Where Is Dick’s Sporting Goods Corporate Office Headquarters

Dick’s Sporting Goods Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 45 Court Street, Coraopolis, PA 15108 United States

  • Phone Number: +1 724-273-3400

  • Fax Number: 718-236-2641

  • Email: investors@dcsg.com

  • Number of Employees: 30,300

  • Established: 1948

  • Founder: Richard “Dick” Stack

  • Key People: Edward W. Stack, Lauren R. Hobart

Dick’s Sporting Goods Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Dick’s Sporting Goods Corporate Office

If you are facing any queries or are looking for a way to contact Dick Sporting goods, here are some communication modes through which you can contact them. You can connect with them if you have a query regarding the sports goods or are facing an issue with the business.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Headquarters Info & Photos

Dick’s sporting goods is considered to be the United States’ largest sports retail company. As of 2017, it has around 850 stores. The company is public and is based mainly in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, with employees around 30,300.

Dick's Sporting Goods Corporate office
Dick's Sporting Goods Headquarters 1
Dick's Sporting Goods Headquarters

Dick’s Sporting Goods Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

746 Willoughby Way NE Atlanta, GA


United States

1314 Conklin Rd Conklin, NY


United States

3909 N Commerce Dr East Point, GA


United States

225 Broadway, Suite 800 San Diego, CA


United States

159 Painter-Koser Rd Smithton, PA

Dick’s Sporting Goods Headquarters Executive Team

Edward W. Stack,


The chief executive officer and chairman of the company are Edward Stack. The president of the company and the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation is Lauren Hobart, while the chief financial officer as of 2018 is Lee Belitsky.

Dick introduced in November 2020 that Hobart will replace Edward W. Stack as CEO on February 1, turning into the company’s first woman CEO.

Lauren R. Hobart


Navdeep Gupta

Navdeep Gupta

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer ,

Name Title
Chad Kessler Executive Vice President Vertical Brands
Vlad Rak Executive Vice President Chief Technology Officer
Ray Sliva Executive Vice President Stores
Sameer Ahuja President GameChanger Senior Vice President DICK’S Sporting Goods
Vincent Corno Senior Vice President Real Estate & Construction
Carrie Guffey Senior Vice President Softlines Merchandising
John E. Hayes III Senior Vice President General Counsel & Secretary
Denise Karkos Senior Vice President Chief eCommerce Officer
Peter Land Senior Vice President Chief Communications & Sustainability Officer
Julie Lodge-Jarrett Senior Vice President Chief People & Purpose Officer
Steve Miller Senior Vice President Strategy eCommerce & Analytics
Joe Pietropola Senior Vice President Athlete Experience and Analytics
Toni Roeller Senior Vice President In-Store Environment Visual Merchandising & House of Sport at DICK’S Sporting Goods
Emily Silver Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer
Todd Spaletto President Outdoor Group Senior Vice President DICK’S Sporting Goods
Will Swisher Senior Vice President Planning Allocation & Replenishment and Merchandising Hardlines
Sean Whitehouse Senior Vice President Supply Chain

About Dick’s Sporting Goods


Richard “Dick” Stack founded the organization as a fishing address shop in Binghamton, New York, in 1948. He initially began with a $three hundred mortgage from his grandmother, who lent the money from her savings, which she had saved in a cookie jar.

Edward W. Stack and his siblings bought the company from their father withinside the early 1980s whilst the organization was located in two places in Upstate New York. Stack set up a board of directors, opened extra shops, and relocated the organization’sorganization’s headquarters to Pittsburgh in 1994. He took the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer position following his father’s retirement in 1984 and led the organization all through its preliminary public supplying in 2002.


Dicks Sporting Goods is a company that was established to cater to people’s needs in the field of sports. The company has an estimated 850 stores around the world. If you’re looking for various unique sports goods yet can identify with you, you certainly take aid from this service.


Check out these interesting facts about Dicks Sporting Goods.

