Where is Domino's Pizza Corporate office Headquarters

Domino's Pizza Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 734-930-3030
  • Fax Number: 800-253-8182
  • Email: partners@dominos.com
  • Number of Employees: 14100
  • Established: December 9, 1960
  • Founder: James Monaghan & Tom Monaghan
  • Key People: David A. Brandon, Richard E. Allison Jr.

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Domino's Pizza Headquarters Executive Team



Richard E. Allison Jr.

CEO & Director

Jeffrey D. Lawrence

Executive VP, CFO & Principal Accounting Officer

Russell J. Weiner

COO & President of the Americas

Eric B. Anderson

Executive Vice President of International Operations

Art D'Elia

Senior VP and Chief Brand & Innovation Officer

Troy A. Ellis

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Services

Stanley J Gage

Executive Vice President of Team USA

Scott R. Hinshaw

Executive Vice President of Franchise Operations & Development

Joe Jordan

Executive Vice President - International

Melody Livingstone

Chief Marketing Officer of Australia & New Zealand

About Domino's Pizza, History and Headquarters Information


Domino's was founded in the year 1960. The company has been operational for more than 58 years now. The founders of the company were Tom Monaghan, James Monaghan and Dominick DiVarti. The origins of the company lie behind taking the ownership of the Dominick's Pizza, in the state of Michigan, and was later renamed to Domino's Pizza, in the year 1965. In the year 1967, the first franchise location of the company was opened. By the year 1978, the company already had its presence over 200 locations, in the USA. Then in the year 1983, the company had expanded to Canada, and the same year the company had almost 1,000 stores under its name.

In the year 1985, the company opened its first store in the UK, along with Tokyo, Japan, as well. In 1998, one of the founders of the company, Tom Monaghan, had retired from the company and sold all of his 93 per cent holdings of the company to Bain Capital. As of the year 2004, the company had become a limited public entity. The 5,000th store of the company was opened in the state of Illinois, United States, in the year 2006. Then in the year 2012, the company had dropped the word 'Pizza' from its name and was just named Domino's. The company had collaborated with Starship Technologies in order to deliver pizzas in Germany and the Netherlands via self-driving robots. The same year, the company was the first to deliver the first unmanned delivery of pizza in the country of New Zealand. In 2017, the company launched its eGift Cards services. As of the year 2018, the company had been repairing potholes in the USA, so that delivering pizzas could be more accessible and will not get damaged. The headquarters of the company is based in 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive. The name of the place is Ann Arbor, while the name of the state is Michigan, United States. The pin code of the area 48105.


Domino’s is an American company that focuses on the manufacturing and delivery of various types of pizza food items as well as other fast food products to its customers. The company serves over 16,000 locations all over the world. The current CEO of the company is Richard Allison. As of the year 2017, the overall revenue generated by the company is more than  $2.47 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 14,100 and 290,000 if the franchise employees are also included.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have the retail as well as online presence to aid them in placing an order for pizzas and delivery of other fast food items manufactured and sold by the company. The company’s food items besides pizzas include chicken fingers, sandwiches, pasta, bread sides and also desserts.

Domino's Pizza Headquarters Photos

  • Denise M Schultz says:

    I have literally ordered hundreds of pizzas from Domino’s in the past. However, over the past year quality and service has deteriorated greatly. Of the last three orders, one was incorrect, one was not delivered for an hour, and the most recent was not remotely edible. It wasn’t cut through, the sauce was all over the box as if it had been dropped and it was left on the ground directly against my front door even though I asked for it to be left on a table next to the front door. I will not be giving Dominos another chance!

  • Lenee says:

    Attempting to contact your company in regards to an corporate account. Your phone number does not allow any options of speaking with someone unless you know their name.

  • Rosa says:

    Literally ordered a pizza at 6:00pm ! It is currently 8:20pm still haven’t received the food ! I called 3times and the manager told me to just cancel my order it will get here as soon as it does ! Then she hangs up on me . I called back again and she is literally using slurs !

  • No because I legalities says:

    Delivery person from Harry wurzbach store did u turn in front of my house then pulled in my yard next to my vehicle in my driveway. Told not to do that, but it’s a busy street. Called store, manager would not give his name because of legalities. We’ll he had a lot of orders and driver was in a hurry. So I guess it’s okay to trespass. Oh yeah I lost my temper. Then get an email for a deal. They just lost a customer.

  • John Buchanan says:

    Ordered a pizza from Dominos on Eastern Ave here in Moore OK at 6:30 PM. The wrong pizza was delivered at 7:20 PM and luckily I caught the driver before he left. He said he would go back to the store and straighten it out. At the same time my wife called the store and whoever she talked to said they would fix it. Eight o’clock and I called to see how things were progressing. The manager new nothing, the driver hadn’t talked to anybody and would I like a credit ? No, I would not and as usual got the lame excuse that they had been busy. They refunded my money and in the future I will drive across town to Hideaway Pizza which I though about doing in the first place but I was tired from work and took what was supposed to be the easy way.

  • Dale Evans says:

    Your new TV Add showing pin point Delivery is seriously Stupid. YOU need a new Advertising Agency. They show delivery people flying thru the air OK but when they land the Delivery Vehicle is seen in the back ground ??? So the Delivery person can drive back to the store ???? Alright 🤔 how did the Vehicle get too the Delivery location 🤔??????

  • Brian says:

    I’m one of your good customer’s but I’m really mad about your company using some call center in some other country like China!!!They can’t understand what you are ordering over the phone, then you get the wrong pizza it’s terrible. You need to keep these jobs in the USA!!! America is sick of the BS going on with companies sending work out. Get a clue!
    I’m really thinking about never ordering another pizza from Domino’s

  • Debbie says:

    I have ordered from my local Dominos for years, but can say that will never happen again. I had a delivery driver who was very aggressive, rude and confrontational over us forgetting to put the Letter of our unit in the address, which is a townhome and only 2 units. I was disrespected and felt threatened being a female, at night with a strange man being so rude to me. I called the store to let them know and after telling THREE different people who sounded like teenagers what had happened, I can assure you NOTHING was done. I hope this man doesn’t do this to the wrong person. I am so disappointed in the service and the way I was spoken to.. Shame on that store and the employees in there.. I hope if they have moms, sisters and any other females in their lives they don’t have to deal with somebody like I did..

  • Michael says:

    Douglas ga Domino’s answer the phone and hang up so they don’t have to work and make more pizzas.They lazy 🤔

  • Marilyn E says:

    Don’t know how much you paid for the 50% off order online commercial, but people are wondering where a guy running out of his house is going. To the library or coffee shop to find a computer or cell phone to order online????? Stupid

  • Jackie Pieron says:

    I placed an order last evening, and the ETA was 8:45. By 915 I called and was told by Jeff, the supposed manager, the order had been delivered. It was delivered to the wrong address, the house across the street. However, those neighbors are out of town and we are watching their house, and there was no delivery made there.

