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  • Torie Steele says:

    Looking at the comments it appears you don’t care about your guests, as this page also shows it is impossible to get an address or to contact anyone for real answers. I stayed at the doubletree by Hilton 2 days ago. , I left in my room in the drawers two very expensive items a top and pants well over $2,100. I had only carry on went straight to the airport and home. On reaching home realized I had left the items in the drawer. I called the hotel with no answer countless times for the line to drop each time. Finally I called your main reservation line … they said not their job but finally convinced them to connect me to lost and found at the hotel. A man answered who wanted to call me back I said I preferred to wait…. Over 45 minutes later he came back on he said the items were not left… housekeeping said they were not left. I said yes they were. He said unless I can prove it they weren’t. I said did he speak to the girls who cleaned the room. He said , no. The head of housekeeping said they were not turned in. I asked what policy do you have. He didn’t answer. He said again I have to prove I Le left it. . I said, excuse me, your saying I’m lying? Why would I call and wait so long ? Wouldn’t you rather know your personal are Turing things into lost and found. Maybe if you ask they just haven’t gotten to it. Madam you have to prove it! He hung up on me!!! So my only conclusion is they would rather steal from their guest. And no 0ne cares about anyone in your company as you insulate yourselves from everyone

  • Mariam Ahmed says:

    I recently stay at double tree by Hilton Kensington London Uk for one trouble night 26-27 July the approach of staff was bad communication was poor my husband try to use his honor club card while we are do the check in but the receptionist ask him for the credit card
    I gave them my credit card they deduct the price for one night £ 246 +50 when we ask why the £50 they said deposit to confirm our stay and we will refund in 2-3 days maximum
    They gave us a room with falling curtain , inspected flying in the room and some of the toilettes were used and not changed .
    Few days later After I return back to my country Bahrain I call the hotel about the deposit they said it will take 30 days to refund to my card
    Today my bank called me and inform me that there were 2 deductions done by double tree Hilton
    First one on 29July with amount in Bahraini Dinar 123 =£246
    And the second on 31July with amount in Bahraini Dinar 143 = £296
    Now all this amount on hold and I can’t use my card till you solve it for me by refunding the deposit amount £50 + the second deduction +246
    I call the hotel in London. , unfortunately they are not helpful , the only answer they have , that I have to wait
    As customer , I am not satisfied , not happy , I am Stuck because I can’t use my credit card and
    Hope you can solve it as soon as possible
    This things I think it is not positive and not good for your repetition
    My husband name
    Dr. Jalal Almaskati
    My card name
    Mariam Dawood Salman
    Thank you

  • Monica Ledbetter says:

    Double Tree Denver, CO
    Customer service is terrible

  • Micheline Dickey says:

    I recently stayed at the Doubletree on LaVista / Northlake in Tucker, GA. I made the reservation using my Hilton Honors Reward points and when I checked in I asked the front desk person to confirm that the reservation was using my “Honors Points” and she said yes, but I needed to use my credit card to secure the room. Yesterday I saw the room was charged to my credit card so I called the hotel. First, someone named Chris kept me on hold for 8.5 minutes so I hung up. I called back and a very nice front desk person named Matt took my information and someone did call me back the next day. However, she informed me that the supervisor is the person who checked me in and that my Honors points were not used. Now I will have to ask Hilton Honors to listen to the reservation call to validate that I asked that my points be used for the reservation. I am disappointed that the front desk supervisor either didn’t know the process or lied about the Honor Rewards being used.

  • Jami Wright says:

    I stayed at this hotel for a funeral and I have to say that this was one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever encountered. After being promised the bereavement rate for the two-night stay, I was later declined when it was time to check out. Not only that the Guest Services Supervisor Heather Ross reached out about the experience but after I responded on three different occasions she never responded back to me. I’ve made several calls to all the corporate phone numbers I could find to resolve this matter. I have been on hold and disconnected twice and no one has yet to call me back. I’m not usually the type to put companies on blast but I’ve spent a lot of money with this hotel and attempted to resolve this matter before going this route. This experience alone cost me approximately $800.00 and no one has resolved by concerns. If a manager agrees to offer the bereavement rate no matter how the system works it’s should be done!

  • Joseph Searcy says:

    I stayed at a doubletree in Memphis on New Years eve on an overnight I’m flight crew. I left the hotel and worked a flight home upon getting home I realized I left my samsung tablet on my bed at the hotel. I called several times in an attempt to recover my tablet and was told that it wasn’t in my room and the room had not been rented yet. So I’ve been talking with a manager Anthony Frost and Mr Frost told me I would have to file a claim with the insurance company. I sent all my information to Mr Frost and haven’t heard from him since. I’ve tried calling for the past 3 days and I get no answer not even an operator. This is very disturbing as I have sensitive material and artwork on that tablet that I’m going to lose. I’m requesting someone from corporate to intervene in this matter. I’m 100 percent sure the tablet was left in the room so this is a case of theft at this time.

