Where is DoorDash Corporate office Headquarters

DoorDash Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 116 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 855-973-1040

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: support@doordash.com

  • Number of Employees: 850

  • Established: June, 2013

  • Founder: Tony Xu, Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Evan Charles Moore

  • Key People: Tony Xu

DoorDash Headquarters Location & Directions

DoorDash Headquarters Executive Team



Tony Xu

CEO & Co-Founder

Andy Fang

CTO and Co-founder

Stanley Tang


Christopher Payne


Raghav Ramesh

Software Engineer

Kim Sciarratta

Strategic Partner Manager II

Michael Bloch

Regional General Manager

Jessica Lachs

Business Operations & Analytics

About DoorDash, History and Headquarters Information

DoorDash is a food delivery service provider which was founded in June 2013 by 4 Stanford scholars Andy Fang, Evan Moore, Tony Xu and Stanley Tang. DoorDash is a technology company that utilises a logistic service to adhere to the demands of food deliveries cited by the users. DoorDash was initially launched in Palo Alto and was expanded to 56 other markets and to more than 600 cities across the North America., DoorDash was successful in roping in more than $700 million from investors over many financing rounds. In 2018, DoorDash was valued at a whopping 1.4 billion., DoorDash raised $535 million in March 2018. The final value as of May 2019 is estimated to be at around $12.6 billion., In the following month, the company decided to expand its businesses and ventured into the grocery delivery service by having tie-up with Atlanta’s Walmart., It overtook UberEATS in December 2018 and GrubHub in March 2019 to become the most demanded delivery service in market at a rate of 27.6%.

DoorDash Headquarters Photos

  • Christina says:

    Door dash doesn’t care about their Dasher. I was scammed and all my earnings have been wiped out. I call everyday to get this issue resolved but foreigners only have the robot capabilities. I have not gotten anywhere. Have asked to speak to supervisors i was refused. Ask to talk to the payfare dept to dispute transactions or just simply anything to be done. Looking at all the comments below looks like nothing ever gets resolved for anyone. I have already contacted the news in my city and spoke with BBB not sure what that will do. If anything.

  • Michael Lynn Eaglin says:

    you do not care about anyone about money and your place when someone try to ask to the head one they say when we are a mess no one calls or emails you what you did to use I bull????? and not cool.

  • Doordash Sucks says:

    I ordered food but for some reason they canceled my order so I was promised a refund of $34.37 within 3-5 business days. The refund never came although Doordash swore that they had given it to me. They did this to me on smaller promised compensations as well for messed up orders and claimed that the restaurant is supposed to compensate me but the restaurant said that they were lying and do this often. Talking to customer service sucks because I have also experienced the repeating computer and my questions not being answered. Foreigners have a hard time communicating as well and hang up quickly. I’m now trying to delete my account only to have more issues. Doordash are thieves, liars and they mess up too many orders.

  • Rita Snyder says:

    Door Dash was great for quite a while. I was probably one of their first customers in this area. Sadly, lately,
    I cannot get logged in because I do not have, or use, a cell phone. DD insists on “verifying” my account with a code sent to cell phones. I am 76 years old, a shut-in, and just do not need or want a cell phone. DD was a real lifeline for me, for a while, and I miss the service.. I’ve called numerous times, and asked that DD give an option to either call in the code on my land line, or to please use my email address to send the code. So
    far, each person I’ve talked with acts like it’s brain surgery to understand, or fix, this problem. Even to sign in, a cell phone number is mandated. Isn’t this discrimination and/or an arbitrary control that mandates one MUST purchase an item (cell phone) in order to get service? Such control by businesses just seems out of place in this country. I hope someone reads this who can remedy this. Thank you for this venue for

  • Pamela zavala says:

    I am so angry I was taking advantage off when I had no money for food or rent , I drove 4 hours to LA to work on new years for dash turns out my dashers direct app got hacked ! I got wiped out of $270 and I’m tired of calling every day and i get is bs how it’s not their problem I have all the evidence and I truly believe DasherDirect has to do with it , what a coincidence none of my other accounts such as my bank Apple Pay and other accounts I have been hacked but this one .. you should be ashamed of yourself for cheating ppl out their money and pretend u freaking care z a big FK UUUUUUU !

  • Douglas Petrenas says:

    . I was told if I cancelled my order I would receive a full refund. I scheduled an order and it was going to be over an hour late. That was my reason for canceling. Now you are refusing my refund of 18.31. I was told I’d be contacted, I was not. I was told a supervisor would contact from 3 separate agents. No one has. You stole my money.

  • Felicia says:

    Door dash has the worst customer service on Earth! I have called their customer service, spoken to their robotic reps who keeps repeating the same info and not answering my questions. I’ve requested a supervisor and they all put me on an extended hold to say a supervisor is not available. Once I tell them I will continue to hold , after about 20mins the call just ends. I’ve tried their chat and the reps and the chat once I asked for a corporate number or address. They all keep saying I will receive an email about my case in 24 hrs…..I’ve already received the response which is why I asked for a supervisor. I am going to exhaust all options to reach corporate, but I will never use door dash again and will advise others not to as well.

  • Michael says:

    This company is by far one of the worst operating companies I’ve ever dealt with. Customer service gets an F minus! It is extremely difficult to talk to anyone that can give resolve. If their HR department gives two squirts to the bucket about their operations and how their customer service deals with people paying customers, they would reach out to me. But I know for a fact that they will not. I have screenshots of all the SMS interactions I had which are completely negative towards me. Also I’ve spent over three hours on the phone trying to hash out a resolution over a $16 sandwich. Pathetic and completely unprofessional. I guarantee, that this company will not reach out to me, especially from the HR department who should be handling this. They put no information out to be able to contact that entity of the company. The one entity at the company that supposed to give resolve that supposed to back up their customer service support. I will no longer be using DoorDash. I will use their competitors.

  • Keisha Bland says:

    I have been a doordash customer for years but the one day I ordered food for my kids while I’m at work and the Dasher sent it to the wrong address I told her that’s not my house when she put the food and she hung up on me so then I call customer service and seven reps tell me my stuff is on the review and they can’t help me so then I speak to a manager and he get rude hang up in my face

  • Tamera Ridner says:

    I’ve been trying for a week to get in touch with someone who would know about how I can get a copy of my mileage for 2021!!!!!!! I might be quiting if I can’t get ahold of someone that knows about important things!!!!! I’m getting audited by IRS!!!!! THIS IS SERIOUS!!!

  • Getting Fed Up says:

    Dasher for years. Never an issue they haven’t resolved. Create a NEW and IMPROVED UPDATE and it all is down hill from there. SINCE JUNE I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH IGNORANCE. Was on hold with CS as I’m typing this, got hung up on… Goes to show just how much they care about the front line employees. Cheat them out of money, expect them to be loyal employees, expect them to do right by all involved, expect them to represent a company who screws them, expect them to put their life’s on the front line and serve SOME customers who could care less about them as long as they get what they want. I feel like I’m back in the military.

  • Luke Brown says:

    Doordash failed or refused to deliver a $44 order from Papa Johns’s in Tallahassee, FL, on 8/31/2022. The amount included a tip of $6.20 for the driver, “Chris W.” The order was placed by app by my son. At approximately 7:30 PM “Chris W.” indicated on the Doordash app that the order had been delivered, but that was untrue. Papa John’s confirmed by phone that the order had been picked up by Doordash. The order and tip were kept by Doordash or “Chris W” despite the order not being delivered. This is a warning to be wary of Doordash. Merchants who use Doordash should be aware of these circumstances as they reflect poorly on your businesses.
    The complaint. stated verbatim above was sent to the President, the CEO, and a legal officer of the company. They have ignored it–apparently indicative of how they value their customers and business partners.

  • Alexis says:

    Company is racist.. I applied several times to the same location in Ypsilanti, MI probably 6 times in total .. I know its not because of my work history cause im perfect for the position Ive worked at amazon for 2 years doing the same thing I would be there. I always put the same thing and they always reject my application by the 3rd time I just wanted to know why so I kept applying. This last time I put that I was white instead of black on my application and guess what.. I got an interview. I definitely going to sue its blantant disrespect and I did NOTHING to be treated this way. Cant wait to see their face when I show up at the interview

  • Jones says:

    THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY TO ORDER FROM OR WORK FOR!!!! They will not pay you what is owed to you! PROMISE YOU BONUS AND THEN DONT DELIVER YOU YOUR INCOME AFTER YOUVE DONE ALL THE WORK! Making up rule as they go!!!!!! Even after I showed proof that they owed me they still didn’t pay! KICK THEM OUT OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!

  • pissed off customer says:

    This company sucks, I have ordered food twice that has never been delivered by your door dashers and have had to cancel supper plans on two occasions. I would rate this service but there is no rating because it sucks. Maybe with the billions of dollars this company makes it can provide better oversight with customers getting their orders delivered – I mean this is what the company does….right. So the hard earned money that I but butt for every day that is not given to me and earned every day can’t get food delivered to me then this company sucks

  • Nancy says:

    If you don’t want to be ripped off do not order from doordash! I recently added my Visa card that had $250 credit limit. I made one purchase of food for $20.81 and then right after that I went into the hospital for covid. Now remember the card had $250 minus the $20.81. I called to dispute all the charges that were done to my account while I was in the hospital. I was told that they didn’t find it to be fraudulent. And will not give me my refund. There was a total of $124.47 that was charged in food while I was in the hospital. And there should have been a balance of $125.53. however they wipe my account out and left me with $7.63. what did they do with the food that they ordered for $124.47 and what did they do with the $125.53 that was supposed to still be in my account along with the $124.47. this is a rip off. I just called and talked to them the course they wouldn’t let me talk to anybody higher than them so if anybody happens to know the main number to corporate. Please let me know. How could anybody wipe your count out and feel so good about it and act like they are so innocent this is a worse service ever they don’t even deserve one star! Shame on you door dash for ripping off people

  • Branden Taylor says:

    Avoid doordash a together. You will be lied to, multiple times. When you call in to address and issue, they dont actually care. I have talked to 4 supervisors, one of which I am on the phone with while writing this. I signed up for their dasher direct program 2 YEARS ago, and have NEVER seen my dasher direct card, but its somehow activated! Turns put an employee stole my dasher direct card, yay me. I also keep getting hung up on on the phone, and the chat saying im using foul language when I actually have proof I did not. I have paid their stupid 1.99 fee 38 times this year while I wait on my dasher direct BS to be resolved. I am exaughsted with this company. Once I get my money that is owed, I will be deactivating.

  • Hey! says:

    I am shocked at the comments relating to customer refund abuse and shitty Dashers. If you abuse the generous customer refund policy, you will be flagged. If you don’t make the grade as a Dasher, then you deserve to be cut. There is no “mystery Scooby Doo”. You suck and no one will miss you.

