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  • Address: 2481 Manana Dr, Dallas, TX 75220United States
  • Phone Number: 214-357-9588
  • Fax Number: (212) 838-8664
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 15,000
  • Established: 1982
  • Founder: James W. Corley, David Corriveau, David O. Corriveau
  • Key People: Stephen M. King (CEO)

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Brian A. Jenkins

Senior VP & CFO

Margo L. Manning

COO & Senior VP

Kevin Bachus

Senior Vice President of Entertainment & Games Strategy

About Dave And Busters, History and Headquarters Information

Dave & Buster's was incorporated by David Corriveau and James "Buster" Corley in 1982. Dave & Buster is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. As of 2019, the firm is spread over more than 133 locations in the United States and Canada.

Dave & Buster's Holdings, Inc. owns and handles restaurant and entertainment business. The Company offers a wide range of food and beverage items along with numerous entertainment attractions such as virtual reality systems, interactive simulators, and pocket billiards. Its shares are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol PLAY. Its menu is vast and includes desserts, steaks, chicken pasta, burgers, and seafood. A few locations they serve Sunday brunch.  Buffets can be ordered only if there are some special events and private parties. People can play hundreds of their new arcade games in our Million Dollar Midway and also win tickets for amazing prizes. Each Dave & Buster's has a full-service restaurant and a video arcade.

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  • Dale says:

    Please have someone contact me via e mail regarding using our company to supply the new Mobile Alabama location with their Kitchen equipment.

  • David says:

    I have a two Guinness records prerecorded footage I will like to host live Guinness world record competition event at Dave&Busters

  • Jasmine Haveron says:

    Your Hiring manager denide me a interview simply because I couldn’t make it the day she wanted to schedule it for due to my religious event. I gave her a date following the next day and was ghosted in response.

    This is a act of discrimination and eeoc laws and guidelines

  • Anonymous Crime Report says:

    I have been a victim of cyber crime and stalking and your staff at YOUR distribution center in La Verne, Ca is involved. A crime report has been filed with local & higher authority. If these individuals instigate & participate in these unlawful activities against me, its assumed that your corporation is included in the financial aspect of its liabilities. I urge you to question, screen & keep under surveillance thier ethical activities, including their payroll/clock in times. I have made your social media parties aware of my situation. What are the prerequisital standards of your employees? Does this fall under “general labor?”

  • Sheri R-Collins says:

    Our experience at your Florence, Ky location was sad today. It started with our food order. My husbands hard dry chicken tenders and cold fries came out a full 14 minutes before our 2 grandkids and mine. When i asked if there was a problem with the rest of our order our waitress snapped, that she just had to go to the kitchen and get it. 5 minutes after she came back with one of the orders incorrect. We were in the restaurant forever with two young kids. She brought it back around and of course we tipped her. We were in the arcade section for 2+ hours, not one time did we ever see one person wiping down one machine with sanitizing of any kind. The bathroom smelled like rotten eggs, most of the auto hand washing faucets were not working (only 2 of maybe 8) the very few hand sanitizer bottles available only had remnants in the very bottom. We remember when this Dave and Busters opened, it was clean and beautuful and a blessing to our community. So as not to be totally negative, our visit was today 12/31/21 from around 12 to 3pm and the young man that was working in the area where the kids redeemed their tickets was patient, kind and efficient. Please let him know he was the “redeeming” factor of this entire visit. I would like to say we will give this location another chance…..but honestly we paid $60+ for substandard food two kids meals, 1 app and dried out cold food, an incorrect order and $200+ for kids power cards and went away really disappointed.

  • One of your bartenders says:

    I was recently an employee there of 2 almost 3 years. Honestly I LOVED my job until we had a certain GM come in. I wont mention the name. I recently had to quit about 3 weeks ago due to constant negativity and mild sexual harassment. (Inappropriate comments that honestly made me feel very uncomfortable at times while working) I did actually put my two weeks just stating I wasn’t happy. I did not mention to the person that I put my two weeks in to why I was unhappy because that happened to be the certain individual (THE GM OF THE STORE ) that was making the inappropriate comments. I honestly didn’t feel like I could tell any of the management because I felt like I would lose shifts that I needed to pay my bills etc. I hope this reaches the right person. ill leave my email below since it is not publicly displayed. And get in touch with me that way. Thank you! I also called and left a message on 214-357-9588 I believe under employee questions / concerns. I honestly don’t want anyone to get in trouble. I feel like someone needs to be aware so it doesn’t happen to someone else.

  • Hon D says:

    Server charge me $19.45 under voodoo pasta in replace with me asking for shrimp Alfredo for my daughter. There’s no way a shrimp (small shrimps at that) is comparable to their voodoo pasta entree. And it took us 20mins to just get our water and soda. Then I had to remind him 10mins after we finally got them drinks that I still haven’t gotten my Jamison Long Island ice tea

  • Dexter says:

    I never complain about customer service but the treatment my family received yesterday from Dave & Busters in Myrtle Beach SC (Broadway at the Beach location) was absurd. I had a family of 9 on Sept 5th. We were told it would be a 45 min wait but there were at least 8 tables open ( big tables). I figured we’ll maybe they are short-staffed, but I noticed at least 10 hostesses working. We waited over an hour before called. I asked to speak to the manager. She said her name was Carey. I explained to her there were a ton of tables open. She looked at me as if I was bothering her and said I called you guys 8 mins ago. I didn’t argue or say it was over an hour waiting. I just said ok thank you, walked away and went to another location. Bad customer service stays with you. I will never visit this location again.

  • Sandra Eaton says:

    Cedar Hill, Texas needs a D&B! Now!
    Thank you!

  • Christine Hughes says:

    Trying to retrieve input re your merchandize (D&B glitter light. No answer at corp office

  • Frank Fernandez says:

    Moved to Hilton Head Island, SC five years ago. Miss going to D&B in west Miami-Dade County, FL. There’s a property here on the Island that was previously occupied by Sam’s Club and it’s been vacant for over a year. HHI has a large year round residential population and it’s an established vacation spot for people of all ages. I think this would be a great fit for a D&B; check it out.

  • Rosalyn Parker says:

    I’m writing to let you know how unhappy I am with the service me and my family yesterday 8/13/2019 at your Northridge, California location, we place orders for our drink and watch them sit at the bar for over 10 minutes before the waiter got around to bringing them to us. We then place our order food food the first half came out wrong and had to be sent back to the kitchen, it then took addition 15 minutes for the second half of the food to come out which was cold, and the order that was wrong took another 20 minutes after we received the second half of the cold food. So I went to find the manager who I seen on several occasions laughing and talking with the employees while we’re waiting on food and drinks. Try to explain to her that I was really unhappy with the service we were receiving she act like it was a bother to talk with her and was extremely cold and had no answers, her name was Christine by the way Horrible manager. We spent a $112 for cold food and terrible service, this is not the kind of service I expect when I go out to eat. Would honestly like to have my money refunded, Very Very unhappy customer. Rosalyn
    Email: rosalynparker1980@gmail.com

  • Lilly says:

    45 min and counting waiting for someone to take our order at Pelham location, worst service ever

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