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Based in Gahanna, Ohio, United States, Donatos was incorporated in Columbus, Ohio in 1963, when Jim Grote bought the original Donatos for $1,300. His purpose behind this was to make a superior product, hire great people, and to “treat others the way I would like to be treated.” Later in 1999, Donatos was sold to McDonald’s. After a few years, in 2003, Jim Grote and his daughter Jane Grote Abell repurchased a majority interest in Donatos.

, Donatos Pizza is a family-owned pizza company that operates a chain of pizza restaurants. It is spread over more than 200 locations in 10 states including Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Donatos is popular among people for its thin-crust pizza named “loaded Edge to Edge.” Along with pizzas, it also offers a wide variety of oven-baked subs, freshly made salads, chicken wings, shareable sides, and desserts.

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  • DeeDee Tussinger says:

    Hello, I ordered Pizza from your Speedway store and had to use doordash to get it delivered. WHEN IT GOT HERE IT WASNT CORRECTso we said something to the driver about it and ask where our drinks were and they told us to call the store so we did for the store to tell us to call door dash I order the pizza with everything just about on it for them to send me a pepperoni pizza and no drinks when I had ordered 2 pops and neither one takes the one take it as they are responsible for the mix up. All I know I’d I got 1 topping when I ordered5 and charged for 5 and 2 drinks and didn’t get either and no one to fix it…Now what the hell is going on here??? You can reach me 3176951648.. please return my call thank you

  • Cindy Curtis says:

    I’ve been trying to order on your app and there is nothing but issues. I call the store in Delaware Ohio and they tell me they can not do anything.
    I’ve always ordered from the app, it’s been great until it changed. Now nothing but issues. I want to order my free rewards pizza and some salads today for lunch for people at work and can not do so due to the issues. This is very disappointing.

  • Robert Hill says:

    Oh I will not be back. Bad service at the Highland Heights Kentucky Donatos somehow after I gained all my reward points my free pizza disappeared was not able to get it ordered last night ordered a steak hoagie and a meatball hoagie and got too what you call big dons. Stopped in today talk to the manager who is very unprofessional I will not return to any DONATO’S’s and I will tell all my friends and family how bad the service was this is not a one time occasion

  • lynn scherer says:

    I have been ordering from donatos pizza for years. Always order the pepperoni pizza. Tonight I ordered a pepperoni pizza with added black olives. I looked at the pizza when I picked it up and there was maybe 25 pepperoni on it. I asked why I didn’t see the 100 pieces of pepperoni with my black olives (I paid xtra for those). Was told if you add additional toppings you don’t get the pepperoni’s that’s on a normal pepperoni pizza. Ok so I am confused, I order a regular pepperoni pizza plus black olives it goes from 100 to maybe 25. Please explain this to me. I am just very confused. I could have ordered the pepperoni pizza and gone to Kroger for the black olives and spent much less than what I did for 1/4 of the pepperoni. Thank you. Please respond to tc1743@gmail.com. By the way I live in Centerville, Ohio. It is your Paragon Rd. Store.

  • Kim Cremeans says:

    We ordered a pizza tonight from your Winton Road location in Cincinnati at 6:00. They said it would be a 30 to 40 minute wait. At 7:00 when we still didn’t have our pizza we called again. Surprise surprise they didn’t have our order. So at 7:00 p.m. we ordered a pizza and once again they said 30 to 40 minutes. Well now it’s been over an hour and still no pizza. You say that every piece is important but I guess what’s not important to you is actually delivering a pizza

  • Irritated says:

    What have you done to your website and app!?! I used to order 5 times a month one click on previous order and checkout was easy. Now, the order history is there but grayed out, I have to build my own pizza each time, credit card is deleted and have to re-add each time, customer service button gives you an error if u try to click on it.

  • Anita Fultz says:

    Try to call 4 times nooobody pick up My husband try to go in said party door locked Sunday at 730 pm

  • J steven says:

    You r a joke. Last 3 times either on hold forever or no answer at worth / galena store. Order on line takes 3 times longer. Glad Marco’s is close. I also read some other reviews and it’s sad your company has no regards for customer service and quality. Ya, ya, we’re all tired of hearing about your help problems.

