Where is Dillard’s Corporate office Headquarters

Dillard’s Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1600 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, AR 72201, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 501-376-5200

  • Fax Number: (501) 376-5917

  • Email: help@dillards.com

  • Number of Employees: 40000

  • Established: 1938

  • Founder: William T. Dillard

  • Key People: Alex Dillard

Dillard’s Headquarters Location & Directions

Dillard’s Headquarters Executive Team



William T. Dillard II

Chairman & CEO

Alex Dillard

President & Director

Mike Dillard

Executive VP & Director

William T. Dillard III

Senior Vice President

Denise Mahaffy

Senior Vice President

Drue Matheny

Executive VP & Director

Dean L. Worley

VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

About Dillard’s, History and Headquarters Information

Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, Dillards Inc. was incorporated in 1938 by William T. Dillard. This store was renamed to “Dillard’s Mayer & Schmidt” until 1974.

Dillards Inc is a retailer of cosmetics, home furnishing, accessories, and fashion apparel for women, men and children, and other consumer goods. The Company owns and runs nearly 300 Dillard’s locations spread over 29 states. Currently, there are more than 40,000 employees who provide exceptional customer care service. Customers have access to buy its merchandise online at its website, www.dillards.com. Customers can get online gift registries and a wide variety of other services also. This company has a line of brands such as Antonio Melani, Gianni Bini, GB, Roundtree & Yorke, and Daniel Cremieux. This apparel company is focusing on adding more fashion to grab the attention of people. It also owns clearance centers which are located within lower-income areas. This chain has two largest markets: Texas and Florida. 

Dillard’s Headquarters Photos

  • Someone that cares about other people’s safety. says:

    Shame on you for wanting to risk your employees lives for your high life mansion life style when there is a hurricane and flooding and the governor of Florida tells everyone to stay of the roads and stay home to be safe. What kind of people are you if you can call you people.

  • Nancy Sue Ewing says:

    Good evening,

    I am very upset.  Every shoe I order online is defective.  I order my size and it comes either too small or too big.  

    ORDER #0694610711 is a mess.

    SKU #7260007 Sandal too short 

    SKU #7163700 Shoe too big

    I don’t know who your manufacturer is but it is just terrible.   

    I make many purchases at Dillard’s but this is completely out of control.

    Please, please respond to my email.  

    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention. 

    Nancy Ewing

  • Samuel Baldon says:

    You took my money but did not abide by your own procedure in delivering my merchandise to me. I have dealt honestly with you but you have not reciprocated in good faith.

  • Delore ward says:

    Are youall going to have any extra the day after new year if things are 40percentwill be an extra 50 percent on women clothes. There women that has been there awhile. It ‘s time to make room for new things.

  • Mary C says:

    I just visited the Pearland, Tx store 12/21/22 and will never purchase there again. I was looking for a Polo outfit for my husband when the sales lady told me in a polite manner that Polo items could not be moved from its department. I told her I’m just going across the walkway to the Big and Tall section to match up the outfit. She told Me I would have to leave it in its department or she would have to shop with me. Are you serious for a $89 sweatpants???? I asked to speak to the Manager. And he proceed to tell me, a customer, that it is store policy that Polo items can not be moved from its department. Mind you I was in The Polo Big and Tall section, pulled a Polo hoodie and walked to that section to look for Polo sweatpants. He was making reference as though I was going to steal the item. So I said what you think I’m going steal the sweats that was on sale while I’m with my daughter. The supposedly Manager said We can’t put anything above anybody. How degrading that was. I’m quite sure I probably make 3 times as much as that awful so called Manager. I want an apology and I want that so called Manager discipline and I would like someone from Dilliards to respond to this complaint.

  • Sandra Jones says:

    I Do not appreciate the hard sale re: Dillards credit card. I was recently shopping in Polo department when I was approached about signing up for your CC. The employee went on and on about benefits after i said NO. No means NO. It was embarrassing and not a private conversation. If it happens to me again, I will file complaint with store manager. I do not appreciate being accosted in such a manner. Perhaps some retraining is in order.

