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  • Address: 1001 Washington St, Conshohocken, PA 19428United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 610-642-7642

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 2,000

  • Established: 1950

  • Founder: Steve Erlbaum

  • Key People: Scott Key, (Chief Executive Officer)

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Scott Key

Chief Executive Officer

Gary E. Erlbaum

Secretary, Treasurer and Director

Juliana Chan

Design Director of Bridesmaids & Social Occasion

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David’s Bridal was founded in the year 1950. The company has been active for over 69 years now. The founder of the company was David Reisberg. The founder of the company opened the company’s first bridal boutique store in Fort Lauderdale, located in the state of Florida, United States. In the year 1972, the company was bought over by Phillip Youtie. During the next 16 years, the company had opened almost 17 more stores as well. There were many stores among them that were leased as well, which were under David’s Bridal name. Later inwards, Phillip Youtie along with Steven Erlbaum, who was a childhood friend of Phillip Youtie, helped grow the business to almost all the 50 states of the USA. Both Erlbaum and Youtie had incorporated the company and helped to structure the company for the national market. The company had also built its warehouse in the state of Florida, United States, which was near Fort Lauderdale. The corporate headquarters were established in Pennsylvania, United States.

In the 1980s, the company had changed its store model, and thus started to stock in designer gowns, manufacturer overruns and also discontinued dresses at prices that were below the retail limit. The company was all about shopping for the perfect expensive dress without spending that much. The stores of the company were more like normal, warehouse-like ones, rather than being comfortable ones. In between the year 1994 and the year 1995, 12 more stores were added to the list as well. In the year 1999, the company had become a limited public entity with almost $104 million in assets. In the year 2000, the company was bought over by Department Stores Company, for an amount of $436 million. During that time, the company was the largest retailer of various kinds of bridal gowns and also all other related merchandises as well. In the year 2006, the company was again taken over by Leonard Green & Partners. Six years later, in the year 2012, the company was again acquired by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, for a price of more than $1 billion. As of the year 2018, the company had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. By the year 2019, the company had re-emerged from bankruptcy. The current owners of the company are a group of lenders along with the Oaktree Capital Group. The headquarters of the company is based in 1001 Washington Street. The name of the place is Conshohocken, while the name of the state is Pennsylvania, United States. The pin code of the area is 19428.


David’s Bridal is an American company that focuses on the designing, manufacturing and selling of various kinds of wedding dresses, gowns and also other types of formal wear as well. The current CEO of the company is Tom Lynch. As of the current date, the total number of employees working at the company is more than 9,000. As of the current period, the company has over 300 stores located in more than 45 states in the USA, along with other countries like Canada, the UK as well as Peurto Rico.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of clothing, apparels, wedding dresses, prom gowns and also other types of formal dresses as well. The company also sells footwear and gifts too.

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  • MY wallet was stolen!! says:

    MY WALLET WAS STOLEN!!! I went to David’s Bridal in Jacksonville, FL. Purchased a dress (Mother of the groom). Made an appointment to return for alterations. I showed up for my appointment, was taken to the back where apparently, they do the measuring. There were 4 fitting rooms. One employee helping and 2 others on sewing machines. I was told which fitting room I could go in. With my PAID FOR dress in hand still in the bag and my wristlet (wallet) on my arm I went into the fitting room. I hung my dress up and went to lay my wallet on the plastic chair that was in there. I specifically remember doing this because the chair looked like someone dropped a makeup pallet of blush on the chair and it broke everywhere. I brushed it off a little and laid my wallet down. The employee then asked me if I had shoes. I told her no, that I hadn’t purchased shoes yet. She told me that I could go look at their shoes and grab a pair to try on with my dress to see how much it would need to be altered. I walked out, closed the curtains and went to the shoes. Another dress caught my eye, and I went to look at it. I went back to the fitting room with shoes in hand to try on my dress. My dress was moved and hanging in the main walkway, the curtains to my dressing room were open, and my wallet was GONE! Yes, it was dumb of me to leave it in there, but I honestly didn’t think anything of it being only one person was back there and one employee. I started asking everyone about it. The employee that moved my dress stated that she “didn’t see it”. I asked why my dress was moved. She stated that she had to put someone else in there. Mind you there were 2 other rooms that were NOT occupied!! I asked her why she didn’t use one of the other rooms and she stated that they “got busy”. Again, I was just around the corner to the fitting rooms and did not see ANYONE else go back there! I went up to the front desk and everyone started looking and asking. The employee that was originally helping me in the back became overly helpful with the “search”. I then overheard a couple of employees talking about the situation and one said, “she probably walked back out to her car and left it there”. FIRST OFF, I didn’t leave the store! I felt interrogated and made to feel like I did something wrong. I was extremely upset and asked the employee if she wanted me to go ahead and try my dress on so I could be measured and get out of there. She told me “NO” that I would need to “come back” to be measured for my alterations, this, being due to the fact that I couldn’t pay for the alterations! So, now, not only did I waste my time and have my stuff stolen, I have to come back to this store, get measured, pay for it, then come back to pick it up. The kicker, this employee that does the alterations asked me when the wedding was, I told her, she handed me a card and said that she wouldn’t charge me “rush” alterations! I was floored…. This employee and few others have left a very, very bad taste in my mouth. a suggestion other than getting rid of this person would be to have some kind of cameras at least at the entrance and check out! I am far from finished with this situation!!!!

