Where is Dish Network Corporate office Headquarters

Dish Network Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 9601 S Meridian Blvd, Englewood, CO 80112, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 720-500-7201

  • Fax Number: 720-500-7210

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 17000

  • Established: 1981

  • Founder: Jim DeFranco, Charlie Ergen & Cantey Ergen

  • Key People: W. Erik Carlson

Dish Network Headquarters Location & Directions

Dish Network Headquarters Executive Team



W. Erik Carlson

President & CEO

James DeFranco

Co-Founder, Executive VP & Director

Steven E. Swain

Senior VP & CFO

John W. Swieringa

Executive VP & COO

Brian V. Neylon

Executive VP & Group President of Dish TV

Warren W. Schlichting

Executive VP & Group President of Sling TV

Amir Ahmed

Senior Vice President of Sales

Jeffrey Blum

Senior Vice President of Public Policy & Government Affairs

Brandon Ehrhart

Senior VP, Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Mark Gomez

Senior VP of Corporate Program Management

About Dish Network, History and Headquarters Information


Dish Network was founded in the year 1981. The company has been operational for almost 28 years now. The founders of the company were Charlie Ergen, Jim DeFranco and Cantey Ergen. The former name of the company was Echostar. The Dish Network had started its operations as a part of the service provided by Echostar. Echostar was mainly a distributor of C Band Satellite TV Systems. The Dish Network was commonly known as just DISH and made the first broadcast in the year 1996 as well.

The company had released its own HD Tuner in the year 1999. Then in the year 2003, Echostar IX was launched, which helped in the broadcasting of all local TV channels to the US consumers. Later in the year 2011, the company had acquired Blockbuster Incorporated, which was bankrupt during that time. The company also added Blockbuster Movie Pass to its offerings as well. The company also spent $3 billion in taking over numerous cable and satellite companies too. The company had also planned to acquire Hulu as well – but Hulu’s owners rejected it. Then in the year 2012, the company changed its name from Dish Network to just DISH. The company currently offers satellite television to its customers and is slowly starting to integrate satellite internet as well. The company, by providing satellite internet, which is different than its competitors, will help it gain revenue. The headquarters of the company is based in 9601 S Meridian Boulevard. The name of the place is Englewood, while the name of the state is Colorado, United States. The area pin code is 80112.


Dish Network is an American company that focuses on providing various cable TV and satellite television services, along with audio programming and other interactive television services too. The current CEO and president of the company are Erik Carlson. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $14.3 billion. Also, the number of employees currently working at the company is more than 17,000, as of the year 2017. The company provides its services to 13.7 million television users and 580,000 broadband users as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have the platform to opt for satellite television and also satellite internet services as well. The viewers of the satellite television services have the option to choose from various service bundles, with the opportunity to pay more for more channels.

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  • Debbie Tatkowski says:

    Have been a Dish customer for at least 20 years & now you want to charge me for boxes to send my equipment back-shame on you! If my new service does not work out I will not return to Dish!

  • FDish says:

    It’s time to start a class action lawsuit against these thieves..After canceling subscription and returning equipment they illegally went into bank account and took 350.00 saying the equipment was never returned of which I have proof of and now going on six months of arguing every week with and them hoping I give up and forget about my money, well I’m not..dish needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE NOW I will not stop until I get paid back .

    • Art Arrey says:

      Was quoted a price to remain a dish customer for 120 and local for 51.pp including taxes agreed to a 12 month contract. When service was acquired itvwas the flex and local and fir $55.?? Came out to over $60. Well called customer service said they would review call and see what csr committed to on contract that we agreed upon entering for 12 month recieved call a few days later and was told that they are waiving contract for us and they could not give us that package for the price we entered contract point blank no way csr said she was Sr. Rep and there is no one higher than her any help here on any open complaints towards this company

  • Chris Rousselle says:

    constantly loose dish service , totally dissatissied not at are happy with dish

  • Dwayne says:

    Dish said that we signed up for another two years In which we didn’t, so dish is asking me for 480.00$ payment, for a disconnecting fee.

  • Judy Dinda says:

    Hi DISH representative,
    Wanted to give you a heads up going on in our community neighborhood.
    AT&T has run and still running their underground lines from house to house in the several sections in our housing community. Their trucks are around in each section so we can see them in hopes they will be asked questions and be directed to the sales department for home installation.

    Thought you may want to know who is trying to take your customers away. I am doing what I can to encourage them to rely on DISH as a customer for 22 years I know what an excellent company DISH and the employees are.

