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  • Address: 25521 Commercentre Dr # 200, Lake Forest, CA 92630, United States
  • Phone Number: 949-462-9300
  • Fax Number: 949-462-7444
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 1000
  • Established: 1964
  • Founder: Ed Hackbarth, David Jameson
  • Key People: Paul J. B. Murphy III (CEO)

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Del Taco Headquarters Executive Team



Paul J. B. Murphy III

Chairman, CEO, Chairman of Mexican Quick Serve Chain and CEO of Mexican Quick Serve Chain

Ed Hackbarth


David Jameson


About Del Taco, History and Headquarters Information

Formerly called Casa Del Taco, Del Taco Restaurants Inc. was incorporated by Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson in Yermo, California, in 1964. It is headquartered in Lake Forest, California. Del Taco was sold to the Levy Acquisition Corporation and by 2015; it was tagged as a public company.

Del Taco Inc. owns and manages an American chain of fast-food restaurants in the USA. Its vast menu has a huge variety of Mexican offerings such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. Along with specialty in Mexican cuisine, it is famous for American food as well like hamburgers, crinkle-cut fries, and shakes. Del Taco also serves its customers with its full line of breakfast burritos. The chain has its branches spread out over more than 15 states and has 310 corporate locations and 241 franchise locations. Most of its eating joints are situated are in California, Oregon, and Washington.

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  • Gylinda McElroy says:

    Went to DelTaco in Fairfield Ca, 9 :00 pagot to drive tru, customers service was bad, young man kept say yeah, all I wanted was to 2 small fries, then I remembered I wanted some funnel sticks. He said No I gomtoo many people in my drive thru. But it.was only one car behind me. I told him you mlbeed to learn how talk on entercom or get someone else. They all was very rude. They need to have adults with these kids who they have closing the stores. I was so mad, but my granddaughter said it okay Nana let’s just go to Wendy’s. 09-5-2023.

  • B Embree says:

    Zero response from three separate online questions over the last month other than the “we have received your request and will respond” auto reply. Do you or do you not offer the “Get $1 off a $3 purchase” listed on each check for answering a survey? I haven’t been able to get past the first page in the past month but instead get a message “error”. Simple answer of yes or no would be nice.

  • Cynthia Williams says:

    Our family is so upset, we love Del Taco food, but there has never been a time that they have ever got our order right, it is so frustrating. The Del Taco in San Clemente is the worst.

  • Lana Carlin says:

    Please…former Corona,Ca. resident in dire need of a Location in Lenoir City ,Tn.I have to drive to Georgia for my Del Taco fix.I promise you it would do great here.TACO BELL SUCKS!!
    Lana Carlin

  • James Deatherage says:

    It’s Friday night 8 pm December 23 in Fresno ca your sine on the door says your closed due to being short on staff but it’s very obvious your not short on staff since thiers about 25 to 30 people having a party in your store just wanted to buy several gift cards for Christmas 😞

  • Bob Eckles says:

    Attempted to get a refund for an online order, using the app.. Didn’t work.. Shake machine broken.
    Really upsetting !!!

  • Kelli Anderson says:

    I bought 5 gift cards for gifts The employee that sold them said the promotion coupons that go with these cards(2chichen tacos)manager has them They would call me, they didn’t?so I called Now they aren’t getting any at all! I could of went to another Del Taco and got them.No extra Tacos 🌮🤔🎄

  • James DeVore says:

    I ordered a 4 pack of tamales at your 2525 Watt Ave, Sacramento location. I ordered take out and when I got them home they were inedible. We had to throw them out. Please refund our $10.00. No receipt was in the bag.

  • Mark says:

    I ordered food from the apple valley california location near target. I ordered 6bacon and egg rollers with extra bacon and didnt get extra bacon. I called and got noting but attitude and an argumentative manager Named Sonya. All i wanted was my order fixed properly and got no where. This location is always messing up and dont put items in the bag and have to drive back to get the item.or messing up on the food. This store is also dirty. Went to get my online order and they had the restraunt locked and said no one was allowed inside.