  • Unhappy Customer says:

    After reading these comments i feel like mine would be a broken record!! How are they still in business! We ordered my daughters dress in Nov- Jan we were told to pick up dress-NEVER was asked to try it on to make sure we ordered the right size-meanwhile I asked the sales lady if we could order a size smaller and she stated her sizing is spot on-you can take in but cant take out-WELL THE SIZING WAS WRONG AND 2 SIZES TOO BIG! Here it is a little over a month away and they say they will order a size 0 which is what should have been ordered in the first place & should be here Nov 8-and the wedding is Nov 18-really 10 days before the wedding?? I asked could you please order a size 2 as well so if the 0 doesn’t fit we would have the other dress to do alterations with, they had the audacity to tell me I would have to pay for a 2nd dress. Now here we are waiting for a dress to come in and had to leave the dress we paid for at the store!! I was told they could do a rush on the alterations at a cost-and I said I WILL NOT pay for a rush for your scre up!! Such horrible customer service, this was a Saturday, the MANAGER said she would call Monday and give us an update, at 3:45pm Monday I called the manager and asked if she had an update-she stated she didn’t get a chance to call the warehouse, that she will call once we hung up. Well at 5:21pm the same day the bride called her back and she STILL has not called the warehouse! So discussed with this company and the customer service they give-reading by these comments its the norm, I WILL NEVER REFER ANYONE TO USE DAVIDS BRIDAL. BRIDES BEWARE DO NOT BUY YOUR DRESS HERE!!

  • Tanna Stephens says:

    I went into the Columbus GA store. The staff was amazing. But the way the store looks (outdated stained carpet and old chairs that are ripped) made me feel like I was in a grungy discount store. That was definitely not the feel I was going for while looking for my dress. In my opinion and from what I’ve read from other posts. Corporate needs to take a bit more interest in this store and update it.
    The way the store looks Plays a big part in the buying experience.

  • Candace watt says:

    Where can I sell my new brides dress that is David’s bridal.

  • Dawn Tonya says:

    I would stay away from David’s Bridal. Do not shop there! If you decide the dress you selected is not the right one and you don’t cancel within 7 days – you’re screwed. They don’t highlight this or tell you at the time of purchase. Buyer beware.

  • I need to speak with some says:

    My Daughter bought a dress last October 2021, for her Wedding that’s coming up in October 2022, paid 1,500 for the dress and when she went to get some sleeves added on we noticed that the mesh had holes and was told that it was dry rotted by the seamstress, so we took it back to David’s Bridal in Franklin Tn, and we were told because she has had the dress since Jan 2022 that she had it too long for them to do anything, her Wedding is next month and all they could do was off her a price for a new dress, after paying 1,500 and they want us to buy another dress instead of fixing the problem. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They are suppose to help Brides get ready for their wedding not stress them out even more. I want to speak with someone in corporate office. I think it’s horrible to do that to a bride period.

