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Dell is a technology giant that specializes in making personal computers. One might want to visit this corporate giant’s headquarters for many reasons, including a new intern or trainee at the headquarters, an internal meeting, or a business proposal meeting by potential investors, government auditors, new employees, internal manager meetings, and many more. There are many ways to reach out to the headquarters of Dell. Some of the most prominent methods are mentioned below.

Dell Headquarters Address

If you want to reach out to the headquarters by sending a physical mail, you can do so by sending the mail to the following address

1 Dell Way

Round Rock

TX 82682


Dell Board of directors address

If you want to send your query or a parcel or request an autograph of any board members, you can reach out to them at the below-mentioned address

Board of Directors

1 Dell Way

Round Rock

TX 82682


Phone Number

If you want to have a dialogue with the headquarters, you can contact them on the number +1 512-728-7800. You can contact the headquarters during working hours on weekdays.

Email Id

You can reach out to dell digitally by email to resolve your problems and queries. You can mail to the following email id. mailto:investor_relations@dell.com. This email id is active 24/7, and you can send your queries to them.


You can visit Dell’s official website to get more information on their products, services, and customer policy. You can follow them on various social media fronts to be informed on the current happenings at Dell. You can visit their website here.

Dell Headquarters Info & Photos

Dell is a computer technology founded by Michael Dell in 1984. During the initial days, dell was headquartered in the dorm room of Michael Dell. It changed to its current headquarters after becoming public in 1988. Its current address is mentioned above.

Michael dropped out of school to focus on building Dell. It was initially called PC’s Limited. Over the years, Dell grew in the local market and started going international within a few years after going public.

Today, Dell has 165,000 employees worldwide, making it one of the biggest corporate giants in the world. The efforts put forth by the engineers and management at Dell during those initial days lead to the current day, Dell.

Dell Headquarters Photo
Dell Corporate Office Photo

Dell Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1117 Perimeter Center W E407 Atlanta, GA



Level 21/25 Grenfell St Adelaide



2680 Skymark Ave 10th Floor, Suite 1000 Mississauga



60 Avenue Charles de Gaulle Neuilly-sur-Seine



1st floor, building, HaEnergia St 77 Be’er Sheva

Dell Headquarters Executive Team

Michael Dell

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Michael is the founder of Dell corporation. He started building personal computers in his college days. He dropped out of college to develop dell and make it an international conglomerate. He has been the CEO of Dell since its founding. He is a self-employed entrepreneur. Over the years, he started many subsidiaries of Dell.

Jeff Clarke,

Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Operating Officer

Jeff has been the Vice-chairman and COO at Dell since 1987. He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in electrical engineering. He is a visionary and played a key role in developing dell as a conglomerate since dell went public in 1988.

Chuck Whitten

Chuck Whitten

Co-Chief Operating Officer

Name Title
Wendy Thomas Chief Executive Officer Secureworks
Allison Dew Chief Marketing Officer
Rich Rothberg General Counsel
Jennifer Saavedra Chief Human Resources Officer
Bill Scannell President Global Sales & Customer Operations
Tom Sweet Chief Financial Officer

About Dell


Dell was founded in the year 1984 by Michael Dell in his university dorm room under the name of PC’s Limited. He soon dropped out of college to work on building the company. Michael used to build PCs that are compatible with IBM chips during the initial days.

Dell went public in 1988. It advertised directly in national magazines to sell their computers to customers directly. It reaped profits of more than 73 million dollars in its first year of operation.

In 2002 Dell stepped into the other electronic device market by releasing products such as televisions, printers, audio players, and other devices. Dell acquired many companies in the past 20 years, becoming one of the world’s largest computer technologies.

Dell laid-off employees and reshuffled all its products to get out of losses. It was called the Dell2.0 program. Dell lost its freedom and became a subsidiary because of this decision, but it became public again in 2018 by clearing off the debt.


Dell produces personal computers, desktops, keyboards, audio sets, televisions, and many other electronic gadgets and services. They repair all the products they produce and other company products too.

They provide services to their products with great care and effort. Dell’s Alienware is a very high-end PC specially made for gamers and gaming with all the high-end features enabling a good gaming experience.

Their servers and storage facilities are top class, with all the modern technologies incorporated into them for a better user experience. It has a wide variety of laptops with a range of features and specifications.

Dell laptops bring the 11th gen Intel processors for their laptops, making them world-class and best among the best. Dell is known for its customer service and provides fast and hassle-free service.


    • Dell is a global leader in Intel servers. They are most sold and are the best.
    • Dell helps budding institutions by providing them storage and servers at a discounted prices.
    • Dell is spread across all 5 continents. Dell provides its services and sells its products in over 190 countries all across the globe.
    • Like many other conglomerates in today’s world, Dell was also founded in a dorm room.
    • Dell changed its logo thrice over the years since it was found.
    • Dell is making efforts to reduce the carbon footprint by recycling most of the parts in the previous years. It produced around 50 million parts with recycled plastic.
    • Customizing the computer parts and components has been Dell’s selling point ever since its first product launch in 1985.
    • All Dell’s products have been crossing the top benchmarks and setting the standards for other companies products.

  • Joe G. says:

    I’m an ex-employee (Data General) and I need to speak with someone about a defined pension plan. Who can I speak with and how do I contact them?

  • Cynthia A Luzon. says:

    I have a significant complaint and I am tired of talking to India. I want to speak to someone in corporate.

