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Delta Air Lines Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 30320, 1020 Cargo Service Rd, Atlanta, GA 30337, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number:

  • Number of Employees: 86,564

  • Established: June 17, 1929

  • Founder: C.E. Woolman

  • Key People: Ed Bastian, Glen Hauenstein

Delta Air Lines Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Delta Air Lines Corporate Office

Delta Air Lines is one of the most popular airlines in the USA. It offers both domestic and international flights. Delta Air Lines has a fleet of 750 aircraft and it ferries millions of people in a year. Delta Air Lines is a legacy carrier, and it is one of the biggest airlines in the USA.

If you are a Delta Airlines customers, there are many reasons why you would want to contact their headquarters.  Most of the times people call to consult about flights, complain about their experience with the airline, or track their luggage if it has been lost while travelling.

There are several ways in which you can get in touch with Delta Airlines corporate office. If you need to know where they are located, here is the physical address.

30320, 1020 Cargo Service Rd,

Atlanta, GA 30337,

You can send a package using that address, or visit them if you feel compelled to. Most people would prefer other means of getting in touch with them though.

You could call them. Here is their phone number.

(404) 715-2600

You can send a fax as well. Their fax number is;

(404) 715-5042

You can also write them an e-mail through this address; charter@delta.com

You can also reach them on social media.

Twitter: @Delta

Facebook: Delta Air Lines

Instagram: Delta Air Lines

Go to www.delta.com to find more information about the airline, and how you can contact them.

Delta Air Lines Headquarters Info & Photos

The Delta Air Lines Headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The headquarters are at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The headquarters are also Delta’s regional hub for the Southeastern region. They also serve as its gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Delta has several other hubs in the US. They are strategically located in various major cities. That is why they are in a position to operate up to 5400 flights daily.

Delta Air Lines Headquarters Photo
Delta Air Lines World Headquarters Photo

Delta Air Lines Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

30320, 1020 Cargo Service Rd, Atlanta, GA 30337, United States

Delta Air Lines Headquarters Executive Team

Ed Bastian

Chief Executive Officer

Edward H. Bastian is the Chief Executive Officer of Delta Air Lines. He became the CEO on May 2, 2016. Bastian started his career at Price Waterhouse Coopers. He started as an auditor. One of the highlight moments of his life is when he unearthed a fraud scheme to the tune of $50 million that involved big shots at PWC. That would catapult him to being named partner at 31.

Before joining Delta Air Lines Bastian was the Vice President of PepsiCo. He joined Delta Air Lines in 1998 as the Vice President in charge of Finance. He became the Senior Vice President in 2000. Bastian had left Delta for six months in 2005 to join Acuity Brands as the CFO, but the Delta CEO at the time Gerald Grinstein requested him to come back. He returned and became the CFO of Delta. He was appointed president in 2007 and he remained in that position until he became the CEO in 2016.

Bastian went to St. Bonaventure University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 1979.

Glen Hauenstein


Glen Hauenstein is the President of Delta Air Line since May 2016. He is in charge of the daily operations of the airline. He is the head of the teams that handle revenue management, networks, sales, customer care, and loyalty strategies.

Before becoming the president, Glen was the Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President. Glen Joined Delta Air Lines in 2005. He is credited with growing the company’s revenues and forging partnerships that have helped the company access foreign markets.

Before he came to Delta, Glen was the Vice General Director for Alitalia. He helped grow Alitalia’s revenues by 20% during his tenure. Glen has worked for Network for Continental Airlines as well. That’s where he started his career as an International controller in 1987.

Glen attended Stetson University and graduated in 1982 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Allison Ausband

Allison Ausband

E.V.P. and Chief Customer Experience Officer

Name Title
Alain Bellemare President – International
Peter Carter E.V.P. – External Affairs
Gary Chase S.V.P. – Business Development and Financial Planning
Pam Fletcher Chief Sustainability Officer & Corporate Innovation
Dan Janki E.V.P. and Chief Financial Officer
John Laughter E.V.P. and Chief of Operations
Tim Mapes S.V.P. and Chief Communications Officer
Eric Phillips S.V.P. and Chief Digital Officer
Rahul Samant E.V.P. and Chief Information Officer
Steve Sear E.V.P. – Global Sales and Distribution
Joanne Smith E.V.P. and Chief People Officer
Alicia Tillman Chief Marketing Officer
Henry H. Ting S.V.P. & Chief Health Officer

About Delta Air Lines


Delta Airlines started as a crop dusting operation. A company called Huff Daland Dusters, Inc. was started in 1925. The company operated a Huff-Daland Duster whose main role was dusting crops. C.E. Woolman was the general manager. He would later become the first CEO of Delta Air Lines. He convinced a couple of investors to acquire the dusting company and Delta Air Service was born. It was incorporated in December 1928. The first passenger flights of Delta Air Lines happened in June 1929.


