Where is Dodge Corporate office Headquarters

Dodge Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1301 S Rochester Rd
    Rochester Hills, MI 48307
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 248-652-9650
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 77817
  • Established: 1900
  • Founder: John Francis Dodge & Horace Elgin Dodge
  • Key People: Michael Manley

Dodge Headquarters Location & Directions

Dodge Headquarters Executive Team



Michael Manley

Chief Executive Officer

Harald Wester

Chief Technical Officer

Stefan Ketter

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Scott Garberding

Head of Quality

Mark Chernoby

Chief Technical Compliance Officer

Richard Palmer

Chief Financial Officer and Business Development

Linda Knoll

Chief Human Resources Officer

About Dodge, History and Headquarters Information


Dodge was founded in the year 1900. The company has been operational for 119 years now. The founders of the company were Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge. In the year 1920, the founders of the company were met with an untimely death, and therefore the company was sold off to Dillion Read and Company, for about an amount of $146 million. Then in the year 1928, the company was again sold off to Chrysler Corporation. During World War II, the company was very well known for its well made light trucks an ambulances as well. During the 1960s and 1970s, the company started to target the muscle car market. The oil crisis in the years from 1973 to 1980 proved to be very unprofitable for the company. In the year 1998, the Chrysler Corporation amalgamated with Daimler-Benz AG and thus formed Daimler Chrysler. The company had also partnered up with Fiat as well.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based in 1000 Chrysler Drive. The place name is Auburn Hills, and the state name is Michigan. The area pin code is 48326.


Dodge is an American car brand that is responsible for the designing and manufacturing of various types of minivans, cars, supercars, muscle cars, etcetera. The company has its presence in all of the world, except in the western part of Europe and Hong Kong. The current CEO of the company is Timothy Kuniskis. The company is under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group.


The primary services provided by the company is the designing and manufacturing of various types of cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, vans, etcetera so that customers could easily buy the vehicle of their own choice. The company also makes muscle cars and supercars such as the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, which can go up to 200 MPH in terms of speed.

Dodge Corporate Office Photos

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  • Shironda Murphy says:

    I need my transfer case repaired. What are the requirements to get it done with my car?

  • Daphne says:

    Dodge Journey been having problems with it and it don’t have that many miles on it , took my dodge into the dealership my biggest mistake I make was I depend on you all to take care of my dodge for me , I might be old but I am not stupid. I am sick and I told them that I need my vehicle fixed , I will be going back and forth to the doctors I have to get infusion and it’s an hour away. Iam going to tell you what I told Jo , I have lights on My Dashboard ABS skid marks and several others, all lights come on and off , and my windshield wipers are away going on slow plus I need my air conditioner gas puts in it. After talking my medicine it make me sick to my stomach, I ask John and my grandson to go get my dodge, John paid $2774.68 got in the vehicle drove it a little ways and no breaks whatsoever. This is not the first time this has happened to my vehicle. I Heard several customers complaining about their vehicle’s not being fixed.One time that was on you guys, I gave them a second chance , yes I that’s was on me. I need another vehicle, but it won’t be a dodge

  • Josh says:

    I’d like to help design such a unique car that no one has ever seen before it’s going to be the new start of the dodge community and such a car that has the electric system but a new body

  • V Davila says:

    If the Dodge Journeys have similar problems of not starting, why is this not considered a Consumer problem and Recalled?

  • Torrey Thomas says:

    Just wondering when your going to come up with a line of new trucks designed just for hotshotters. I think you could corner the market on sales on a heavy duty truck designed for pulling long haul loads.

