Where is Dollar Tree Corporate office Headquarters

Dollar Tree Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 500 Volvo Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 757-321-5000
  • Fax Number: 757-321-5245
  • Email: ddirect@dollartree.com
  • Number of Employees: 176100
  • Established: 1986
  • Founder: Dennis Edwards, Macon Brock, Doug Perry and Ray Compton
  • Key People: Gary Philbin

Dollar Tree Headquarters Location & Directions

Dollar Tree Headquarters Executive Team



Gary M. Philbin

President, CEO & Director

Bob Sasser

Executive Chairman

Kevin S. Wampler

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Calvano

President of Dollar Tree Stores Canada Inc.

Neil A. Curran

President & COO of Dollar Tree Canada

Duncan C. Mac Naughton

President of the Family Dollar Stores Inc

David A. Jacobs

Chief Strategy Officer

Gary A. Maxwell

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Robert H. Rudman

Chief Global Products Officer

Michael A. Witynski

President & COO of Dollar Tree Stores Inc

About Dollar Tree, History and Headquarters Information


Dollar Tree was founded in the year 1986. The company has been operational for almost 33 years now. The founders of the company were Dennis Edwards, Doug Perry, Ray Compton and Macon Brock. The origins of the company go back to the year 1953 when a Ben Franklin store was opened by KR Perry, in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. Later onwards, the store was renamed as K&K 5&10. Then in the year 1970, Doug Perry, along with KR Perry and Macon Brock started another company known as K&K Toys. Over time, this mall concept had grown to over 130 stores on the East Coast of the USA. In the year 1986, Doug Perry, along with Macon Brock and Ray Compton started another chain store company, which came to be known as the Only $1.00. The company began its operations with only just five stores. As of the year 1991, the company K&K Toys was then sold off to KB Toys, so that the company's founders could focus on Only $1.00 company.

During the year 1993, the name of the company was changed to Dollar Tree. Two years later, in the year 1995, the company had become a limited public entity. In the year 1996, the company had acquired Dollar Bill$ and added a chain of 136 stores under its name. Then in the year 1997, the company had opened its first distribution centre in Virginia, United States. In the year 1998, the company had taken over 98-Cent Clearance Centers. The following year, the company had again taken over Only $One stores as well. The company had also acquired Dollar Express and Greenbacks, in the year 2000 and 2003 respectively. The next year, the company had opened its first store in North Dakota. By the year 2006, the company had already opened almost 3,000 stores under its name. Then in the year 2008, the company for the first time ever appeared in the list of the Fortune 500 companies. The following year, the company launched its own online e-commerce website as well. By the year 2010, the company had already opened almost 6,000 stores under its name. In the year 2012, the company had raked in nearly $7 billion in overall sales. In the year 2014, the company had taken over Family Dollar, for an amount of $9.2 billion. In the year 2015, the company had planned to sell off almost 330 stores to Sycamore Partners, which was a part of the approval process for taking over Family Dollar. As of the year 2018, the company was ranked at almost 134 places in the Fortune 500 companies list. In the year 2019, the company announced that it would be closing off 390 Family Dollar stores and also renovate other stores located in 1,000 locations. The headquarters of the company is based in 500 Volvo Parkway. The name of the place is Chesapeake, while the state name is Virginia, United States. The pin code of the area is 23320.


Dollar Tree is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of products at $1 or even less, for all of its customers. As of the year 2019, the company has its presence in over 14,700 locations all over the USA and Canada. The current CEO of the company is Gary Philbin. As of the year 2017, the overall revenue generated by the company is more than $22.2 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2018, is more than 176,100.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of products being sold by the company, at $1 or less price. The products include food and snacks, health, beauty, housewares, glassware, seasonal decor, dinnerware, craft supplies, gifts, gift bags, pet supplies, electronics, teaching supplies, toys, books, household cleaning supplies, etcetera.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Photos

  • Rochelle says:

    I have worked for dollar tree for 21 years in dubuque Iowa & get this dirt ball store manager in who treats you like shit made my daughter do everything she was a assistant manager got feed up & walked out neither bosses will get back with us including the district please help is there anything we can do about this I have cancer I can’t afford not to work

  • Mandy perry says:

    Hi,my name is Mandy Perry. I love in Carroll iowa. I was employed at Dollar Tree here in Carrolright when Corona virus hit. So I worked maybe 4 days or so and got real sick and could not go back to work.
    I recently talked with the manager she lives couple houses down from me, so we know each other. I had asked her if I could get another chance to be apart of Dollar Tree Family, I know they usually hired for holidays! She had no problem with it said she be glad give me another chance I would restarting in Oct.. I was very greatful for this second chance. Then next day she tells me she sorry but corporate will not let her rehire me? This dont seem right to me? I did not leave on bad terms. I know others that have quit or been fired and got their second chance. So if the manager has no problem what so ever with letting me go back to work why would corporate deny me a second chance? I would love to go back to work and prove myself to who ever may douht me.Can anyone help.

  • Shannon says:

    I am a current employee at a Michigan store. Yes I do enjoy being a cashier however working a 5 hour shift on your feet with only a 10 minute break, no employee discounts or bonuses and free work shirts, is very discouraging. This is why your corporation are losing hard working, dedicated employees. These are very hard financial times, especially for 60 years old, such as myself. Please reconsider your employee encentives.

  • Helen D Heisz says:

    I was reading some of other people’s comments, & let me tell you, don’t you people control your employees & reprimand them, when they are rude to customers!! What kind of company are you people running??!! Get some better corporate people in your business who can do a better job than what your doing now!!! How shameful!!! Do your jobs right!!!! Very sad, very sad!!

  • Helen D Heisz says:

    Why do you keep deleting me?! I’ll come right to the point! Why don’t you send little towns in wisconsin, like you do in bigger towns?! Small towns like to craft as well!! I know I do, but never can find the things, that every other big cities get!!! What a shame!! That to me is almost discrimination!! Small towns aren’t just full of hillbillies!! Please, please, please try & do better, with sending more of your products to all little towns in wisconsin!!

  • Mary says:

    I live in Bellmawr New Jersey the closest Dollar tree is in brooklawn New Jersey the store was closed down for about 2 months opened up at the end of December now you go there today you have somebody standing at your door saying that they’re closed due to computer problems but yet you let customers in that you like or no to go shopping and the rest you’re turning away I’m not understanding this like the last time this employee worked here in this facility and this branch she was rooting obnoxious and as soon as I find out her name I’m going to send it to you just like I’m sending this review never had a problem with the store except when this employee is in there

  • Louise Donovan says:

    Dear sir I’m writing this e-mail about the bad condition and lack of any product on the shelves at the Weymouth Mass. Store on bridge street. Two years ago this store was thriving and well stocked with customers always in there buying good items but today 1/10/2023 I was very upset at the lack of any items!!!! It’s seems like when the new store manager took over the store went downhill very fast. I have been a loyal customer for more then 5 years now and never has it looked this bad. The manager is very unprofessional. Thank you for your time!!!

  • DC#2 associate says:

    DC#2 weekend shift. holiday policy says Christmas and new years days are close and order to get paid for holidays you need to be present a day and after a holiday. Is it allowed for a DC to announce Friday morning to associate that we will work Sunday New Year’s Day and must be present Friday, Saturday, Sunday and also coming up Friday to get holiday paid.

  • Jennifer Dussing says:

    Do I get ether check for December 30 the because I was working at the dollar tree on aloma ave in winter park FL my number was 27087573 My is Jennifer Dussing

  • rita kent says:

    I am very disappointed with an incident today that happened in kenner, la at the williams dollar tree. being a customer for many years and being able to make an exchange as needed without receipt was never an issue in the past. today as i was told no receipt no exchange after waiting in line several times. the manager at 1030 am said that she could not do an exchange, without receipt. I told her your sign by register only states no cash returns. she pointed out that the policy is written on the receipt. I think dollar tree should not give customers the choice of receipt or no receipt. this being the case now that you need receipt for exchange then all customers should be issued a receipt bc the ones that do not get receipt have no idea of this policy . I have not only been a loyal customer as a school teacher for many years shopping at dollar tree for my students and also always donating to dollar tree, i was most disappointed by the way the store manager spoke to me. I pointed out that the sign next to register only says no cash refunds it says nothing about no exchange without receipt. this has never been an issue in the past. for years i have been able to make exchanges if needed without receipt. dollar tree i repeat should give all customers a receipt it should not be an option since now you need receipt for exchange. Also it would be beneficial to costumers to be made aware of this by posting in its stores no cash returns and no exchanges without receipt. when I told the lady manager that in the past I have always been able to do exchanges without receipt she said mam, you are an older woman and should know to get a receipt. this comment was said to me in front of store customers for all to hear and most disrespectful. All employees should be respectful to customers. I was shocked by this most disrespectful remark to me by the manager. In conclusin I should have an apology as well as dollar tree being transparent in their exchange policy. how do you expect customers to know of policy if no receipt is given bc they have option of no receipt. This is very unjust and a way to maneuver dollar tree in not making exchanges for those that opted for no receipt without the knowledge that a receipt is now needed for an even exchange. Please take the option of no receipt off your computers so that all customers are issued a receipt and have your return/exchange policy posted by register for customers.I left saddened today knowing I have been a very loyal and great customer for many many years and donated money at check out to help dollar tree and then be treated this was was very hurtful and when I told manager to please write no exchanges without receipt so costumers will be aware of policy or issue receipt for all customers as it should not be an option, the response being from manager mam you are an older woman so you should know to get receipt! how very disrespectful for an employee especially a manger to make this comment to a customer. Please treat customers with kindness and respect for if it were not for the customers doing business ; dollar tree would be out of business. Thank you and I hope to hear from dollar tree corporate office about my concerns as well as an apology from what was told to me today by the store manger.

