Where is Dominion Energy Corporate office Headquarters

Dominion Energy Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 James Ctr, , Richmond, VA 23219, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 866-366-4357

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: CorporateBranding@dominionenergy.com

  • Number of Employees: 14743

  • Established: June 29, 1909

  • Founder: Frank Jay Gould

  • Key People: Thomas Farrell

Dominion Energy Headquarters Location & Directions

Dominion Energy Headquarters Executive Team



Thomas F. Farrell

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert M. Blue

Executive Vice President and President and CEO – Power Delivery Group

Paul D. Koonce

Executive Vice President and President and CEO – Power Generation Group

Mark F. McGettrick

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Thomas P. Wohlfarth

Senior Vice President – Regulatory Affairs

Carlos M. Brown

Vice President and General Counsel

James R. Chapman

Senior Vice President – Mergers & Acquisitions and Treasurer

Paul E. Ruppert

President – Gas Transmission

Craig C. Wagstaff

President – Gas Distribution

Edward H. Baine

Senior Vice President – Distribution

About Dominion Energy, History and Headquarters Information

Dominion Virginia was incorporated in 1983 and is based in Richmond, Va. By 1985, Dominion was divided among three operating companies: Virginia Power, North Carolina Power, and West Virginia Power. In 2017, Dominion bagged 238th position on the Fortune 500 list. In the same year, Dominion Resources changed its name to Dominion Energy. In 2018, Dominion Energy introduced a grid transformation program.

Dominion Virginia Power is one of the world’s largest producers and transporters of energy. It owns about $100 billion of assets that offer electric generation, transmission and distribution, as well as natural gas storage, transmission, distribution, and import/export services. In addition to all this, Dominion also manages the nation’s largest natural gas storage facility. Dominion operates 3 businesses: Dominion Generation, Dominion Virginia, and North Carolina Power, and Dominion Energy. This company has more than 16,200 employees who work for more than 7.5 million customers in 18 states to energize their homes and businesses with electricity or natural gas from Dominion Energy (NYSE: D).

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Dominion Energy Resources

  • Steve says:

    Please STOP forcing people to go to “smart meters” who don’t want to. They cause cancer. Give people the right to choose, but do NOT force people to have “smart meters” if they don’t want them.

  • Doris Mae says:

    Shutting off People’s power for Denying these NOT smart Meters in November is disgraceful, unamerican, unethical and also should be illegal! They are simply trying to protect the health of their families! Opting out of your Direct Energy Weapons should be an option. They offer we the people NO benefits and ALL RISKS!

  • Kathy jo davis says:

    Yes this is Kathy Jo Davis this is referencing 1863 sedro st CUYAHOGA Falls, OH 44221 I was at this address as a rental for approximately two weeks I never used any guess you can check the bill the account number is 618001-9445074 please remove any Billings standard service current charges because I did not use any meter at all you can see on my bill it was August I would’ve never used it I am asking you to credit my bill to my post office box at PO Box 4755, Akron, OH 44310 Kathy Jo Davis I also was not on any plan of any type there was absolutely no usage and I should be charged zero when I called your company on the automated line I had a zero balance next thing I know I am getting charged $39.20 please Credit my account immediately and send me the corrected zero balance statement I can be reached at 330-752-3193 I preferred to do this in writing there should be absolutely no charges please call me and let me know that this matter has been taken care of sincerely and thank you Kathy Jo Davis 330-752-3193 thank you for your cooperation and immediate attention this message is for corporate Please make sure that corporate gets this thank you kindly

    Please do not email me call me and let me know this matter has been taken care of 330-752-3193 thank you

  • Kim Dankenbring says:

    Olney IL location needs know how to apply gift cards to the order. Twice we have been told their machine isn’t accepting cards. That is why we order because we have gift cards. The problem needs to be resolved!!! Or we will never oder again!!

  • Andrea says:

    A service agent told me if I payed my balance of $309 my service would be on within 24 to 72 hours I payed the balance and now they tell me it will take six days before my gas will be cut on and I have a 3 year old I have to feed and bath this is stressful how is this legal for people to be treated this way.

