Where is CVS Pharmacy Corporate office Headquarters

CVS Pharmacy Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1 CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 401-765-1500

  • Fax Number: 401-652-1593

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 240000

  • Established: May 8, 1963

  • Founder: Stanley Goldstein Sidney Goldstein Hebreux Jules Ralph Hoagland

  • Key People: Anthony Santomauro, Larry Merlo

CVS Pharmacy Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact CVS Pharmacy Corporate Office

The headquarters of CVS Pharmacy is situated at Woonsocket, Rhode Island in the United States. It sells physician endorsed drugs and a wide variety of general products, including over-the-counter medications, cosmetics and beauty products, film and photograph completing administrations, welcoming cards, convenience foods, and seasonal merchandise. There are many different ways by which you can contact CVS Pharmacy headquarters.

Due to customer dissatisfaction, it is very frequent that the consumers want to contact the company directly through customer care or get in touch with the senior management to get a proper resolution to their queries. Please find the contact details below to get in touch or lodge a complaint against any product with CVS Pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacy Headquarter Address – On the off chance that you wish to straightforwardly stroll into the workplace and need instant help or need to present a letter straightforwardly on the organization, at that point, check beneath:

1 CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895United States

Phone Number – On the off chance that you like to get a speedy reaction, give a ring on the number underneath, as it is the quickest and most effortless way to deal with getting moment assistance +1 401-765-1500.

Email – If you require any information or if you want to complain, then you need to write an email to them at retailprivacy@cvshealth.com.

Website – To get more information on the wide range of products that CVS Pharmacy offers, you can visit their official website at www.cvs.com

CVS Pharmacy Headquarters Info & Photos

CVS Pharmacy is an American retail organization which is owned through CVS Health. The headquarter of this company is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It changed into additionally recognized as, and firstly named, the Consumer Value Store and changed into based in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1963.

It is presently the biggest pharmacy chain withinside the United States through a range of places over 9600 as of 2016 and general prescription revenue. It discerns corporation ranks because of the seventh biggest U.S. organization through FY2017 sales withinside the Fortune 500.

The ExtraCare loyalty software boasts over 70 million cardholders, making it the biggest retail loyalty software withinside the country.

CVS Pharmacy Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

750 W John Carpenter Fwy #1200 Irving, TX


United States

2211 Sanders Rd Northbrook, IL


United States

620 Epsilon Dr Pittsburgh, PA


United States

9501 E Shea Blvd Scottsdale, AZ

CVS Pharmacy Headquarters Executive Team

Karen S. Lynch

President and Chief Executive Officer

She is an American businesswoman. Lynch turned into Aetna’s first female president in 2015 and has stood firm on chief footings at Magellan Health Services and Cigna. In 2004, Lynch was selected leader of Cigna Dental, a wellbeing administrations association supplanting Sam Westover. The next year, she was named to a position that joins CIGNA Group Insurance and CIGNA Dental authority. She, at last, left the association in 2009 to become President of Magellan Health Services. In this job, she was answerable for the essential bearing and benefit and misfortune. , , Lynch remained with Magellan until 2012 when she joined Aetna as chief VP and head of Specialty Products. After two years, Lynch turned into Aetna’s first female president. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lynch was elevated to CEO of Aetna, making her the 40th female CEO on the Fortune 500 rundown. She would formally take the rules on the organization on February 1, 2021, following the retirement of Larry Merlo. All through the pandemic, she pushed for speedy immunization rollout and permitted antibodies to be controlled in CVS stores. Around the same time, she was positioned thirteenth on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list., ,

Sree Chaguturu

Sree Chaguturu

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer


Dan Finke

Dan Finke

Executive Vice President, CVS Health® and President, Health Care Benefits Segment


Name Title
Katerina Guerraz Chief Strategic Advisor to the President and CEO CVS Health®
Shawn Guertin Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer CVS Health®
Laurie Havanec Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer CVS Health®
David Joyner Executive Vice President and President of Pharmacy Services CVS Health®
Sam Khichi Executive Vice President Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel CVS Health®
Tilak Mandadi Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Data Analytics and Technology Officer CVS Health®
Michelle Peluso Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer CVS Health® and Co-President Pharmacy and Consumer Wellness
Prem Shah Executive Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer CVS Health® and Co-President Pharmacy and Consumer Wellness

About CVS Pharmacy


In 1964, the CVS phrase was first used. That year that they’d 17 retail places and 40 shops five years afterward. In 1967, CVS started its first shops with pharmacy workplaces, starting spots in Warwick and Cumberland, Rhode Island. CVS got through techniques for the now-old Melville Corporation in 1969, boosting its turn of events. CVS Pharmacy was before a helper of Melville Corporation, wherein its real name started as Consumer Value Stores. Melville later modified its name to CVS Corporation in 1996 after Melville took care of various non pharmacy shops. The finish of its non drugstore exercises was sold in 1997.

During the association’s days as a close-by chain inside the Northeast, various CVS shops currently don’t involve pharmacies. Today, the endeavour just here and there manufactures new shops without pharmacies, and out of entrances of New England is reliably wiping out the sort of shops. Each CVS with a pharmacy exists inside, taking walking distance, including downtown Boston, Massachusetts, or Providence, Rhode Island.

