Where Is DirecTV Corporate Office Headquarters

DirecTV Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2250 E Imperial Hwy, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

  • Phone Number: 1-310-964-5000

  • Fax Number: 1-310-964-5100

  • Number of Employees: 32150

  • Established: June 17, 1994

  • Founder: Eddy Hartenstein

  • Key People: Randall L. Stephenson, William A. Blase, Jr.

DirecTV Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact DirecTV Corporate Office

Directv is known to provide the best television, communication, and “direct broadcast services”. It ranks best in its overall functionality. When consumers face connectivity issues, you can directly get in touch with DirecTV corporate office.

Maybe you do not receive all the channels you have asked for, or you may have to report an issue. Whatever the reason might be, here are some of the best ways listed for you to contact the Directv office.

Address: If you want to meet an executive and get your problem resolved, you can visit our headquarters at the following address.

Directv, Inc.

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245-3501

The Remit office address:

Directv, Inc.

P.O.Box 60036

Los Angeles, CA, 90060-0036

Phone Number: Facing issues with Directv’s services? If so, you can call the customer care service executive at (310) 964-5000.

Email: Individuals can write down an email to Directv.

Social Media: Directv pages are available on major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter ID is @DIRECTV.

Number of Employees: At present, there are about 32150 employees.

Website: The website of Directv is WWW.DIRECTV.COM

DirecTV Headquarters Info & Photos

Officially launched in 1994 on June 17th, Directv is now one of the biggest communication companies, with an overall value of 100 billion dollars. Located in the lavish neighbourhood in Los Angeles, Directv planned to incorporate better production units by merging it with Time Werner. It acquired it for 80 billion dollars.

There are three floors to the Directv corporate office. The entire floor is properly illuminated. The premise consists of beautiful lawns and gardens, thereby maintaining close contact with nature. You can also take a glimpse of the Directv headquarters from outside. The airing studios comprise excellent equipment to promote communication.

Most of the customer care service of Directv is done via call centres, mostly located outside the United States of America. Direct packages and other items can be sent to the DirecTV headquarters. Due to the exponential growth of DirecTV in recent years, the company is looking for further expansion at a new location.

DirecTV Headquarters Photo
DirecTV Corporate Office Photo

DirecTV Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

2320 Alaska Ave El Segundo (HQ), CA


United States

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, United States

DirecTV Headquarters Executive Team

Bill Morrow

Bill Morrow,

Chief Executive Officer

Ray Carpenter

Ray Carpenter

Chief Financial Officer

Henry Derovanessian

Henry Derovanessian,

Chief Engineering Officer

Name Title
Michael Hartman General Counsel and Chief External Affairs Officer
Amy Leifer Chief Advertising Sales Officer
Amy McCracken Chief Transformation Executive Officer
Scott S. Smith Chief Human Resources Officer
Debbie Taylor Chief Information Officer
Rob Thun Chief Content Officer
Vince Torres Chief Marketing Officer
Mike Wittrock Chief Sales & Service Officer

About DirecTV


Directv offers collective broadcasting services. It aims to provide full digital communication to every household. Further, it has also started its internet service too. Now, you can get full streaming support with the Directv monthly and yearly packs. It helps in broadcasting live news and other entertainment channels as well.

Directv operates under AT&T Communications. Over the years now, Directv has acquired millions of consumers since its operations started in 1994. Please have patience in case the customer care line is busy. The officials will reach out to you as soon as possible and solve all your issues. You can also send them a FAX at this number (310) 535-5225.

Direct sales have increased manifold, and you have to thank Jim for his efforts in bringing about change in team planning and executing them on time. His career in the media industry is a plus point and backs the growth of Directv.


Directv offers collective broadcasting services. It aims to provide full digital communication to every household. Further, it has also started its internet service too. Now, you can get full streaming support with the Directv monthly and yearly packs. It helps in broadcasting live news and other entertainment channels as well.

Directv operates under AT&T Communications. Over the years now, Directv has acquired millions of consumers since its operations started in 1994. Please have patience in case the customer care line is busy. The officials will reach out to you as soon as possible and solve all your issues. You can also send them a FAX at this number (310) 535-5225.

