Where is DressBarn Corporate office Headquarters

DressBarn Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 933 MacArthur Blvd
    Mahwah, NJ 07430
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800-373-7722
  • Fax Number: (845) 369-4625
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: 16000
  • Established: February 13, 1962
  • Founder: Roslyn Jaffe
  • Key People: David R. Jaffe, Elliot Jaffe

DressBarn Headquarters Location & Directions

DressBarn Headquarters Executive Team



David R. Jaffe

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

John Lee Welborn


Stacey S. Rauch


About DressBarn, History and Headquarters Information


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  • Jan Morris says:

    Anyone out there tired of getting constant text from Dressbarn? I just got off of their sometimes more than daily list. Help give me a break.

  • Janet Loll says:


    My friend and I went to Dress Barn in Conroe, I-45 on Sunday August 18, 2019 to find me something to wear to the hospital. I always go to Dress Barn as one of my “go to” places because of the great coupons and discounts and the customer service is usually excellent and I like a smaller establishment where I don’t have to go through racks and racks of clothes. Unfortunately, my visit on Sunday was not good! I did find what I was looking for ($82.22) and when I checked out I found that one of my items was buy one get one free. I thought great, I will get another item free. The lady at the checkout was already ringing up my items and said it was too late to get anything else and I asked if I could get something later and she absolutely not (associate #98)! Before when I have had things like this happen at Dress Barn, the woman at the check out would cancel out my purchase, give me time to look for something else and them re-ring up my purchases. I was very extremely disappointed and have never felt disrespected like this at this store. I really was somewhat shocked. There are just too many other places in the Woodlands to shop (with the mall being right across the street) to be treated this way. Unfortunately, it has really put a bad taste in my mouth as to whether I want to come back and shop here again.

    Thank you,

  • Linda Smith says:

    I have recently been told that Dressbarn is closing and the reason is that you are comparing yourselves to Target! What an insult to your clothing! Whoever said that should be fired if that is how you view the quality of your clothing! There is no way that I would buy clothing from your other 2 stores as they would not fit me, be the style I wear and would be much too expensive! The prices at DressBarn were high enough! This is the only place that I can buy jeans and pants that actually fit me. First you did away with the Roz and Allie jeans and said that Westport is the same–no they do not fit me at all. So I am still wearing those jeans and hope they don’t wear out before I die or find another pair that fit. I do not usually send this type or letter but am really upset over the decision to close DressBarn! I’m sure no one has asked the consumer how they feel but let some executive make the decision! Please reconsider the closing of the store and forget the idea that Target is comparable, that is a joke!

  • Margaret Babb says:

    Hello my name is Margaret Babb and a regular customer of Dress Barn Clothing Store. It is the only store that I have found where the clothes fit me very well and I am please with the selections that you have, however, I just learn two days ago that you are closing the stores. I realize I am taking a risk in asking you to please reconsider in keeping your stores open. I travel to the Hampton, Va. store to shop which I live about 45 minutes away, but for the quality and service. I will gladly travel that distance. Maybe there are other customers that feel the same way in which you would be helping and just think of the number of people you would be putting out of a job. Please consider and keep the stores open. Thank you so much for listening to a valuable customer.

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