  • Amber cheshire says:

    Worked two days in melbourne flordia, and i quit the second due to the gm yelling at another employee, calling her stupid and retarded when she’s not, in front of guests and employees. Texting and calling me with his personal number wanting to talk to me, wanting me to come back. Neither her or i got paid for working

  • Madonna Borromeo says:

    Never had a problem until today..no utensils no napkins .. terrible rude service the ice tea week and unacceptable. A side of frijoles was 1 ounce container $1.99 .. On the phone he was very sorry and if I want to come back in he would give me Utensils as for the drink that’s the way they come no refund no exchange … It is a 10 mile drive one way.

  • Shawne Fournier says:

    Today I went to the drive thru at the Del taco on 150 N. Boulder Highway in Henderson, Nevada. Ordered two chicken tacos and I chicken and fries box. The girl at the window took my $9.00 for the $8.31 I owed. Let us sitting there for what seemed like an eternity, then handed me the bag of food and kept my change and the receipt. When I informed her she kept my change she just closed the window and walked away. The very few times I’ve gone to this particular Del Taco, it’s always a problem. Should be shut down or the entire staff should be fired and start with a whole new crew.

  • Sherry webb says:

    Yes I want to file a complaint with deltaco in Farmington nm I’m. Former employee my name is sherry webb my complaint is about the management it was my second day on the job and I didn’t know all of what to do and talked about me in Spanish and laughed at me and every thing I did he commented on and laughed that is not a professional manager and I feel I was wronged something needs to be done or I am gonna get a discrimination.charge against you all it needs to change so unprofessional..shitty place to work

  • Timothy Frink says:

    Just had your new carne asada Tortas meal in Santa Clarita. Unfortunately it way far too salty. I almost was unable to finish it, and probably should not have

  • Sonyabishop says:

    The dell taco in Gresham on burnside is totally nasty.. they think it’s ok for a grown ass male adult manager to come in to the restraint drunk as a skunk and yell at there 19 year old female workers.!! Like …. Is that ok??!! Idk… They are a bunch of lazy ass workers that push so much on all the employees and then when the employees blow up they handle it the most unprofessional way.. does anyone know how to get a hold of corporate?? Something needs to be done about this bullshit!!

  • Ms. Wright says:

    Del Taco @ Prescott Valley, AZ – 8/17/22 Paid for food at drive-thru, was asked to pull car around and they’ll bring my order to me. 20 minutes later, found out employee gave food to another car and walked off the job. I was in a rush to go pick up kids from school, so asked for a refund, but they charged me again instead! Contacted Del Taco corporate and a day later got a $1 off coupon, then an $10 voucher to the same poor service location, but no follow up or return call to date. I don’t need coupons or vouchers. Paid $40.60 total for no food and a lot of hassle. I want my $40.60 back please, and I hope it doesn’t take forever.

  • Cara A. Arnold says:

    The employees wouldn’t even let us cool down and wait until 9:00am when they open. They treated us like vagrants. within two minutes, two separate people told us we couldn’t stay, not even for a second. Lazy people, walking should be open at 6:00 or 7:00 am. Stop being lazy, no pandemic rules….open the restaurants.

  • Cara A. Arnold says:

    We were at Del Taco on W. Florida Ave. In Hemet, CA.We had rode our bikes and it was already very warm. I wanted to grab a bite but the entry w/o drive thru, no car, doesn’t open until 9:00am Why? Pandemic is over, why can’t you open your lobby?. Not everyone has a car. Pure laziness, your milking pandemic and it’s over. When drive thru is open at 6:00am , the lobby should be open! Your denying people food and drink who don’t have cars.

  • Kenya Burciaga says:

    Da muy mal servicio la manejadora Andrea Sifuntes y luego el día que fui están diciendo los empleados que había cucarachas y mejor no compre nada es un restaurante muy cochino siempre tienen muy sucio es en la tienda 1029 Central Albuquerque nm

  • Renee K Ninham says:

    Just got home with Quesadilla Taco Meal with Carne Asada, was so looking forward to these tacos. I will never order again. Maybe they work as an eat in meal but take out they are an Olympic size fail. By they time I got them home they were a soggy mess and inedible, lettuce was slimy. And to top it off each taco is a $1.00 extra for the Carne Asada. Your test kitchen should test these creations in the real world under real world conditions.
    Quartz Hill, CA location order #37 at 5:22 pm

  • Bob Levine says:

    I had dutifully placed an order this morning using your iPhone app and paid in advance, asking for inside pick-up.

