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Dollar General is an American chain of various stores selling various products. People might want to visit their headquarters for various reasons, including an internal business meeting, a chain expansion meeting, a potential investor pitch, launch of new stores, a new merger proposal, a meeting to discuss the prospects of opening a new store, the mailman delivering the regular mail, and many more. There are many ways to reach out to their headquarters. Below are a few of the most common and popular ways.

Dollar General’s headquarters address

If you want to reach out to the headquarters by sending physical mail or making a visit, you can do so by using the following address:

100 Mission Ridge

Goodlettsville, TN 37072

United States

Dollar General’s board of directors address

If you want to request an autograph or send a parcel to the board of directors, you can do so by sending your requests and parcels to the following address:

Name of Board Member

100 Mission Ridge

Goodlettsville, TN 37072

United States

Phone number

If you want to reach out to the headquarters by speaking with their team, you can do so by calling them during business hours on working days at +1 615-855-4000.

Media query

You can reach out to the headquarters digitally to send your queries, complaints, and grievances to the team using the media query link on their website. You can find the link here.


You can visit their official website for more information about their products, services, and store locations. You can also get additional information about the company on their website. You can follow them on their various social accounts to stay updated on the offers and happenings at the company. You can visit the official website here.

Dollar General Headquarters Info & Photos

It was founded in 1939 by James Luther at Scottsville, Kentucky. It started at two locations. It was headquartered in Tennessee since its start and with going public in 1968. The headquarters is around 10,000 sq. ft. It was formerly headquartered in Scottsville until the year 2000.

Their current headquarters is in Goodlettsville. They didn’t change their headquarters after going public in 1968 but changed it after expanding beyond America by 2000. Its stores range from 7400 sq. ft. to a maximum of 16,000 sq. ft. They currently have 16,278 stores all over the United States.

There are currently 130,000 employees. They stand as one of the very few companies that didn’t cut off their workforce because of the pandemic in 2020 but rather hired 50,000 people during the pandemic.

Dollar General Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN 37072, United States

Dollar General Headquarters Executive Team

Jeffery Owen

Jeffery Owen

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Dilts

Kelly Dilts

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Steve Deckard

Steve Deckard

Chief Operating Officer

Name Title
Kathy Reardon Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer
Steve Sunderland Executive Vice President Store Operations
Emily Taylor Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer
Rhonda Taylor Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Carman Wenkoff Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Anita Elliott Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

About Dollar General


In the year 1939, James Luther founded a retail company to sell various goods. He was orphaned at the age of 11, working on a farm after dropping out of school. He started buying the stores that were about to close during the great recession. He failed twice before succeeding with Turner and Son store in 1939.

By the end of mid-1955, they became a total of 50 stores in and around Tennessee. They went public in 1968 with their shares for sale on NYSE. In the year 2000, they moved into their new headquarters at Goodlettsville.

In 2003, the company entered the grocery market. In 2004, it entered the Asian market. It made a plan to hire 10,000 employees in 2016. On the journey, it acquired many small businesses to become the giant it has become today.

They hired 50,000 employees in 2020 and plan to hire 20,000 more employees in 2021. Today, it has 130,000 employees in 16,000+ stores all over America.


Dollar General is a variety store company that offers various products, including food and beverages, outdoor living gear, beauty products, household appliances, baby care equipment, seasonal requirements, cleaning equipment, pet care gear and equipment, basic health equipment, personal care, toys, auto hardware, electronics, and electricals.

Apart from these, the stores also sell groceries and daily requirements. They have various combinations of products for which digital coupons are available for purchase at a discounted price.

They also offer warehouse and storage services to various other organizations. They offer supply chain solutions to small and medium firms. DG is a retailer that offers seamless storage and other warehouse services to all of its clients.


    • It will have a total of 17,266 stores in 46 states by February 2021.
    • It made a total revenue of 33.7 billion dollars in the year 2020 alone.
    • It was ranked 112 on the Fortune 500 companies list.
    • It is also one of Fortune 500’s most admirable companies.
    • It is one of the top 25 corporate responders to COVID-19.
    • Dollar General is one of the most attractive companies for investors to invest their money in.