  • rita kent says:

    I am a regular customer at Dollar tree for many years since it opened in kenner on williams blvd . as a teacher i have shopped here for my students for many years. This past week i purchased christmas items that I had boxes and needed the bags instead. after waiting in line for a long time because the manager said put your return items 15 here while i was able to go get correct bag sizes i need . Then i was told she was closed go to next line. now I go to next line and wait only to be told by cashier you need to go to other line which was the manager who told me she was closed at her register earlier. now this is the 3 rd line or time i’m changing lines and waiting only to be told if i did not have receipt she could not do an exchange. I have never never had this issue before. I said you all always will do an exchange and thats all i’m doing . Manager lady at williams dollar tree in kenneer, la said no, you need receipt/ I noticed sign on windows by register that only reads no cash returns. It does not read anything about no receipt no exchanges. the manager was very rude today is Wed. Dec 14, 2022 at 10;30 am when this took place. I told manager if you need a receipt you should not give customers option of do you want receipt or not. I did not have my recipt usually I do not get a receipt bc as I said if I need to exchange something i do an exchange which in the past has never never been an issue. If dollar tree needs receipt on window next to register should be notice sayin no returns/no exchanges withput receipt. please have this written on window next to register. Dollar tree in kenner on Williams blvd. only says no cash returns. So in conclusion I would like dollar tree to post its policy and be transparent about its return policies. After 3 times waiting in long lines to be told we cant do exchange without recept and manager at williams store in kenner, la was rude, not kind, and did not even apologize. I have been a great customer for many years at this ddollar tree and never had an issue until today. Please contacr me my name is Rita kent my phone numbe is 504 388-2305. I have 15 items i Just got this week about 3 days ago and was unable to exchange them for correct size gift bags etc. I left message on phone as well and took pics of sign displayed at dollar tree that only states no cash returns. again I was only making an exchange. Please change noticeon your stores to no exchanges without receipt. the manager was rude and said mam you are an older woman you should know to get a receipt. That was very disrespectful to me in the store she called this out from store where everyone could hear her very rude. I did say you all should have no exchanges written on window by register no exchanges without receipt. Please contact me about this policy which was not in forcw for all the years I have been a great customer of dollar tree. ritakent1956@yahoo.com. thank you,

  • Kelsey Akkazakov says:

    I went to the overland and five mile dollar tree in Boise Idaho this last Saturday 12/3/2022. I know I have the cashier enough cash to cover my total, the employee Deborah, was very rude and said no you didn’t give me enough, give me more. My daughter and my sister both saw me pull out my cash and count it. We all know it enough more than enough. She says I didn’t. I called the manager and spoke with him and they said the til didn’t come up over at all. I know for a fact I have enough cash to cover my order. The employees were nothing but rude to me. I want this to be rectified. This is not the first time I have had issues like this but this is beyond ridiculous. Also, boxes are always just sitting out on little flat cart beds, all over about ready to tip over if walked into. It’s hard to take my kids in there when they have boxes piled up on the flat carts because I’m worried they will knock them over or they will fall on top of my children. The management doesn’t care, it’s like this every time I go into that store.

  • Diana Marie Weiman says:

    I live in Diamond Springs CA and I worked for The Dollar Tree store in Placerville CA. for over 4 years.in 2000. I’ll be 65 in January 2023 and I received a letter from Social Security about a Private Retirement Benefit from the Dollar Tree Inc. Affiliates & Subsidiaries Profit Sharing & 401. I have a lump sum I would truly love to receive and I have called over & over and yet to get an answer! I’m fuming!!! Head Quarters in Chesapeake VA. Please call me or email me and let me know what hell is going on! Please!!!

  • Assistant manager says:

    I’m a employee who was physically assaulted by a customer and when I told the DM it took a whole 11days before a report was filed with cooperate I been working for family dollar for going in four years n we have been understaffed for 3. I did everything I was supposed to do they have ignored me after asking me for additional info to further process my claim n I still have yet to hear back from my so called worker’s compensation caseworker I been off for 2 months with no pay but worked my butt off for years for this company working 40hrs plus missed funerals and all they have just ignored me n I have been a loyal employee here in Grand Junction MI

    • Tracy A says:

      I would like to Personally Speak with U…Please Email me at AllenTracy700@Gmail.com…I am Also an Employee…

    • Mario whitt says:

      I have a serious complaint on an employee of the dollar tree in Dallas Texas, on E. R. L. Thornton frw. I myself have had a few words exchanged from me to her and from her to I, and so on today 11-21-2022 at approximately 4:30pm.the lady’s husband was the driver of the vehicle and so the lady spotted me standing on a bridge and immediately pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road and the driver got out of the vehicle and approached me with a pistol in his hand and threatened my life with it, and now I’m in fear for my life, how can we resolve this issue asap??

  • Barbara Manix says:

    Manager or assistant at Waveland Ms. Really upset me.The line was very long when I got my one item and noticed another register was opening, so I jumped to it and as I was purchasing the manager proceeded to tell me there was a line waiting and I rudely jumped in front????? I worked for a retail/ grocery store for years and never said to a customer– oh no. Let all these people go first. Will not go back even though they are 5 min away

  • Sarah says:

    Sarah I’m trying to get hired at family dollar and and I’m having a hard time to the fact that dollar tree owns it now I did work there about 5 years ago I did get let go to to being 5 min late a couple times but that’s holding me back frome starting over at family dollar I don’t think it’s fair at all I really need to work work and family dollar manger wants to give me a job what can I do please any device

  • Jacqueline Gallegos says:

    I am at the store on main and Bishop and they have one poor guy working the register and the manager is mean and aggressive does it want to help There’s A-line of overturned people and only one poor guy helping out

  • Judith k says:

    For the most part this chain is the top chain of its kind. Most stores are well stocked and the help is pleasant
    I only shop at this brand when looking for certain items

  • Wayne says:

    I went into a dollar tree in rome ga on maple street to buy a pen and they tried to charge me false advertising 5.00 if I dont here from you iam going iam going to talk to lawyer about false advertising

  • CYNDI says:

    I would like to see the stores stock everyone u go in are almost empty and I have been trying to get ahold of someone at corporate since Sunday to only be on hole for hours and left multiple messages and still bo return call and no one answers phone. I was charged for my purchase on Sunday October 16th 2022 3 times for 1 transactions and I can get noone on phone and they can’t help u in store. In 3 days 1 person answered phone after 2 hours on hold to get a answering machine. Not happy camper at this moment.

  • Jorge V says:

    So today I went to Dollar Tree in Springfield Ma, on Allen st.
    Store #6119
    I was on line with my wife ready to pay for my items. When I looked outside and it was raining. So we got out of the line and went down the aisle where one of your employees was stocking the shelves. As I approached him to ask him a question he said to go to the register. I was never able to ask him a simple question, because he said I was bothering him and taking up his time. He then kept mumbling saying I was bothering him and that sighing must be wrong with me, simply because I wanted to ask him a simple question. Since it was rainy I wanted to see if you guys sold umbrellas. He was a young male about 6ft tall, sound 18-21 years old. I did complain to one of your managers. She apologized for his actions, but he still kept saying that I was wrong and something must also be wrong with me. I am a retired US Army Veteran of 20 years. This employee has no work ethics what so ever.

