Where is Denny’s Corporate office Headquarters

Denny’s Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 203 East Main Street, Spartanburg, SC 29319United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-733-6697

  • Fax Number: 864-597-7708

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1953

  • Founder: Harold Butler & Richard Jezak

  • Key People: John C. Miller

Denny’s Headquarters Location & Directions

Denny’s Headquarters Executive Team



John C. Miller

CEO, President & Director

F. Mark Wolfinger

Executive VP, Chief Administrative Officer, CFO & Director

Christopher D. Bode

Senior VP & COO

Timothy E. Flemming

Senior VP, General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer

About Denny’s, History and Headquarters Information

Formerly known as opened Danny’s Donuts, Denny’s was established by Harold Butler and Richard Jezak, in Lakewood, California in 1953. In 1963, they began franchising their chain of restaurants. In 1956, they widened their focus and changed the concept and started running coffee shops instead of the donut shops.

Denny’s Inc., also known as Denny’s Diner owns and manages a chain of restaurants. The company provides a line of food products which include hamburgers, steaks, sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, soups, and more. It runs and operates more than 1,600 restaurants and serves its customers base all over the United States, Canada, Philippines, Costa Rica, Curacao, El Salvador, Mexico, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Denny’s is a very popular eating place as it remains open all the time and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the clock. In addition to this, it does not shut down on holidays and nights too.

Denny’s Headquarters Photos

  • Paul Winter says:

    We walked in and asked for a table for 3 and are 10 month old granddaughter. Within 30 seconds later a group of about 15 from a church in town asked for accommodations. The lady sitting everyone told the group they’d have to wait for about 45 minutes because they only had one cook on staff ?
    Needless to say, they turned and left. As we sat there waiting for our table, the hostess left the register and proceeded to the back leaving us waiting. After about 17 minutes, she finally appeared and I asked how much longer did he have to wait ?
    She snapped at me and said, and I quote…
    “I just told you people it would be 45 minutes before we can seat you”
    I replied, NO, I believe that’s what you told the group that came in after us !
    You weren’t even responding to me ! And if I’d know you were referring to all of us standing there, we’d had left with the rest of that group !

    First of all, she was extremely unprofessional in her response toward us…
    And I’m not real sure why Denny’s would only employ one cook on probably the biggest day of the week ?

    We left without ordering anything after approximately waiting for at least 30 minutes. Total uncalled for and very unprofessional !

  • Brandy says:

    Went to the dennys at 11315 Montwood Dr, El Paso, TX 79936 the service and attitude from the staff was just so unprofessional I have never experienced such disrespect and disregard for service honestly I was told that it was the worst place to eat but decided to go and have my own opinion about it but honestly don’t go there it is absurdly disgusting

  • Mary Maiden says:

    Yesterday was my birthday. I went to my nearest Denny’s and was told that location didn’t honor birthday on 12000 Westheimer. So I was instructed to go to d location on 8000 block of Westheimer. I was told by one employee to show my id and another employee said u have to have d app. I received a web site alert honoring my birthday. So. D third person came and noticed I was standing and asked did I need help. I expressed my concern and said I don’t need conflict on my birthday. I left and had paid for my breakfast at another restaurant.

  • Joyce Mullins says:

    Had breakfast at Denny’s in Port Charlotte, Florida. One order was 2 pancakes w/compost strawberries and whipped cream. The other was one egg, link sausage and toast and two coffees. Pancakes delivered first egg and link sausage served later, toast even later. The bill was way over priced at $23.00 and change. The one egg with sausage and toast was 11.99. The service and pricing was ridiculous. Needless to say we will not be visiting Denny in the near future.

  • Murielle says:

    My husband and I used to live in Santa Clarita and have been eating at Dennys for 20 years! We moved to Oakhurst, California and gave the Dennys there too many chances! We are shocked at the filth, lack of quality food and bad service! We recently found out that this whole town is disgusted about The corporation not doing anything about this! Unacceptable!