These shops usually miss the mark on a pharmacy anyway, passing on a constraint of the accessible gadgets that a standard CVS Pharmacy wires, including health and brilliance gadgets, sundries, and food things. The chain becomes guaranteed to utilize its interesting holding adventure Melville Corporation because of its initiation till its present-day perceived undertaking (CVS Health) gets killed into its undertaking in 1996. In 1990 CVS obtained the 490-store Peoples Drug chain from Imasco, which trapped the endeavour in new mid-Atlantic business areas far-reaching in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.


The parent firm of CVS Pharmacy’s driving adversary (Walgreens) situated nineteenth for a comparable period. It sells specialist-accepted medications and a wide collection of accessible things, including over-the-counter prescriptions, beautifiers, and greatness things, film and photo finishing associations, welcoming cards, solace food sources, and periodic items. It moreover gives clinical consideration to organizations through its more than 1,100 MinuteClinic clinical offices, similarly to their Diabetes Care Centers. Most of these focuses are arranged inside or outside CVS stores.


  • In 1994, CVS began PharmaCare Management Services.
  • The parent adventure chose CVS in 1995, selling Marshalls and This End Up.
  • The following year, they licensed the move to Footaction/Footstar, Meldisco, Linens n Things, and KB Toys. The endeavour by then made plans to oust its call from Melville Corporation to CVS Corporation.
  • In 1997, Bob’s Stores was additionally bought, and CVS almost fundamentally expanded its 1400 stores in the wake of buying the 2,500-store Revco chain.
  • CVS sold 200 Arbor Drugs regions in 1998, opened around 180 new shops, shut approximately 160 shops, and moved pretty much 200 present shops from strip shops to separated spots.
  • In 1999, CVS gained Soma.com, the fundamental online pharmacy, and renamed it CVS.com. That very year, CVS conveyed their CVS ProCare Pharmacy for tangled medicine medicines,

  • Marnie says:

    Wow! I’m almost glad I’m not the only one with CVS Issues, although, I hope they go away and/or get resolved easily!!!!!

  • Marnie says:

    CVS pharmacy not getting electronic/computer prescriptions from DRS and not getting faxes/not organized enough to put info into computer from DRS, since they are not showing up as being “in process”. Prescriptions not being processed through the correct insurance therefore showing a large payment fee required. Prescriptions disappearing; was in the automated system as being processed and then not being on the list at all.
    Dates not correct regarding refills. Says it has 1 refill or more but then they don’t have it as a refill and then required to get another DRS Approval, which does not enter the CVS system for a week even if it is sent that day OR does not come through at all (except if the DR sends the prescription 4 or 5 TIMES at least.

    *Please help me, I am extremely tired of playing tag and phone tag with multiple people for these last 3 months. THANK YOU!!!


  • Allison says:

    I have been billed for Carepass!!! I don’t even know what Carepass was. No one received my permission to sign me up for this scam of a program. I only realized what was going on when I checked my bank account statement and saw monthly charges from CVS Carepass. Then I’m told by the CVS rep they cannot provide a refund for this fraudulent transactions.



  • Alma C says:

    I spent nearly the entire day today trying to get an answer from CVS. I ordered an RX from my CVS app this weekend expecting to pick it up on Monday. I recently changed my pharmacy location. The CVS Pharmacy closest to my home moved down the street. It is under construction. I moved to a CVS Pharmacy closest to my office. I have picked up prescriptions from there since my change. My request over the weekend defaulted to the earlier CVS location (the one that is closed). Because the pharmacy is closed, the order is in process and the application did not allow me to rescind it. I visited the CVS Pharmacy closest to my work at 13th and Pennsylvania NW, Washington, DC #1842 to explain the situation and was told the prescription could not be retrieved. The tech tried to reach the closed CVS #1335 by telephone. She tried for at least a half-hour. I explained that I tried all day. I finally called the corporate number. After about 5 transfers, I spoke to Amanda in Customer Relations/Corporate Records who said that the only thing I could do was wait until the RX canceled out and reorder it then.

    I spent the entire day to get this response which was not at all helpful. Each of the CVS representatives was quite short and in a hurry to pass me along to another person. The only helpful person in the entire fiasco was the Pharmacy Tech at store #1842.

    I would like someone to cancel this prescription immediately so it can be corrected. The RX number is 0756052

  • Amy M Jamar says:

    My husband went to pick up my prescription at 11:58 am Sunday 4/9. 1 pharmacist and one technician. Pick up line was long and the pharmacy tech was giving a vaccine to a couple and was telling everyone he was short staffed. My husband left and we went back at 4:45 pm. One person waiting for vaccine and 3 people in line waiting to pick up prescription. Pharmacist told me his tech walked out and another one did not show up. I discussed with him he should close the drive through and not take walk ins for the vaccine. He was very short with me and told me to call the corporate office. This is when I walked out not picking up my prescription for the second time. I’m a very patient persons but this is not the first time I had to wait or come back to pickup my prescription. Now I’m complaining and now I will transfer my prescription back to Walgreens. CVS location. 5220 West Rawson Ave. #5390 Franklin, WI. 53132

    • Michele Claire says:

      I’m returning my prescriptions to Costco due to all the trouble I’ve had with CVS. They locate the cheapest medications they can and they prescribe heart medication that I had to take twice as much for it to work and instead of prescribing what my doctor prescribed for pain medication they have off brand generic called, instead of the generic my doctor prescribed, it’s not even the same name of the generic medication.