    Jeff told me he could try and get us another delivery but it would be at least seven orders ahead of us before he could get to it. Very frustrated. I asked him if he could move us to the front of the line because they took it to the wrong house and he told me I’ll just cancel your order. I explained we wanted the order because we were awaiting it for our dinner, but he said that’s the best I can do for you and that was that. Hung up on me, canceled the order, and we never received anything.

  • Debra Martzolff says:

    I have a complaint about a manager and a crew at my local Domino’s. Who is the best person to contact in Domino’s management team to contact regarding the incident? Thank you.

  • Candace Wheeler says:

    I placed an order with my local domino’s yesterday at 5:30 paid $42 I never received my order every time I called I kept being told that it was on then after 2 hours of that I’m told oh you got your pizza already no I did not apparently it was left somewhere Else but the gentleman I talked to was very condescending and kept telling me that my pizza was left at my door I must have just not seen it Needless to say I want my $42 back
    Store phone 2102390583, San antonio texas

  • ashley says:

    i am sitting here after placing a $70 order at 8:30 pm it’s now 10pm no food, no answer at the store. i this is in refrence to the cahokia heights location in illinois. This is ridiculous

  • Greg Acuff says:


  • Sherry says:

    I had placed an order from the Sumter store on Wesmark. When I check about my order it said that James left the store at 7:20 to deliver. When I checked on the order at 8:20 it said it was delivered. When I tried to call no body cared to answer the phone. So I went to see about the order and waited 20 minutes to get served only to find out the pizza never left the store and the manager wanted me to pay for my pizza twice. When I told him I paid through PayPal he said I needed to use my credit card and pay for my order. He said there is nothing he could do but letting you know from a higher position that there is a problem with the system that is saying that a pizza was delivered but in fact it was not. And now I have a cold pizza because it sat on the counter while he played I have to pay for a pizza twice. If fact since it sat there for 20 minutes and him not helping anyone that was on the floor. Let’s say as a owner of two businesses my self that was poor management from the gentleman. He could have done better running it if he saw the problem and called the customer or even answer the phones.

  • Rick says:

    We purchased pizza from an
    O Fallon Missouri store. Got half of our order. Called for the rest and the person told my wife to “chill out”and if we wanted the rest of the order we could come and get it, because he could see the rest of the order sitting on the counter. I don’t know who hired this staff member but if you ask me, why was he able to talk to customers like that considering there should have been a shift leader or Supervisor in that store? Or was he the Supervisor of that store? Is this what Domino’s is coming too. We would not recommend Domino’s to anyone. With staff like that, I would be surprised if they remain profitable.

  • R. Rogers says:

    The pizza we got in Morristown Tn and the wings were terrible . The wings was cold and chewy the pizza was soggy thin crust . By far the worst we have got .

  • Charles Pacheco says:

    Wouldn’t honor price then said nothing they could do when I showed them price we eat there 3 times a week going to Pizza Hut

  • Lisa a minier says:

    I want to know when I am getting my $32,54 credit when I was double charged on 11/9/2022 at store 2683 in tallmadge ohio. Your message says 3-5 days, however it has been 14 days now. .

  • nicole east says:

    Your store in Kings Mountain NC. Was in unable to complete an order for me . This order was recieved at 5:37pm on 11/19/2022 and was not even under prep at 6:34 pm on 11/19/2022. Even after a call to the local store it was going to take 20 minutes. Then I was told it would take 2 days to get refunded.. This is not good business. I and my family send alot at your branch’s. One family stopping might not matter,but I and others will spread this word. God bless

  • Patricia Damon says:

    NO STAR!!!! I normally do not leave reviews but after my sister and I experienced the discourtesy of the general manger Miranda or whatever her name is… as the Domino’s in walmart at the galleria. I had a hard time trying to reaach someone in the corporate office… Damn automated systems… anyway my sister and I went to walmart and there was no motorized chairs available so I went to look for one for my sister as I always do!

    My sister was standing where the glass is in the foyer of Wal-Mart. Due to the underline conditions listed below which limits her mobility. She is unable to walk or stand for a long period of time so, she walks with a cane for support. She then walks around and sits in dominos she was sitting for about 7 mins, I went to look for a motorize cart when I came back my sister was standing by the door and said lets go I’m want to go home. I said what happen she said the lady said I can’t sit here it for paying customers only… my sister told Miranda that she was waiting for me and she couldnt stand or walk for a long period of time and that I went to get a cart for her.
    Miranda stated again seating is for paying customers only. However, their was only one person in the store and she was sitting next to my sister abd they was conversing.

    My sister had multiple surgeries on her spine. Cervical spine fusion -Thoracic spine fusion -Lower lumbar calcium bone removal. She has 13-in titanium plates with 18 screws also 8-in titanium plates with eight screws and there was no metal at it to her lower lumbar just bone removal. As well as half body arthritis.

    When I asked for corporate number Miranda said its gonna come back to me I’m the gm. I told her there is someone over you! So we left I went to get my car sat in front of walmart and told my sister I have to say something to that lady. I told her that she was very inconsiderate, rude and a demoralizing person. To kick a handicap person out of the store. I said what if someone kicked your handicap sister out of a store how would you feel? Miranda then say I didnt know she was waiting on a cart… ((that was a blod face lie)) Miranda said what can I do to fix it? My response can you fix my sister feelings? For someone to be so heartless and inconsiderate of other people and thier disability is just sorrowful. I do not wish bad on anyone but i do know karma is real!!!!!
    This location dont have good reviews….. If I was going purchase something from this establishment after that treatment I would never!!!

  • Theresa Herron says:

    How can I speak with a live operator

  • Sad lady says:

    Sunny Ville in Oak Cliff Domino’s Pizza manager very rude very disrespectful he made me cry today I was very upset he hollered at me disrespect me and talk very bad to me says he is the manager I told him I would call corporate he told me to go ahead and do what I wanted to do do I think that they would let him go and he can run a whole store by his self he has been with dominoes 30 years it doesn’t make a difference how many years you’ve been there you should not treat people the way that man treated me after all I went through for one hour then I got to my car and my pizza had no meat on it

  • Sad lady says:

    I went to Domino’s Pizza on oct 10 /10/2022 at 2:30 PM I did not leave until 330 pm The man that was working there was very disrespectful and rude to me I started to cry I asked him for a manager he said he were the manager I told him I would contact corporate he said go ahead they love me do what I wanted to do he can run a store by himself do I think they will let him go hell no he says when I finally got my pizza went to the car and looked at it he did not put meat on it I took it back in he begin to holler at me saying I told him I did not want meat he did fix the pizza over I am very upset about this

  • Dietrick says:

    It’s a shame that these owners don’t care. It says alot about them.