  • Phil Agrella says:

    I would like to see a Denny’s restraunt open in my city of Taunton, MA. 02780. This would be somewhere vicinity of Route 140 Taunton, MA. There is need of a sit down restraunt near me that starts by serving breakfest. We only have fast food in morning nearby. The MA. commuter rail will be in operation soon and now is the time. Please look into this possibility in near future. Thank you, phil agrella

  • Savannah says:

    They’re always looking for help but when someone applys and gets hired they wait almost a whole 3weeks to just make someone mad about it and start the onboarding process and computers suck so they are sent home to wait a few days and call back just to be told they won’t be able to until next week. Like come on if you need help stop lolly gaggin around and actually start people not have a ton of interviews for people when people are already hired and you need help so bad but can’t get in someone who lives not even 5min away who is willing to work to put in hours calling everyday to get started to just b giving a date the next week and lack of communication. The back was so loud with music I ain’t sure how anyone ever here’s in that place!

  • Tim Miller says:

    I ate at Dennys in Kunia Hawaii, the food was undercooked and the biscuits and gravy was terrible. The sausage in the gravy was hard as a rock and the gravy was like water. The hash browns were not cooked adequately, it tasted raw.

  • Leslie says:

    Your Birmingham store located at the flying j is probably the worst Denny’s I ever visited very unprofessional always closed as a truck driver this is totally unacceptable please look at trying to make changes it can be very profitable for you

  • Nancy says:

    Theres several.people that decided to make a camp on the side of Dennys 7120 so. Cockrell hill rd dallas 75236..its a nuisance to the restaurant here where you can see all their activities specialty when they’re using the restroom and it’s bringing a lot of flies inside the restaurant . Iv told the manager n they cant control it. They come in the restaurant asking people for money.Mayb if Dennys takes Action and making these people move away..its an aweful sight..I took a picture so you can see their sight.something has to be done.. you cant be just eating without flies or those homeless coming in.HELP

  • Hipolto valenzuela says:

    Me and friends we got a bad experience en San jacinto Denny’s restaurant. With the waitress was in charge the night. Any other we Goin tu eat at Denis but with waitress attitude definitely we quit Denny’s to eat. We need to call the police.

  • Terry Carter says:

    I was in your Cafe in Portland Oregon and I have never been in a Dennys in such poor condition in my life . The hostess couldn’t find us a seat that wasn’t torn up. When we were seated the waiter thought I insulted him by mistake. Then he wouldn’t answer my question that if you had honey or not. Then when the waiter came with we our drinks he didn’t bring a cup of coffee to me and a soda for my wife. Then he served a couple what they ordered who was in line in front just of us. When I said something the waiter told me that he would throw me out. I left left and won’t be back.

  • Kevin Cain says:

    I was at your restaurant in Sylmar at Hubbard CA. When I asked if they had a senior discount I was told no, why dosen’t Denny’s have a senior discount?

  • Ginger Clancy says:

    We went to Denny’s Restaurant in Russellville AR on 08/07/2022. They were short handed which was fine most places are. We placed our order and waited for over an hour and still didn’t have our food. So I asked about and they lost the order. Said they don’t know what happened. We live at least 20 mails from the Restaurant and was looking forward to having a nice meal because I hadn’t eaten all day. Have have to be to work early tomorrow morning and couldn’t wait another hour. It was already 10:30 p.m. I feel like Denny’s owes me a meal and my husband deserve one too. He waited with me and didn’t get his either. So that will be a 50 dollar gift card to Denny’s Restaurant of my choice. You need to fire your manger and get your Restaurant in Russellville cleaned up. Not a very happy customer.

  • Jamie M Beck says:

    There was a lady complaing and giving your servers a horrible time at the Dennys on 110 Bonita rd chula vista. The staff handled themselves admirably. Just incase she calls or messages. The staff did a wonderful job and food was great.

  • John Johnston says:

    Hi I use to travel all over the USA and I always come back to Denny’s in Casper Wyoming. We took a trip to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and we stop at 8 Denny’s going down and back most of the time it was ok but not what I expected when we got back to Casper Wyoming I went to the Denny’s for lunch it was great that treated like your family and not a customer the food was great and just right. I don’t know how you train your employees but this is the best one I’ve been in for years

  • Kellie S. says:

    Someone needs to put a Dennys in Park Rapids MN!