  • Maria says:

    I was on vacation visiting family in the area and stopped by the North Olmstead, Ohio mall. There are no big malls in Alaska so it is always a treat to shop, especially at a higher end store like Dillards! I am a hard sell and hate high pressure sales people or people that won’t give me the time of day because they don’t think I have money to spend in their store! As I walked by the Dior counter a beautiful lady asked if I was interested in getting a make-over, trying some Dior products. I said, you would need to be magician to help me, she said, this skin care is magic! Before I knew it, I was in a chair with the best feeling products I ever tried! She was fun, kind and was even willing to ship me the products to my home as there is no sales tax in Alaska! Needless to say, I purchased products and she will now be my go-to person for refills or to try new products. Here’s a shout out to Atsuko Odom, one of the nicest people and certainly an asset to Dillards and a wonderful ambassador for Dior!

  • Jane says:

    Your Baton Rouge , Louisiana store is terrible, especially the customer service in the shoe department. No one wants to help you. Everyone stands around talking and will walk away if you try to approach an associate for assistance. Your petite department could use an overhaul, the clothing line is terrible. It use t to be one of the best….. Also, this same store made their employees continue to work with COVID.

    This store should have closed for cleaning, but did not !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nuna Urbiz says:

    After purchase, CREEPY email stalking. Did not use Dillard card or ask for email receipt but got an email from Dillards. Makes me want to avoid this store.

  • Folorunso Ashaolu says:

    As your former employee, I would like to obtain a contact from which I may confirm my retirement savings, please.

  • Rithanett Carter says:

    Hello I’m a avid shoe buyer my favorite shoe brand is Gianni Bini these brand of shoes I buy because they fit my wide feet an the shoes are beautiful. One thing I wish would change concerning this brand is most of the shoes heels are 5-7inches high I wish that would change there alotof shoes I would buy but the heel to to high please make your shoes heels a little lower so some of us can enjoy more variety of shoes that are not over 5 inches high heel.

  • Debbie Page says:

    I have tried to call someone about this with no luck what so ever. So here goes! I bought a dress on line from Dillards and I got it. The only trouble with it is I got two other dress for two different people at two different addresses. I called the Dillards in Columbus Georgia. I called the morning a told them I had the dress. The ladies was real nice and knew the dresses I was talking about. How they had looked for them everywhere and a new person in training. I told her I would bring the dresses on Sunday and she sounded disappointed. So I told her if I got out I would bring them by. I did take them today after the phone call. Went in the store and ask for the manager and she did not have time for me and to go to customer service and I did. I told the lady there why I was there and a lady came out and said thank you and walked away. $300.00 worth of dress and I got one thank you. So Honesty does not mean much in our world today.

  • Carol Rodriguez says:

    I want to compliment you on maintaining such excellence and great quality of the merchandise and staff in your stores at all times. So many other department stores have not been able to do the same especially after the Covid pandemic. You definitely stand out from all the rest. My only wish is that you would consider a different location from the one in the Mall at Ridgeland, MS. The recent news about a shooting there makes many of us here apprehensive about going to this location.

  • Robert says:

    Dillards pay employees off an old structure we get paid less than people at fast food restaurants for us to be a high end store they under pay us .I work sales floor and young teens come in making more than me from chic fil a ,McDonald’s, target,Walmart how is that possible

  • Mary says:

    I visited the Alexandria, Louisiana Dillard store today to do a return all my tags were on my dress the pop up label was on there to and the salesperson take the dress and proceeded to return it then said the pop up label said not found I didn’t understand why it would come up like that when I paid for it, then she ask me just like this: Did you steal this dress? I was finished then. Done shipping @the Alexandria, Louisiana Mall store and yes I’m black so I stole it. Wow!

  • Krystle H says:

    Please consider coming to Anchorage, AK ! Your store would be very much appreciated here! Thank you!

  • Jessica says:

    I was in dillards at the Broward Mall 7/16/22 looking for shoes. I walked around for I believe was 15 minutes. I heard the announcement that the store is closed 8pm eastern time, so I was looking for an exit to leave the store. I was on the phone talking to my friend and also listening to this other older woman asking two staff ( I believe were African American women) where can she exit since the main entrance for dillards to the mall was now closed. The lady asked if she can go through the door since her car was on the other side of the mall. The two staff (same description as above) that was by the door told her No said if they opened the door then she would have to tell the people the store was closed. They told her where the other to exit were and I followed there directions. A I was on the phone with my friend and I said I thought they would do an announcement. ( I had on big head phones that was connected to my phone. This is important to know because the staff Assume I could not hear her with my headphones on ) The staff member said that we did an announcement 10 minutes ago. ( with an attitude as I was walking by ) I said to her I did not hear it and why is it you have an attitude with me when I was not speaking to you. I continued to walk then the same young lady said “ YOU JUST NEED TO GO HOME” I turned around and asked her is there a problem I went to the next staff member (Hispanic woman standing by clothing) I seen and told the story to her, she apologized I left. The young lady I had this altercation with was young Hispanic wearing all black kind of heavy set. I did not get her name because I was surprised and in disbelief how rude and uncalled for the situation was. My conversation on the phone was not directed at her nor was I speaking to her just simply looking for the exit to go somewhere else to look for shoes I needed for my career. As she told me to go home, I will not spend my money there again. Nor see her again but I will make it appointment for this not happen to someone else that just wanted to buy a product.