  • Dietrick says:

    Employees need to wear gloves and stop talking and laughing over the food that they are making. This should be a company wide thing to do. I’m waiting and watching and it’s disgusting how they are laughing and talking and wiping there hands on things while making people’s pizzas.

  • Tony says:

    109th and national (new store) moved from 108th and Oklahoma is junk!!! Do NOT go there .. management blows.. very ignorant and disrespectful! Ordered there once a week… For three years and now bc of this will NEVER go here or any dominos again. Pizza hut will getine and friends business!

  • Kirk kent says:

    I am very disappointed in ur company in Newark ny

  • Penny Gammons says:

    I hate the computer named Becky. I think having a real person on the phone is providing excellent customer service and having to listen to a bunch of sales pitches and answer a bunch of automated questions asked by a computer is horrible customer service. When I call to place my order I want to hear a real person from my local store say how May I help you and take my order. Dominos is my favorite pizza and I am no longer able to purchase from my local store and it’s the only one around for about 75 miles because of your automated systems.

  • David Maldonado says:

    What gives dominoes they right to bring up a subject like gas prices in a commercial? You want to talk politics or pizza? Who do you support? Let me guess, by looking at your stupid commercial im guessing your marketing director is a trumptard. Im also guessing that dominoes are spy supporting republican idiots. I wouldnt buy or eat your pizza ever again for free. I will do everything in my power to stop people from buying your republican only pizza. If you start to hear people refer to you as the republican pizza, that would be me.

  • Sandra Roberts says:

    On 9/5/2022, at 12:45pm, a Dominos delivery truck blocked my Vehicle at the 1277 W. Foothill Blvd. Upland Ca Location. I waited 15 minutes in 103 degree temperatures for the delivery to be completed. Finally I called the store for assistance. The manager would not take my call, but the employee said nothing could be done because the truck driver was not their employee. I was told I had to locate the driver and ask him to move his truck, which I did. The truck driver was very accommodating. First of all a Domino’s delivery truck should never block a vehicle for an extended period of time and secondly Domino’s employee’s should be able to assist a person with A matter such as this. I am a patron of the neighboring Shirlee’s Gym. I was parked in a legal parking space. I want to be clear the truck driver was respectful and took action within 5 minutes of my request. When I first looked for the driver I could not find him because he was inside the restaurant. I am 75 years old and had to wait in 103 degree weather for him to come outside, when the staff could have easily and should have helped me with this issue. Thank you.

  • Clayton Dudzic says:

    There is only one Dominos store here in Bend, Oregon. It says it closes at 1 am. But Saturday when I called at 12mid, they phone recording said it was closed. Between 9:30 pm to 12mid, I kept calling and calling for a delivery to be made, but kept on getting disconnected. They need a 2nd Dominos Store. The hotel I was working that late night was busy, sold out and I was hungry for a pizza. The guests here at the hotel are unable to order online, because the building location is 200 yards east from a main street. We have to order from Pizza Hut who are very close location to the Dominos Store, but have delivered to our Hotel many times. I prefer Dominos all my life, but unable to get it delivered to Home2 Suites by Hilton – Bend. Please help!!!!!

  • Kevin says:

    I called one of your denver stores at 730 pm on this date told it take 2 to 3 hours for delivery I placed my order called them back at 2 and half hours later to be told my oder had not been placed what kind of fucking business do you allow to be run if this is hiw you treat truck drivers I will make sure to spread the word that you business is not trustworthy of our time and money

  • Fish says:

    Terrible business and corporate does not care!!! Eat papa john’s or Pizza Hut or anything other than domino’s they don’t deserve your business

  • Fish says:

    Eaton Colorado has the worst dominos ever and i’ve had to call corporate many times and even corporate only called me back once and refuses to call me back!!!! Terrible business

  • Lora Guajardo says:

    I am now furious. There is a large pile of trash dumped on the parking lot of Domino’s Pizza which is the entrance to our subdivision. 6404 Telephone Rd Houston TX. I reported this to the the manager on August 22. She told me it’s not their problem. Your customer care number 734 930 3030 does not connect me with anyone to speak to. Your 832 649 8917 doesn’t either. If I were the owner of this restaurant I would certainly want to be informed of this eyesore and the rude employee. I have contacted the city and they will be issuing a citation. I’d like to let you know how awful this experience has been and would like someone from Domino’s to respond and pick up the trash pile immediately.

  • Cinda Johnson says:

    I ordered a pizza from them at 5 20 it is now5 minutes to 7 00 this is ridiculous .

  • Mr. Bob Gordon says:

    Written without prejudice
    Racism & Prejudice by middlee-ast people in ottawa. Destroying the corporation’s name and messing around with the ingredients CEO Mr. Richard Allison. Please make them stop. We saw them drop food on the floor and put it on the pizza. They are rude, refuse to work, cause trouble. It is no longer your company here. Sorry.

  • Martin Anderson says:

    I’d like to know why your new store in Annandale,man is never open
    Also when it is you general manager is a complete an user ars hole…
    It’s no wonder why your store is closed most times
    Your manager is a complete idiot trust me.. this whole town knows

  • Brianna says:

    How can I claim my points for a free pizza it won’t let me do it online?

  • Paul E Taylor says:

    I have been trying to get a refund for two weeks

  • Lenn kidd says:

    I always order from the 9650 legacy store in dirt worth tx. We always order extra sauce on our pizza’s and seems like we never get it I do believe that is an up charge that we pay for. We average ordering at least once a week . We have complained to store nothing ever changes. Please someone help with this

  • Scott says:

    when to Domino’s downtown Houston, the nastiest Domino’s I’ve ever encountered. Rude staff, no one wearing hairnets, I’ll stick with the one in my neighborhood from here on out. Clearly no one inspects these stores or they just over look it for one reason or another.

  • Shondra Shaw says:

    I will never ever order from dominos again..cancelled my order no explanation..I only ordered because they messed up on my last order and I had a free pizza coupon..they mess up on everything..give me my money back on the other stuff I ordered now..not 5 days from now

    • Rachel says:

      I just had the same experience. I called to see why my order was taking so long and the girl said she’s just gonna cancel my order and if I don’t like it I can call corporate because she’s not giving her GM’s name out for me to speak to them and I still haven’t received my money back. It was over $60! Who do I contact about this???