  • Gladys Ferrer says:

    Today I was in Dennis at Collin Ave. Miami. When we paid at the register the cashier said that we have an obligation to give 18% tips to the waitress. In the receipt doesn’t said nothing, so I understand that you can give what you want. Apparently the cashiers said something to the waitress and she was completely disrespectful calling us by different name in front off everybody (Resturant was full). I told him that I going to give her what I decided not what they want. I was embarrassed and no body said nothing to that waitress. But you know what?? Never again

  • Hope Barela says:

    That’s why people are quitting left and right, the two girls are the only ones doing cashier, cleaning tables, serving food, and being the host. They are over worked, we are here at Denny’s 67 Ave I-10 in Phoenix, AZ. You come work them!!!

  • Brian Tuer says:

    Hi my name is Brian tuer and I work for Denny’s and the Kalamazoo Michigan there is so many ideas I have I actually works side by side with the general manager and she is with me she said that she wants to make this restaurant a 25 million dollar restaurant wish we could do but I have no experience as being any possession of a general management and I was wondering if you guys were offer this because she loves my ideas and this restaurant is really not really good it needs a lot of work to get will it needs to be so my question will be to you I don’t know if this is a right thing to do is do you out for management classes for your employees

  • Tom says:

    The presentation of your Independence, OH location actually caused us to leave & go to Bob Evans, and we don’t plan on returning. When we entered, an employee(?) was asleep at the table closest to the door, the waitress slowly sauntered to us and asked how many. We were seated, and assaulted with classic rock from the overhead speakers and hardcore rap from the kitchen, as they two musics fought for our attention. The waitress wore the same pair of gloves for everything, and it just didn’t seem clean. I would have said something, but I didn’t want spit in my food; that’s the inner-city vibe my wife and I got.

  • Nancy M. says:

    It’s offensive when you go to eat and your waiter is wearing a Mega hat. This happened today in Texas at Denny’s #8625 located at 23412 SH 242 New Caney, TX

  • Hertford Randall says:

    The reason for this message,i’m in the process of creating my business,MORE THAN QUOTES EMPIRE,my question is how can i go about getting a contract with your company to create plaques for your staff concerning employee of the month.My business will not be up and running until around Nov or Dec of this year,2022.I will be honored to handle the job for you.

  • John Viars says:

    Been eating at our local Denny’s for years, so I can tell you how you’ve changed over the past years and I am afraid its not always been for the better, for instance just today when the bacon was literally to thin to pick up without crumbling in my hand was a little ridiculous. We have a Bob Evans just a short drive down in Aberdeen where bacon is king and there is a variety syrups for pancakes. Surely you can do a little better. The staff is excellent and very pleasant to deal with, we’re on a first name basis with our waitress and probably will continue to meet there.

  • Doug McMaster says:

    Your establishment in Beaverdam Ohio is a joke .
    (1) They don’t open up till 8:00 AM & this is at Truckstop. Drivers need to get going as soon as possible.
    Today 06/22/22 it is now 8:23 & still not open. and no staff in site.😠😡

  • Baby K Miller says:

    The service is terrible and the company practices racist discriminative actions toward people of color by white co-workers and black workers too because of practices and egregious behavior that black people have for so long and continue to deal with to this very moment I am typing this information because it is a part of the culture of this company. I use to be a regular patron of Dennys but I guess the pandemic changed everybody’s behavior toward customer service. The employees are rude, disrespectful slow in action to get orders in because the companies view of serving black people they should wait. How long must we deal with this kind of behavior from this company. The class and status company moral is diminished. Have a great day thank you advance for your time in these matters.

  • Anonymous says:

    Horrible service, rude employees, when I called to ask for a refund I was told to call back when the manager wasn’t busy:

  • Paul says:

    Not sure if this is where I make a complaint or not……I went to your Dennys in Binghamton ny upper front street location and took my family for dinner a party of 8 we all ordered our drinks then dinner we never got our drinks until after some off us got our dinner and I had to ask at that point for our drinks again before receiving them and we also had a 2 1/2 year old child with us so four out off eight got our meal and was done eating before the others even got there meal and the baby’s meal came last and the reason I love going to your restaurant is because I love getting breakfast food for dinner and I never got my toast with meal it came out when I was done and there where four tables a mess and some others where missing parts of there dinner I took my family out to eat dinner together not to sit and watch them eat and I had family members from out off state and told them how great Dennys was there where other problems too I can’t list it all

  • Paul Patrick Lancor says:

    Your store in Willowbrook Illinois is terrible second try now I will never go back waited 30 mins for an explanation of why we did not get our food 3 cups of coffee later we left will never try your so called restaurant again 2 waitresses 1 manger who could careless 1 cook 5 tables your 699 deal is a total flop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia Ledwick says:

    I live in Gaylord michigan 49735 we need a Dennys here. Restaurants with breakfast menus are very slim. Hopefully some day you will consider our area. Thank you.