  • Lillian Ryan says:

    I ordered my first ever vehicle, a 2018 Dodge Durango SXT, from my dealer in October of 2017. It now has a little over 50,000 miles on it. All of a sudden my “change the clock” setting appeared & I couldn’t get rid of it. Next my radio would change stations all by itself & keep changing if you tried to put it back where it was. Plus there was an annoying beep sound for both the clock & radio.
    I’ve had it back to the dealer & they replaced a circuit board I think it was called but it did the same thing the next day. I dropped it off at the dealership on Friday afternoon because I had some water leaking issues on the driver’s side & they just called me today, Tuesday, to say what that issue was from. They also told me I have to pay $700+ dollars to replace my radio. How does a radio go bad? I’ve owned used cars & new cars & the radios never went bad. Factory defect possibly. I paid & am still paying enough for this vehicle & can not afford to replace the radio. It should not have gone bad. I’m also paying for an extended warranty which has not covered any of my problems. Apparently a waste of money I don’t have. Very disappointing in a brand I’ve always trusted.

  • kerry bowling says:

    I have a great idea and need a patent! For a truck that has a ramp so people can load motorcycles and riding mowers and anything that would be easier to do with a ramp and the ramp can slide under the bed and lock in place while driving and dodge already has the swing tailgate. Please text me or email me if you want this and other great ideas I have a great windshield defrosting drawing and I have it on my own truck it will defrost the whole windshield my name is kerry 317-476-2750 kerryrb @ sbcglobal.net

  • Phyllis Reed says:

    I bought a new 2020 ram 3500 at 84000 miles transmission went out it in September 2021took 8 weeks to get it back in February 2022 I was driving and the drive shaft fell out here at 93000 . Here it is July I still don’t have the truck it’s a work truck so there’s been no money made with it I am so disappointed because this issue is not been resolved all I hear is we can’t get the parts this truck is still under warranty but I still have to make these payments

  • Mike says:

    I find a car I wanted, a Dodge Challenger Scatpack. took a test drive and everything. was told the exact one I want is being shipped and will arrive in 30 days. I go in to purchase the vehicle and was told that they are going to sell it over sticker price. Is that legal?? isn’t that price gouging? WOW, unbelievable. I just walked out



  • Sherry says:

    I need some help. We bought a dodge journey from zeller motors in Arkansas city Kansas. It had 9 miles when we bought it. Only has 14k miles now. I’ve had it towed to dealership two times. Just got it back and drove it home. Now it won’t start. I need help knowing what to do. This was a lemon

  • Mary Lippman says:

    I know most Dodge dealerships are privately owned but someone needs to be aware that Vigo Dodge in Terre Haute Indiana tells people they can do a job in a day and a half two days max here I sit seven weeks later without my vehicle this is costing me several thousand dollars because I am a driver and use my car for work I know this, it will get me nowhere for I have called Vigo Dodge probably 30 times in the last seven weeks but just Thought your corporation knows that there’s dealerships out there representing you that are lying and cheating people on a daily basis

  • Linda says:

    I have a 2014 Dodge Journey I absolutely love.. The ABS Module went on it. The part won’t be available until March 2023. How can Dodge sell cars that can’t be repaired? I am not understanding.. Very disappointed consumer..

  • Billy Barclay says:

    We trying to run a expedited service we have 3 ProMaster 3500. 2-2016 and a 2022 yr model vans. If something happens and we have to have parts its always on back order it is had to run a business when your vans are down for 4 to 6 weeks at at a time waiting on parts. Van payments dont wait along with your other business expenses.this has been going on now for over a year. I call ford for a similar part and the parts are usually available.so i guess thee next 3 vans we are purchasing in the next 6 months will be the ford transit. And everyone i speak with i will never recommend a ram pro master

  • Mark Insko says:

    6 months waiting for custom order for a 2022 Charger Hemi, then 60 days shipping and no one can tell me anything. Dealership service is like talking to a parrot 🦜!

  • nick pecora says:

    To whom it may concern.

    My name is Nick Pecora. I purchased a brand new 2021 ram 1500 late August 2021. The day the vehicle came off the delivery truck, i noticed a vibration. I brought it to my local dealer in which they could not fix the problem. I brought it back a couple more times in which nothing was done. I then connected with customer service, and in my mind is a joke. As they did not know anything about customer service, but in fact no how to just get you off the phone.