Delta Air Line offers passenger and cargo flights in the USA. It offers international flights, but most of its flights are domestic. Delta has a fleet of 750 aircraft including the large Boeing airplanes. It has Boeing 717, Boeing 757, and Boeing 767.


Delta Air Lines has had 22 air accidents and incidents. The most notable one happened in August 1985. A Lockheed L-1011 TriStar headed to Los Angeles crashed and killed 136 people. The crash would become the subject of a film.

Delta Air Lines has suffered over a dozen hijacking attempts. No of them has ever resulted in injuries are crash. All the hijacking attempts featured a lone hijacker who always ended up surrendering.

  • Carolina says:

    Incredible this is how much you care about your customers as of today I haven’t heard anything from anyone.

    I had a terrible experience from the moment I got to the Melbourne Airport, I requested a wheelchair I was never offered one nor was one or anyone available I had to carry my luggage and that left me with terrible shoulder and back pain which I still have because after I finally arrived late to Atlanta again I was never offered a wheelchair even as it was clear on my reservation I requested one.

    As of today, I can’t even move my shoulder because I had to move and carry my luggage by myself, and can’t barely walk in response to what Delta put me through.

    Then because my flight from Melbourne was diverted due to bad weather I was late arriving in Atlanta and again I was waiting for help and a wheelchair I did make it on time to my connecting flight to Chicago then I needed it to book a new flight stranded in a hotel in terrible pain no food no water no nothing in the middle of the night I didn’t get to the hotel until past 1 am and then I was on the chat with an agent trying to rebook my new flight until after 3 am, total nightmare and unacceptable customer service all around the people at the airport are all very rude at all levels.

    This entire experience with Delta was a total nightmare and disaster. I will never recommend Delta to anyone. The lack of respect, customer service, and customer relations are nonexistent. I hope this goes to someone who can improve this disastrous experience.

  • April Amelunke says:

    I will never fly with delta airlines again. I was horrible. But obviously corporate doesn’t care about customers but they get paid millions anyway. No one had no answer for the issue. My carry on was forced to be a check in luggage. And of course my carry-on was damaged.
    Like I said corporate doesn’t care.

  • Rob Cummins says:

    Wow, what a class operation. My family noticed a flight from Hartford to LA today was one in which a Dad & Mom and 3 and 1 year old were all assigned center seats for legs to Minneapolis and LA. So just 12 hours before departure after the Mom realized she didn’t select seats when she bought tickets back in March I got the agent on the phone and told her my dilemma. She was able to get the 3 seats across holding the little guy moved to row 32 D E F. Such a relief and gift. Thanks Delta!! Joined SKYMILES
    10 or so years ago and no regrets especially at busy times/mini crisis times in need like this. Keep up the great work!! Grateful Gramps! Always pressing the # 5 when asked if I would hire this person after speaking to the agent!!

  • Stacy Norden says:

    I flew from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale on June 30th. Two days on my vacation I received an email stating that my return flight to Atlanta had been canceled because the didnt have record that I was on the first flight. How scary is that!!!! What if the plane had crashed and there was no record that I was on the plane. After being on hold for over one hour, I finally get my flight home fixed.

  • JJ Dalmasy says:

    Who is the jet fuel procurement manager?

    Can I have a contact phone number?

  • Anthony Martin says:

    I am active duty in the U.S. Navy and looking to transition out of the Navy in the next nine months. I am going to becoming an Airline Pilot, however, I was interested in flying for Delta and would love to know if you offer anything (funding/job) to future pilots who are going to attend flight school.

  • Shivani Airi says:

    I have been trying to contact Delta for a refund of a covid cancelled flight for the past 3 months. I have not had any response on any of my complaints so far. The entire process has become extremely sad and frustrating.