  • Marietta West says:

    Is each Denny’s own by a franchise person. My Denny’s Brenham, Texas needs some cleaning up. Booth seats need repair, windows doors need to be cleaned, etc. Food is good.

  • Jim Collins says:

    My wife and I live in Ceres CA and have been eating at the Denny’s here since it was built. It has always had a very pleasant environment, delicious meals, and great staff. Today we went to celebrate our birthday and it was by far the worst meal we’ve ever had at any Denny’s. We ordered breakfasts (omelette and grand slam) and it was all badly overcooked. The sausage with my grand slam was terrible – tasted like dry cardboard. The ice tea looked and tasted funny. The only good food was the mozarella stick appetizer. And the worst thing was the temperature – that place was FREEZING cold with no way to adjust it apparently, according to our server. Is the owner trying to drive business away for some reason? If so, he/she is probably succeeding. You folks need to take a look at this place and get it fixed.

  • OKLEY POST JR says:


  • Larry Mathewson says:

    I have a complaint against the location in Euless tx. My wife and I along with another family of 4 waited to be seated and were never seated. We were never acknowledged as even being present dispite several orders that were cashed out at the register. The servers were busy but no the manager. The service is horrible and I will not be back.

  • Ruth Champlin says:

    We live in Centralia WA. We ordered last night 4/22/22 and the chicken strips we ordered were really small. I have ordered there for 30 years now and always got normal size strips not nuggets. We called and the manager said he knows they are small because that’s how the manufacturer is giving them now and his general Manager says he has to serve them this way without adding any additional strips to make up for the size. He then said he can’t do anything for us because he needs approval from his manager. I manage the local DQ and we have issues with size of our strips as well but we will give out more to make up for the size. I paid $15 for these straps and hashbrowns. Hopefully I can add the picture on here but if not please tell me where I can email it because I want you to see the size of these because it is so ridiculous

    • Ramona Tolbert says:

      Hello, Ruth.

      I read your message to corporate regarding your order of chicken strips. I just sent a complaint about the bacon that came with my French Toast Slam order. The strips were so paper-thin and small. I could not believe how small they were. I was shocked because Denny’s has always provided good quality food. Just want you to know that I sympathize with you and understand how you feel. Hope you get a resolution to your concern.

  • Aretha Houston says:

    Please bring grits back. I really miss having a bowl of grits when I come to Denny’s. I finally found something me and my grandson could share and enjoy together.

  • Herbert Kinsey says:

    I live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, years ago we had two Denny’s, for what ever reason they both closed, I presume that two different people had the franchise. With all the so called build up in the area why can we not have at least one? Fort Wayne is the second largest city in this state. I would have to drive 60 plus miles to get a meal. Please consider opening one here locally. Please respond with an answer.

  • John S says:

    Hello everyone, I have such a great time at the Denny’s in Woodland Hills, Ca. I am very impressed with Darin who works nights. I watched I’m in many toxic situation, and he always handles them like a professional. He is well mannered and caring. It is very obvious. I am shocked he is not a manager. I live by two Denny’s, but I like to see Darin work. He is compassionate to customers, funny, and I watch him run the whole restaurant with rude customers. He appeals to rude customers, and they seem to like him in the end. I know that his experience with people helps him shine. GREAT JOB DARIN.

  • Hill, EW says:

    Please bring back Breakfast Grand Slam and also Corned Beef Hash, and also expand some on the seniors menu…

  • Charles Sullivan says:

    Waiting on a response to my April 4 comment.