    • nice one says:

      I make the grade and then some with almost 3,000 deliveries. Their business model prioritizes getting new dashers to exploit rather than keeping the old ones. Customer support is outsourced to India, website and app design is dog shit and keeps getting worse, every few months I notice changes that show them cutting corners more and more to help their bottom line, no matter what effect it has on customers or dashers.
      The “mystery scooby doo” is why you’re defending a multi-billion dollar company when it costs 0$ to not be a corporate bootlicker. You’re not a temporarily embarrassed millionaire. You and your entire family tree will be broke compared to the money this company makes off of cutting corners and dodging regulation. One day you’ll figure it out bud. Good luck

    • Hey You says:

      You are so full of crap you company bootlicker. I worked as a dasher and had very high ratings. Then I get an email stating that my account had been deactivated by my request. I never made any such request but to listen to them I was nothing much more than a useless whiner while I was trying to fix something that never should have happened. I also was a Top Dasher with very high ratings. and had customers I met many times that I could carry on conversations with. For you to make such a ridiculous comment is nothing more than BS. The only thing I can think is that either you are some kind of butt kisser or a corporate rat.

  • Jennifer says:

    This I’m finding out is a company of loopholes n people who do not care about it’s new” employees
    They must have a sheet like an old school debt collector which is discrimination against single mothers and women who are of an older generation is disgusting….. if anyone has proof of how they got referred and enrolled only to help someone in there life get a bonus while them selves getting one too and then finding out
    Even after phone calls that once they completed there requirements…. Are told no u weren’t referred
    Because the app tells them that!!!!and not get your 500.00 Bonus or the person who referred you didn’t get there 700.00 bonus even though u completed the 290 deliveries in 60 days
    I’m a person who followed the steps and did follow what the app told me to do
    as I became an employee “sorry an independent contractor through only a referal
    I need to speak to someone who is gonna look into this
    This company deserves everything eventually it will get and I hope it realizes there gonna to be held accountable

  • Dianne says:

    Leaving a comment won’t do anything they have millions of complaints. The only way to win is not use their app and don’t work for them. They don’t care they are generating millions of dollars. It’s unethical they should be ashamed it’s a good business model that has been just been given to random people who don’t care. People who work there don’t care their just trying to make a quick buck and corporate will get paid regardless. So as long as we feed the beast the more complaints and they will continue to make money. Their are other delivery services use them and let this one sink. When I looked 5.2 million complaints crazy!!! Unless someone dies or gets killed poisoned. It’s business as usual be smart and move on.

  • Carly Barr says:

    The worst company I have ever dealt with I have contacted for your Business license and Attorney information for my Attorney General complaint and my lawsuit no one can provide me any information.

    • Nancy says:

      If you find out any of that information can you please let me know. I just got ripped off almost $250. Thank you

    • Amanda says:

      Let me know. I have been trying to file a complain for days. DD pays us crap amd takes our tips. I just got off tue phone with customer service and got no help and they wouldn’t let me know who is above them so I could call them. The app crashes on us all the time I jist got sent to a neighborhood that said it was a subway and customer service wouldn’t help. Let me know if you find anything out I’ll be happy to join the lawsuit

    • Sara says:

      I have had so many bad experiences with them. A few days ago they cancelled my business lunch order with a client and did not me notify until I reached out an hour later. I was so embarrassed! Now they won’t give me my money back. I luckily screenshotted the conversation with several agents. They kept hanging up on me and would not let me speak to a manager. I am considering seeking legal help. So frustrating!

  • FUCK DOOR DASH u no who I am says:

    Can’t get a straight answer out of anyone on where my money is after “customer support” contacted me about an order being canceled. He said I was up for a “bonus”… If I delivered 15 orders, I’d get an extra $100. Ha! Joke was on me cuz I didn’t get the extra $100 and the money I made busting my ass to get the 15 deliveries was taken out of my dasher direct card and put in Sutton Bank. Thank you so much for being crooks and stealing the money I need to take care of my kids. And if you didn’t realize it cuz you’re too stupid… That was complete sarcasm! FUCK DOOR DASH!!!!

  • Morgan Loudenback says:

    I worked for doordash, as a driver. Never again will I. They deactivated my father account without me knowing and now it’s been 13-14 days I’ve waited and haven’t heard anything back.

    • Dasher desperate to work to feed her children! says:

      I was just also told that. My consumer account was somehow deactivated, 3 days with no income at all now, no fucking answers, 4 children i literally havent a dollar to my ne. And no one can tell me who tf deleted my account supposably on the prdering platform or why tf it even matters for my dashing app, i didnt even get deactivated by dasher driver, only on consumer somehow. No one knows. Nor do they. Care my kids havent gotten food in 2 fucking days now. Unbelievable im at my end of my rope today its now day 3. Idk what im gonna do, i could grubhub but nowthat its friday my pay wont even clear until mon or tues night now. I relied on my instant dash payout debit which pays you right away. Scum this company is i want to go public now. Watch.

  • Morgan loudenback says:

    I’ve been doing door dash for about a month. My account got deactivated for absolutely no reason. I was contacted by someone who works for them. He told me it was deactivated because my drivers license got taken out out the system. I was supposed to get an email about my account being deactivated. Never received that email. Then I got ahold of someone else. They told me to expect a call from a supervisor in 24-48 hours witch it has now been 3 days. Also, I filled out a reactivation request on the 30th of May. It’s been more than 10 days and still haven’t heard anything!!!! Definitely would not recommend this app.

  • Steven says:

    Hello this is Steve mcclelland I am a doordasher and Windsor Ontario Canada I have never been more disappointed and embarrassed to work for another company the way I’ve been treated between the racism and the terrible the terrible knowledge that I’ve been given to know exactly what I need to do as a doordasher in order to keep my status as a top dasher because I didn’t have a 100 deliveries and I only had 95 I lose my top dasher status and yet everything else is tip top I figured think that this is an extremely terrible situation and how you guys treat us I have been given no information on what I need to do in order to keep my status and then you guys just take it away from me which means now I can’t go and deliver when I want to feed my family and pay my bills I don’t think that you guys realize how terrible of a job door -dash is doing when they talk to their employees

  • Betty says:

    My son went threw my referral on doordash and completed the required amount of dashes for me to get my bonus and they refused to give me my bonus.They said he didn’t go threw my referral which is bullshit because he did…..

  • Guest says:

    Horrible, frustrating customer service! Will not recommend Doordash to anyone.

  • Shana Thomas says:

    Doordash cancel a order and I was looking forward to getting and refused to give me a f****** refund I’m tired of using doordash

  • Eat a dick DoorDash says:

    So y’all really gone take my money no refund or nothing I definitely wouldn’t recommend this site y’all need to be shut down immediately 💯

  • MB says:

    Doordash manipulates dasher accounts

  • Not appreciated says:

    2 out of 3 orders never delivered. I am done with door dash after all this.

  • Stephanie says:

    They suck and are very racist wouldn’t give my husband the job cause of his past that was taken care of back in 2018 they suck and they also lie about being a supervisor when they really aren’t DONT APPLY HERE THEY ARE RACIST AS HACK

  • Betlog says:

    Doordash Sucks!

  • Stella says:

    Doordash rips off the consumer, driver, and merchants.
    I would NEVER recommend doordash services.

  • anastacia thousand says:

    This has been the worst employer I have ever had took 3 weeks and I have still yet to receive my 200.00 check. Corporate is the same number as customer service and they just give you the run around then I was fired on my 4th day and no1 knows why so can’t really even get a fair appeal. They can’t pay me cause my account is deactivated and there the only ones who can reactivate everytime I call ill be getting paid within 48 hrs 3 weeks and still nothing.

  • Stella says:

    They will steal your money. You dont work for yourself. They tell you when and where you can work. The have a faulty app they refuse to fix or they purposely manipulate it to screw over the drivers. They lie and tell you make 24 an hour plus! Doordash scams customers and drivers. I would never recommend them. They will deactivate your account due to no fault of your own rather due to their purposely faulty app.
    They say you can add your evidence to appeal yet the link will not work. I have documented all of their criminality and will be suing!!! Dont work for them or use them to deliver your food. These scammers néed to be put out of business and face jail time!! If I have anything to do with it i will make sure they NEVER do business in this country ever again!!!!

  • denise g mills says:

    I travel throughout US and have used this company for years. I have over 3 weeks of receipts I need to get reimbursed for. I have tried to print my receipt for months now due to their website not working so due to their poor management team I will eat around $600.00 dollars. Do not use these people. Five hours on the phone for them to tell me to go use grubhub. They really care about the company they work for.

  • Reese says:

    I will be going to the BBB about Door dash…period point blank!!!! The service and lack thereof is ridiculous. You guys record and monitor conversations well guess what…Everytime I talk to one of your useless representatives I do to. I take every good notes on what is going on and said. So when it comes down to it I have my evidence of the disrespect, lack of knowledge, rude service, lack of service and etc. Again I will be going to the BBB as well as the local news…do you see all the previous comments….you seriously have a issue on your hands and doesn’t seem as though you care as long as your pockets are lined. Well guess you’ll have one when u have a lawsuit on your hands…and seems to be coming from multiple places. Oh well…

  • Jay says:

    I am a Dashpass customer who has been experiencing how inconvenient and bizarre it is to tip my dasher after my food has been delivered. Every single time I put in my tip when I first order, my order arrives late, my order has missing items of things my dasher could have helped with (utensils, straw), and/or my dasher doesn’t follow instructions. In the real world, people who aren’t rich tip after their services have been delivered so they know HOW much of a tip is appropriate. But that DoorDash doesn’t even allow me to tip after my delivery and that I have to spend time on chat support answering irrelevant questions and waiting for support to do what they need to do on their end during our chat just to tip my dasher… Makes me feel like the company could do more to honor their dashers. These dashers are what make your business successful and you need to allow much more convenient ways for customers to tip dashers so that I’m not being forced to tip someone who is about to provide me bad customer service and that dashers who were on time and took the time out to ensure my delivery was accurate and smooth are allowed to receive the tip they deserve. I am not tipping for service I haven’t received yet!!! Allow for an option to tip after deliveries, please! That’s how tipping works everywhere else.

    • Guest says:

      Hi Jay. I always put out a tip in an envelope or hand directly to dasher for this reason. Doordash is a joke.

    • Steven says:

      Just letting you know we are not allowed to open the goodnto check if utensils and what not is in there. Bags are sealed and we ask for the utensils and they say they are in there and when you missing food blame it on the merchant not the dasher

    • Zach says:

      Hi Jay, I have been delivering for Doordash for about a month now. There were several points you made that caught my attention and I hope you don’t mind me giving my 2 cents.

      1. Unable to tip after delivery.

      I delivered for someone a couple of weeks ago that sent me a text asking me how to add more to my tip after I delivered her Taco Bell order. I told her I did not know and at the time, I was unaware of how atrocious, incompetent, and mismanaged the customer service is. More on this later.

      Tipping, as I am learning more and more is a very contentious issue. On the one hand, it just makes sense to tip after a service has been completed first. But, on the other hand, not tipping at all or giving a very low tip, especially for deliveries that are several miles long or in locations with heavy traffic will likely get turned down over and over again by drivers until the doordash script raises the fare pay to a level someone will finally accept. For reference, doordash pay always starts at $2.50 no matter how long, in miles, it will take to deliver someone’s request. When orders are rejected by drivers over and over again, the script will slowly raise the fare until someone accepts the order, picks it up, and delivers.

      Of course, the end result means that your order could sit at the restaurant for so long that your meal will be cold by the time it is finally picked up and delivered at your doorstep. This might be what is happening, but that is conjecture on my part. There of course, could be other factors, one of them being plain carelessness of some of the drivers. But, either way, with gas prices as high as they are, any driver with some experience will probably not accept orders where the number of miles it will take to deliver a request exceeds the dollar amount of payout to the driver..