  • Ksn says:

    Your Paducah, KY Store Manager; Jessi Turner has gone viral on FB for leaving a husky dog in a kennel so small it couldn’t sit down, left outside on the heat all day w no shade. Very little water, if any. The police was sent to her house.
    She got quite the hate fan base, And she made a public apology w nothing but backlash because apparently the neighbors has watched ongoing neglect

  • Fire her says:

    Your employee is being published on FB for keeping a dog outside in a metal pin w no room to move . No water no food in 100 degree temps, Animal control removed the dog and gave it back and she still does this. People are taking photos and videos. She is a store manager for Dillards.
    What a piece of work. I’d be glad to provide the proof

  • P king says:

    I was hired at Dillard’s in Texas. I was told I would get 2 weeks training and got 1 day. Their training is nonexistent and the people doing any training can be very disrespectful. I’m not blaming them totally because they are overworked and under paid for all they are expected to do. I was told part time and then full time and then part time again. While I was in break room, I saw very unhappy employees and heard how some hated the way they are treated. They are expected to make so many sales or they would be fussed at.They are encouraged to talk customers into a credit card even tho they have bad credit. PREDITORY PRACTICES. I am a people person and like working with the public and I will not try to prey on people.

    • Lola Santi - fake name because I know those people just too well. says:

      Oh trust me it’s the same thing at the dillards I worked at. Coastland center mall Naples Florida. Did not have the very best Store Manager… Edward White. Witnessed him yell at other employees out on the sales floor and would expect everyone to be perfect. There were times he was very well and professional but also very unprofessional. It was like a 40/60 type deal. Could not even ask a simple question as to how to do something before the visual manager David Howell would give attitude like we were dumb or something.

  • Denise carter says:

    I want to file a sexual harassment against an employee at the home goods department in mesquite Texas. Her name is Pamela Doyle and she has been making sexual passes at my boyfriend.
    My name is Denise I spoke to the supervisor and manager and they won’t do anything about this matter. Please handle this employee for me before things get ugly.
    I love the store but this lady is getting way out of hand.
    Thank you

  • Actual makeup artist says:

    All the good associates leave because they are tired of the bullying from management or get fired because they stand up to the bullying. Dillard’s Downtown Summerlin has the worst store manager who never has a positive thing to say about anyone and is just a miserable person. They hired a cosmetics department manager who knows nothing about cosmetics or skincare. Treat her team like children that constantly needs to be micromanage and threatened when they are not meeting her expectations which are unattainable. They are forcing their associates to harrass their clients. Contacting cosmetic clients more than 1 or 2 month is overkill and they won’t be your client much longer.

  • Tammy says:

    Kudos to whom ever finally figured out an fired John bit trick he was a horrible mean manager I was there 4 mo he treated his people horrible he cussed an screamed totally unprofessional he has great people I’m
    Surprise any of them stayed 4 mo with him was all I could take he was a embarrassment

  • Allen Michael Peabody says:

    My wife works at Dillard’s in Sierra Vista Az the management’s treatment of her is disgusting, I’m been calling the HR department,they don’t care because my wife is there top seller

  • Mary says:

    Suppose I could give them a zero, I would. I purchased a dress on 3/5 for an event, went home, and tried it on and did not like the way the dress fit nor looked with my shoes, so I decided to wear a different dress. I tried returning the dress on 3/10 and was immediately approached by rude employees stating that it had been worn and could not take it back. I asked to speak to a manager, and they said that she was not there. I requested their corporate number and was given the phone number for corporate. I called their corporate office, and customer service provided me with the District Manager’s name. I contacted him, and he stated that he would return my call. Once he did, he asked that I go upstairs and ask for Jody, the Manager, who was said not to be there when I asked the staff. I went upstairs explained the situation to Jody. She went as far as to state that I had altered the tags, and that’s not how they tag their clothes. Jody said that she would not accept the return. I gave the dress back and kept my receipt. Jody then proceeded to hand the dress to an employee and stated to the employee to place the dress in the lost and found box. This is the worst customer service from the staff, Manager, and district manager.
    María, Jody, and David. Including two cashiers. The dress had the original tags including the proof of purchase and the original bag that it was bagged in. I will not ever be back to purchase anything in the future. All this boils down to is pure racism. Disputing this directly with my bank now.