  • Charles Sullivan says:

    I have had breakfast for the last three Mondays at Denny’s on Shackleford in Little Rock, Ar. I hope for Denny’s sake that it is the worst restaurant in the 1300 facilities you run worldwide, because if it is not your corporation is in a heap of trouble going forward. It is dirty, all glass doors and separators smudged, inventory of food stuffs not monitored, &SLOW kitchen. People were leaving. Contact me for more details and suggestions. If you are not interested then fine-you have lost two more customers.

  • Syllia Gastelum says:

    To whom it may concern my son was an employee for Denny’s and you guys issued him a paycheck he cashed it and then the check was returned unpaid


    Hoy fuimos a desayunar a las 05:52 am a Denny’s Restaurant # 7603
    510 Zaragoza Rd
    El Paso Tx 79907
    915 790 0313
    El desayuno estaba frió las has brown estaba crudas huevos no estaban cosidos y el Classic Benny BFST . no traía el gravy
    Y le comenté al Señor René el mesero cómo venía el desayuno mal y se molestó y aparte dejamos desayuno y todavía nos cobró, no es el dinero es la attention al cliente, por favor contraten buenos cocineros y personal..
    Table:12 guest 2
    Seat : 1
    Server: Rene E

  • Dale A Rebennack says:

    The Denny’s in Greenwood Indiana are Park avenue there off Main & 65 -S.. Is about the best Denny’s I’ve ever been to In The last 5 years!!! 3 years ago I went to the one on US 31 South 7200 block and Indianapolis, I got A Guy name Josh or Jason MGR Arrogant, rude, & don’t care about getting Seniors discounts and when they make a mistake on bills due to a service and he don’t split hairs , “He won’t take care of you so. I’ll never go back to the 7200 block of US 31 South again……..

  • David Padula says:

    I would like to be contacted immedaitely by John Miller and someone from Human Resources immediately the next business day. Thank you

  • Kathleen r fennell says:

    I would like a full refund the employes there barely spoke english we waited an hour to be seated then another 45 min to just order our food they were out of gravy they never brought us water the coffee was cold the service was soooo bad my granddaughter cried the whole time because she was hungry there so much more i just dont want to go on an on.we paid $83.04 plus a tip which i wasnt going to give but i would have felt bad.

    • Karen says:

      Should’ve stayed home and do it yourself go to another country and try to speak their language to! And when restaurants are busy make sure to have wait time and the price if you go out eat on a budget go order a McDonald’s value meal

  • Becky Whitney says:

    I would like to compliment an employee at the Denny’s in French Lick , Indiana. His name was Abraham. Very few employees showed up. He was doing everything,and doing a great job with a big smile!

  • John K. says:

    Denny’s at 4331 W. 150th st. Cleveland, Ohio 44135

    I work for Doordash at night. This place is on a whole other level. No management. It’s total anarchy. Waitresses very rude. Would be worried is done to the food if you upset one. That is very easy l to do just ask about getting a table or your doordash order.

    Countless drugs used by management, waitresses, and do this in the front of the building. 20 people walked out and didn’t pay for there food. Physical Fights between management, waitresses and customers it’s crazy. I swore to not come back but doordash keeps sending me back for orders that are ready but I sit for over an hour constantly being told that they aren’t with out them even looking.

    This place is dangerous. When fights break out you have to run and hide under a table due to plates, silver wear, condiments, and the occasional weave being thrown. To top it off when a fight breaks out the mention of a gun has me regretting taking a delivery order from this place.

    The restaurant is as clean as Cleveland’s County Jail!!!. I will never eat food from here. Not to mention the waitresses coughing like they have the plague then touching the food with there hands without washing them. And there was a prescription medication bottle half full sitting on the food prep. Are they adding SPECIAL INGREDIENTS TO THE FOOD!!!???







  • Kathie A Lewis says:

    11:00 AM-Denny’s Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Texas Saturday 10/30. Will neeeeevvveeerrrr go back here. The hostess was rude. One Hispanic couple ahead of us was asking for help for signing in, and she said she didn’t speak English and was dismissive. I assisted them to get signed in. Once we got seated a waitress never came over to assist us with water or coffee. We left and the hostess was sarcastic. I am a front office worker. Our law firm pride them selves on client/customer service. My thought is good customer service is key. You may not know who you may encounter.