    I have now, still a vibration and now physical wear on my tires 6/32 on a vehicle that only has 8k miles. This is a brand new vehicle and i have to buy new tires within 6 month. I am not a happy customer.
    I spoke to Isaias, who works for himself in customer service with no upper management, today. Isaias , told me that its is not rams concerns and its the tires that ram put on the vehicle. go talk with Goodyear.
    I do not feel safe in this vehicle as i have a 6/9 year old kids.

    I am looking for to be connected with customer retention to either fix the tires or buy this truck back so i can get a a safer vehicle.

    I would also like to say that the customer service in the “customer service department” needs a lesion on how to talk to concerning customers. this is not a mom and pop shop where they can talk how they would like.

    Please have someone contact me outside of Ram customer service.

  • Tha Messiah says:

    To Dodge Headquarters.

    My Dodge Ram QuadCab 4×4, 5.7l Hemi has the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) crap out and basically the vehicle electronics were messed up. Only one headlight would work and the vehicle would not start or when it finally did would go down the street and shut off without warning. Another issue is the exhaust manifold noise ticking got so bad that it had a lot of problems and was very loud and lost power over time. Eventually, the engine blew up. The truck has been sitting ever since. Thanks for making junk and ripping me off of my hard earned money. Your engineering sucks! If you want to make things right, then deliver me a brand new RAM TRX 4×4 to my house Free of charge.

  • Jennifer Olivier says:

    I was wanting to see if there is someone with your corporate office I could email or speak to about assistance to on trying to get one of your vehicles for my disabled daughter. As many know getting these handicapped accessible vans are ALOT of $$ and if you do not have the perfect scores (which most of us do not due to medical bills and just how the last 2yrs have been) you have to come up with a massive downpayment or not even looked at. I was just wanting to see if your corporate office has any dept that works in this area that could assist us in the process? I know it is a long shot but can at least try, if my daughter can survive being paralyzed at 15 still graduate high school and got her bachelor degree and now working for her masters then I can still try and be an advocate for her and the handicap community and see what the BIG Auto Company might be able to help and lead us in the right direction. I hope to hear from you in an email soon! Thanks for the platform to speak about this here!

  • James says:

    Will sent the hellcat engine Will discontinued in 2023 why not make sport with a hellcat engine a make AWD and 4 door. Exit with big ass bang

  • Darrell says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to express my utter and complete disappointment in the Dodge Brand. I currently have 2 and after my last disappointment I will surely sell and find another manufacturer. From the inability to find a competent service facility to a complete failure in customer service regarding a recalled part, Dodge has been a joke to deal with. 80k dollar truck sitting in a driveway for over a month that can’t be used and multiple times off work with loss of pay, there’s still no resolution. My advice, steer clear of this brand there’s zero concern for the consumer. Would not buy another and will sell the two I own now.

    • MWalk says:

      Hi Darrell, I’m curious as to what issue you experienced. Have a 2019 72k truck and had major issues and still experiencing intermittent ones.

    • nick pecora says:

      I have a similar issue. This is a joke, the customer service is incompetent’s and unprofessional. Is there a class action started?

  • John Lins says:

    As a firefighter love your redline ram. No firefighter I know could afford a truck that costly though.

  • Sherri Barrientos says:

    My husband and I purchased a ram from Eastgate dodge. It was advertised online with a 3500$ rebate and 0 percent interest for 72 months. When we started signing papers they said the rebate couldn’t be used with financing. Why the ad said it? My husband bought it anyway. Is there anything you can do about this mistake?

  • Buzz Fisher says:

    I would like to be contacted on an idea I have. refbuzzfisher@gmail.com.