    Thought you would want to be aware of this.

    Thank you for allowing me to share.

  • Timothy says:

    DONE! After Dropping ESPN and all the other channels. Really sorry Company.

  • Brandi Malone says:

    I just canceled our DISH service today because we recently had one of our boxes replaced and I sent the old box back. Soon after I start receiving messages and emails that they are going to charge me for unreturned equipment that I DID send back and have an email from DISH on July 20th thanking me for sending it back. So why am I receiving these emails? After 5 phone calls and 5 different customer service agents all telling me different things and I DO HOPE that all my conversations were recorded so you all can understand why I am now canceling! I will be happy to provide all the emails that I received as well! I do hope to receive a response to my issue as well because I plan to pursue this. Tacking fees on to customers bills and not being able to explain why isn’t right! Talk about BAD customer service and shady practices.

  • Mike says:

    I attended the Oklahoma State Fair and in the Bennett event center, I witnessed your employees crudely popping balloons right by a two year old infant and several passerby’s. When they were confronted they laughed in the families face and continued their childish antics. The employees obviously do not care about doing their jobs or about your company. If this is your standard for employees this is sad. I will be cancelling my dish service due to these actions. These 3 people do not deserve to have a job and if this is any indication of the clown service I will receive with dish, then count me out.

  • Cindy says:

    I’m being charged for a pay per view channel we didn’t watch. If our account is checked you will see we have never used pay per view. Customer service just wants to argue with us.

  • Jackie Fraley says:

    Why everytime it rains does my Dish TV go off regardless of how hard it is raining. You never compensate the subscriber.

  • Steve says:

    Are used to be a dish customer then my contract ran out and they double my fee without notice I canceled them they sent me a bill in the mail said pay me immediately send a check in the mail they cashed my check and charged my credit card all on the same day 15 days later I’m still trying to get my money back nothing but the runaround wouldn’t do business with these people ever again

  • Ronald Lauber says:

    Having problems with billing

  • Beth says:

    They suck at fixing problems instead suggest more expensive items. Just fix the issue please

  • June Jackson says:

    I’ve been calling about the $400.00 give card that I haven’t received and they keep giving me a number that doesn’t work. And it was advertised by Dish. Why I keep getting the run around

    • Greg Gilleo says:

      Hi June,
      Apparently this is a problem for many of us! I’ve been waiting for a year on my $300 gift card, as well as my sister, who also is still waiting on hers for almost 7 months. We’ve called and called.. Got to the “escalation team” and promised I would receive my gift card within 6-8 weeks. Five months later, still no card. It’s beyond ridiculous! Perhaps we should start a class action lawsuit. Maybe THEN they will make sure that everyone who is owed their gift cards receive them. I love my service, but this is blatant false advertising and or fraud. I’m in Georgia and looking into how to get a class action lawsuit started. If you are interested in the lawsuit, please let me know. greg.gilleo@gmail.com

  • Kevin Greable says:

    My mom ordered service after realizing she could afford it she cancelled within two hours,tech didn’t have to show ,she was still billed for everything,how is this right ,now she is overdrawn,you guys need to fix issuee

  • Linda W. says:

    Shame on this million dollar company. Cheating a over 7year customer out of money charging me different rates every month lying saying I have a 2019 surprise balance upping my rate with no notification not giving me the option to know what I’m getting. Advertising affordable rates state of the art technology. Every time I call to complain about bill they increase again . Goliath tactics. WOW

  • Mr. SALEMIE says:

    You are not the#1 provider of tv services, we,ve had you as well as others and none of you providers are worth a shit when it comes to pleasing you customers. Every time we complain about you repeating the same programs month after month we get the same damn answer from your little minions (it,s the programers not us and then they offer the same hbo movies we were complaning about in the first place. Why don,t you get that so called vp programer MARK GOMEZ to get up off his ASS and fix this. I am pretty damn sure I,m not the first one to complain about this. I,m sure this is going into the 86 file and thats where dish is going as soon as our time runs out with dish. Have to many other options that I did,nt know we had available. I will be sharing these options with other like minded users on the net.

  • Benton murphy says:

    When we record a show a lot of them it messing the other TV up we called about this no body came to fix it thanow you

  • RICK HENSON says:

    i want to stop receiving dish programing as of today. sunda y august 08 2021. i tried by phone but was put on hold for forty five minuets.

