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Gary L. Paxton

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

H. Clifford Buster III

Chief Financial Officer

R. Scott Anderson

Senior EVP – Franchise Operations and Senior EVP – Global Mktg

Yves Boyer

Executive Vice President of International

Vicki J. Vaniman

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

About Dollar Car Rental, History and Headquarters Information

Dollar Rent A Car was incorporated by Henry J. Caruso in 1965. It has its headquarters in Estero, Florida, United States. A few years later in 1990, it was sold to the Chrysler Corporation. Dollar Rent A Car merged with Thrifty Car Rental to create Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group in 1997. This firm always targeted company-owned rental locations at major airports to service both tourists and leisure rental markets. By 2006, it had completed the bookings for nearly 10.5 million automobiles.

 Formerly known as Dollar A Day Rent A Car, Dollar Rent A Car, Inc., is a global company that engages in car rental services. It is owned by The Hertz Corporation. Dollar Rent A Car grew leaps and bounds and shares over 840 company-owned locations in the United States and Canada. In addition to this, it owns over 1,500 franchise locations in 70 countries with Thrifty Car

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  • Salah khalifa says:

    I need some one to respond to my calls and claims at Oman international airport it’s been more than a month with no one replying to my and the reason for this is they try to get away with theitheirvcheets to me when they deduct and a mount of 68 OMR with no rights or authority

  • Bryan Van Tilburg says:

    Trip today 6/10/23 to FL, arrived on time, with no luggage in tow straight to the rental desk. Agents at desk sometimes 3-4 but never more with a line that required two (2) hrs to get to the agent with over 50-75 others waiting in line to wait as my wife and I did. You know how many reservations you have and that was the best that ( Dollar ) could do???? It was a bad presentation!
    With the amount of people with the same experience the crowd was very well behaved. Do better!

  • Sherie Tester says:

    Dollar cancelled my car after I had pre paid it and did not inform me until I got the counter to pick up my car. Then charged me twice the amount to rent a new car. I still do not have my refund. They are a scam company

  • Joe says:

    Wish I come across this site before deciding to rent. Like many, I was duped and the non-professional manner in dealing with someone in Dollar’s Customer Service would have caused an immediate dismissal if that were me. Horrible, one and never again!

  • Raymond Davis says:

    Recently charged $87.43 for a $2 toll from Logan Airport to downtown Boston because Dollar employee left the transponder open when I rented the car. Filed a complaint with customer service to no avail. Seems like all the rental car companies are ripping you off. Moving back to Budget.

  • Danny Harold Cooper says:

    Rented the car in September to go to Mississippi after father-in-law had a heart attack I had to drive into Louisiana got charged $844 for crossing into Louisiana no one will respond to my complaint feeling ripped off.

  • E Francis says:

    PLEASE DO NOT rent any vehicles from this company dollar rent a car. Customer service is awful , they dont clean their vehicles before pickups. From my experience the agent tried to bull me into getting the insurance apart from that the don’t do maintenance on the vehicles, when i picked up my car , the next day I realized that the cat battery was dying, battery finally died had get it towed took a uber to tje Orlando Airport for another rental that was dirty also I had to lean it out before putting the kids in the cat. Finally returned it at thr Airport, waited to speak a manager for a hour. He gave me a $150 and told me someone from corporate will contact me via email or telephone 👀 still waiting for someone to contact me, additionally the $200 hold hasn’t been released to my credit card. I usually rent from enterprise. Please don’t rent from dollar rent a car. Rent at your own risk!! Trash company and trash customer service. I rented from MCO airport.

  • Julie says:

    Never again.