    I submitted a question concerning a $500 eGift to Customer Care in August and was given a case number. I have heard nothing from them in 2 months. How do I get some response from this company? This is unacceptable treatment

  • Shelley Winter says:

    Worst Airline EVER. Flew 10/12 – 10/17, 2022 and my flights were changed per Kenneth Jablonski 28 times, no food/drink service from ATL-DTW, and from ATL-JAX. On October 26th, I was told I would get a credit in form of a Delta Gift Choice card email from Delta Airlines – still no email, I filed a claim with the FAA and BBB again. Apparently they give false promises to shut you up, I email the idiots daily and they don’t reply. I am going viral and telling the Air Force Travel Office not to use Delta and tell them that Delta said they don’t really prefer military due to the baggage and such, I will bash Delta til I die now. If you want to make to your destination on time — DONT FLY DELTA! They promise things from their chats with Delta reps, no notes are ever made and the counter staff at the airports are about as friendly as the plaque. May Delta get COVID and their meds be on one their flights and be late.

  • Tom Colombel says:

    Hello Iaorana let me introduce myself my name is Tom Colombel I’m from Tahiti I heard that Delta airline will flight in French Polynesia beginning in December which I’m excited my wife work for Delta quite sometime anything I can help to welcome Delta .please don’t hesitate to call or text me also my wife and are deeply involved in the Tahitian cultural .Maruru,Thank you

  • Jim Roper says:

    Can you please explain why my comments hasn’t been published yet? It has been marked as “This comment is awaiting moderation” since I posted it two days ago. I only stated facts. And now the fact is that Delta did not get my luggage to UPS until Wednesday, August 10 at 3:48 PM. The downside is that UPS has now lost the luggage that Delta lost, and I still don’t have it on Saturday, August 13, at 7:35 PM. This is the nightmare that keeps on giving!

    • James S Roper says:

      It is now Tuesday, August 16 at 7:50 EDT, and I still don’t have my luggage. Thanks Delta for losing it in the first place.

  • Jim Roper says:

    Dear Mr. Hauenstein,

    Last Sunday, August 7, my wife and I flew from Calgary to Toronto to Boston, and then to Reagan National Airport. One of our bags was lost and at this point, on Thursday, August 11, we still do not have our luggage. Our friends who traveled with us also had their luggage lost, but they received theirs on Tuesday, August 9 (btw, the driver who dropped off their luggage just left it at the front door and never rang the doorbell).

    I completely understand that for whatever reason, luggage can get lost. However, I think the customer should be justly compensated for an excessive amount of time without their luggage. When I called the number given to me on the baggage Information brochure, I was put on hold for 32 minutes (having to listen to awful music – have you ever listened to it?. I can only describe it as close to waterboarding) only to find out that I had been routed to the Reservation Center. After another 25 minutes of being put on hold, I was able to speak with a person in the Baggage Department. After explaining my situation with the lost luggage, I was told that Delta would give me a $100 voucher for a future flight. So I ask you, does that sound reasonable? It is ridiculous to require that I spend additional funds in order to receive monetary compensation because Delta lost my luggage, and I did not have access to it for four days.

    I requested a $200 gift card, which is $50/day for each day that I did not have my luggage. After speaking with a supervisor, I was told that all she could offer me was a $100 gift card or I could make purchases and submit receipts. I asked her if I made $500 in purchases, would Delta reimburse me for that? Her response was that I needed to be reasonable in my purchases. But is Delta being reasonable with the compensation for my lost luggage?

    On your website, it states “Delta Air Lines intends to ensure that your air travel experience will encompass, to the best of our abilities, the most comprehensive customer service possible”. It continues, “It is our intention to deliver your baggage on time; however, in the event that this does not occur, we will make every reasonable effort to return misplaced baggage within 24 hours.”. Giving me a $100 voucher or gift card is not what I would call “the most comprehensive customer service possible”. I might add that the supervisor actually told me that there were many flights under $100? There may be many flights under $100, but certainly not roundtrip.

    You likely receive thousands of emails each day, and I’m not sure you will actually read this one. But I have taken the time to let you know that I have had a terrible experience with the company for which you are president. The buck stops with you, Mr. Hauenstein. You have the ability to make a customer want to fly Delta again. I don’t feel I am being unreasonable with my request – $50/day as compensation for me not having my luggage. I might add that I paid a $35 baggage fee for the piece of luggage in question.

    I respectfully await a personal reply from you..

