Where is DSW Inc Corporate office Headquarters

DSW Inc Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 810 DSW Drive, Columbus, OH 43219, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 614-237-7100

  • Fax Number: N/A


  • Number of Employees: 12600

  • Established: January 20, 1969

  • Founder: Jay L. Schottenstein

  • Key People: Jared A. Poff, Roger Rawlin

DSW Inc Headquarters Location & Directions

DSW Inc Headquarters Executive Team



Roger L. Rawlins

CEO & Director

Jay L. Schottenstein

Executive Chairman

Jared A. Poff

Senior VP & CFO

Michele S. Love

Executive VP & COO

Deborah L. Ferrée

Vice Chairman & Chief Merchandising Officer

Simon R. Nankervis

Executive VP & Chief Commercial Officer

About DSW Inc, History and Headquarters Information

Designer shoe warehouse(DswInc) is one of the largest American footwear retailers that deal with designer shoes, name brand shoes and other fashion accessories. With more than 500 stores located across the United States, the company owns various private label brands of footwear. The company was founded by Jay L. Schottenstein in 1969.

The first store of the company was opened in 1991 in Ohio. After the quality and brand reach for the products improved, the company increased the number of outlets it had throughout the country. The company was acquired by various other corporations and it at the same time it gained a lot of popularity in existing states. With the launch of the official company website in 2008, it became an online e-commerce store shipping all kinds of fashion goods and brand shoes globally. The company rebranded its name to designer brands in 2019. Its headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio.

DSW Inc Headquarters Photos

  • Joseph Henry says:

    I am looking for forklift driver job 32 Springside Rd. W., Hampton, NJ

  • Donna says:

    Placed order for Steve Madden Girl-Rogue Bootie – which was received damaged. Inside the shoe a nail was sticking up from the heel! Customer Service put in a replacement order- to which when received these shoes were also damaged, there was a gash on platform sole. Sadly CS could not assure me that if another order is place the item will be as expected! Very poor service and quality control.

  • Octavia says:

    Worst Customer Service in history. Worst Online Service in history. I will never ever order online again or shop here again. I placed and online order on 12/23/22 for 2 pair of boots on sale. The order totaled $118.53; then on 12/26/22 they tried charging me an additional $48.35. I contacted 866.379.7463 and a female could not grasp what I was saying and connected me with her Supervisor (Cole), who then tried to give me a story about the extra $48.35. I cancelled my order will return the other boot. WHAT A RIP OFF COMPANY. So they expected me to pay them $166.88 boots that were 70% off and tried being slick about it!

  • Eve Hauser says:

    Worst customer service ever. I’ve spent hours and hours over the last week to fix a shipping problem only to be told numerous times that it will be taken care of initial shipment went to an incorrect address and Customer Service told me not to worry a replacement order would be shipped to the correct addresses at no charge. My receipt shows no charge but my bank was charged anyway. Calls to Customer Service are useless. And asking for a Supervisor is as well as he hung up on me in 1 minute. The store says that only Customer Service can help.
    I’ve now disputed the bank charges as it seems to be the only way to get resolution

  • LM Fen says:

    DSW I highly recommend you do not use FedEx for shipping! I have had many issues with them from a $900 phone they claim they delivered, saying they left in my porch, I was home and not on my video. Leaving a recliner I order on my front lawn, anyone could have thought it was out for the trash, thank goodness I was home.
    Now my DSW order which should have been here on Monday, the driver claimed he couldn’t leave it cause he couldn’t gain access to a secure area ( he lied, I don’t live in a gated community), next day after complaining they claim my package would be here, it was returned due to operational issues ( meaning the driver quit working and took it back to their warehouse. Now it’s day 3 after 5pm again and no package!
    UPS is a better and more friendly reliable delivery service! Please consider changing carriers.
    I am paying for something I haven’t received!

    • Pandora says:

      I agree – FedX is a nightmare in my experience – but note: DSW is having some serious problems in their fulfillment center – I’ve LOVED them from the beginning – brick and morar and later online (multiple accounts) – but this year has been a NIGHTMARE and legal and media attention seems to be the ONLY way to address this now. I (because I’ve always prior had good experiences – except during COVID when (in store) employees useless, rude, wouldn’t help – left me in life endangering circumstances (am seriously injured) – but I think a lot of companies had problems even getting employees at that time. I used to love that store…. and online- but with all the hospital hopping and months in hospiital – what I’ve been put through – and RECEIVED
      – and told it was MY responsibility to fix (wrote to an upperling – got boiler-plate & obfuscation while I was/am in agony and no can’t walk. They need to step up their game. Perhaps they are distracted with the development of numerous brands that are actually theirs – bad mistake in delivery, quality control, EMPLOYEE control and more. it makes me sad as it has had life-endangering consequences I will likely not survive and am repeatedly ignored/insulted in chat – and the upperling – worse. Was due – per his statement – a phone call from him many Tuesdays ago – will be dead before I get it. Your suggestions are good – hope they “hear” them. I’m stuck with shoes/boots I didn'[t order – wrong brand/boot/size/color, knock-offs (or I’d like another explanation) shoes – very respected companies = one I think will have a fit if I contact them – sz 6 was a ten or so – repeatedly – and physically disabled – got broken boxes – destroyed boxes – none of the paperwork I should, wrapped wrong/even packing slip destroyed – but that’s my problem. Nope. It will be their’s. Attorney General time. But can’t survive what I’m going through medically, trusted them as I always have been able to in past – an can’t get help. Be glad you just had a bad delivery person – I hope at least you got what you ordered. I physically cannot repack – and most are remainders that even in clearance they couldn’t get rid of – boxes ? Destroyed – and shoes tried on by hundreds – and not so many not what they are supposed to be. I needed them for Vertigo – hard to shop for shoes w/very spefific requirements – rubber or cork to absorb shock, subtract platform measurement (if you can get it) from heel to determine elevation or I’ll crash over backwards and dislocate/break/shatter more bones…… discounts promised andd site verified IN RED qualified and applied – NOT – and no way to fix – so no food or medicine. And no ability to get it – can’t walk. Chat – lies/obfuscation/insulting – then black out and ddisconnect after lying/writing – since I haven’t heardd back from you I’m disconnecting the chat. I can’t even get proper order information w/photo item, price,discount,price paid, method of payment. Have to report all this to city then it goes state then federal -part of the joy of being disabled – having to do things you can’t to provide evidence of this that andd the other – THEY will contact for the information – and DSW will NOT be able to torture THEM. But it’s too late,will not make it. So sad, fought so hard. I wish you much better luck, and hope you get wonderful things – they do have many — IF you can get them and not be caught up in false charges, NO help, or “lost” deliveries. (They really should change to UPS – those delivery people really work hard). Good luck.

  • Linda Adams says:

    I was a customer at your Elmore Ave. Store today and had the worst experience ever with Shantel, who said she was a manager- really!? I stood in line for over 20 minutes and after she took all my information and bagged half my order, I swiped my card which I proceeded to swipe several times. She finally says, it’s not working, we’ll take cash to which I proceeded to write a check. She says ” cash only” by this time the check out line is quite long again. She says ” you’ll have to get back in line.” To which I said, I want to speak to the manager, which she said I am. I said this is BS. To which she said I don’t appreciate your language. I grabbed my bagged stuff and proceeded back into line while she’s yelling you can’t take that, you haven’t paid for it! Seriously- there was only 1 direction to the other register.
    I have worked in customer service for over 30 years, this girl was rude and mean. A simple I’m sorry when your store’s equipment didn’t work, wouldn’t have went ALONG way. Then to yell at me like I was stealing in front of customers – wow! Again I worked in customer service for over 30 years and I was so shocked and angered by this unprofessional behavior- I won’t be back. I have been a good customer since you but no more.

  • Claudia Ek says:

    Employees from store 71111.. Like to accused customers of stealing Without checking cameras well enough i was blamed of stealing per jordan’s Activate switch the box of a size shoe box I was accused of stepping out with some Jordan shoes That’s the CEO completely a cough i appreciate it i was embarrassed it doesn’t have customers by your employees i do not appreciate that

  • Claudia Ek says:

    I was embarrassed human related By your employees store12 city of north hollywood

  • LaVonne Vashon says:

    I placed Order #5992174255 on 04/23/2022 for 2 items:
    1) Eurosoft Gladis Sandal, White, Size 6.5, Medium, Qty 1
    2) Eurosoft Gladis Sandal, Black, Size 6.5, Medium, Qty 1
    It is 06/03/2022 today. It has been 6 weeks since I placed this order, and it has not yet been delivered. The original estimated delivery date was June 1, which has come and gone. I have contacted FedEx for a status update, and it does not know the whereabouts of the shipment.

    I understand that shipments to Hawaii are sent via slow boat, but is this reasonable customer service? I have been a VIP member for a couple of decades, and I was such a fan of DSW. I am extremely disappointed that my purchases are taking a month and a half to receive.