  • David jones says:

    Got ripped off at pho airport roadside assistance charge I told them I only wanted insurance if I crash for damage to other car. Rip off never use them again

  • Bruce Smith says:

    Received Rental Contract copy in my email. I had not rented a car from Dollar let alone been to Orlando. Tried for 3 hours to reach a human. DEADEND every time. I tried every number I could find. Even the local airport did not answer.1. How did you get my contact info and 2. Don’t you verify renters

  • Franklin Lizardo says:

    There is no point for this but I’ll do it anyway this won’t be the only pointless things I do trying to get answers
    All I got to say this company did not make me happy for my money

  • Michelle Harris /Bridgit Williams says:

    I will never understand how such a large company can be so non caring and have such TERRIBLE customer service. On the road from the Woodlands experienced electrical issues, skip to 4 hours and 7 phone calls (rude operators) later we are picked up by same tow truck that picks up the vehicle they sent an uber driver that knew absolutely no English he call his son for the son to ask us in English if we had Cash !! What the HELL ?? . Taken all the way back to Houston Airport an hour away. Skip to the end, next day only received a 30 dollar credit and no apologies. Companies like this should not be in business

  • Burned once says:

    Rented a vehicle in Denver and 3 days in front tire blew out. Both front tires were bald, never have I ever had to check if the were good. Car has been sitting at my parents house for 5 days. Wasted vacation! My Dad is going to have it towed to an impound lot tomorrow.

  • Arthur Schlesinger says:

    Rental Record#
    After renting a car at Fort Lauderdale Airport, I refilled the tank before I turned the car in at the airport not knowing that I had prepaid for the fuel charge. I already sent to you by mail a copy of my credit card statement reflecting the fuel fill-up charge. Obviously, you can tell from the odometer reading that I put a bit of mileage on the car and, thinking that I needed to replace the fuel that I used, refilled the tank. Why are you not reimbursing me via either a credit to my credit card or a check? I believe, as a Dollar-Rent-a-Car customer, deserve an answer.
    Arthur Schlesinger

  • Brad says:

    Rented and paid thru Expedia with the understanding that I owed for taxes and fees. When picking up the car I declined insurances. The Dollar agent asked me to sign the usual paperwork but did not explain that they were now going to charge me something called Loss Damage Waiver at $33.99 per day. To me a waiver means you are declining. When I returned home I see that my credit card was charged $206 instead of what I agreed to $63.88. I have emailed 4 different times and the only answer I continue to get is they have documentation with my signature so nothing can be done. Oh, and they look forward to seeing me again. What are they kidding me!
    Dollar is scamming customers without them knowing and than denying responsibility.

  • Lori says:

    Rented a car at Buffalo airport. Crossed Cdn border and saw a low PSI alert. 1 tire with 2 holes, another tire leaking. Started snow/rain & wipers didn’t touch windshield. Found papers under front seats so obviously wasn’t cleaned properly. Called Dollar & received no help. Fixed tires at my cost. Spoke to someone whom I was told was the manager on car return & he didn’t seem too interested car was unsafe. Called customer service & was offered Dollar points which I refused. Emailed customer service & got a response from Jean who also tried to give me money off my next Dollar rental. I told her I didn’t feel comfortable renting from there until I heard from someone & asked to be contacted within 1 week. It’s now over a week & still no response. Also tried calling directly to airport counter and no one ever answered the phone.

  • Rene Aguilar says:

    5 days later and I still haven’t gotten my deposit back

  • Angela Lee says:

    Horrible Experience!

    We rent 2 cars in Orlando, FL for a whole week, we had a party of 11, 3 kids (with carseats). One car was fine, the other car started giving us problems the day after we rented it. We called roadside assistance and took over an hour to get help, then another ETA of 90 min before we could get a tow truck out. Mind you in Orlando you need to reserve theme parks in advance we lost out in half our day at Universal Studios. They started the car the next morning, it worked that day then the next day same issue. But since we had Disney reservations we could not wait another 90 minutes for a tow so we paid for a taxi to take the rest of our party, mind you our double stroller was locked in the vehicle that we could NOT access it. Had to rent ANOTHER double stroller at Disney. Finally got the car towed the next day. They were NOT able to bring us an additional car so WE had to go pick up another vehicle. We got a new vehicle for 1 day! When we finally returned the cars no one seemed to help us and reimburse us for the week since we were ONLY able to use the car for 2 days!! They said to call customer service when we got home. We called 3xs and each time got hung up on!! No one seems able to help and claiming they do not see our first call for tow truck service when we have call logs showing and proving it!!!