  • Danyelle says:

    Right now the web is updating and making changes so you can’t order online. I called the store and three different times it would ring for 10 minutes and then disconnect and then when I finally spoke to someone she hung up on me twice. I was told delivery would be 30 to 35 minutes but when I got my confirmation email delivery was going to be an hour and a half so I called the store to ask about it and her remark was “there’s nothing I can do about it do you still want it delivered or do you want to pick it up?” When I saw the time would be about the same since you told me it would be 30 minutes to pick it up I might as well leave it at delivery, she hung up on me again. The customer service in that store is the worst I’ve ever encountered, they paid very little attention to the detail of the orders, they treat other employees like shit and even if you go to the store in person you have to stand at the counter and wait for three or four of them to stop standing around chatting with each other laughing and goofing off. The store is unclean and they never keep enough stock of drinks they’re always out of everything. This store needs a serious overhaul of staff either retrained or replaced because I’ll drive out of my way to go to another store and if it’s the same crappy service then I’ll go to another name brand because I’m not going to spend money to be disrespected and treated as if I don’t matter.

  • Wanda Williard says:

    Worst pizza ever. The Circleville store really needs some attention. My pizza was burnt on top and bottom. Hardly any pepperoni tons of sauce!! Yuck

  • Sandra W says:

    I will never order from you again you can’t even put an order through so sad called the manager at the location of Madison Ave in Greenwood in told me he didn’t care about my issues nice customer service never again!!!!!!’n

  • James Caudill says:

    Formerly employed driver at Demorest Rd location. Extremely stressful place work. Money is good. But management has there favorites who get away with lot. Not enough employees working there to handle the volume of business. Employees deal high level stress due to this issue.

  • Balynda says:

    I live in Chillicothe, Ohio and the last 2 times we have ordered the pizza was burned and this time we got calzones and Valentines twisty bread and all of it was burned. I’m done with Danotos, if you don’t value your customers and them spending money that doesn’t come easy I will take my business elsewhere. Overpriced.

  • Blackburn says:

    Had to wait a additional 20 past pick up time..Got home incorrect order…called location waited on hold for 6 min for phone to be picked up..To be told they was out of sausage ..Put us back on hold for 5 min to never come back on line..

  • Phil Leicht says:

    I live in Florence, Kentucky and we have a Donato’s 3.3 miles away and one 4.3 miles away and neither one will deliver to where we live. It’s not like we live out in the middle of nowhere. Both locations are loosing a lot of money and customer due to a they don’t care attitude.

  • Debbie says:

    Ugh…ordered a large/green onion pizza at the Bexley location tonight. Spent 1/2 hour in line for pickup – ok, Sunday night football, end of Thanksgiving weekend, I understand. But our pizza had so much sauce on it – the cheese and green onions were only on a small part of the middle – we could barely eat one piece…I mean it was soaked with sauce! All of us are VERY disappointed. Won’t be ordering Donato’s again. (I owned a restaurant for 15 years. If ever there was a dissatisfied customer I did everything possible to make it right because word of mouth is so important. Donato’s, contact these dissatisfied costumers and make it right.)

  • MORROW says:


  • Richard Walters says:

    To whoever is reading this email……..

    I’d like to pass along some experiences I’ve encountered at your South New Albany store…………

    A couple of weeks ago, we ordered a Founders Favorite with extra sauce and extra cheese. Unfortunately, when we got home we realized, no extra sauce or extra cheese. Oh well, we thought just a mistake…..

    Then a week later, we tried again, the same order along with a Claifower pizza. We were told 30 minutes. We got there within the 30 minutes and no pizzas. I was told to go inside and they would get them right out. An hour later we got our order and when we got home again no extra sauce or cheese but this time the Founders Favorite was on a thick crust……..Now we’re really getting mad…….