  • Nicole says:

    I am a former employee. Worked at one location in 2021 and then a different location this year. In the same state. I just reapplied, did the new hire paperwork, sent it all back, all to be denied employment cause of my background. How is this fair? Why deny me cause of my background all of sudden when I’ve previously worked for you. Why didn’t I get denied then? Nothing changed since I worked for you in 2021. Discrimination? Oh trust me, I’m contacting everyone I can. This ain’t gonna be let go easily either. I’m getting in contact with my lawyer also.

  • Eric says:

    They need to respect the people next to the store’s. I have trash from the dumpster blowing in my yard because they don’t use trash bags in store trash cans

  • Emily says:

    Yes my sister is the store manager in Lewistown il her name is Addie Collins and she’s been stalking me for several years now because she’s jealous of me and she’s making my life absolutely miserable my point is she’s stalking me while she’s at work because she monitors me 24/7 and I think someone needs to be made aware of this gross psychotic behavior. Check the cameras see what she’s doing she’s stalking me and stalking is Illegal!!!

  • Christina Jones says:

    My name is Christina Jones and I think this needs to be addressed ASAP I have been put down for my disabilities and treated like trash and I can give first names of the people doing it Cheryl has called me retarded and yelled at me multiple times and John the hiring manager is just allowing it and he has gotten hateful towards me and my fiance and I don’t think it should be allowed in a work place we r there for a reason and we should always be kind and respectful towards employees and customers no matter what problems we may be facing at home

  • Guest says:

    Store in my area keep trying to sell veryyyy expired starbucks drinks and telling me its not their problem to remove them from the shelves. Monaca Pa location. Rude worker doesnt give a &$:@ about the customer

  • Al Johson says:

    The store on Chicago and Central (5519 w Chicago ave) has went to the dogs per says. Me and my family and other in the neighborhood are Scared and afraid
    to shop at your store because some some one in the store is allowing Barbeque stand being setup. and motor cycle and people hanging and drinking play lot music in your Lot ,the dollar general parking lot for customers. I cant believe in are allowing this to go on.

  • Connie LaFrance says:

    I would like to compliment the hard works who work at the DG in Spring Lake, Michigan. Store#06281. You can go in at anytime and get to see friendly faces and such a clean store. Claudia, Josh and Andy and the red headed nice lady are very helpfull. The store near Duluth Minnesota was just the Michigan that we visited. Please compliment these employees as not all DG’s stores are this clean and organized. You have a Great crew in Michigan #02681 and you can be proud of that💖

  • Laurie says:

    Dollar General is worried about opening 1,000 more stores & making another $20 billion!!!! They need to properly staff the existing stores! Its a shame what GREED does to people! We were robbed at gunpoint by 2 men & my co-worker was pistol whipped & had to get 8 stitches in her head, along with a few other injuries & it took 2 hrs to get any higher ups to answer the phone when trying to report the incident.


  • Nicole says:

    Store #10242
    Need some attention especially with management

  • Betsy L Davis says:

    I just called about an error I had on Saturday 1152022 I had two 30 dollar orders I had clipped the five dollars off coupon and for the other order I had a paper receipt I never received the discount I would appreciate some help with this problem the store number is 00155 my phone number is 7645916887

  • Crete Carey says:

    TO CEO DOLLAR GENERAL, JEFF OWEN: Your store at Cottonwood Shores/Horseshoe Bay, TX, is the WORST store I have ever shopped. When first opened I was thrilled to have it, and it looked very nice. Condition now is HORRIBLE! Stacks of pallets full of unpacked boxes everywhere, empty shelves need to be filled. Cannot buy many items as they are unpacked and unavailable for sale. Messy, dirty, freezer spills, prices shown don’t match actual prices at checkout. Cannot move through aisles. NOT TEMPORARY, it has been like this for months! Who is the manager or general area manager? Obviously, not doing their job! Worse Dollar General EVER seen. Horseshoe Bay is an upscale resort town. Too bad. You MUST VISIT and straighten out this disaster!