    I own a Dodge Ram 1500. My third Ram. Love it. Thx you for your time and consideration. Thx

  • Roger Widay says:

    Dodge Ram truck month is month of March. They offer incentives and rebates but you have to take possession of the truck before March 31. Problem is dealers have maybe 1 or 2 vehicles on their lot if that. Why not be fair to consumers and offer the incentives and rebates if they order one in month of March. You can set the bar for auto manufacturers and be the only one to do this? It is only right and fair to do this.

  • Marc Laporte says:

    Sorry the prior info is for the company to receive and review. Please delete it if this will be exposed to the public. Thank you.

  • Marc Laporte says:

    I invented a brand new focal point fog light system that will legally give people 3X the night time driving safely. I do have working prototypes and pictures of my invention that works. My lawyer did a world wide patent search with results that no one or company has thought of yet or is manufacturing yet. If you are interested in hearing more let me know. Trust me it’s pretty COOL and extremely versatile.

  • Joey says:

    Bought a 2006 Dodge Dakota truck it’s been junk ever since replaced for ECM computers 1tcm and still having problems with the communicating with the TCM it’s throwing codes can’t get it inspected paid around $11,000 for it and already got five or six in it and the Dodge dealerships can’t fix it they just keep replacing parts and it still don’t fix it so I wouldn’t recommend buying any Dodges from any dealerships

  • Fredrick Stewart says:

    I have a 2014 Dodge ram with air suspension And when I get cold The air suspension will not work it drops down real hard like a low rider and a hit every bump you can feel don’t ask Dodge corporation is there a recall of Canadian help me fix it because it’s not aware until it’s a manufacturer Mess up So I would appreciate somebody getting touched with me about the situation it’s it’s not a wear and tear It’s a manufactural Mess up

  • Eric Grossman says:

    Dodge Ram 2017 Air Suspension Inferior Design. The Third time in the Dealer Milford PA. Under 80K mikes snd 2500$ to fix air ride. 2019 fixed the problems but no compensation for poor Saps that are suffering with your Ride of Life Time!. You should compensate me snd thousands of other paying out for design mess ups. I’ll never buy another Ram and pay Cash, bought a brand new Rangler for My wife..Cash also never again unless someone calls milford pay for it. Ericg

  • Mehendra says:

    I am extremely disappointed with the service I’m getting from this company now that I have a breakdown with my Newly bought Ram 2500 deasil with the def system failed while driving on the road Took it to a dealership in PA and cannot get a straight answer from anyone. going on to two full weeks No loaner, no rental, no answer on where my part is and no one calls from no one if I don’t call. I have case # 81966188 and I am frustrated to the max. No one seems to know what is going on when I have my business on hold and is now causing me many losses. Wish I can get some answers.

  • Scott Zaval says:

    This is my first time owning a dodge. I traded a mini for a Dodge Durango. It only has one key and for some reason not one parts counter can get me the right key number. I ask if they are checking it by VIN and they all say yes. I went to two lock smiths and someone altered the only key I have so that it will work. What do I have to do to get a second key that will actually work with the product? I believe that it was owned by the government before the individual I traded across for. I just can’t believe that no one can get me the right key for the vehicle, especially checking it by VIN. Is this the way all your vehicles are? I understand the stereo and that product got better, but just trying to get a working second key should be a given by VIN. Any help getting a second working key would be helpful.

  • Michael Burkos says:

    Would like to be the next Dodge Ambassador.

  • Hope says:

    I have purchased a 2020 Dodge Charger a year ago. I have had nothing but problems with my vehicle. 2nd day I had it they had to replace the whole radio. About 3 months into having it I had to replace front struts, front and rear door panels because they were warped. October 1st valve body went out and sat on the lot for 3 months before I got the vehicle back and parts arrived. With my vehicle sitting out side for 3 months when it was normally in a a garage at all time, I had rodents inside my engine bay and had chewed up wires that were not covered under warranty which is completely crap. Also just took my car in for rattle noise coming from rear found that I need both rear shocks, and a new blower motor as my is making horrible noises. Also my trunk is getting water in it and we replaced the truck seal and now the dealership is telling me I need to take it to the body shop because they think it’s warped. Nothing but issues with this car in the last year and half and there’s only 33,000 miles on the dang car. I had a 2016 Dodge Charger before this used and I had absolutely no issues with it. Dodge you better fix this issue. I have tried contacting people regarding my issues and have been blown off. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a dodge again.