  • Joey Clinton says:

    Called dollar tree #1134 in Evans Georgia, asked if they had a particular item, she said if they did it would be on isle 8……. 🙉Whaaaaaadt?

  • Shawnita White says:

    Was in the dollar tree at about 12:15-12:30pm on October 6,2022 witnessed the cashier being very rude, disrespectful, and out of line with a customer.as I approached the register from the back of the store the argument continued the cashier would not stop arguing with the customer. The customer ask for a manager and that took 3 to 4 minutes when she did arrived the customer asked to talk to her on the side away from everyone the cashier then turned and told her she was lying and continue d with the verbal abuse she and the customer began going back and forth and the manager could not and did not. Ask the employee to leave the area, but threatened the customer with the police.I then stepped in and told the young lady you don’t argue if you know not wrong just put pen to paper and make a complaint. I’m making a complaint because it had my anxiety going. The cashier then got smart with me. Your manager is mediocre at best and the customer service that day was horrible because the lines were long and the loud and rude cashier was not ringing up customers cause she was to busy being argumentative and combative. The poor manager needs training or relocation.

  • Ima Dunn says:

    Website for all and individual stores is woefully inadequate. None of the stores were open during posted hours. I wasted time and gas and will never shop “dollar tree” again. No one answered phones, one store was completely and permanently closed, the other two stores were not open at all. Puleeeeze.

  • Sherry Zweig says:

    I would like to send you some photos of the deplorable condition our local dollar store is in. It is so dirty and unorganized that just sending you a text could never explain just how bad it is. It is so bad that many os us drive 15 miles to another town to shop at a dollar general.My problem is, who do I address it to

  • Nancy G says:

    ALL OF THE DTs in NE Pennsylvania do not consider or care about the handicapped accessibility throughout the store…when I have my 36 year old handicapped son with me it is a constant barrier throughout the stores….when I complain to the staff or manager they tell me it is corporate who tells them how to set things in the aisle for display which then blocks ADA compliance. There shouldn’t be any displays in aisles because the stores aisles are not wide enough for the display and a wheelchair whether power or manual wheelchair. You need to stop and think of those handicapped or with special needs with using their special equipment while in the store. Haven’t been in a DT for a few years because of this. Staff and managers give attitude also when told. Should not be happening!!!!

  • Veronica Jones says:

    I would like to speak to someone, I’m very upset. This can’t keep happening at this store, can you guy’s please do something about this situation. This store doesn’t have a vacuum cleaner, is that a reason to sweep trash into the the people face, this is very insulting, yes I do have a problem. Why this job is being done while the store is in operation. Please can you give me an answer.

  • Veronica Jones says:

    Dollar Tree workers in Tukwila Was, sweeping the floors while the people is walking by. Also sweeping the dirt, dust on my person as I , and any one that’s passing by, or checking out at the cash register. I have spoken to the worker about my concerns, I was told to wear a hat. That there store doesn’t revolve around me. Manager says, don’t come to this store, their vacuum is broken. My hair cost a lot of money to maintain, I feel insulted by your workers reaction to keep sweeping trash, dirt, into my face. This happen two times, same workers this week. I have been living around the corner of this dollar Tree for 30yrs. I guess the worker’s are new, this is where I live. Tukwila Wa.

  • Dana says:

    I would just like to say when I shop one of the few stores in my area the employees always follow me around the store… I am not sure why but it is really not necessary how can this be fixed besides me having to go else where?

  • Marilyn says:

    Dollar Tree has really lost its value! You have stopped sending the best selling products to the stores. The managers have no idea why. You went up .25 on the dollar items & are now selling items for up to $5.00 or more (in a Dollar Tree Store)! You should change your name to “From A Dollar & Up!” The cashiers say their pay did not increase at all! Is the CEO pocketing all these extra dollars? The Dollar Tree was MORE popular than any store when it first opened! Now people are finding better deals at Target, Dollar General & Rose’s for a dollar! You should bring ALL of your great selling products back & in a hurry! If I had to rate this store on a scale of 1-5, it would be a 1.

  • Marilyn says:

    I have been buying your Styrofoam coffee cups w/lids since the stores opened in Rocky Mount, NC. For the past several months they are noo longer on the shelves. I have asked store managers about them. They have no answers except since the price increased to $1.25 and up, they have not been sent to any stores. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! The weather is getting cooler & everybody loves drinking coffee! We actually drink it year round! Please bring these cups back!!!

  • Margaret says:

    Not everything in your dollar store is a $1.25.i found items in a freezer like a pizza for $4 and chicken nuggets for $5.look like your prices going up

  • Wendy says:

    Berwick store is a disgrace to our name. It makes me embarrassed to let folks know I work for the warehouse because the name has its all attached. Please help get our store up to parr. This can not go on or maybe I’m just to proud.

  • Jose Peralta says:

    With over a dozen Dollar Tree stores in the borough of The Bronx, in New York city, why we can’t find Little Debblie, Sunbelt granola bars or Drake cakes.

  • Carolyn Davenport says:

    At this location on 9/19/22 Store#7387
    4443N.Sheridan Chicago IL.60640 (872)241-7961
    I was charged $5.00for Jose Beef corn taquito 15oz . I just want to know if that was your price or the employees running the store? I have my receipt.

  • Pam says:

    The manger at the Dollar Tree on Garfield in Bartonville . Is one of the nicest guys I have ever meet . He always there to help you . He keeps a very clean store . Don’t even know his name . But wanted to give him a shout out . The hole staff is very nice also .

  • James says:

    What is going on with your Hope Arkansas half the time I go there they’re closed they’ve been closed until 12:00 for good while and I went at 1:00 today and it was closed sound like we’re just go ahead and close the store or get somebody else to run it

  • Linda Reynolds says:

    You never know when the Dollar Tree on Fleur Drive in Des Moines, Iowa, will be open. The last two times I went there, they had a sign on the window saying “Sorry we’re closed today.” What’s that all about? If people are as frustrated as I am, that store will probably close down. I’ve given up.

  • Bill murray says:

    My name is Bill Murray. I live in Bon Wier , Texas 75928. Our town needs a Dollar Tree Store. We only hav a convince/ gas store. We are about 12 miles from Newton, Texas and 7 miles from the new Family Dollar in Merryville, Louisiana. Please consider my request. Sincerely. murray-bill@hotmail.com

  • Me says:

    Dollar tree takes advantage of employees. An employee who has been working freight manager position for over 3 months has not been given their title keys or raise . They keep giving bogus excuses for why everything has been delayed. Three employees of two different locations started their process in advancement in the company in only one months time after employee that has been grossly delayed have received their title thier keys and raise . If said employee doesn’t have her title , keys and raise by the end of pay period . I personally will contact the labor board because dollar tree is breaking a Labor law . A lead made to prevent an employee from being taken advantage of. . The district manager has deliberately been putting off this advancement. I don’t know his full name . Brian district manager of the cortaro lake location in Marana Arizona. I hope for the sake of the entire company this doesn’t get ignored . I have no problem reporting this to the labor board!!!! Stop taking advantage of this hard working dedicated employee!!!

  • Arlene says:

    Turn your air-conditioners so your stores are not so dang cold. Cannot even shop in them they are so cold.
    The ones in west Jordan ut. Are freezing.
    Even the workers are having to wear coats or two sweatshirts.

  • Amos says:

    Your employees at the 5100 McCart Street, Fort Worth, Texas are so rude to the customers. They yell at customers and come into the store off duty and yell across the store and cuss one another. It is like a zoo in that store

  • DICK BUTTONS says:

    Just left the Dollar Tree in Ewing NJ on Scotch Road. When I approached the Door there was a hand written sign that said “Store Close”. doors were locked.

    When I called the store a woman answered and I asked when they would re-open and she rudely replied “When the Sign Comes down and I open the Doors”

    This is how you want your company represented?? I THINK NOT!!!!

  • Ovidio Rodriguez says:

    I went to a dollartree on Rhawn Ave and I was charged three times the same item. We noticed at home when we checked the account. I went back to the store, which it was only less than 15 minutes, and the person who helped, the manager, did not want to help us. She had a very rude attitude, almost to being racist. She said that the card was declined, so I did it twice and still declined. So, I paid with another credit card, but my bank account reflects the two times I swiped the bank card. I heard from other people that had encountered the same issue at this store with the same manager. I have witnesses of these events, including the receipt if the payment with the other card.

  • Ashley Nichols says:

    The dollar tree off of veterans in Bloomington Illinois, we noticed the beverage coolers were full of dirt and mold.