  • Customer in CA says:

    Your local stores provide the corporate office number as 800-678-9278, this is not your corporate office number. A RV store has been getting many calls meant for you all. Please correct this in your stores.

  • Kenneth Kiser says:

    It is a sad time as I have left two customer complaints with Dollar General Corporate Office, and have never received a reply from the Customer Service Dept on Either! It must be true that their employees can treat their customers as rudely as they choose! This is for All of you DG Executives, Remember the Customers are who Signs Your Paychecks! If you don’t take care of them, You can Forget about them taking care of YOU!!

  • Leticia Garcia says:

    I really enjoy shopping at Dollar General. They have variety of things, always new shipments. Although I must say this past week, I went in to make an exchange and the clerk told me I could not because I did not have a receipt. I fully understand if I do not have a receipt I can make an exchange but she foolishly told me , that each manager makes his own rules. I thought that was so ignorant. She claimed the manager had left for the day. I had to call several DG, I finally got one but it was 25 minutes away. My mom needed these woman undergarments. She was not happy we had to go so far. I spoke with the lady from the store at Hillcrest and she claimed that this was uncalled for. I wasted gas and time and money. I think you need to tell your managers to train your clerks not to misinform the customers because she caused me so much gas, time and wear and tear on my car when we could’ve just made the even exchange . The store is closest to my house.
    The store who denied my exchange is the one on Donaldson street, San Antonio, Tx

  • Brenda lucero says:

    One of your stores located in northwest Oklahoma City is terrible. The place is a Pitt! Nothing is organized or put up. Not enough employees working to get things done. I feel like I live on the other side of the tracks. Something needs to be done. I have worked in retail before and this ridiculous!!! Felt like you need to know . Please contact who ever you need to to get things corrected. Thank You in advance.

  • Deane Olson says:

    I was in the local store in Crozet Va and have never seen such a mess in my life! Dirty floors, merch on floors, shelves not stocked, just to mention a few problems. It is a small town and we use it a lot but stores in other towns never look like this. Please address these problems as they have been going on for a long time!

  • William says:

    Your Lewisburg Tn store is a horrible DUMP.. You need to send someone in there to straighten it out. The shelves are a mess. The floors are filthy. It is a REAL DUMP

  • Johnny Aspinwall says:

    I went to the store on Empire Road near Jesup, Ga. today about 2 P.M. and asked for the restroom key and the clerk said that a customer had not returned the key and the door was locked. I asked if I could use the employee restroom and after the clerk asked her supervisor, I was told NO. I had to leave the store and go to another store down the road and use their restroom. I was very disappointed when I was refused to use the employee restroom! Why did this store not have access to another key? I will not shop in this store again!

  • Arma Perry says:

    All these needs to closed so customers will know there services at most of them, and corporate office to not care if someone gets sick or hurt in their doors.

  • Arma Perry says:

    I am at your and employee are in store but the doors are locked, I sitting here seen over 30 customers turned away here at Little Rock Arkansas 3124 Roosevelt Rd..

  • Roy Campbell says:

    Hopkinsville Ky ..DG Canton Rd…

    Agree with many of the comments listed below, clogged aisles etc..good help is in short supply….. ……However, my reason to comment is to recognize an employee and thank other shoppers….Sunday the July 24th we were leaving DG ….my wife took the products and left as I was paying…immediately on leaving I saw my wife had fallen and was wedged between our car and the curb and her head had taken a major blow on the curb. The store manager other shoppers and new arrivals all rushed to our aid. I had to back the car up in order for help to get behind and pick her up. No bones broken but after going to the local ER she was airflighted to Skyline Trauma center in Nashville. Local ER said there was a brain bleed and needed to be seen by a neurosurgeon. Glad to say she is home now , still sore , but recovering. In all the panic I do not have the names of all who assisted. Went today hoping the DG employee would be there and she was. Her name is Rhonda Barrett…who absolutely did all she could do and still keep your business running. I really want the others who assisted to know how grateful we are for their assistance. Thank you Rhonda, and if you see any of the others who helped please let them know of our gratitude for their willingness and compassion to stop and render aid.