  • Laura kegley says:

    I brought my husband to the double tree at medical center in Houston to stay while in treatment at MD Anderson. He is a disabled veteran and retired police officer. We had initially booked at the Wyndham which had previously occupied the building now the double tree. When I inquired as to whether we had reservations the manager told me that place had never been the Wyndham and I told him I had stayed there before when it was. He encouraged me to cancel my reservations with the Wyndham and to keep feom paying a cancellation fee to tell them I had COVID. My reservation at the Wyndham wasn’t satisfactory (our door wouldt lock) so we came back. Trying to check in they told me their systems were down. So about 30 minutes into trying to check in I asked if I could book thru a 3rd party. They said that came in on a different system and that would work. I handed them the itenerart number and they said that wouldn’t work. I sat there waiting for 2 hours while my husband who can’t hear and can’t walk by himself waited. Finally the staff told me I should ask Expedia for my money back. I asked to speak to the manager. I had cash, I had a credit card, I had ID. I showed him my booking and he said they couldn’t give me a room bc we were a security risk. I am a police officer. The man was rude and walked away from me although I admit I had lost my Christianity at this point. Security apologized to me for his behavior. The valet offered to watch my car while we slept in the parking lot. Please tell me you don’t approve of treating your guests like this who are clearly in your establishment for obvious medical reasons. My husband served his country. He needs help and we were turned away at 11 pm. And this was while we watched others check in. I left in tears. Can you imagine being a woman in a big town with your disabled husband turned away at 11 pm? There is absolutely no excuse for the way we were treated. Please tell me you don’t tolerate this from your staff.

  • Shay B. says:

    I had an emergency and was unable to cancel my appointment and double tree in Schaumburg, IL refused to give me my money back. Very upsetting that people can steal your money.

  • Dr. Denean says:

    I stayed at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel Chicago/Alsip location at 5000 West 127th Street, Alsip, IL 60803. They have committed major fraud. Lucky for me I have sense enough to check my credit card accounts. I stayed for 2 nights and the charge per night was $159.00 + state tax at $9.54 and City tax at $9.54 and County tax- $1.59 for 2 nights=totalling: $359.34. I have my receipt showing a zero balance. Like I always do, I checked my credit account and saw all of these additional charges. When I called the location and ask to speak with the manager. I was told by the manager that they often charge all of these additional fees. Her words; “It is a practice we often do”. I asked for the breakdown of the charges and she couldn’t tell me and even refused to give me the corporate office number. She went on to say that It will be removed in 3-4 business days and said bye and hung up. This type of customer service is not acceptable and people should be made aware of these fraudulent practices. Not to mention, the rooms reeked of mildew. I asked to be moved from room 128 before unpacking my items and was moved to room 135 the smell was a little more tolerable but still of mildew smell. I am also contacting the State Attorney General’s Office about their charging practices. Since the manager openly admitted they do this often I would not suggest you stay in this terribly managed DoubleTree Hilton property.

  • Jerry Marsee says:

    I stayed at the Doubletree, Denver (3203 Quebec Street, Denver). The place was packed with a nationwide softball tournament. Shane, William and Laura were absolutely awesome!
    Give these folks a raise!

  • Robert Cucinelli says:

    Paid to park on the property located at 128 front gate rd, Newark, NJ. Upon the return the shuttle never came to pick us up. Waited over an hour. Spoke to Katherine who told me that the shuttles were on their way. Still waited half hour later no shuttle. Had to pay a Uber just as much as the parking. DO NOT use this company for their services. Complete scam.

  • L. Barnhart says:

    I want to know why the drivers at the Doubletree San Jose airport are driving a shuttle with a non-working drivers seatbelt? This is quite the liability and needs to be rectified immediately. Shame on this manager for not looking out for the drivers.

  • Ingrid L says:

    We stayed at the Doubletree suites in Minneapolis and it was the worst possible stay. The front desk clerk who checked us in was very nice and polite. The young man who replaced our broken irony and provided the fresh towels professional and warm; The chef who explained the buffet, again professional and warm and that is where it ended. the front desk manager was barely civil when i pointed out an error and would not make the correction. Said i had to wait for the office manager who did not come to work until 1 pm. When i spoke to her she was rude. I explained the problem and she agreed to refund me for over charging me and then proceeded to hang up very rudely. No apologies nothing. I think your customer training needs revamping or she needs retraining. Is there no accountability for such in excusable behavior?