  • Jennifer T. Wilkerson says:

    Unbelievable !!! Since no one wants to work at CVS just close them all. I have dealt with these imbeciles for a long time. 1st major screw up, I take 1 milligram of Xanax 3 times a day. Pharmacist filled for 30 tablets, once a day? Went back to CVS and it was no issue to fix it. The next month they screwed up again and same pharmacist as before would not fill them because my insurance would not pay and by law, it was too soon to refill. Called my Drs. office and the nurse had to call them and argue with them. The pharmacist was Chinedu O Ikpemo. He must be bipolar because I reminded him that we went through this last month. My Dr. got him straight. The recording they use is always wrong. They will advise my meds are ready for pick up and when I go to get them, they have nothing for me. Drive thru is never open much because they have no one to work it. A 30 minute wait is promised no matter what you are told. My recent visit I called the robot to have my Sertraline HCL 100 mg that I take 2 times a day. Don’t know how many times I called plus robot said they were ready. Stood in line over an hour, get to desk, only to be told they would not be ready for 2 hours and did I want to wait? They were not done till next day. My husband went to get them and when he came home they had filled all kinds of meds that were previously filled on Dec. 17th and filled them again on Dec.27th. They did not bill my insurance so my husband just paid for them. It appears it was over $300.00 dollars. Snowed in last few days so I can’t confront them yet. I will be inquiring of capable pharmacists for future meds. I am also considering a lawsuit.

  • Rob A. says:

    Called my pharmacy and was on hold for 30 minutes. Finally Dominic answered and I explained that I’m having issues trying to submit a refill request. He asked which one and I told him the n he replied “Can’t be refilled it’s over the counter.” I asked how is that when I just got the prescription and it has six refills. He repeated it’s over the counter! I asked why I wasn’t informed and he VERY RUDELY said I’m telling you now! Wow, that caught me off guard. I hung up and then called the front store to get Regional or District Manager name and number and Kim answered and was not pleasant at all and gave me phone number and only first name District Manager, Matt. I called the number and to find a person you can only use last name. I called back and was rudely told they cannot give last names.

    Seems like a requirement to work at any CVS in Las Vegas Is to be rude and not care.

  • Pam Taylor says:

    Waited in line (because you can’t get out of line here) for over an hour. Got to the front and no one was available to help. One person working and lines of people waiting for medications that we need. I was supposed to start medication last night. I ended up leaving after 1hour and 20 minutes and no help. I have called pharmacy today and meds are still not ready. Once again only 1 person working and she can’t promise when they will be ready. Woman working stated corporate knows they have no help and 100’s have called to complain. She states corporate has told her do what you can. How is this a way to run a company that is supposed to help us stay well? Corporate needs to come to North Little Rock, AR and talk with the customers as we are all leaving to find someplace that values their customers.

  • Kym E. Booke says:

    I just went to my local CVS store at the corner of Soaring Gulls and Cheyenne Ave, in Las Vegas NV and encountered a manage named John who was the worst manage I have ever experienced. I have been going to that CVS for 8 yrs now as it is next door to the Albertsons that I use. From the minute I walked in the door (and was not greeted by John, even though he was standing right at the entrance) I was uncomfortable. John was loud, brash and condescending. My friend and I went to print out some photos, while those were finishing, I went to do some other shopping. John opened up a cash register because there became a line, all while being loud and brash, which I did not appreciate at all and as I’ve stated made me uncomfortable to be in the store. Our photos did not print at the self serve kiosk, even though we had pressed that button and so when they started printing out behind the counter, my friend asked if he could just be handed them, NOT so that he could jump anyone in line but because we wanted to take the photos w/ us and do more shopping in the store, it would have been nice to have the photos to browse the frames that were in the store and possible get a frame then and there. But I will never know because John started arguing w/ my friend and yelling out over the line well you seemed like you wanted to jump ahead of everyone in line and my friend stated back, no I just asked you to hand me the photos, did not expect or want you to check me out, I have other shopping to do. John, continued making an issue of this in front of and yelling out across to us as we were standing in line to check out before we had finished our shopping, we needed to pay for our photos. I asked the clerk if the manager was on premise to make a complaint and she stated that yes, the manager was John, the man that had been yelling as my friend. I was shocked. I have been patronizing that store for 8 yrs and now I will not go back. I cannot believe that CVS corporate would have a manager like that. No thank you.