  • Kim Vaughn says:

    The store listed below is a hit box to shop in. Been this way for well over a month now. Candy melts, bread sweats, medicine is most likely useless now since not being stored or kept at
    Proper temps. It’s freaking 80-90 degrees in the store all the time.
    What POS district rep is NOT doing his/her job by checking on this store or even acknowledging emails from people about its issues………for crying out loud you all just did a remodel and nothing has worked right since
    K Vaughn

    Store 12092
    901 Cherry St
    Panama City, FL 32401-3857

  • Danny coggins says:

    Please come visit store on the corner of Jackson rd in griffin ga…its nasty an shelves never filled…but plenty of carts it’s like shopping at Sam’s if you can get it…help blames it on dg but there’s 2 people there all the time on there phones..been like this for 2 years are more…thank you.

  • ReNaye says:

    Store # 09565 On Nine Mile in Oak Park, Michigan needs a surprise visit from the (Sue)Regional Manager. The store is FILTHY and that is Nice. The Manager is ALWAYS on her phone. The floors are beyond filthy. The shelves are NEVER stocked. This has gone on since November 2021 that I know of. When the DG Truck arrives on Tuesday, don’t bother going to shop, they lock the doors for hours, only to see the staff did absolutely nothing. There is one young lady that is graced to deal with the public. (She can sing). She works very hard. The 3 young men work well together. They need to hire day laborers offer lunch and get it done. Please attend to this store immediately! Thanks…

  • Anita Durocher says:

    I personally want to say that if we have to check ourselves out at these registers that you have installed then you need to put us on your payroll. Customer service….does that mean anything? This company makes enough money to pay people to do their jobs. Start taking care of the customers and stop with the machines doing the jobs

  • Jesse Nichols says:

    My wife works at the Dollar General in Sugar Creek, MO. Her manager Dusty Sanderson has in the past 2 months disregarded medical paperwork pertaining to my wife’s disability in her ankle after 3 surgeries, left her with no coworkers dozens of times, made her close by herself once and tried to do it a second time. Where may I file an official complaint regarding this power tripping callous behavior? Thank you for your time in this matter.

  • Julia says:

    How do I go over the district managers head she is holding info to keep someone from being fired for hiring her family and it’s not right

  • Mac says:

    Our DG has many issues! As a consumer, even before Covid we have had problems with keeping stock on the shelves, keeping the isles clean(no stock carts staying in the isles)and now for several weeks you are required to have cash only! Our community is 10 miles from a local bank branch and if you need to run in for an emergency item if you don’t have cash your out of luck!!!!
    We reluctantly are going out of the county to purchase our house goods/items! When you work within a mile of the store and have to travel elsewhere is so aggravating!! Please help us and our community!!

  • Frank Wilcher says:

    How do I get information on doing dirt work on new location

  • James says:

    We need a store in westpoint Oh 44432-9620 8 miles to our nearest store . Our little convenience store just closed Campbell store

  • Michele Sharp says:

    Just would like to let someone know that while shopping at my local pOpshelf they had incenses in an aisle and it was smelling up the whole store. I started getting a headache and couldn’t shop anymore. I usually stay longer by I couldn’t. It is located off of Wilma Rudolph Blvd.
    Thank you
    Michele Sharp

  • Connie says:

    What is going on with cave city arkansas dollar general shelves empty its pitiful for a small town can’t get allergy meds eye drops etc bare shelves

  • Stunned and Offended says:

    After reading these comments and complaints, I am struck by the fact that NO ONE from corporate offices has responded in any way to any of these, at least as far as I could see here. One cannot help but come to the conclusion that after they get our money, we have no more use for them.

