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  • Address: 3725 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 877-426-2838

  • Email: Click Here

  • Established: September 25, 1920

  • Founder: Robert Marx

  • Key People: Dennis R. Nixon

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United States

3725 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076, United States

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Joe Parsetich

Joe Parsetich

National Commander

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Barry A. Jesinoski

Barry A. Jesinoski

National Adjutant & CEO

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Name Title
Randy Reese Washington Headquarters Executive Director
Bryan “Cody” VanBoxel Executive Director
Edward E. Hartman Inspector General
Jim Marszalek National Service Director
Joy J. Ilem National Legislative Director
Daniel Clare Chief Communications and Outreach Officer
John Kleindienst National Voluntary Services Director
Ryan Burgos National Employment Director
Douglas K. Wells Jr. National Membership Director
John R. “Rob” Lewis National Communications Director
M. Todd Hunter Deputy National Communications Director

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  • Terry Howard says:

    You are currently stealing my funds illegally and framing me for crimes I have not committed. You have been altering my documents and making my common in law wife commit accuse me of being a psychopath to embarrass me and erroneous label me incompetent! I demand my funds back in full immediately for I have all the evidence to support my statement.

  • Edwin s Cooke says:


    VAVBABAL/RO/DAV, Sen Cardin , OCLA- CIS and House /Senate Ethics Committees and all others cited on this email. The below cites the dismay I have had for the VA/ VHA and VISN5 as well as the VA OIG and VA OGC ( VAMC Martinsburg WV and VAMC DC, VAMC Richmond, VA and VAMC Phoenix , AZ ) , as well as the Senate and House, with respect and regards to how they have allowed the VA as well as the VSO’s and NSO, to get away in how they have played this egregious game of compensation denial of claims with the so called, Duty to Assist, Clear and Ummistaleable Error, ( 50/50 going to the veteran ) etc game Fraud, Wastes and Abuse…as well as Law and Regulations that are only on paper but not actually enforced by anyone in power, which has disenfranchised the Veteran Community for many years of their rightfully earned benefits…..

    God will Recon with you all one day, for using Budget, and your own personal gains / benefits and your family and friends , as you neglect your Sworn Duties and Responsibilities to the Veteran Community.

    DAV HQ and Baltimore see my attached input regarding my appeal / support to you as my DAV Representative to Represent me in all good will and faith I hope this time round, per your Charter and Mission Statement, with the Oversight of the DC DAV HQ; this due to the past counter-mandering of your failures in my pursuit with VA Claims and you this DAV Organization, which receives funding from the Congress and and the OGC Credentials.

    You and the others like you which I see is a Conflict of Interest , with respect to the Veteran Community, and no one speaks of this Conflict , as you DAV… can not serve two Masters, the Veteran and those that pay your salaries without compromise.

    I want you to be aware that I know and others know as well, and that’s why I am entrusting you with my current appeal for Benefits based on the Items of Compensation, I have not been paid for over the years, by the VA based on the Through Review of my Current Decision letter dated 09-15-2021; as well as the addedem letter sent Oct 8, 2021, that has the pending issues that weren’t adjudicated in the Claim cited 9-15-2021 from the VA Compensation Branch.

    As both Letters cite, the DAV were provided with this input as all my letters have over the years, but you fail to contact but you get input from the VA , and you don’t reach out to me… Please DC FAC HQ, tell me how that looks and or sounds….?

    I will await your contact regarding the pathway to appealing these positions, with the VA / VHA; with reference to VA File Number 29 710 397. There is much work to be done with this claim long overdue based on the neglect this Office in Baltimore has failed at over the many years, this is why I ask the DC DAV HQ , to act as versight in how this case is and has been managed in the past as we all can make the rightful corrections to my claim old and new… as we move forward with addressing the VA System, which is as flawed as the DAV, VFW and American Legion.