  • Guest says:

    People at the cheddar hill Dillard in home good are never in there and manager over that area is rude ass he’ll

  • Melissa says:

    I submitted an order on Dillard’s.com on the night of 12/25. I used my preferred Dillard’s card and was charged appropriately. My husband and I then shopped in person in two different stores and saw the items we ordered in both locations. We did not purchase them as we thought they were in route. We already had confirmation. Yesterday, 12 days later we received notification that our order was cancelled and the items were not available anymore. I spent more than 3 hours on hold waiting for customer service and they obviously don’t have any concept of what that means. I then attempted to contact the corporate office only to be “disconnected” 4 times. They have lost very loyal customers forever!

  • Kathy hargrove says:

    Very upset about the New Years sale several 100 of us went and spent thousands between bus not any more will. Not shop at Dillard’s on New Years any more sis k no it even give a reason why. I have shopped at Dillard’s for years. Very very disappointed and speaking for all of us that went together and Patiently stood in line

  • Luz says:

    Went to Dillard’s December 26, purchased an Estee lauder essential essentials Box when I got home it was empty, no one has bothered to help me. No honor Dillards

  • Angela says:

    This is one of the nastiest companies to shop with. I will never buy anything from them. I received gifts for Christmas from my mother in law and I wanted to return. She provided the actual receipt and because and it was paid by debit. Their policy requires you to receive a gift card or return the way it was purchased. If it’s a gift one should have the option of returning and receiving cash if it was paid debit. I don’t want a gift card and the rude nasty manger was very nice nasty about stating this. The underpaid nasty cashier was so rude…. I hate shopping at Dillards in the FLorida Mall and they never have to worry about receiving any monies from me. This is a nasty prejudice company and I will never purchase anything from them. To top off the entire situation, the corporate office hangs up when you call.

    • Dusti C Hutchins says:

      Most companies are that way. Should not get angry because of it. Dillards has so much stuff a gift card would be sufficient. U didnt pay any cash the op did

  • Unknown says:

    Complaint at Dillards Cedar Hill, Texas management is so unprofessional always yelling at employees i front of guest

  • Julie LeBlanc says:

    I have tweeted and tagged Dillard’s in posts on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. No response . The company used for shipping packages to South Louisiana is terrible. Lone Star overnight never delivered their package. Same thing happened to my neighbor. Package never arrived even though it said it was delivered two minutes after mine. LSO won’t response to emails or social media posts. Dillard’s, you need to do better. I know of three other people who this has happened to in the last couple of weeks.

  • Marsha says:

    Went to the Dillard in Independece,Mo for a makeover and ended up spending $500 on Dior product I received a $100 reward to be used on either makeup or fragrance. The reward was my receipt and it was in a congratulation envelope. I went to use it yesterday and was told it expired on 11/24/21. I have never heard or a reward not being good for a minimum of 90 days. This wasn’t even good for 30 day. This is the most ridiculous policy I have ever heard of. So my not honoring the reward you lost another $500 sale plus I will never shop at Dillard again. My friend who works there says this happens all the time and the response is the same they don’t buy product or return to the store they just go somewhere else. I know the retail business is in very bad shape due to Covid 19 and there is no indication of it improving anytime soon.I suggest you start treating your customers with a little more respect and change this policy. You might be able to hold on without closing stores.

  • Karen Clark says:

    I’m thankful we have a Dillards in Columbus, Georgia. It’s relaxing to to have a lovely store to purchase ours needs and desires in. There are people who are very knowledgeable about the products they sell and who are patient, polite, and pleasant. It’s a delightful experience to see the sales people each time you go in.

  • Carolyn Tasson says:

    The Dillard’s in the mall was practically empty today. There were no sales or clearance items. Then I went to Macy’s and it was busy with long lines to check out. I hope Dillard’s isn’t going to close but it seems that’s where you’re headed. Also so many sweaters and sweats. I couldn’t even find a nice blouse. This is why I’m forced to order online.

