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  • Crystal D Jackson says:

    Hello my name is Crystal Jackson, I am sorry to read so many negative comments I would like to thank the staff and management at the Delta Sonic at 1264 Main St. Buffalo New York . My car over heated and begin to smoke, several of the staff member who were mostly youth workers alerted me and directed me out of the vehicle. They were quick, kind and professional while notifying the manager . Many of them consoled me and even came to check on me while giving me a hug. my heart is full as I reflect on the courtesy and compassion I received .Thank you Delta Sonic and continue to shine in a world full of hatred.

  • Renee House says:

    I’ve sent this email 3 x’s , only for it to come back as the address doesn’t exist. I waited 7 days for them to get back to me.I have called , used their online chat and immediately they brushed me off. I received a letter today stating they were not responsible! I took it to get an estimate and it will cost approximately $3500 to fix for a car I just got! The appraiser clearly stated that it had to be the car wash because no human could leave those kind of marks from one side of my car to another. What makes it even worse they lied and said that no one had a problem that day only for me to run into another customer who had damage that same day! Now I’m trying to cancel my membership and I am having a hard time doing that!
    I sent this to :


    Hello my name is Renee House. I filed a claim on 6/30/2022 at the 1355 Niagara Falls Blvd location.
    I have been a customer approximately 2 years. I’ve never had any problems. I have recently went from a 2014 KIA FORTE EX to a MAZDA 6 as of 6/23/2025. There was a significant amount of damage to my vehicle from the car wash itself. As the photos I will provide in another email will show that I left the dealer with no damage to the vehicle.

    I believe it was 28th I went and to Delta Sonic and had the car washed and cleaned the interior of the vehicle. For the 2nd time. I previously visited the new one in Cheektowaga. Might I add I did not have any damage after I left Cheektowaga. I looked around my car because it was new location and my new car.

    I was leaving from work around 4:45pm on the 29th as I walked towards my car I noticed nicks on the front of the car. As I got closer I noticed the top of my car. I immediately rushed over to my car and noticed the full extent of the damage. I immediately took photos and I had to calm myself down. I notified my male companion of the situation. I brought it home and took more photos. As I examined the car I noticed the swooped scratches across the hood / top of the vehicle and the trunk. Along with other scratches that were clearly evident. I walked around the car and I noticed the passenger side mirror was scraped and scratched.

    I returned to Delta Sonic and notified them of the damage as well as filed a report. He took photos to.
    So I am sending you the actual photos I took so the damage can be seen in its entirety.

  • Richard Okeefe says:

    My name is Rick okeefe, I have 6 cars that I have delta sonic detail every year, plus I have unlimited sticker on 3 of our cars, do u think I could talk to the top supervisor? Nobody wants me to talk!! I gotta go to Facebook and the news!!

  • Emily says:

    Is anyone ever available to take a call?

    • TD says:

      APPARENTLY NO ONE TAKES A CALL. that’s why I’m reading your comment. An endless phone option loop of choices that keeps repeatinging itself no matter which option you press. I can’t even get my card to activate. poor service. having secind thoughts on patronizong this place.

  • Mike Fritz says:

    Sad to see the quality and the actual care he has gone down so much the past couple years… I’ve been a customer for 20+ years but enough is enough… No one cares anymore and they charge you for everything that should’ve been taken care of in the first place… The Benderson family should be ashamed of themselves

    • Richard Okeefe says:

      Why doesn’t delta sonic care anymore?? My cars all come out like shit!! Nobody wants to hear it!!! I don’t get it!!

  • Curtis Tate says:

    Unprofessional Manager- Ethan

    Delta Sonic – Downers Grove

    So delta sonic detail manger Ethan is one of the most unprofessional people I have ever talked on the phone with. I have my car detail and the young person tells me to leave my key in car. I receive my car from them leave and pick my Son up from football practice at Downers North HS. As I get to our next location which is a clothing store on the south-side of Downers. AI find out the key fob is missing and my car is off. When I call Ethan he states that he does non of his staff have it there pocket, which he determined in 2min. When asked to check garbage cans he stated I doubt it’s there. When I asked for Ethan to escalate this manner to a supervisor, he stated he left for the day. I asked him to take my number and give to manager he said no because he would not call you until tomorrow… I stated that I would talk to a direct contact at corporate, Ethan stated I don’t care call your contact… Then Ethan proceed to say, I leave at 7:00pm are you coming to fill out this paperwork. I proceeded to say I’m stranded and it is 6:45pm. Ethan proceeded to stare what do you want me to do.

  • Mark says:

    I am paying monthly fee and I tired to get steam clean and sanitize service for extra $30
    instead of it I received 5 minutes quick vacuuming. Unfortunately I gave a guy a tip already. When I looked again I decided to tell him that it was not done properly, He apologized and asked me to go for second round. This time it took him 2 minutes to do quick fix that was not noticeable difference. I took several pictures right on the spot after cleaning, but I do not even know where to send it. Is the Delta sonic even care?

  • Tracy S says:

    I have to give a zero. I was a long time customer of Delta Sonic, almost 4 years, I recently stopped all monthly services due to one and only one person in particular. Let me set the background. I had a delta location change my headlight. When said service was done, less than 60 days, same headlight goes out on holiday weekend so I head to auto zone to get replaced until I can get it looked at further. Upon trying to replace the bulb it is found that the headlight was not clipped in properly and has melted the headlight assembly and now said headlight clip won’t clip properly into unit it has to be replaced. After many hoops jumped and denied the claim for my Dealership to replace it here I am responsible for a huge bill that could of been prevented and is due to a delta Sonic employee and delta refuses to take responsibility of this. In all fairness they have offered as a courtesy to repair it for free but will not take responsibility of the damage. By offering to repair it yourself tells me you believe that it could possibly be your company’s fault that this has happened and for my car to be repaired at no cost to me as it’s not my own fault I am being forced to have a company I no longer trust or care to deal with, due to how that manager handled this whole situation, repair my car. I feel I should have the choice to choose who I want to repair it and that it is Delta at fault so they should pay for this bill. #injusticebydeltasonic

    • Bob says:

      Delta S advertise some mechanical services. I worked at a dealer only repair shop that does dealer details. Delta Sonic is a fair to poor car wash only. Go there to buy beer. Get an honest mechanic to fix your car. They are complicated. Don’t trust your life to a wash monkey.

      • Richard Okeefe says:

        Bob my name is Rick, I talked to u last week! Please call me back, having a problem with a detail everybody is giving me the runaround 716-875-2005

  • Dee says:

    I used to frequent deltasonic care wash but not anymore. The facility in Tinley Park Illlinois does not do a good job what so ever. Went to get car washed today and when they dry the car they use dirty, smelly towels over and over again. My SUV reeks from this odor for days sometimes and I have to rewash to get that stench off. Also, do not like that you now do all the extra’s, like rain x, tire treatments, etc, all in the car wash, had that done and you could not tell the difference at all, car looked liked NOTHING was done. I am finding another place to take my car, not happy with your facilities at all.

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