    Edwin Cooke
    12625 Laurel Bowie Rd #3141
    Laurel, MD 20709

    FAX FAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAXFAX Department of Veterans Affairs Claims Intake Center PO Box 5235 Janesville, WI 53547-5235

    Fax to: TOLL FREE: 844-531-7818 & 248-524-4260

    Edwin S. Cooke

    12625 Laurel Bowie

    Laurel Md 20709

    Oct 14, 2021

    TO: VA Baltimore Regional Office Director: / Antione Waller ( Compensation Supervisor ) Mr Paul Jones and his team, and Excellent and Trusted VA Government Employee Retired Army Strong)

    CC: DAV Baltimore / DAV.VBABAL@va.gov

    CC: OCLA-CIS@VA.gov

    VA Secretary McDonough and VA Under Secretary of Compensation Thomas J. Murphy

    Re:Edwin S. Cooke ( 1341 ) / C 29-710-397 / CFR 38 USC 111 / CFR 38 USC: 3.350

    Subj: DISABILITY Effective Dates -and other Conditions that should be pending other than Heart Condition, per se Gerd / Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea/Insomnia

    My Rating of 100% P/T SC Disability Rating Sept 2021, A review of effective date Aug 2020 vice an earlier date for PTSD / Mental Health Conditions that have been cited in my VAMC DC Records and Treatment Therapy – Meds / PHP Program and Mental Health Clinic back in the late 1990’s thru mid 2000’s, Failures in Duty to Assist and Benefit of the Doubt (50 / 50 Tie Goes to Veteran), based on claims filed during that period. As well as Hypertension / Heart Disease and Gerd/PUD.

    VA Compensation and Pension, DAV Baltimore ( DAV Senior Leadership HQ / DC- Oversight), and OCLA-CIS / Liaison Office, as well as the Sen Cardin, of MD.

    These issues and concerns with my benefits span over 30+ years in filing claims with this VA System, that is very Flawed , as such with the DAV, VFW and American Legion who I being a Lifetime Member cite them as well in their disenfranchisement of the Veteran Community, with respect to VA CARE at VAMC and Compensation and Pension to Veterans who have earned their benefits due to their service to this Nation. The Congress , Senate and the House are our Representatives , who should be Protecting our Rights as Veterans. But they too have failed the US. We look forward to the change coming with you ALL , that will bring Fairness and Earnest in Review and Adjudication of our Claims.

    Thank you and Respectfully

    Edwin S. Cooke 10-14-2021 / SC Veteran 100% PT/ US Navy: 1977-1985

  • Mike says:

    The DAV corporate office in wichita, ks on s george washington blvd is the worst at keeping up their grounds. They let the grass/weeds get as tall or taller than the A/C units outside the building before cutting it. There are weeds coming out of every crack in the parking lot. The sign on front of building has been busted for a few years now. This lack of upkeep causes their weeds to spread into their neighbors grass and looks bad. What’s ironic is that they are located across from the military base here. There are pictures to prove this

  • Mark Paquette says:

    How do I get a newDAV card? I am a life member . My card is so old it is falling apart.My #is 200150754354.

  • Michael Kelly Walker says:

    I am at my wits’ end and find myself in need of some assistance.
    Veterans Benefits Advantage at 2300 Boswell Road, in Chula Vista, helped me get a better rating through the VA and now I am paying on a $7000 bill which they flatly refuse to send me a breakdown of their billing for when all I did was Skype for 1/2 hour with their doctor and follow the instructions sent to me in a PowerPoint on how to navigate the E-Benefits site on my own.
    Did they help? Yes. I was at 50% and am now at 100%, and I’m grateful for that because I’m finally getting dental work I have needed for decades. I left the service in ‘78, diagnosed in ‘11. Now I know why I could never keep a job and couldn’t “play well with others”.
    I suffer from PTSD, major depression, anhedonia, explosive personality disorder and more.
    Sam Dobel, a Veterans Benefits Advantage employee sent what appeared to me to be the wrong “Michael Walkers” data. It was my name but not my SSN nor my DOB. My “bill” went up $500 because I, apparently, had the audacity to complain about Mr Dobel and asked what they intended to do about what I had been put through due to his incompetence.
    When I pointed this out after having gone to the copy shop and seen after it had been printed that it wasn’t mine my natural assumption was that it was a different Michael Walker.
    This gave me an immediate anxiety attack and by the time I got home my hands were shaking so badly I could barely type.
    I wrote to Sam, he fixed his mistake, sent me the right data, I went back to the copy shop, then signed it and had it sent to them.
    The next day, still shaken, and wondering how safe “my” data was in this apparently inept mans’ hands I wrote back to Sam and told him I’d deleted the email in case of a hack. He told me he’d already done the same. In that moment I felt the ghost of Hillary Clinton standing next to me. He was in full “CYA” mode.
    As a former police officer I suddenly heard bells and whistles going off in my head and the anxiety attacks resumed.
    I hadn’t emptied my “trash” so I retrieved that email and I still have it.
    It took 10 days for the VA to get back to me to let me know that that SSN and DOB for the “other” Michael Walker didn’t exist.
    10 days of anxiety attacks. Sleep disturbance, and a general agitation caused by their employee. Moreover, I sleepwalk in times like these and being in need of a hip replacement I fell and broke a rib in the upper left quadrant. I’ve had broken ribs before. I know what they feel like. I already have a prescription from the VA for Ibuprofen, and that’s the strongest they will give me because I take Diazepam to help me sleep and they won’t give you hydrocodone while you’re taking the other, so I never reported it and there’s nothing that could be done anyway, they’d just tell me to take it easy, don’t lift anything heavy, etc. The healed fracture will, however, show up on an X-ray.
    When I complained and asked them what they intended to do about what they’d put me through they threatened to sue me AND charged me an extra $500 for “their” trouble because I wanted to know what they were going to do about what I considered to be wholly legitimate complaints.
    When I asked them for a breakdown of their billing they blocked my email so I couldn’t email them and they refuse to speak with me on the phone. Still, every time I mail them a check I ask, specifically, for this breakdown which they flatly refuse to supply.
    I went through 10 days of high anxiety, sleep disturbance, and a broken rib that they not only refused to acknowledge they padded my bill for an extra $500 because they had to “deal with me” for having the audacity to call them out on their incompetence and for what they legitimately put me through.
    I want this “extra” $500 removed from my “bill” and if need be I want to sue them for emotional distress created not only by their incompetence, but then also because of their name calling, threats, and the $500 hike in my “bill”. For what?! These people may “help” veterans, but they prey on them as well.
    I have been asking for what should be rightfully mine. For $7000 I think I deserve the breakdown in how they arrived at my cost and why the “bill” was added to.
    All I want from these people is a breakdown of their billing. For $7000 I think I’m entitled.
    How do I get these people to give me data that should be mine for the asking?

    Michael K Walker

  • Christine says:

    Hello, I have been trying to contact someone from the DAV, because I am having trouble with one of my benefits with the VA and no one wants to contact me back. I know I am not the only vet who needs help with benefits. I am trying to be patient, and I am thankful for your help in getting me my 100% with the VA. They are trying to cheat me out of one of my benefits that I work so hard for and I am trying to make a difference for my family. My husband who is an active-duty soldier act like it not a big deal to him, bc he is transferring his to his son. please contact me

  • James Ulinski says:

    Why don’t we have a person available at the Mid Winter Conference like we do at National to assist our disabled veterans if they need help? One of our members needed medication and had to drive himself to VA in Washington because despite all the vans there, no one could drive him??

  • LeRoy W Jensen says:

    My name is LeRoy W Jensen I am a life member of the D A V I see where you give rides for med. appointments why don’t they do that in Alexandria La I have Parkinson and few others I need to go to L S U to see a doctor but they say they don’t that so if my wife cant take me she is disabled also I have to pay 400 dollars for transpiration to LSU in Shreveport La I think maybe I am not in the click I have asked the D A V man at the VA hospital here and he the one that said that serval times so somebody needs check into it or what you say all B S or a select few

  • Roberto Bustamante says:

    I am the Adjutant for Chapter 78 in Conroe Texas. We are building a website and have had a request from someone outside our organization to place information on asbestos related information claiming that many veterans could have been injured and deserve compensation. I am not sure if this is something we should be placing on our website. Can you please provide guidance?
    FYI..our website is http://www.DAVChapter78.com and my email is montgomerycountyDAV@gmail.com

    A copy of the individual’s email to me is attached below:

    From: dsides@asbestos.com


    Hi, I’m writing you to see if you are still actively updating the resources on your page: http://www.davchapter78.com/resources/4594503164. My name is David Sides and I’m a member of the Public Outreach Department for The Mesothelioma Center. Countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening illnesses that are a result of exposure to asbestos, a material that was commonly used in hundreds of military applications, products, and ships because of its resistance to fire. Veterans who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma even qualify for special benefits from the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs. We recently published an educational guide about mesothelioma prognosis: asbestos.com/mesothelioma/prognosis/ I believe this guide would be a valuable addition to your resources and can assist your veterans. Would you consider adding it on your page to help spread awareness? Thank you for your time, David

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