    I am hoping my next Doubletree stay is better than this.

  • Johnny says:

    I am so pissed I get to the hotel to check in they tell me they can’t find my reservation and also said that they had already had me checked in that was the first red flag Augusta ga and then not only that when the lady told me to submit my payment I look at the screen and the charge on it was 352 dollars I said that is not correct my room is only 92 dollars so then she thanked me for catching that mistake so then again she asked me to put my card in I go to put my card in and the machine said pls remove your card so I did. Then the lady said to put card in again and I told her I already did so they made the computer charge me for my room twice and not only that it charge me a additional 352 dollars for somebody else room that I don’t even know. So when I checked my account and complain they said they will fix it asap so I notice after a while I didn’t see the charges and then next day I’m out to eat and go to use my card it decline and I checked my account double tree Augusta charged me over 1300 dollars for a 92 dollar room for one night so now it’s Sunday Im with out a debit card becaue the money has not been return yet i am livid and corporate or somebody will here about this because not only couldn’t pay for my food which is embarrassing on a date and only had that one card in my procession at the time and I couldn’t pay for gas also so somebody is going to fix this issue and compensate for the humiliation I had to endure. If not I will be contacting the news company and a lawyer because my card was charge without authorization to pay for other people rooms that I don’t even know I am not from ga I am from South Carolina……

  • Donna says:

    I booked at Double tree by Hilton Wilmington, DE. Front desk guy charge my account 4 times for 1 night when I checked out. I received only 1 reversal and still out of 287.18 they owe me. Try to submit complaint and web site will not submit the form. Very disgusted with them.

    • Johnny says:

      It did the same thing to me a on Friday may 27th I thought they fixed it and then I went to use my card on Saturday and I notice that they took 1300+ dollars for a transaction that was not mine. The first day they charge me 352.00 for one night when my room was only 92 dollars so they got my card all messed up.

  • Disgruntled Customer says:

    I paid to upgrade my room to the package deals where breakfast is included. Later when I received the bill I was charged for the breakfast. I was in Schenectady DoubleTree

  • Sue says:

    Hi I was a guest a couple days ago, i was leasing to one of your employees that works in a double tree in the Denver area talking about letting the spouse say with them with their spouse at the hotel service dog they told the employees your spouse can stay but there service dog to me that not ok, the employees also told them that the dog alort them when there sugars are low. If the employees get sick with there sugars being low it will be the hotel fault because they want a lot of service dog be around him or her. I don’t have a email address i have someone letting me use there email address.

  • Lore says:

    I was staying at a double tree hotel couple days ago and herd some one that works there that they won’t let there employee spouse stay the night at the hotel with there spouse because of there service dog there employee has diabetes and the service dog alert there employee when there sugars are low, my point of view they need to let anyone that they hire be allowed to bring the service dog

  • 1disappointednurse says:

    Disgusted with Doubletree Hotel in Memphis TN 5069 Sanderlin Ave. I got an extended checkout until 12pm to get a quick 2hr nap after working a 12hr shift. I was completely rushed by housekeeping to get out of a room that “I” paid for! They kept up more noise in the hallways than any visitor. They were rude and very inconsiderate of those trying to rest. I could also hear everything that they were saying about guests once they left out of their rooms. There has to be better communication with front desk staff and housekeeping. The DND sign was created for use for a reason! These housekeeping staff members on the 3rd floor need to be held accountable and in desperate need of an etiquette class! You do not keep knocking on the doors of guests after being told about their communicated checkout!

  • Jan says:

    Terrible accommodations. Broken windows, broken lamp, no soap, people smoking pot in the rooms, the pool is dirty and weedy around it, front lobby is being “remodeled” and has plastic hanging all over. $400 for 2 nights. Sorry, but you can’t fix this with cookies. 😡

  • jon says:

    is it true that a DT in Colorado is refusing to serve our military?

  • DARLENE says:

    Disgusted with post from Colorado Doubletree that they will no longer service military and their families. Verify?


    Was high disappointed didn’t get to come for mine 44 years anniversary on June 3 thru 4 because of the riot in Virginia Beach.hope I alive next year ,liver disease. Older could not take a chance on getting hurt . Thank you

  • Mary Brewer says:

    Very upset with the DoubleTree Hilton Omaha. Booked and PAID for a room in May to attend my nieces college graduation. The graduation was cancelled because of COVID and we can’t get our money refunded. This is unethical and crooked.

