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How to contact DeWalt Inc. corporate office

If one has any kind of complaint or issue with the products bought or service rendered, they can reach the DeWalt Inc. corporate office for further assistance.

Address: those who want to reach the corporate office of DeWalt Inc. or want to send any kind of package to the corporate office can reach this address:

701 E Joppa Rd.

Towson, Baltimore

MD 21286, United States

Phone number: +1 800-433-9258

Email: reply@dewalt.com

Social media: DeWalt Inc. is a company that is running for many years now. Therefore, it is quite easy to reach various social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

Website: www.dewalt.com

Dewalt Headquarters Info & Photos

DeWalt Inc. is one of the oldest tool and accessory manufacturing companies. The company is spread across the globe with various international hubs and factories. However, headquarter of DeWalt Inc. is in America only. Though the DeWalt Inc. headquarter has changed over time, the current one is in Baltimore, Maryland.

One should not confuse the factory set ups with the corporate office. The corporate office of DeWalt Inc. is dedicated fir the administrative and management work. The finance, human resource, administrative and strategic management are handled from this place.

The corporate office is built like an absolute modern office space. The office is divided into various floors that handle different administrative work. From lighting to the building’s safety, DeWalt Inc. has taken care of everything in a top-notch way.

Several other manufacturing units are scattered across the country like Greenfield, New Britain, Hampstead, charlotte, etc.

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Dewalt Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

701 E Joppa Rd, Towson, MD 21286, United States

Dewalt Headquarters Executive Team

 Tamer Abuaita

Tamer Abuaita

President & Chief Executive Officer

Donald Allan, Jr.,

President & Chief Executive Officer

Donal Allen Jr. is the current EVP and CFO of Stanley Black And Decker/ DeWalt Inc. He completed his bachelor’s in accounting and finance and a bachelor’s in science from the University of Hartford.

He joined Stanley Black And Decker in 1999, before which he worked for Loctite Corp and EY. He joined Stanley Black And Decker as EVP and CFO and worked in this position till Feb. 2021. 

 Rhonda O. Gass

Rhonda O. Gass

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Name Title
Patrick Hallinan Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Dennis M. Lange Vice President Investor Relations
Janet M. Link Senior Vice President General Counsel and Secretary
John Lucas Chief Human Resources Officer
Chris J. Nelson Chief Operating Officer Executive Vice President and President Tools & Outdoor
Graham N. Robinson Senior Vice President & President STANLEY Industrial
Joseph S. Simms Chief Diversity Officer
Corbin B. Walburger Vice President Business Development
John H. Wyatt Senior Vice President Strategy and Integration

About Dewalt


The inventor of the radial arm saw, Raymond E. DeWalt started the company in 1923. DeWalt at that time of the pioneers in the industries and that gave them enough space to grow and create their market. In 1947 they re-incorporated and re-organized as DeWalt Inc.

American Machine & Foundry Co. in 1949, bought the DeWalt Inc. after buying it, sold the same to Black & Decker. After this, Black & Decker removed and divested the radial arm saw part of the company to the executives. Now, one can buy DeWalt Inc. radial arm saw from Original Saw Co.

In 1994, ELU, the German power tool manufacturer, was taken over by DeWalt Inc. after this using the ELU technology, DeWalt Inc. started manufacturing 200 power tools and their accessories. This helps in rebranding DeWalt Inc. into the map of tool manufacturers.

In 2004, Porter cable was also taken over by Black And Decker. The company got combined with DeWalt Inc., thus merging their technology and products.


DeWalt Inc. is a company that currently operated as a subsidiary of Stanley Black And Decker. However, DeWalt Inc is one of the first and largest industrial-grade tool manufacturers in the United States.

The tools they make are for both individual domestic use and industrial purposes. The most popular category of tools that DeWalt Inc makes is power tools. These tools run on extra power other than manual labor.

The company makes air compressors, cable crimping and cutting tools, piping and tubing tools, grinders, dust management tools, oscillating multi-tools, drills, saws, sander, and polishers, etc.