    Much to my disappointment, when I arrived at your store, and pushing the “I AM HERE!” button and got out of my car, I found a sign on the door saying the dining room was closed due to insufficient staffing. I tried to get the employee’s attention through the locked door, showing the app, and she gestured for me to get in the drive-through line. In the mean time, 4 other cars got in line before I could get in my car and get in line!y car. I ended up waiting an additional 7 minutes, taking precious time out of my short lunch period!! NO FAIR!!

    I think this could have been handled in a lot more satisfactory fashion, and I am very disappointed. ( I feel you owe me one!)

    The Del Taco location was: 8941 CORBIN AVE, Northridge, CA 91324

    My order # was: 11034173328244737

    Thank you

  • Mark a moreno says:

    I like know y your del taco only has one person working cuz your dining room is closed me n my family when to go site n eat n dining room closed the del taco in on alondra n piuma in Cerritos California I had to go to taco bell you have something wrong with your del taco

  • Michael Goldie says:

    I recently went to the Del Taco , Santa Monica Ca on Wilshire Blvd. #1231. I ordered #1 Small. I received the items, there was so little meat in the taco shell that I took them back, I said these are nothing like what is advertisted on the T V, the manager did not say anything, other than he would make me another taco, that is not the problem, you advertise that the the taco shell 1/2 filled with meat, the shell is mostly filled with lettuce and cheese,if you cannot do this then you need to change your advertisements, the ads are mis leading, inother words, not telling the truth. My reference No: 921 226 010 093 113 , 6/19/2022

  • Russell says:

    Just left the store in indio on Jefferson. The lady ran my card twice she said and was declined. Then she very rudely demanded the food back, as if I did that on purpose. I immediately called my bank and they said that there were no declined transactions so it c was either the card its self or their (del tacos) error. I went to the ampm next door and used my card with no problem the first try. So that leaves the rudely little lady not knowing what she is doing.

  • Russell says:

    I think the rating says a lot.

  • Robin Ely says:

    I filed a complaint on your Del Yeh! Website . It indicated it was being sent to the local franchise. My complsint had nothing to do with the local facility, it had to do with somebody using my points to use to purchase food. I went to use the points and a majority were gone. They were used to buy three items at a Burbank store. This is something that the Corporate office has to return to me.

  • Rhonda says:

    I went to Del Taco in Burbank California next to the Burbank Airport and I bought two crispy fried shrimp tacos and the same in a burrito I think the shrimp was bad because I got very very sick I only ate one taco

  • Michelle Acquaviva says:

    Visited the Del Tac Store #765 in Chandler, AZ the other day. We ordered tacos and hamburgers. Got home with the food and the hamburgers were absolutely pathetic. The meat was so thin and didn’t even fill the bun. The meat looked like a spread of a condiment instead of a hamburger. It was thinner than the meat at McDonald’s. If this is what your corporation is selling as a hamburger, you might as well take it off the menu. You should be embarrassed for selling something so skimpy. I would like a refund for my wasted money spent. I will tell everyone I know to stop eating at Del Taco.

  • Kathy says:

    Boy, after looking at all the comments I think that Del Taco may go out of business in the future. Horrible place everywhere is seems.

  • Kathy says:

    Terrible, rude service. Didn’t get a recipe, sauces or napkins. Could not get anyone’s attention after they shoved the food at us and slammed to window. The doors were also locked so we couldn’t get in that way either. Don’t go to Del Taco.

  • Brenda Smith says:

    Is Del Taco still coming to Northern Alabama, live in Cullman and have only a Taco Bell here since we moved here from California 30 Years ago. A Del Taco here would be awesome.