      Anyway, I still have no idea how you can do this, add tips after an order. I would say contact the help desk, but going back to what I said earlier, I have my own stories about how awful the help desk is, including a call where I literally heard chickens in the background (not kidding, dead serious) and another call where the representative told me he could not provide me with a customer’s address because it was “personal information” after their delivery app crashed and would not boot up again. I said, “well how in the hell am I supposed to deliver this then and how in the hell do you run a delivery business if you are not allowed to have a customer’s address?” Those 2 stories are not even the worst of it.

      Your other point about dashers not following directions….that is a major pet peeve of mine too. I wish I could help you there.

  • Frank Mathis says:

    DOORDASH SUCKS!!! Never in my life will I do business with this company again! Ive been with doordash since October and never had a problem getting paid every Thursday like clockwork until 2022 and then it turns into a major problem and now Ive asked to be deactivated almost 2 weeks ago Im still waiting on my last payment and NOBODY from the entire company called me back. Just keep getting emails that I will get my payment but get a different story every rep I talk to. Almost forgot got hung up on not once but twice by rude reps who can’t do their job! So disappointed with this company as a service and business partner. Never again!

  • Carol Caruso says:

    Deactivated my husband’s account with no valid reason they would tell him, he had a 4.6 rating and accepting and deliveries were high 90s too…. horrible for them to do that….

  • Toni says:

    As long as you are a sponsor of joe rogan, My family and I will not be using your services. Thank you

  • Desiree Brown (dasher) says:

    Base pay for drivers and not setting a mandate for customers to tip no lower than $5 is the main problem that dashers wont accept orders. No one wants to tear up thier car and travel 3 miles or more to complete an order that only pays $2.50 to $3.50 for the order. Doesnt even cover the gas most times. Thats why orders get declined more than accepted.

  • Lawsuit in the Works! says:

    DD”s customer service departments suck.. DD reps. Will lie repeatedly and say anything that comes to their mind.. I have been hung up on numerous times just because the reps. Are unable to help and/or do not know how to my answer questions… instead of being honest and states, I am sorry, but I do not have the answer to your question, allow me to transfer you to someone that can assist you, NOPE, I get hung up!!!!!!!!!! This is unbelievable!!! Oh and I like the stupid line, my manager is not here and I don’t have a manager to transfer you to!!! Bullshit!! That’s okay because I am going to contact a lawyer and make sure this shit will not ever happen again!!!!!!! Bad customer service all around!! When lawsuits starts to knock at their door? I bet DD will be standing at ATTENTION!!!!!!!

  • K Patton says:

    I am a long-time DoorDash member who spends HUNDREDS per month in DoorDash deliveries. On 21 Dec, I ordered 2 bowls of soup and a whole salad from Panera Bread. One cup of soup and a half salad was delivered to my home. After immediately contacting DoorDash, they informed me that they could not process a refund or credit “due to company policy”. In order words, I paid in full ($33.00) for an order I did not receive and DoorDash was ok with this. Well, I’m not. I had recently upgraded to the annual DoorDash Pass. I canceled it after this $33 experience. It’s the principle.

  • Gary White says:

    Again we’re going to go back to the CEO all the way down to everybody but the drivers for DoorDash these people have literally and you can be verified cost with my residence about the cost of my vehicle cost me a Christmas that I could not go home because they continuously want to hold money that belongs to me for over four weeks. The thieves yeah you Tony all the way down your disrespectful unprofessional and people out there need to stop doing DoorDash. Go Uber or something

  • M Hart says:

    I am a Lead Sales Associate at Dollar General Stores. I think… hope… I am speaking for all DG workers…
    STOP!!!! Sending your drivers to our stores after 9:30pm. They always have large orders and we “M U S T”… lock our doors at 10pm sharp. All customers have to be out. Several times a driver comes in at 10 minutes to closing and I have to ask to make final selection and come to the front…. we are CLOSING!!! Nope.. they keep showing.
    We, the DG workers have a life also outside our job and after an 8 to 9 hour shift… We are ready to close up. We still stuff to do after we lock those doors.
    Our businesses would have a better relation if you veered your clients to Wal-Mart after 9:30pm… they close at 11:00pm!!
    Thank you for your time,
    A disgruntled DG employee.

  • Gary White says:

    Yes I would like to know really what kind of business you are running? I have worked for you for almost 4 months I always have problems with my pay! Then they hang up say they help they don’t. Now over five hundred dollars is missing and my card still is not working.And they just told me I have to wait another week. How unprofessional are you people

  • Alex Guthrie says:

    I’m a doordash driver and your support blows. I’ve talked to 4 different people in the last 3 days about a 1099 information issue. This is a very quick and simple fix, but for some reason nobody can figure it out. After “chatting” with 3 people about this issue and absolutely nothing was done, I got on the phone and continued to waste my time. I received an email after the phone call saying my case had been dismissed, but I’m still having this issue. I haven’t been able to make the last of my Christmas money and am out at least the $500 I planned to make. “Support” is a joke.

  • John Downs says:

    I have been a Doordash driver in Rehoboth Beach De until October 2021. Doordash has had my account on hold since October do to a backround check issue which I have corrected.I have been contacting Doordash daily . The app will not let me proceed as a driver. I cannot get anyone at Doordash to clear up this matter do I can return to driving. Every time I call the call is to a foreign country and the matter never gets corrected. My name is John Downs please help!

  • Ms Red says:

    Doordash has messed my order up due to their drivers neglect. When I called customer service, the agent pertend to no understand English and the process when I requested for them to replace e as well deliver the order. The lady did a poor customer service as well as the driver. Then when I call to get in contact with cooperate or management I was transfered to a survey which disconnected the call. This happened on December 17th, 2021 at approximately 3:23 thru 4:21 pm.

    Both ladies disregard what I was wanting as well not understanding the conversation.

    Will not use doordash again.

  • Karen in Johns Creek, GA says:

    On Friday, December 10, 2021 I placed a $396.25 pick up catering order for Tuesday, December 14, 2021 via DoorDash. The order was for a Holiday Luncheon for 15 people. For some reason the order canceled 25 minutes before pick up. The message stated that the store cancelled the order. I was unaware of the cancellation until I arrived at the store to pick my order up. The store had no record of the order even though I received a order confirmation from DoorDash and my credit card was charged.

    I immediately contacted DoorDash and got a representative on the line who told me that the restaurant cancelled the order and then said that there might be a glitch in the system. This has happened before and today was the final straw! I have a holiday party for 15 people with no food! I spoke to the escalation department who said that they would refund the $396.25 and asked if I wanted it in DoorDash credit. Wait did I hear her right? I responded refund the money back to the credit card immediately. I told the representative in much details about my dilemma she seemed to have little to no concern for my situation. I was completely blown away when she offered me a $25 credit for my trouble. Really? I have zero faith in this company and will use Grub Hub or Uber Eats going forward. This is just way too much. Do much much better DoorDash!

  • AW says:

    DoorDash is trash. I stopped using them for deliveries and just recently became a dasher. DoorDash reps and DasherDirect reps are useless, no one can help me with getting my identity verified. I spoken to 10 reps and 1 supervisor and nothing. It’s been 2 months. Hope this company goes bankrupt. Going to Uber eats, at least they help the drivers. FUCK DoorDash

  • Mechell says:

    I wouldn’t waste on door dash . There so many freaking things going on And they can’t even give u a good answer or give u ur money back. I’m so done with door dash bad service.. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • michele says:

    DOORDASH has screwed me over their agents suck they hang up on me they lie to me I have worked for doordash for 2 years and this is the first time they have fucked me over ! MAAJJOOOOr

  • Blanca L Caceres Horn says:

    Dasher’s are pay a cinch of $2.00-2.50 which does not meet the standard of living of the rising prices of gas and everything else, the pay should be at least $5+tips to be able make a decent living. If the Company has so much surplus to have the generosity to donate Millions $$$ to BLM leftist corrupted group, why not to pay a heck of a lot better to the mules that makes this Co. successful?

  • Jessica Gruber says:

    My husband was deactivated based on a false claim made by his ex and no one is responding to his emails. Andy Gruber. The Economy is terrible and we need this money! Please respond.

  • Megb says:

    DD allowed hackers to charge $300 to my account in 4hrs and they are not trying to refund my account. And the orders were placed and delivered to a different state then where I live. Where is the Security n Protection for the Customers??????


    Fuck doortrash! Criminal minds using slaves to make a buck!

  • Matt says:

    Door dash is complete incompetent people.
    The help desk is a mess.
    Try to get someone anyone who can help is impossible they dint care.

  • J says:

    I am a sort of new Dasher and I do enjoy the job and make pretty good money ( well what their not stealing from me). Since I have started I have not been paid the reimbursements for orders which were picked up by other dashers or businesses were closed. Now suddenly my balance pay is not matching my actual earnings. Even though I have never done a fast pay or anything to have it be lower. I have complained about both on several occasions and all I’m ever told is the matter is being expedited and I will hear back in24-48 hours well I never have heard back. Right now it’s only a little over $12 but if this keeps happening that’s gonna add up. Their seems to be no way to speak to the expedited team and try to work out the problems and nothing seems to be being done. I’ve sent the same screen shots over and over and have been told by support they have found that I am owed the money but…… I wonder if there is a way those of us dashers who are being ripped off could file a class action lawsuits and prove that we are being cheated. Maybe that would open their eyes to the problems they need to fix. Since I’ve complained my ratings have also gone down. I have never not once ( unless the two situations I previously stated which are out of my control) not completed any delivery I accepted however my rating for completion has lowered from 100 to 99. Most of the customers who have rated me have given my 5 stars yet 1 4 star review and I go from 5 to 4.82??? Then I get a 1 star (which I believe was bc of the length of time I spent in a fast food drive thru line bc none have inside open in my area) and all of a sudden my stars go down to 4.67??? Anyway just a thought about a lawsuit seems like I see a lot of dashers having the same problem when it comes to money matters.

    • Shaquita Demery-Johnson says:

      I agree! We need to all bans together and do a lawsuit against them or something! A scammer called me pretending to be from doordash and changed my bank account information and I have not been paid and all the doordash escalation team can say is they’ll “try” to get my money back.

      • Guest says:

        Me too they owe me 6o dollars and I can’t get it off my card wth

      • Eric says:

        I’m having the same issue. I had a phone call that said DoorDash support, so I took it, and they told me that the delivery I was about to pick up had been cancelled. Then all of a sudden my bank account was changed to another bank name, and no matter how many times I changed it to my bank, it kept reverting back to that one I had never heard of. So my weekly pay of over $300 went there. I have been on driver support and resolution support with them for over 10 days now, because they finally corrected my bank account and sent my last weekly payment to the correct account, but I am still missing the one for over $300. Every time I talk to them, they tell me, we’re escalating your case, or we’ll look into this, or the money has been transferred to the correct account, and it should be there in 24 hours. Well, I’m still missing that money. Fuck these thieves. I signed up for Uber Eats too, and I hear their drivers get paid more for base pay, and are treated better by the company.