  • RB says:

    Hi. Store 2356, Midland, TX has a rack of several basketballs out, no packaging around them, just the balls. I thought I might get one for my son so I picked one up and bounced it a couple of times. You know, like you do with a basketball, to check if it bounces well. An employee felt it necessary to make an announcement overhead that customers are not to bounce balls in the store. Really? You’re gonna put these balls out on their own and you expect people to not test them out before they buy them? So needless to say that’s five fewer dollars we spent there today.

  • fred winchester says:

    what people don’t get hire at Dollar Tree

  • Frank says:

    Your are so full of bushy u fire people and don’t want to pay

  • Debra Ramirez says:

    This is for the Dollar Tree at 331 North Capitol ave, San Jose, California. Went to use their restroom today, and it was horribly disgusting!! I wish I can send the pictures to headquarters to see the condition it’s in. It screams Health Hazard especially the risk of Covid infection. Date visited 8/28/2022

  • Glenda Olvera says:

    I shop at Dollar Tree quite a bit. I was at the one in Dundee, IL tonight with my grandsons. They were in the opposite isle and I heard something drop. I proceeded to tell them to come by me. ,
    1 of your associates named SUE (who had been running around putting stuff away like she was not happy) proceeded to yell at my grandsons “What are you doing?”
    I said, Lady, I already told them to come by me! She said, well they’re not behaving! I said, “DIDNT I JUST TELL YOU I TOLD THEM ALREADY?!” Really?! My grandson dropped something, and picked it up. He didn’t break anything! All the shit in the store is $1.25! I would’ve paid had he broke something. ,
    She needs to mind her own damn business!
    I have been in retail 17 years and I would NEVER yell at someone’s kids like that.

  • Dianna says:

    I live in Westlake Louisiana… my aunt and I were in the dollar tree here in Westlake and the store was so full of merchandise that we could not even go down the aisle…. and another thing in corner of the store was a empty wet box and there was a spill my aunt almost fell….. please can someone at your corporate office come check out the situation…. it’s really really bad and needs to be cleaned up

  • Angela says:

    Why does dollar tree sell their broomstick separate from the broom

  • Lori Ike says:

    The worst customer service ever today in the dollar store in STROUDSBURG pa by the target and Home Depot they were so rude and unhelpful and the manager was even worse I had my 3 grandkids with me and she was so rude to all of us I will never go back there again ever !

  • Janet Faircloth says:

    I really would like to see products in our area like the wooden beads chicken wire and more Dunn Lillington DT

  • Susanne valdespino says:

    Dollar tree doesn’t accommodate handicap customers I have to hang on a cart to walk and your carts have poles so they can’t go outside so I was walking in with a cart from another store and all your staff got on me about it even an off duty worker was in my face as I explained that I needed it hang onto she was very rude to me!

  • Karen says:

    Hot store I side over 93 degrees!!!

  • Karen says:

    You have the star on Euclid Avenue in Ontario California store number 4506 and it is horribly hot inside the store. Today is September 14th 2022 it is at least 92° inside the store or maybe even more. You are multi-million dollar store and you should look into your stores especially when it comes to their air quality. How do you expect your employees to work under such horrible conditions. The windows are too high inside the store with no kind of covering to Shield them from the extreme heat as well it’s like they’re working under slave labor. I will be reporting this business to OSHA tomorrow sincerely Karen Lopez California Ontario

  • Ashley says:

    Columbia, MO Broadway location. This store needs a corporate pop up visit. I know it’s hard finding help now, but you can do better than these girls here. The teen ringing me up didn’t say a word to me. Had her friend who doesn’t work there behind the counter with her talking about oral sex. These girls should be ashamed of themselves. After she was done bagging my items, she left them on the little silver thing the bags are on then walked away. Like, are we done? I had to tear my own receipt from the register and unstick my bags from behind the counter. Dare I say, these employees are ghetto. And you all need to do something about it.

  • Corine Sanchez says:

    You have a store in Socorro ,NM. I imagine you realize you are losing a lot of money..from what I understand there is an air conditioner problem. What seems to be the problem? Why not get it repaired? Some of us commute to shops there and guess what we understand because of not having an air conditioner the store gets too hot so they close around noon. Come on why have a store if you are not going to have it open. I tell you many people are disappointed because of the negeliance . Let’s get this back into business..

  • Julia says:

    Tigard area is needing some work. Malachi has worked there for so long but the manager staff is stupid.

  • Janet Mallen says:

    Gary Pilpin, you should be ashamed of not having control over what your stores look like and not knowing how many employees it takes to run a store and keep it looking up to an acceptible standard. Are you one of those CEO’s that runs his business from a golf course or a beach chair somewhere?

  • Janet Mallen says:

    I have been waiting for things to get better at the Dollar tree store in Lake Wylie SC before I wrote this, but they have only gotten worse. This is the most discustingly disorganized and filthy store I have ever been in. It’s an embarrisment to our community. Not only is it filthy with garbage all over the floor, and the discusting filthy front door that I’m even afraid to touch, but the shelves are mostly empty to the point that I asked the girl working there if they were going out of business. There are boxes all over and absolutly no one around putting up the stock. When I asked the girl about what was going on, she said that it was only she and one other girl at the register working. When I asked where the manager was she said “in the office”. I told her with a store looking like it did she should get her ass out there and help get it together. I’m sure if your QC were to come by that store they would agree that this store is not what you would want as a representation of the company. As much as I like the idea and concept of the Dollar tree, if I were asked to rate it, I would give it a -1star. That rating would go for that store only AND for the corporate office for allowing one of your stores to get that bad.

  • Sandi says:

    The Petal MS has horrible service. Cashiers are on their cell phones and cussing. I will not be back. No sure why the are allowed to have phone why they work.

  • NYDIA V LOPEZ says:

    I am a resident in El Centro, CA where the weather hits 120 degrees on a good summer day without even mentioning the humidity. Yesterday I visited Store # 3748, I wasn’t there very long as I started feeling sick as the store air conditioning unit is NOT working. I normally spend a good amount of time and money in the store, unfortunately yesterday I was not able to. I get to the cashier and ask her nicely.. “How can you work in these conditions, she smiled and said “it’s not easy but I have to work, they’ve been telling us for weeks that the part for it is on order.” I continued my conversation with the young lady, I told her “what are they waiting for someone to get ill or faint?” She said “it’s already happened with employees and customers.”

    It saddens me and blows my mind at the same time that a 25.5 Billion Dollar corporation has it’s employees working in those conditions, not to mention the customers that visit. Please follow up with this store as the weather will continue to be over 100 degrees for the next couple months.

    Keeping customers (like me) happy is one thing, but taking care of your employees should be your PRIORITY.

  • Krista Myhaver says:

    My 9 year old bought a basket today. The cashier rang her up. She didn’t realize it was a $5 basket. We asked if we could return it for her cash back. They informed us that they only exchange and no refunds. I asked politely where it states that rule. She said its on the receipt. I want to point out that if its only on the receipt how is the public going to know that rule before purchasing if its only on the receipt after purchasing? Maybe you can have signs put up at registers so people don’t buy and then can not return. My daughter used her tooth fairy money to buy items.

    • Nonewa says:

      Just an FYI every Dollar Tree register is supposed to have the return policy information under the little plastic guard on each register where the card reader machines are.

    • A j Smitj says:

      She should of just voided the transaction or called a mansger.

  • Linda says:

    Yeah I pulled into the parking lot of Dollar Tree which is located in Mooresville North Carolina on River Highway in front of the Harris Teeter I don’t know the exact address. I pulled in and parked next to a silver Kia owned by an employee of that particular store not realizing anybody was in the car I was sitting there in my car looking through my phone and then I heard a noise and I looked over and this girl wearing a green shirt got out and she seemed to have dropped something took a picture real quick and ask her what she was doing and she told me the mind of my own effing business or I would get hurt the picture appeared to be a bag of methamphetamine now I see that Kia silver and color there all the time so she must go work there is it okay that Dollar Tree employees people that act like that and uses drugs like that this person needs to be fired and put in jail it was a very very large bag which to me I think the person would be selling let alone using. I’ve talked to a couple people about this and they too have stopped at that store and they have witnessed a person a female working in that star who acts very strange like she is on drugs. Again Mooresville North Carolina in front of the Harris Teeter on the River Highway or right off off River Highway

  • Noreen McGovern says:

    Are you guys ready to pack it up? Guess I should sell your stock. The Socorro NM branch is never open. What gives? Fix the AC for God’s sake.