    My husband and I are super frustrated with the time lost especially in the theme parks with our children due to poor customer service and dollar car rental. We plan to report to the better business bureau and let everyone know NOT to use DOLLAR CAR RENTAL!!!

    • Burned once says:

      We also had received a vehicle with 2 bald front tires. Needless to say, the passenger front tire blew out and it is sitting in my father’s driveway in another state and has been for five days. He’s having it towed to an impound lot tomorrow if it’s still there.

  • Jeanne says:

    Horrible experience. Rented a car at PGH International late in the evening. Drove away; car started making a terrible racket on the freeway. Pulled over to the shoulder. Called the number. Dollar refused to help. Insisted I drive back to the airport in this unsafe car.(Where of course their rental counter would be closed at that time) Sat on the side of the freeway at 3AM stranded. Never again.

  • Scott says:

    They add on all these extra fees. Concession fees and taxes and what not. And since they have your credit card info, you get charged and can’t do anything about it. Scumbag company. Will never use them again.

  • Charlotte Fields says:

    I returned a rental vehicle on New Years Eve.
    After several calls from vehicle control regarding closing out the account.
    I made a visit to Jennifer Jones a agent at the Atlanta Airport.
    She was kind and resolved the situation timely.
    Thank you! Just doesn’t seem enough.

  • Charlotte Fields says:

    Terrific Serice

  • Mike J says:

    In April, I rented a car in Orlando. The agent at the desk said they needed a card on file for any incidentals. I said I was covered under my insurance but they again said they needed it. I specifically asked if I would be charged and was told “no”. When signing the contract, I asked again and was again assured that I would not be charged.
    I was later sent a bill for $374 for “additional service” of incidental insurance.
    Their customer service department will not work with me and site that I signed a contract. They won’t even listen to me or the fact that I was told there would be no charge.
    I’ll gladly update this comment if they ever decide to do the right thing, but I STRONGLY suggest you stay away from this company.

    • Donna says:

      I had the same problem but multiplied. I ordered one car and was given a price of $585. When I got the car it was over $1000 and they gave me a $150 credit. Not even the agreed upon price

  • Charles Conner says:

    I rented a car at the usual MSP terminal 2, brought it back to the exact same place, as usual, two days later, and got charged 470.00 (instead of 211.84) because I was told I didn’t return the car to the same location. It seems that Hertz takes care of everything. I did Everything right, as I always have, and have gotten Zero help, despite repeated calls. The corporate number is not answered, either. What happened to this company?

  • Andrés Baez says:

    How do you make up for over fours wasted in line at your Dollar Car rental location at LAX airport?

    That was the worse car rental experience one can possibly encounter. The fact that I’m in LA for one day for an intimate ceremony and I spent over four hours in line to rent a car from you.

    This is beyond unacceptable and I will personally use this bitter experience to express it to the Better Business Bureau, and all social media outlets possible. No one should ever have to experience this nightmare, specially with a reservation.


  • JC says:

    Worst experience I’ve had with a company in a decade. Two hour plus wait at totally understaffed desk at the airport, then double charged, then 16 minute wait on “customer service” line only to be told their “system was down, please call back tomorrow.” Are you kidding?? Avoid these guys like the plague!! Not sure how their executives sleep at night. If I was one of their children I’d be embarrassed how. What a disgrace of a corporation…

  • Brian says:

    I rented a car in Phoenix AZ from Dollar Car Rental and they ripped me off for $496.84 for a loss damage waiver and premium road service that I told them that I didn’t want.

  • Kevin Michael Milleman says:

    I was told they are taking $1000 from me for a car I cannot rent due to Covid19 restrictions- canceling and refund conversation resulted in hang up after hang up. How can I be refunded after willing to spend this kind of money here? So disappointed.