  • David hopp says:

    wooooo I started reading the 74 comments WOOOOOO only read a few man OO man I got two Pizza and not happy with them , never again . You guys got to do better I’m surprise that your stock is so high, I don’t think they have every had your Pizza , because it would be at $.01 if not $–.0000. Your welcome, D

  • Krystal Little says:

    I had the worst experience ever with Odessa , TX location at the east 8th street location after employees tried to steal food that I paid over 70 $ for it because it was almost time for them to close they called from store phone but claimed didn t know where driver was after online tracker said it was delivered 15 min ago and then suddenly he shows up manager said that driver Coul dnt find my place and tried to call supposedly but never got any calls except from him so I offered to go pick up and was told no it is ok But funny they found adress suddenly he
    Just fine and called from another number and when food was received half order wings was barley cooked and 2 out of 4 pizzas ordered the only ones that I did actually receive were not even what I ordered wings were cold with barley any sauce call that raw plus bread sticks cheese and jalepenos and pinnaple bread missing cookie brownie missing and no sauces pasta or drinks ordered delivered and when we called and complained manager said she cant Fix that big or
    F order or refund it.on week
    End she will send out coupons we waited awhile and patient and some days but n no nothing called back and manager blamed us for why did this not get fixed when it happened and not a month later I told her that you did this your the manager tell me she was cocky stuck up rude and then laughed that I was reporting her still no coupons received order not replaced nor refund it is stupid

  • Lori says:

    I have several. I didn’t complain to you before because I would call back our Dominos and they would make it right by making us a new pizza and delivering it right away. This happened at least a dozen times in 2 years. Reasons are: soggy uncooked in the middle, burnt, wrong toppings, wrong toppings and I was allergic to mushrooms but thank God my husband noticed it first or I would own Dominos by now (if I lived), etc. We didn’t complain to corporate office because we believe in the the small business entrepreneurship but I’m tired of it now. They really pissed me off. The Google maps says they are opened but they won’t accept my order at 11:45 because they say they close at 12:00. What the hell! You advertise you’re open, you should be. I’ve been a loyal customer. Who tips very well and you can’t honor your hours. That’s not right. In my 54 years of life, I’ve probably put thousands of dollars in your corporation but your people can’t honor a lousy hour for a loyal customer of probably of 40 years, especially all the bullshit we had to put up from your employees!!!!
    I’m not sure if I will ever go again and I will make sure my many Facebook followers know about this too

  • Rose says:

    I ordered a large Pizza from Domino’s Pizza. Three hours ago and they have not brought my order

  • Paula Murrell says:

    Dominos has the worst customer service of any restaurant in my area which is Odessa Tx. Ordering on the app is a joke! Will say your order is ready for pickup & get there & will not be ready for an hour! Will never order from Domino’s again!

    • Norb says:

      Welcome to the club, I live in Phoenix, AZ. I have the same trouble
      with theDominos in my area. Emailed the company several weeks ago
      never received a reply. I’ll go some where else for pizza.

  • Fermin Ciprian says:

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Fermin Ciprian and I am filing a complaint of unprofessional and disrespectful behavior towards my son and I that occurred last week.

    The Domino’s pizza is located on North Main Street in Providence RI made my pizza with bear hands even after it came out oven and spoke on top of pizza while conversating w/ co-coworkers. I requested a new one and manager Elijaha (who prepared pizza)refused to make a new order. The manager acted in a disrespectful and unprofessional manner. When my 15 yr old son came into the store to see what was happening, the manager quickly stated to my son that I was an asshole, repeatedly.

    My email is profe9573@yahoo.com and contact # is 401-639-0989.


    Mr. Ciprian

  • Dale Ryan says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I have been a regular customer of Dominos pizza. On 7-17-2022 I ordered 2 pizzas one of them was short one topping. This is not the first time this has happened to me, but enough is enough! I called the location on 6th St. Macclenny Fl. I informed the person answering the phone of the problem. His reply was “we called you”. I checked my phone log, even though my phone was beside me the entire time, no one called. I informed him of this and he said, “I can add a .14 credit to your account.” Not taking into consideration of the aggravsation and frustration of the situation. Like .14 is going to alleviate the problem. In my day if you put on any uniform it was an honor to be accepted just to have the trust of the company you represented. What the hell is going on? I told him next time I call pizza hut. Just thought you should know what’s going on.


    I have ordered a millions times like on a weekly basis. I go to visit family in Virginia Beach and my ordered was charged twice my account is in the negative because I was fully charged for an order and there a hold on 72 dollars for the same order on top of that. This is so unbelievably unacceptable. To top it all off I called the store and they have “no say” in how to help me and direct me to this horrible phone number that doesn’t even work. Then I complained online and get a call back from a RUDE I MEAN RUDEEE employee who was very uncommunicative and when he did respond instead of talking over me he was aggressive then proceeded to tell me he could help me and told me to call the office and the office number doesn’t even have any options for me to click so I click a random one and no one answers. This is so ridiculous I just want the hold or refund of half my money. But at this point I’m getting very irritated over this whole situation and want a full refund and will never order again.

  • Jerry Siegenthaler says:

    On June 25th, 2022 I ordered a 12″ pizza by phone in Brentwood, CA Store #7437. I was expecting to pay $7.99 + tax. When I went to pick up the pizza I was told the amount was $16.23. ($14.99 + 1.24 Tax). My first thought was to walk away. I see TV ads everyday stating the $7.99 price. I paid the $16.23 price, but was angry to be duped by false advertising. I guess Covid = screw your customers.

  • LJA says:

    This has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have been trying to reach an actual person, owner, manager, worker??? anyone!! I have been through phone trees and text bots and contact forms – Corporate number 734-930-3030 is just a phone tree that tells you to go and fill out a form or send an email and then hangs up on you. The number that is given on the Better Business Bureau website 301-568-8883 just rings and rings and then hangs up – not even a message! I guess there are enough customers who don’t care about an awful product and rudeness in order to keep Dominos in business so that those of us who would like a good product and to be treated respectfully, really don’t matter enough for them to bother addressing. I am sure they are making enough money off of the customers they have (they sure charge enough!), so they don’t really have to care about the ones they are losing. It is very apparent to me that they are happy to grind through customers and they don’t need repeat customers to rake in enough dollars…otherwise they would not be so rude and then extremely evasive and unwilling to address or resolve complaints. First off, I ordered pizza from a local store last month as I had friends over to help me paint an entire apartment and I thought it would be nice to have something for them to eat since they were helping me. I have not ordered from Domoinos before. I used the website to order online (I do not want the app, thank you! I have enough apps!) and that was a slow process….but that is how it is now for everything, so I just did it. I picked up the pizzas (there is no delivery where I live it was a 40-minute round trip to pick them up) and brought the boxes into the apartment without opening them and put them into the oven to help keep them warm (the oven was not on!), When we went to take our break I opened the boxes to find three horribly burnt and dry pizzas that were pretty much inedible! The only one that was halfway decent was the one with the huge number of toppings and it was paradoxically burnt and soggy at the same time. I called to complain and they said they would remake them but they would not deliver them to me – I would have to pick them up. Well, I was in the middle of painting so I could not do that. I asked for a refund – or even a partial refund. I was told that was not possible but they would give me a credit. I paid over $60 for three tiny, horribly burnt pizzas – more than I paid for the paint! I was told the credit would be associated with my phone number for the next time I ordered. Fast forward to yesterday. I decided to have friends over and use my credit with Dominos. I wanted to order on the phone using the LOCAL number so that I could make sure that the credit would be applied to my order. Ha, ha! What a joke! Try to get someone on the phone!? First I had to go to the phone tree and beg the robot with the annoying voice (really, she is horrible!) to let me speak with a person. Finally, they put me through to a person – in INDIA. I then had to repeat all the same information that the robot required and then proceeded to explain to this person that I was trying to make sure that I would get my credit for the order and she tells me that she can’t help me “from there” as she did not have access to that information and then she put me on hold so I could listen to “lovely” music while she put me through to the local store to talk to the manager. Finally, a man answers very gruffly, like had woken him up or something (I guess they never have to actually answer the phone there!) and I am trying to explain about the credit and that I would like to order and he keeps rudely yelling”I really can’t hear you! Can you speak up!” and then hangs up on me! This all took almost 40 minutes! To order pizza!! I just could not go through that again and ended up going to the grocery store and getting frozen pizza. Now today, my quest to at least lodge a complaint has come down to filling out this form, which I am sure no one at the company will read and, even if they do, they really will not care. I just want my $60 back! I will never buy anything from them again!