  • Cindy Maynard says:

    I have been to Henry Ford Health in MI., all my doctor’s, and spoke with cvscaremark who point the finger at CVS pharmacy for not taking off the long list of medications that I don’t take. The cvs southgate pharmacy only tells me that they can make it inactive. Does it take a lawyer to get people off their butts to fix this issue? There are heart medications on the list that I don’t take and can place me in danger at a hospital in an emergency!

  • Carol says:

    Shopping in my CVS in Warminster Pa there were people shopping that did not have masks on
    I asked an employee and he said we would like people to wear a mask but we don’t require it
    Myself, family and friends will not be shopping in CVS in the future… only in stores that require masks and follow the rules

  • Jim says:

    Why is it so hard to contact CVS executives on your web site? Is is so they don’t have to deal with us common folk? I have never had this problem with any other company that I wanted to communicate with!

  • Barbara Barrick says:

    Please stock hydroxychloriquine for Doctors to prescribe for treatment of COVID 19. People need all possible options and as you know that drug regimen works well in early stages. Thank you.

  • Cathy says:

    Long time customer of CVS. Always felt it to be a trusted company! As they say, nothing is free!! I was part of fraudulent scam!!
    Through my CVS emails and offers, was given a FREE Willow face cream( with a shipping charge)–nothing is free!!. I was charged for other items that i did not request. Total $55.85!! CVS had better monitor their web-site! I am angry and betrayed by CVS!

  • Jim Lewis says:

    Bought a bag of shelled pistachios…. had mixed nuts in the bag instead….????????

  • Jeff Carr says:

    I am receiving a text that says from CVS survey get up to $100.00 cash value for this. Just pay shipping and handling. Is this a scam. Its from Freshstarters.com and goes to HOHO. to pay the shipping only for these gifts you select.
    The phone number attached is 516-874-4011.

  • Christine Cornell says:

    I’m guessing I will get no reply, but I will try anyway. I looked for contact from my local CVS for my issue and there was none. I had to hold on line a couple of times for 15+ minutes. I realize there is a pandemic and you are understaffed, but some people need regular medications to exist.
    I take a controlled substance for cluster headaches, general anxiety disorder and PTSD. I tried to order the medication online before I ran out (like 2 days) because I am always warned that CVS must contact my doctor for a refill.
    Unfortunately, my refill date online was only on Friday the 10th, the day my doctor is off. I tried to put order in online ..but had to wait until the 10th when she is off, on a weekend. Why can’t I order online prior to refill date so that I can have the medication ready? This is insane.
    Luckily before I went into withdrawal and ended up in hospital, my rx was ready 2 days before the date I was told. I looked at the bottle and my medication was filled on the 10th of July. My online notice was July 14 for it to be ready. Thankfully, I tried to refill over the phone too or I would be in hospital now.
    I talked to a real jerk at your Crofton/Davidsonville store when I tried to express my issue. He could have cared less. All he talked about is that clonazepam is a controlled substance. I asked to speak with a pharmacist. I never got to. I asked for his name. He refused. I’m really unhappy with CVS right now.

  • Ron Scorzelli says:

    CEO / Management: CVS located @ 2465 Richmond Ave SI, NY … Associates had this location always multi task; hardworking and always willing to assist. The Associates deserve an increase in pay.


    I have shopped CVS for years but the service lately is horrible. The manager is rude and unhelpful, there are never enough check outs so that the line is 10 to 15 average always and while the pharmacy team are nice they are so busy they can’t really help with questions about medications. Now they have a lunch break and if you go between noon and 2:30 there is no one to help you. We live in a senior community of 18,000 seniors and seniors using the bus system have trouble getting there not to mention finding it closed.
    The reminder system on text keeps sending reminders long after I have picked up the drug and the delivery system takes 2 to 3 days instead of same day. What is happening?

  • Jody McLean says:

    I am rethinking shopping at your stores. I was just in store # 7040 on Hwy. 9 East in Little River, SC at 2:33 pm. Horry County has a mask ordinance! And you state on the door to wear a mask. YET, you take NO action on those not wearing a mask. It is my understanding you can be fined $100 a day and lose your business license for not complying. If and when, I go into a CVS, I will have the police on speed dial to correct the situation!!

  • david atkins says:

    DO you answer complaints? I have contacted you on 6/15 -6/22-6/29-7/6 about complaint #S1188269
    talked to debbie-chris-kimmie lu-told SOMEONE will contact me!!! (never happens) so C.V.S. stands for Can Violate Seniors. Will any one contact me??? Tell Larry you don’t take single care(right) Oh Larry is your C.E.O. right?? Hello Walgreens they give a dam!!

  • Michelle Higgins says:

    I filled out a survey saying the Pharmacist has a angry, negative, irritated behavior EVERY time I go to get my medicine. I said she angrily tossed my medicine on the counter and said HERE! to the girl at the counter. I thought she was mad at her for some reason.
    When I went to get my medicine she heard my name and came to the counter and said I got your survey…I tried to call you so I could talk to you. I said I didn’t want to. She then Angrily says, So she threw the bag at you? I said NO I didn’t say that. Then she says, OH so I threw the bag at you? I said REALLY??? She said very angry and sarcastic..WE REALLY APPRECIATE THE SURVEYS!!
    I believe my point has been proven.