  • Maria VB says:

    On 8/9/2021, I reserved a car with Dollar Car Rental through Tickets At Work, as my vehicle is currently being serviced. I checked in at the Dollar Car Rental counter located at Boston Logan International Airport. During the check in process, the rental agent informed me about additional loss/damage insurance coverage, as well as roadside assistance coverage and asked if I was interested in adding the coverage to my rental. I declined and stated that I have my own car insurance coverage, which covers rental liability, as well as AAA for roadside assistance, and did not need the additional coverage. He acknowledged my response and proceeded to complete the check-in on his computer. He asked me to sign the digital key pad that was located on the counter. *Note that the key pad is a blank screen with a signature line for customer to sign. He then handed me a pamphlet with the rental information in it and directed me to the garage area. I quickly glanced at the total estimated charge (which was about $7 dollars more than what the charges noted on the Tickets at Work reservation) thinking this was the total charge for the rental, I proceeded to retrieve the vehicle.

    On 8/12/21, I returned the vehicle and the attendant directed me to the check-out station. I waited there for several minutes, without any agent in sight and went back to the attendant and stated that I had someone waiting for me outside the rental lot to drive me home and inquired where I could check-out. She stated that it would be no problem, the car would be scanned by one of the service agents and that would complete the return process. At that time I proceeded to leave the premises and join my ride.

    On 8/16/21, I again reserved a vehicle with Dollar Car Rental through Tickets At Work and proceeded to pick up the vehicle at the Dollar Car Rental counter located at Boston Logan International Airport. Upon checking in, the rental agent at the desk went through the same sales pitch about the additional loss/damage and roadside assistance coverage. I ,again, declined the additional coverage. Similar to my previous experience, I was asked to sign the digital key pad, provided the rental pamphlet and proceeded to retrieve the vehicle. I returned this rental on 8/18/21.

    On 8/20/21, I received my American Express bill and upon review of all my charges, I noticed that, in addition to the two Tickets At Work rental charges, there was a Dollar Car Rental charge, as noted below:

    Date Merchant Rental Dates Charge
    8/9/21 Tickets At Work (8/9/21 – 8/12/21) $145.97
    8/12/21 Dollar Car Rental (8/9/21 – 8/12/21) $152.2
    8/13/21 Tickets At Work (8/16/21 – 8/19/21) $118.38

    On 8/23/21, I called Dollar Car Rental and spoke with one of the billing representatives. I inquired about the second charge for the same rental, and he proceeded to explain that the additional charge was the result of the loss/damage and roadside assistance coverage I purchased. I proceeded to explain that I declined the additional coverage. I explained that I have car insurance through MAPFRE which covers any loss/damage/liability, as well as AAA for roadside assistance, and as a result I would never have agreed to or purchased any additional coverage. He proceeded to state that my signature is on file which indicates that I accepted the additional coverage. I reiterated that I declined the coverage and at the end of my interaction with the agent, I was asked to sign the electronic keypad, which was literally a line on a blank keypad. Under no circumstances would I have signed that keypad if I thought that the agent would have fraudulently charged me for something I declined. I informed the rep that this was not what I signed up for and that I wanted the charges reversed. After an unsuccessful outcome with the billing rep, I asked to speak to a manager, to which he stated there were “none on staff”. I informed him that I wanted to speak with a manager and left my name and number. He stated that a manager would call me before end of business day on 8/23/21. I did not receive a call back from a manager!

    On 8/24/21, I called Dollar Car Rental again and spoke with another billing rep, Manny E. I explained my situation again and received the same response from Manny, as I did from the rep on 8/23/21 (although the rep on 8/23/21 did not give his name, I am almost certain that it was also Manny). At this point I was very frustrated and demanded to know the name of the manager on duty that I could speak with. Manny’s response was that “there are many managers at Dollar and he doesn’t know their names”. It was evident to me that Manny wasn’t willing to provide me with manager contact information. I demanded to speak with one and he stated that he would forward my request along and someone would call me back.