  • Billy Turner says:

    I’m going to file a lawsuit against your affiliate store family Dollar for defamation character wrongful injury and wrongful shirt the manager of the store family Dollar on Lawrence Washington trail in Orlando Florida at the Orange blossom center had searched me one and then told me that I was a thief and then in front of customers told me I’m a thief and you get out of the store when he never caught me stealing anything because I never stole anything so now I’m feeling your corporation for 20 million dollars and him for 10 million dollars all right he’s your manager he’s the one he will get to skinny Puerto Rican older man and refused to give me his name you can reach me at area code 407-953-0662 if I do not hear from you within the next 3 days I will take this to legal action and file in court The Man slender me he made me look like I was asleep in front of customers wrongful injury bottle research without consent of me or the police so I am I will settle out of court for the right amount but when the amount is going to be him fired permanently from any position in any store in a contraction that he can never work for another retail store again not a grocery store convenience store nothing

  • Cathleen Carter says:

    I shop at several dollar tree stores and I see the same problem at all of them. Not enough help to keep the shelves stocked up. How do you run a business with not enough hours to work people so that you can get merchandise out on the floor. Y’all must be out of your minds

  • Kathy says:

    No working air conditioning in the Paragould Arkansas store for months now with heat indexes being 100+ degrees. This is ridiculous and unacceptable to expect employees to work in these conditions. Fix the damn air conditioning!!!

  • Todd R Benedict says:

    I have gone to your stores and they seem to open and close at random times. The worst location is at 6th and Chambers in aurora, Colorado. The store is supposed to be open but it isn’t. I called to check to see if everything was alright and was met with an aggressive attitude from a female clerk. She just blamed corporate and hung up on me and then refused to answer when I tried to call back. There should at least have a sign to let the public know, I do not think I will ever shop at one of your locations ever again thanks to this location.

  • Laura says:

    Hello, my name is Laura, and after reading the comments below, it seems that a lot of customers aren’t very happy with their Dollar Tree! I watch a lot of DIY Dollar Tree videos on YouTube, just to get some craft ideas, for the Holiday seasonal crafts. Some of the DIY CRAFTERS mentioned they are still paying only $1.00 in their area stores! I’m paying $1.25, in my area of the Panhandle, which was hit by Hurricane Micheal, Category 5, October 10, 2018. The Panhandle Courts are Backed up, due to the Cheap insurance companies! I know that’s SAD, BOO HOO! but true! WHATS UP WITH THAT? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY SOME OF THE STORES UP NORTH, OR EVEN OUT WEST ARE STILL JUST CHARGING $1.00, FOR THEIR PRODUCTS!! Forgive me for brow beating y’all! Do you own every Dollar Tree, or is it a Franchise? The employees in two stores that I visit, are OVERWORKED! I did read on google that a Good Samaritan volunteered their services to help out a store. Not sure where that was. I mentioned it to an employee of a Dollar Tree near me about that Good Samaritan. I volunteered and offered to help put out merchandise! They said no thank you and I was told it is Illegal, which I knew that. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the employees where I shop need help getting the merchandise out of the boxes in the store area, and put on the shelves! If the customers don’t see the merchandise, they’ll LEAVE! One more complaint! This local store that I keep going to visit, DOESN’T SEEM TO HAVE AS MUCH MERCHANDISE FOR CRAFTERS!! Some of your stores up North and out West have so much more crafting materials! AGAIN, If shoppers see the merchandise still in boxes and not on the shelves, GUESS WHAT? THEY AREN’T GOING TO CONTINUE TO VISIT THE STORES, AND THEY WILL TAKE THEIR MONEY ELSEWHERE!! I know you have a website to purchase the items, but remember NOT EVERY HOUSEHOLD HAS A COMPUTER TO GET ON THE INTERNET!! YES I KNOW EVERYONE IS SUFFERING FROM THIS SO CALL GREAT ECONOMY!! Biden is the reason for everything going DOWNHILL!! GOD BLESS OUR FIRST RESPONDERS, WOMEN AND MEN OF THE MILITARY! GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Lisa says:

    OMG……your store manager verbally attacked a gentleman that was asking for another cashier because the line was very very long. She came out of her screaming G D this and H with you and children were there….if you allow your employees to treat people that way please let me know I will not be back. Store #6791. The cashier Tammie was cussing this man as well

    • anomious says:

      she is under trained and has no sense. because her behavior is being allowed by management.changes need to be made

  • Regina Peace says:

    I am a manager at a location in Huntsville. I have been with this company for almost 4 years and I never thought this store or store manager would treat and do her own manager , like I’m being done. A cashier is given manager hours and I ; a manager; is give cashier hours. Store manager or district manager knows what been going on and want do nothing about it. He has anger issues , disrespectful, and treats me like I’m beneath him and store managers want step up and do what’s right. Frank Head needs to know this and come to this location and talk to me and I’ll give them proof.

  • Stephanie Rhodes says:

    I would like to know why it is a very obviously ill register workers responsibility to call in a replacement for himself while still being made to wait on obviously uncomfortable customers? I just left the Ravenswood WV location at 9:10 am. The register guy kept running to the back, obviously had a fever and upset stomach and a cough with alot of mucous. He was hunched against the counter and a lady “Angie, asm” came up and had to ring myself and 2 others out. She said to him, “I can’t keep coming up here, you need to call someone in to work for you”. He was then on his cell phone trying to call someone who told them they could not come in, he had it on speaker phone. He honestly looked like he was going to fall over. With covid on the rise again and his cough, who knows? I will be calling the health department tomorrow when they are open. This is a terrible way to treat an employee who I have seen working there for awhile. It’s also a health threat to any customer shopping there. You and your ‘assistant manager ‘ really need to do better. There are plenty of other, safer places to shop.

  • Fred says:

    I have tried to resolve this issue at the local store: Aynor, sc Store # 6913.
    We have purchased Dark Chocolate Raisinettes, 99900 72288, for years at your store. Recently we bought this item in two separate occasions. Both times the product was spoiled, and not suitable for human consumption. Total $7.50.

    The manager stated that is your corporate policy not to replace or refund food items. In this case it is my position that you should not be selling spoiled food. I am not the only one losing money at your store. Lots of SENIOR CITIZENS like me are involved.

    I would appreciate if you let me know how you intend to resolve this issue and monetary loss, within a reasonable time frame. My next step will be FDA, consumer affairs, BBB, DA, etc., Not to mention the media.

    Respectfully,. Fred

  • Eileen says:

    Employees in your Mishawaka, IN store at Town and Country Shopping Center are stating to customers D.T. not allowing A/C in their stores. It felt like the A/C was on to me but they insisted it was not. Repeated that D.T. not allowing A/C to be turned on!

  • Tammy Sue Westbrook says:

    Being wrong to my my Dm and ex manager that quit Jack Latham my dm and ex manager Shannon Donner she hated me she has sad real ugly things to me and all about me toy every one and my dm jack believe her so I only got one raise in 5 years of .50 cents real tired of being wronged to this November I will be here for ten years love working here but tired of being done wrong

  • Sandy school bus driver says:

    A friend told me that our dollar tree has Easter chocolate rabbits marked down yesterday so I went there this morning and I got what they had left on the shelf because I drive a school bus and was going to give them to the kids on my bus , I also picked up a few other items I needed. Went to check out and the chocolate rabbit’s was priced on the shelf for 4 for a Dollar but they rang up a penny at the register, the cashier told me that she had to go get her manager and the manager refused to sell them to me. I understand that they are supposed to pull these discounted items off the shelves . But they did not do it before the store opened. I didn’t know they would ring up a PENNY. I was going to pay the 4 for a dollar and still wouldn’t sell them to me. So No chocolate bunny’s for my kids on my bus 😢

  • Mandy says:

    The Dollar tree on 28th Street nearest to 96 has a store manager, which is shocking after observing and dealing with her blatant racism and prejudices against certain types of humans. She is rude and cannot believe she works in any sort of retail. She is a larger woman and no doubt really hits yourself and her life and takes it out on the customers in her store. She works the last shift from about 3:00 p.m. till close. She is Caucasian and overweight. It is 7:37 Thursday April 28th 2002 and I just left the store shaking my head it will be definitely calling her manager tomorrow morning shame on her and shame on Dollar tree.

  • Jack (Jake) says:

    I frequently shop at store # 6573, located at 6828 14th St W, Bradenton FL 34207, since I moved here from Palm Beach County, FL. When I first started shopping there it was neat and orderly, with several friendly employees. When the current manager took over the store a few weeks ago, it has become a mess. There boxes in every aisle so you cannot get to anything on the shelves. I asked the manager twice and said how come the store is such a mess, and things are not straight and put on shelves or peg hooks. he said he knows and is working on it, but nothing has changed. He said that is the same thing I asked him last time I was in. He seemed very annoyed when I asked what happened, the store never was like this.
    I personally believe the company needs to get some regional corporate management there to get the store looking more professional and shopable, and straightened out. For obvious reason I am not entering my full name for my security. Thanks for understanding. I am an 80 year old Viet Nam Veteran. Please keep my e-mail and name CONFIDENTIAL.