    Jim Roper

    P.S. I tried emailing this letter yesterday, but it came back as “undeliverable”. Oh, and my luggage didn’t show up yesterday as promised. When I spoke with a UPS rep, he said that it was not even delivered to them until 3:48 PM on Wednesday. So now it has been five days since I have last seen my luggage.

  • Kofo Seriki says:

    In this environment of safety awareness, bags are loaded on airplanes without proof that passengers actually board the aircraft. They are not thorough with security at all.

  • Jamie watkins says:

    The worst airline ever! We are in Italy from vegas with 4 missing bags. No one will get back to us, keep passing us around with no information. All I can do is post this comment. I’m in shock how poorly it is run, an absolute disgrace. We have been here for 3 days with no bags, no update and been on hold in total for 5 hours over the course of 3 days. I will make sure everyone e know doesn’t ever fly with delta.

  • Francia Talton says:

    Francia Talton

    Re: LAS to DTW 5/16/22@ 11:39pm
    Flight #DL950

    This complaint is in response to the treatment I recieved as a standby/wheelchair assist passager and how a flight attendant treated me with no dignity or respect as a disabled passager when was in route from Las Vegas to Detroit in 5/16/22.
    Before I left the hotel at 7:50am I saw a notice regarding standby for the 10:14am flight from LAS to DTW. I called and the agent put me on the standtandy list for this flight. I explained that I have never done standby and she explained. So I got Lyft to the airport.
    When I arrived at Harry Reid the Delta wheelchair agent was very rude while I was going thru TSA til another passenger volunteered to put my shoes on for me beacuse he saw me struggling with my back brace on. When I reached Gate D41 I expressed that I needed to try and get home because I was having back spasms and my feet were hurting from a Plantar Fasciitis flare ( which is why I was in the wheelchair in the first place).
    I was disappointed when after the 2nd flight departed at 12:16pm, one of the counter personnel explained to me that higher priority passangers like Sky Club, 360° and First Class have top priority on standby. I didn’t think it was fair if someone wasnt feeling well they should make an execption.
    If someone could have had a little compassion I wouldn’t have had to wait for 12 hours at the airport on standby. I’m disappointed in the fact disabled passagers with cheap tickets are bumped to the bottom of a standby list.
    The 10:14pm flight boarded and a few people on standby felt the airport manager was pretty rude. Finally after 12 hours of waiting my 11:39pm flight was boarding at 10:40pm.
    Prior to boarding my stomach started hurting and I felt burning in my chest like acid reflex. I was just praying I didn’t get sick on this flight. I was exhausted and now my back, stomach and feet were all hurting. I told the wheelchair guy I wasnt feeling well and my back had been hurting since 8am and now after all these hours I was feeling nauseated. He was rushing and was pushing me really fast and I felt even more nauseated.
    As I approached the plane I asked from some salt packs or pretzels to help my stomach. The flight was awful. For 4 hours I couldn’t sit back in the sit because my stomach was cramping and in pain. I kept my head down against the tv monitor on the back of the seat and the lap tray. I ran to the restroom with diarrhea twice during the flight. Before the flight descended it was moving, shaking side to side and I vomited in the bag. I was already feeling dehydrated and weak and the flight attendant didn’t treat me with dignity. I was shaking and could barely left my head but I mustard up enough strength to say ma’am I just vomited in this bag and I’m feeling weak. She said to me very nasty
    ” well can’t you get up and throw it away.” I was already embarrassed because I never vomited on a plan before. I was trying to wipe my mouth and she came back with an attitude and another bag for me to dispose my vomitted bag. I said ma’am I’m sorry I was to weak to get up.
    After landing I was very weak and mustard up strength to get up and walk to the front of the plane and ask was my wheel chair there. I had to sit and wait and was the last passager of a 49 row plane. Finally after about 15 minutes or so, the wheelchair person came and I told her about what just happened before landing and I was weak and still feeling bad.
    She started off pushing me slow as I had my arm on my knee and head down. After going on 2 elevators she started pushing me fast. I said “please slow down Im starting to feel sick again…” as I clung to the vomit bag. Finally we reached the tram and baggage claim.
    The whole flight and post flight was awful and I felt very sick. My husband rushed me the ER where I received IV fluids for dehydration and nausea and pain meds from stomach cramping and pain.