    At 2:08 p.m. I received a call from a Ronny/Donny?, identifying himself as a Dollar Car Rental supervisor. He initiated the call by reviewing the wrong complaint, and I corrected him on why I was calling. I reviewed every single detail with him, again, and after listening to my dispute, he basically stated that I signed the agreement and therefore there is nothing they can do for me and they would not reverse the charges to my American Express card. I reiterated, again, that I have insurance and would have never opted to purchase something that I am already paying for, and the signature was over a blank key pad which had absolutely no charges noted on it.
    I also asked him to refer to my subsequent rental from 8/13/21 and noted that I declined the additional coverage on that day as well, and that transaction went as I requested. His response was that it doesn’t matter what I did with the other rental, and that I was responsible for the additional charges from the initial rental and that their decision stands. I asked him to explain to me why I would purchase additional coverage if I am already paying for that coverage through my insurance, and he just kept reiterating that I signed the contract and that their decision stands.

    At 4:27 p.m., I received another call from Ronny/Donny?, identifying himself as a Dollar Car Rental supervisor. Initially I thought that perhaps they had reviewed my complaint and were calling to rectify their error, but that was not the case. It was the same supervisor, calling me about my complaint, again, and not realizing that he had already spoken with me just a few hours earlier. This upset me even more.
    Not only was this individual not able to assist me with rectifying their agent’s error, but he wasn’t even focused and organized enough to realize that he had already spoken with me.

    I have never experienced such terrible customer service from any company in my life. The fact that the employees of Dollar Car Rental would scam me into a purchase I didn’t accept and then not rectify an erroneous charge made by their own rental agent, is absolutely shocking to me. In the course of two days, I disputed my charges on four separate calls without an acceptable resolution. These unethical practices by such agents must be stopped and disciplinary actions needs to be taken to ensure that other customers don’t have to experience the stress and aggravation that I am going through due to Dollar Car Rental employees.

    I am disputing the $152.23 that was charged to my American Express card on the basis of unethical, unlawful and scam-like practices being conducted by the rental agents at Dollar Car Rental. Needless to say, I will never again conduct business with Dollar Car Rental, or its affiliates, and will be sure that my experience is shared with all available outlets, including BBB, to prevent this from happening to any consumer again!

  • Cindy says:

    Was told toll charges would be sent to my credit card. Now Dollar is charging me a $69 fee on top of the $9.83 toll charge! Ridiculous!! Don’t ever use this company!
    Trying to get someone to answer phone is also a problem. No one cares! They just want to rip off consumers!

  • Cindy says:


  • Yoshikisa Armstrong says:

    Requesting my 144.00 for gas

  • Yoshikisa Armstrong says:

    I visit the Dallas airport and I got rental at Dollar from 8/12-8/15, and I was charged fir a full tank of gas on a Nissan Rogue. I was told to drop the rental off and to take the shuttle to the airport. I filled the tank to full before I got to Dollar and I was charged 144.00 on my credit card. I am a mother of four, and we were out in Dallas to visit and got rip off from Dollar rental. I will report this to the internet,Facebook. I never used Dollars service before and I can’t believe that I had my money taken for gas . I tried to call the office but I had to get back to Alabama because my kids start school on Monday and I didn’t have have money fir them for the week because they took it for gas. I left water that I bought at the hotel because I couldn’t take it on the plane because I thought you were a nice company but I was charge for gas that I paid for. I would like to speak with someone who can help me. Yoshikisa Armstrong

  • Rita says:

    Charging credit cards without bills or clarification
    Car was not clean
    Lady at the desk gave me an upgrade I was happy it ended up that I had to pay for it she did not explain that
    Lots of hidden fees
    It’s not cheaper than other car rentals
    I will never rent from them again
    My bill was double of what we agreed on
    Total rip off

  • Rita says:

    Lots of hidden fees charging credit cards with sending clarification or bills cars not clean
    The list goes on
    It’s not cheap it ends up more expensive than other rental companies

  • Debbie Hooper says:

    How about dollar responding to all the complaints!!!!