      • Lashaunda says:

        Same thing just happen to me and they are not trying to refund me my money back so sorry that happen to you also

  • Ajnae Burris says:

    DoorDash I’m trying my hardest not to sue. My problem is that the dasher continue to steal our food this will be my 5th time complaining about this and I’m just ready to give up and go to court because I spend a lot on food to support but if I can never get my food how’s that gonna work

    • Fu says:

      You’re a liar Doordashers don’t steal your food It’s the freaking people who made it That or you’re just a fucking pig

    • Megb says:

      LET’S DO IT!!!!!!!
      They allowed someone to charge my account $300.

    • BigD!ckEnergy says:

      U probably don’t tip either n that’s why your food keeps getting stolen. $2 to deliver your food or lunch? Hmmm .. seems like a no brainer to me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Donna says:

    Door Dash lies to customers and to dashers as I am both. I received an incentive on 2/5 to complete 60 orders by 2/18. I completed the 60 by 2/14 and every since I have been trying to get the money. First I am told they don’t see any incentive for me. I provided the proof pictures of the text I received from them. Second they tell me they will escalate and I needed to wait 3-4 business days. When I called back they closed the incident unresolved and without communication to me. Third when I called back again I as to speak a manager and of course they say they will call you back but not call back. Forth I call back again and they ask for the same information and more. So I provide the evidence again. They do write me back this time but tell me there is no incentive for me at this time. So I reply with the proof again. Fifth I call back and refuse to hang up until I talk to a manager. The manager finally acknowledges that yes there was an incentive and he see’s I completed the deliveries. Finally I think I’m getting somewhere only for him to put me on hold for 20 minutes to come back and state that since I didn’t dash on the final day that the incentive needed to be complete that’s why I’m not getting paid. I’m sitting on hold right now as I told him that’s not what the offer stated and I have done and completed incentives before and never had this issue. This is ridiculous that he acknowledges that I completed the incentive but they are still not trying to pay me. Trust me when I say every chance I get I will make sure everyone knows that Door Dash is not a good place to work for nor order from. I won’t even go there on that regarding customer service other to say that I have been lied to from them so many times I can’t count. They just try to get you off the phone by saying anything.

    • carm says:

      OMG, this also happened to me as well. Same exact scenarios – complete the challenges and never receiving the money – you cannot get thru to anyone other than the puppets that answer the phones. escalation does nothing and don’t care. they are all robots trained for this. not putting up with it. i would rather do another delivery service with another company.

    • Fu says:

      This has been going on for quite a while and now it’s got to the point they’re not paying me for my freaking deliveries and kind of the same thing Well we don’t have any deliveries for you so you need to provide your name your email the proof that you did these the customer’s name the customers order the restaurant it came from the time of excuse me why is it my fucking job to do what your fucking job is you goddamn Indian fuck go back to your country shove it up your fucking ass and take doordash with because I’m so sick of fucking pushing me around like this my app hasn’t worked properly since the day I started 5 months ago I haven’t been freaking treated right since 5 months ago and all you do is fucking lie why should I have to take pictures or screenshots or notes about every fucking delivery I do for you fucking people like I said go back to fucking India you cock sucking fucks

      • Whoever I am says:

        Be careful, your racism is showing. The way you are responding to some of these comments says a lot about you. Everyone on this page has their own issues with Doordash, so calling people out of their names, being rude, racist, and disrespectful is uncalled for. If you want to take up for Doordash, that is your right, but don’t be pig-ignorant. You sound foolish Fu.

  • Ingrid says:

    Horrible experience tonight. If anyone at your company gives a rats behind about how poorly you treat your customers please contact me.

  • Tom says:

    It’s funny, DoordDash says they provide fair pay per order… I have pictures to prove otherwise… 8 dollar order that is 25 miles in another state for pick up and delivery, problem late at night there are no orders coming back to my state… so actuality its 50 miles round trip for 9 dollars !!!!! Over 4 dollars in gas, leaving me with 5 dollars per hour and wear and tear on my vehicle…. DOORDASH SAYS THATS FAIR… WAIT, I’M BEING TAXED ALSO…. IF YOU DON’T ACCEPT, YOUR RATING GOES DOWN… IT GETS BETTER, I DECLINE ORDER, REASON, NOT MY STARTING POINT… 20 MINUTES LATER, I GET THE SAME ORDER AGAIN… ANOTHER DECLINE, LOWERING MY RATE AGAIN…. CALL DOORDASH SUPPORT AND UNBELIEVABLE I GET THE ORDER A 3RD TIME… THEY SAY WHEN MERCHANT IS CLOSED, IT DOESN’T AFFTECT YOU COMPLETION RATING, BUT WHY DOES MY RATING CONTINUE TO GET LOWERED AFTER EVERY ORDER I REPORT AS CLOSED AND I SUBMIT PICTURE….

  • Brian Blake says:

    My daughter was nearly abducted while making a delivery for door dash today!

  • Stephanie Simmons says:

    I think door dash is a wonderful service and I have had nothing but kind and professional drivers, I did want to bring to your attention that a manager by the name of Maria at Whataburger on Fuqua in Houston Tx was very unprofessional when I called about an incomplete order stating that they don’t have any control over what the delivery driver keeps for themselves. I am disabled and use delivery often as it is hard for me to get out, I thought her statement showed poor management skills and I notified Whataburger corporate as well. Please just be advised that this was their way of getting out of a mistake. Thanks for your service!

  • JDizzle says:

    Do not work for/with DoorDash, they do everything to prevent good workers from working and ensure criminalsare the drivers. They will deactivate people for the simplest things, like incorrect information in a background check. Then will make the person wait over a month to fix the problem. A problem caused by them, fixed by the customer/driver, and still waiting. This company is horrible and needs to re-evaluate the process of sign-up and de-activation.

    • Fu says:

      God this is so fucking true I had a perfect rating going since the day I started and then once I started questioning shit they’re doing to me my rating started dropping like mad and once I accused him of taking my tips which I have proof I had family and friends purposely write large tips one of which was $50 that I only saw 11 of another time which was actually yesterday I brought up and questioned the base pay yesterday we had a $1.50 promo gun that is just an amazing promo by the way and a base paid my town unfortunately is $2 because we’re very small town so add those together that’s $3.50 and now in a really fucked up world let’s pretend that you don’t get a tip from the person ordering still $350 what did DoorDash offer me to do this delivery $2.13 where is the rest of it and again what customer doesn’t tip I’m so sorry that in India this is how you guys do your shit but in America we have fucking integrity we have fucking smarts and we have fucking pride and you motherfuckers are making us look like idiots and you motherfuckers are slime go home

  • Steve N. says:

    Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. System won’t let me buy a gift card for a relative. Customer service can’t help me except to give me an email address, which hasn’t replied in two days. Going to Uber Eats.

  • concerned driver says:

    COVID19 is real and it is serious and the CDC would agree…so just make sure Dasher allows its drivers to follow proper guidelines when picking up and delivering food

    • Fu says:

      Hey maybe you should ask your restaurants to seal their product because I know it where I am I have no access to anything once I get it from said restaurant It’s not my responsibility to take care of their food as far as germs Why don’t you go figure that one out for yourself or just carry some more freaking sanitizer you fucking bonehead Are you on DoorDash aside I’m kind of thinking you are

  • concerned driver says:

    The app is not responding to drivers to be effective therefore the developers need to fix this issue and not penalize employees ie drivers. Our time as drivers is valuable. Door Dash is a Company that is making money and has employees. Employers are accountable. How many drivers have lost wages or income due to the failure of your app? I am sure it is ALOT! How many have received decreased ratings due to the app’s in effectiveness? How many orders did a driver or multiple drivers loose including “tips and wages?
    I would like these answers and I am sure every driver in every state you operate would like to know. So, please fix your app. When your staff decides who gets orders decide to drop ratings without the order reaching the app; that is false and deceptive behavior on millions of people, “your employees”. Dasher has contracted these people, so yes accountability. Let us make this fair…..

  • Bill B says:

    Door Dash Terrible Service.

  • D says:

    I need to report one of your employees who has been eating food that has been paid and ordered. I don’t know exactly how this works but this man told us that it was easy and he’s done it several times. What should I do? He was a friend of my sons he need a place to stay he stole over 500.00 worth of electronic equipment i.e. xbox . He also stole some cash. I am pursuing a legal lawsuit.

  • DOOR DASH SUCKS! says:

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!BEWARE!!! THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY THEY HAVE STOLEN! There was a mistake on my food and was offer $2.32 credit! I have been lied to and deceived from the first contact.

  • Mrs. M Davis says:

    I had a door dash employee with extra people in the car pick up my food from a restaurant that was 3 minutes from my house….my food took an extra 30+ minutesto arrive …..according to the app. The app said it was delivered but it was not. I have screenshots of the phone call from the door dasher and the app.the dasher also called and said she would leave my food at the gate, I said not then she said or in front of my building. I said no bring it to my door…the gate was approximately 3 streets away from my apartment. I said no and the extra people in the car talked about me while I was on the phone with the dasher…. after refusing the drop off a non door dash employee came to my door, it was a strange and scary man.

    My concern—-What happened to my food for the extra 30+ minutes with extra people in the car….how do I know I was safe from a non Dasher.. and the insult of being treated this way…I did not eat the food.

    I have the conversation from 3 door dash associates when I tried to report this for safety issues.. I am told by door dash they provided the driver and if I wan my money back I had to contact the restaurant.

    But the restaurant did their part. It was a door dash employee that was the issue.. I need help or a corporate number To hear my story. This is for consumer safety. A company should care about their customers but I am gettin o well from door dashers…is this a company that cares about their customer? Who knows what happened to my food…

    • BigD!ckEnergy says:

      Dasher r allowed to have passengers for their “safety”. Uber isn’t. Wrong company.

  • michael F kelly says:

    I don’t think the system is being fair it’s hurting my ratings when it shouldn’t be in the pay is not being beneficial for me anymore and I love doing doordash I do I but I spend thousands of dollars to maintain my vehicle and when I’m not getting deliveries during promotion time when I’ve been a top Dasher before the pandemic and all these other top Dashers these new ones become top dashes during the pandemic I still feel like I should get more deliveries then some of them because I’ve been doing it for almost two years and I love doing his job

  • pccardwell18@gmail.com says:

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!BEWARE!!! THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT DELIVER!!! tHEY HAVE STOLEN $50.00 FROM I ME IN 8 DAYS111 I have been lied to and deceived from the first contact that I had with Mary L Every time I have talked or chatted with your company I have been lied to and deceived. My reference number is 119568048. I was promised a refund and have a screenshot of my conversation with Mary L. I received a 5.00 credit. I was told I would get a refund. I received a $5.00 credit. Your rep sent me an email with the receipt information that was supposed to have been sent to my bank FOR ONLY A PARTIAL REFUND WHICHIS NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD WHEN I COMPLAINED ON THE ORIGINAL CHAT WITH MARY L..The receipt had a only showed a partial refund which is not what I was promised. I am shocked and can not believe that such a large company encourages such scandalous behavior by your associates. I never even received the partial refund. If you process the partial refund that is not acceptable. In addition, I spoke with my bank and they stated they cannot process A partial refund that has never been received. I am furious .I emailed the screenshot of the original chat where I was promised a refund not a partial refund. A REFUND IS NOT A PARTIAL REFUND!!!! The original chat with Mary L stated I was to get a refund not a partial refund In additio I had an order that was being processed and it was cancelled. I told the employee not to cancel my order thay was in process. I should have known not to complain until I got my order that was in process. My order was cancelled and now your company has kept that money. You have taken me $50.00 of my money with no food! I am furious. I have spent hours trying to resolve this issue. I will be contacting the BBB and the Attorney General to file a complaint on your company. I have had 3 people hang up on me and the last chat lady disconnected when I was trying to respond.