  • Jackie Moore says:

    They separate minor children from theor parents ans say you should have pay for the better tickets. What if there was a emergency and I couldn’t get to my kids to help them. When passing out headphones drinks and snacks they skipped over my kids every time never asked if they wanted something.

  • William M. Bauer, MD says:

    I need help arranging bringing infant formula into the US. I would love to have someone from Delta contact me.
    Bill Bauer, MD

  • David Legg 907 398 3334 says:

    I recently flew with my wife from Phoenix to Anchorage for our sons graduation. The abbreviated version of our experience is that they failed to accommodate my wheelchair bound wife. When we arrived at the aircraft the staff realized that the isle chair had not been secured. As a result they could not get my wife on the aircraft. This resulted in passengers being backed up in the sky bridge and one passenger actually stepped over the wheelchair to board the aircraft. Seeing what was happening the Pilot stepped out and cleared the walkway as well as securing an isle chair needed to board the aircraft.

    By this time the Contracted help left so I transferred my wife to the isle chair and transported her onto the aircraft myself. The two flight attendants assisted in securing the chair as I transferred my wife to the assigned seat.

    Unfortunately we had similar challenges on 3 of 4 flights. To give credit where it’s due, the staff at SEA and PHX on the return flight were aware of our experiences and went out of their way to make sure things went smoothly for our final flight. Traveling with a wheelchair is difficult enough but when the system fails to provide the basic supports and accommodation it is almost impossible.

  • Orlando Buitrago says:

    m not sure what is happening to Delta, not my future choice for an airlines, service is non-existent and customer satisfaction is NOT in their dictionary………shameful

  • MarkGarrett says:

    Worse American Airlines in the history of our country

    • Max K. says:

      The Refund issued by Delta to us is nowhere to be found on their website. Seriously?!!! No answer to loooooong hold on the phone, or calls disconnected, no travel agent can help other than buy new tickets, deplorable management by the top guys from Ed Bastian down to the last Executive. Credit cards refuse the reversal of the money because is after 90 days. Mr. Bastian, enter the arena of dissatisfied and illegal charge to consumers by Delta to fix this horrible airline! If not capable, then all resign and make room for dedicated Executives!!! Get to serious work!!!

  • Maria Csernecky says:

    My daughter flew on Delta going back to school from spring break. Her carry on luggage was taken off the plane by the stewardess. They asked her what her destination was and she told them TLH. They then came back with a ticket for her luggage. At that time they did not say anything else to her about her bag. Her bag was not in TLH when she arrived . The baggage claim person immediately made a ticket for her and told her she should have picked the bag up at the gangway. She was so upset because no one told her to do that. The agent in TLH was so reassuring and told her due to the thunderstorms that her bag would most likely arrive in the morning. It is now 12 days later and we still do not have a bag!!!!! Nobody will call us or help us. I have spent the best part of 36 hours in total on hold to be told there is nothing anyone can do. There are items she desperately needs in her suitcase which was a carry on and in her possession until the Delta agent took it from her . Expensive items not easily replaced such as retainers, mouth guards, vintage clothing, interview clothes, shoes, sweatshirts, jewelry, makeup etc. Now nobody can help us. I am so angry at Delta. Someone has to find this white AWAY bag for us. PLEASE!!!!!! I have gotten the run around for two weeks. Now I have to find all the receipts for these items. Please just find our bag she needs it .Please give me a human being to help my case. The only place we found anyone even remotely willing to try is the TLH delta agents in the airport. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Passenger in 16C says:

    Delta Flight Attendant “Angelique,” on flight DL2869 from ATL to ROC on March 24, 2022, was unnecessarily obnoxious and unprofessional, without provocation. When I exited the plane she was hiding in the bathroom next to the cockpit, obviously fearful of revealing her name-badge, knowing she had behaved unprofessionally.