  • Sue says:

    We stayed at the double tree by Hilton airport Tampa, FL. The room was very dark and dated. The hotel needs an upgrade badly. The slider did not work very well and the bed mattress was old and We had a flight at 6 am and the people next to us woke us up at 1am. They were loud and drunk. Was extremely hard to get back to sleep with all the loud noise. Extremely disappointed in this hotel and will not be returning.

  • Tashea Willis says:

    I stayed at the Double Tree in Silver Spring Md over the weekend and had the worst experience ever. I reserved a booking weeks prior to going on Booking.com I first reserved for two double beds but at the end of my booking it asked my if I wanted to upgrade to a better room which was a King with a sofa bed for $21 more dollars and I did. I received my confirmation for King with Sofa bed. But when I got there and got my keys and went to the room it was double beds I went back to front desk and told the check in lady and she told me that it wasnt their fault and I had to call booking.com and she was not trying to help me at all. I then asked to speak to a manager I told what was going on and showed her my confirmation that says King room with sofa bed. She checked to see if any other rooms was available and she said they were all booked for the weekend. I asked well what about tomorrow will you have another room available she said no. I was upset because I had my grown daughter with me and wanted her to have her own space. But the next day while waiting in the lobby by the front desk another guest was at the front desk and I over heard the young lady asking her how do she like her NEW room she said that she liked it, I was confuse because I was told there were no new room available. I was pissed. The lady who checked us in on Friday was rude and act like she didn’t want to help me at all. I had no choice but to stay in that room. The hallways smelled moldy and the room, smell like it was coming from the carpet. When I would go down to the lobby to walk toward the parking garage inside and outside of the hotel it smelled like weed. Everytime the glass door would open to go to the garage it was strong of weed smell. I was like do theses guys be smoking weed out here its all in the hotel. The swimming pool water was extremely cold. I had to get right out of it. I came to Silver Spring to celebrate my 50th birthday with my family and friends and every thing was wonderful except for this Hotel. My girlfriend had even more problems then I did. She also complain to the front desk where they end up taking $50 Off her bill. They pretty much to me to deal with my room and offered nothing. They were not Friendly and they act like they didn’t care. I am a guest and was treated like I wasn’t nothing. I wish I would have stayed in a different hotel. I traveled from Pennsylvania to Maryland to go thru that bad experience at one of your hotels.

  • W. H. Nelson says:

    My friends and I were on our annual football game outing and choose to stay at the DoubleTree for our lodging. We were there for 4 days total, checking in November 15, 2019, checking out November 18, 2019 while occupying 2 rooms.

    I’ve stayed at Hilton properties in the past and for the most part enjoyed the stay. The following things occurred at your facility which prompted this letter.

    1) This facility has 256 rooms and the entire time there, only one elevator was working. Wait times to get up and down was absurd.

    2) Computers in the lobby. There were only two again for possible 256 guest. Out of the two computers one was down. This left only one operational. Made it very difficult to print boarding pass, check emails or for things to do.

    3) Rooms were old which is not a problem as long as they are clean. This particular room there were issue with the plumbing. Tub drained slow. Toilet overflow. Toilet overflowing brings me to my last major issue. When this mishap occurred, your maintenance employee “Aldelso” stated to me relax. How am I suppose to relax when there is poop and water floating on the bathroom floor. Foul odor in my room. His tone and demeanor was unacceptable to me. This made the event occurring worse.

    Unfortunatly other things happened but I only listed the top three.

    What are you planning to do to fix this?

    Not a Happy Guest,

  • Kathy Holt says:

    We stayed at The Double Tree in Billings MT 27N 27th St. on 09-09-2019. A one night stay (on our way to Yellow Stone) with Dinner reservations at the restaurant up stairs for our 23rd wedding anniversary. We are Hilton members and believed we couldn’t go wrong with one of your affiliates. WRONG! IT WAS HORRIBLE!! Its was the worst hotel & restaurant experiences we have ever had. Our room smelled of stale cigarette smoke, the odor was so bad we could not even sleep (they said no other rooms were available) there was urine on the floor around the toilet and I am pretty sure the towels were used, folded and replaced on the shelf. (they were stiff and smelled bad). We ordered filet cooked med. (it was still raw and cold in the middle,we sent it back and it was returned charred and still cold and raw in the middle), salad and potato’s straight off the menu (no substitutes) so we thought that would be safe enough and it was so bad we could not even eat any of it. The glass of wine we ordered was out of stock and replaced with a substitute from a bottle I am sure had been opened for a while. Our room was 189.00 for the night and our meal was comped. The server offered the comp because she new how bad it was. We accepted the comp but still tipped her 20% because it was not her fault. Disappointed in the Hilton Family, Jerry and Kathy Holt

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