  • Joanne says:

    I ordered food online today and the seal was broken on the bag and half the order was not in the bag. I would not eat any of that since it was clearly tampered with. I called the driver and he was rude and acted like I was crazy. Door Dash told me it was the restaurant’s fault and the restaurants said I need to contact Door Dash, Door Dash told me someone would call me back but they have not. I am beyond frustrated and would like someone to refund me for the meal that the door dash guy Raphael ate. Thanks

  • Steven watkins says:

    Never used this company. I ordered something they tried to bring two items out to me and when I told the I did no ty order it the driver took it and said call customer service and they will refund it I waited two months for the promised refund and never got it when I called back they said that no refunds were allowed. So basically you just stole 12.99 from me

  • Dione W says:

    I will be reporting this to the corporate office immediately. You penalize customers for the fault of both the restaurants and driver for incorrect orders. My daughter ate some of the fries for her to have an allergic reaction to the aoli sauce on them. Thank God I had an Epi pen for her. We ordered garlic fries not fries with chili flakes and aoli sauce. As well nothing was correct on the steak salad. The only thing accurate was the salmon salad which I cannot eat now because I have to tend to my daughter. This is sickening. If I don’t receive a refund for the items not correct, I will contact my attorney. As well, I tried to reach this restaurant prior to the order being received to be certain they had the right thing and they hung up on me. Only for it to be delivered anyway. I am also a driver for your company and plan to leave. I understand that for some, they take advantage but trust that I have no financial issues and drive for your company only to do something extra. The fact that I cannot check my order for accuracy is wrong and when they get it wrong then I am penalized. Not acceptable!

    • BigD!ckEnergy says:

      Drivers have nothing to do w that. That’s on the restaurant. Drivers job is to deliver what the restaurant gives them, no to dig thru ur bag n look at ur fries to ensure they have the right sauce on them. You’re an idiot

  • Giga says:

    Doordash sucks. Pathetic customer service. Not a damn person speaks English. I am FURIOUS…

  • Yvette says:

    I do not see how it is acceptable, that the driver picks up your food from a restaurant and then decides they are not going to deliver your food until an hour after. I cancelled my order, because who wants cold food. I called door dash customer service and they proceed to tell me that they can not refund me the money because the food was already picked up from the restaurant. Excuse me but how is that my problem. If the driver could not deliver in a timely manner why did he accept the delivery. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I CONSIDER THIS STEALING!!!!!!!


    I have used you twice. Both times there has been confusion. One reason is that the drivers do not take direction well and want to tell the customer they have the wrong address. Another problem is the doordash individuals are so rushed they overlook what is clearly in front of them. The delivery person do not speak adequate English and try to argue with the customer as to where they live. This has been a bad experience on both requests. The drivers don’t speak English therefore they bring their children to speak for them. Where is the professionalism? Really!!!!

  • ernie goodvin says:

    why do you have a phone#that is no good

  • Marianne says:

    Wow. Three hours for a delivery. 4 calls to customer service. No English speaking reps to help. No one could tell me where my order was. No one. No one could contact the driver. Terrible service
    I order from a local restaurant not realizing they use Door Dash. driver spoke little English and would not follow the delivery instructions, refused and left. took me 45 minutes to speak to someone in customer service. I don’t need your services, I choose to use them. I will no longer be doing so.

  • Marie says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I just placed and received an order placed approx an hour ago. I was charged a $5.47 delivery fee. It stated that I didn’t have to pay the fee on the first delivery order. And as a Chase Freedom card holder. The delivery fee isn’t supposed to be charged as a door dash plus customer.

  • Pissed OFF says:

    These People are thieves!!! How the HELL you steal peoples Money!! You never answer the phone!
    I never lived in San Francisco or used Door Dash and some LOWLIFE from you Door Dash business has hacked my bank account and stolen $135.85 from my acct. You are Hackers and a rip Off!

  • Steph S says:

    I was charged money for something I didn’t order. I can’t get a hold of anyone who will assist me. The people on the customer service chat keep ending the chat. I am out a lot of money! They people who are running the chats are horrible!!!

  • Angela Castillo says:

    I have never got the right food, and the last straw was when I ordered almost 50 dollars from checkers, and got a value meal! They won’t compensate, cuz they compensated last time! I had pics of receipt and food! Started documenting, and it didn’t matter! They have yet to get it right, and now just steal my money! Never again! I can’t even understand them when they call! Won’t get me an American nor supervisor! Headquarters in California, but no one speaks English so I can understand? Hmmm Something wrong with the whole picture! They’re a billion dollar company and I guess that’s how they got there, trickery, and thievery! I can’t even get them to cancel my doordash pass! I’m livid with doordash! Can someone out there help me? I’m older, and had three strokes! I need help to contact headquarters!

  • Jay says:

    Do yourself a favor and go with a different food delivery service. This company sucks and it looks like somebody should call the health department on them. I just had a delivery and the driver did not wear a mask. I can’t even complain or email. I know some choice words in Cantonese I am dying to tell them which translates to “Your company sucks” but I cant. Are they trying to spread the virus?

  • Cheryl says:

    They show American people but known speak American language well at all. They lie and stick to a script. I will be gathering dashers in PA to speak to the Attorney General about DD and how they rob their employees! We are not private contractors

  • Edwin Roer says:

    I ordered food from a restaurant yesterday and it was picked up by a Door-Dash driver who was incapable of delivering the food, as he did not speak a word of ENGLISH. He was was unable to ask for directions. The restaurant refunded the order. I cannot fathom the abject stupidity of the person who hires someone who cannot speak English. You can be sure I will never use your service again and contacting the corporate office of the restaurant chain to make them aware of your poor hiring practices and the financial repercussions for them.

  • Mike MAILLE says:

    Tony Xu’s comments as to the affairs in Milwaukee are out of line. I will never use the services of a bias organization again, and am sorry that I ever have. People are assumed innocent until proven guilty. I hope your comments cause your business to fail.

  • Destiny says:

    Taking you guys to court.

  • Faith Washington says:

    Door dash is super unprofessional and they need to fix their app so I can contact the person handling my food so they don’t steal it and cancel my order so I’m out of money and food!!!

  • sharief says:

    youll are a bunch of theifs i have all my pics n screen shots ill see youill in court soon as this is all over

  • sharief says:

    this comany stole 500 dollars from me yesterday everytime ive been speaking to support team either someone was ending the chat or talking in circles i have screen shots of everything once this pandamic is over im taking youll to court i couldnt feed my kids last night i had to send them away cause youll deactivated my account

  • Shawn says:

    This company stole almost 500 dollars from me saying I ordered from 7 different restraints and I didn’t order a thing on that day and then deactivated my account the customer service people are no help they keep telling me the same thing and it’s not getting any wear and expect me to give them more personal info like I’m stupid

    • sharief says:

      they did the samething to me last night

    • Mary says:

      The same thing happened to me Saturday. Multiple charges to my card in California and New York….. I live in Arkansas!!! I did not make these charges and get no help from doordash. They cut me off or talk in circles with no straight answer. I had to cancel my card because of this.

  • jeff valentine says:

    worst customer service ever between Restaurant owner and Company- lots of evidence just ask me

  • RT thomas says:

    I have been blessed to work with Doordash, even though I may encounter some problems from the company and from the customers. I still enjoy doing the work, meeting the people, putting a smile on people’s faces. Every day is different, but my good days outweigh my bad days. Thankful, grateful, won’t complain. Thanks.

  • The Survivor of Your Hacked Application says:

    There is no way to get a hold of you, every time I try to send anything through your support page, as I am one of your Dasher’s in Lawrence Kansas. My name is Kimberley Beach. I have been hacked from within your application that I downloaded from the Apple store, my Apple ID and my Apple iCloud account has been hacked, my Apple device has been hacked due to a secure factor within your application. I have continued to send information and I’m getting blocked by the hacker doing most of it and they change the words to where I don’t make sense when I’m trying to speak instead of typing. However, your headquarters , called me directly to my iPhone within a week ago between 2 and 3 AM central time in order to assist me because she could see and she’s been contacted by support as far as what was happening within the application and how other Dashers such as Logan Braden of Lawrence Kansas, was hacking into the application door dash for Dashers.com whatever! I say this because you’ve made it impossible for anyone to reach you. Now the lady that did call me from headquarters called directly from your headquarters number the 605 area code. However we can’t reach you. And being within the medical field, I’m really tired of it being used as an excuse to not reach out to your individuals you can answer the phone. You have a business set up to where you don’t have to do anything everything can be done computerized, and remotely and that is why it is so easily to be hacked. You should know this, Please keep in mind that my application that you designed has been hacked by another Dasher and more than one just within Douglas County of Kansas. That does not include everyone else that has been able to hack because he made it open! You might want to check into this. Because most likely every single dasher has received information about me. And incorrect information and be able to access how to use someone else’s DoorDash account, to fraud them not just through the dashes and the orders that are sent to them but to where they cannot use the application and the map settings within the application because they have hacked everything. And on top of that I have involved the authorities , However we are still getting all of the factual information that needs to be available for everyone that is involved within this area. I have been cheated out of my dashes, my orders to do dashes, being able to even choose a Dash, being able to except it, being able to deliver it, every thing that you do in order to do the DoorDashing. I am within the medical field as well, and he has completely exposed all of my pertinent information. I’ve had mail fraud he has also forwarded my email account which is from Apple as my iCloud account to his and made a new one he only changed one letter to make it look as though it was me. As I look at my device when I speak I can see that in the background he’s changing my words, and the static continues to go as if someone was actually speaking when I’m not. If you don’t stop this activity ASAP, you’re going to have a pandemic on your hands, it’s a virus! Logan Braden has made sure that everything will be compromised from your business. He resides in Lawrence Kansas and lives on Lawrence Avenue rooming in the house. This matter has already been documented within the state of Kansas, in the state offices of criminal victims, and the attorney general of Kansas, Derek Schmidt. It has gone even further than that however, I do not receive all of the information because I’m a survivor from being victimized. The state hash been sent documentation and photos of individuals vehicles that are employed with Door Dash.Com as Dashers and individuals that are just interfering deliberately to help those Dashers steal from the other Dashers. They’re hacking into your own application! I’m not about to stop trying to reach someone in your headquarters concerning this until it is resolved and everyone receives the treatment that they deserve for what they have done to me and anyone else that this is happened to prior to me. Along with this, he hacked into at least 2 to 3 of my adult children’s devices. I know too much and he will continue this criminal activity and all of the activity of hacking and remotely using other hard drives Mac anything that he can find in order to do his dirty work and receive a perverted amusement out of it. I’m done, I am absolutely done from being hacked and fraudulent accounts made off of my account and cloned to be his. He knows technology but he’s a black hatter. He does not do good. He works for the bad in every way and form, criminal activity that is not to help and assist anyone but only to distract, harm, and interfere with anyone and everyone whether it’s a single individual, a business, a corporation, he does not care. my points keep dropping because I can’t even use the application that you made. Due to his hacking! There is so much more that goes along with this that it is incredible that he actually achieved it to begin with. But he has too much time on his hands because he keeps getting fired he cannot keep a job. So he gets on a computer and continues to interfere with other peoples lives. He has almost completely ruined mine. I have identity theft, mail fraud, he has hacked everything that he could possibly hack that I have. And he has brought me out of Mail to make sure that I would no longer have employment nor place to stay and I can continue on and on. If you want good reviews and people to stay within your door dashing, I would highly suggest that you deal with this matter ASAP. Furthermore, you should be aware that the state of Kansas with the crime Victims department out of Topeka Kansas, is working on compensating for all that has been done to me. Now that involves your application that someone hacked by the name of Logan Sherman Braden.