Direct sales have increased manifold, and you have to thank Jim for his efforts in bringing about change in team planning and executing them on time. His career in the media industry is a plus point and backs the growth of Directv.


Here are some of the facts about Directv that you would want to know:

  • Did you know that one of the competitors of Directv is Dish Network?
  • Did you know that AT&T owns Directv?
  • Yes! In the year 2015, a 67 billion dollar deal was signed. AT&T acquired Directv after getting it approved by the Federal Communicators Commission.
  • The predecessor of Directv is Hughes Electronics. The company provides some of the best communication advantages to people all over the United States.
  • DirecTV is now one of the wealthiest companies in the whole of America, with total revenue amounting to 1.2 billion dollars.
  • You must also check out the Facebook page for recent updates on the services of Directv.

Directv provides all kinds of streaming services at affordable monthly and yearly rates. You also get special discounts during festivities and other times of the year.

  • Debbi Lewis says:

    I have been a loyal customer with DirecTV for over 20 years, never late with a payment. Due to financial hardship I “Paused” this service in August 2023. I cancelled the service in February 2024 and now I am being charged 61.83 (a month of service from Jan 2024 to February 2024 to ” reactivate” my service to discontinue it???? I am challenging this because I should not have to pay to have service restored to turn the service off. I am unable to pay this. We are an elderly couple living on a small Social Security income and my husband has dementia. How can I get this charge removed?

  • Robert Lee says:

    Have been a customer for over 20 years. This year, I got rid of my dish and started with Directv Stream. Bought the Premier Package and specifically asked if this included ALL of the sports channels. Was told that it did. I have all the regional sports networks, etc., but on Sunday, did not have channel 211, NFL Redzone channel. Have spent two days trying to find out why. Was told that I would have to purchase a streaming device with a 2 year contract. I don’t need a streaming device! I get all of the channels without any additional devices. For years, Directv was a great company. Since they were purchased by ATT, the service is HORRIBLE!! As always with ATT, we are just a number, and a nuisance. Thanks, ATT, for nothing.

  • Glenie Marie Byrd Engelberg says:

    Worst customer service ever. Client has been dead for over a year and cannot get account canceled. On hold with customer service for hours.

  • John bogert says:

    I apologize if this is the wrong email to contact you guys on but I could not find an email to be able to talk to somebody from corporate but I recently had received a bill and on the bill it said that I had a free sport pack which is 40 channels for 12 months which includes the red zone NFL channel which is the only channel I really wanted it says on there 12 months subscription to sports pack including 40 additional channels and regional sports networks at no cost to you there’s nothing you need to do just kick back and enjoy thanks for choosing us and it says it’s rewarding for our most loyal fans so I figured that I would have the package so I did not call and order Red zone which I was going to do until I seen that then come today when football started I turned it to the Red zone channel and it was not there so I had called and talked to somebody and they said that because I already had a free sports pack I could not get the other one but I did not choose the other sports pack which is MLB extra innings all I was asking them to do was to switch it because we never watched Major League baseball anyways here and then I spoke to a supervisor and he said he was based off of previous orders which I told him that makes no sense because we don’t watch Major League baseball so we would have never ordered any major league baseball at the end of the whole thing 3 hours later I ended up having to buy the sports pack but I am very very unhappy with the help that I received and how deceiving it is I don’t know why I got the MLB sports bag when I don’t watch MLB have never ordered MLP I’ve ordered the football Sunday chicken and the Red zone before but I’ve never ordered anything other than that for sports if somebody could please contact me back and let me know if that is correct or not I’d really appreciate it I’ve been a loyal customer for 11 or 12 years and it’s just really frustrating that they say that they get to pick the package you guys should at least let the customer pick the package if it’s a gift that you’re going to what’s the point of the gift I am never going to use it like the MLB package anyways if somebody could email me back and let me know what is going on if there’s anything we can do to correct this because I believe that that’s unfair to say that I’m going to get it for free and then I have to call in to hear that I don’t get it it’s very confusing but if you could email me back it’d be greatly appreciated thank you