    Will someone please locate this order and get it to me ASAP? I purchased the items for a trip, and I (and DSW) am running short on time.

  • H.M says:

    I work/worked at the DSW in Kingston, NY and I called my boss to ask about my schedule because I was out of work due to being in the hospital and my boss was so rude to me and he said “I’m not playing these games with you.” I have my schedule documented and my doctors note. He was extremely rude to me and very unprofessional. I don’t suggest going there.

  • Karen Hagaman says:

    Was at the DSW in Peoria IL today and I have to tell you that you have a very special employee that works there. Her name is Joya. Her smile and willingness to help was outstanding. She went above and beyond to try to locate a pair of sandals for me. She’s a keeper for sure!

  • Theresa says:

    I went to the Albuquerque location and the Winrock Center, the employee’s were cold and rude. No hello, goodbye, nothing!! I am so happy Famous Footwear is next door, much friendlier and professional. Your loss DSW, I would be concerned. Lose customers, less money coming to your store, then CLOSE THE STORE. That’s what happens.

  • Angie Mazerat says:

    My order Order #: 5853825668 has been a nightmare. I have done ALL the customer service work MYSELF; including MULTIPLE phone calls to Fed Ex and your so called” customer service”. The short version is YOU mislabeled my package, Fed Ex CLAIMS to have delivered it incorrectly, and NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE THE INTEGRITY TO CORRECT THEIR MISTAKES!! So, now I PAID for shoes that I will NEVER receive, so I will spend my days letting everyone I know DO NOT shop at DSW; they DO NOT have ANY SEMBLANCE of either customer relations or integrity

  • Michelle Allen says:

    My name is Michelle and I have ordered a certain pair of shoes 3times. Each time they are dirty and used. So I thought just one more time it can’t be that bad right. Oh no just got them in the mail and they are used and dirty. I just want a CLEAN pair of shoes . I loved your store but not anymore- you should be ashamed and I’ll never shop here again. Disgusting!!

    • P. says:

      Omg Michelle I’ve been experiencing the very same issue. I can’t believe that this company would allow such unsanitary and unethical practices!!! I’m utterly disgusted!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME DSW!!!

  • Susan says:


    I had a not so great experience at the Camp Hill Pa. DSW store on January 31st 2022
    I went in to return a pair of shoes. I had bought two different pairs. One pair I decided I didn’t need. When I bought them I used a Visa gift card which I received as a Christmas gift (75.00) and my debit card for the remaining balance. The young girl at the checkout told me it would go back on my visa gift card. I said it can not go back on that card because I no longer had it. She did the right thing by calling for assistance.
    A gentleman rushed over to help, he was told by the girl and myself that it cannot go back on the gift card. I thought everything was fine and it was put back on my debit card. When I got home I checked and it went back on the Visa gift card.
    I immediately called the store and I spoke with someone in management, I did not get her name. She was very polite in telling me there’s nothing they can do once the transaction goes through. That the girl should have called management. I told the person that the young girl did call for help. It was not her fault. Then I said even though it wasn’t my fault, as I had made it perfectly clear it couldn’t go back on the Visa gift card. Still nothing they could do.
    She apologized again and told me I could get a hold of The Visa gift card company and call customer service. There was nothing again she could do for me. I did both. Customer service couldn’t help because it wasn’t a online purchase. Visa started a case for me but, in the end they needed a receipt to find the card. My friend spent a lot of time trying to find the receipt for the gift card.
    I work in retail and It’s totally unacceptable to tell a customer there’s nothing they can do. Especially, since it was their fault.
    I’m out 75.00 plus I don’t have the shoes.
    Unless DSW can figure this out they have lost a customer for life. They will lose my friends business also. I hope they care! I have all my documentation from my attempts to handle this situation.
    I did learn a lesson never throw used gift cards away!

    P.S. I contacted customer service again today with this letter. I got a quick response again with a apology and to contact Visa card services. They are not listening Visa cannot help me without a receipt of purchase. I am more than frustrated now. Your mistake DSW not mine!

  • Disappointed Customer says:

    I recently purchased two pair of shoes from DSW, one pair being Clark’s. Four days later I took the shoes back because, they were terribly terribly uncomfortable.

    I did however wear the shoes for two days at my job. there were no scuffs no damage to the shoes, I wore them a second time after purchasing Dr. Scholl’s inserts to see if that would help. The shoes were still very uncomfortable. I spoke with two managers and expressed what my reason was for returning the shoe and that I only wanted to exchange them for something comfortable.