  • Kelli says:

    Rude/unprofessional drivers cussing at employees and calling them broads. Who in the h*** do you think you are. If you don’t want to do your job don’t be a driver.

  • Dawn M Baldwin says:




  • Manami says:

    MOST unproffesional and waste of time on their chat function with Brett Orielle Jane P. of door dash chats

    Thanks for chatting with us. Ask me anything.
    Save Transcript
    End Chat
    Chat started at 7:03 PM
    Hi! Thanks for chatting in. We greatly appreciate your patience as we are currently experiencing higher than normal support volume due to COVID-19.
    Hi Manami! how can i help you?
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    You guys cancelled my order due to the item being out of stock. However I just called the restaurant and they said it is not out of stock and my item is just sitting there ready to go on the counter.
    but there is no driver that is scheduled to come pick it up because it was cancelled on door dashs end
    7:04 PM
    thank you for letting me know, can i also have your email address
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    7:05 PM
    it is the cheesecake factory order that was ordered earlier today
    7:06 PM
    Thanks for providing your email. Please stay connected while I check your order.
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    7:08 PM
    Also i wrote in a very long complaint about a dennys order on the 4/24, which i never got a reply too?
    I dont want to hear “im sorry, we will work harder to make your expierence better”- i need to hear what you will be doing to compemsate me
    7:09 PM
    this is a waste of my time when i am using a service to make it easier and faster- at this rate i could have just picked up the food
    Hi Manami Ogami, This email is to let you know that your order has been canceled because of the substitution preference on your Avocado Eggrolls, which was out of stock. Your refund should take 5-7 business days to process and any credits used will automatically be applied on your next order. Note on your refund: If the DoorDash charge is pending on your statement, it will be removed shortly. If the charge was posted to your statement, the updated final order total charge can take between 5-7 business days. Best, DoorDash Support help.doordash.com Please do not reply to this email. Replies are not delivered to DoorDash.
    7:10 PM
    so Manami here is the note from the merchant
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    there is no subsitution the avocado egg roles are sitting on the counter already made
    i already talked to them they said they had everything and that door dash is at fault
    7:11 PM
    the food is literally sitting on the counter!!!!!
    7:12 PM
    just get a driver there to pick it upppp
    7:13 PM
    7:14 PM
    yes i’m still here the amount was already refunded on the account
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    7:15 PM
    what about the food
    i didnt cancel it you guys did for no reason
    there is no subsitution
    you had zero reason to cancel the order because there were no subsitition because they had everything to make the order
    7:16 PM
    i dont know what you are not comprehending
    when is my food getting here
    you need to send a driver to pick up my food
    you will not be getting the food anymore because it was cancelled and there was already a refund processed rest assured
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    7:18 PM
    that was the error we apologize for that so you can just create another
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    7:19 PM
    that is why we apologize for the error there is already a compensation ma’am
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    7:21 PM
    there is no compensation, your just not charging me for food that i never got
    just send a driver over there now
    what is a direct line to speak with you>>
    there is already 5-7 business days rest assured
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    7:22 PM
    what is the number to speak with you directly>?
    there is none
    why the fuck are you acting like you did something to help? i was always gonna get a refund because you cancelled it
    7:23 PM
    the thing to do now, since you dont know how to do your job is to send someone to get the food.
    you keep repeating the same thing about a refund, i know i am getting a refund I NEVER GOT THE FOOD
    7:24 PM
    the number just directs me to this chat function
    7:25 PM
    you can just process another
    7:28 PM
    but then i have to wait for them to make it again
    we are so sorry Manami
    ive already spent so much time on this
    yes you do you have to wait again
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    but since the food is there why cant you just send someone?
    7:29 PM
    Also I sent a different complaint about you guys addding a 6.00 tip to the Dennys order, i need it refunded
    7:30 PM
    no one responded to that
    you can order again to that restaurant and then we will see
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    “we will see”- r u sercious?
    i want to speak to the manager
    i am sending this entire to corporate
    okay hold on
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    7:31 PM
    i am sending this unhelpfull chat to the corporate office to showcase the lack of proffesionalism
    if you are asking for e to process a redelivery then i can defenitely do so
    I’am sorry there is just a large volume of chats
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    Brett Orielle Jane P. of door dash chats
    7:32 PM
    where is the supervispr
    hold on i will process it
    Brett Orielle Jane P
    what is the corporate email for complaints?
    also where is the manager?
    7:33 PM

    • The Survivor of Your Hacked Application says:

      I completely agree with you! That’s why they use the chat function! So they don’t have to deal with things. They only use computers, so they don’t have to deal with people! They don’t want to deal with all of it they let it all go through a system and nobody within headquarters gets to see how the Dashers are being cheated, and the customers oh my gosh the poor customers are losing money along with the food. And the drive Dashers, the community of the entire world is not aware that the drive Dashers are losing out big time as well. I am one of them. I’m in the middle of another Dasher hacking their application To get into my device my iCloud account my Apple ID everything! I have been completely hacked I’ve had everything taken over and this specific individual that has managed to hack their application was then able to hack everything of mine! Even mail fraud! He tried to also have My phones equals my earnings sent to his checking account! I can’t even stop at what he has done and expressing it all due to the fact that there is no stopping point! He’s not gonna stop until someone actually takes him out, and no one is doing anything within Door Dash.Com. I had to get the authorities involved locally, it’s already gone to the state, it is heading towards federal. And at this point I hope everyone that is involved actually does not go to jail! I want to see them in a mental institution because they are mental they have a mental illness and it needs to stop now right now. I would like to see them walking around in that mental institution heavily medicated to control their illness with drool hanging down there Chan, and I’m not trying to be comic about this. There’s nothing funny. But they have made so many other individuals go without nothing and that means the Dashers along with the merchants, and the customers. It’s a lose lose situation no one is winning here except the faulty unsecured application and the hackers! They are the ones that are continuing to win.

    • The Survivor of Your Hacked Application says:

      Oh my gosh I just read through the comment that I just submitted as a reply to someone else agreeing with them concerning your application. And I thought I had gone back and corrected everything that the hacker keeps changing as I speak. Because it’s not Siri. I can see by the line that documents are voice that there is white noise in the background which someone else is actually speaking and changing words as I speak. So I was not able to catch all of the words and some of it sounds like gibberish. I am so tired of this specific individual messing around in my life with identity theft, mail fraud, and his continuous hacking.

  • Salenea says:

    I just experienced the worst customer service that anyone could ever have. The dasher decided to take more than one order at the same time. Left my food at the restaurant for 30 mins after he was notified of the order. Put my order in his car with someone else’s order, delivered the other person’s order leaving my order in his car. When I contacted the restaurant I was told to contact doordash because it was an issue with a doordash driver. I contacted doordash and was told that because I ordered through the restaurant website I had to contact the restaurant. Its just back and forth. The bottom line is that doordash’s driver failed to do his job correctly. But Doordash is unwilling to recognize that it was a failure on their part and refuses to see me as a customer of theirs, yet I had no choice of delivery service because doordash is contracted out by that restaurant, I was not informed of the delivery company until after the order was placed and paid for. So, to recap in short:

    1. No choice of delivery service.
    2. Driver for delivery service failed to comply with doordash policy.
    3. Because I ordered through the restaurant and not doordash I am considered not a customer.
    4. Driver for doordash put my family’s health at risk.

    And what does this mean, well,
    1. Because I am not a customer they don’t feel that they need to be held accountable for their actions or the actions of their employees/drivers.
    2. That they can pass the BUCK.
    3. That when asked for information on the address for their corporate office that they can refuse to disclose the information.
    So…. what action is taken by Doordash to correct this……..
    Absolutely nothing.
    So….. what is my only other Recource?

  • Melissa says:

    I contacted support tonight because I waited for a good 20 min and no driver was assign. It was getting later and later so I reached out. I have screenshots of my convo that I was asked if I wanted to wait or cancel with refund, I choose to cancel and refund. The support person waited until I got a father and finally came back on. They found a driver. I ordered around 10:30 pm as I type it’s now 11:30 pm. This is unacceptable!

  • Zae d says:

    Doordash fucking sucks ive called to keep getting a rec message saying they cant get to the phone first of all i made an order that costed 30 to 40 dollars and it went to tge wrong resturaunt so thwn when i canceled it litterally a couple seconds after i placed the order i only recieved 12 dollers out of 40 fuckin dollers i didnt get no food or nothing thats robbery wtf doordash at least couldve gave me my full refund but no theres no way to contact corperate they say use the app i go to the app there is no number i click support and it still doesnt do a thing Dont WAIST YOUR MONEY OR TIME BECAUSE IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU TO IF U MAKE A ORDER BY MISTAKE SAY GOODBYE TO THE REST OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

  • Joy Coleman says:

    I have emailed door dash several times. They have over 40.00 of my money for 2 weeks now and no one will respond. I am so angry. This place is using the virus as a means to rip people off especially older people and make money….and giving you no way possible to resolve your issues at they are doing everyone else here I see…..sounds like we need some lawsuits going. I’m definitely definitely gonna look into this and call some local television news stations to try get this resolved and them exposed. I suggest everyone else do the same.

    • Cheryl says:

      They will not give me the tracking number for my bank to see what happened to my money! I have a right to this… it’s federal law in banking but they read from a script and keep ignoring any concerns. I hope this company Dallas due to corruption

  • Ameerah AbdulMuhaimin says:

    I have been experiencing problems with my Doordash app since COVID 19. Starting last week I stared having problems with app removing my Fastpay information. I contacted chat agent several times and sent 2 emails on this issue that started on April 15,2020. I was able to use my Fastpay on April 14,2020. After getting no resolution after chatting with more than 3 agents( I snapshot each conversation). I resubmitted Fastpay information and did another chat with agent. I also received email that Fastpay would be available on April 23, 2020 in this email. When I went back in the app the Fastpay information was removed again. I just waited the week out to have the money Direct deposited in my account account which usually clears on Tuesday unless a holiday. To no avail my money had not been deposited and still hasn’t been deposited. Through this whole process with the Fastpay my direct deposit information still remained and still is in the app. I tried to reach out to chat agents that are now telling me to update direct deposit information which is correct in the app. My money has been removed as being deposited but has been yet to be deposited. The agents suggestion was to be patient due to COVID 19. We are the people on the frontline during COVID 19 delivering food to customers. This problem with receiving my pay that I worked for is frustrating when you receive no resolution or response and you have a family to support. How do I purchase gas or food when this is my source of income? Even with the glitches with the app during deliveries and make sure the customer is serviced and resolve my issues later. I have been in customer service (food service)for over 15 years and have never seen such terrible customer service as I have witness with Doordash in the recent months. The support agents just disconnect chats so that is no support. Then even when email help you get no response. While the country is already suffering the company is maximizing the suffering. I just want a resolution for the money that I worked for and have not received. Hope other Dashers have better results. Everyone stay safe and blessed.