    Michelle Higgins

    CVS Eureka, IL.

  • Thomas J King says:

    We are getting receipts from CVS stores that we have never been in and for purchases we have never made. It sounds like you have a security issue going on. I have tried to report this to your home office but was left hanging on for such a long time that I gave up. There are no meds on this one but there was on the receipt that I received from your Pawtucket store (another store we have never even stepped in). If you can’t resolve this I will have to report it to someone who cares about this kind of thing, especially something that involves HIPAA issues.

  • Don Medley says:

    I am getting messages from cvsPharmacYkr about winning a coupon. Is that fraud or a legit offer from CVS?
    Don Medley

  • philip says:

    I think your testing is great—I when to get wifes meds and when to the window and was told to get in other lane. the lane was for testing only no one wanted to be tested, why the clerk could not have gotten the drugs and said for next use the other lane please.

  • AY says:

    I wish to register a complaint against the back of service provided to me by your pharmacy department at CVS, 1571 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY. Their mission is not focused on the customer’s health but rather towards filling as many prescriptions as possible towards adding to the company’s bottom revenue stream. On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, a prescription for Cordran Tape was faxed to CVS, Later that day, a male pharmacist called and told me that the cost was pretty expensive and needed to be ordered. The next day (Wednesday) I called and told the pharmacist to order the medication as I had the funds to pay for the medication. On Thursday, I received a call from a female pharmacist stating that medication was on back order by the manufacturer and a text message was sent to the prescribing doctor to order another medication to produce similar healing results. On Friday, I received several text messages that the Cordran Tape was ready for pick up at 5:55pm. I went to CVS and was told these text messages were in error as the medication could not be ordered since their supplier did not stock Cordran Tape. She suggested I contact another pharmacy, such as, Shop Rite or Walgreens whose supplier may carry this medication. Finally, I was told the truth that CVS could not deliver Cordran Tape and attempts to substitute the original Cordran Tape medication failed. Why was I not told this Tuesday? I could have gone to another pharmacy who could have filled the order. Now my wound is delayed healing about one week. Thank you, CVS, for not caring. Your fake advertisement of “medication and personalized support to heal your condition” is fake news. I will not frequent any CVS store for any products as you have lost a valuable customer.

  • Don Hudson says:

    Went in to CVS to get 4 prescription filled (2 were antibodies, 1 for cholesterol, 1 for diabeties
    , no control drugs). Pharmacist would not fill them. The prescriptions were from 2019 and were well within the 1 year expiration date. She told me that “I don’t fill comfortable filling these.” So I took them to Walgreen where the pharmacist are more confidant and “more comfortable”, filling them with no problems. Filed a compliant at their HQ. It’s been a month with no word from them. No wonder CVS is going under. Never going back to CVS again!

  • louie woodworth says:

    that is what everyone needs and that is a brand new owner and what to do is this for all the Buissiness’s that have filed for bankruptcy they need to grab those papers the owners have too and they have to put this bankruptcy thing on hold and say this on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and do whatever you have to to do and you guys have to talk to a person very nicely about on buying out the company and keeping the stores open and the same name also or the name could change also either ok

  • dana white says:

    what you guys need and that is a brand new owner and the same with the rest of the places that are filing bankruptcy like JC Penny’s Sears K-Mart J-Crew WalMart Ruby Tuesday Office Depot Lowe’s Boston Market WalGreen’s Friendy’s Marie Callander Victoria Secret Topshop the Children’s Place Papa murphy’s Pizza Shop Sbarro and there is a whole bunch more plus yours

  • Maria B says:

    CVS in Sparta, NJ could care less about customers. The pharmacist could care less that she was giving me the wrong dose of my medications. I argued with the pharmacist for about 15 minutes. She wouldn’t let me see the prescription written from the doctor. Why couldn’t I see it? I tried to get it from her and she walked away. I TOLD HER TO CALL THE DOCTOR ABOUT THE DOSE. SHE SAID “NO” BECAUSE THIS WAS THE DOSE THE DOCTOR ALREADY CALLED IN! I have no intention of going to any CVS. –ESPECIALLY SINCE I CALLED MY DOCTOR ABOUT THE PRESCRIPTION. CVS WAS GIVING ME THE WRONG DOSE!!! We all make mistakes. But we can admit to it and make the change. Others could just give wrong medications and care less.

  • sue Yemenidjian says:

    I was at your store #8787 Henderson Nv. I just bought contour strip there last week and they were defected. What’s this no return policy now? Of course this store didn’t have any others like no zinc for two weeks now. Also if the damn Kiosk machine doesn’t work like for 6 months now pull it out! Don’t be so damn cheap get the new ones in that some store already have. Poor service time to switch!

  • Larry Owens says:

    Today I went to the CVS pharmacy in Laurel Maryland store #1498. I was shocked that they were not following our county’s rules about wearing a mask while in the store . We are going thru a trying time right now with this current pandemic of coronavirus.