  • Marco A Garcia says:

    I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited edition, that I bought used with 13,000 miles and after a month I being having issues with the screen it freeze and nothing works on the screen I had taken it to many different dealer and no one had solved the problem up to now my guarantee is spired and I don’t thin is fair that I have to pay for a problem that came out before it had 25,000 miles and no one has being able to solved it , I trying to see if any one on the Corp cans do something to help me with this matter , thank you

    • Joe jewell says:

      I have 2012 Dodge Durango having problems with heads they say only one is on recall need both call me at 2096043298 thank

  • A.R says:

    I Purchase A 2021 Ram 1500 Black Edition, I Purchase It The Vehicle At Fl, Airport Dealer, I Travel To New York City ,Right Now Is Real Cold An The Temperature Here Is 14 Degrees, I Turn On My Truck THE windows Were G Foggy So I Push The Defrost Button And My Rear Window Blew Out.I Call The Insurance They Say My Vehicle Has
    warranty Company, I Call The Dealer, They Say It Not Eletrical So I Have To Call The Insurance .

  • Rick says:

    When will law enforcement be able to get vehicle’s again? We are 3 vehicle’s down and have had one on order for 5 months and now they tell us it could be another 3 months before we get 1, I really don’t understand.

  • Neal Simmons says:

    Looking for a 4500 and 5500 for emergency vehicles but can’t get them on Tennessee state contract

  • Brian N says:

    There was a recall for Abs module recall in 2015. I bought a 2015 Journey last year and Abs light, brake like, traction light all lit up a month ago. Took to my mechanics who told me about recall. Called Dodge dealer where I bought car and was told it was fixed in 2016. I didn’t own car in 2016 and it’s exactly the same problem. It’s wrong that it’s going to cost me upwards of a thousand dollars for something they didn’t get right in the first place

  • Dupree says:

    It saddens me that this is the 1st car I bought a 2018 charger r/t and my radio is malfunctioning and it seems to be a common problem I don’t have the money to get it replaced so I don’t kno what I’m going to do but this will be the last dodge or Chrysler I ever purchase u all need to do a recall because it’s not fair to ur customers when u kno it’s an ongoing issue smh at Dodge

  • Christopher Wright says:

    how do I find a Powerbroker dealership near me to order a jailbreak edition of the 22 hellcat?

  • Mark B says:

    Tried to build 2021 Warlock on line, mind you that’s the only year model you show on your website. Went to the dealer with the build sheet and of course they told me that one can’t be built, Instead they said that I can buy a 2022 with the exact packages for nearly $8,000 more, the old classic bait and switch. I was very excited to put the down payment today, I’m very disappointed with dodge.

  • Saki Marki says:

    I’ve spent well close to $15k at Planet Dodge in Miami in less than a year. I used the Express Oil change there twice. My Oil filter leaked both times after I left. If I pay to have my services at dealership prices I shouldn’t be treated this way.

  • David LeVesseur says:

    Purchased a Dodge challenger in 2018, we drove it around the country- just returned from the iconic “going to the sun road” in Glacier National Park. Greatest road trip car we have ever owned! We have driven to homer Ak, Seattle, around Lake superior, Lake Michigan, orange Beach Al. The bourbon highway, Yellow stone, Sturgis, Canada, and many more. The car is incredible road trip vehicle. Fun, fast and spacious and if you go easy efficient. We were so happy we bought a big horn Ram with a Hemi!
    Can’t wait to buy the new version in 22.