  • Ellen says:

    ATTN: OLD AND DISABLED POEPLE. DO NOT FLY DELTA, EVER! I am an experienced flyer and have never been treated with such disrespect, disregard, rudeness and actual VERBAL ABUSE from the flight attendants on Delta Flight #0500 from Atlanta to NY Laguardia on 3/21/22. My husband has advanced Alzheimer’s and due to many flight cancellations and delays, we were flying at night, which causes Alzheimer’s patients to become delusional and aggressive. I told the staff in advance that my husband had Alzheimer’s and Diabetes, which should have made them more attentive and considerate of our needs. Never once, did one flight attendant ask if they could help or do anything for us. As we sat in the last row, we were so close to the galley to actually hear them chat about their future plans, yet, they never seemed to hear us distraught and having trouble with my husband’s thrashing around, calling out for the “stewardess” to come over because he had to “catch a train to Philadelphia”.They had to hear him trying to get out of his seat to tell the pilot that he was going in the wrong direction. Even when they left their back seat refuge to pass out drinks and snacks, there was NOT A NOTE OF COMPASSION OR CONCERN, OR THE BASIC QUESTION THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ASKED: “HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?” NEVER! WHAT A failure of professional flight crew basic set of common courtesy and decency. Instead they “set up” fake controversy about my finger pointing (REALLY?) and the most lazy of all flight attendants who wouldn’t even get out of her “jump seat” to help me open the complicated bathroom door after I asked for help.
    They did nothing to help calm his agitation, as I’ve seen hundred’s of times on other flights. My friend who’s husband also has Alzheimer’s flew on an American flight, where she told me the flight attendants didn’t stop coming over to her seat to ask if there was anything they could do – COMMON COURTESY. The alerted the police to escort us, a frail 81 yr. old man with Alzheimer’s and me, 76 and completely mentally distraught over this OBVIOUS IGNORING OF US AS HUMANS, AND MAKING UP FAKE STORIES FOR THE POLICE. Thank goodness for the police – they calmed us down and told us there was nothing of the fake complaints of this cruel, viscous crew who just had it in for us, for what reason – I’m not sure!!! Can anyone at Delta tell me why this egregious behavior of their staff was so horrendously cruel to 2 old, sick people!

  • Christina Lam says:

    I have seen the full refunded for two duplicated tickets. I really appreciate for your quick fix to help me safe in budget.
    Respectfully yours,
    Christina Lam

  • Christina Lam says:

    To Whom it may concern:

    I am Christina. I used my Delta Skymiles account to book a one-way ticket (# 0062303255583) for my mother from Boston to Vietnam travelling on Apr. 22,2022 with the cost $857. Then, I cancelled it in 24 hours to get refund to buy another ticket (# 0062304089790) with same route but flying on Apr. 8 with the cost $801.90. I received the receipts for my two booking and one cancelling (#0060106421367). I did not know my bookings had two duplicated tickets existing (tickets # 0062303919102 and # 0062304693714) until I saw the extra charges of $1,658.90 in my credit card statement. On Mar. 15, 2022, I went to Delta ‘s help to talk to Delta agent in Message chat. Her name is Menchie. She gave me two codes of duplicated tickets that I never received the confirmation email from Delta. She told me to talk to supervisor through 800-221-1212 to get authorization for refund. On Mar. 16, 2022, I called and waited on phone 30 minutes, then the representative told me to go back to Delta website to ask for a refund since she could not do it. I went back to Message chat to talk to representatives again. The representatives chatted with me more than 2 hours, with all proofs and information I provided. The representative, her name is Jean, told me they will refund $857 only. I asked why, but she did not answer me, then let me wait 30 minutes in chatting room, then she was backed and typed “refunded”, then ended the chat. I did not know how much they will refund me and no confirmation. I could not believe how bad such as the services were, not respected. I am not rich to buy two tickets for one person to travel on the same day with the same route for both booking. Although Delta could give me ecredit for future trips, I could not hold it since my budget is limited. That is the reason why I spent time to chat to get my money back as it should be. It was not my fault at all. I would like to hear a clear answer from Delta’s top leaders. Delta is a famous and honorable airline that could not lose your reputation with such issues. Respectively yours, Christina Lam.

  • Brandy Taylor says:

    To all of you at DELTA,

    Today I witnessed how this airline treats our troops being deployed. What I witnessed is disgusting, from an airline that makes billions of dollars a year!? Delay after delay, and they still do not know whats going on. They slept on the floor. They were finally given a FEW hours in a hotel room, but were made to walk in the rain with full gear. Delta gave them enough money on a food voucher that only paid for a partial meal?!?!?
    They are not giving them any information on flight status and have been very rude! I am absolutely disgusted by this treatment of our soldiers. They stay kind and polite, while being treated like shit by your employees. As our tax dollars pay your company for these soldiers to be flown wherever they are being deployed to, witnessing this kind of treatment is UNACCEPTABLE! I will be posting the pictures I took and want people to know what the DELTA company does to those that risk their lives so you can make your billions! Shame on all of you!

