Where is DoorDash Corporate office Headquarters

DoorDash Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 116 New Montgomery St
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 855-973-1040
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: support@doordash.com
  • Number of Employees: 850
  • Established: June, 2013
  • Founder: Tony Xu, Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Evan Charles Moore
  • Key People: Tony Xu

DoorDash Headquarters Location & Directions

DoorDash Headquarters Executive Team



Tony Xu

CEO & Co-Founder

Andy Fang

CTO and Co-founder

Stanley Tang


Christopher Payne


Raghav Ramesh

Software Engineer

Kim Sciarratta

Strategic Partner Manager II

Michael Bloch

Regional General Manager

Jessica Lachs

Business Operations & Analytics

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  • Sara says:

    On October 4, 2019, I reported two fraudulent door dash deliveries charged to my Visa debit card. Over the past month, I have had to repeatedly follow up to see if any investigation has been done. Yesterday, I received an email that said “Upon further review, this incident has been resolved and we’ve confirmed that this charge on September 17 (there were two charges, another on September 20th) was authorized by your niece.” I had asked for the delivery address and was told “We completely understand that having the delivery address associated with the charge would be a great help, as such, due to security and privacy policy, we’re unable to provide you the information that you need.” #1: I am 88 years old and do not have a niece living anywhere near me, nor would they have access to my debit card. #2: Due to “security and privacy”??? MY debit card was used and you are preventing me from the information I need to determine the details! #3 I have had to cancel my debit card and am waiting on a replacement since you are not providing the much needed information so I can determine if someone I know may have gained access and used the card! I was given reference #s 72732625 and 73948074. Perhaps SOMEONE at the Corporate level would be so kind as to contact me?

  • Lauren says:

    On 09/15/2019 I received the wrong order and tried to contact Doordash customer service for help. For over three hours, two days and 9 phone calls later I still received no help. Each time I asked to speak with a manager I was put on hold for an inordinate amount of time without being connected to a manager. Every time I asked the customer service representative a question, they refused to answer my questions and even disconnected me from the call. I went online to get a phone number for the corporate office but this phone number only re-routes you right back to the outsourced customer service. Where is the service for your customer? This has been horrible, infuriating and unprofessional service and a terrible experience.

  • Sharon Crescimanno says:

    As a business owner it is upsetting that when you have an issue no one helps, they say everything is fixed and it is not. Tony Xu why is your contact information not available? Your customer service is polite you should know but the problem is not fixed and you have to call an be put on hold for sometimes an hour to be transferred to the account management team. I have been trying to get this rectified since mid August with countless phone calls. My company is losing money daily since the transfer of ownership was done, the customers can not see my pizzeria on the platform to order from. If you see this Mr. Xu, please look into ref# 6980526….PLEASE HELP

  • Lorena Bernal says:

    Today marked the 425th food deliveries I had for Doordash. I would consider Doordash as a sideline sent from heaven. Why? Having 4 kids and all 4 are driving this year is no joke financially. 1 got his license 3 years ago and the other 3 got their licenses just January of this year. We all know the financial impact of that. My car insurance rate skyrocketed and had to buy one more vehicle. That is roughly $1K additional each month (insurance, car amort., fuel) on my budget. I was panicking, where will I get the extra funds? I am already buried with my current situation without even adding this 3 new drivers and a new car.
    One week day, I ordered food at work and got it delivered thru doordash. The dasher seems very young maybe a college student. It inspired me, I thought if she can do it, I can do it too (I’m 54). And immediately I signed up for it and started delivering in February 18, 2019. Since then, I’ve been doing it on weekends (I have a day/regular job as a Controller of an Engineering firm) each time I can do it, if there are no family activities and I’m not sick), in fact I was also doing it after work on a weekday if I am not too tired for a days work. It was rewarding, it covered my additional financial need. I was so happy.
    It has some fitfalls along the way, not gonna deny it. While doing this, I got traffic tickets for not stopping on a stop sign while doing a night time delivery (didn’t see it) cost me $306 to court and $20 for online traffic school , parking on a marked red curb (restaurant was in a farmer’s market area, nowhere to park and the restaurant took more time to prepo the food), but I didn’t falter, I still continued for if not, how can I recover the fees? I was ok with everything and doordash has been paying me timely, I did it with dignity knowing I am doing a decent job, so I also had to dress properly so customers will view Doordash with respect. I had to slow down on weekends though in May so I can use the weekends to do my traffic online course so the offense will not go to my DMV record. We also had a family vacation in June. I had to stop door dashing on a weekends for a while.
    When I came back from vacation in late June, I noticed a very big change. I can not “Dash In” anytime I can now. The very essence of Dashing In is totally lost. There are weekends that I can’t dash any more. No more income even if I can work. I had to “schedule” my dash early, can’t tell when exactly I should check because sometimes there’s none yet, and then it’s all gone. If I miss to check if a schedule is available I will end up not getting any. Maybe you did the “scheduling” for a reason. Whatever the reason is, I think it is not helping anyone. Why? I had one delivery stint that 4 orders came in one route, I had to decline the 4th because I know I will be late for all three already. What does this implies, there are not enough dashers. This is unfair to customers who expects to get their food fresh and get them at a reasonable time. This is definitely not going to happen if a single dasher has to wait for all three orders to be cooked on time and delivered in all directions. Some places you have to key in a code to get in, those takes time, parking is another problem.