  • Harriett Thompson says:

    I’m sure you hear all the bad comments. Well this is a GOOD comment. We had Chicken Alfredo, Pizza, Salad, Cheesy Marinara Dip and Bread Twist, Stuffed Cheesy Bread with Spinach and Feta. All was hot and outstanding. We will DEFINITELY be going back and soon. THANK YOU 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Concerned Employee says:

    We have a very big problem in Phoenix, AZ to solve. There are stores that are not opening until about noon due to being understaffed while others open up at 2 PM and others at 10 AM if the manager feels like working that day. This problem has been exsisting for quite some time. There is at least one store that is having leaking problems. There is at least one store that favortisim run rampent that causes the day crew to perform the bulk of the cleaning tasks and delivering orders in the heat of the day and getting sick. There is at least one store that has undergone a major replacement of the crew because they could not keep up with cleaning tasks. There is at least one store that has been investigated as to why it is having the maintance and cleaning problems it has. This same store’s night crew has members that will eat cancelled orders before performing the duties they were hired to do and pitching in to bring the store into compliance with safety and health requlations. How can I make this situation better when it appears that no one knows what to do or will not do what is necessary until those in authority tell them what needs to be done?To keep up with customer demands one store is dispatching drivers to houses in areas that belong to other stores. Why is one store allowed to open at 10 AM and others at noon and 2 PM? This does nothing but overwork a crew and cause them to become sick (heat exhaustion, heat stroke and allergen exposure).

  • John Wallace says:

    I may over thinking this too much, but as a black man borne is the south. I just to let you know I am very offended by your commercial show the country a black youngster grabbing the pizza and running out without paying. You are perpetuating that black teen-ages steal. I we as people are working to change that image and here you are promoting black people in a negative image.

  • Ed says:

    Why is it so difficult to make contact with domino’s to file a complaint of poor service and management failure of service after its been paid for. My number is 406 498 4457 I’ll be expecting a call between 9 to 12 mountain time, Ed.

  • Victor says:

    Pizza slices were cut in 2 inch slices .I mean huge slices on one side and a 2 inch chunk of crust for 2 slices..wings just had sauce thrown on a spot of them and pizza was all over cooked and burnt.100.00 dollars worth of pizza for kids

  • sharon says:

    I would like to address the poor customer service in Miami Florida I was on hold for 30 mins to place my order no response I got into my car drove over there to find everyone inside the place talking while i was standing there for 30 mins looking at them in the face when another customer came in to pick up her order when we both are standing there waiting for someone to serve us as customers the other customer was asking are someone going to help us or not I explain to her that I was waiting for 30 mins to place my order and that I got into my car drove over there so I told them that I was waiting for someone to pick up the phone to take my order to drive over there and they still ignored me I told them that why are you not answering the phone I was inside therewith the phone keep ringing and they were standing around talking unacceptable very disappointed for this type of service the worst services I have seen from this company very disappointing.

  • Duane says:

    Your commercial with the guy that is talking in a sassy voice is a dumb commercial makes me not want to order a pizza from you there is enough disrespect going on now we don’t meed to teach it

  • Madison says:

    I am writing concerning an incident I had with the franchise location at 4305 Northern Pike, Monroeville Pa 15146 in the Moss Side Plaza.
    I ordered a small spinach and feta pizza for delivery on Thursday June 2, 2022. I placed my order at 3:18pm. The website quoted a 31 minute delivery time, however, my order did not arrive until 4:46pm, and the delivery driver did not leave the store until 4:04 (per my receipt), but I did not know this until my food was delivered. I never received a call from the restaurant telling me that my order would be late, and the order sat in quality check for an hour. At 4:09, the driver called me from (724) 205-0906 and asked for directions. I gave him clear directions, and confirmed the address, even giving the name of the plaza we were in. We spoke for approximately 5 minutes, during which time I had to ask him to turn his GPS volume down so that we could hear each other. As I was about to call the restaurant, I received a call from the same number listed above at 4:26pm. The driver was still confused. I explained the directions again, and asked him where he was. He gave me his location and I realized that he was still closer to his restaurant than he was to me and it had been over an hour since I ordered. I advised the driver that I did not want to receive cold food, and he assured me that it was still hot. He then disconnected the call. He arrived at my address at 4:46. No explanation, no apology and with an attitude. He left the food with the first person he saw, and walked out the door. I attempted to call the restaurant to speak with a manager and got no answer. I called multiple times that evening, and nothing. I called back the next day about 11:00am and got a manager named Sheraj. I explained the situation, and instead of trying to rectify the situation, he tried to make excuses for the driver. He told me that the driver tried to call me but I didn’t answer. He told me that I didn’t give them an address(which I had to enter online to get the delivery option, and which is on the top right corner of my receipt). Lastly, he stated that the location the driver eventually came to did not exist, and that this is the reason he was late. I asked Sheraj not to attempt to take up for the driver, but instead to own up to the mistake and fix the problem, to which he replied; ma’am we did nothing wrong…we are busy, there’s machines everywhere, and buttons going off…this isn’t a drive through, it takes longer. I reminded him that I was aware of where I ordered, I understand the time it takes (31 minutes according to the website), but almost two hours, and the driver’s inability to understand directions (even with a GPS) is unacceptable. The manager became belligerent, and I was tired of going back and forth, so I asked him for his name and the spelling. He advised me that he didn’t have a last name, just a first name. I told him that it was ok, I would be reaching out to corporate to advise of his poor customer service.

  • ROBERT CRAIG says:


  • Enrique says:

    Walked in ordered large manager special and 8 buffalo wings. I was told it would be 20 minutes.40 minutes later they hand me a cold pizza and hot wings. Store #7724 ticket #695. Last time I go to that location, very disappointing.

