Where is Domino's Pizza Corporate office Headquarters

Domino's Pizza Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 734-930-3030
  • Fax Number: 800-253-8182
  • Email: partners@dominos.com
  • Number of Employees: 14100
  • Established: December 9, 1960
  • Founder: James Monaghan & Tom Monaghan
  • Key People: David A. Brandon, Richard E. Allison Jr.

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Domino's Pizza Headquarters Executive Team



Richard E. Allison Jr.

CEO & Director

Jeffrey D. Lawrence

Executive VP, CFO & Principal Accounting Officer

Russell J. Weiner

COO & President of the Americas

Eric B. Anderson

Executive Vice President of International Operations

Art D'Elia

Senior VP and Chief Brand & Innovation Officer

Troy A. Ellis

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Services

Stanley J Gage

Executive Vice President of Team USA

Scott R. Hinshaw

Executive Vice President of Franchise Operations & Development

Joe Jordan

Executive Vice President - International

Melody Livingstone

Chief Marketing Officer of Australia & New Zealand

About Domino's Pizza, History and Headquarters Information


Domino's was founded in the year 1960. The company has been operational for more than 58 years now. The founders of the company were Tom Monaghan, James Monaghan and Dominick DiVarti. The origins of the company lie behind taking the ownership of the Dominick's Pizza, in the state of Michigan, and was later renamed to Domino's Pizza, in the year 1965. In the year 1967, the first franchise location of the company was opened. By the year 1978, the company already had its presence over 200 locations, in the USA. Then in the year 1983, the company had expanded to Canada, and the same year the company had almost 1,000 stores under its name.

In the year 1985, the company opened its first store in the UK, along with Tokyo, Japan, as well. In 1998, one of the founders of the company, Tom Monaghan, had retired from the company and sold all of his 93 per cent holdings of the company to Bain Capital. As of the year 2004, the company had become a limited public entity. The 5,000th store of the company was opened in the state of Illinois, USA, in the year 2006. Then in the year 2012, the company had dropped the word 'Pizza' from its name and was just named Domino's. The company had collaborated with Starship Technologies in order to deliver pizzas in Germany and the Netherlands via self-driving robots. The same year, the company was the first to deliver the first unmanned delivery of pizza in the country of New Zealand. In 2017, the company launched its eGift Cards services. As of the year 2018, the company had been repairing potholes in the USA, so that delivering pizzas could be more accessible and will not get damaged. The headquarters of the company is based in 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive. The name of the place is Ann Arbor, while the name of the state is Michigan, USA. The pin code of the area 48105.


Domino’s is an American company that focuses on the manufacturing and delivery of various types of pizza food items as well as other fast food products to its customers. The company serves over 16,000 locations all over the world. The current CEO of the company is Richard Allison. As of the year 2017, the overall revenue generated by the company is more than  $2.47 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 14,100 and 290,000 if the franchise employees are also included.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have the retail as well as online presence to aid them in placing an order for pizzas and delivery of other fast food items manufactured and sold by the company. The company’s food items besides pizzas include chicken fingers, sandwiches, pasta, bread sides and also desserts.

Domino's Pizza Headquarters Photos

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  • Anon says:

    With the Coronavirus issue right now it is very disappointing that at the Dominos Pizza in 22 Plantation Bluffton South Carolina 29910 (4 employees not wearing their masks properly ) one hanging from his ear, another on his head, another one under his mouth. I went to pick up my pizzas and you can see the employees breathing on top of the pizzas they are working on. No consideration for customers. Who is the manager ?

  • alfred minicozzi says:

    my points were taken from me. I called the store and sent you an email. I need my points back.

  • kevin says:

    You have lost my business, The Alma, Mi branch would not accept my phone order, because I only had a $100 with me. I have had many orders sent to my address, like I’m gonna rob them. You have lost another customer, send thanks to your Alma, Mi franchise !!

  • Pauline Mccann says:

    Free pizza coupon did not work . Sent me this code lmbb1118-viqdrfu4bw I tryed 4 times I called dominos said they couldn’t help me don’t expire 11242019 ?????