    Neither manager was helpful. They even felt the inside of the shoe and agreed with me. They told me that it was there policy that they had Ben worn and they couldn’t take them back and that I would have to contact the Manufacturer of Clark’s.

    I work for the airline and I’m literally on my feat 10 hr. a day. I spent nearly $200 on work shoes that I can’t wear. The manager’s didn’t even try to accommodate me as a customer. They pushed my issue off onto the manufacture, knowing full well there was nothing they would do. They were more concerned with reselling the shoe that accommodating a customer.

    I would not recommend this DSW to anyone, ever!

  • Disappointed customer says:

    I was in one of your stores this evening, and was extremely disappointed in how your employees did not ask a single customer if they needed help, and proceeded to follow myself around the store like I was gonna steal something. Very insulting for one and the lack of unprofessionalism to say the least, I also work in retail. But due to this experience I’m more than likely not gonna be going into another dsw store I can guarantee that.

    Mesquite, tx potential customer but not now

  • Raydean says:

    The New Jersey location is disgusting and disappointing. I will never step foot in cherry hill
    Or marlton store. Paul the manger is VERY DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silvana Digiandomenico says:

    Purchased a $100 gift card in your Framingham, ma store on December 23rd. I was going to use it immediately but the cashier, Emily informed me I had to wait 24 hours for activation. I left put the sneakers on hold went to my car called the store Manager Lyndsay. She also said I had to wait 24 hours. So the card was active immediately when I purchased it. The 25 dollar bonus I understand I had to wait til January. I went bsck on the 24th next morning used the card . No problem. Why did the store associates lie to me. We all know that cards are activated immediately. I wasted my time, gas and energy..you are all liars including the lady I talked with at your headquarters that kept bringing up that online gift cards would take time to activate. She kept me o. Hold for 80 minutes never came back so I had to hang up. Your company is a disgrace and should outbof business. Very poor customer service and lying to the customers. You need yo better train your managers and associates not to lie to customers
    I hope someone can Contact the store and talk with the associates there..

  • Barbara Bellay says:

    I ordered a pair of men’s Converse black high tops online to be delivered to a store in my area (8335 Westchester Dr. #110 Dallas, TX 75225). I received an email on Sunday (12/12) that they were delivered to the store and to pick them up, I was out of town and couldn’t make it to the store before they closed. I went Monday (12/13) to pick them up and they were no where to be found in the store. The shift manager for that night told me that they couldn’t find them. When I asked her what happened to them, she just stared at me. I asked her if the shoes ever made it to the store, she said she didn’t know. I asked how the email was generated if the shoes didn’t arrive at the store, she didn’t know. I asked her if someone took the shoes, she didn’t know. I asked her if someone sold the shoes, she didn’t answer, stared at me again. I asked how I would have gotten an email that the shoes were ready to be picked up if they weren’t scanned and checked in in this store, she just stared at me and then said “she didn’t know”. Another customer was standing next to me and verified that I had received an email stating the shoes had been delivered to this store and were ready to be picked up. The store manager kept saying they were an “in store order” and they didn’t have those shoes in stock. I told at least 5 or 6 times, that I ordered the shoes online to be picked up in the store. She told me I was arguing with her and said she would just refund my money. I didn’t want my money back, these shoes are a Christmas gift. The store manager told me that there were no more Men’s Black Converse high top shoes available. This is unacceptable, this had to be the worst customer service I have ever encountered. The store manager lied to my face about how the emails are generated when an order arrives at the store and about what happened to the shoes I ordered. Did she think I was stupid and couldn’t figure out then when the shoes were delivered to the store, they would be scanned in and an email would be generated and sent to me to notify me that the shoes were ready for pick up?

  • Mrs. Langley says:

    Your company needs to take better care of your paying customers. I misplaced my gift card from my boyfriend. I have the receipt but your store employees and your phone customer service people are know help. Your company stole $200 from me. I have no gift card and I can not use my receipt with my purchase on it. Why does this company keep unused gift card money? I will be reporting you and I will be taking you to court. Have a nice day.

  • Jorge Lozano says:

    I will love to design shoes and accessories for you DSW.
    I have a lot of Ideas
    my name is Jorge Lozano from Houston.
    So when can I started JD this my nickname my cell phone number is 832 468 2449.

  • Sue Rector says:

    Was just shopping at the Jordan creek store in W Des Moines IA. The store, at 11:00am, was in utter disarray and dirty. Is this really how you would like your customers to find your store? Let alone try to shop?

  • >