  • Catina Kelly says:

    I m a farmer worker of dollar tree assistant manager in I really need someone to return my calls it’s been months before I take any further action that’s catina 2253286232

  • Catina Kelly says:

    I’m a farmer work assistant manager at dollar tree it’s been months in no return call can someone in upper management please call me catina kelly please 2253286232

  • Frances schmidt says:

    U now need to change the name of ur store from dollar tree to dollar and above. I.is 1.25 now it is a misnomer now people go in thinking they getting it for a dollar and not.

  • Diamond Tienda says:

    Can your boss fired someone that has a disability?

  • Dorothy Spurlock says:

    The dollar store in harrison, ar is not worth the time to go to. I put in a complaint regarding the bathroom situation there and was told it is a corporate policy. Then as I walked away the two employees I spoke to started talking bad about my children and I. I don’t feel this store is worth the time to visit. It’s dirty everywhere and the employees suck.

  • Cheryl Harper says:

    The Dollar Tree in Port Arthur Tx is so dirty that I hesitate going in. Someone needs to check on it. The manager is very rude and cashiers so lazy. Please, please clean up the store. I would love to ship there and not be concerned about the filth that always brings roaches and mice.maybe the health department needs to be notified. They have the authority to close the store.

  • Surber says:

    Signs all over the store everything $1 get to the checkout and they add another 25% to the price. If she had told me they are cheating your customers i would have left the store.!Tomorrow I am taking everything back. I will not de a l with a company I cannot trust.

  • Jeremyoster says:

    I would like a call back from main office dollar tree store. Call 4175937730

  • Dana Desreuisseau says:

    Your increase in your retail price from one dollar to 1.25 cents is ridiculous that’s a 25 per cent hike in price! It definitely changes my shopping from dollar tree to other stores

    • Previous Employee says:

      Remember to express your views with wherever you purchase your gasoline if you think a .25 increase is rediculous..

  • Isaac scott says:

    I just went into the store in the Robert’s plaza, and the isles were a complete mess,

  • Jean Barnes Kendall says:

    I see that the comment I am making occurs in other locations. The store at 1300 Aubert St. Louis Missouri is filthy. Dirty floors with trach and very much in need of mopping. It is really disgusting. Please correct.

  • B T says:

    Store 6624 Riverview fla is one of the nastiest $ tree i have ever been in and th4e employees care less its just a pay check Mgr acts like she gives 2 hoots in the wind 1 gal said i will not open a reg walked to back 2 blk girls gally wagging laughing not working then in comes your Mgr 1t 4:42 like she doesn’t care The windows are filthy the side walks same it is a disgrace sine the Mrg Muke left there it has gone to heck and you need to gt a mystyer shopper there to check see what really goes on and fire that mgr or jack her up sure not a mgr for a $ tree store Cashier blk boy needs to quit visiting and carrying on with his friends be nice ok but not a visit wait on people standing in line and least but not last need to paint handi cap strips can not see them in parking lot if this isn’t corrected I will call health dept to the filth all over and the code for boxes every where not put on shelf and the Handi cap to get lines painted so maybe can get a place to park people ark there no plaque

  • Maria Lopez says:

    Nogales, AZ bad experience with cashier Ari, and assistant manager Susana I hope you understand that you need to hire people with a little customer care experience, and not that dumb. Please train them two….

  • Maria Lopez says:

    Waited in line more than 30 min. since there was only one cash register open. Ari the cashier commented that she could not ask for back up. I asked if they could please lend me the restroom since it was a super long wait. She said yes. I went and there was no toilet paper. I continued to ask the assistant manager and she said the restroom was closed and it was being cleaned. I asked if because of the long wait I could use it since my mother who was also paying was still in line and I had to wait for her. Susana the assistant manager said what does the long line have to do with it? Not understanding my need. I said thank you for letting me know. She made fun of my need saying the restroom was closed already, ignoring that the other cashier needed help with the super long line. Other people were also complaining. Very bad experience. Cashier said I don’t care if people get mad. They just have to wait. I commented you don’t get the point if the asst manager is here she should know better to open another register. No help at all. Bad experience.

  • Maria Lopez says:

    This is a complaint for the Nogales, AZ branch

  • Andrea house r says:

    I’m writing in regards to store 3422 Mahoning ave Youngstown Ohio. I shop this store often since it is in my neighborhood. The floors are filthy. I don’t think they have been cleaned in over a year. It mak es you want to turn around and leave. No one cares if there are long lines of people.

  • John doe says:

    They don’t care about employees.the mangers are junk.need to fired and get someone that cares about people.they let there employees get hurt.and they don’t care.thats why therr is a lawsuit against them.and the Manger don’t pull her weight and the company district Manger is just as worthless as it gets.he needs fired as well.he don’t k ow what it is means or what it is to.run a store.they must just let anyone be a Manger.

  • am says:

    Huntsville, Tx 77340. This is the worst store I’ve ever witnessed. You need to send someone from corporate to see this store location. I’ve shopped at Several Dollar Tree’s for yrs. but I can honestly say this is the most unorganized, messy, and shocking location. The shelves are empty, products still in boxes blocking the aisle. It looks like this store is closing down.Shelves are not restocked. expired food left on shelves. Various products are just put on the shelf with original wrapping and not broken down. The store now closes at 7pm? This store could earn so much in revenue due to a college town, and low income families. But it’s never restocked. The prices now 1.25$ and you have a store that is in horrible shape. One day I was there when the cashier walked away from her register and left customers in line for more than 10 min. Is this service? I have now taken my business down the road to other stores who care about their customers.

  • t says:

    i think you should change all the names of your stores
    its false advertising not every thing is $1

  • Sharon Vaughn says:

    Sexual harassment, discrimination, embessiling of money and messing with pay roll and time, wrongfully termination, hostile work environment, and much more. It all going on at Andalusia dollar tree in a Andalusia Alabama. The manager is Kathy Harrell and here husband James Harrell is working in store but he not an employee but he is sexually harassing women in store and he has access to main office and code to door and store safe. My son works here and we just got a lawyer involved for several things and got pictures, paper proof and more..

  • Shantay harris says:

    Hi I use to work at dollar tree I’m trying to get my w2

  • Abby says:

    Your company needs to invest in training your employees. You have a rude, arrogant and unhappy cashier at the dollar tree in Tonnelle Ave. North Bergen, New Jersey. He is not fit to work as cashier as he doesn’t have an ounce of customer service skill. You will drive people away due to his negative spirit. Your store is going to get negative vibes due to this person. He gives people difficulty returning items for replacement. Eventhough We brought our receipts and were the ones who pointed to him each item for return in the receipt. He is such a lazy person. He would give us a hard time and would not scan the items so it would be easier to identify in the receipt. He doesn’t care if we have to wait long for the manager to key in his code so he can proceed to returning and replacing the items. He is a difficult person to work with esp. for customers. he even lied that there’s no more helium so he doesn’t have to pump the three balloons that we are getting. The type of people you employ in your store, determines the trajectory of your business! Especially if they have contact with customers. Such a shame to meet these types of people in your store who thinks of others as himself! Be careful with these types of people, they are bringing negative vibes to your business.

  • Jeannine Peck says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of The Dollar Tree Corporate Office,
    This is an email that I have wanted to write for sometime now and finally my friends and I decided I would be the one to represent your customers of Santa Clarita, California.
    Our group frequents DT on a regular basis mostly for art, crafting supplies, party supplies and greeting cards, however it is a scavenger hunt each time. We watch many videos on social media where the DT stores are neat and well organized and we would appreciate the same courtesy.
    The SVC locations are terribly unorganized and disheveled. We understand customers can be to blame probably as much and the employees. We are not pointing fingers all we are asking is that DT do what they can to improve the organization of our favorite location at 23152 Valencia Blvd., Santa Clarita, CA 91355, Store: 4042 and other stores in our city of Santa Clarita, CA.
    Best regards,
    Jeannine Peck

  • Justine Pratt says:

    Major disappointments with the store located at 5900 Rivers Ave unit E1, North Charleston SC. Store #5202. I live around the corner from this store and have been to it many times. As of today 1/2/22 it will never happen again,. I spoke to the manager of the store with my concerns and she said “they have complained many time to corporate and nothing is ever done”!!!
    My concerns of going to this store after the past year the store has become so dirty and like it in the “Getto” there is food opened, the floors look like they have not cleaned in over a year, many empty shelves, boxes just sitting, people stealing merchandise, littering, loitering, and I’ve personally seen a women put a menstrual pad on in the isle of the store, and so unsafe store, and gross. The manager said she has tried her best but she is one person and can’t do it all. I get where she’s coming from and the corporate office should be ashamed of this. Someone needs to step up and help this manager out and clean it up or shut it down. I will never be in this store again until major changes come about. It’s sad that this is part of my community.