  • Kim says:

    I was driving, I called my local Dominos to order a 7.99 pizza. I could only get this offer online. Well, I was driving, so this boils down to me paying you to order a pizza that I would have been picking up. Sad business Dominos.

  • JSS says:

    Domino’s continues operations in Russia and has no intention of withdrawing licenses or discontinuing it’s operations there. No one should do business with organizations who support terrorist regimes who are committing crimes against human rights and humanity. Boycott is in order!

  • Clay says:

    On 5/21/22 at Domino’s in Seminole, Ok has a delivery driver the has flaking skin on his face. Like he never washed it. From top of his forehead to the bottom of his neck. I hope he did not make pizzas or everyone’s pizza might have human skin on top of it. Think of a lizard molding (shedding skin).

  • Nick says:

    Just went to the Belton,Texas location. The sign said open until 1am. Nothing said about about closed to carry out. We tried to order at 10:50 pm. As I walked up to the door they locked it and shut off the lobby lights. They were very rude. If you are going to close the store for carry out make it known not just open to a certain time. I will never do business with your shitty company!

  • Donna says:

    You need to get rid of that “call center”. They are awful. I was told my order was $35 when we added up my charges it came to $25. He said sorry and took off $3. When I get my food the bill says $43. This is ridiculous and unless you go back to normal I will order from papa johns.

  • dee says:

    i just placed an order at 8:30 pm got my order at 10:30 pm three hours later im not paying, I called and spoke to some kind of manager, he said the team quit. This location is in Houston Tx their mobile service is down and cannot even order online i believe the staff are skimming Creditcards and collecting info,
    to rip people off. the drive just walk away with order he did not even ask for a gas which 4.00 dollars a gallon very uncaring staff at this location , You call this location 713 695-4890 they will not answer the phone properly. this place suck they own me a pizza for the inconvenience. this place suck the mandger said its dominos with the low pay and lazy staff.

  • DT says:

    Domino’s down 69 south Tuscaloosa Alabama General manager got a attitude with me whenever I asked about who was the employee who was being rude over the phone! I need someone to contact me

  • discussed highest says:

    Dominos in my area of Mississauga, ON , ca for lack of of a better word sucks , first off a pizza is cut in triangles not small pieces , 2nd it’s delivered to the door hot , not cold and over cooked, avoid ordering from the Glen Erin / Collegeway location

  • SANDRA GREEN says:

    1600 Crosslink in Raleigh North Carolina

  • Kathy says:

    I ordered online and now (2 hours later)being told that the online service tells the wrong delivery time 35-45 minutes. It has been in quality check for 1 hour. The store got rude and said we would have to bring pizza back to them because we were upset and wanted a refund for having to wait. Just must not want customers?

  • Vicki says:

    I ordered wings last week at one of the locations and my daughter/I received food poisoning from those wings. I just received info from their day manager that the wings I was served was expired! EXPIRED CHICKEN!

  • Steven J Smith says:

    I’m attempting to file a complaint but more rigmarole from Domino’s. We will not be doing business in the future.

  • Mark says:

    I ordered a pizza from Klamath Falls store the person told me that it would be 45 minutes. After an hour went by I called back the person had a bad attitude said they only had one driver he didn’t let me know that it would take over an hour we ended up getting something else I asked to speak to his manager he said he is the manager I really didn’t appreciate his rude attitude. We will not order from the Klamath Falls Oregon Domino’s again

  • Steven woodring says:

    so i have ordered from the same dominoes 2 times and got my order wrong the first time. pizza for my son did not show up and they told me i would have to tell him to wait another hour for his food. last night i ordered 2 pizzas they showed on the tracker they were being quality checked at 9:41 pm by 10:40 we still did not have the pizza for my kids. i called the store and they told me they were just about to leave. i told the man on the phone i was concerned about the pizzas being fresh. we got the pizzas at 10:55 pm i live 1.6 miles from the store. the pizzas were cold.

  • Sabreena Barton says:

    How sad is it that a $40.00 order from my local dominos can be stopped, ignored, and never processed? These people kept messing up my orders and I made them make good on it so now they take the order and never process it. I’m going to take this to social media for action since Dominos refuses to help me.

  • David Benitez says:

    I think you all should stop the $3.00 tip for carry out. I always tip $5.00 or more but, you all tip us $3.00. Now I will tip $3.00 if that’s all it’s worth. Just make it a $3.00 discount for carry out. Just my thoughts. Thanks and I enjoy your pizza

  • Linda Pace (Manteca, California) says:

    Domino’s offers a discount if you place your order online. On several occasions I’ve tried to order online but the website says “they don’t deliver to my address.” This is incorrect as I’ve not only ordered by telephone but have had a least 3 deliveries to my home in the last couple of months. After failing to be able to order online, I’ve called to place the order and requested the discount, but except on one occasion, I’ve been told that no discount could be offered. Dominos has lost my business and I’m going to let everyone I know who talks about Dominos know about my experience.

  • Martha Marshburn says:

    Several weeks ago I bought a gift card from Domino’s in Richlands, NC. I paid cash and didn’t receive a receipt. I went back the next day to get a receipt and the transaction couldn’t be found. I was irate! However, the person that received the gift card said it was used the same day as received. There were no problems. I would like to apologize to the manager for making negative remarks. Thank you for making sure the card was loaded even though I didn’t ask for a receipt. The student stated the food was very good. I hope all teachers will use Domino’s as a way to reward a student for demonstrating hard work and growth.

  • S. Tompkins says:

    The manager at 524 W. New Circle Rd Lexington, Ky 40511, would not give his name, very rude and disrespectful, would not listen to the complaint or try to resolve the situation. Done lots of business with this particular store, but not if he’s still the manager.

    • James says:

      Went into Domino’s Pizza here in Paris Texas to order a 7.99 pizza and they told us we had to order online and we do not know how to order it online we’re 75 years old we’ve been buying pizza from Domino’s since it was first coming to Paris Texas and so y’all are cutting out the seniors on the specials.James



  • Jesse says:

    Domino’s Pizza discriminate against people who are disabled. They purposely ruin their food,charge them & disregard them by opening are rude & viloence against people who are disabled

  • Jenny says:

    I am not happy with the tip ad. Our local domino’s that we have utilized a lot over the years does not honor the $3.00 tip for picking up. The ad does not say at participating stores. Should they not have to honor this. The reason I am writing is that several of our friends that have utilized dominoes have complained as well.
    Thank you

  • Diana says:

    I ordered a large pizza which came cold, and the Parmesan bites were uncooked! The manager of the Katy store 6740 is so rude and she provided the excuse that they did not have my suite number, which is not true as I am a rewards member and they have my contact information.
    Then I paid $25.- for a 3 millimeters thick pizza, cold, sooty and uncooked bites.
    I am not buying anymore nothing at this company, not only for the lack of solution of problems as asking in the front desk about my suite, which was registered on my contact information with domino’s members. The horrible customer services skills reflects their care for cooking, delivery and services, you better get a $10- pizza at Panera Bread healthy and baked in-front of you!