  • ronnie miller says:

    been with dish for many years. never once late on a bill. i called to move my service to my new home and was told i would have to have a credit check (hard hit) to have the same internet i have had with them for years. spoke to paul who said he was the senior supervisor and there was no one higher in the company for me to speak to. with that being the case i can only say, so long dish hello direct tv

  • Jerry M Maxwell says:

    I need to talk to someone with president office about my dish. My house burned in Dec and all the equipment was burned. when I called to have it turn off they wanted me to turn in the equipment but it was all lost in the house fire. Can someone please get back with me about this? Thanks. Jerry M Maxwell

  • BC says:

    Dish network Customer service is beyond terrible, I have been trying to get something resolved and every time I call and I am put on hold or transferred by the supervisor I am disconnected I have called 8 times to 1-800-333-3474 to no available, I don’t know if this is intentional by the employees and supervisors at customer service but it sure seems like it. If I had to rate customer service on a scale of 1-10 it would be in the negative category. Dish needs to work on their customer service or hire new employees.

  • Michael Perkins says:

    I guess customer service has changed since I worked. If I had a new customer that had issues I would have done whatever it took to make that customer happy. If I had handled the situation the way both Dish and Frontier has I would have been written up. I’ve been with Dish for a total of 32 days now and already I have had to call more than the almost 20 years I had DirecTv and still, no resolution. Which is a shame because so far your product is superior to Directv.

    This all started on August 25th when I called Frontier to cancel my internet service. The Frontier rep ask the normal questions and I told her I was going to go with Dish for satellite and maybe internet. The Frontier rep said we work with Dish I can transfer your call. Thinking that would save me a call and having to wait for Dish rep to answer I said OK. What a mistake! After talking with Dish rep I signed up for satellite service I ask about internet and Dish rep said they worked with Frontier I explained to Dish rep I had just canceled Frontier and would just find another internet provider.

    Here’s where the problems started. Not realizing and not being told that because Frontier transferred the call I was still considered a Frontier customer and my account would be tied to Frontier. So I went to mydish online to set up my automatic payments. Once on mydish I couldn’t set up payments because it stated my payment would go through Frontier. I wasn’t happy about that but thought ok I’m just paying through Frontier I’m still using Dish product. Then on Sept 14th 8:03 am I get an email from Dish saying that since I have unbundled I would now receive a bill in the mail within the next 7-10 days from Dish. So I go to mydish a set up my automatic payments the first was set for Sept 29th and was roughly $65. I thought great everything is set. I then on Sept 21st get a email from Frontier saying my next bill is due on Oct 14 for around $85 for Dish network services.

    Since then I have talked to countless customer service people from both Frontier and Dish. Each company wants to blame the other and neither company wants to solve the problem. I can understand Frontier not caring they are losing a customer. Even thou I had been a customer with Frontier phone service almost 20 years (7 with just internet) but I can’t believe Dish who has just gained a customer that signed up for a 2-year agreement at a time when satellite companies are losing customers in record numbers to cord-cutting would appear to be so unconcerned.

    After speaking with your supervisor Kyle today 9/25 at 12:47 pm (and this was after requesting to be transferred to a supervisor from my first rep who only seemed to be interested in telling me why I was wrong ) Again I’m going to stress I can’t believe the lack of customer service I received. I’ve worked for a national grocery store and a company that handled defaulted student loans and these were customers who were not paying on their loans and definitely not trying to solve an issue, I would have been written up, forced to take more training and possibly suspended if I had handled the call the way your reps did. Ok back to Kyle, after explaining the situation, Kyle didn’t seem to care that I was going to be charged $85 from Frontier. I ask Kyle so if I pay Dish on Sept 29th $65 and Frontier on Oct 14 $85 will I receive a credit for the payment to Frontier. Kyle said no. Not believing the answer I ask again and Kyle again said no. He didn’t say it but implied that the bill from Frontier was my problem. I forgot to mention that both the bills from Dish and Frontier say billing period of 9/14-10/13.

    This issue has definitely left a bad impression of your company which is sad because I like your product and would have probably been a customer long past the 2 years.

    Ok if anyone even attempts to solve this issue let me give some more info. I canceled my service with Frontier on August 25th, the same day I was transferred to Dish and began my service with Dish. Because Frontier has a policy to continue charging their customers until the next payment date, my account from Frontier shows an actual cancel date of 9/11. Which I’m sure is why I received an email from Dish on 9/14. Which when I explained to the First female rep I spoke with, instead of listening to what I said she preceded to inform me why what I was telling her was wrong, and that I didn’t even know when my account was stopped and I just needed to listen to her and stop interrupting. INFURIATING!