    The corporate office should remove the “Scheduling”. Let the door dashers dash in when they can, this helps encourage dashers to dash. Don’t limit our access to orders. One restaurant owner gave me a feedback that they have a lot of orders but no door dashers are coming. She said she called doordash and asked why no door dashers are coming. I know why. We can’t go there, the app won’t let us door dash. Who ever thought of that “scheduling” limited / restricted the opportunity to door dash for those who are available to dash. It should be removed. Doordash should return to how it was before. I’ll sign up for 2AM – 10PM, of course I can’t at 2 am but I will dash in at 8 or 9 and I can do that and end my dash at 7 or 8PM. It was all good before.
    I am also writing to share the social impact of door dashing. I had deliveries where kids was so happy because they have food, while their parents are working. A man who can’t go out because he just had a knee surgery, and although the food was late as the restaurant was very slow in preparing his order, he is still thankful because now he can eat. I was also thanked by a lady who just got a hip transplant, she said, now I can eat, thank you. I also had one delivery that I just have to leave the coffee by the door, never have seen the customer, it is also similar to one delivery where I just need to leave the food by the door because it will take him a long time to get to the door (maybe immobilize or in a wheel chair). One lady thanked me for having the time to do this, she can’t drive so for someone to deliver it for her she is very grateful.
    Doordash you are fulfilling one’s financial need, but also impacting social responsibilities. If you changed something, please consult with the people who are carrying out the role for you. We are being compensated for our effort but if you are disabling us then the platform will disintegrate as well. Please remove the doordash limiting scheduling. I don’t know what to call it, but whatever it is you are implementing now. It is not working for the restaurants, customers and us Doordashers. I hope you will consider.

  • Richard says:

    I join doordash/driver on May 12,2019. They said it would take two weeks to get my package.
    It finally arrived. So was not able drive right away due to personal reason.So when i rearrange my schedule and was ready to go(was in my car on corner)and went to my phone and hit dash now and it told me i was unactivated. So when i went to call the number( which was joke)she told me it would be 3 business day, i have called three times and i keep on getting the same story.Just let you know i rearrange my whole week.(took a mini vacation).Thanks doordash

  • Angela says:

    This company does not following through with what they promise. My husband was told if he referred someone & they completed their 200 dashed in 60 days he would get $1000 & that other person would get $150. The 60 days was midnight on 5/13. We called multiple times to ask if it was the 12th going into the 13th or the 13th going into the 14th as it should be & multiple people confirmed that was the 13th-14th please we have an email to state this. I have now been dealing with this for 2 weeks b/c they refuse to give me my money. I was then told I would have it by 5/18 & today I am being told yet again I will not get it. I have contacted the BBB & a lawyer b/c this is one big fraud company. NEVER TRUST THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Lyle says:

    This company is disgusting. You allow shady dashers to continue to rip customers off by picking up large orders and never delivering them. This is the second time this has happened to me and your useless foreigners that you hire as customer service reps are just as bad. Its quite obvious this company could care less about its customers since they refuse to post a phone number located in the United States. I was told by one of the broken English reps that all they can do is refund me my money and that the driver would be allowed to continue to drive. They continued to say that the driver’s phone must have died. I said thats funny because your driver picks up the phone and hangs it up on me as he sits down the street at a different restaurant for the last 45 minutes with my order. I was then told that drivers are allowed to pick up multiple orders from different places. Thats ridiculous!!! So basically drivers are allowed to deliver cold food or not deliver a customer’s food at all. I WILL FROM NOW ON ONLY ORDER FROM UBER EATS. I WILL ALSO BE SURE TO BLAST THIS COMPANY ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA I CAN!!



  • Sabrina Rutland says:

    Doordash IS NOT A REPUTABLE COMPANY!!!! Does not care about RESOLVING CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS!!! EMPLOYS UNETHICAL AND DISHONEST DRIVERS!!! Ripped me off as I paid for my food twice and they would not reimburse me. DON’T USE THEM!!!!



  • Alvin C. Benford / Dasher in need of real support! says:

    I am not writing this post to discredit Doordash in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Despite this curve, I actually enjoy Dashing.

    But hey, can’t get results any other way. Maybe posting here will put some fire under some butts!

    Been trying to contact support about their pay error but only got an email back:

    Thanks for contacting DoorDash!
    This email is to confirm that we have received your request. Our team will be following up with you shortly.
    If you do not receive a response within the next 48 hours, please make sure to check your spam or junk folder to ensure our messages can reach you.
    In the meantime, check out our Dasher Help Center! We have curated answers for your most asked questions”

    No matter how much I stressed the urgency of needing a faster response, I was still met with the same dry lifeless response.

    I tried getting to live chat but can’t seem to get to it all the time. even following the instructions.

    I went to Google to get the corporate number but when I called, it just has a message that leads you right back to the same old run around. It seems as though a company that makes its money from “Delivery Drivers” delivering items to customers under its company logo, would do more to assure that the drivers have what they need, “especially their pay and a good line to Customer Support!”

    This is not the first time I have had a money issue with Doordash, but I am not writing this post to discredit Doordash in any way, shape, form, or fashion. My sole purpose for this post is to stop mistreatment of we drivers with this automated support when it comes to a greater issue, like getting someones pay wrong.

    If we make a mistake someone calls within minutes “On the phone” mind you. But if we have an issue and they get something wrong we have to let our fingers do the walking and hopefully someone will contact us who even knows what our issue is within three days. Maybe my financial problems are small to you but when I work for the money that I use to pay my bills, I need that money to be there.

    The ball is in your court Doordash!

  • Mildred Witkin says:

    I have been trying to become a Doordash customer for several weeks, but have encountered obstacles that your support team do not take seriously. Please send this complaint to Tony Xu, CEO, and to Andy Fang, CTO.

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