  • Tanda says:

    Have been calling for 2 months at least getting the run around to get my daughter w2 so she can file her taxes! We have called and stopped in multiple times

  • Joy says:

    My 4yr old daughter and papa love going to Del Taco. We live in Rancho Cucamonga and we went to to store # 193 on Archibald on friday 3/11/22 at 4:24pm as a special treat from mommy. Not only was the service the worst I ever experienced, the manager was very rude and was laughing at us while we ordered because Grandpa was trying to order something off the menu that he can get at other del tacos, but she was extremely rude to him about it. She (the Manager at the moment and her other drive through employee wore the same gloves and handled food and money with the same pair, cross contaminating… We should have just cancelled our order and left… I got sick from the food 2 hours later, my daughter started to vomit violently at 3am and is still sick. Its now Sunday. She now has diarrhea and still throwing up at random times. I will be contacting the health department on monday the 14th of march and will not be returning to this location. I am very sad and upset with our experience. I hope you read this and handle the situation so others don’t get sick like my child did.
    Thank you,

  • Katelyn says:

    So the lady named Jennifer at del taco on hilltop in Redding ca , she’s the manger or something , she is rude as hell !! We came up to the window to get our order and the guy took it and we were about to pull up and over the headset she called us Dumbasses, she was completely rude and out of line !!! And we decided to call and report her they hung up on us then wouldn’t give us our order . They are completely disrespectful and unprofessional!! Not only that I went in to the lobby a few days ago and man it’s completely disgusting they had ants on the counters and it looked to be mold on the edge of the counters disgusting 🤢 I had to cancel my order

  • Ray says:

    I know why the service sucks in Circleville Ohio 43113 employees making videos of them smoking and playing around like it’s some play house I got video of employee Emily Smith smoking and doing other things at her job you all need to look into this matter …

  • David carter says:

    The de taco in Tehachapi California is horrendous in service and food, their review from the health department have been 3, and they were shut down not long ago. When I was in there the last time there was a bag of tortillas on the ground that the employee was stepping on, I informed her about it and she picked them up and put them on the table to be used again. When we go out of town we eat at Del Taco, just not at this place in Tehachapi. The owner of this franchise needs to be removed as he is creating a bad reputation for all. The corporate office needs to react now before it is too late. Help save your reputation.

    • Marie says:

      I just started working there about 5 weeks ago , place is disgusting bunch of kids run it.The two managers couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag! Constantly running out of food can’t place the correct order, always Out of cleaning supplies can’t place the correct order for that even! I’ve already warned friends and family not to eat there anymore , I was hopeful things would turn around but it is not going to, Literally only 3 to 4 people care about that place that work there until they get adults in there that know what they’re doing and running that place the right , I do not plan on going back anytime soon!! I can’t in good conscious serve the public food from this establishment anymore! 🤢I literally just quit today!

  • AJ Tuckett says:

    Worst experience ever in Conyers Georgia! Never received the food despite paying for it! Ordered pickup online and when I got to the store they said it was never received even with confirmation proof of payment! They still have not refunded my money!

  • Rico says:

    Here is my Del Taco hack. Taco rolled inside Red bean burrito!

  • Bill Parnham says:

    Would like to see a Del Taco in Sierra Vista, Arizona

  • Wolfgang Koster says:

    I live in North Highlands CA 95660. Have been visiting the local Del Taco store for several years. Food is good, but service abysmal. But today really took the cake….They said they were OUT OF BEANS….can you imagine a Mexican Restaurant being out of beans???? Its like a Chinese place being out of rice. Please close this place down, or put it under different management….wait till this hits the news…(Supply Chain Emergency cuts off beans to Mexican restaurants)….what’s next…McDonald runs out of hamburgers ????

  • Edith says:

    I went to the del taco in El Cajon in Ca. Hey got my order wrong. Went I went back to get it right, one of the people was nice but the young man said to me don’t ever come back. What I ordered was a chicken taco and got fish, so they should of given me money back. I didn’t ask for money but that young man was so rude. I did call and talk to the manger but it didn’t seam he didn’t care much. I just got off the phone with the Del Taco Headquarters and she was very sweet and helpful.

  • Debra Warner says:

    The manager, Irma, at Del Taco #915 on Alicia Blvd in Mission Viejo is the best manager I have had at that location. I had a slight issue with our order, but Irma went over and above to make the order right. Great job Irma.

  • Kathy Wilson says:

    Burrito is as thin as a quesadilla… Combination burrito combo purchased at Banning, CA del taco. Almost no filling. I took pictures.

  • steve says:

    pch in long beach i was the only customer at all it took 15 min to get my order. and when I did it looked like a Loogy in my breakfast burrito and the eggs were three different colors.