  • Janna Smith says:

    Amber at the Flying J Dennys in Rawlins Wy was very rude. This rudeness came when we seen what appeared to be lint on the bread and simply wanted to take that meal off. She states that it must of came from us and tells us she wasn’t gonna argue with us. And we weren’t even confrontational. After that we never received any refills or anymore interactions from her. And than when time to pay we tried to explain it was no problem she totally ignored us. Very disrespectful. This could have gotten very ugly if we were that kind of people but her behavior was unacceptable.

  • Sharon says:

    I go to Kalamazoo Michigan dennys alot the restaurant is old the manager Robin is the worst general manager I have ever seen she talks with her employees so loud in kitchen we as everyday customers knows all about the owner not paying Al for their service so everything is messed up from her coming back from outside with her employee hes a server on second I think his name is mark or mike she comes to cash me out and she smelled like marijuana so bad I see this Dennys going bankrupt or getting busted with drugs and being an embarrassment to the owners or owner I have been coming to this dennys for 2 years and would hate to see it closed down on a positive note I will only have a few servers wait on me which ate on top of their game Logan who has been there for a while awesome young lady n Tasha and a new young lady Katrina they are on top of their customers give great and awesome service dont let these ladies go anywhere Dennys the owner needs to make more time for this Dennys

  • Jose Rodriguez says:

    My compliment is the Denny’s and north Smithfield in R.I

  • June cheeks says:

    I placed a order 50 minutes ago and order still not ready!!!
    Tish or Tisha the manager was very nasty!!! A bad disposition about herself to be a manager….she said well it’s not her fault!!!

  • JimmyO says:

    None of these reviews got a comment from any exec at Denny’s so what does that tell you folks. That they could give a Sh#t about what customers think.
    Pretty apparent with my experience last night. Your store in Anaheim off of Euclid is a joke. Assholes working the late shift didn’t have my order ready when I got there (the whole reason to order online right, or an I missing something) but they did they just it sit there while they made me wait for over 30 minutes before the idiot cook decided to let the girl at the front sell me stone cold food. Well screw you Dennys. The next generation my kids will know your name only to crap food and service and you’ll never get another dime from anyone with my namesake on it. To the restaurant who did this, your lucky I didn’t go back and Bitch slap your racist cook. I was watching him through the mirror. The dumbass didn’t see me as he was amusing himself by making me wait for nothing.
    I don’t expect this to be up on your website or a reply. The crap rolls down hill so I guess it starts at the top here huh. I also expect you’ll be out of business in 5 years anyway. Karmas a MF and I’ll have a good laugh when you go under for screwing over your sole source of how you make money. So disgusted in that store

  • L.G. says:

    Denny’s in paris tx i am a customer who eats there 2-3 times a week, the service and food has gone down hill and getting worse losing customers i am not the only one will mot go back until you fix the problem

  • Dustin Schaefer says:

    A man in cisco dennys michel
    Said the f word with several lderly people present i spoke up and said it wasn’t right and he said I was so large of a person I blocked the sound of his voice from anyone else hearing. Please correct this I think michel thinks it was ok to to insult my size to cover up his poor word choices.

  • Jackie Haugh says:

    Met my daughter for something to eat. Stopped at the Dennys in Lenwood, Calif next to Barstow. The experience was the worst. If my daughter had not told me I would not have known they were open. Your big Dennys sign outside is out and apparently has been for some time. Many travelers like us look for the lighted Denny’s sign to stop and eat, especially the club sandwich. That is loosing business. The weather was dreadful, raining like crazy, inside the building, we actually got water drops on us. Next the seats need to be recovered as they are so bad I actually got scratched on my leg. Is this owner trying to go out of business, they are well on their way. Doesn’t Denny’s hold their owner’s a set of standards????? Please fix these items.

  • Katherine Lundin says:

    Have you ever explored in our area, of UP of Michigan?
    We are desperate for a breakfast restaurant in the area of Marquette, Negaunee, Ishpeming. Marquette is a college town, we have a Burger King just go out in Ishpeming, and also a Country Kitchen.
    Would appreciate your input !!!
    We have tons of fast foods around.
    Also there is a vacant Beef A Roo in Marquette, and also one working Beef A Roo restaurant on the highway in Negaunee, for sale.

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