They also make accessories like drill bits, screwdriver bits, blades, masonry accessories’, fasteners, chargers, etc. DeWalt Inc., since the very days, is making hand tools that are easy to use and are of the highest quality.

The other manufacturing categories include lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, blowers, etc. The company also ventured into storage and gear category like lamps, lights, industrial grade fans, radios, ladders, storage, etc.


Some of the popular facts about DeWalt Inc. are:

  • The Two Way Panel Saw is the first international product sold by DeWalt Inc. the manufacturing and supply started in 1960, as that was when the company went international with their products.
  • In 1971, DeWalt Inc. first introduced the industrial world with metal cutting power tools. These tools changed the way non-ferrous and ferrous metals were cut.
  • In 1992, DeWalt Inc. introduced its first line of portable power tools. This became a breath of sigh for many woodworkers and professionals who needed a non-corded solution to the power tools they used every day.
  • In 2016 September, the company launched the very first hybrid volute battery pack called Flex Volt. This battery can switch from a parallel connection of 20 V to a series connection of 60 V as per the tool’s requirement.
  • In 2016, DeWalt Inc. also created a smartphone on the Android platform, perfect for building construction and industrial workers. The phone can handle the temperature of -20 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius and a 2-meter drop.

  • Donny williamson I says:

    I am very disappointed and Dewalt. I own a construction company and all I own is Dewalt and lately I’ve had nothing but problems with my tools. I’ve tried to figure out a solution by reaching out to you guys and I don’t know how to send videos and all that other stuff, so now I’m starting to buy Milwaukee tools unless somebody can call me and help me figure this problem out. My name is Donny williamson. Number is 813-567-6386. Thanks.

  • Ronald Kazorck says:

    I have an air compressor in there cinch 2022 and every time I call your warehouse in Charlotte North Carolina. No one answers the phone I bought two compressors from you and they were both no good so I keep calling and they told me they were going to send me a new one so a girl at the warehouse finally told me they shipped it with FedEx. She gave me another confirmation number the number was false. I know you ship compressors UPS and I tried to call no one answers and they keep telling me the managers gonna call me back the same day. He never calls me back. I want a new compressor and I want it here as soon as possible. I use this for business Ronald Kazorck. 309 Possum Island Rd., Madison Heights Virginia. It’s about time you company takes care of people we’ve been using the word products for 40 years now that you started having the parts made out of the United States and install them l in the United States. That statement is not true. Your products have declined in workmanship tremendously. I want my compressor and I wanted as soon as possible.

  • Emily says:

    Having numerous issues with service reps. Been getting the run around for weeks now over a severe issue and they are now refusing to transfer me to upper management to resolve the issue or they hang up on me EVERY TIME after I explain the whole situation. I’m out over $1500 because of this incident but they refuse to correct the matter in which THEY CAUSED. Terrible customer service.

  • Steven Searle says:

    I bought a dewalt circular saw and the fist time i used it i had to go to hospital to have 12 stitches in my hand because of bad kick backs for it i sent it back they told me there was early sings of whear so they gave me a new one upgrade but now 4 weeks later still can not use 2 of my fingers and in a lot of pain and if you look at all my tools they are all dewalt now thinking of selling them all

  • Sajjad Ahmed Dar says:

    I am interested to work with DeWalt inc.
    Actually I got offer from Total tools company but I found your products more beneficial tha Total tools for my customers.
    Please contact back as soon as possible.