    If nothing else comes from this I hope someone will review the phone calls and take the appropriate actions. The first call was made at 12:04 pm 9/25 to 1-800-333-3474. Lasting 42 minutes and 40 seconds.

  • Bruce Peterson says:

    Purchased Dish services August 0f 2019. Constant loss of TV, remote will not function correctly and customer service has been severly lacking! Also no local channels provided! Initial conversation was with a man named Justin. Installation was scheduled and we were told all local channels were available. Installer came and again told us all channels were available! This has been a nightmare! We live in Florida and hurricanes were coming! T V lost the signal multiple times, great, plus no CBS, NO WINK, and others. Called to seek resolution! Spoke with, Senior resolution team, Marcos, told me no resolution and a bill to cancel would be coming for $504.00 I told him that was not acceptable! Cancelled service 09/19/2019

  • steve etick says:

    Steve Etick 760 258 6500 steve.etick@hotmail.com 3155 E Escoba 186 palm springs ca
    Switch @ bate
    I am writing this letter because I was taken advantage of by a salesperson at Dish. I am a 79 year old legally blind Sr. citizen.I asked for a price on Internet and Dish Plus, tax and added $12.00 a month in case I needed a service man. I was then quoted $66.00 a month for 120 channels, Internet and NFL. The salesman also told me he would like to install the cable and internet the next day. I was not available the next day and scheduled the install for the following Wednesday. On that following Wednesday, the installer “Diego”, completed the installation of the cable ONLY. I asked Diego “what about the internet”. His reply was “they’re coming to install it today”. Of course, no one showed up! On the following Monday, Diego came to do a service call and I asked him to verify that he told me the internet was going to be installed the next day and the company pays for it. I also asked Diego if he would repeat that statement in court. His answer was “YES”. Then I aked Diego “why did you tell me the installer was coming to install my internet when you knew he wasen’t”. His reply was “ Because that’s what the Company told me to say”.
    I called Dish no more than 4 or 5 times to ask about my internet and I was told I would have to get it on my own. I than asked for the legal department. I spoke to George, who, after giving me a lot of words about signing contracts and saying he has to review the tapes of my conversation with the salesman and then let me know that all conversations are recorded, that he would get back to me in 2 to 3 days. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN.
    I called about 5 days later and spoke with the legal department with a man named “Issac”. He told me he was the head of the department and would have George call me back; which, at this date HAS NOT HAPPENED.
    I don’t understand why I have not received a call back. Perhaps they don’t have tapes therefore, I have not gotten a call back. They continually ignore all my calls about when I will get the promised internet. When I do call, I keep getting the run around.
    When I asked the salesman to give a price on the internet and 120 channels, he gave me a price of $66.00 per month.I was paying Spectrum and Dish for cable and internet which means I am now paying double for cable service. This was a “BATE & SWITCH” I sincerely hope you can prevent this from happening to other Sr. citizens and the disabled. If not settled by 9/10/19 I will file in court.

  • Joseph E St Ours says:

    I signed a contract with dish that included voice command. I am unable to use voice command any longer unless is install google assistant. I do not want google assistant and should not be forced to use it. I want my voice command back and was informed by a supervisor I cannot have it unless i install google assistant. Since I cannot use voice command per my contract, i requested a $10.00 a month decrease in my bill. I was laughed at. Thank you Dish. I thought you were better than Directv, but i’m having serious doubts.

  • Don Shehorn says:

    Dish, We have been customers many years. I had questions. Spoke with cust serv agents Sam and Gisele, who were very respectful. They were unable to resolve issue so I spoke with supervisor, Grant. This was a totally different attitude. He was very rude, not wanting to listen to my concerns and talking over me constantly. My bill is $25.00 more than last month. This was a promotion for a year. I want the $25.00 off my bill without any committment because if Dish does not get their problem resolved with FOXMW, we will look for another provider. They agreed to give $10 off for the lack of service. Will you help? Also, your employee, Grant needs to learn some common courtesy. I feel totally disrespected by Dish! I will look for a response from a person, not a standardized response. Thank you!

  • Ron Threlkeld says:

    Hi ,I’ve been calling claims dept over damage to my floors,for 4 months ,I have sent them documentation as I was told to do AND ALL THEY CAN SAY IS WE WILL FORWARD THIS TO SOUTHERN STAR. and Ive called Scott at southern star several times with no reply, I have asked for a manager to call me and still no reply , I have asked for a phone number to talk to someone in corporate and I was told they do not have a number , so will somebody please give me a call Ron Threlkeld 1-501-658-5411 THANK YOU

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