  • Sid Pierce says:

    I was attempting to shop in Dillards (Battlefield Mall-Springfield, Mo). Two associates were talking radical politics with two customers while this veteran was going to get a new winter coat and boots. I wonder why I served sometimes when people show up to work and discuss such things while on the clock. I left once I realized that these people are not loyal to our country. Disgusted former customer.

    • Marty says:

      There are salespeople who work at the men’s battlefield mall Dillards who watch porn on their cell phone when they stand behind the cash register and talk trash. One usually doesn’t wear a name tag and is a fat slob and looks like he slept in his clothes the night before and I found out his name is Jose and he lives in Mexico and has had covid several times since August 2021. Doesn’t stop him from coming to work and exposing others to covid. I complained to the manager about Jose but the manager didn’t care.

  • Joan says:

    Why are they asking employees to show prof for vaccinated prof for Covid and wear a mask. When Dillards is still applying make up in customers faces. And doing spa make ups. Your saying one thing but your not KEEPING YOUR EMPLOYEES SAFE. HE WE GO AGAIN

  • John says:

    Masks will be going back into affect in August in Florida Dillards.

  • Ellen McLean says:

    I went to Dillard’s Springfield MO store yesterday. I am vaccinated and always masked indoors in public. I was surprised to see that the employees were randomly masked and unmasked. Same for customers. I felt very uncomfortable and left after about ten minutes without purchasing anything. I wish Dillard’s would step up like Disney, Walmart, and other major players and require vaccination for their employees, and masking for everyone. There is no necessity to go into a department store and I will be keeping my distance in the foreseeable future. Just follow the CDC guidelines. I want to go back to the store and I can’t.

    • Donna says:

      why do you think that everyone else has to follow you in your unreasonable fear? why do you think that you have to force your lack of information on others? if you are afraid, stay in the home forever. you know that a virus does not disappear or perhaps you don’t. if you intend to wear masks for the rest of your life, by all means, be my guest. but let other people in peace.

    • Blanche says:

      Better yet, if you are so scared , why don’t you just hide under your bed? If you are vaccinated and masked, and you think these things are saving you, why are you so worried if anyone else is vaccinated or masked? You are saying that your vaccination and mask are totally useless unless everyone is vaccinated and masked. You must not really have faith that these things are really working or you would not be so concerned about what everyone else is doing. People like you just need to stay home.

    • Evie says:

      If your mask works why complain?

  • Sheila Vardiman says:

    I visited Dillard’s at Ingram Park Mall, in San Antonio, TX to purchase a pair of shoes. I was totally ignored by the associates working there. Two of them were busy talking about relationship issues and the other one was just looking around. When the older gentleman was there, he was always helpful and professional. This has happened several times and I am done shopping in the women’s shoe department. I am beginning to wonder if it is because of my color or just their ignorance. I am a person of color and I spend a lot of money in many other departments in Dillard’s. I will NEVER shop in the women’s shoe department again. If you don’t want to help ALL people, get another job.

  • Lamont Weems says:

    Been trying to contact corporate to voice a complaint. And no one answered any of the phone lines. When I pressed 0 for the operator it hangs up on me. Can someone please contact me at weems.lamont49@gmail.com

  • Mary Hartsfield says:

    The Dillard’s store manager Mr. Ford in Tallahassee Florida is a racist bigot. It upset me as a customer on two occasions there were food Trucks at Dillard’s and the store manager had only black female employees out side holding signs in the hot sign raising money for charity. Slave ended decades ago. I was outraged that there was a customer who was an older black woman had a medical emergency inside Dillard’s and the store manager and assistant store manger took their time coming down stairs. People of color spend their money at Dillard’s and deserve Respect. The store manager discriminates against older employees by making it difficult for them. People of color and older people are dedicated employees of Dillard’s and deserve Respect. I am a Caucasian woman who has been shopping at Dillard’s for over 15 years and racism should not be tolerated at stores.

    • Lamont Weems says:

      Seems like this must be a company thing because I’m having problems in Wilmington North Carolina also

  • Jokari says:

    I had the worst experience in the Sugar Land, TX store today. The sad part is the customer in line ahead of me echoed my concern and said she “has been burned by Dillard’s before”.