      They stoled my stimulus money from my bank today by hacking into my phone and unlocking my card.

  • Dge says:

    Ok since I cannot seem to get corporate…nor on FB..asked for contactless delivery.they knocked, and waited. Idiots! Webster, ma Wendy’s delivery to Dudley ma. Food was cold, gross too. Get with it!

  • Apple says:

    My dasher app has been a problem for several months, Ive been consistantly reaching out about it freezing. I havent gotten any solid results other than the troubleshoot tips. With the app freezing this causing issues during my dashing by not being able to select or get customers address. Ive been a dasher for over two years. My app no longer works and I think its been suspended, I am not at fault and would like my account reactivated. This is also unprofessional timing to alter my account when the nation is struggling due to Covid-19. The online dasher chat doesnt work, it has says agent offline for over a month. Also dasher email assist sends an automated message, no real time assistance, with no live agents to note my issues in the system. Now my app and account is not working and Ive been reaching out for help. This is frustrating because I am a dedicated dasher and love what I do, care about my customers and I dont play with my bare feet in the restaraunt like Ive seen your older male drivers do. Can someone help Reacctivate my account please. I keep getting notifications about my area being extremely busy and to go online but i cannot.

  • David says:

    I am trying to become a door dash driver. No one answers the phone, or emails. I try to log in to the application portal, but it says my phone number and/or email does not match. I see ads on craigslist everyday for drivers in my area, but technical support sense of urgency is only for restaurants.

    Does door dash currently need professional drivers? if so, why do they not support their own portal?

  • James cruz says:

    I have a complaint and cannot seem to get this resolved. I keep getting brushed off. It’s been over a week and I’m barely getting a response thru email telling me that door dash cannot address my issue at the moment due to other issues and that they apologize.well here is my issue. I ordered food as usual through door dash.i ordered round table pizza. 1medium pizza. Two sodas and two orders of hot wings and a apple juice for my daughter.. the dasher not only was over an hour late,my food was cold. My pizza looked like it had been thrown was.missing toppings. Didn’t receive but one order of hot wings and no sodas ,no apple juice,no napkins,no ranch,no peppers,and one order of wings that were cold and hard. I contacted support and got no feedback.the total of my disaster came up to a whopping $86.00. I was contacted 3-4days later with a $9 credit. With no apologies or explanations. I contacted doordash again and wasn’t replied to until today which is an over a week saying that they couldn’t credit me or take care of my issue because it had other emergency issues I understand there’s a state of emergency going on but what does that have to do with the quality of the food the people not explaining you know with courtesy to say why it was missing and the $87 charge that I got charged for the food totally unacceptable so I figured I contact corporate and see how you guys treat your customers because I heard a lot of doordash so to my family and friends I know it might not hurt a corporation like you but I like to be compensated for some of my money back cuz there’s no way one medium Pizza one side hot wings costed $87.. this is the worst I’ve.seen a online order as well as support for a visit me …please look into this and address this problem… thanks …Sincerely yours, Mr. James Cruz..email.licksjames9@gmail.com

  • Patricia S. says:

    I emailed DoorDash 4 days ago regarding a 20% off promotion which I did not receive when I placed my order. I heard nothing. I then opened up a chat window to ask about it. The person I was chatting with asked me to take a screen shot. I went to their website to take a screen shot and while I was doing that, the person I was chatting with commented *You have not responded in quite some time so I am closing this conversation*. WTF? I opened another chat conversation and the same thing happened. I opened a THIRD chat conversation and the person called me and told me they were sending me an email and to reply with a screen shot of the promotion, which I did. I still have not heard back. This is NOT the way to get return business from me and I will not recommend Door Dash to anyone. Their customer service sucks.

    • Ameerah AbdulMuhaimin says:

      This has happened to me several times as a Dasher and they just end the chat. I now screen shot all chat conversations

  • MelW says:

    I did not have the best experience this evening! I order with Doordash at least twice a month and was surprised at how difficult it was to fix a mistake that happened due to the Dasher mixing up orders. When I called the Dasher to ask about the mix up, they were quick to apologize and asked me to contact the restaurant. I did and the restaurant was amazing considering the mistake was not their fault. I then tried to contact Doordash customer service and received a message saying no one was available, totally understandable considering what is going on in the world. When I was able to reach someone by chat, they told me they were unable to refund me the full amount I paid which was over $70. While going back and forth, the restaurant called me back to let me know a reorder had been placed by Doordash. Well, the person on chat cancelled the order and refunded me $6 less than what I paid for and would only refund me in Doordash credits. Apparently that was all the system would allow him to do. So it is now almost three hours later, I had to reoder again (this is now the 3rd order that has been placed for me) paying more out of pocket because the credits I received did not cover the full cost of my original order. Folks, this is not how you do business. As someone who works in the customer service field, when someone messes up something for the customer, the mistake should be corrected in full. I understand and appreciate all that the Dasher’s are doing during this crazy time, but there still needs to be some accountability somewhere.

  • Melonie Morrell says:

    i need to access my earnings asap….savings is depleted due to recent events surrounding covid9. Please expedite the processing of my bank card so that I can access my funds and get back to work

  • wayne t trexler says:

    This is the second email ive sent to you..on 3-8-2020..i spent $44.13 on 28 burgers..first.. my triple cheeseburger had no cheese..second.. My chicken sandwich had mayo and lettice on it..i ordered no mayo or lettice (hate mayo)..third i ordered 26 hamburgers..20 of them were smashed in bag and most were out of there wrapper (loose in the bag) Smashed because they put all the sandwichs in one bag…28 sandwichs in one bag there gonna be smashed..looks like they just tossed the burgers in the bag unwrapped…this is the third time ive ordered from McDoalds through Doordash since im disabled and cant drive..Thank You….Wayne T Trexler concerned customer………..

    Your reference number for this inquiry is 92503863. the responce i got…Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with us and we understand how frustrating it must have been. However, at this time we are unable to offer compensation for this order due to your account history. my responce is…. …my account history?? it should be McDonalds accountability..i didnt screw-up my order.. Mcdonalds did..if they cant get an order right, why am i being accountable for they mistakes…Well ill have to send this email and the two other emails to Doordash and McDonald Corporate offices.. Wayne t trexler…..P.S….I never asked for a refund…Now im going to demand one…….

  • Sincerely Livid! says:

    I am so livid! I placed a 40 order and got a call from the company saying, they didn’t have a product and would not substitute for something less than what I paid for! They had me cancel a order and re order without the product that wasn’t available so the poor lady didn’t have to wait and had me contact support.Which I understand didn’t want the lady to be waiting there a long time she had many runs to do. I called because my card was being charged over 80 dollars and DoorDash stated they wouldn’t refund me because the company already made the food and a rep had taken my order. The order was the same order minus the product they did not have so nothing was re made! I was told to do something and was double charged for a order and they are not willing to refund me back for. I work at a hospital I didn’t have time to argue with them and asked for corporates number and was refused it. This is bullshit that I have to call a my card company to tell them one order was approved but the second was not to cancel it out because your being charged for a service that was not provided and for food that was not delivered. Crazy just crazy!

  • Dan says:


    As a customer, I asked several dashers how much they get. They all say very little, less than the minimum wage AND to top it off, the tips are little.Dasher rely mostly on tips. I feel for them, considering they have to battle traffic, bad connection(you alls app aren’t the best), weather, etc… and now this whole Corona virus that has become pandemic and they themselves can get infected and pass it on to the customers or their love ones when they get home. Not to mention the mileage and we are and tear of their vehicles.

    ATTN: DOOR DASH COMPANY: the dashers takes care of the customers, it’s just fair for you (DoorDash corporate/company) to take care of your dashers. Please increase their rates and provide some protection like a simple hand sanitizers, masks or gloves…something in this crisis. They (dashers) are stepping up to the plate. They deliver from house to hospital every where. Don’t go send them unprotected because they too can be infected and spread viruses from handling food.

    This goes for UBBER and LYFT!


    Your app is completely fucking garbage I placed my fucking order over an hour ago and your driver Marlin D or wte they bitch ass name is never picked it up. I am furious Bc I fucking payed for this shit I never had a god damn problem until today I will no longer use this trash ass shit. Your app tells me to call support or contact them and when I do what happens ? Bullshit talking about how u experiencing longer hold time because of a fucking virus ? Please explain to me how much fuckin sense that makes? I promise I will never use this app again on god. This shit so fuckin ass nigga you take my fucking money but never complete my order. Bitch I demand a fucking refund and I wanna talk to the owner about this Bc this is some bullshit. No wonder your fucking business sucks ass. You dumb ass Chinese bitches that why your kind eats fucking bats. You niggas better reply to my email

  • Angry excustomer says:

    I am a customer and understand your frustration as I too am dealing with same service from cust service i have paid $69 and was given wrong order i disputed they credit my acct $57but i requested they come get the wrong delivered food n refund meback instead of credit they refuse!!! to refund my visa even after sending pictures of the order a day after i was delivered order was way lessthan what i paid 4 mine n wrong flavor’s otherwise i would at least have eaten it then without my authorization charged me $9.99 for doorpass this is 1 or 2days after my order when doorpass supposed to be a trial and if i decided to keep after 4/6 I would then pay the fee. now they give run around i try using the stupid credit and i couldn’t because it said credit was applied to the order i was arguying to begin with why are they assuming they can just take money and assume we want credit after the service wasnt met REFUND MY MONEY PPL STOP CHARGING MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION.



    I am the store manager and There was an order placed this morning for a customer, I asked the man what type of bread would he like and he didn’t know then responded “I will call you back”. I later get a phone call from the customer stating DoorDash cancelled her order because “the restaurant” didn’t have the product.

    I took care of the customer directly, then contacted the DoorDash customer service line. This is where my frustrations really get bad.

    The first representative told me he has no supervisor. I disconnected the line.

    The second representative told me she will look into my account and she noticed DoorDash cancelled the order because they didn’t have a driver available. Yet they told the customer we didn’t have the product available. She then asked me to hold, “It will be 5 – 10 minutes” she says, then returned to the line stating it will now be a 30 minute to an hour or hour and a half hold. Gave me no explanation just “The supervisor is not available.”

    The third representative told me her supervisor would be in after 2 or 3 hours. When i told her I’m tired of the call center representatives lying to me she said “hold on let me see if they are available”


    • Angry excustomer says:

      I am a customer and understand your frustration as I too am dealing with same service from cust service i have paid $69 and was given wrong order i disputed they credit my acct $57but i requested they come get the wrong delivered food n refund meback instead of credit they refuse!!! to refund my visa even after sending pictures of the order a day after i was delivered order was way lessthan what i paid 4 mine n wrong flavor’s otherwise i would at least have eaten it then without my authorization charged me $9.99 for doorpass this is 1 or 2days after my order when doorpass supposed to be a trial and if i decided to keep after 4/6 I would then pay the fee. now they give run around i try using the stupid credit and i couldn’t because it said credit was applied to the order i was arguying to begin with why are they assuming they can just take money and assume we want credit after the service wasnt met REFUND MY MONEY PPL STOP CHARGING MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION.