  • Gina says:

    The worst customer service in my 47 years of retail service. From start when the sign on the front door says open 11am to 8pm. Drove to window,asked about sign,said due to COVID. I asked about taking sign down,said glued and laminated to door , employees in parking lot smoking. Asked for manager. He said he was quote pretty pissed off because I said something about his employees. He said if I am not ordering food,leave. I have been in this facility in the last 2 months,inside. I will never go back to a Del Taco again. Would love to talk to the franchise owner.

  • Gina conand says:

    I’m very considered about the health of the public at your Medford Oregon Dell Taco crater lake Ave , it’s filthy and smells horrible, I’m a grub hub driver and it’s been a horrible mess the drive through is always backed up the poor employees are just frazzled and the restaurant is so dirty someone’s going to get seriously sick , I’d hate for it to be an elderly person. Please look into this ASAP

  • Belen Mendoza says:

    I’ve had trouble at a lot of the locations in Phoenix AZ, but especially the one on 5130 W Bell road always closing one hour or more before their posted hours.

  • Jess Teton says:

    I would like to make a complaint on del taco #1321 in Sparks NV on 10/12/2021. First I did not receive all my order I was shorted 2 red bean burritos and a chicken spicy quesadilla and was over charged on my 2 spicy chicken burritos. I live 30 minutes away so I did not contact them because I was not going back. The worst part is I was sitting in my chair eating del tacos when something was in the taco at the end of it and it was glass! What the hell, glass in my taco and so i have 3 left. I will go talk to them tomorrow. It does not look like complaints get taken seriously! Won’t be going back!!

  • Lynne says:

    On El Toro Rd
    Ordered crispy regular taco
    Got a horrible chicken tender taco
    Did I say horrible
    I say again horrible
    Cuties working screwing around
    2:15 or so Sunday 10/10/21

  • Rand Jones says:

    Yesterday-National Taco Day — I found a Del Taco advertising come on in & get a Free stuff quesadilla with any purchase! Wow great idea- Well to my Surprise @ # 21401Del Taco in Huntington Beach, Ca. Said No! Not honoring the offering & Yes they were well aware of what day it was. What? Unfortunately for me I already place my order on other items- stuck in the drive through & actually paid for it! Stupid Me!

  • Daniel calderon says:

    The absolutely best deal taco is in mission viejo. 25542 Marguerite Pkwy
    Mission Viejo, CA 92692.

    I have been eating del taco my whole life and there is nothing better than the love and kindness from every single one of the employees at this store. Come one time and you will agree. The general manager has been working for del taco for 41 years. He deserves a huge thank you along with his staff. This has been a hard time for fast food and these guys are the best.

    My kids will walk to the restaurant from the house and they are treated amazing too.

    Thank you team

  • Tony Villegas says:

    Del Taco @ 27445 Jefferson Blvd. Temecula. I was in the dinning room & a lady at the opposite side of where I sat was on a phone call & she was extremely loud. Ear buds. I called to her and asked her to please keep the volume down & I did not need to hear her conversation
    She started arguing with me that if I didn’t like it, I could go outside. I told her I was a customer & she told me she was the manager on break & that made her a customer. I commented “you’re arguing with a customer?” & she told me to go outside. Pointing to her managers tag saying thus is MY restaurant & you can leave.

  • Maria Quintero says:

    I am Desabel person always used drive on September 9/8/21 used the drive truth one car behind me your employees 4 of them talking between them refuse to prepare the chicken box strips to busy talking to each other refuse to give me the order this is the second time that had happen told me you have to get down park your car and cross the street to go inside order the chicken to busy and Gad a long line of cars I turned around only one car behind me your employees refuse to served a Desabel senior person that’s call discrimination against me two times had happen discrimination I can sue the company it seems they having a party between them very disappointing your service what kind of management you have in Ventura road in Oxnard California? Shame on your company will spread the word about your discrimination I had order extra food I refuse to pay for food that was a very ugly and poor service

  • Ree says:

    Del Taco Menifee Ca
    Very poor customer service
    Very rude! And the store isn’t very old fairly new it takes a lot to get my husband mad he walked out this store 9:30 this morning it should already be shut down rude rude rude

  • Nadine says:

    On Aug 2nd @5:12am in San Bernardino, CA (on Del Rosa st) I pulled into a 24 hr Del Taco. The 2 female employees decided to close the store down during a peak time. Del Taco should not advertise this store as being open 24 hrs.