  • Craig says:

    DeWalt is not a very good company I live in New Mexico my surface planer had broken the gears were adjusting it up and down the company I took it to to get repaired told me 3 weeks that’s what you guys told him it’s going on 3 months and I still ain’t got all my f****** parts I’m a disabled Carpenter living on $900 a month and that’s how I make my money and you guys this f***** me out of three months I’m going to be calling the corporate office and tell him the situation it shouldn’t take 3 months when you’ve been told 3 weeks and I’m not going to buy your s*** anymore and I’m going to tell everybody around her to stay away from f****** DeWalt because they’re a piece of s***

    • Emily says:

      They sent me to a “certified technician” in my area for warranty work on a power washer. The guy they referred me to gave away my $1500 power washer and then denies even interacting with me or my fiancé after trying to scam us out of $50 for “shipping and handling” for the part that was under warranty. Now DeWalt is claiming he’s not certified through them….but their call center reroutes you directly to this guy when you call them. Now they’re claiming that it wasn’t under warranty?? When I have the invoice from when I bought it. I keep getting the run-around and hung up on after being on the phone with them for HOURS over this issue for literal WEEKS. It’s insane. They refuse to transfer me to upper management. Keep claiming they “never received” the invoice I’ve sent 3-4 of their service reps. It’s absolutely ridiculous the way they run this business.

  • Woody says:

    I had a drill that quit working, did not receive any help from any dewalt people whatsoever. That was ok because I did at least get to use it quite much . Now I have a hardly used blower that I got nowhere trying to talk to someone about it but I stupidly ordered another 1 because I did like it when it did work. But I am becoming really aware that if a dewalt product works / great / if not They Don’t GIVE A DAM !

  • R. Allen says:

    I am concerned about a “survey” ostensibly on behalf of Lowe’s Retail company. It is the typical “you’ve WON” spiel, “you just have to fill out this survey”. The “prize” is claimed to be a Dewalt EXTREME Drill. The survey is the typical marketing questionnaire that could even be legitimate. However, on the last page to pop up, they insist on you giving your credit card information in order to claim the prize. If DeWalt is complicit in this, I for one will have a very different view toward DeWalt in the future.

  • D a r i n wiedrich says:

    I have got a good idea but you guys probably already have it I wonder if you guys reward people for a good ideas

  • Darin Todd says:

    Could you please send me an email of someone i would talk to about investing? I build Go-Karts and my first one is a riding billboard for DeWalt tools. I was just wanting to share my product and see if there is any chance of DeWalt investing in me? Please kindly write back, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time!

  • IS says:

    I bought Dewalt electric lawn mower for $500 from Home Depot in 2021. I worked OK in 2021 but now when I tried to use it one of the batter does not hold the charge. Contacted Dewalt customer service no luck. I filed a complaint with WI Consumer Protection agency. Dewalt’s lawn mower is unreliable don’t want it want my money back ASAP. It is coting me $45 every week to mow the lawn because Dewalt’s product is not working, it is unreliable. Dewalt gave automated case number 4368081. Also sent an email to my senator about it who sits on senate committee on consumer protection.

  • IZS says:

    I bought Dewalt lawn mower in March for 2021, it worked ok in last summer, but when I tried to use the mower this year one battery kept on draining and could not hold the charge. I took the mower to Hope Depot where I bought and they sent it out for repair they said will be 5 to 8 week. I had to pay $45 to mow the lawn. Email Dewalt got an automated response back with a case number 4368081. Called Dewalt customer service at 1-800-433-9258 spoke to the rep in Colombia (which was frustrating) of no help. I am not happy with Dewalt’s product it is unreliable and not happy with customer service it was not helpful and not happy with the fact that customer service called went overseas. Don’t we have English speaking people in the US or it is just that the management have to make hundreds of millions in salaries and bonuses with a pathetic product and customer service.
    If the mower stays out for 5 to 8 weeks I will have to pay $225 to $400 out of my pocket for a $500 piece of junk made by Dewalt …congratulations James M Loress, Donal Allan Jr. and Jeffery D Ansell for steeling our hard earned money by providing poor quality product and even worst customer service, and congratulations for ripping of the hard working Americans from their hard earned money and making hundreds of millions.
    I want my money back ASAP and do not want Dewalt product it is an unreliable product.
    I have filed a complaint with consumer protection agency in WI at datephotline@wisconsin.gov.

