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Ari Haseotes

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Stephen Winslow

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Donna L. Walsh


David J. Merriam

Senior Vice President of Store Operations – The Cumberland Gulf Group

Paul Freeman

Divisional Vice President

About Cumberland Farms, History and Headquarters Information

Cumberland Farms was incorporated by Vasilios and Aphrodite Haseotes In 1938. They first purchased a single-cow farm in Cumberland, Rhode Island which eventually expanded and becamethe largest dairy farm in Southern New England. It has its headquarters in Westborough, Massachusetts, operating primarily in New York, New England and Florida.

Cumberland Farms is a chain of convenience stores. Cumberland Farms has more than 6000 staff members who operate 566 retail stores, a support system, and gas stations including petroleum and grocery distribution operations in 8 different states such as Vermont, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. This company offers a large assortment of food service items, candy, snacks, and chilled drinks, along with its branded chips, pastries, candy, and coffee.

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  • Shahana Karim says:

    I would like to know the last day of my work at Cumberland Farms at Boca Raton, store in Florida. Is there any direct HR#, website or customer service # for that? I tried to get hold of a responsible person in different phone numbers, but no responses or I’m being called back!

  • Tyler says:

    There is a LOT of things wrong with the Division Street store. Coffee is not brewed as much as it should be. Store is falling apart and management is incompetent. Prices are VERY high on their products too.

  • Ken Zyrkowski says:

    I purchased a gift card.100.00. It was a Christmas gift. Daughter has been through all kinds of crap to use. You changed my ccard sent me receipt and the gift certificate that I sent to her. Even the store manager contacted you to hear card invalid. WHY 🤷‍♂️

  • Sue says:

    I love Cumberland farms BUT I am 72 and about to start a strike outside the location at Micco Fl! For over 12 years…I think it’s 17 years…there’s no awnings over the pumps.

    We have put up with that because the staff is incredible. NOW WE HAVE THE PAY INSIDE ALL THE TIME AND ARE NOT NOTIFIED OF THIS ON THE PUMP. PEOPLE ARE PISSED OFF!

    Why do we have to go inside every time? Because this location is too cheap to put up proper overhead protection from rain! the electronics get too wet and fail -so we’re told. Florida gets more rain than any other state! LETS KEEP YOUR INCREDIBLE REPUTATION!!! Thanks for listening!

  • Carol parker says:

    Had a very bad experience with Tom thumb crestview Florida across from cefco gas station I bought an unsweet tea on my way hone took 3 sips started gagging and very sick on my stomach drove toward home took the tea into the Tom thumb in florala store 89 told the cashier he smelled it I bought another one we couldn’t find the corporate number he tried I appreciate his help however nothing was done from the first store

  • Jessica says:

    Three times in two weeks I have been judged as a homeless drug addict junkie by two of the Laconia, NH associates and told to leave the store and no longer allowed. I use to be in the store at least two and up to five times per day as it was clean, convenient and use to have a friendly helpful staff. Nowadays, they close at 7:00pm sometimes 9:00pm and others at 111:00pm without notice or any signage stating anything although the hours are posted 5:00am-12:00am. I’ve done nothing but ask not to be judged improperly and always say good morning and positive things to staff members. This store needs to train their staff on proper language and manners towards the customers in which bring the business to keep them employed.

  • pat says:

    what is your policy for cooking pizza in a 24 hr store. branford ct at 830 ish said oven was off for the night and then the other oerson said an oven was broke ? ive been there before alot and it depends on whos qorking i guess. so i bought 2 frozen pizzas and cooked at home aug 10. 2022

  • Joseph c says:

    I walked into Cumberland farm on 751 hope at providence ri I played the numbers about 200$!worth which I do every Wednesday but the associate didn’t play the mega ball we got into a disagreement I made a offer to pay half she didn’t agree so I left then I returned to buy them all she wouldn’t sell them fortunately the associate that came after her sold them to me just letting u know the way she treated me

  • Penny Casey says:

    I wanna make a complaint

  • R says:

    I’m a regular at store on ashland street north adams, MA (6772). An employee there, kinda short, glasses and has her hair in a bun and (Brittany was her name) was talking about an employee, to another customer that she told to go home (she’s not a manager I don’t think) bc she was in the food service area working when she was supposed to be on register. Over heard her saying said employee is lazy and doesn’t do anything. The employee’s husband overheard Brittany talking to another customer about his wife. Wife is still employed as well as Brittany. I don’t think it’s very professional to talk about a co-worker to other customers. Especially loud enough for husband and myself to over hear. She, Brittany, should be spoken to about professionalism. On another incident w Brittany I’ve seen is she is always allowing her son to run through the store, especially behind the foods counter. She has been heard on other occasions that she hits her “dabs” pen while at work and gets to high at times where she can’t function. That’s not the type of person you want working at your stores.

  • Anonymous says:

    For store 6749. Witnessed the manager yell at a customer over a scratch ticket then left the new employee with the customer. When the customer was asking for help from the manager. Manager just walked into the back. Also witnessed the manager yell at a customer at a gas pump for spilling gas on accident.