  • Debbie Hooper says:

    We waited at Atlanta Airport for 3 hours for our car, the final destination was another 2 1/2 hours away and having waited for our rental until 11:30pm with young children we ended up having to stay in Atlanta for the night incurring the cost of over$100 for a hotel room. The car was prepaid for and upon returning the car I was charged another $162 dollars for which I have no idea what it was for as the car was returned on time. The people at the desk in the airport were extremely rude would not give out their names and if they had to wait more than a few seconds for a customer to produce whatever they asked for they sent them away saying they didn’t have time and they were not going to help them after people had been on the line for hours. Called dollar, no one would help me with the additional bill or the fact that we had to stay in Atlanta for the night due to the 3 hour wait

  • Vanessa Lytes says:

    I left my apple watch on the console. It was less than 10 minutes when my nephew went to ask fir the watch and was told because he didn’t have the reservation number they could not help. I called my niece called and I called again. I filed a claim indicating one of the employees took the watch instead of returning it to the lost and found and supplied the address to where the watch was tracked and their response was that is not the address of the list and found and I haven’t heard from them since. It appears that it is impossible to get through to speak with a supervisor. I will never rent from them again. Where is the honor and integrity?

  • Elaine Booker says:

    I was charged fraudulently for smoking i do not smoke

  • Elaine Booker says:

    I was fraudulently charged i do not smoke.and a 400.00 charge was put on my charge card

  • Anna Weatherspoon says:

    Awful experience with Dollar. I will never use then again or refer them anyone

  • Alan says:

    I call out any Dollar executive to actually respond to this (and the other complaints). On May 5 we stood inline for 2 hours at the Atlanta airport to check-in for our car. 2 staff working a line of 100 people. Then the car wasn’t going to be available for another 45 minutes. Or I was allowed to pay $20 more per day to get a car that was available. I also say that I DID NOT WANT the extra liability insurance. I was not not offered the chance to review the new rental agreement, including add on charges, before being asked to sign on the electronic bottom line. My mistake. When we returned the car and received an electronic receipt, here was a $119 charge for extra liability insurance. Called Dollar customer service at 4:00 pm central time to talk about this. Received a computer voice response that they were closed, but that they were open for service from 6 am to 7 pm seven days a week. This happened two days in a row.

    When I did get through to them, on the third day after a 20 minute on hold, they said that because I had signed for the contract, the charge was not reversible.

    Dollar, step up and respond to this inexcusable service, or lose my business for ever…if you care.

  • Cynthia Torlucci says:

    I rented and pre-paid for a vehicle on April 21, 2021 to picked up in Jacksonville FL on May 3, 2021. I called Dollar on May 8, 2021 to see if we could return the car early and was told yes and we would get a refund for the days we didn’t have the car, only to find out this was not true, after I returned the vehicle. I called Dollar on again on May 8th and talked to someone in a different country, who I could not understand. When I asked for a supervisor I was told I could not be transferred and one would call me back in 24 hours. Needless to say no supervisor has contacted me. How can Dollar get away with this kind of treatment. Why is Hertz not aware of their practice? Where is my refund? I am going to file a complaint with the BBC and Hertz Corp.

  • Kenneth Hayward says:

    Dollar does not keep the truth never rent from them they Hold your money to make more money for them

  • Michael Haynes says:

    How do we set up an corporate account for monthly rentals ?

  • Bobby P. says:

    I rented a car in Florida and had toll charges of $7.20. They charged an admin fee of $59.94. Basically the charged $9.99/ toll charge. In one case they charged me $9.99 for a toll of $0.50.
    This is deceptive business practics to say the least. I am filing a BBB complaint against this company!

  • Charles Colombo says:

    Major problem with a reservation and no one seems to be able or willing to help me. Any ideas?

  • >