  • Andrew T. Kraskey says:

    I FULLY expect NOT to see my comment that I just send. So, don’t bather wasting our time by claiming your an honest company.

  • Andrew T. Kraskey says:

    I find it interesting that my warranty is void because I used it with a K-Drill ice auger and it broke down.
    I was just contacted minutes ago and told that my, less then 2 years old, DeWalt hammer drill were not made to be used this way and because I did I voided my warranty.
    The problem I have is K-Drill have videos of their product being used with the exact same drill. They even did a side-by-side comparison and found DeWalt was the best.
    When K-Drill gets this information and notifies all of their customers that they can not use their DeWalt drills I wonder what the back-lash will be.

  • Shane says:

    I recently tried to contact customer service on a broken tool and I called but could not get anyone in the US. All customer service is in the Phillipins, central America or who knows where. I will never talk outside the US. If I son’t get a US rep I will stop buying, using or recommending Dewalt products.

  • Traves R. says:

    It is becoming a trend with big companies that “customer support ” is more “customer runaround” than anything else. I recently had a dewalt drill quit working and since it was under warranty a replacement would be shipped right out. 22 emails, half a dozen calls, and 51 days later (never spoke to same person twice) I was informed that I would not receive a drill, but I could mail them my old one. I no longer buy dewalt tools, in fact, once I show people the runaround I got i can’t give em away. Luckily my new blue&black tools have people who stand behind them.

  • Brian gerton says:

    Hoe do I sine up to test tools and get sampols

  • James Caddell says:

    I tried to send pictures of my tool trailer to you but it didn’t go through. I’d like to send you these pictures as everyone thinks I work for Dewalt. Please consider sending me an email address I could send the pics to . Thanks!!

  • Robert McLean says:

    DeWalt Fraud on Facebook

    Robert McLean
    9:13 AM (8 minutes ago)

    to support+id3591205, me

    It took me exactly 5 minutes to find this on Facebook. I simply scrolled down and over and over again are fraudulent solicitations using Your name and products. I suggest you get your legal team on this because Facebook is unresponsive.


  • Bruce chappell says:

    Wife got me the two set 20V drills about 9 weeks ago and both batteries are dead and will not charge Lowe’s says it’s past 30 days and nothing they can do about it

  • Owens says:

    I have been waiting for my measuring tape since April of 2021 and I have not received it yet. Everytime I talk with Dewalt customer service they make promises and fail to deliver. The last Lie told was It would be shipped on this past Tuesday (7/6/21) 2 day delivery. Its Friday (7/9/21) and still nothing. Customer service still telling Lies. My tape is the XP model not a rookie tape. I just found out that the calls go the Philippines, I guess over there they figure they can say anything and get away with it. Dewalt should provide BETTER SERVICE to the people who buy there product.

  • Laurence Topliffe says:

    A man I work for sent me this link. I want to know if it’s real or fraudulent. sunsouting.top/product/comb-kit-6-tool

  • Joe says:

    How can i get an intelligent response to the REASON for the UNAVAILABILITY of DeWALT ”Flipsaws” in North America. I am referring to model no’s. D27107, D27105, DW743N that are sold in Europe and the UK (220V) and would be a boon to sitework contractors. Please don’t reply with, ”These models are not currently available in N.A. (That’s patently obvious !!!). Thank you for contacting DeWALT.”

    As I requested, I would appreciate an answer as to WHY these products are unavailable in N.A. in 110-120V. Please refer this to corporate, if you cannot provide an intelligent response.

  • Patricia Marlene Heath says:

    In December, I ordered a 14 piece kit of DeWalt tools from saleCB.com And I have not received it. I receive sunglasses instead and they said they would work with me and get it to me but have not heard back from them. I buy DeWalt tools because I’m in the construction business and all my employees use DeWalt tools. They were been excellent tools. I’ve always gotten trolls that I’ve always ordered. Except for this one time with salecb.com Is there a problem with this company or how do I go about? Reclaiming my tools that I would like to have purchased.

  • >