  • Hannah Samuel says:

    I went to David’s Bridal Northlake in Charlotte, NC. I will never go back in there again. I felt very unwelcome and the staff was just rude and gave me attitude soon as I walked through the door. I went in for one of my bridesmaids to try on dresses. I asked could someone pull up my loyalty account to look at the dresses I saved in my favorites; almost immediately the lady said they could not do that. I finally was able to get into my account and showed Savannah the dresses that I liked she mostly told me that many of them they didn’t have, but after looking I found most of them on the racks. A total of 5 dresses were found out of the 6. I ended up seeing another one and Savannah said “We have to try on what we have first before we can get another one”. I said wow okay, so we went to try the dresses on and not once did anyone come over to ask if we needed help with sizing or anything. I pretty much had to help myself and go back and forth to grab more dresses. We ended up leaving the store but I came back in and asked Savannah could I speak to the manager. She never greeted me again or anything. She looked at me folded her arms and rolled her eyes. I followed her to the back to were the manager was. The manager I think her name was Kayla, basically tells me because I didn’t have an appointment and that they were in the middle of shift change at 5pm is basically the reason I didn’t get any help. If only someone would have at least asked me once we came through the door did we have an appointment maybe things would have went a lot better. I will never go back to that location again. David’s Bridal has been around for many years, and to have your staff treating paying customers like that is wrong and needs to be handle. Some proper training needs to go on there.

  • Pat wilkinson says:

    Please know you normally have a wonderful product but there is an issue with the store in strongsville, OH. We had an appt for Tuesday 9/7 and late on Friday 9/4 we were called and told with they will no longer assist us due to staffing issues. Good luck with your wedding. We called again today to see why exactly we were allowed to make the appointment and were told that corporate doesnt alllow them to block out appointments. My daughter made the appointment two weeks ago and both she and my wife took a day off work to attend just to cancel a few days before and be treated with hostility and apathy. Please tell me how this service is acceptable?

  • Heather Martin says:

    I went to David’s bridal in Greensboro, North Carolina off wendover. Buying the dress was fine but the alterations was a complete disaster. I bought my dress about 4 sizes to big. I want a busle put in,the sleeves taken in,the sides taken in and a corset put in and a belt attached. First they never once measured me to to see what my size was just in case any of the pins slipped. Secondly they asked for more time which I gave them but told them I need the dress at by that day because I was having my bridal photos taken at the beach and couldn’t reschedule. So now to the day of the fitting. The belt they attached looked like it was only stitched in like 4 places so it was dropping when I put the dress on. The arms were to tight because instead of cutting the sleeves the just added a new hem to them which mad a bigger seam which made them tight. The busle was crooked and need to be adjusted. And then because the sleeves where tight the neck line was cutting into my neck. When I asked about fixing because I had a red ring on my neck and I asked why all of a sudden this part of the dress was now affected the lady asked me if I had gained weight. I was shocked because I had my dress to fit me not the other way around. Then she proceeded to tell me I couldn’t leave with my dress because they needed to fix everything that was wrong with it when I told the day I PAID for the alterations everything would be fixed before I left with my dress. I explained again that I had bridal shots with a photographer the next day and that I was leaving with my dress. They put a band aid of you will on the things that I asked to be fixed the sleeves are still to tight but I signed the papers to release my dress because I needed it. This is supposed to be a special day. I have never been married and I feel more angry and upset then when it started.

  • Rayna Dougherty says:

    I recently went to David’s Bridal in Murrieta California. My experience was stressful and horrible. The employee who was having me try on dresses was not helpful at all. She was having me try on dresses that were 5-7 sizes too big and when I asked her if there were any of the dresses in a petite size she said she wasn’t sure and didn’t even bother checking. The dress I ended up buying had to be ordered because they didn’t have my size in the store. She said she was going to order a size 2 because it will fit me and I trusted her expertise. When the dress was delivered to their location I drove 2 hours from my house to their store and tried it on. It was too big. My wedding was in one month at that point and I had already paid $500 for the dress. I ended up having to have alterations done, which I expected, but the alterations ended up costing me another $500! The two women who were taking my measurements couldn’t understand what I was communicating to them because they didn’t understand English that well. I felt like I was being taken advantage of because I am a young bride and there was nothing else I could do. I had to pay for the dress, the alterations and I was ripped off. When I went to pick the dress up, there was a tear in the side of the dress and the hemming was not finished. At that point I had already driven out to Murrieta three times and I couldn’t afford to take the trip another time. One of the alterations women had an attitude with me, was trying to confuse my sister in law and I when I would ask questions about the pricing and why I had to pay double for my dress. The experience was horrible and I tried asking for some money back because I believe I was cheated and taken advantage of so they could get their commission. They denied giving me some money back and I left with my dress that I pulled tooth and nail to get fixed. I am definitely not recommending this business to anyone. I was very disappointed with my experience.

  • Monica Rodriguez says:

    I have been to our local David’s bridal a total of two times and both times have not gone well. The first time my niece was trying on dresses for her upcoming wedding. We met her there and were met with opposition when asking to join her upstairs in the bridal area. It took complaining to get someone to allow us to go upstairs and join her. The second time my daughter made an appt to try on bridesmaids dresses for the same occasion. Upon arrival my daughter was asked if she had an appt-which she did. The receptionist did not send for an associate to assist her but instead told her that the dresses were “over there” and pointed. She was never assigned a “stylist” to help her. She ended up in an alteration room and someone told her that she couldn’t try on in that room. She told them that no one was helping her. At the end she went to check out and the sales person said that she would get someone to check her out. They were quick to make an alteration appt-but did not attempt to help her order her size. I am disgusted with this store. They need to rethink and retrain their employees-and teach them what customer service is!

  • S says:

    I use to work for Davids Bridal and I was treated unfairly by new management at the Davids Bridal in Colorado Springs,CO on Academy Boulevard. I have worked for Davids Bridal for years, and it hurt to leave due to the fact that the managers at this David’s Bridals literally lied about a situation. I will say that David’s Bridals will up the prices as they see fit, and they will also try to schedule appointments so that people will have to pay rush fees. You must schedule appointments 8 to 6 weeks before your event to avoid Rush-fees. Ask to see dresses price list! Good luck to all future bride and bridesmaids!

  • Jamie Seymour says:

    I never been treated so terrible planning for my special occasions!! I’m appalled, extremely offended and very upset at how bad I was treated!!

  • Denise Dagley says:

    I just wrote a massive review on Yelp. I am proud to be an active elite yelp reviewer with over 158 reviews in place. This was quite possibly the biggest review I’ve done yet. Completely awful experience here, lack of serious professionalism, lack of compassion, lack of service, lack of warmth, you name it, it’s lacking at this place. This chain has become very much like the fast food places that are in place these days, getting people in, pushing them through like cattle with no care and then pushing them back out, is what is happening. Corporate office, if you’d like more info, I’d welcome a call but also read my review, it’s pretty much explanatory. I’m frustrated and mad about this experience that my daughter, and our group had to deal with today. Seriously.

  • Keeya Hyman says:

    To whom it may concern:
    My daughter was scheduled to have alterations made to her prom dress. The seamstress was very disrespectful and unprofessional. She and
    coworker were quoting prices without pinning the dress. Told me payment was needed before alterations would be started.
    They started speaking in Spanish in front of my daughter, began to laugh and walked away.
    This incident occurred on March 27, 2022; appointment was scheduled @ 1:00. Location:
    Bassett Center, 1117 Geronimo
    El Paso, TX

  • Trisha Hemby says:

    This is my second message just heard from David’s bridal and Tyler Texas something went wrong and hopefully the dress has made it there by today and then the alterations which is going to cost me at least $125 more than what I paid for the dress will be done before March 26th but she’s not sure on that I’m really put off by this entire episode it’s cost me money that I can’t turn around and see the results of because nobody knows where the dress is

  • Patricia Hemby says:

    I would like to commend one of your managers in your Tyler Texas store her name is Megan when I spoke with her she was almost beside herself with the fact that a dress that I had shipped from two and a half hours away from me has now taken seven days and is now scheduled to be delivered on the 6th of March to the 8th of March this dress was only a two and a half hour drive from where I began the search for this dress for my daughters first high School prom I have ordered everything to match this dress Megan gave me her assurance that this dress would be here at least by the 8th of March so that we could have the alterations done for the prom at the end of March she apologized over and over and over again because what had happened was when she put in the transfer request for this dress to be transferred from one store to another store something in the system in the Manhattan system got screwed up and it decided it needed to try to pull from Megan’s store stock and when that couldn’t be done then the order was redone to pull from a store out of state none of this was Megan’s fault and I made that perfectly clear with her that I was not upset with her but upset with the way this in-store ordering and shipping is done I could have driven picked up the dress put it in my hand and brought it back in one day I am not real happy about this but it is what it is we spent almost $330 on this dress while that is not a lot of money in many people’s eyes it is for us and the fact that now my daughter has to wait till 2 weeks before prom to even get her dress altered is cutting it a little close I would really hope that you as a corporation of such a large and wonderful company doing investigation into the shipping policy and practices that your store managers are being held to because this was an unfair act that Megan had to apologize for you to me my number is 903-767-5033 I would appreciate an update and I would hope that Megan gets her commendation for amazing customer service

  • Jessica Parks says:

    So upset and frustrated with my entire experience with your company, and unfortunately in Alaska, most of us have nowhere else to shop for formal wear, I will however recommend everyone leave state to find better. My first appt on November 15th (3 MONTHS AGO) was spent with the sales rep checking her watch every 5 minutes and continually wandering off leaving me stuck in a dress. I found the one in what was a supremely rushed and stressful hour, which was 3 times what I wanted to spend but I really did love it. For nearly 2000 I assumed alterations were a part of the cost, nope! And they sure dont tell you any of that up front, you get told at the end of the appt you owe an additional 500. I have travelled 6 hours (3 hours each way) through the worst weather conditions we have seen in years, 4 times now, for this dress. Come to pick it up a day early because the ONLY highway to Anchorage keeps closing due to avalanches and accidents, and they don’t have it ready. I get married in 2 days, they have had a month to finish my alterations since my last appointment. Never never never again will I purchase from, nor recommend, David’s Bridal, and if my dress is not ready by tomorrow (4 times I asked and she would not guarantee me it would be ready tomorrow) I will be refunded 100% and will be contacting the BBB. The experience with David’s has literally been my only stress in the entire wedding process.

  • V Schwien says:

    We went to David’s Bridal in Orland Park, Illinois for my sister’s 40th wedding anniversary dress in the last few weeks of January 2022. We made an appointment with a stylist and were told to bring in dress choices which we did. We got there and they proceeded to tell my sister that of the 8 dresses that she had chosen they didn’t have any of them. Huh, really? Not one? They gave her other dresses to try on that were within the price range she had chosen, but they kept pushing different dresses and accessories on her and overwhelming her with choices. Three different women and at least two different managers. We had a set limit to spend and by the time we were done we left owing more than we expected to pay for the dress having spent twice as much as we had budgeted.

    When she finally chose the dress she felt was her dream dress for this day, she was told the dress would have to be ordered in a size 14 to fit her correctly and it would be ready in two weeks. She left very happy, and excited for her vow renewal for her 40th year of marriage, a special day that required a special dress without issue! A few weeks passed and they called her to pick up the dress in the middle of the first week of February 2022, she picked it up on Saturday and was told she had 7 days from purchase, they were not clear in the fact that it meant the DAY it was purchased not the DAY she picked it up. She got home and tried it on and it was too tight around her breast area and under her arms, she did not like the fit of the dress when she got it and decided to call the store to get the size she had originally told the person helping her that day which was size 16, but the girl told her she needed a 14 so that was what she was putting it down as. She asked them when she called if she could return it for the bigger size she had originally thought she needed before being told she didn’t need that size, and they said it was too late to return it.

    Seriously? How? They ordered and got the dress within a couple of weeks and she still had 3 and a half weeks till her wedding and they said they could not order her a new one in a different size? How would she know if she liked the fit of the dress she chose if they had her trying it on in sizes that did not fit her? Then they told her it would fit much better and she would see how much better it would look when she got her dress in the size they ordered it which was size 14, NOT her size! They then told her that she could exchange the dress at the store for store credit for a dress of equal or lesser value over the phone, but when she got there they said she could have a store credit, not a refund to my card for the difference of a lesser value dress if that was what she found instead.