  • Dick’s operated broadly speaking in the Eastern United States, as much as 2009, and has on account extended to the Pacific Northwest and West Coast as well. As of mid-2008, there have been more than 357 Dick’s shops in 38 states.
  • In 2012, the organization opened 3 True Runner shops, mainly emphasizing runners in Boston, the St. Louis suburb Brentwood, and Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighbourhood. The shops closed at the beginning of 2017.
  • Dick’s released the women’s athleisure, fitness, and lifestyle shop Chelsea Collective in 2015, starting the shops in Tysons and Pittsburgh, Virginia, in Washington’s metro area D.C. The stores then closed in 2017. The organization released Dick’s Team Sports HQ in early 2016, presenting young people sports activities groups websites, uniforms, and sponsorship options.
  • Dick’s opened its first Field & Stream in a suburb of Pittsburgh called Cranberry Township in 2013. As of 2018, there are almost thirty-five Field & Stream shops that are open throughout the country. The Field & Stream brand’s first spokesperson in August 2016 was Jason Aldean.
  • Following Stoneman Douglas High School’s shooting in February 2018, Dick’s stopped promoting attack guns and high-ability magazines and elevated the minimum age for buying the weapons to 21. Dick’s-branded shops had suspended attack-fashion weapon income following the shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. However, the weapons had been nevertheless available to buy at Field & Stream locations. Dick’s has in no way carried bump stocks.
  • The organization has around five distribution centres in operation as of the present. The latest centre in Conklin in Southern Tier, New York, was launched in January 2018 and became similarly accelerated to satisfy online platforms and increase their online presence and visibility some months later.
  • In July 2004, Dick’s gained the acquisition of Galyan’s. In November 2006, the employer agreed to buy Golf Galaxy for $225 million. Dick’s showed plans to shut Golf Galaxy’s headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in mid-2008.
  • Dick’s bought Affinity Sports, a San Diego-primarily based sports company, for a confidential quantity of mid-2016. Dick’s acquired the brand name of Sports Authority and their highbrow belongings in September. There had been 450 Sports Authority centres around the time.
  • Dick’s also took hold of Golfsmith, the biggest golfing store withinside the United States, at a financial disaster public sale in October 2016. Dick’s bid approximately $70 million for all of Golfsmith’s possessions and inventory. The employer was deliberate to keep around 30 of Golfsmith’s greater than one hundred centres and 500 employees. The 36–38 Golfsmith shops in sixteen U.S. states were rebranded by Dicks as Golf Galaxy in 2017. This accelerated the quantity of Golf Galaxy shops to 98, which were situated in 33 states.

Dick’s Sporting goods company is now renowned and established brand for all things related to sports. It has certainly found a spot among sports enthusiasts.

  • Linda M says:

    Just tried shopping at Dick’s for a couple Christmas presents. I needed 2 men’s shirts. It was so incredibly frustrating because Dick’s has decided to rearrange the store so men’s & women’s are blended by brand. So, I left the store with only 1 shirt because I was not walking the entire store for the 2nd shirt. Just put it back the way it was. Today I’m going to a store where shopping is easier.

  • Dick Brannan says:

    Dear dicks. My comment is why does Dicks send winter snow pants to Charleston, sc in August when we almost never get snow here. Doesn’t make sense. Maybe you need to look at demographics and regions a little better.

  • K Rice says:

    I see your commercials on TV and they repulse me now that you’ve decided to pay for abortions out of state. This is murdering babies and I won’t have any part of this with Dick’s or any other company. I have canceled my accounts with Starbucks, Amazon and others. I won’t be shopping at Dick’s any further. Our values are not aligned and I think you will come to regret this decision to kill babies in the womb. Life is precious.

  • Bryan Burns says:

    So I was at Dicks sporting Goods in Belmar Colorado and I went to try on a pair of shoes and a “faulty” security tag pirced threw my heel and I couldn’t walk for week so I wasn’t able to work because I wasn’t able to work I lost my job and with no job I lost my house and when this happened do you know what the manager told me the best we can do for you is a 25%off discount Dicks Sporting goods does not care if there customers get a serious injury in there store they give you a 25% off discount and send you on your way

  • Chrissy says:

    Dicks sporting goods off in Bakersfield,CA was awful. Racists. The manager- Daniel gave me the dirtiest look when I walked to return something. He kept staring at me like I was a criminal. Absolutely disrespectful. I honestly hate shopping here and prefer other stores where diversity shown. Not only through their employees but with their customers. I hardly ever buy anything from here and never will again!!!!

  • Kevin Casey says:

    I currently have an account that will be canceled immediately. The Idea that you pay benefits for abortions is the ONLY reason. I can assure you that there will be immediate ramifications to this. If you have the brain trust you should have, it would appear to me that you have alienated a Major portion of the people that do business with you. I also realize that I am but a speck in the big picture, but for the life of me can not see how you could have reached such a decision. Your Core Base Is Conservative! Smell the coffee.
    Stay Safe, Be Blessed, and please reflect in your decision to pay regardless of circumstance or reason.
    Semper Fi

  • Stan Krantz says:

    You are paying employees NOT TO have children? Will you pay employees TO have children? The former saves you money. The latter does not. You were NOT who Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was referring to when he spoke about a person’s character.

    Say good-bye to this customer.

  • Robin Miller says:

    Dicks supports the murder of unborn babies! I will never shop there again! Be careful what company’s you buy from. I am sure everyone who supports abortion will keep them in business! They are paying 4000 for employees and someone to accompany them.

  • Robin Miller says:

    I will never shop at Dick’s again. They support the murder of unborn babies. They don’t need our money to pay for it. Let the people who support abortion shop there. Everybody needs to be careful where they spend thier money!

  • Dorothy Dial says:

    my grandson Brayden Smith purchased a kayak from the store in cool sorings tennessee. It was the worst experience ever. NO ONE would help him get it in his truck or help him tie it down he had to buy ratchet straps to get it home. he came straight from work and did not have his trailer. I am sooooo angry and will never set foot in this store again. The customer service in this store is beyond terrible. I will post on my personal page in facebook about the terrible experience. Never go there again

  • Janet Misiur says:

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