  • Natalie Pearse says:

    I have been flying exclusively with Delta for years mainly because I had the perception that customer service was your top priority along with safety. However, when I checked my bag along with my travel partners, I handed both our bags to the employee who I also had paid, yet, my bag was the only bag that was misplaced. It was a nonstop flight, the bag is identifiable because it is pink and noticeable. Within my bag had many precious contents, including all of my clothes and shoes, very expensive jewelry, makeup, toiletries, my prescribed medication just to name a few. The first lady who took our bags was extremely rude, as I smiled and said good morning to your employee, she ignored me at first and then responded with an unprofessional attitude that seemed as if she felt rushed, impatient and annoyed. After landing, we went to baggage claim in Vegas (our destination), the lady there wasn’t interested in answering our questions or encouraging us that my valuable luggage would or had been located. When I asked what I consider very straightforward and logical questions, we were met with idk and call the number. Now to the number; since our trip was effectively ruined due to having nothing but the active wear I wore, my purse and laptop, we spent the duration of our trip confined to the hotel calling in. I called in multiple times and was on hold to get a representative on average 3+ hrs each time. And when we did finally get someone, the story continued to be “sorry, we don’t know where it is. It was last marked as checked in at RDU but never made the flight to Vegas”. No insight on if it didn’t make the nonstop flight, and hasn’t been put on a different flight then where is it? My concerned mother called RDU and had me 3 way once she got someone on the phone. The lady said she couldn’t locate it on the phone but would have some ppl check around more thoroughly and would call back. Hours later, she called back but with no information on where the bag was and how this happened. Not only did I lose thousands of dollars of items, but also had panic attacks and emotional anxiety due to Delta losing my belongings and not having my medication, having to buy clothes there which was not budgeted in during my trip planning, having to buy makeup and other toiletries, which all of this came the day after we landed and was confined to our room under the hopeful and false pretense it may be found and dropped off to our room. We had many things scheduled which we missed. Even now, all I got is, there could be a case manager assigned and 10 days in, still no case manager, no one has emailed or called confirming that ANYTHING is being done to resolve this problem. I still do not have any answers. I had to spend a majority of my trip confined to the room, on hold. Now being home I’ve had to take time out of my busy work day to try to gain answers on what the heck is going on. This is so incredibly disappointing. The reason in why I was willing to pay a higher premium to fly delta opposed to competition,  cost me thousands of dollars, hours of precious time for something I am not at fault for, and blew up in my face. There needs to be a resolution immediately. Please email me ASAP : npearse4@gmail.com or natalie@nkprealty.com

  • William John Wayne says:

    If you wish to be treated like a last class citizen buy a first-class ticket on air carrier. Sad bin on hold for 5 hours and when they answer the comment is I dont do international. Click start all over. I hope your proud of your fly high standard. very poor customer relations.

  • William John Wayne says:

    Delta sucks. I spent 6 grand on a flight to get you have been moved and its tough deal with it. this company is going to hell

  • Jenny Lomeli says:

    My luggage was taken by other passenger. Delta used wrong carousel which caused the mix up and the other person whom did not check tag. 3 days and counting I have no luggage. Delta needs better communication skills. Very upset by now. 😒

  • Kayjay says:

    It’s really bad big company can care less bout us poor ppl.sad to say I’m so upset wit this company it’s crazy I been on hold since 2031 This place have put me in a place where I’m never riding a plane again in my life for real I hate delta for the grief they have put me Thur for real I’m a human an not a non one u guys jus could never understand the hold times are 2 hrs then u press to get a call back an they do t even call back this is so crazy

  • Brandon W says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I got the fakes email from the marketing department today and this is my response.
    This was the worse communication I have ever received. You asked for feedback and I gave you feedback. I would have been much happier not hearing from you rather than getting a general response that you slapped my name on to seem like a personal letter. You didn’t address any of my complaints but generalized them. Look my biggest complete is that you guys by having a delay and not being able to switch me to a direct fight that was on time to Detroit made me miss my fathers funeral as you switch us to go to Atlanta and the connection was delayed there and didn’t tell use until 10 minutes before the fight was to take off. Not one time did you let me know how you plan to make it right with me and every person I spoke to on the phone said their hands were tied. Worse experience missed with this shitty communication sent out by your marketing and public relations team. Shame you you for even putting your name on this letter without even knowing the full situation. Can you bring back time for me to see or be apart of my fathers funeral? Bet I don’t even get a replay. Was of my time venting.