  • Connie real says:

    Who do I contact about a manger or how to contact Human Resources?

  • Mary Ellen Watson says:

    My food was so burnt and thrown into the container that I for the first time in my life took photos of this disgusting mess and now I am trying to find a corp.headquarters to send them to but every phone number I get is not a actual working contact number. If I served this slop to anyone I wouldn’t answer the phone either. so since I cannot find any way to contact you people I will put the photos on facebook and let them speak for themselves

  • Shelley Hickey says:

    Please come to Houston/Katy Texas. Moved here from California two years ago. Many California transplants here. They have Taco Bell, yuk. Come to,Katy Texas!

  • Against racist terrorist, perpetrators,terrorist, child molesters and rapist! says:

    Horrible service in Modesto ca del taco! Not open to see the food being cooked and it tasted like if they dropped the burritos on the floor! There’s no address on the receipt! And the feed option doesn’t recognize this Modesto Ca del taco! 2101 sylvan ave, Modesto ca, 95355.

  • linda dubuc says:

    what the hell is happening in bullhead city, az never open only when they want ..closed all week

  • Nicholas Rodriguez says:

    Del taco # 583 in Sacramento CA. Off K street and Alhambra gave me cold food, bad service & cashier took my debit card inside the register area to hide the transaction. They are not supposed to take mobile debt machine away from customer sight.
    My was 11.08 at 5:40 am
    Can you please contact me to further discuss this matter.

  • Vince Peterson says:

    Not happy that the walk-in at the Dana point del Taco closed cars out to the street at the drive-thru, now the del Taco in mission Viejo you can walk in I don’t understand why one del Taco you can walk in and another in the same county you can’t and then when I call to complain the first time I get hung up on halfway through my call second time I’m told they can’t hear me and then third fourth and fifth time I’m on just on hold listening to music endlessly with no idea if anyone’s ever going to come to the phone so I’m very upset with del Taco right now will not be coming back here for a while

  • Bonnie Deering says:

    Please, please bring back the Mango Chicken Tacos! The best ever!

  • S. Cunningham says:

    Please bring back the Ground Turkey Tacos. I prefer the Turkey option. That was one of my main reasons for going to Del Taco.

  • Tina says:

    I like to make a complaint about location 945 E Huntington Drive, Monrovia CA.. 1. They used to be open 24 hours and the worker there would always say that the machine was down and they could not take orders . When the employees don’t want to work they just come up the drive thru. Now with COVID I understand that hours change. They have put a new sticker up of there hours. They are no longer open 24 hours which is fine but they do say on Friday and Saturday they are open until 2am. I have gone there numerous times on Friday and Saturday and they are already closed before 1 am. One time I went up to the window and they said they are closed because they are under staffed. There were two people and no one was in the drive thru. This is just unacceptable and extremely ridiculous! I have even tried calling which they never answer the phone. I am so upset. They are never open when they are suppose to be, they don’t want to answer the phone, and they don’t make the food up to par. It’s like that whole store doesn’t care about quality of food, hours of operation, or CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

  • Rachel Davidson says:

    Hi, I was wondering why store #313 is still serving customers without a mask? I’ve been to that store all the time and loved the staff. But the manager and some of the cashiers are being rude to their coworker. She told her coworkers that there was a sign that said face masks are required. They ignored her and served the customers without their masks. I felt bad for her because she is doing her job and those customers did not know how to read the sign. Also a bunch of kids won’t leave the staff alone because they don’t have a face mask and cause problems. Your company should be protecting your employees’ health/safety due to the pandemic. Governor Newsom said that face masks are mandated which means people must wear their masks when going to outside. If you put up a sign which requires people to wear a mask, you must follow it.