  • Stephen Bates says:

    I want to be hired to drive your Dodge hellcat for a year. I have the best drive available to see how it really does. Hills an long stretches in California. Takes me 1hr 25 minutes to get to work an also home. please reach out to me would love to talk about this opportunity. I am also free to go to the events

  • Jasmine. says:

    I purchased a Jeep Compass 2020 Trail hawk in 2020 in Odessa Texas. I haven’t had a good experience with my car or with the service from the dealership they are backed up but everyone is sitting around. I had one customer service Arturo tell me the condition of the road and weather could be affecting my car. I can’t believe some of the things I hear I had a two month wait to get a new battery I’m not sure why my car would need a new battery only being this old. My car has had consistent problems and with a full warranty they are stalling u top my warranty runs out very sad I think I was sold a lemon I’m a single mom who couldn’t afford the car in the first place they don’t care about their customers I hate I made this purchase very disappointed in the service here I. Odessa Texas

    • Ken says:

      Hi Jasmin,
      I think I have a lemon as well,
      did you get a reply or did they blow you off.
      I have hade problems with my new car and keep getting blown off by the dealer..
      “Tracy Dodge in CA.
      Considering an attorney to pursue the lemon law but wanted to try Corperate first.
      Am I waisting my time??

  • Rylan Douglas says:

    I owned a 2016 Dodge Charger SXT AWD it was my dream car and 2 days ago I got into an accident I hit 6 cows that were out and on the highway it was very dark and I didn’t see them but thanks to the safety system of the car I lived with minimal injuries. Although I survived I’m actually sad to let the car go but if it wasn’t for everything in the car I wouldn’t be here today. I thank you for everything. Also the car was amazing I’d definitely get another.

  • James M says:

    Is there real people to talk to? 2002 1500, the coil packs will not come off. Took off the nuts, but they won’t budge. Used the remover tool, still no movement. I put an eye bolt 3” into the pack and connect to the engine hoist and it lifted the engine then broke ant the head. Dealership says it’s done for unless I get new heads. Can’t even do a tune up. Dang engineers are dumber than a box of rocks. Good thing the new engine is in the garage. Yeah this is on a new engine….

  • Unhappy costumer says:

    I got myself a used 2012 dodge charger with 98,000 miles. Have had it for 4 year and have spent a good $10,000 in repairs and was just told I need my power steering box replaced again for the 2nd time. Dodge, you need to do a better job in the quality of your parts. Never again will I purchase a dodge, considering this is my 3rd dodge hoping the quality would improve. Suspension system 👎🏽

  • Traci says:

    I purchased a 2016 Dodge Dart from Stockton Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram I have had issues with the driver side window. I had reached out to the sales staff with no response. I went to the dealership and was advised what part was needed to get my window in working order. Drivers side window was not working all others would go up and down. The part they ordered does not fix the issue and they are not willing to refund the $127.53 paid for part 68170367-AA Motor Win 23039005.

    I know I am only one person but after the treatment received by Stockton Dodge I can’t wait until I am able to purchase another car and no longer have to deal with this dealership.

    Thank you,
    Traci Phipps

  • Gonzalo gonzalez martinez says:

    Why you not reinvent the new ramcharger 2020 I’m from 80’ and I from mexico but I came to usa my idea invent a car but I don’t have money so you can do it

  • Rosemarie Cervenec says:

    I’m very exasperated with my pickup truck. It’s a 2002 2500 4×4. In the last year I have put $1000 into it to try to stop the steering problem. It will all of a sudden jerk into the other lane . I have replaced the whole front end and steering box, have put 3 stabilizer bars on it, the truck only has 12300 miles on it. How to I correct this death warble it does. They tell me there’s an upgrade for it but I cannot find out anything about it. Can you please help me.. I’m afraid to pull anything with it and I cannot afford another truck at this time and I have really put a lot of money into it. Thank You. Please respond.

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