  • Linda Adelman says:

    I ordered several things on the phone as the online service was not available. I was told 15-25 minutes. It came over an hour later, cold and burned, everything I ordered was burned. The delivery person started spouting God and all about prayer etc. and how I looked like a good person, etc., etc., etc. I was appalled. This is so, so, so, unacceptable. I am owed recompense, not just oh I am sorry, and a bunch of excuses.

  • francia n silvestre says:

    obviously you cannot get a hold of anyone on the customer service line they just hang up on you and show no customer support i ordered $50.00 worth of food it got to my house 3 hours later cold and soggy I am a student and i work very hard for my money and its really not fair that as a student i have to go through trying to get in contact with customer support over almoSt 2 hours instead of being able to do my homework study or just anything more productive … Im so disappointed

  • Jennifer Gora says:

    On June 20, 2019 I ordered a pizza, cheesey bread, and a salad. Everything showed up quickly, but the salad was nothing but brown lettuce. How can anyone from dominos think that delivering bad inventory is the way to keep customers. Not only did I end up wasting $7.99, but was seriously disgusted that anyone could knowingly give bad food to a paying customer like that.

  • Donald Fickes says:

    i order a pizza on memorial day 5/27/19 for myself and a friend it was never deliverd after calling about it an employee called me a liar.i have been ordering from this store for the past 8 years.the store is 409 east north grand ave springfield il. BAD! BAD! way to run a dominos!

  • howard branson says:

    i went to dominos in tweed heads nsw australia and there was a scooter inside the shop and you can see there was another one there previous and also phone was ringing and two employees were on there mobilesand when i said something they just ignored me from Howard Branson

  • Nikki says:

    I have been a Dominos Pizza lover since I can remember, but my most recent experiences with orders not being delivered is forcing me to go to the competition. Try calling corporate except no one responds nor seems to care. I’ll bet Tom Monaghan wouldn’t be happy to know that one location in Harrison Twp Michigan (Boat Town USA) has been taking orders with credit cards but NEVER delivering the pizza. The phone number to this location is 586-791-5900 and when asking for a manager, the snotty receptionist told me she is the only manager and if I ever called again; my order would not be taken! It was 10pm on Memorial weekend 2019 when my guests and myself ordered 4 pizzas and 3 sets of wings, and I was given a time frame of 1.5 hours. So at 11:30 I called to check on the order only to receive the nasty b**** comments, she screamed at me and hung up on me twice!! I want to report this to Dominos corporate and to let the rest of the world know what kind of service this location provides. I will never order from Domino’s pizza again because of this, and I will make sure that everyone in town knows what happened.

  • Dalton Easter says:

    I call one of your company in mobile,al to order four order of chicken wings pops and the young lady who answered the phone e was so rude and would not take my order and hung up the phone in my face here there phone number 251-476-2142 and my phone is 989 350 3816 and I move to mobile,al from Gaylord,mi

  • BOB says:


  • Edward Vallejos says:

    I don’t know if this is the correct website to send my feedback but here it goes:

    I lived at my current house residence for over 3 years. I have ordered online with Dominos’s around 20 times. Quite a few times deliveries were wrong and a month ago the pizza came in burned around the edges. As you can see over time we had issues with the Mapledale Plaza location in Woodbridge, VA.
    Last night I ordered a 14” thin pizza with extra peperoni and black olives. When the delivery person came I told him the pizza is plain white cheese, it’s wrong! He said take it anyways because they will throw it away and call Brittany the manager. The pizza was also cold.

    I called Brittany at 703 680 3030 and explained how I ordered the pizza online and I was delivered a plain white cold pizza. She responded: I am sorry I can’t help you, “when you ordered online we received an order for plain white pizza and that is a Domino’s problem not ours” If you called it in I could do something about it.

    At this point I told my household not to order any pizzas from DOMINO”S in the future. They can’t back up the brand name. when it comes up in conversation I will tell the story to friends and family.

    DOMINO’S brand name quality assurance is not recognize or back up with the independent operating franchises.

    I don’t want to add to the number of complaints in other websites. I don’t expect you to do anything for me.
    This information is to make you aware how independent franchises are mishandling complaints and blaming Domino’s.

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