  • sage says:

    I was a customer at the store listed above on 4-19-2020. I enetered the store at about 2030 hours. As I was trying to go down the aisle in the store I told this female excuse me. I said it more then once she barely moved. So I was finally able to get down the aisle after she moved over a little bit. She then looks me in my eye bumps me then says excuse as she rubbed up against. I looked at he and she say I said excuse me you wouldn’t move. I said no you didn’t you didn’t give me time to move. She then goes back and forth with me being rude and loud. I was very upset at this time and I left it alone. I asked the other employee what was her name and who was the manager she stated she was the assistant manager and her name is Ashley. She also said her supervisor would be there tomorrow and her name is Whitney Tucker. This was assault on a customer and I will by pressing charges once get all of her information. This was uncalled for. unacceptable and dollar general will be held responsible for this.this is store number 08077 store number 470-615-0146.

  • Katrina Goodman says:

    I don’t have a complaint!
    I have a location recommendation.
    HWY 67 Decatur Al.
    This location is in between the Priceville and Somerville stores.
    Many communities and subdivisions would appreciate the convenience.
    There is property available.



  • Connie says:

    Dollar General # 18734
    3795 Summer St
    Mims, FL 32754

    The manager at this store is who I am complaining about. Everyday, she goes out to her car, ON THE CLOCK, and smokes dope in the daytime between 8 am to 11 am. I have seen her personally on the days I have went to Dollar General. She has been doing this since the store has opened. Her name is Samantha Parsons. We have enough problems with drugs in this area. Pretty bad when a Manager is breaking the law. If something isn’t done and she continues to work there, which I think she needs fired, I will be contacting Law Enforcement.

  • Tamarzeei L Shepherd says:

    To whom this may concern and the corporate office in headquarters I’m filing my complaint on store 5690 west 70th street in shreveport La 71129 store manager P.J on July 27,2019 he hired me fix the schedule told me he will work with me on everything I needed to know about the store and what I didn’t know he will teach me in training me on how to do so will wednesday august 11,2019 come I call in for me schedule to see when he won’t me to come in he tell me wednesday for 1;30 well I get to work he tells me I was supposed to been there for 6:00 when his never there his self for 6:00 to opening ther store up never but he know he told me 1:30 become my mom heard him tell me that and the schedule didn’t even say 6:00 for me to be there so that’s a lie so he tells me to go back home call him later to see when he want me to come in I do he said wednesday august 21,2019 for 4-10 ok I get to work I clock in for work he tells me to come to the office so we can talk I dId he tells me I be moving slow and it take only 30min to sock the store and I left three box when I been off for four day because he only give me 18 hour out the week how that anytime to taining anybody for a job then he always gone and he never on time hisself to opening up the store the customers always waiting on him but he FIRED ME FOR NOTHING

  • Carol Laws says:

    We live in Franklin Ga.There is a store in Franklin but we need one in the area of highway 219′ There is not even a store of any kind in our area. I see dollar general everywhere except in our area.please consider putting one on this highway

  • Julie says:

    Just visited your Butler, Indiana store. I was there to purchase a planter with a base. The clerk, Audrey, wanted to charge me for the base and top. One is no good with out the other and is clearly a set. I am not paying for each piece. The clerk needs to be educated on the goods you are selling in your stores. Very frustrated I will have to go somewhere else to get a planter.

  • Nancy says:

    no, not necessary

  • Nancy says:

    Live in tourist town, Lincoln/N.Woodstock NH 03262.Loon Mt,Ski, Lost River, Clarks Trading Post Woodstock Inn, Surely could use a Dollar General in N.Woodstock NH 03262

  • Lupe Chavez says:

    I am a loyal General Dollar customer. Currently GD is advertising a 90% discount on year end summer clearance merchandise. But none of the 5 stores in Abilene are promoting this and/or honoring this. I take advantage of year end sales and buy in big volumes. I found such info on mojosavings.com/dollar-general. Local mgrs. won’t honor this. Please respond and I look to hearing from you. Abilene, Texas

  • Cathy says:

    I am angry how a manager spoke to an employee on the floor. That is what the office is for. Behind close door.

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