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Where is Direct General Insurance Corporate office Headquarters

Direct General Insurance Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1281 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37217, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 615-873-2281

  • Fax Number: 615-366-3722

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 860

  • Established: April 10, 1991

  • Founder: William Adair

  • Key People: Robert Mark Karfunkel

Direct General Insurance Headquarters Location & Directions

Direct General Insurance Headquarters Executive Team



Robert Mark Karfunkel


Michael Hal Weiner CFA

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Andrew Rendall


About Direct General Insurance, History and Headquarters Information

Direct General Insurance Co is as an insurance company. The Company serves its clients with its services like property and casualty insurance services. This company distributes its wide range of products through 400 stores, a call center and the online website, www.directgeneral.com in 13 different southeastern states. In addition to auto insurance, the company also markets other financial products and services such as tax preparation services, roadside assistance, emergency protection, pre-paid debit cards, and life insurance. This firm has hired more than 2400 employees who make more than $500 million in annual revenues. This company is headquartered in Nashville, TN, United States.

Direct General Insurance Headquarters Photos

Direct General Insurance Resources

  • Jones says:

    I was overcharged for insurance payment and then they tried to credit the bill instead of put it back on my card additional I was supposed to get a call from the representative to escalate the situation of troubleshoot why they’re online system prompt me to pay a lower payment and no one has contact me back in reference to any of the situations

  • R V says:

    I have had the most horrible experience dealing with a car insurance your name consumers hit my car I have tried to contact direct general person taking care of this claim left several messages and no one has called me in two weeks

  • Regina Daniel says:

    For a company that prides themselves on doing right by their customers you sure have missed the boat this time. You offered me money to call for a quote bc you wanted my business back and in return you would pay me $20.00. I did my part but you have yet to keep your word and do yours. I wouldn’t come back if you were the only insurance provider. I would walk instead

  • Ebony says:

    This company has the most unprofessional CSR and adjusters I have ever seen. They do not care about they customers at all. To be honest they act really ghetto. My adjuster never called back but was rude kind of yelling at me on the ph just in professional. I would never recommend this lazy company ever. 0 stars in my book. Please do not use them as an insurance company they will let you down. State Farm here I come. You actually care about your customers!

  • Julie Johnson says:

    As far as rates go your rates are very good customer service okay roadside assistance f****** horrible. 90 minute wait turned into six f****** hours in the burning scorching hot sun! I called several times and no one ever called me back! Tow truck didn’t show up to my home until after 9:00 p.m. it was for 4: 15 when I called for assistance. Thank the Lord up above that some friends of mine saw me in distress 5 hours later on the verge of complete heat stroke! I will no longer pay for this insurance because you don’t give a f*** about your customers! I am highly pissed off at this company for leaving me out there in the God damn heat 100°. No water no food thank God 5 hours later some friends of mine stopped and helped me or I would be f****** dead! Better hope to God I don’t f****** sue your asses.!!

  • Joe myets says:

    I would never recommend this company to anyone I got hit by some covered by this half rate company 2mths go by they drag everything out now tell me I have to give up the rental and my car is at the shop they picked not touched not drivable and it’s on me plus there system sucks act like u can’t talk to anyone in charge looks like lawyer here we come

  • Brock says:

    I’ve been involved in an accident and this company is putting me through absolute hell. No accountability anywhere in the adjustment department. I don’t do business with companies like this but unfortunately someone hit me and was at fault, but everything seems to fail dealing with the unprofessional people of direct general automobile insurance.

  • KAY BROYLES says:

    I’ve been trying since November 3rd, 2021 to have my truck adjusted. Direct Insurance customer ran a stop sign and t-boned me. Donavan Barr, the claims adjuster, kept giving me the run around. I have called him 6 times, and still no answer. I finally got in touch with him on January 12, 2022. He informed me my adjustment was sent to claims on the 13th. He was off the month of December, so my claim just sat in his computer until he returned to work. I can’t believe they treat people this way. I’m going to call the corporate office, but I probably won’t get any results from them either. This is one pitiful insurance company.

    • Kelly G. says:

      I was T-boned by one of their customers, who also ran a red light and was speeding as well, on March 1, 2022, which in turn caused me to hit two other vehicles. One of the people I ended up hitting had been getting the run around and hung up on as well. I am going to be sending a demand letter tomorrow for a settlement. I am sending it to the president of the company and maybe other people too.

  • Cassandra Henderson says:

    This is by far the worst ins co ever not to mention the agents working there. How this place is still thriving i am clueless this must be where you go when you have the worst credit or other ins co will not give you ins because you are a liability to them. A l know is Nicole Carter is Gardesha Washington sup and Nicholas Bell is Miranda Evans sup and they must all be friends because I have been trying to contact both their sup have gotten no response since, I started dealing with Gardesha and Miranda in 08/20 and it is now 12/20 and because I didn’t get a lawyer they have been giving me the run around playing game and they are bunch of idiots and try and speak to you as if they are smart if you listen long enough their true IQ will appear that may be the reason they try not to have many phone conversations just being smart and rude is all they know. If by chase you are hit by someone with this insurance, please get an attorney so you never have to deal with any of these people.

  • Maya St Bernard says:

    I will NEVER EVER EVER get any level of insurance from this bs place!

  • Gregory Lee Mormon says:

    Worst company ever takes 3 months to send a $200 check # Go Gieco

  • mad customer says:

    I had a accident on July 8,2021 and they closed my claim on July 16,2021 with out calling or letting know anything…a lady ran the light and totaled my car but they are telling me I have to pay deductible in order to open the claim again I need to talk to someone to explain to why I’m coming out of pocket for some wasn’t my fault cause talking to the claim department I’m not getting anywhere I need answering or I’m report your company to the BBB and have my lawyer to handle this for me.

  • None of your Business says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind deal with your business after seeing your spokes people who represent your commercials in Nashville, TN?

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