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Headquarters are the place where any corporate office runs from the maximum time of their journey. It is the location that welcomes everyone for help. The HQ office of David Yurman places itself in 24 Vestry St, New York, NY 10013, United States. Apart from the headquarters, there are multiple ways to reach them:

Walkable address: It will help get in touch with the headquarter’s staff who have the best knowledge. One can walk up to this address and get their issues registered to the help.

24 Vestry Street

New York, NY 10013

Phone help: At times, it becomes difficult to walk up to a store and get help. One can use the following numbers that will help one reach out to the best services:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-896-1550

Toll-Free Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-226-1400

Customer Service Number: 1-877-908-1177

Fax Number: 212-593-1597

Sending Email: It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to describe what one feels and the query and complaints related to a person. The following is the active email address of the company:


Website: It is one of the best places to rely on to have the best user experience. It accounts for all the minute details for contacting the right person at the right time.

David Yurman Headquarters Info & Photos

The elegance and charm that one brings along are vital for any company to strive. With the best headquarter location, one can find the David Yurman at the following address:

24 Vestry St

New York 10013, United States

It has an elegance that touches the sky and an aura best fit for jewellery shopping. It magnetizes people who walk past it. It has a shine like that of a diamond and is the best fir place to nurture dreams.

It has more than 9000 employees that work in synchronization, and the firm keeps its aim to fulfil the long-distant dreams. It holds strong the notion of indulging people into works that allure the common and makes one stand different.

With a small notion in mind that took a turn around, David Yurman rules million hearts. It is not just a piece of stone put across in the best style. It is a feeling that describes itself unsaid.

David Yurman Headquarters Photo
David Yurman Corporate Office Photo

David Yurman Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

24 Vestry St, New York, NY 10013, United States

David Yurman Headquarters Executive Team

Carol Pennelli

Carol Pennelli


Betty DiPietro

Betty DiPietro

VP of Accounting Operations

Miles Rohan

Miles Rohan

Executive Director, Digital Asset Management & Archives at David Yurman

Name Title
Remy Nisbet Sr. Director of Technology eCommerce
John Berg Executive Director of R & D Model Shop
Stanley Kwak Executive Director
Lily Russell Executive Director of Design
Todaro Angelo Executive Design Director
Alysa Averbuch-Kitchin Executive Director of Global Events
Joan Crane Senior Director of Inventory Control
Sue Newberg VP of Merchandising
Mo Sakurai Chief Merchandising Officer
Danielle Twersky Chief Merchandising Officer
Lee Tucker Senior Vice President of Merchandising
Ean Bressack Vice President
Daniel Vecchio Vice President
Amanda Miller Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition
Patrick Bennett Vice President of Manufacturing
Whitney Connor Vice President PD/PE
Kate Harrison Vice President Product Development
Rachel Goldflam Vice President Channel Marketing and Events
Kimberly Rainone Vice President Design Operations
Tom ORourke Vice President Retail
Vincent GUY Vice President High Jewelry
Matthias Ernstberger Vice President Creative Director
Tracy Heller VP of Ecommerce & Omnichannel Marketing

About David Yurman


The firm David Yurman was found in 1980 by sculptor David Yurman and his painter wife Sybil Kleinrock to promote unique and explicit products. The firm’s journey started with an artwork gallery where they exhibited sculptured jewellery, paintings, and craft fairs. Realizing the market place for fine craft and unique artisanal jewellery, the metamorphosis of thoughts into a firm came live. With their collective work done to create a new ripple in the world of design, they become a top preference for everyone searching for something new. Over to business, they wanted to render things that one can cherish forever. In 2003, their son, Evan Yurman, came into the company. Coming from a new generation, he brought in another change. He worked hard to give out the best and finest collection for men’s and wedding jewellery collection. With the best collaboration, the company is the best to go for with any jewellery.


Known as one of the best jewellery stores, David Yurman serves millions of customer to have their dream product in hand. It helps to give timeless gifts to people that one loves. Running from 1980, the store allows for rendering engagement and marriage rings. It helps to have a lifetime memory. The store also gives different and unique designs of various products, including bracelets, earrings, necklace, charms, and much more. They are the perfect style statement and a token of elegance and grace for gifts. Apart from just selling the products, the ambassadors also give out style statements that help any customer have the best in hand. It is one of the most common services for beauty between celebrities. With the products, the store also gives product services that help maintain the token of love in the best state. It renders the people the finest collection. It is the best for men and women and allows for the best collection for a lifetime.


Knowing the facts helps a customer link better with the company and feel more connected.

  • David Yurman came across his love for art at a very young age of 12 when he came across prehistoric cave painting.
  • He discovered his love for metal making at 16 when he learnt sandal making from Roger Rileau.
  • He hitch-hiked to California and other places to understand different aspects of art. He then came back to NY to apply the knowledge.
  • The journey of the creation of a firm begins with David creating several masterpieces for Sybil.
  • In 1980, both of these came together to create a unique brand that gave the most famous cable design.
  • He revolutionized the world of jewellery by introducing elegant styles using metals and stones.

  • Dr. Fisher says:

    Scottsdale ruined my wife’s surprise 60 Bday
    Delivered bracelet to unknown

  • Mark Fanelli says:

    I bought a very expensive gold bracelet with a ruby in the bracelets falling apart brought it back they fixed it it broke again I feel like I got ripped off Thanks Glenn via quality product respectfully mark

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