    Are you kidding me right now??? She had to then find a dress she liked and whatever else she could find at the store that she DID NOT NEED just so your store could keep the difference of the price of a dress she did not even want to have to find but was forced to choose because they would not order her dream dress she had chosen in the size she needed initially! She then find another dress and the items she was forced to

    She then gets to the front and she is there trying to make the exchange and check out for an hour because of their computer difficulties with crashing, inability to scan items, etc. and their clerk’s inability to do her job having to seek help repeatedly from people she worked with as well as over the phone. Meantime the coworker is standing there complaining about traffic outside and anything else she could find to complain about while my sister is standing there upset with me on video chat waiting to see if they needed anything from me since it was my card that made the purchase.

    I am very disappointed in your customer service! This was all unnecessary and could have been avoided if they would have just ordered the dress again in HER SIZE, not the size they felt was her size! She told them she was a size 16 they told her they were going to order her a size 14 because it would fit her better, and they know how her clothing fits how? They have never met her until that day! They also ordered her a dress in size 14 on purpose to be able to charge her $500 for alterations! Are you kidding me right now??? that is as much as the dress! Alterations should be included, especially if they insist on ordering a dress in the size THEY feel it should be and not the size they are told it should be!! This is absolutely unacceptable service!

    I feel that we are owed for all of the upset this has caused and the ignorance of your employees at David’s in Orland Park Illinois. I want a full refund of the over 800 dollars for the original sale, for the dress she was forced to replace that she wanted that was $349.00 because of having to purchase this dress and other items to reach the $600 amount of the store credit they would not refund to my card! She should have been able to get the dress she actually wanted that they ordered in the wrong size and refused to reorder and expedite it on time for her March 5th, 2022 wedding date! I hope to hear back from you about this so that I do not have to seek further restitution legally.


    V. Schwien

  • Emma Beezley says:

    Absolutely terrible. Alterations butchered my dress and charged me over 500 bucks to do so (I was able to have both Davids mistakes AND the alterations I originally wanted done at a local tailor for 75 bucks). After close to a years worth of BBB complaints and back and forth, I was told that I would be receiving a refund for $508 within 21 days. That was four months ago. Called corporate, they assured me they would mail the check out immediately. I’ve now waited a total of five months and nothing. BTW-filed the BBB complaint in April of 2021. I loved my dress but do NOT use their alterations department.

  • Cathy Jesse says:

    I purchased a dress for my daughters wedding at Davids in Oxnard California. They had to alter my dress, and it all seemed to be going well at first. I was expected to pick up my dress on Monday, September 20th, but they rescheduled it due to being shorthanded in their alterations department. I was very worried. I went on Tuesday the 21st, and I noticed my dress didnt hang right in the back but I knew we were leaving soon to travel to our daughters house in northern California so I took the dress. Note: you stand in front of mirrors that are not close & to be honest I could not see that well!!! I got home, tried it on again, and realized the zipper was done wrong, they had also sewn the waist wrong, sewing the tag into the waist and it just was not altered correctly, the back was not how it was supposed to be. So I went into the store the next day, I laid the dress out on the counter to show them the zipper and I then realized the entire dress had splattered black spots which looked like grease to me all over the dress. Especially around the area where the zipper had been re-set. They said they would fix the issues and let me know when it was ready. This was a Wednesday and we were leaving on Friday early morning to travel up north. I never heard back from them, so I called Thursday & they couldnt find my dress, were not sure what was done so I drove again up to Davids to find out what was going on. Its about 25 miles and a lot of traffic to their location for me. Not only did they not fix the zipper, it looked as if beginner sewer put in my zipper, but they were not able to get the stains out of my dress, the spots were just smeared more. The manager first said she would refund the alterations, and I could try to get the stains out. I said no, I dont have time, and what if I cant get out the stains, I would be out the money for the dress I purchased. I asked if they could quickly fix the zipper and the back, and I was told they were not able to do anything more for me. They could not properly alter my dress. I was given back almost all the money I paid for the dress they ruined. When I realized I did not have a mother of the bride dress I had to sit down in the back of Davids, I thought I would pass out. I was so devastated, no solution was given at all. I had to order dresses on line, quickly shopped in northern california in hopes of finding a dress, which I did not. I bought about 6 dress from Amazon, one which I had altered which I did not wear, which cost me $150 to alter. I ended up with another dress I bought off ebay. After the wedding I had to return all these dresses and it was not fun. It was a complete nightmare for me, my daughter too, very upsetting the entire experience. I should have known when I first found the dress @ Davids in Oxnard, and the woman Cathy from alterations came in, and I had mentioned that I am a seasoned sewer, and she offered me a job to do hand stitching. That made me worried but I just assumed she was competent to do the job. I wonder how a bride would feel to be told, sorry there is nothing more we can do for you and they just refund almost all of her money and walk away like that, just days before the wedding?!!!!

