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Where is Dr Pepper Snapple Group Corporate office Headquarters

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Headquarters Address and Contact

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Headquarters Location & Directions

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Headquarters Executive Team



Robert Gamgort

Chief Executive Officer of Keurig Dr Pepper

Jim Baldwin

Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel

Rodger Collins

President Direct Store Delivery

Fernando Cortes

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Ozan Dokmecioglu

Chief Financial Officer

Lain Hancock

Chief Strategy and Emerging Brands Officer

Derek Hopkins

Chief Commercial Officer

Rich Jones

Chief Integration and Supply Chain Transformation Officer

Andrew Loucks

President Keurig Appliances

Meg Newman

Chief Human Resources Officer

About Dr Pepper Snapple Group, History and Headquarters Information


Dr Pepper was founded in the year 1885. The company has been operational for over 130 years now. The founder of the company was Charles Alderton. In the year 1904, the first soda drink was introduced by the company, that was made with 23 different flavours. After the 1950s, the name Dr was removed from the brand name that was being on the products that were being sold. In the year 1972, the company had sued Coca Cola for allegedly using the name Peppo as one of their products. In the 1980s, the company became insolvent. Currently, the products sold under the Dr Pepper brand name has PepsiCo, Coca Cola and Keurig Dr Pepper.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 5301 Legacy Drive. The name of the place is Plano, while the state name is Texas. The pin code of the area is 75024.


Dr Pepper is a company based in America which focuses on the production of various kinds of winter and soft drinks. The company is currently ranked at 430 on the Fortune 500 companies list. As of the year 2013, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $6 billion. Also, the number of employees currently working at the company is more than 19,000. The product is currently sold at countries and continents like New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia, etcetera.


The primary services of the company involve the production of various kinds of carbonated pepper style soft drinks for the customers. The company sells various kinds of variants, including flavoured versions, diet variants, and also a variant that has high fructose content as well. The soft drink is marketed having a unique flavour.

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  • Donald Moore says:

    I have been in vending 25 plus years.i haven’t gotten an order in months..when I call the Louisville KY location even to the corporate level all calls go to South America..is there a name and phone number of any employee in the U.S.A. most all vendors I know just put not producing products now on vending machines.there is a reason Warren Buffett owns over 20 percent of Coca Cola that’s all I tell people I meet.


    Which can’t I fi d diet Rasberry Snapple

  • Kimberly Hampton says:

    How my husband and worker at krogers. Cheated Kenneth Hampton and Angie Weatherspoon made sure he came against me beat me and left me on dedt and he stays drink 24 sevenv

  • Kevin G Lintz says:

    Is your company running an advertisement for Snapple Dr pepper on people’s vehicles? At this time ?

  • Smokey Connell says:

    I bought some cases of Dr Pepper at my local dollar general store at least 4-5 cans out of a case has been flat. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it but it’s not just 4-5 cans through out 1 case it is 4-5 per case throughout 6 cases . The problem is a Dr Pepper can is suppose to b tight I have found all the flat tasting cans are soft I found that was strange because this is the first year I have experience this problem.

  • John Hay says:

    I love your Dr. Pepper No Sugar!
    Was drinking Coke no sugar until I tried your product . Still hard to find in Va. and SC , keep those shelves filled , Dr. Pepper No Sugar is a WINNER !

  • Glenda jordan says:

    Why is deja blue bottled water hard to find has production stopped

  • Jannice Okoye says:

    I’ve drank Dr. Pepper for the last 20 plus years. I recently purchased a 36 pack, from a bulk store, so far 3 cans have been flat.

  • Brett W, Laster says:

    Over the last two weeks, sorry I mean Over the Holidays. I have experienced my 4th 12 pack of Dr pepper with more than one to be flat, half empty, I even have one that’s solid silver. I took It out of the 12 pack myself that I opened myself, It has the 10,2,and 4 best time to drink it stamp, serial#date code stamp. Well that one was weeks back I was holding if to see if it might be some sort of promo. Or factory error, it’s flawless chrome or silver except for one little spec of Dr peppers color logo on it, but it’s makes me think accident, right. But back to my story I still have it and several unopened half dps and I’m scared to test another flat one. My friend and I stoped at the store today and he paid for drinks and when he ask what I’d like I said, after a pause and confusion, said just get me a coke, I drink Dr pepper and so does my mom. I’m 50 and we’ll respected as an artist been in magazines, front pages of newspapers, I have some work of mine in federal buildings and yet remaine low out of respect to the little things in life that make it all worth wild, and I truly believe that that the only people worth having in your life are the ones that make smile, right! Thanks, and again I Drink dr pepper. What should I do

  • Mike says:

    Why is the price of Dr Pepper rising so rapidly? 2 years ago I was paying 5.99 for a 20 pack in the grocery store or 6 something at Walmart for 24 pack. Now March of 2022 the price has doubled almost and is over 10 dollars a 20 pack. I love Dr Pepper but I’m now buying Sam’s cola or Pepsi is usually a couple of dollars cheaper. I think a lot of people are now buying Sam’s cola because Walmart can’t keep it on the shelf. I understand inflation and the fact that our president is a moron, but good God you’re running your consumers away. I’ve probably drink more Dr Pepper in the last 30 years than most people their whole life but the price has to come down!

  • Susanne says:

    I have been drinking Diet Snapple since it first appeared on the market… I found it a bread substitute to coffee and even alcohol drinks. Soooo I am thoroughly disappointed to see the recent changes you have made. I am paying the same price for 16 ounces when it used to be a 20 ounce bottle. Many places have increased the price too! Will be looking for a substitute…. So sad!

  • Cecile. Eskin says:

    Looking for Canfield soda not in store Publix. So. Fl, very good product. Where can I get it. Ceeno 8@aol.com

  • William Sarvis says:

    Hello i just received a email to advertise for Snapple icetea in the email i can earn $600 .00 a week by put a decal on by car sounds like scum right just though that u all sould know

  • chuck hartzell says:

    the 24 pack cubes I buy have dirt in he top of the cans

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