  • Anonymous says:

    Manager is horrible in store 6749. Either not enough workers in the morning or not enough workers for afternoon/night. Obviously has a problem ordering things as there too many of one thing on the shelves or none at all. Staff doesn’t seem to be happy with the manager.

  • Dan says:

    I just noticed that you eliminated the styrofoam cups. I am ok with that and understand the reasoning, however the new lids are awful. Can you please go back to the old lids?

  • Everyday customer says:

    At store #512, there is a gentleman employed there who has a terrible attitude with the public and at other employees, by his name tag, his name is nick, he wears no beard net, and no mask. I see everyone else has there mask on and they are friendly. He is always cursing and complaining about things that shouldn’t be in the workplace, he is not a good employee and also he doesn’t wear gloves while making food, something needs to be done about this from corporate. I along with others has told the store manager but the employee still doing the same things and doesn’t care. Get rid of the negative employee.

  • Sherri K deForte says:

    Store manager had her job because her husband is the regional manager. She treats her employees so bad. Flat out says she’ll fire you if you get sick. Or cut your hours until you quit. My friend said hey that’s not fair. People get sick. She told her to take it up with the District manager.. and laughed and said ohhh wait. He works for my husband… omg. What a shitty company. Jaime Hampton should not be a manager.

  • miriam bodwell says:

    I am so sad at how your stores have changed. When I first started going there about 2-1/2-3 years ago, the girls and guys used to always say good morning, there was always fresh coffee and they didn’t have to be going like slaves every second of every minute. Now the coffee is always terrible. I have given up buying your coffee. No matter which cumberland farms I go to, many as much as 40 miles away from the other, the coffee always stinks. As far as your gas prices, you are literally only 2 or 3 cents cheaper than regular gas stations. You have your workers working so hard that they never even smile anymore and are always going so there are no longer any personal touches to your stores so you have lost me and 2 other people that I know of…your greed has ruined your store as far as i am concerned…your workers don’t even have time to smile or barely time to even look at the customer and it is like this at every single cumberland farms store i go to….overworked, underpaid, doing the work probably of three people and making it so no one wants to go to your store….it’s a nightmare so I hope your greed is worth it.

  • Tim says:

    Turners falls Ma cumberland farms I see 3 workers. One counting money, one cleaning spraying and cleaning one taking orders I got to wait 15 minutes for you to cook my food that’s a little extreme stop spraying and cleaning for 2 minutes and cook the food I seem to be normal to me.All new workers by the looks im a regular and never see the 3 stuges i seen today. You might wanna call on a manager that knows to stop spraying for a mon so im not late to work.

  • Immacula gilles says:

    I just encountered a problem with one of your employees at the Cumberland gas station in Deerfield beach fl, she was very rude and unprofessional, she has a sign on the door that said cash only, so I walked in with a $100 bill, as soon as I walked up to the counter she turned her back to me yelling I don’t have any change , she didn’t even gave me a chance to speak ,I needed gas for myself and my son, her behavior was very unprofessional , I think she needs to attend a class on customer service.

  • Dan Boothby says:

    Why can’t a big company like Cumberland farms fix the cards machines in Livermore falls. And why is your gas prices higher than any other store, the green card doesn’t save us any money. I can go up the road and get it cheaper.

  • Cheri Shepard says:


  • Cheri Shepard says:

    Your employee at the cohoes island just physically assulted me and would not accept 6$ in quarters dimes and some buckles. I replied she had to take my money, coins are currency. I left the 6$ on the counter for a 5.15 purchased she chased me out of the store and physically removed the beer from my hand and I wwadextremly embarrassed and pissed. She bumped me in the parking lot aggressively grabbed the beer out of my hands when she still had more than enough to pay for my purchase. Went back in she said I couldn’t pay with coins that they have to be rolled and this is NOT the first time this occured. She is very unprofessional and always rude to everyone. Another customer behind me offered to pay for my purchase and I agreed, and told him to take the 6$ he refused, and the employee kept my money to boot. I will be filing charges and hope she is not any longer employed by your company. It was approximately 1030 on Ontario st in cohoes by. That was straight up harassment and abuse!

  • Sherre Paschal says:

    I continually hear wonderful feedback about “Cumbies”. Product, prices, staff ect., This morning I visited the Main Street Kingston location & I thought I was in the twilight zone, the 2 women employees could NOT have been more helpful or pleasant.. that is the good news. I purchased a coffee & was flabbergasted that you STILL use STYROFOAM!! Shame on you… I understand regulars bring personal cups, not everyone remembers & not everyone is a regular. What a let down, such effort & results into a brand only to be squashed. Joe Shmo” cares about the environment, what you believe is minor is actually devastating. Styrofoam does NOT breakdown EVER. Its an easy please do it for yourself & this generations to follow.

  • Jimmy says:

    Are you kidding? Your company should be embarrassed having that guy in pink saying “WOO!” I have been in the TV business for 32 years and I tend to know when a commercial is an insult to the viewer. It is time for you to search for a new advertising agency because you certainly wasted your money on the one who sold you that ridiculous idea!!!!!

  • Cumberland says:

    Get rid of that stupid commercial with the moron in a pink. It does not motivate me to visit your stores!

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