  • Lori~sad in NC says:

    My future daughter n law has been trying to speak with someone at the corporate office for over a week now. She visited the store in Raleigh NC and thought she found the dress of her dreams and it has turned into a nightmare. The date of her wedding changed and she attempted to buy a dress off the showroom floor. After confirming twice that she could in a size that would work, the dress was sold to someone else on the day she went to pick it up. That same day they tried to convince her to buy a size smaller than what they originally ordered for her. After that she was so disgusted she wanted to cancel the whole order. In which case they informed her she had 30 days to do. Yet every time she tries to speak to someone they give her the run around. Please help!

  • Rachel says:

    First let me say I had a bad experience from
    the very beginning and I should have walked away then! The lady (Hamburg location) who helped my bridal party and with sizes and picking out my dress was horrible! She sized us all wrong and wouldn’t listen to me when I told her the dresses she was picking were not my style! Needless to say my girls helped me find my dress at David’s and it’s beautiful! Fast forward to alterations (Niagara falls Blvd)it’s NOTHING BUT A NIGHTMARE!! Not just for me, but also 2 out of my 4 bridesmaids! Now let me give some backstory for alterations …I bought my dress pre pandemic and 2 months before I found out I was pregnant! Now after having my child my dress fit but was tight in the boobs! Therefore I asked it to be taken out a tad and a few other adjustments made. I have had to go to David’s 3x to have things tweaked! This third time after my dress was taken out, my dress no longer looked or fit the way it should have! I now had “wings” under my arms from them taking the top out too much! This left me not feeling beautiful in my dress or confident with their ability to fix my dress! I chose to take my dress as is and take it somewhere else to get altered properly, as my wedding is 8 days away! I would also like to add they butchered my one bridesmaids dress, that it no longer fits comfortably nor does it look the same as my other bridesmaid who has the same dress! She was also treated poorly by an employee who was helping her at the time she went in for her 2nd fitting! They also didn’t listen to my matron of honor who said she didn’t need cups added to her dress, but proceeded to put cups in anyways and charged her for it! My matron of honor then went for her last fitting and SURPRISE the cups had to come out bc the dress didn’t fit with them in and they didn’t fit her chest! So they took them out on the spot and ripped her dress in the process so they then had to sew it to fix it!
    I will say this…Emily the alterations manager was delightful in trying to help and attentive to me all 4 times I was there for alterations! However, whomever is doing the actually alterations may need to work ok their sewing abilities!! In my opinion if you want to buy your dress at David’s, great….but DO NOT DO YOUR ALTERATIONS THERE! I am now out of a few hundred dollars from David’s for alterations that are messed up, with the exception of the hem (the only thing they did right) and is now costing me another hundred or so to fix some place else! I would also like to add that I have tried calling the corporate office ALL DAY and kept getting the message “call volume is higher than usual but you can text with a virtual assistant” and the click…dial tone!

  • Oneika Lewis says:

    I have complaint

  • Christine Ayala says:

    Not a great experience

    • Dee says:

      THE WORST!!! After wedding I will be contacting headquarters directly. No one should have to go through this type of experience when wedding dress shopping.

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