    Thanks but no thanks for this half ass apology.

  • veronica harper says:

    I bought a ticket from Chicago to Houston with Cheap Tickets and it was cancelled due to covid, first time flier. I am not able to get in touch with anyone for a refund or change. They gave me an E credit. All I want to do is change it from my husband name to mine because he will not use the ticket and all i keep getting is it is POLICY. What difference does it make who sits in the seat as long as they use the ticket. I am now out $405.00. We are retired and just can’t afford it.. I wish someone would help me or give me info so I can find or talk to someone who can.

  • Sandra says:

    To whom it may concern

    I need to know why your airline left a minor child under 18 yrs old crying while his flight that was prepaid left the tarmac to his home country without him, and without first contacting his guardians, or just ANYONE for that matter? He was frightened, and alone. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE..

    Please call ASAP.

  • Mary Tran says:

    It saddens me to find out Delta does not truly honor what they say and or care about their long time customers. As a traveling provider, I had always recommended my fellow colleagues, family and friends to fly with Delta. Delta had to adjust their routes, and modified our 6 flight schedules at the end of July 2021 who sent an email apologizing “for any inconvenience these changes may cause. To ensure your travel plan needs are met, we have several options to help you make any adjustments and give you flexibilty:” My family and I therefore, had to cancel our trip but was informed by 2 different live representatives that I would have a credit to use until the end of December 2022 without having to pay the difference as long as we had the same destinations which they were able to accommodate 2 out of the 6 flights. Keep in mind, those 2 tickets cost over $1,200 each which this was why I had always recommended Delta Airlines. However, I am now trying to book a flight in the beginning of December 2021 with the same offer. I spoke to a Delta representative today who completely denied my request and said I must pay the difference. I thought that she may not understand all the rules and regulations and I politely asked if I could speak with a supervisor, thinking she would honor Delta’s apologies due to their inconvenience. I told Tina, the supervisor there were 2 main cabins with different times available on the date that I would like to fly out. She replied, “those flights are not available to you because it is way too expensive and way more than what you originally paid for .” My family and I had been belittled for a Delta flight costing $569 one way. Instead, Tina said I would not be able to use my credit until January of 2022. What type of flexibility is Delta offering to their customers?

  • Ernest Becnel says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I need to know how to get people involved in finding my lost luggage. Today is one week since I placed my luggage in your company’s hands and haven’t seen it since. My journey started out in New Orleans my e-ticket was 055-9482940684-85 Delta was the carrier for Alitalia AZ 3374. My baggage claim number issued was DL 4006300300. I was booked to JFK in New York. The next leg of my journey was to Milan Malpensa, on Alitalia AZ 7603 in which Delta was the carrier. In Milan I changed carriers to Air Italy flight IG 801 and journeyed to Cairo. When I landed in Cairo, my luggage wasn’t on the belt to go through customs. A person told me that it was booked to Aswan and it would be there. I was changing the carrier to Egypt Air in Cairo to Aswan and the agent at Egypt Air told me they don’t take the luggage if they aren’t a star alliance member. He told me to report it to air Italy and that’s what I did. I journeyed to Aswan on Egypt Air flight MS 397. After checking in Aswan my luggage never showed up there and I have been asking about it ever since. I’ve made two trips to the airport in Aswan and it still isn’t there. After looking at the tracking of my luggage it was rerouted by Delta because apparently it missed the connection at JFK. It was sent to Amsterdam, then it was supposed to change carrier in Amsterdam to Egypt Air to Cairo. As for me trying to get help from Cairo they told me they are ticket agents and don’t handle luggage problems, my question to you is what am I suppose to do? I need your help in resolving this problem, what is the use of the baggage claim if it isn’t used the way it was intended for. People aren’t doing their jobs and want to blame everyone else. Air Italy has a claim against it and in reality they never handled my luggage. I need your help in solving this problem and locating my luggage. Can you send me a phone number here in Egypt or an e mail address so I can try a get some help in finding my luggage. My e-mail address is ebecnel1@yahoo.com.
    Regards Ernie

  • >