  • Cheryl says:

    Domino’s does not care about heir customers and it’s top down from corporate to franchise owners and managers and cashiers. Frustrated and pissed

  • Bill says:

    As mask mandates are ending in many US states and countries- what reasons are Dominos using to justify the continued masking of their store employees? As far as I know, there has not been any formal statement made by Dominos corporate, franchisees regarding this policy decision. Rather, no update as of Feb 2022. Implied messaging to store employees- just wear them until further notified. Really? You all can do better for your staff. They have to endure masking up in states where the state mandates have ended. Why? And for how much longer?

  • Bill says:

    Dominos should be very clear what the automatic $4.99 delivery charge on every delivery order is for. It puts drivers at a disadvantage as many customers believe this is the “tip” for the driver and withhold an actual tip. Perhaps being more forthright where this amount is allocated would be a great gesture of transparency to paying customers and for uour drivers to know, and inform their customers when asked. $4.99 per delivery order does add up. What is it used for? Driver cost, low pizza prices, additional profit margin…what?

  • Bill says:

    Many customers get frustrated when they discover that the deals (prices) offered on the Dominos website are not offered in the local stores. In fact, the stores have no idea whats offered online and they can’t match the online offers in the stores. A real disconnect not communicating this to online customers. I can understand this as a customer, and can see why it causes verbal confrontation by some at the local store counter with Dominos store employees.

  • bonnie fecteau says:

    I have lived in the same address for 12 years and have ordered dominoes food faithfully. this summer I was told that they cannot bring orders to me because of traffic. then they told me they do not deliver on Mondays, this last weekend the pizza was terrible. It was cold and soggy, my dog would not eat it, and she will eat anything! I feel as though dominoes is deterating in hampton,nh. I am only writing ,because the employees are rude to us! WHY?

  • Paul R. O'Hanlon says:

    Just picked up an order at your Connellsville, Pa. Store, when I asked about a coupon for $3 off on my next pick-up they all looked at me like I was from the moon. I really like your company and will still order from you but those blank looks really got to me. Please keep your people up to date. Your good corporate name is well deserved. Thanks for have a forum that I can blow off some steam.

  • Shelley Resseguie says:

    First off… Lamont, cell #8434087154 was our delivery driver. The store phone number is 8437208600. Address is 99 West Edge street, suite 1400 in downtown Charleston, SC. He never came to lobby of our hotel. Texted me that he was here when clearly wasn’t. Then I called his number and asked where he was. He said he’d flash his lights and for me to come meet him. By the way, for you to understand the severity of this situation, he was in a dark construction alley about 50 yards from hotel lobby entrance at 1020 pm. instead of the designated parking area for drops off. I said absolutely not and for him to come to the lobby as directed. The hotel front supervisor/manager was there to witness this and said for me to stay where I was. He then, pulls up in a dark mini van, NO DOMINO’S LOGO OF ANY KIND, IN STREET CLOTHES WITH A LEATHER JACKET… has our pizza, not in a delivery carrier bag and ZERO RECEIPT. I was immediately felt threatened and concerned about who this individual was. I asked who the order is for, he said my name and then girl… How you say that last name. I said ummm, that’s non of your concern. As he handed me the pizza and I leaned in the grab it he hesitated like a game of cat/mouse. I said excuse me and I would like my pizza now and during handoff, he took his right hand and brushed my shoulder down to where my breast was and I said excuse me don’t touch me then he proceeds to ask how long I’m in town and wanted to hang with me. First off, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I rushed back in the lobby of the hotel and the manager asked me if I was OK and if I needed help and I shook my head yes and she told me to get away from the individual. He then… YES, HE THEN GOES INTO THE LOBBY TO HARASS her and asked her out on a DATE. After he was asked to leave, hotel management discussed what had just happened with me and I called the store and spoke with the manager named Ronnie. He apologized and was supposed to have the owner/his boss contact myself personally and the hotel to address this situation today but nothing. I felt completely threatened and violated. He harassed both of us. Why would you ever put your hands on anyone. What kind of unprofessional bullshit is this? What kind of place are you running bere? I refused to eat the pizza for the simple fact that your creepy sketchy driver has laced it with some form of drug. THIS IS BEYOND UNEXCEPTABLE. This is seriously messed up. This guy needs to be stopped before some women gets hurt. I will continue as well as the hotel to follow through that something is done about this. You have lost all my business and all of my respect. People need to know about this and I will not stop until this POS IS FIRED.

  • Gregory Grant says:

    Hello sir, my name is Gregory Grant and I would like to take the time an opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for being you . Thank you for changing the face of a corporation that not only i grew up with but, remembering the times a had with friends and family over pizza from your stores. You have not only improved on your business but I honestly believe you have in some way improved on yourself. To this I only pray and I mean this ( I pray that God continues to bless you and the growth of your business.) I have watched how you’ve extended your business wealth to smaller companies especially during these times. And to this again I say thank you. 
    I am no business owner but only a consumer that just wanted to let you know this one consumer appreciates all you do all you’ve done and please continue to help change the face of our country by leading your family and business into a brighter future/world. 
                                                                                 Sincerely yours, Gregory Grant

  • Katrina "KATE" Scott says:

    My name is Kate Scott. I worked for many years for Domino’s as a Store President in multiple regions, under Tom Monahan both my husband Melvyn and myself. I am truly heartbroken as to the quality of the product we are putting out these days. I actually said tonight that I would never order another pizza from Domino’s ever again. We raised our kids on Domino’s. They all had their 1st jobs in our stores. We are both on your hall of fame in Ann Arbor. We loved this company…not any more. We always ordered the Extravaganzza. Worst pizza ever. So soggy we couldn’t even pick it up. I paid $30 for our order tonight. I truly could NOT be more disappointed. This is not the 1st time but it will be the last. I hope you research my name and my history with your company. We had a different work ethic back then. Some of our friends still have stores. Vaughn Madison and Alex Argain to name a couple. I can no longer justify my continued loyalty. How sad is that…

    • Gregory Grant says:

      Wow and I just wrote a personal email on how much I love them. It sadden me to hear something like this. Hopefully they will read your post and immediately change something not only within this store but improve on the quality their relationship with their customers and the community.

    • Dou Carrier says:

      Well at least now after reading these comments I feel better about complaining about the service I’ve been getting but I’m not the only one! Sounds like someone somewhere needs to pull someone’s head out of their ass and fixit before the cancer that is infecting this company kills it altogether because everyone knows how fast cancer can gro!!!