    • Theresa says:

      I live in Colorado, and i can completely understand how you feel! There are several Dollar Tree stores out here that leave much to be desired!! They are not only dirty, but they have some really rude people running a couple of these stores as well!! each time you go into some of these stores here, their are full boxes of merchandise all over the place without anyone to really stock the shelves as well as messy isles that are simply gross! now with the 1.25 that just makes it more undesirable to even want to shop there. First off “WHAT NEW AND BETTER QUALITY PRODUCTS IS DT EVEN TALKING ABOUT FOR THE 1.25 INCREASE THAT’S ALREADY HAPPENED???? WE HAVEN’T SEEN ANY CHANGES, JUST THE SAME OLD STUFF, JUST .25 MORE!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!

    • Previous Employee says:

      You are up on current events where there were supply ships that could not deliver goods due to Covid restrictions and and whatever other reasons the news has broadcasted? You’re free to shop wherever you want and if you pay more than 1.25 for an item stocked at the Dollar Tree somewhere else, that’s on you. Look up inflation and what it means. Don’t HATE because YOU don’t want to participate..

  • Sheena Bumgardner says:

    My son worked for y’all and never got paid we’ve been trying to contact anybody to help and have harden nothing back I have this pay stub but no payment has been received please contact me at 7277685698 thank you

  • J. Brady says:

    I need to speak with Loss Control to request you not destroy a video that depicts an incident outside the Dollar Tree on November 30, 2021at 8:15 p.m. at store number 1809. The tape is about to be erased. I am an investigator working on behalf of an insurance company. Please reply to my email address. J. Brady

  • Jewel says:

    Hi Yesterday i went to Dollar tree in KY Store #1992 @ 8:51p the whole parking lot was dark and i thought well maybe this store has their parking lot lights on an automatic timer i want you to know it was so dangerous walking towards the store in the dark i couldn’t see the parking space and the car beside me and when i tried to look where the steps was i almost fell who ever is in charge of this need to look into that.

    Customer go to the store safely need to take this matter seriously before a lawsuit is file am serious about this if these lights in parking lot aren’t looked into s’one is going to get hurt with trying to go up the stairs to your Store and miss the steps and fall on their face for missing the steps or getting hit by a car or being mugged the employees said that they been complaining about the parking lot lights and nothing has been done
    You need to think about safety before thinking about saving money please i hope this message is going to be considered and not ignored

    • Previous Employee says:

      Dollar Tree stores rent commercial spaces and the parking lot lighting is the property management’s responsibility not each retail store. Have you informed the store Manager? Try that and purchase a flashlight while you are there..

  • Kristen Kennedy says:

    My name is Kristen Kennedy.
    I live in Suffolk County NY.
    I am actually a former PT employee two days a week & I loved that position.
    I am looking to return soon.
    Have a great holiday season and I have never felt more at home really within that setting. The time was mine.

  • Anthony says:

    I need to talk to some one in corporate cause there is a rude and nasty manager that works at the store in Betsy lane she worked tonight 11/1/21 her name is Lauren or Lorraine or something to that matter my name is Anthony Rose my number is 2765947138 I need to talk to someone asap

    • Previous Employee says:

      Are you the only one that feels that way? Possibly? You obviously have access to the internet look them up and contact them with your concerns. You do know how to spell Dollar Tree don’t you?

  • Teresita Taylor says:

    Apparently its a theme for most Dollar tree employees to have awful Customer service ..Dollar tree needs to invest in proper training for the cashiers including management its unbelievable that rude behavior is tolerated giving that so many ppl spend $$ in your stores..

  • Karen says:

    I have been to over 15 dollar tree stores in and around the area of Tallahassee, FL, Crawfordville, FL, Woodville, FL and Thomasville, GA. These stores need to be inspected immediately. Each have EXPIRED FOOD and Tallahassee, FL store at Village Square is pure filth. When I stated how filthy this store is to the manager I was told, “Well at least we have no items in the back and all is out”. I will say boxes were out everywhere, so nobody could walk around. Who hires these managers? Maybe I should take pictures of the expired food in the stores and send to the Health Departments, and also Consumer Affairs.

  • Pedro D Crespo says:

    Hi my name is Pedro and I when to one of your store in Fayetteville N C, I walk in with my services dog , the cashier told me that dogs are not aloud in the store I told her it was my emotional dog, them she told the manager, as I walk out the store she came out and told me that I had ben in that store with my dog and he had urinated and i did not clean it up, well I’m a veteran and for that manager to tell me that services dogs are not so pout’s to bark, is she a dog trainer no she is not, I bring this to your attention so those employees can be corrected .

  • Carolyn Schloss says:

    Dear Mr. Philbin, I was hoping that you could do something about the lack of merchandise in the Dollar Tree stores in Central NY, specifically the Syracuse and surrounding areas. I have noticed from my friends in the south (Georgia, Florida mostly) that they have a lot more choices in the merchandise there. When I go to look for the same items they are not in the stores here. I am a huge crafter and have a lot of friends here that are also and frequent the Dollar Tree stores as I do. Please help, we have a lot of free time on our hands to make crafts projects! Thank you! Carolyn Schloss

    • Previous Employee says:

      Have you tried dollar tree.com and have the order picked up at the store so you know you’re getting products you want that maybe has sold out?

  • Robert H Rudman says:

    Dennis Edwards is not one of the founders of Dollar Tree. Macon Brock, Ray Compton and Doug Perry were the founders of Dollar Tree, Inc.

  • JAY B stammerjohan says:

    DEAR DOLLAR TREE your stite to fill out jobs applications is not asking the right things i have fill out my resumes and the applications before the store in culver city is posting open jobs and as i have talk to the manager i have been told low hours i walk by this store as a customer how can we get started thank you JAY

    • Previous Employee says:

      How should the Dollar Tree cater their online application questions for you? Fill out the application online and then take your resume to the store Manager advising them you applied online and hand deliver your resume to the store Manager. Most jobs at Dollar Tree are Part time positions in the retail stores. Look up jobs at Dollar Tree online and read the descriptions of the jobs they offer. Good luck.

  • louie james woodworth says:

    You guys don’t run the country they do and the states

  • louie james woodworth says:

    The United States Senators and the state police departments said if all the stores don’t start selling hydrogen proxide the stores will be shutdown by somebody and there is no more lying to people either the attorney generals said also

    • Previous Employee says:

      WRONG!! Are you familiar with supply and demand? If there’s no demand in your area for peroxide, supply becomes less for an item. And the same is for supply to meet demands. Order it online and pick up at the store..

  • Pauline Sanders says:

    I must tell you that I Love store # 5076 9537 E Fowler Ave Thonotosassa Fl 33592, Out of all the other Dollar General stores , and others, Your store is open, wide , CLEAN, not cluttered like the “other ” stores, Miss Pearl , who is manager at this store, is so community friendly towards all her customers, as well as clerk Ken that I meet today. I will only shop at this store! ,impeccability clean, no clutter, Your store is way above the rest of them! Thank you Pauline Sanders , Po Box 1 Thonotosassa Fl 33592

  • Reatha M. Page says:

    I need to speak with someone in the corporate office concerning a Dollar Tree .

    • Janet says:

      The supervisor screen at coopcity dollar store don’t know how to talk to customers I ask her where an item was and If she can open up another line cause the line doubled into 2 row she yell no get out and kiss her teeth she is in the wrong job

    • Gregory young says:

      I am Forever young mobile Fleet service I’m requesting to service all the dollar tree stores Naples area and etc. I was told to talk with someone at the corporate office please and thank you. My email address is ygregory31@yahoo.com

    • Previous Employee says:

      Google how to contact the corporate office for Dollar Tree and contact them to express your concern. Or express your concern to the store Manager.

  • CHIAOLIN JAN says:


    EC 141396778

    • Previous Employee says:

      Express your concern to your credit card company as to how long it takes to receive a credit. Really, the Dollar Tree owes you a lot of money? What, like a Dollar?