  • Eileen Brown says:

    I feel harassed by CVS. FINALLY they stopped leaving phone messages about meds, but now I get multiple texts to my iPhone – saying “do you want to refill xxx ?Text YES. so I don’t answer because I don’t need it— then they repeat the same message the next day! Also “do you want your meds in 90 day refills?” I ALREADY have 90 day prescriptions! Also, I’m in Florida for the winter and my HOME CVS contacts me all the time. I’m responsible for refilling my medications in a timely manner. Pharmacists say they can’t take me off “reminder” lists. It’s SO frustrating! I see other people’s complaints. Are you going to answer ANYBODY’s comments??

  • Mary AKINADEWO says:

    I had a co plain about the store in DC 128 130 Kenndy st. .I went store a bout problem today I try to tell manger . The cashier did not ring I team up did not no Because see it on the purchase. I 70 year old suffer with mental problem. thank you

  • John says:

    I have been to two local CVS outlets in SE Michigan over the last 3 weeks. No hand sanitizer existed for purchase. Then why can’t store employees simply post a sign indicating “sorry, no hand sanitizer” at the door. Why do I have to wonder the aisles breathing other people’s germs looking, or spreading my germs to them. Think.

  • barbara wolfe says:

    I had my doctor call in several prescriptions for me today approx 4pm to the store located on Corporate Dr. , Lewisville, Tx. I called to talk to someone in the pharmacy and I finally hung up after being put on hold for 1 hr and 13 mins. Occasionally while I was on hold someone would pick up the line to see if I was still there then put my back on hold. Of course I was never helped. There is no excuse for this kind of customer service. I needed my medicine and I am paying you to fill those for me, however there they act like they are doing me a favor….This attitude usually starts with upper management and I will never do business with a company like CVS again. I will make sure I tell everyone I speak to about how you treat customers.

  • Brian says:

    Dear Sir or Madam: I’ve been to CVS in West Bridgewater, MA on Center Street many times and the past few if not more I’ve been asking for the Flu Shot. Each time I’ve either been told they don’t have it by the Pharmysist on duty or that they do not give it out to anyone under 65. This morning I went down to pick up my Prescription and I was told the same thing once again by the Pharmisist on duty, that they don’t give it out to any one under 65. I was born on 12/27/55 and I have the necessary medical coverage and my whole family shops at this pharmacy. My phone number is 508-513-8739 my email is brianparks867@yahoo.com

  • Phyllis Walsh says:

    For 2 years I have been trying to get a lost card deleted from the system with many phone calls to corporate and many complaints to local CVS but to no success. I have a new card which doesn’t mean anything because all coupons are sent in the old card #. I am constantly missing out on money because you won’t delete the lost card. Will you maybe send out new cards on the old card, solved!

  • Nancy Lenoir says:

    I would like to have someone from Corporate Headquarters contact me regarding my refund I feel I am entitled to as there were no signs posted anywhere.

  • Nancy Lenoir says:

    I purchased a Vicks vaporizer by mistake at 10:12 am 03/27/2020, meaning to purchase a humidifier. I took the vaporizer back to CVS at Derby Street and Telegraph avenue in Berkeley, Ca at 2:45 pm, wanting to refund it for a Vicks Humidifier only to be told Corp Headquarters had told them not to take them back. There were no signs above or around the vaporizers or humidifiers stating there were no refunds or returns for either.

    I asked staff for the phone number to Corporate only to be given the wrong number. When I finally got the correct number I was kept on hold for 46 minutes and my cellphone died. I called back at 4:40 this time I stayed on hold 1 hour and 23 minutes. I realize this is a difficult time but, MY GOSH, on hold for a total of 2 hours and 9 minutes and I still haven’t spoken with anyone.

  • Carmen says:

    I was going to make a complain about my pharmacy but reading what is going on my best option its switch ,even the pharmacist are leaving, when I guess use to , pum!!! a new one comes. so ill do the same. Ts sad because I’ve been using this pharmacy for so many years but I guess that is time for me and my family to change.

  • Michael bense says:

    Your “$100 REWARDS” online promotion is deceptive, insulting and wrong. (“A bottle of hemp oil?”)
    i expected better from CVS. Guess I was wrong. Tell me why i shouldn’t report this to the FTC?

  • ROBERT JANIS says:


  • Dan Prewitt says:

    Is anyone at corporate going to have the balls to respond?

  • Dan Prewitt says:

    Why do we need to sign for medications when CMS has made it clear it’s covered by the physician order? With Coronavirus you are being irresponsible to your patients and me. Do I need to change my medications to Walgreens? I am 60 with serious heart condition and your stupid and irresponsible policy is putting everyone at risk. WTF?

  • Linda Weaver says:

    I wanted to make a comment on a visit to CVS last week to get my second dose of shingles medicine.
    I was totally shock that there is no accommodation to have this shot done without other people being in the same area. The area was unsanitary. CVS needs to get up to date with these type of accommodations
    if they continue to provide this type of service.