  • Nancy oneill says:

    Your ads are
    deceptive you state free Surprises when you order however I called and they told me that only 1 out of 14 get a free surprises. Really why do you not say that in the add. I feel cheated. I ordered in Plymouth mass store #66 tonight. You should really tell the truth

  • Richie says:

    Multiple times we have ordered from this Domino’s site, 8060 MN-55 W Rockford, MN 55373, and majority of the time the order is sub-par and they always forget our sauces. Tonight on Dec 10, 2021 we called in an order and pizza wasn’t ready on time and we were suppose to get free sauce for all the times we didn’t get the sauce but we did not get the extra free sauces. The pizza was burnt and when we called to let them know, Skip the manager said he was the one who cut our pizza and it wasn’t burnt. He was snarky, rude and very unprofessional. Then hung up in my face in the middle of me talking. I am married with 6 kids so we usually spend between 40 and 60 dollars an order. Tonight has pushed us past our limit and we will never buy anything from Domino’s Pizza again.

  • Anon says:

    With the Coronavirus issue right now it is very disappointing that at the Dominos Pizza in 22 Plantation Bluffton South Carolina 29910 (4 employees not wearing their masks properly ) one hanging from his ear, another on his head, another one under his mouth. I went to pick up my pizzas and you can see the employees breathing on top of the pizzas they are working on. No consideration for customers. Who is the manager ?

    • Bill says:

      I agree. But if you are concerned about a human’s breath or contact poisoning your food with Enough Covid to trigger am infection in you, then perhaps you should reconsider such like places to eat? How do you know at a restaurant where the kitchen is hidden what’s happening as your order is being prepared? How about hand washing? I would consider e-coli or Hepatitis in food prep a much more transmissible pathogen. Patrons have lived with that risk over the years. Research Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA tech used in both the Pfizer and Moderna injectionTherapy. He sheds valuable scientific light on this form of EUA therapy. Also, a condition called “Mass Formation Psychosis.” I don’t know your particular health condition, nor do I want to- but if those who feel this threatened and at health risk- perhaps its those individuals who needs to take to take extra precautions. That’s what people have always done- they take measures to protect themselves, or those people will never have peace expecting the entire populace to conform to their liking.

  • alfred minicozzi says:

    my points were taken from me. I called the store and sent you an email. I need my points back.

  • kevin says:

    You have lost my business, The Alma, Mi branch would not accept my phone order, because I only had a $100 with me. I have had many orders sent to my address, like I’m gonna rob them. You have lost another customer, send thanks to your Alma, Mi franchise !!

  • Pauline Mccann says:

    Free pizza coupon did not work . Sent me this code lmbb1118-viqdrfu4bw I tryed 4 times I called dominos said they couldn’t help me don’t expire 11242019 ?????

  • Linda Adelman says:

    I ordered several things on the phone as the online service was not available. I was told 15-25 minutes. It came over an hour later, cold and burned, everything I ordered was burned. The delivery person started spouting God and all about prayer etc. and how I looked like a good person, etc., etc., etc. I was appalled. This is so, so, so, unacceptable. I am owed recompense, not just oh I am sorry, and a bunch of excuses.

  • francia n silvestre says:

    obviously you cannot get a hold of anyone on the customer service line they just hang up on you and show no customer support i ordered $50.00 worth of food it got to my house 3 hours later cold and soggy I am a student and i work very hard for my money and its really not fair that as a student i have to go through trying to get in contact with customer support over almoSt 2 hours instead of being able to do my homework study or just anything more productive … Im so disappointed

  • Jennifer Gora says:

    On June 20, 2019 I ordered a pizza, cheesey bread, and a salad. Everything showed up quickly, but the salad was nothing but brown lettuce. How can anyone from dominos think that delivering bad inventory is the way to keep customers. Not only did I end up wasting $7.99, but was seriously disgusted that anyone could knowingly give bad food to a paying customer like that.

  • Donald Fickes says:

    i order a pizza on memorial day 5/27/19 for myself and a friend it was never deliverd after calling about it an employee called me a liar.i have been ordering from this store for the past 8 years.the store is 409 east north grand ave springfield il. BAD! BAD! way to run a dominos!

  • howard branson says:

    i went to dominos in tweed heads nsw australia and there was a scooter inside the shop and you can see there was another one there previous and also phone was ringing and two employees were on there mobilesand when i said something they just ignored me from Howard Branson

  • Nikki says:

    I have been a Dominos Pizza lover since I can remember, but my most recent experiences with orders not being delivered is forcing me to go to the competition. Try calling corporate except no one responds nor seems to care. I’ll bet Tom Monaghan wouldn’t be happy to know that one location in Harrison Twp Michigan (Boat Town USA) has been taking orders with credit cards but NEVER delivering the pizza. The phone number to this location is 586-791-5900 and when asking for a manager, the snotty receptionist told me she is the only manager and if I ever called again; my order would not be taken! It was 10pm on Memorial weekend 2019 when my guests and myself ordered 4 pizzas and 3 sets of wings, and I was given a time frame of 1.5 hours. So at 11:30 I called to check on the order only to receive the nasty b**** comments, she screamed at me and hung up on me twice!! I want to report this to Dominos corporate and to let the rest of the world know what kind of service this location provides. I will never order from Domino’s pizza again because of this, and I will make sure that everyone in town knows what happened.

  • Dalton Easter says:

    I call one of your company in mobile,al to order four order of chicken wings pops and the young lady who answered the phone e was so rude and would not take my order and hung up the phone in my face here there phone number 251-476-2142 and my phone is 989 350 3816 and I move to mobile,al from Gaylord,mi

    • Keith Durden says:

      I have scanned the complaints and I have yet to see Dominoes respond. That is sad. I have tried to reach them by phone regarding my issue. For the 2nd time, I did not get $3 off next pizza after placing an order through the app

  • BOB says:


  • Edward Vallejos says:

    I don’t know if this is the correct website to send my feedback but here it goes:

    I lived at my current house residence for over 3 years. I have ordered online with Dominos’s around 20 times. Quite a few times deliveries were wrong and a month ago the pizza came in burned around the edges. As you can see over time we had issues with the Mapledale Plaza location in Woodbridge, VA.
    Last night I ordered a 14” thin pizza with extra peperoni and black olives. When the delivery person came I told him the pizza is plain white cheese, it’s wrong! He said take it anyways because they will throw it away and call Brittany the manager. The pizza was also cold.

    I called Brittany at 703 680 3030 and explained how I ordered the pizza online and I was delivered a plain white cold pizza. She responded: I am sorry I can’t help you, “when you ordered online we received an order for plain white pizza and that is a Domino’s problem not ours” If you called it in I could do something about it.

    At this point I told my household not to order any pizzas from DOMINO”S in the future. They can’t back up the brand name. when it comes up in conversation I will tell the story to friends and family.

    DOMINO’S brand name quality assurance is not recognize or back up with the independent operating franchises.

    I don’t want to add to the number of complaints in other websites. I don’t expect you to do anything for me.
    This information is to make you aware how independent franchises are mishandling complaints and blaming Domino’s.

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