  • Florence D'Orazio says:

    went to dollar tree on state rd. 84 and pine island rd., in davie, fl. Rude manager to one of her employees. I asked the mgr. if there was any paper towels as i had just called and was told yes for as long as they last. got in my car and drove to store. I asked mgr. where are the paper towels? she said we dont have any. I told her i just called and was told this store had them. She said the truck came in and has to be unloaded. At that time this employee said to me here they are in front of the store and took 2 rolls out. She reprimanded him for talking to me. He said to her I can’t talk to a customer? and she said no. She shouldn’t talk to an employee that way. Sometimes given authority brings out the worst in some people. I found this to be very rude. He was trying to help me, which i found refreshing in an employee.

    • Previous Employee says:

      Express your appreciation to the employee that helped you, that’s what is most important as maybe the paper towels were moved under the district managers request and didn’t inform the manager on duty or was new to the store and not quite familiar with the store’s set up where products are located..

  • frank says:

    on feb 23 2020 i went to the neigberhood dollor tree the casher called me a mother fer and told m,e he had big balls and aske me if i wanted tosee them the manager heard him i have spent a total of 90 mins on the phone try to call the head place and nothing i called 1 757 321 5000 on march 5 2020 i went to another dollor tree and the manager at that store send a e mail to corp office still nothing from them they have my phone number and email and the casher still works there what kind of people are the head guys at dollor tree to let people work for them that talk to people im 68 yrs handi vet i think dollor tree higher ups do care about people who shop there shame on you the casher name donntay bates manager heyleigh cooper

  • theresa bigos says:

    I am a big dollar tree customer. I live in Schaumburg, IL, But my family lives in Huntley.IL My suggestion nis to have a Dollar Tree open on Route47 north of the expressway. The closest store is on Randall RD. in Algonquin. Huntley is an up and coming community, with schools, Del Webb Community, etc, who would love to shop for their school supplies, bargains, etc. There are so many open spaces that would make for a perfect location. Check it out. Kindly take my suggestion into consideration. Thank you. Theresa Bigos

  • floyd martenies says:

    i am a long time customer of the dollar tree here in grand rapids.the one in the breton meadows mall.right now handicapped people with walkers or handicapped people with 3 wheel scooters are unable to shop there because the handicapped ramps are closed off.I have to shop at dollar general just down the street.and the area is so little to walk if its 4 feet i will be shocked. please do something about this please and thank you.

  • M.G. says:

    February 20, 2020. I was an Assistant Manager of Dollar Tree in Oxford Ct. for almost 2 years. As of today I am still waiting for my W-2. Legally it should have been mailed by 1/31/2019. I have been to see the Store manager several times. She had me log on to some website that was constantly not working. She told me she was going to email someone. It turns out she was having trouble getting hers as well. I had signed up to receive my W2 last year by paperless system because the year before they were late as well sending it to me. I have not worked there since APRIL 2019. I should not have to log into some website to get my W2. It wouldn’t mind if it worked but I have been struggling with this for over 2 weeks. I emailed some website two days ago and they supposedly reset my password and said to to try again. When I went to try it was still logged out. It takes them 2 days to get back to you because they have so many people trying to get their W2’s. Shame on you dollar tree. This shouldn’t be a hassle to get this. My CPA told me to make a complaint to the IRS and someone else said to complain to the labor board. I JUST WANT ME W2. I am trying to resolve this as I am going for surgery next week and will be out of commission for 6-8 weeks. Just Venting.

  • M says:

    December 11, 2019 Store # 4879 6768 Aloma Avenue Winter Park, Florida 32792

    I was Assaulted and Battered by the Store Manager today at 13:40 pm. Orlando Sheriff Dept. responded to my 911 call. Official filed complaint will be sent to Dollar Tree Corporate.

  • carmen d colon says:

    hi was wondering how you can get off the no rehire to beable to work again

  • Laura Martínez says:

    Hello I purchase constantly in Dollar Tree the store number 4860 in 4747 West Century Boulevard Inglewood California 90304 I would like for Dollar Tree to sell summer umbrellas and different types of tote bags foldable flexibility I mean seeing some cute ones elsewhere like animals, fruits and indifferent type of styles. Will be awesome to purchase them in Dollar Tree.

  • Laura Martínez says:

    I was at Dollar Tree today 10- 30-2019 around 12:10 p.m. to 12:17 p.m. in the location 4747 West Century Boulevard Inglewood California 90304 a store number 4860 this is not the first time that I am being mistreated by Kathy cashiering at the time she doesn’t greet me I pay her my first purchase today by handing my 20 bill straight out to her and she place I change somewhere else except give it into my hand.
    The second purchase at this same day I paid Kathy with a 5 bill by placing it in the little payment table attached to the ATM she took like around 3to5 minutes to graph the five bill and this time she went even worse by living my change under the little table attached to the ATM I told her she needs to respect that I will report her and she respond to me Rush to report me before me has been so many complaints about her I noticed says from other customers expressing it to me also expressing have reported to the store manager verbally and the mistreatment from Katy to customers haven’t change…..
    First receipt number is 2237 04860 04 006 26301803
    Second receipt number is 2243 04860 04 006 26301803

  • Carol D. Campbell says:

    Subject: Dollar Tree Store # 40087, 11-480 Hespeler Rd. Cambridge Ontario October 23, 2019 13:53
    I do think your employees should be educated on how to be polite & well-mannered when dealing with paying customers and perhaps additional training in regards to the needs of the handicapped and their care-givers. My grand-daughter Jayde & I were shopping with her 3 year old son who has Noonan’s Syndrome; he is a special needs child. We each gave Kolsyn a toy to occupy him while we shopped. Because Kolsyn wouldn’t grasp the concept of giving back his new play-things for pricing & to avoid a disturbance and upsetting him, we put the packaging on the counter with our other purchases. We explained what we had done & why but your cashier Tammy was rude, offensive and discourteous creating an uncomfortable situation for us and the line-up of people behind us. (One of the people in line, approached us outside the store, she was as affected by Tammy’s behaviour as we were. She plans to issue her complaint as well; another lost customer? ) There was no need for Tammy’s attitude. We paid for these little toys but each left the balance of our shopping behind on the counter. Please note: Jayde lives a very stressful life on a daily basis doing the best she can in an extremely difficult position. Our shopping events are intended to help her relieve herself of stress, to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, hoping without conflict and miserable people. Your business has now lost two(three?) paying customers and word of mouth is fabulous advertising. BTW Timing is everything, the madness of Christmas shopping is just around the corner.

  • Michael-treated badly at Grand Ledge Mi store says:

    I was in your store in Grand Ledge Mi Saturday around 3:25. There was about 17 0f us, in line, with only 1 cashier. Then the manager came out with someone else. When I said there was 2 more of you in the office and you made us wait. She tried to embarrass me by talking very loud saying , I am sorry sir, we were changing shifts. And she said it about 7 times very loudly. It just bothered me more. I think shift change was 3 pm, and they did not care about us customers. And when I said something they wanted to embarrass me. Is that what you train your managers or how you train them when they are wrong. I was in line 15 minutes and a lot of other people were to. I like your store but do I have to be treated that way. They should have made sure the customers were taken care of, don’t you think. I have the receipt at home. They will know who complained, I am in there all the time., 3 or 4 times a week. I could find another store if you want me to. Why, I live in that town, and its close. They were rude and very disrespectful. ( the manager ) She knows me. I talk to her. I am not use to being treated that way……..especially by a manager. We the customers deserve to be waited on in a timely manner and not yelled at, with respect. Right……….If they do not want to be there, please find a manager and workers that do want to treat us fairly.

  • Mariaelena Ricker says:

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Maria, and the reason why I am writing you this comment is to let you know about two of your employees. I for the most part shop at the Weymouth, Massachusetts in Riverside Plaza. One of your employees her name is Jamie I believe she is a Assistant Manager and she has ALWAYS given me EXCELLENT customer service and has a great personality with a smile. I do not know if you award your employees for their hard work but she is one that desires it!! On the other hand, and I was on the fence about this, but you need to know about your store Manager, Rebecca, I do my best to have a good attitude with workers at any store, but Rebecca is one rude, inconsiderate individual. She has on many occasions has had a mean, nasty demeanor. And for the life of me can’t figure it out why. Now, according to your Mission Statement the first one on the list is ATTITUDE, and I am not satisfied nor happy with Rebecca’s attitude that needs to be fix-like quick. I know we are human but this is a consistent scenario with her. But, anyway, thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
    Mariaelena Ricker

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