  • Sara says:

    On October 4, 2019, I reported two fraudulent door dash deliveries charged to my Visa debit card. Over the past month, I have had to repeatedly follow up to see if any investigation has been done. Yesterday, I received an email that said “Upon further review, this incident has been resolved and we’ve confirmed that this charge on September 17 (there were two charges, another on September 20th) was authorized by your niece.” I had asked for the delivery address and was told “We completely understand that having the delivery address associated with the charge would be a great help, as such, due to security and privacy policy, we’re unable to provide you the information that you need.” #1: I am 88 years old and do not have a niece living anywhere near me, nor would they have access to my debit card. #2: Due to “security and privacy”??? MY debit card was used and you are preventing me from the information I need to determine the details! #3 I have had to cancel my debit card and am waiting on a replacement since you are not providing the much needed information so I can determine if someone I know may have gained access and used the card! I was given reference #s 72732625 and 73948074. Perhaps SOMEONE at the Corporate level would be so kind as to contact me?

    • Giovanni says:

      Hello Sara, I am not from DoorDash or even affiliated with them, but I would advise you to contact your local FBI and report this to them. Also report DoorDash in as well for not helping you in this case. Hope all is well and good luck to you.

  • Lauren says:

    On 09/15/2019 I received the wrong order and tried to contact Doordash customer service for help. For over three hours, two days and 9 phone calls later I still received no help. Each time I asked to speak with a manager I was put on hold for an inordinate amount of time without being connected to a manager. Every time I asked the customer service representative a question, they refused to answer my questions and even disconnected me from the call. I went online to get a phone number for the corporate office but this phone number only re-routes you right back to the outsourced customer service. Where is the service for your customer? This has been horrible, infuriating and unprofessional service and a terrible experience.

  • Sharon Crescimanno says:

    As a business owner it is upsetting that when you have an issue no one helps, they say everything is fixed and it is not. Tony Xu why is your contact information not available? Your customer service is polite you should know but the problem is not fixed and you have to call an be put on hold for sometimes an hour to be transferred to the account management team. I have been trying to get this rectified since mid August with countless phone calls. My company is losing money daily since the transfer of ownership was done, the customers can not see my pizzeria on the platform to order from. If you see this Mr. Xu, please look into ref# 6980526….PLEASE HELP

  • Lorena Bernal says:

    Today marked the 425th food deliveries I had for Doordash. I would consider Doordash as a sideline sent from heaven. Why? Having 4 kids and all 4 are driving this year is no joke financially. 1 got his license 3 years ago and the other 3 got their licenses just January of this year. We all know the financial impact of that. My car insurance rate skyrocketed and had to buy one more vehicle. That is roughly $1K additional each month (insurance, car amort., fuel) on my budget. I was panicking, where will I get the extra funds? I am already buried with my current situation without even adding this 3 new drivers and a new car.
    One week day, I ordered food at work and got it delivered thru doordash. The dasher seems very young maybe a college student. It inspired me, I thought if she can do it, I can do it too (I’m 54). And immediately I signed up for it and started delivering in February 18, 2019. Since then, I’ve been doing it on weekends (I have a day/regular job as a Controller of an Engineering firm) each time I can do it, if there are no family activities and I’m not sick), in fact I was also doing it after work on a weekday if I am not too tired for a days work. It was rewarding, it covered my additional financial need. I was so happy.
    It has some fitfalls along the way, not gonna deny it. While doing this, I got traffic tickets for not stopping on a stop sign while doing a night time delivery (didn’t see it) cost me $306 to court and $20 for online traffic school , parking on a marked red curb (restaurant was in a farmer’s market area, nowhere to park and the restaurant took more time to prepo the food), but I didn’t falter, I still continued for if not, how can I recover the fees? I was ok with everything and doordash has been paying me timely, I did it with dignity knowing I am doing a decent job, so I also had to dress properly so customers will view Doordash with respect. I had to slow down on weekends though in May so I can use the weekends to do my traffic online course so the offense will not go to my DMV record. We also had a family vacation in June. I had to stop door dashing on a weekends for a while.
    When I came back from vacation in late June, I noticed a very big change. I can not “Dash In” anytime I can now. The very essence of Dashing In is totally lost. There are weekends that I can’t dash any more. No more income even if I can work. I had to “schedule” my dash early, can’t tell when exactly I should check because sometimes there’s none yet, and then it’s all gone. If I miss to check if a schedule is available I will end up not getting any. Maybe you did the “scheduling” for a reason. Whatever the reason is, I think it is not helping anyone. Why? I had one delivery stint that 4 orders came in one route, I had to decline the 4th because I know I will be late for all three already. What does this implies, there are not enough dashers. This is unfair to customers who expects to get their food fresh and get them at a reasonable time. This is definitely not going to happen if a single dasher has to wait for all three orders to be cooked on time and delivered in all directions. Some places you have to key in a code to get in, those takes time, parking is another problem.

    The corporate office should remove the “Scheduling”. Let the door dashers dash in when they can, this helps encourage dashers to dash. Don’t limit our access to orders. One restaurant owner gave me a feedback that they have a lot of orders but no door dashers are coming. She said she called doordash and asked why no door dashers are coming. I know why. We can’t go there, the app won’t let us door dash. Who ever thought of that “scheduling” limited / restricted the opportunity to door dash for those who are available to dash. It should be removed. Doordash should return to how it was before. I’ll sign up for 2AM – 10PM, of course I can’t at 2 am but I will dash in at 8 or 9 and I can do that and end my dash at 7 or 8PM. It was all good before.
    I am also writing to share the social impact of door dashing. I had deliveries where kids was so happy because they have food, while their parents are working. A man who can’t go out because he just had a knee surgery, and although the food was late as the restaurant was very slow in preparing his order, he is still thankful because now he can eat. I was also thanked by a lady who just got a hip transplant, she said, now I can eat, thank you. I also had one delivery that I just have to leave the coffee by the door, never have seen the customer, it is also similar to one delivery where I just need to leave the food by the door because it will take him a long time to get to the door (maybe immobilize or in a wheel chair). One lady thanked me for having the time to do this, she can’t drive so for someone to deliver it for her she is very grateful.
    Doordash you are fulfilling one’s financial need, but also impacting social responsibilities. If you changed something, please consult with the people who are carrying out the role for you. We are being compensated for our effort but if you are disabling us then the platform will disintegrate as well. Please remove the doordash limiting scheduling. I don’t know what to call it, but whatever it is you are implementing now. It is not working for the restaurants, customers and us Doordashers. I hope you will consider.

  • Richard says:

    I join doordash/driver on May 12,2019. They said it would take two weeks to get my package.
    It finally arrived. So was not able drive right away due to personal reason.So when i rearrange my schedule and was ready to go(was in my car on corner)and went to my phone and hit dash now and it told me i was unactivated. So when i went to call the number( which was joke)she told me it would be 3 business day, i have called three times and i keep on getting the same story.Just let you know i rearrange my whole week.(took a mini vacation).Thanks doordash

  • Angela says:

    This company does not following through with what they promise. My husband was told if he referred someone & they completed their 200 dashed in 60 days he would get $1000 & that other person would get $150. The 60 days was midnight on 5/13. We called multiple times to ask if it was the 12th going into the 13th or the 13th going into the 14th as it should be & multiple people confirmed that was the 13th-14th please we have an email to state this. I have now been dealing with this for 2 weeks b/c they refuse to give me my money. I was then told I would have it by 5/18 & today I am being told yet again I will not get it. I have contacted the BBB & a lawyer b/c this is one big fraud company. NEVER TRUST THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Lyle says:

    This company is disgusting. You allow shady dashers to continue to rip customers off by picking up large orders and never delivering them. This is the second time this has happened to me and your useless foreigners that you hire as customer service reps are just as bad. Its quite obvious this company could care less about its customers since they refuse to post a phone number located in the United States. I was told by one of the broken English reps that all they can do is refund me my money and that the driver would be allowed to continue to drive. They continued to say that the driver’s phone must have died. I said thats funny because your driver picks up the phone and hangs it up on me as he sits down the street at a different restaurant for the last 45 minutes with my order. I was then told that drivers are allowed to pick up multiple orders from different places. Thats ridiculous!!! So basically drivers are allowed to deliver cold food or not deliver a customer’s food at all. I WILL FROM NOW ON ONLY ORDER FROM UBER EATS. I WILL ALSO BE SURE TO BLAST THIS COMPANY ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA I CAN!!



  • Sabrina Rutland says:

    Doordash IS NOT A REPUTABLE COMPANY!!!! Does not care about RESOLVING CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS!!! EMPLOYS UNETHICAL AND DISHONEST DRIVERS!!! Ripped me off as I paid for my food twice and they would not reimburse me. DON’T USE THEM!!!!



      • Melissa says:

        I would love to do this. I have been going round and round with my bank since October 2019 with multiple fraudulent charges totaling over $800. Bank has denied me and I am 1 person, not to mention, who eats that much food in one day. No supervisor available to speak with either. I ask what the protocol was for drivers and verification with orders made by credit card, they said they did not have to verify any of it. So let’s do this.

  • Alvin C. Benford / Dasher in need of real support! says:

    I am not writing this post to discredit Doordash in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Despite this curve, I actually enjoy Dashing.

    But hey, can’t get results any other way. Maybe posting here will put some fire under some butts!

    Been trying to contact support about their pay error but only got an email back:

    Thanks for contacting DoorDash!
    This email is to confirm that we have received your request. Our team will be following up with you shortly.
    If you do not receive a response within the next 48 hours, please make sure to check your spam or junk folder to ensure our messages can reach you.
    In the meantime, check out our Dasher Help Center! We have curated answers for your most asked questions”

    No matter how much I stressed the urgency of needing a faster response, I was still met with the same dry lifeless response.

    I tried getting to live chat but can’t seem to get to it all the time. even following the instructions.

    I went to Google to get the corporate number but when I called, it just has a message that leads you right back to the same old run around. It seems as though a company that makes its money from “Delivery Drivers” delivering items to customers under its company logo, would do more to assure that the drivers have what they need, “especially their pay and a good line to Customer Support!”

    This is not the first time I have had a money issue with Doordash, but I am not writing this post to discredit Doordash in any way, shape, form, or fashion. My sole purpose for this post is to stop mistreatment of we drivers with this automated support when it comes to a greater issue, like getting someones pay wrong.

    If we make a mistake someone calls within minutes “On the phone” mind you. But if we have an issue and they get something wrong we have to let our fingers do the walking and hopefully someone will contact us who even knows what our issue is within three days. Maybe my financial problems are small to you but when I work for the money that I use to pay my bills, I need that money to be there.

    The ball is in your court Doordash!

  • Mildred Witkin says:

    I have been trying to become a Doordash customer for several weeks, but have encountered obstacles that your support team do not take seriously. Please send this complaint to Tony Xu, CEO, and to Andy Fang, CTO.

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