  • Nonie Rowley says:

    This was my 5th time going to this del taco 3855 S Academy Co Springs. It was a 15 min wait in the drive thru with only a van in front of me. After 12 min i rolled down my window to ask him if ha had ordered and he stated he had not. After he ordered i proceeded. There was a new item fried chicken tacos. It said it had a meal for 5.79 so i placed my order, just to be told after a min or 2 that , that was not a meal and i told him that his sign outside says that it is. He proceeded to correct me a few times and i told him fine. I didn’t want to order after all. I took a picture upon leaving of the sign that clearer states it. I am mad of the 15 min wait when only 1 person ahead of me and only 1 person outside eating jist to be told of ur fake sign that they have hanging. Will never return to this location again. I am from CA and always went to the one on N Diamond Bar Blvd even with a line it never took 15min to order.

  • Pist custumer says:

    Went to del taco on 103 rd in corona waited in line for 45 min barley moved line of cars I was told they had big orders I asked why they didn’t park to side to let other customers get ther food instead of waiting no answer instead got cold burrito never asked if I wanted sauce didn’t get sauce or a receipt poor service and I spoke with manager who had no answers so I went on break to del taco which became my lunch cuz I waited in line never in my life have I ever waited this long for a cheese roller and grilled breakfast burrito . Poor service .

  • Isabel says:

    You need to fucking check del taco on Calvine in Sacramento. Enough is enough. They took $13.00 on my account with no permission after given cash. No one wants to check the cameras. They mess our orders up continuously.

  • Michael C says:

    Del Taco in Eagle Rock California is the worst place to visit. Employees joking with each other and not acknowledging customers. Manager was very rude and belligerent when I told her I had been standing there without being greeted. Very bad service and no apology for bad service. Left with no service. Will not reccommend to anyone.

  • Neil putman says:

    We Do not Del Taco in cullman Al. Would. You think about building one here. There is places you can build. Next to Lee street

  • Randy Crowell says:

    Is the Del Taco in Lake Elsinore on lake shore dr a franchise or corporate store?
    Does the corporation care or govern the franchise stores? If you do, please let me know so I can share my experience with you.

  • rmch says:

    Del taco in Gallup NM has said the last 2 saturdays “we have no eggs” Same lady… no fish either. Really??

  • Tami Singer says:

    Del Taco in Silver City. NM steals your card number and continuously charges your account. Claims to have no idea what you are talking about and blames cell towers. Refuse to do anything, laughs and says call the cops.

  • steve valdez says:

    I was just in the drive thru ,Tehachapi ca del taco off tucker.ordered Bacon double sell buy one get one free .pu large dries.wht I got was 2 soggy dell no bacon.and large soggy fries asked for crisp please to no avail. help me please.

  • Carole Brown says:

    Your online survey takes me to Shoppers Voice asking lots of info not regarding Del Taco and my visit today. I opted to call in and found that the survey over the phone is too long. I did it only because it was offered by the employee and I wanted to acknowledge his good work. I will not do this again and having the survey be so important to the store and the appreciation of the employees is demeaning. Thanks for the dollar off, but it is not worth it.

  • Candace Glaum says:

    The del taco in Apple valley ca
    On Navajo rd an hwy 18 is the worst when it comes to how the food is made! It’s all lettuce n shell “wish I could post a pic”
    All other del tacos around are way better then this location when it comes to what the food should have in it! Even the del taco is not what I payed for!

  • Gary says:

    For 30 years I order the same breakfast. Egg and cheese burrito combo, put green sauce instead of red, and taco meat. This used to be a menu item now it’s a custom order. And it’s getting harder to order.

  • Vanisha Medina says:

    Every other day or so for about a year-and-a-half now my husband and I eat at del taco I love the chicken avocado bowl always order it with extra beans extra chicken my husband always orders wet burrito Plato and everytime I get my chicken bowl something wrong with it well just about every time. tonight again it was wrong I got extra beans no extra chicken and there was only probably one scoop of rice in it I love the del taco food but the one in Nampa Idaho needs help the people that work there are incompetent and they want to argue I have been in the restaurant business for over 40 years and I never argued with my customers thank you to the corporation of del taco to the finders and thank you for the good food Vanisha Marcel Medina

  • heber pichinte says:

    hi my name is heber pichinte i tried to log in into my adp account but for reason i was not able to do so.i just want a copy a my 2018 w2 form you can sent to my email or a paper copy to my home address,also my son andres pichinte need a copy of his 2019 w2 and we need them asap thank you

  • Don Louis says:

    I placed an order from my personal computer at home and paid online. I called The RUDE manager Thomas? at the Del Taco store @ Address: 2663 Mt Vernon Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93306 and he? couldn’t tell me when my order would be ready? And then he? just hung up on me! I will STOP going to this Del Taco because of this attitude I get all the time when this particular manager is there. The taco shells are most always stale and the tacos have very little meat in them. If it was up to me that manager would be FIRED on the spot. Other managers there seem like human beings.