  • Samuel P Drewry says:

    CVS just sucks swamp water!

  • Dorothy M., Midland TX says:

    Pharmacy at 301 Andrews Hwy in Midland TX takes forever to wait on customers in the store or in the drive thru. I’ve been in the store waiting to pick up a prescription, there may be two – three vehicles in drive thru and 3-4 people in the pharmacy. They do not look up and, if they finish what they are doing they still will not help any of the customers. Is it this way at all the CVS Pharmacy’s in Midlland TX? If not, I’ll transfer my prescriptions to another CVS. If so, then CVS Corporate needs to have a serious customer service training class.

  • Maria C Perales says:

    From El Paso, TXS: Went to pick up my son’s seizure medication. They said it would be ready yesterday. Husband got a text that it was being refilled. Today I went and they did not have all of it. Only had half and the pharmacy did not want to give it to me, but told me another CVS pharmacy had it and would be ready at 6:30 pm. Called the other pharmacy and was told they did not have it. Called original pharmacy and told them only had medication for tonight’s dosage. They blamed it on me for not calling 4-5 day before prescription was due. Anyway original pharmacy said it would take a while to transfer prescription (I did not know this had been done) from the second pharmacy to original and they would give me enough for tomorrow’s dosage. WHY DID THEY NOT DO THAT TO BEGIN WITH WHEN I WENT. Called corporate. Was disconnected every time I asked for customer service. No wonder people at the bottom of the food chain do not care of their clients if corporate sets the example. I will be requesting a change of pharmacy from my provider

  • Anna D says:

    The pharmacy at 9777 76th street in pleasant prairie WI has provided me with awful service ever since I started going there. However, recently has presented me with the most problems, and has led to me leaving their pharmacy. They were going to give me a 3 month supply of my birth control, which i was okay with. They had done that before. Well I got home and realized they only gave me one month supply. So I called them and requested they give me the other two months. They said they had a record of providing me with 3 months. I told them they were mistaken and I only received 1 month. Due to the fact that it is birth control and I use it for more than one thing…they said they would give me the other two months and take me at my word. i said thank you…and they said they would call me to let me know when it was ready. I waited. A week went by. I called them back. They said “oh well that has been sitting on the counter waiting for you…But i guess someone put it away” I asked them if they planned on calling me back like they said they would. They apologized and said that it would be ready the same day. I said thank you and came in later that day. She handed me the bag and I asked “is this my birth control” and they said “yes this is your other two months” so I said thank you and left. When i got home, it most certainly was not my birth control. It was a med I told them I was no longer taking and to please take it off my records as a current med. I called them to request that they provide me with my birth control medication that the promised they would give me…and refund me for the med they wrongly distributed to me. She said that as long as i had the receipt that she would be willing to refund me this ONE time. As if it was my fault that they were bad at their job. I will be picking up the medication tonight and switching pharmacies tomorrow. I am beyond frustrated and upset with my experience and this is a level of incompetency that I have never seen from a pharmacy. I have never had to be so weary of whether or not i was being provided the appropriate medication. I cannot wait to switch insurances and switch to my old pharmacy because I am beyond done with CVS pharmacy.

  • valorie says:

    the pharmacy in waverly,ohio is holding my meds a day late! the courtney lady is saying i got my script filled on the 5th ,when its right on the bottle and i know to the date when i get them filled is and was the 4th. so they are gonna hold my meds for another day until im out ,then i asked what time id be there in the am at 9am to get them ,she then said well we cant have them ready until 11 or after! ,, omg,, it takes them 2 hrs. to fill a prescription thats already been called in? shouldn’t they already have them filled and ready ? i’,m soo upset at how they are treating me.. it’s absolutely not fair! . i have taken my buisness elsewhere to the rite-aid in waverly,ohio ..this will be the last time they can hold my medicine ! do not go to cvs in waverly,ohio if you want to get your medicine on time!..10 thumbs down… that 1 chic is terrible! courtney was the girls name up in the pharmacy.. they lied about when i picked up my meds just so i couldnt get it that day!

  • Robert M. Troia says:

    CVS sucks from the top on down.

  • Robert M. Troia says:

    The cvs store in kenner, La. on west esplanade is the worst phar. in the world. They have absolutely no customer service . They lie about everything. I went to my doctor and heard him call the pharmaist and tell them that I needed to leave on a business trip Sunday July 7 2019 and to make sure all my meds would be filled. When I got there around 3PM I was told they were not done. When I tried to tell about Ms. Cheryl calling them Friday she just walked away from the window. She told the lady phar. something. She then came to the window. When I told her my story she said the dr. called and told them not to fill until Monday. What a lie. I called my Doctor and told him and he said they always cheat and lie to people. There is a Walgreens across the street, guess where all my family will go to now. And I have around 150/200 customers come to my shop every day. My secretary is making a sign for all to see. They will get a 20 instant discount when they say they are willing to switch. and a 5% discount from us for a year when they switch. Just bring us a current receipt from Walgreens and you will get this discount for a hold year. And you want to know why CVS is closing 49 more stores. Now you know. You don’t need this crap take notice yourself. No one needs to to be treated like second class citizens.

