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  • Address: 1341 Horton Circle, Arlington, TX 76011, USA
  • Phone Number: 817 856-8200
  • Fax Number: 817 390-1713
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 8,000
  • Established: 1978
  • Founder: Donald R. Horton
  • Key People: David V Auld (CEO)

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D R Horton Headquarters Executive Team



David V Auld


Bill W Wheat


Michael J. Murray


About D R Horton, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in 1978 by Donald R. Horton its founder and chairman. Since its beginning, the company has brought satisfaction to families looking for a new home in America. With around 8000 employees in total, the company provides personalized services to families looking for a home anywhere in the UnitedStates.

With marketing experts set from almost all states, people can find them with ease. The company's customer-driven principle also provides clients with the best quality construction to suit their needs. With over 700,000 houses delivered to customers, the company ranks top among other dealers in the country.

With operation in almost 43 of the 50 available markets in the US, the company ranks among the top 5among the home builders in the United States. While most people choose D R Horton over others, the company strives to provide people a place they can call home.

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  • Tirso monteverde says:

    I’m a new DR Horton new homeowner, as everyone else I’ve been trying to work with the warranty local team here in Kissimme, Fl, Kindred development, after trying for months the area manager TOM TYRRELL came to my resident I guess just for show and immediately told me there”s nothing DHI can do in regards to the garage floor, this issue was addressed in the first and second walk thought, here we go on 9 months and the floor is A MESS and the problem still not solved and know the area manager said there is nothing we can do, I regret purchasing this DR Horton Pile of shit once these people get your money they don’t care about your home issues. LET SPRED THE WORD ABOUT DR HORTON HOMES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE, TOGETHER WE CAN TEACH THIS COMPANY HOW TO VALUE THEIR CUSTOMER.

  • Raymond Cobos says:

    Mr. Auld,
    Just tried sending you a email (email the boss) but not sure if was successful. So, I’ll try this site.
    December 18, 2018 I purchased a Express Home in Tomball, TX I sent you a certified letter dated 5/21/19 and received by Jesse Arista on 5/23/19.
    I was contacting you regarding warranty request and other issues in my home. As of this date I have not heard from you or any one else. Perhaps, you don’t respond to homeowners mail.
    Disappointed with D.R. Horton.

  • Deborah Cmehil-Jackson says:

    Dear Mr. Auld. I am contacting you with the hope that you can help me. I am a new home owner of a DR Horton home. I have many many regrets on purchasing a home from DR Horton. I have 2 warranty submissions that I have sent in and the first one goes back to January of 2019. I still have not received any help. I am also asking you why DR Horton would leave our Walden Woods Community in Plant City Fl. with almost a half million dollars money owed. This money owed will be coming out of our pockets in elevated HOA dues which are already ridiculously high. Can you answer these questions for me? Buying a DR Horton home was a dream in the beginning and now it’s nothing but a nightmare.

  • Luis F. Pabon says:

    Mr. Murray
    We are having a serious issues with our wood flooring, which began within the first months of our purchase. It has now developed, into a health issue due to the mustiness and mold issues that have developed within the floor and concrete foundation. We are still in the mist of our complaints and issues, previous reported regarding our wood flooring. When the first inspector, came in mid 2017, because of the bulking of the wood floor near our kitchen, due to the faulty installation of our refrigerator. They did a prong test for moisture, between the joint and determined moisture was present. Upon replacing and repairing the damage, it was noticed the glue was black in nature. the installer scraped it away and replaced the glue. Now that we are having similar issues in the hallway, Livingroom, and dining areas, causing the wood to soften and peel, another “independent inspector” came to take a moisture test. He did not do the prog test to test for moisture in the floor ,instead tested for moisture in the air, which has nothing to do with the moisture in the floor causing the musty smell in our home. The inspector misinterpreted how my Mr. Pabon described how the floor is cleaned. We cannot use the chemical cleaners advertised for cleaning wood floors due to our allergies. Mr. Pabon vacuums the floor, uses a microfiber spin mops lightly moistened to dust pick up any remaining debris on the floor, using less moisture than the chemicals recommended would use. Therefore the info on the report regarding cleaning and care is inaccurate. We are home owners that have had wood flooring for 18 years, and have never had this issue of mustiness and deterioration of the wood flooring. we are offended by the tone and explanations we are receiving from your project manager. We are not simple minded to believe the last test for air quality was a correct testing of what was happening under Neath the floor, why was the prong test not used to get the results needed. This leads us to more questions on how this is being handling, to shift blame, from one company, to the other, and then to us being the culprits. We would like to know the inspector’s name, license number and accreditation also the following:

    moisture allowable reading for this wood, was it sealed top or bottom.
    Product name and number of waterproof glue, we were told was used.
    A copy of the moisture test results before installation began.
    square ft price of wood flooring
    square foot price to install.
    Was the concrete sealed before application began.
    Was the concrete smoothed to avoid uneveness, they is a clear dip in the floor.

    We spoke to a representative from Shaw Flooring, we were told using a slightly damp microfiber spin mop DOES NOT void the warranty. On February 12th Mike Tedesco called Mr. Pabon, to mention , Shaw was not repsonsible but DR Horton would make it right. Asking us to help move furniture ,and it would take one day. That statement alone an impossiblity. He also mention he put in a work order with Advaned flooring, LLC. He is giing conflicting stories to Mr. Pabon and Mrs. Pabon. Mike indicated the flooring cost $10,000, when Mr. Pabon showed him the cost fo the wood from our closing documents,he changed the amount to $4000. After speaking to my husband at our home, he called me on my cell, saying the report indicated it was our fault, and if we buya box of wood @$200.00 per box, he would cover theinstallation. We contacted Shaw to inquire about purchasing a box of wood flooring, our brand and style, and was told whoever told us it was $200.00 per box was ridiculous. My husband is a retired veteran and we feel we are ot treated with ingrity and respect. We want this health issue resolved, errors repaired so we can enjoy our home. We now the flooring was installed in 2016, we purchased the home January 22, 2017, and have had problem from the first 6 months.


    Luis and Luana Pabon

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