  • Roy ashworth says:

    I am not happy with directv because one of there techs came to my house cussing in front of my 3 year old and stud in my yard by his work vehicle and piss I can’t seem to get in contact with corporate about this matter so I guess my attorney will get in contact with them my number is 6159853726

  • Alexandria says:

    I’m trying to get help with my bill I had to leave our of town on a family emergency and my account was still being charged. I called and let the representatives know my situation they are not willing to help. My Grandma has been in ICU and now she’s deceased I spoke with a supervisor and they stated that she can’t get me a number to corporate or help me out in any way. I think y’all’s company staff is very rude and does not take customer complaints concerning.

  • Mona Finne says:

    Account #. 15147625

    I have called 3 different times on different days. Was on phone for almost 2 hours each time. Reffered to 6 different employees in the course of each conversation.

    The issue was to reinstate the service and to have the “box” delivered. Seemingly there were no boxes available.

    I find this unacceptable.

    I hope i can get help to resolve this problem.

    I thank you so much.

    Kind regards

  • Brenda Kreitzer says:

    Hi we have been trying for 2 months to have Direct tv person to come to our home and set us up to receive service we previously had Direct tv for many years we just moved yo Westwood shores Trinity Texas it is a very large POA Recreational type community Direct tv reschedule not 2 but 3 times 1 time for equipment the other 2 times it was short staffed then we just found out yesterday they canceled our request for hookup that we prepaid 2 months ago for we are Extremely upset if they are such a big company why can’t they afford workers to come set up homes for service?

  • Jeffery Waltman says:

    My name is Jeffrey Waltman I ordered DirecTV about 2 months ago I left Dish Network I’ve had a lot of problems since I ordered it I had a problem getting my Visa gift card I contacted the loyalty department and they did absolutely nothing I even wanted to close my account and they were fine with it but you have two customer service agents Aaron and Richard they’re the only reason I stayed with DirecTV outstanding customer service I would definitely make sure I recognize them I don’t know their last name you can get it off my account but that’s the type of employees anybody would want and they’re an asset to your company. My name is Jeffrey Waltman 324 Belvedere Drive Biloxi Mississippi 39531 cell 228-243-5110

  • Hunter says:

    I called Direct TV between 9/7/2022-9/9/2022 to cancel my Service.
    The Direct TV/ATT representative Zia was able to offer me a package for $96.72 for 12 months which included the NFL Red-zone, so I decided not to cancel my service based on she (Zia) offer.
    As of Today, Direct TV/ATT billed me $164.24 for and stated with will be my new bill, due a $60 credit which will not be applied anymore. (except for a one-time courtesy for my October 8th, 2022, bill)
    On 9/23/2022 I spoke with several Direct TV/ATT representatives; Oliver, Dan(Supervisor), Linda in Specialty Loyalty Group and CeeCee (supervisor) in Specialty Loyalty Group, to ask them to honor the price I was given of $96.72 for 12 months to not cancel my service.
    I believe I am a victim of Bait and Switch, which is unethical, immoral and bad company practice.
    The business did not try to fully resolve my issue, but just to place a band aid over a bleeding womb by offering me a one time credit.
    Also, I was advised I have a cancellation fee on my contract due to upgraded equipment. I was never advised I would be entering into a new contract with a cancellation fee, to upgrade my equipment. I currently pay a monthly fee for $8.99 for DIRECT TV Protection Plan.
    Direct TV/ATT continues to be ambiguous, bait and switch and offer poor business practices to consumers.
    I would like their ECOA department or headquarter notified of their business practices, honor their agreement for $96.72 for my bill for the next 12 months (which includes all taxes and fees) an genuine apology.
    A change in their work procedures and business practices is recommended.

  • Gail says:

    My 96 year old mother somehow, through no fault of her own, ended up paying $80 for the Hustler Channel. Directv refused to give a refund. Shameful!

