the company has for its paying customers.
    There has been absolutely no consideration given for the properties that border yours.

    Over the last months I have experienced my driveway being blocked, mail undelivered at times, garbage missed at times, other means of transportation arranged so my children can get picked up for school because the DTE trucks are parked on non DTE property that is used for a bus turnaround since I am located on a dead end street and now dealing with grass that is over 15 feet high. I don’t understand why the trucks can’t be parked on your own property!

    I am disgusted with your customer service and the amount of time that I have had to call recently with no resolutions but guess what, if I wasn’t paying my bill, you’d be calling me.
    I look forward to a response, an ETA as to when the grass and the trucks will be taken care of and a credit to my account for all of the inconvenience DTE has caused my family.

  • katesisco says:

    I have been a customer for over 7 years at he same address in Iron River MI
    Originally I tried the sign in for paperless billing. I was continually defaulted. I have emailed. Just now I tired Facebook contact. Not available. I went to your website. the investor relations email failed. I note I can pay my bill without signing in. I went there. The site wants my bank info which I refuse to give.
    Why do you make it impossible to contact you?
    I have not had a paper bill for years. I have not had a email bill for months. Why?
    Unlike your contacts, you may actually contact me for real.

  • Mike says:

    Tell Mr. Gerry Norcia Stop stroking himself! You and your “team” that is. The boots on the ground do a good job, but only what you tell them to do.
    1) How about waving all service charges when we don’t have power?
    2) Your $25 credit is pitiful compensation for 4 days of no service.
    3) You(s) are the only game in town, and you(s) know that….
    4) Use the money you(s) spend on PR radio ads to fix / improve service.
    5) Your web / app information updates were nonexistent and inaccurate….every area I looked at had the exact same date / time of restoration of service.

  • Unhappy customer says:

    This place is a joke. I called to have my gas hooked up to my home and they automatically signed me up for a home protection plan that I didn’t ever ask for. Funny part I asked who signed me up for this and they stated it was confidential. Ummmm you can’t sign people up for stuff they didn’t ask for. Then on Facebook messenger they stated they have a voice recording of my husband authorizing these charges. I was with him when he signed up and not one time did I hear him state yes I would like a home protection plan. Secondly, it was started on the separate bill for dates before we even moved in. I have never been so disappointed in a company trying to rip people off. I spoke to Derek Singleton that stated he would make sure and take care of this as did the 61 people and 72 hours of phone calls prior to speaking with him. I asked for his supervisor and was denied as he was the highest person who I could speak to. My question is Jerry Norcia is the CEO but doesn’t want to hear from customers about how his company is trying to rip people off. After speaking to Paul #ACS0130, Jamesia, Jaime #PRO0189, Robin who stayed “do not treat me like a baby” and freaked out on the phone as if she needs mental health treatments. Greg # E62035, Chamar # DarO0204, DRO 0208 and many more employees that refused to give me their employee number or name when asked. All I asked for was to deplete the home protection plan off my account and out of my name and they tell me it is taken care of but then I get a bill for December 2019. Now I have a bill for January 2020 but Derek Singleton credited 13.83 leaving a 2.13 bill on the account as I have screen shots. Apparently they have to lie and keep people on this home protection plan scam so they can make it look like people consented for this but tell them they deleted the account but never do. I spoke to someone through messenger and they stated it was taken care of in December 2019, if so why did I get a bill for January 2020? Also, I logged in online and seen that they still didn’t delete this account leaving a balance of 2.13 to keep it open. Originally I was billed 15.95 for January 2020 and I called again and waited for Derek Singleton to call me back, apparently you have to wait 48 hours for this. When I asked for a letter that this account was a zero balance and closed they refuse to give you notifications. When I asked for a corporate headquarters on call me I didn’t receive a call. Online through messenger it states I am at a zero balance and the account is closed but online it shows I still owe money for this home protection plan I didn’t ask for. I don’t think people are aware that DTE Energy is signing them up for this plan that they never asked for. Leaving people vulnerable to collections or older people just pay it not realizing it is a separate account and bill for something that they aren’t receiving. If you call the home protection plan line they don’t answer or it hangs up automatically. They have no address, CEO or a person to contact to eliminate this service people don’t want. So I called DTE Energy and they told me it is a separate entity. It’s a scam and no one asked for that so stop signing people up for stuff they didn’t consent to. You really need to make it more customer friendly to speak to someone that knows that they are doing. If a company refuses to send a letter that you didn’t ask for the account and it is closed on a zero balance but they refuse so it sounds like a scam waiting for a class action. Now Malaysia called me to speak of this issue and telling me it’s now a zero balance but every month they tell me that until I get a bill for this HPP. I asked for a letter stating this was deleted and a zero balance and they refuse. How can a company order something you never consented to? I can’t believe this as I asked for a letter so I have notifications if in the future they decide to go to collections because I refuse to keep calling over this issue. What a joke and monopoly this place is. No other way to get natural gas other than DTE.

  • >