    The return policies are not clearly explained at the time of sale. When attempting to return an unworn dress, the sales associate, the the supervisor- Vicky, manager- Sherae and worst of all manager- Jill, all provided different explainations/resolutions of the store policy. Vicky, went as far as to lie about store policies in the presences of witnesses, and even admitted she provided false information when the manger, Jill, joined the conversation. The entire experience left me feeling as if I had been taken advantage of by a bait and switch scam. The terrible display of customer service and making false statements contributes to people wanting to shop on line, just to avoid poor service. I have been a customer of Dillard’s since the store was Joske’s. After today’s experience, I am now a Macy’s customer.

  • Damon lamberth says:

    I want to express my appreciation for one of your employees In up Auburn Al. My wife has health issues. Your employee working in the Bra And Panties department was an absolute jewel. Her name is Dawn. I’m telling you she went WELL past normal service. She cared for my wife as if she was a family member. If corporate fails to recognize this lady you are missing a wonderful opportunity. Her I actions today represents superb customer service. This Lady needs to be recognized. She is absolutely above average. We will always ask her to serve us on all future visits
    Damon Lamberth
    Cell 256-307-2517

  • Guanica Whitset says:

    Tonight on 8/29/20 just when I felt that Dillard’s was my favorite place to shop, I received a good slap in the face by one of it’s poorly trained employees. With so much going on with our country and the way that it’s so terribly divided I experienced a very open dose of racism! The sales associate purposely over looked me as I stood in line to do a return. This red neck had the audacity to wait on the customers around me in the Cool Springs store located in Franklin, Tn. I asked the associate why was he overlooking me he replied and said I needed to wait or I could leave! This was completely rude, unprofessional, and discrimination without remorse. This man basically, ignored me because of my skin color and felt the customer’s around me deserved Service first! Then when I asked for a member of management this lady appears and states no one is available and had much ATTITUDE then walked away. This lady never stated her name or anything basically wanted me to walk away and remain silent! I’m tired of being silent walking away thinking that these circumstances will get better, when in fact things are worse. I’ve spent many year’s shopping with Dillard’s and it’s very unfortunate we part ways tonight because of poor training and bigotry….

  • Customer says:

    Very unhelpful personnel on the phone.
    Maybe need employees to undergo a customer service workshop.

  • Renee says:

    Dillard’s in the state of Georgia remain open even after the Governor put ordinance in place!!! It is impossible to have only 10 people in the store at a time, customer service area is a breeding ground for everyone working to pass the COVID-19 to each other. They answer the same phone, use the same POS system and work in the same close quarters!!! Do you NOT care about the safety of your associates? I am certain that shopping is NOT considered an essential business!!! I will not choose Dillard’s again and destroyed my credit card after seeing that you have remained open even though the mall is closed!!!! Disappointing mentality!

  • Andrea says:

    Dillard’s.com charged my card twice and when I called customer service the representative was very nasty to me and hung up in my face. I called back and spoke to customer service manager Delores and she was very rude. I had to put a fraud alert on my card because I did not authorize two charges from Dillard’s.com

  • Steve Dornbusch says:

    My daughter was humiliated at the Dillards here in Corpus Christi Texas. The sales rep. Cherry Ann followed her around like if she was going to steal something. Than confronted her in an ugly manner than jerked the bathing suit away from her. Not only did see humiliate her she damaged her reputation. That’s slander in my book. I went and talked to Cherry Ann and asked to talk to her manager and the shoe dept. manager came over with one of the worse attitudes I’ve ever experienced. I advised her of my disbelief with how my daughter had been treated. And how The shoe dept manager “Betina” talked to my like I was shit. Okay Dillards, are y’all in business to embarrass your customers and slander in front of other customers. I advised “Betina” we will not be shopping at Dillards ever again. This statement seemed to thrill her. I’m so glad all the lady’s standing around heard and saw you’re sales witch talk to me so ugly.

  • Mrs. Peterson says:

    Very disappointed, when i finally find a sales woman i like Dillard’s lets them go snd the lazy ones are left. The constant bullying that goes on there is mortifying, and the manager obviously doesn’t care? I’m sick of hearing this bickering in the woman’s department at the Arrowhead mall, and the managers talking down to the employees in front of me, my shopping experience there is constantly agitating. I won’t be back.

  • Lorna Cheatham, CEO Clera's Distribution Company, LLC says:

    I would like to know if Dillard’s has a Minority Suppliers Division?

  • >