  • Damary Diaz says:

    The comment I posted is about another customer’s experience today at our local Del Taco.

  • Damary Diaz says:

    Del taco on hwy 20 in McDonough!!! I was gonna go through the drive thru and this truck was blocking the way. I got out of my car and asked if I could get him something to eat since he couldn’t make it through in his rig. He replied to me no they called the cops on me when I walked through the drive thru for loitering, I’m just waiting on them to get here. At that point the manager came out cussing this man telling him the cops were coming he was blocking business. He never yelled or cussed her and she made him leave or move to wait on the police that shouldn’t have even been called!! You have lost my business del taco I will not support you!!! Without our drivers we wouldn’t have anything in our stores treat them with respect!!! Feel free to share!!!

  • Melissa Smith says:

    Del taco on hwy 20 in McDonough, GA!!! I was gonna go through the drive thru and this truck was blocking the way. I got out of my car and asked if I could get him something to eat since he couldn’t make it through in his rig. He replied to me no they called the cops on me when I walked through the drive thru for loitering, I’m just waiting on them to get here. At that point the manager came out cussing this man telling him the cops were coming he was blocking business. He never yelled or cussed her and she made him leave or move to wait on the police that shouldn’t have even been called!! You have lost my business del taco I will not support you!!! Without our drivers we wouldn’t have anything in our stores treat them with respect!!! Feel free to share!!!

  • Shannon says:

    I visited the Del Taco in Livonia, MI this afternoon, and the food was the absolute worst I have ever experienced. The taco shells tasted stale, the sour cream I asked for on the taco was placed on the side. The chicken nachos were horrific, like it had been sitting most of the day before being served.

    I have been to other locations and never experienced such disappointment. This is the second time i visited this location and received the same results. The first time, you think it’s a fluke, but months later and the same situation is absolutely ridiculous. I spent $29 and most of it went to the trash because I had to go to work and had no way to take it back to the location.

    I would like to hear from someone in the corporate office regarding my concerns, ASAP.

    Thank you and many regards,
    Less than satisfied

  • 5 says:

    I previously sent in an email with the horrible service I received at this visit. I normally dine at Del Taco but since have not been back to one due to the experience and how Corporate handled this. I would like someone to call me after the hours of 4pm PST. I was sent a gift paper for 20.00 at the very location I had an issue at. I will not use it especially at this location. I have worked in CS for 32 years and IT for 20 of those years, both serving Customers and I would be terminated had I behaved in a manner of not only the crew members but the Manager on site. I would like a call and not from a CS Manager I want someone of higher level there. This is how horrible my experience was and in front of my then 12year old grandson. I appreciate your time and consideration. Just to help you understand, not only was my experience horrible they were rude, my order was wrong, charged incorrectly and rude to every customer that came in and drove thru. I’d like to order a cheese quesadilla, “sorry we can’t make it”, found out the machine had been clean. That was just an example of my experience. I would appreciate a call please or something more than a mere 20.00 paper card for that same location. I have sent this to your contact us so i am sending it to your office.

  • Edward says:

    Good afternoon, I dropped off a catalog earlier today.
    My name is Edward and im with Industrial Caster and Wheel out here in Santa Fe Springs. Please refer to our online catalog; https://www.industrialcasterandwheel.com/
    Im looking for potential customers that are in need of casters and or wheels.
    If you would be so kind to respond to this email I would greatly appreciate it or pass it on to whomever makes the purchasing decisions I would appreciate it just as well. I welcome any type of opportunities.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Robert Reed says:

    I just wanted to sugest asuree should be a manger he is the best he is the besttttttttttttt

  • Brenda Norgren says:

    I worked at Del Taco, Pomona on Holt and East End. I worked there from @1986 to 1991. Please email me a copy of the W2s from the times of my employment. If you can’t do this, please redirect me. Thx… B. Norgren

  • >