    • CHERYL WALTON says:


      • Anna D says:

        They (CVS in pleasant prairie WI) mixed up my meds too. after i specifically asked them if it was my birth control. They said yes and I went home to check and it was absolutely not my birth control. Beyond furious with them.

  • geraldinescism@aol.com says:

    we have checks that haven’t cleared the bank since April and it is now July.
    what is the problem? It makes it difficult to balance the checkbook.

  • John Natisin says:

    I spend thousands at your CVS stores yearly. You’ve recently discontinued a product that I’ve been using most of my adult life and replaced it with some real inferior, your brand , junk that doesn’t work half as well. CLUBMAN MOUSTASHE WAX, by Penard. Why did you discontinue it? Whoever told you fine folks that your replacement was worth a dam lied to you. I am now deciding how much of my business I will be doing with you in the future.

  • Joseph Sadorski says:

    Need a phone number and name of customer service department. Have a charge to me that I have no knowledge. jksadorski@yahoo.com Thank you

  • Richard says:

    So I called and used the automated system to refill a prescription. The system said my rx number was not valid. I chose the prompt to speak with the pharmacist and was on hold for 25 minutes. Fast forward three days. I tried again to refill my prescription and got the same results. This time I was on hold for 17:22 with no answer. I took a screen shot of my phone and the amount of time I was on hold. I will post it on social media and encourage everyone I know to not patronize CVS.

  • Carl Krause says:

    On 13 April 2019 at 1736 hrs on my wife’s phone log, she called our local pharmacy on Cowpath Road in Hatfield PA. As she suffers from multiple debilitation issues such as fibromyalgia, ME , CFIDS and other related issues she has multiple prescriptions for pain relief. None are of the typical opioid variety that you hear about in the media. As our doctor was out of town his office was not able to submit a pre-certification in time. This burdensome compliance requirement complicated matters and produced more sequencing issues. This in itself is a product of our world today and not an issue.

    What is an issue is that during the conversation with a male representative, who decided to express his displeasure with her prescription history, she was called a “DRUG ADDICT”. No this is not a misprint. This is how a CVS representative handled an individual who has been suffering for twenty years with little or no answers from the medical community. I treat my wife with respect and dignity and I take it as a personal affront when anyone else does not.

    Wait, there’s more. When I called the CVS number at approximately 1030 hrs on 19 Apr 2019 to express my displeasure (professionally, but firmly) I spoke with the supervising pharmacist who did not seem all that concerned. I was told that within 24 – 48 business hours I would receive a call (I gave both mine and my wife’s numbers) and my issue would be handled.

    I waited, and waited but never received a call. So I now know that CVS really doesn’t care about its customers and condones inappropriate conduct as well as abusive, inappropriate, bully-like customer facing activity. I don’t even know why I bothered typing this as I know that if anyone at corporate quality evens sees this they’ll probably just laugh. I doubt the leadership team would care.

    Thanks for nothing

  • Opine2u says:

    One star for CVS Pharmacy, since a zero is not possible. For the first time in my life I have pneumonia, as a direct result of being awakened by early calls for two weeks straight from telemarkers, etc.
    I got a prescription from CVS earlier this week, and on Sunday morning was awakened by a robo call from CVS… jabbering something about wanting me to select options on my account. I’ve never even set up an account, and surely didn’t need to be dragged out of bed by a robot, which was still yacking through half a dozen attempts for me to pick up the phone and call the pharmacy to complain. When my own phone finally did become available for my use, I found that the store wasn’t even open yet. What business do they have dragging sick people out of bed at an hour when they aren’t even at work yet?
    The store manager claims I okayed robo calls when I set up my account with the pharmacy department. Huh? I haven’t set up an account, and certainly would Never okay robo calls. Any claim to the contrary involves a forgery. If they are indeed listed on an account in my name, that would mean that someone in their office set up the account and made the decision to okay robo calls at all hours for me. I’ll be filing a complaint with the FCC on the robo call. This is NOT legal. Robo calls are specifically forbidden without express written permission from the recipient to make these calls to them. I’ll also be calling my doctor to make sure that CVS is removed from my records as primary pharmacy. If I ever get another one of these things, it will be the Last time in my life that I walk into a CVS Pharmacy.

  • Ellen M Cameron says:

    SO DISAPOINTED AND ANGRY! Changed on January 1, my part D insurance with CVS as network pharmacy to be more convenient and economical than what I had last year. Today, when trying to order my diabetic test supplies, I was told that CVS no longer will fill prescriptions for Medicare patients that test more than 3 times a day. WHAT//!! I wear an insulin pump and in order the have my pump supplies paid for, by Medicare, I must test a minimum of 4 to 5 times a day.
    1. Why was I not notified of this change? My prescription has been on file since January.
    2. Is CVS not aware of Medicare requirements for medically necessary testing?
    3. Why does not one person at your Calif Highway Epping NH store know the mailing address for the corporate office? Nor did they know the presidents name! REALLY!!

  • >