  • Kathlene Peterson, Winona MN says:

    THIS IS NOT MY ACCOUNT – have been getting these emails (see below) for MONTHS. HAVE CALLED and even SNAIL MAILED a copy to corporate address. Whoever this account holder is must have a PHONE NUMBER attached to it!!! He/She/They used an email that DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM. SO, please CALL THE ACCOUNT HOLDER. Thank you.

    Suspension notice

    Past due balance: $272.37
    Total amount due: $545.67
    Account ending in: 0199
    Date: 08/01/2022


    We hope you’re staying safe and well, and we understand things happen. That’s why we’re reaching out to let you know your account shows a past due balance of $272.37. If you’ve already paid or made a payment arrangement, then you’re all set. Otherwise, please make payment today so you can continue watching your favorite shows and movies.

    If we do not receive payment for the past due balance by , we may have to suspend your service and charge you fee of up to $35 to get your service back.

    Ways to pay today:

    Go to directv.com
    Call us at 800.531.5000

    Questions? Call us at 800.880.9064 and we’ll be happy to help. Heads up: You’ll be charged $5 if you make a payment with a representative. So, we recommend trying our free online options above.

    To learn more about our response to COVID-19 and how we’re helping our customers, please visit att.com

    Thank you for choosing us,


  • Tammy Northcutt says:

    On this date I talked To a customer service representative whom told me After paying 18 months of my two-year contract I can move into a no contract , and be able to cancel service. It was my understanding when I was talking to this customer service representative that the month of May would be 18 Month. And once I paid for my service in May I would be able to cancel service, without early cancellation fee. This is why I agreed to pay for one more month of service.. as I explain to the customer service representative on this date I am no longer financially able to keep the service , I cannot afford a cancellation fee. She insured me once I paid for May,I could move into a no contract and insured me , I wouldn’t be charged a cancellation fee. Today I called to cancel service, but to my surprise was told June would be 18 months and somebody must of miss calculated the date. I understand policy and procedures, but I was miss informed when I was told I could cancel after I paid for service in May. This is no fault of my own. And should be upheld by you/ your company. I’m asking you to waive any cancellation fees and cancel my service. I’m unable to pay a cancellation fee and for the service any longer due to financial difficulties. I kept Service for May due to the conversation I had with the customer service, and The understanding that I had on April 23,2022 .that May was the 18th month of the contract, I could cancel without piddly/ and or being charged cancellation fees. Please, help me in this matter. If unable to please let me know.

    Thank You
    Tammy Northcutt

  • Judith Halle says:

    Direct tv customer service is useless. Unprofessional, arrogant, insulting to customers.

  • Joyce Terry says:

    I have contacted your office for safety concerns! The customer service reps were going to escalate and conference my call to you. I am still waiting.

  • Kathy Dearing says:

    I have been with Direct TV since February 2019 and I am very unhappy. Recently they dropped 2 of the channels in my package that I watch on a regular basis without even notifying me. I am not the only person this is happening to. I have called and spoke to customer service, a supervisor all to no resolution. Then I was transferred to the Retention/Royal Customer and I was insulted with the offer of $10 credit for the problem. I have been getting the run around and I am not allowed to get in touch with the Corporate office except for writing to them. Completely unacceptable.

  • marc says:

    We started DirecTV satellite television over a year ago (June 2018) when you offered a good deal for about $29-$39 a month with some freebees that disappeared after a few months as the price crept up to $56 then $59.35 per month. When the bill almost doubled to over $104.00 per month we had no choice but to order the service to be disconnected effective 8 July, this coming Monday. I find it somewhat offensive that while I was speaking with your “Disconnect” department that they put under remarks “Customer asks to lower the bill”. I told him why don’t you put down the truth, which is “Please don’t raise my bill”. I asked please do not raise my bill. So the company puts down customer wants to lower the bill. Are they seriously that out of touch? Anyway, it is very rotten the way you treat your customers. We immediately called a competitor of yours and arranged a deal for less than half your price and they do not go up on the second year. Price stays the same for 2 years. I hope everyone else votes with their pocketbooks and wallets and leaves you as well, especially now that we have one of your competitors treating people fairly. I hope your greed drives you out of business!

  • >