  • Mohammed Jawad says:

    I forgot to put the case # in my review CASE# 147776068

  • Mohammed Jawad says:

    it does not look like Dell give a Sh*t to their customers, first I don’t see any respond to any of comment below from Dell,
    i purchased desktop, from Costco $1800, after 13 months i had a problem with the computer called technical support, they try to fix it over the phone and said my pc put of warranty. i agreed to pay $59 for diagnoses and you i have to ship it to them. they got and the problem was i need an LCD screen for $176, no problem, paid they never called me to update me i had to keep calling them finely they said, your computer ready to be Shipe and provided me trucking # never got the computer, after calling FedEx and dell i found out that the shipped my computer to some farmer in state of taxes back and forth with dell’s some manger , where is my computer ??!!all i got from them sorry we are working to get your computer backstep lost my computer Dell held my computer hostage, DELL held my business hostage , and Dell held hostage for 30 days by seized or lost my computer. I already filed complain with consumer protection and BBB. I was offered no compensation or phone call from dell corporate in USA. stay away from Dell, Avoid Dell products.

  • Krystal Currie says:

    I’m livid!! Y’all sent me a broken computer!! I needed this before my daughters college freshman orientation and now we won’t have it in time. I was offered no compensation or discount. Ive had the computer for less than 6 hours and been on support call for 2 hours. I’m so disappointed. But my daughter not having what she needs for college is heartbreaking.

  • Zerrick W. says:

    DELL has the absolute worst customer service. I’ve been dealing with Dell for a refund going on a month now, every time I call, someone in India answers, they claim they process my claim, and say they’ll call back and they never do. Dell sacrificed customer service to save money by outsourcing customer service but the customer service is atrocious.
    I ordered memory and a hard drive. The memory was never sent or shipped by Dell, and they sent the wrong hard drive that I returned last month. I paid my money and got nothing I ordered. This is going on a month now. IWANT A FULL REFUND NOW.
    I need someone from. Dell to process my refund. Dell has the absolute worst customer service. I will NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING from Dell again.

  • Ary N Neiva says:

    On March/25/2021, I bought a Dell Inspiron 3880 from Dell Computers Canada. Since the first day, I had problems with this PC. The words delay a lot to appears in the monitor, and the keys “Backspace”, “Tab”, “Space bar” also delay do be to work, i.e., I press the “Backspace”, e.g., and I need to wait a lot time to have the response for this action. I replaced twice the Keyboard & Mouse, just in case, and nothing changed!!
    The Dell Customer Support, did a remote diagnostic, discovering a problem with the “mother-board”, and on June/18/2021, it was replaced by a refurbished “mother-board”!
    The problems continued! Dell done a lot tests, updates, uninstalled and reinstalled Windows, and so on!! Nothing changed! This PC has Windows 10 Home & Business, by the way.
    The Dell Support conclusion was that they needed to replace the PC, and I received the new one on August/16/2021. And the problems still were there in the new PC!!
    And after a lot contact with Dell Support, they still didn’t fix until today, this annoying trouble! I need to say that all the technicians were very polite, interested in solve the problem, but they hadn’t the solution, never!!
    Few months before expire my Basic Warranty, I asked for a renew for a better warrant, and Dell offered to me a good one, but I needed to pay that through the credit card, giving to them all the data of my credit card by phone or by e-mail, both ways easy for an interception by third-part, what it’s an absurd, once this procedure could to be done by the Dell itself with an usual secure way as always.
    Conclusion: yesterday, May/09/2022, expired my warranty and I still have a PC with all these problems unsolved by Dell Customer Support, and I don’t have none warranty for anything!

  • Elizabeth M. Veilleux says:

    I bought a Dell desk top tower from Costco. Since day 1 I have been having issues getting online for the last 4 months. They keep telling me it’s a software problem and the computer says it’s a hardware issue! They do dignostics, updates on drivers, reinstall windows, run advanced test on the computer and NOTHING is fixing it! DON’T BUY A DELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura says:

    I bought my son a Dell Inspiron computer 31 days ago and it is in for a second time to have someone come out and fix it because the mouse doesn’t function properly. Called customer service who is giving me a run around because I either want the computer replaced or refunded. I paid $1787.00 for this laptop which you can’t use and it’s on its second repair in a month. I think since Dell doesn’t want to respond to the issue it’s time to sue the shit of them.

  • Kenda Newbury says:

    DELL. Worst C.S. Two computers last exactly 3 months. Purchased May 2021, now April 2022. Been going back & forth Squaretrade/Allstate, Dell, Costco, Citi. NOTHING “not our fault-reach out to “that” company-not us….”

    Court filings now. Not putting up with this. I’ve done my due diligence but you ALL have NOT DONE YOURS.

    Avoid Dell products like the plague as that’s what they are with NO commitment to customers. Horrible.

  • John L says:

    Do not purchase any laptop from Dell. They are absolute trash. This warranty and customer service provided for defective products is completely shit. This company is joke and will do nothing for you. Do not waste your money on this company and these people. Management is a complete joke and useless. Please take your business else where.

  • James Womack says:

    Your Dell Order Has Been Received | Dell Purchase ID: 2008333565068

  • No Service says:

    Dell, sold me malware software, then wouldn’t allow it to be activated. When I tried to resolve the issue by indicating that maybe there was a mistake because it was for in full but I had no access to the product. I was only told the account was canceled. WOW, I am outdone for my money. “With No Service”.

  • Mark Lucia says:

    Along with other commenters below, DELL has provided phone numbers that are not active. I have used their webpage and customer support says they cannot help, that I must contact technical support. Only problem is there is no weblink to technical support or VALID phone number. I have submitted a dispute with the credit card company.

  • Glenn Garrison says:

    I have an inspiring 22 3000 5 years old and I’m not able to upgrade windows 11 , for that reason I will no longer be purchasing any Dell products, what a rip off ur company is.

  • ROBETR F D ALTON says:


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