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Bob Dierberg


Greg Dierberg

CEO and President

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Vice President and Secretary

Andy Pauk

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

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Dierbergs traces its root back in 1854. In 1914, William Dierberg, grandfather of chairman Bob Dierberg bought a store that offered kerosene, flour, sugar, seasonings, boots and shoes, fabric and clothing, hardware and other staples. In 1930, the business experienced growth and moved to a 3,500- square-foot building. By 1967, Four Seasons store was introduced. Later, this store got featured on a national trade magazine called Progressive Grocer for its modern design and named it “Store of the Month.”

Dierbergs is a supermarket chain based in Chesterfield, Missouri. Currently, there are more than 5,000 employees working for them. Dierbergs Florist & Gifts stands first in the list of FTD florists in St. Louis County. Dierbergs have a good reputation and they are known for their hard work, personal service and a meeting the needs of the customers.

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  • Ethel Epstein says:

    Stopped by deli at Kirkwood. The clerk Faye went out of her way to help explaining she was new. One of the other clerk, Barb, in front of me, verbally abused her. I saw she almost started crying. How horrible to treat a clerk like that. When I said something about it, Janet the other clerk, said she is new and us being too nice. How can a clerk be too nice.

  • Leo Schonhoff says:

    Just wondering why your Florissant store never has ambrosia frequent shopper

  • matovu suliaman says:

    call me on 0777638889

  • Edna Jeffries says:

    On Dec 11 & 12, I purchased $150 worth of Dierbergs $10 gift cards from my neighborhood Dierbergs in Shiloh IL. I am a yoga teacher and thought these would make great stocking stuffers for my students. When I tried to match each card with it’s receipt I realized I didn’t have the right receipt for one of the gift cards. I returned to Dierbergs to try to get the missing receipt. (I had been given a receipt that did not match the gift card#.) I talked with Justin the head cashier. At first he said I didn’t need the receipt but I told him I wanted to give my people a receipt with the gift card. I asked if I could just get another gift card to replace the one with no receipt. Without even looking at me he said NO. I stood in the aisle of the store for several minutes while he tried to find the right receipt. I felt very disrespected as a customer who had just purchased 15 of these cards that will bring 15 customers into Dierbergs over the holidays to use these Dierberg gift cards and probably spend more than the $10 value. Justin finally gave me a different gift card which he initially had said No when I asked him to do this exact thing earlier. He did not apologize for having me wait or for his rude attitude towards me. I assured him I would not purchase gift cards from Dierbergs again.

  • Monica says:

    Please get the Heritage location up to Par with the rest of the Dierbergs locations, they have the worse customer service! I had a run in with the pharmacy today . I’m use to the above and beyond customer service but this location just don’t match up. Also there is a slight smell when you walk in the doors by the produce area.

  • Sylvia A Ballard says:

    Hello, I recently shopped at your Dierbergs in St. Charles, spending almost $800 and acquiring in access 11,000 points. I anticipated a reward of at least $100. To my surprise, the clerk said $7 and change. Seriously?? Why such poor rewards?

  • Bill Schierman says:

    I recently found your Chicken Cordon Bleus after moving them from the deli section and enjoy them weekly. Sadly the quality has dropped. In the past your chicken cordon bleus were filled with ham and cheese.In fact the cheese would ooze out. The ones I have recently purchased seem like a hunk of chicken with almost no ham and very little cheese.Your price of $4.49 seems high for a chunk of chicken with breading on top. I get cost of goods and margin but I would prefer paying more for a quality product.

  • Sally says:

    I have shopped at the Bogey Hills Dierbergs Market for 20 years now. I just have to say a few things:
    1.) It has greatly improved. Tony and his staff have done a great job with quality of produce and more organic and no salt choices. It is really important to us.
    2.) It is the ONLY place we can get skim A2 milk in the area and our favorite organic Yogurt Stony Fields Plain 0% Fat and other 0% Fat and No salt products we regularly use.
    3.) Tony (manager) and the following assistant managers past and present have been really great lately with our Covid changes in shopping::
    Assistant managers that have helped me in the past:
    Karen, Jamie (former), Justin (former now at 94 store), Matt, and I’ve forgotten anyone please include.
    These employees have gone above and beyond in Customer service. I currently cannot go in any grocery store due to Covid risks for my husband. He has multiple allergies and health needs and is vulnerable. We cannot really order food for delivery because the shoppers are not really good at the specific shopping needs we have.
    (We’ve tried they keep substituting or delivery is not available.)
    This store let’s me order and they bring the food to my car. We use an assistant manager to do this. thanks Tony and thanks to all of you.

    Dierbergs Bogey Hills is my best store and I will always shop there – ‘thank you so much! and thanks for being so understanding of our needs. Just to also say – all of the employees when I have talked to them on the phone or in the store they are absolutely great! A very caring store! I always tell friends and family about this store and when they are making food for my husband and they buy things there too.

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