    So I decided to try one last time today. I ordered a Big Don sub when we were out on a bike ride. I pulled up to the pickup window and paid the cashier, but when she went to get the sub the manager told her she could not give it to me because I was on a bike. She said I had to go inside to pick up my order. Now I understand the need for cleanliness and safety in these times but look at the facts, there were NO CUSTOMERS at your store, being on a bike or in a car does not change the dynamics on receiving a sub, you have no bike racks at your store, so I have no way to secure my bike while I’m inside and in all, all of this is just plain silly. So naturally, I canceled my order with no concern from your store employees.

    I realize you may not care at all about any of these issues, and I certainly realize my transactions with your business are insignificant, but if you truly do care about customer service then maybe you will find these comments helpful in improving it.

    With all the options for wonderful pizza businesses in Gahanna, we certainly will not be at loss for not engaging with you any more………

    Best Regards,
    Richard L Walters, Jr.
    740 Line Way
    Gahanna, Ohio 43230

    Cell: 614-361-7883
    email: rwalters159@gmail.com

  • Darl A Mills says:

    We live in Mt. Gilead, Ohio and recently the only really good pizza (our opinion) “The Purple Indian”, here in Mt. Gilead closed it’s doors after decades of great pizza. Since Donato’s is our favorite Pizza, (other than Purple Indian) and the closest one is in Marion, we were wondering if it might be possible for Donato’s to perhaps take over the Pizzaria, since the ovens are already there and there is a dining room and a Parking lot. The address was 508 W. Marion Rd. Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338. We and I am sure there are many more who would appreciate having a good Pizza in town. Thank you Darl Mills

  • Gary says:

    What number do I call to file a complaint about a store location/driver?

    Tonight as I returned home and attempted to pull into my driveway, the alley to my driveway was blocked by an occupied vehicle. Eventually the driver exited and told me to move my vehicle so he could back up.

    When I refused, the driver, who identified himself as a pizza delivery driver, and later for the Donatos located in Canal Winchester, proceeded to walk back to his vehicle and flipped me off. I do have photos and video from my in car camera of this incident.

    When I called to file a complaint with the manager I was told they would handle it, but refused to tell me how it would be handled and whether or not the driver would keep his job…is this type of behavior condoned by Donatos of their employees?

    I normally am not a complainer, but this incident has really struck a nerve, and I do not plan on letting it just simply be swept under the rug, so to speak, by management that’s sounded as young as the driver looked that flipped me off.

  • V. Robinson says:

    I’m very disappointed in the food we received from your location on Noe Bixby Rd Columbus Ohio. On line order 367 on 12/26/19 at 9:45pm. My order did not get delivered until 11:30pm after 2 calls to the store manager Jamie. I wish I could include a picture. The pizza wasn’t edible and 1 of the subs looked like it was just thrown in the box. I did take pictures.

  • Mike Callahan says:

    Thought your corporate office might like to know, I ordered online for a pick up at the local Donato’s. My order was to be picked up at 9:02. I got there and waited in line behind another car for 20 minutes without anyone coming to the window to wait on the car I was behind. When they pulled away w/o their pizza, I pulled up to the window and saw no less than 4 employees behind the counter and all four of them looked at me and all proceeded to walk to the front of the store from around the back of the counter. There were two cars in the parking lot. You would think the store owner and manager would like to have business at this location. However, I was totally ignored and I left without so much as a hello or a kiss my azz from anyone after having waited for a total of 25 minutes. I you can tell me why this happened, you might be able to save my business.

  • Dwight Voltz says:

    I have been a customer of Denado’s at Sullivant And Demerest rd For a long time tonight I ordered two subs extra extra extra ham on one and cheese and that’s all the other extra extra extra ham and cheese everything but lettuce they made the delivery three times on the third attempt the one sub extra extra extra ham and cheese nothing else was still wrong and did not have the extra ham like I paid for I don’t know what the problem is but I paid Over $19 this is ridiculous does Donatos not want my business I don’t know but they sure can’t seem to get it right my phone number is 614-984-6342 my address is 4132 Dixie Court, Columbus, OH 43228

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