  • Carol Fox says:

    Plus I just waited for 1 hour and 41 minutes. They asked me my phone number in case we got cut off. I have been trying to resolve this for over a week. Between Dominion and the collection agency it has been a nightmare. Oh by the way the people that took my phone number that said they would call me if we got cut off. Well we got cut off and I have not received a call back!!!!!!

  • Carol Fox says:

    To whom it may concern;

    I am writing in response to an adverse mark on my credit report, dated 10/2021. It is from a bill that you Dominion Power, state that I owe from 9/25/2020.

    I sold that residence at 1100 Nipigon Court Virginia Beach, Va. in July of 2002, to a Mr. Dudley. My husband and I moved from there in November 2001 to Horn Lake, Mississippi, where we lived until 1/2020, where we moved to Alabama and have been here since. So as you see there is no possible way we could owe a bill for a house we did not own or live for over 20 years. Obviously a mistake on your behalf.

    I am asking you nicely to remove this from my credit within 30 days, or I will have no other option but to take other avenues. Due to what you did it has made a -19 point deficit on my credit report which I have worked very hard to maintain. I do not owe this bill nor am I paying it.

    The next letter you receive will be from my lawyer stating that due to false credit reporting I can take action with the FCRA as this is against my rights.

    Also, for whatever reason when we lived there the utilities were in my husband’s name and somehow it got switched to my name and on my credit report.

    I would also advise that the credit company, you hired not contact me anymore. They are rude and told me I owed this bill and I will pay it or else. I don’t know what the or else would be because as of now you have already stained my credit.


    Carol Fox

  • F. Longest says:

    Had a scammer call saying my power was going to be turned off. Tried to report the number (804) 359-4220 but the customer service line is a joke. Kept calling all morning and it was busy. No answering service to leave a message. Attention: Thomas F. Farrell

  • Guest? says:

    i have been a dominion customer for over 50 years and the service i have received is down right appalling. Unfortunately have no choice of gas company to use! Always pay my bill etc. However, i was told that I can not make a check payment because their EMPLOYEE input the incorrect info into the system and cause the payment to not go thru. I didn’t make error THEY did1 Now I have to make payment via cash. Rotten business practice and unethical.

  • ivette muniz says:

    Most unprofessional call center I have ever experienced. Please look for candidates that graduated high school. Even the supervisor (Carol) releases people. Most awful experience. Hopefully your online presence will improve, so they can all be let go, they do not like their jobs. To clarify this was Dominion energy of ohio. Thank you Edward from dominion electric VA. Move the call center to VA much nicer folk.

  • Bedelia von Paulhus says:

    I am concerned about these partner relationship for sewer line protection and interior plumbing problems. I have serious questions about what these side companies are doing. I have both services covered and I now I have received a notification that I should pay $7.99 a month for the interior plumbing. I called the company at 1-833-500-2630
    and they said, “oh you just signed up a month ago and this is not necessary to pay.” I believe that your elderly customers will just atomically pay this and it would be double billing. Also I paid $71,88 last month which I think is a second payment for exterior plumbing and now they want another $71.88 and they really could not explain this charge which looks another double billing. They do not make sense when you call these people and I have tried to let Mr. Farrell whom is your Chairman and I cant not get through. I may call Problem Solvers to get attention on these matters of strange billing.
    Iam planning to cancel these two services so as not to be continually bilked. Your automated phone system is not compatible with questions of this matter.
    Bedelia von Paulhus Irby Drive RIchmond VA 269-4542

  • James E. Buckle Jr says:

    I am trying to reach Mr. Farrell about a problem we are having getting our money back in our account from my husbands Blue Cross RX plan, it is going on the five months next month and Via benefits nor Dominion benefits keep saying they have a problem and don’t know when it will be fixed. I am tired of calling to just get nowhere and now they want me to get statements from the bank and send them so I can get my money that way, I am tired of this my husband retired from the company and we had no problem until this change was made I am hoping that someone can help because the other two can’t.

    • Bedelia von Paulhus says:

      I am wondering who this company is partnering with as far as the sewer line and interior plumbing – iam being double billed and I tried to write to Mr. Farrell or all him and its impossible to get his attention. Maybe now I will.

      • Joe says:

        Arrogant, Rude, Disrespectful they don’t care you need their electricity attitude. Called 1-866-366-4357Asked for the Corporate office phone number was told they have no phones in the entire building.

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